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Chart Compliments of Oprah Winfrey

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126 S. Michigan Ave. 12°“ 16' Jan 29, 1954
Big Rapids, MI 49307 Jackson, Mississippi
(231) 527-2603 07:50:00 PM CST

04' ¦ 08° ZONE: +06:00


Fir Ear Air Wat ¨ “


2 1 5 4 20°
Crd Fix Mut
3 7 2 27'
” Ñ
17' 09°
• Ñ
18° 10 9 ‘
ª 24° 11
• 08'Ñ 8

15° 12 7 15°
– œ
13' 1 6 13'

2 16'
39' › 20°
09° Ñ
3 39' › £ 27'
¢ Æ — —
04' 4
£ 12' 26°
12' ¤ ›
© ˜ š ¢ 18°
09° ˜
¤ Æ Â 57'
32' 23°
¥ Å 12° ˜
§ 23° ™ «
¦ Ã Ä Ä Ä
08° ° 12°
§ È Å Å ˜27' ¥ 04'
¨ É Ä ¡ 17°
š Geocentric
© Ç Ä È Å Placidus Houses
12°™ 16'
ª Ã Å Æ
« Ç È Æ Ã Å É
° È Å Å Å Â Ä
The 29th day of the year. Moon in 4th Quarter
Planetary Hour: Venus (¤) ¡'s Motion: +12Ò37'39"
¡ ¢ £ ¤ ¥ ¦ § ¨ © ª « ° 3rd Hour of Venus-Night Moon is Slow
Aspect Name 360 Exact ¢ Orb ¡ Orb Pl Orb # Zodiac Signs Pl Planet Plan's Sign Hous Position
 Conjunction - 000Ò00' 10Ò00' 10Ò00' 08Ò00' 2 ‘ Aries ¡ Moon Sagittarius 4th 12Ò™32'
à Opposition 1/2 180Ò00' 10Ò00' 10Ò00' 08Ò00' 3
Ä Trine 1/3 120Ò00' 10Ò00' 10Ò00' 08Ò00' 6 ’ Taurus ¢ Sun Aquarius 5th 09Ò›39'
Å Square 1/4 090Ò00' 10Ò00' 10Ò00' 08Ò00' 9 “ Gemini £ Mercury Aquarius 6th 20Ò›16'
Æ Sextile 1/6 060Ò00' 06Ò00' 06Ò00' 05Ò00' 4
Ç Semi-Square 1/8 045Ò00' 06Ò00' 06Ò00' 05Ò00' 2 ” Cancer ¤ Venus Aquarius 5th 09Ò›39'
È Semi-Sextile 1/12 030Ò00' 04Ò00' 04Ò00' 03Ò00' 4 • Leo ¥ Mars Scorpio 3rd 23Ò˜57'
É Quincunx 5/12 150Ò00' 04Ò00' 04Ò00' 03Ò00' 2
Ë Sesquiquadrate 3/8 135Ò00' 04Ò00' 04Ò00' 03Ò00' – Virgo ¦ Jupiter Gemini 10th 16Ò“38'Ñ
— Libra § Saturn Scorpio 3rd 09Ò˜04'
˜ Scorpio ¨ Uranus Cancer 11th 20Ò”17'Ñ
™ Sagittarius © Neptune Libra 2nd 26Ò—04'Ñ
š Capricorn ª Pluto Leo 12th 24Ò•08'Ñ
› Aquarius « Node Capricorn 5th 23Òš12'
œ Pisces ° Part Fortn Scorpio 3rd 12Ò˜20'
¬ Midheaven Gemini 10th 12Ò“16'
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Heaven Knows What
Astrological Report for Oprah Winfrey
by Grant Lewi
Your Chart Data

Oprah Winfrey
Jan 29, 1954
07:50:00 PM CST
Jackson, Mississippi
085W29'01", 43N41'53"

Planet Sign Position House House Cusps

Sun Aquarius 09°Aq39' 05th 01 15°Vi13'
Moon Sagittarius 12°Sg32' 04th 02 09°Li12'
Mercury Aquarius 20°Aq16' 06th 03 08°Sc27'
Venus Aquarius 09°Aq39' 05th 04 12°Sg16'
Mars Scorpio 23°Sc57' 03rd 05 17°Cp04'
Jupiter Gemini 16°Ge38' R 10th 06 18°Aq27'
Saturn Scorpio 09°Sc04' 03rd 07 15°Pi13'
Uranus Cancer 20°Ca17' R 11th 08 09°Ar12'
Neptune Libra 26°Li04' R 02nd 09 08°Ta27'
Pluto Leo 24°Le08' R 12th 10 12°Ge16'
Midheaven Gemini 12°Ge16' 11 17°Ca04'
Ascendant Virgo 15°Vi13' 12 18°Le27'

Here are the elements of your birth chart or horoscope calculated for the moment you were
born. The horoscope provides a permanent record of what surrounded life at its beginning. It is the
blueprint from which the following interpretations are read.

Interpretation text is from Heaven Knows What and Astrology for the Millions
both by Grant Lewi and published by Llewellyn Publications.
The cover art is by Hannes Bok, 1962
All rights reserved. Copyright 1936-1990 Llewellyn Publications.

Heaven Knows What and Astrology for the Millions

may be purchased from Llewellyn Publications
P.O. Box 644383, St. Paul, Minnesota 55164-0383

Program Copyright 1985-2007 Matrix Software, Inc.

Chart Data Page 2

Heaven Knows What Oprah Winfrey


Grant Lewi (1902 - 1951) is a legendary figure among twentieth century astrologers. He was a
writer and editor for the two largest astrological magazines of the time. His two books, Heaven
Knows What and Astrology for the Millions , were the first astrological books to become best
sellers and even today, over fifty years later, they remain among the best introductions to the
subject of astrology.
The astrological interpretations found in Heaven Knows What and Astrology for the Millions
were unique, fresh, and simple. Llewellyn George, the prominent astrologer of the time, remarked
that Lewi's interpretations must be intuitive because they were unlike any that had been written
before him. Today these interpretations remain energetic and forceful and, though some references
are now dated, Lewi's text still provides some of the clearest insights found anywhere in the
literature of astrology.
Lewi was determined to make astrology more accessible to the average person, but while
popularizing the subject he never watered it down or reduced it to the level found in "sun sign"
astrology. Writing before computers were available, he made his books function as the computer,
providing the reader with tables to generate their own charts or horoscopes and then linking his
interpretations to the information found there. Lewi would have made good use of the computer, so
much in his books seem to anticipate them. In his writing he tried to emulate the interpretation
process by using a computerless version of artificial intelligence: the meaning of a planet in a sign
doesn't stand alone but is modified by the other aspects found in your chart. Many of his comments
depend on a combination of factors and for this reason you will sometimes find that he has
something different to say about an aspect in your chart than he does for the same aspect in your
friend's chart.
This report calculates your chart for you and then collects all of Lewi's comments strictly
according to the astrological factors found there. The text contained here is valid even for those
who don't know their time of birth - Lewi focused on those factors that are in effect throughout the
birthday. The only exception to this is the case of the Moon which can move between 12 and 14
degrees in a day, so if the positions were calculated for noon then the Moon could be as much as 6
or 7 degrees different and possibly even change signs. If you don't know your time and the texts
that involve the Moon seem unlikely, you may wish to compare reports done for the beginning and
the end of the day.
At all times, Lewi’s aim has been to show how astrology can be used as an aid in living a more
satisfying and fulfilling life. Astrology offers indications and pointers - and sometimes insights - to
situations that you find in life. It doesn’t tell you what to do about them, but if it offers you a better
understanding of the situation, then you are in a better position to decide for yourself what to do. To
quote Grant Lewi:
"It is not limitations that eats out the heart, but inaction, the knowledge of powers not used, the
sense of having failed to develop to the utmost. The overcoming of fate is not the overcoming of

Introduction Page 3
Heaven Knows What Oprah Winfrey

limitations: that is impossible. It is the exercise of free will, the assertion of the full self, expanding
to its utmost with the tools at hand, in the circumstances that are set. Astrology, through the
interpretation of the horoscope, assists men to the achievement of their maximum by indicating to
them the lines along which their will may be most progressively applied, the goals to be sought,
and the individual means by which each one may arrive at the outermost boundaries of his world."

Horoscope of Birth

Your horoscope of birth is the blueprint of your personality and character as indicated by the
position of the Sun, the Moon and the eight planets on the date of your birth. This section is
devoted to each of these members of the solar system.
The planets are the antennae and arms of the horoscope, of which the body and soul are the Sun
and Moon. No planet will ever cause you to act counter to the testimony of the Sun and Moon in
their combined influence on you. Remember this when you proceed with the following readings.
All planetary vibration must be considered in light of the basic solar-lunar readings, for these are
your character, your basic nature, which the planets will help or hinder but cannot materially
According to the sign position of your Sun, one planet will be more important than the others
and should probably be read first. Your Sun is in Aquarius and your dominant planet is Saturn (and
Uranus). Not only the action of this ruling planet will be very important in your life, but also the
attribute over which it rules. Thus Gemini, ruled by Mercury, lives a great deal in the senses; Libra,
ruled by Venus, responds most readily to emotional stimuli; and so on. Study your ruler carefully.
Remember in all planetary readings that they work within the pattern of your solar-lunar nature;
never against it. The synthesis of your horoscope from the following series of paragraphs to a
working unit depends on your keeping this in mind, which will enable you to weld all the readings
into a unified and significant whole.

Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Sagittarius

(You belong to the positive or executive group.)

Independence of mind and action, thought and expression, are the keynotes of your nature. You
are an intellectual and, as your life has gone on, you have become able to focus your emotional and
passional nature in intellectual concepts, and to approach the philosophic ideal of objectivity. This
was not all the case in the beginning of your life, when emotions ran very high and strong and
threatened to gallop away with the whole personality. You have qualities of uncompromising
intellectual honesty, strong opinions, and a broad viewpoint on world affairs. Your tendency to
wide interests can make you a visionary and impractical dilettante. You have depth, vision, and
scope of intellect and will always be found fighting on the side of the fundamental truth.
Independence, courage, and efficiency give you a fine foundation for success.

Horoscope of Birth Page 4

Heaven Knows What Oprah Winfrey

You are an executive by nature and will not stay long in a subordinate position, rising by
industry, honesty, intelligence, and a strict regard for duty. You may be a little outspoken and a
high spirited and righteous independence must be curbed and brought in line with the world as it is.
You are never likely to learn to compromise with truth and honor, but you should learn to
compromise with people. There is a tendency to arts and letters here, a love for the beautiful in all
things, with a touch of the Keatsian thesis that "Beauty is truth, truth beauty" and a feeling that
"Euclid alone has looked on beauty bare." Line, design, logic, and reason are your concepts of
beauty, rather than the more sensual beauty of the ultra-romantic. Emotionally, this is a romantic
position, inclining to produce several intense and idealistic love affairs and showing the likelihood
of more than one marriage. There's great personal magnetism, which lasts till late in life - you seem
to have drunk from the fountain of youth, for the continuous freshness of your outlook keeps you
young for a surprisingly long time. Thus, through traits of personality and character and through
help from influential friends, you are likely to have what is known as luck in life.


The Sun indicates the appearance you will present before the world and the psychological bias
which will dominate your actions. What you seem, and why, are told in the reading for your Sun. In
many ways the Sun is the dominant force in your horoscope and in your life. Other influences,
especially that of the Moon, may modify the Sun's influence, but nothing will cause you to depart
very far from the basic solar pattern. For this reason a whole literature and a whole business have
grown up around Sun-sign astrology; and many people exist who think there is nothing more to the
horoscope than knowing what "sign you were born in" and what the Sun in that sign means. This is
a mistake, as you will discover when you have read the influence of the other bodies. But
throughout your reading, keep in mind always the basic influence of the Sun, and remember that all
other influences must be interpreted in terms of it, especially in so far as other influences play a
visible role in your life. You may think, dream, imagine, hope to be a thousand things, according to
your Moon and your other planets, but the Sun is what you are, and to be your best self in terms of
your Sun is to cause your energies to work along the path in which they will have maximum help
from planetary vibrations.

Sun in Aquarius

"God must have loved the common people; he made so many of

"With malice toward none, with charity for all,
with firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right."
Abraham Lincoln, born in Aquarius, February 12,
"We face the arduous days that lie ahead in the
warm courage of national unity; with the clear consciousness of
seeking old and precious moral values; with the keen satisfaction that
comes from the stern performance of duty by young and old alike.
We aim at the assurance of a rounded and permanent national life.
We do not distrust the future of essential Democracy."

Horoscope of Birth Page 5

Heaven Knows What Oprah Winfrey

Franklin D. Roosevelt, born in Aquarius, January

30, 1882.

The motivating force behind Aquarius is some form of the gregarious, or herd, instinct. He likes
folks. He is sociable. In a higher manifestation, he is social. In a lower manifestation, he thinks that
the world - the folks - owe him a living. Any way you look at the Aquarian, and whatever Aquarian
you look at, you will find folks at the censor of his attitude. Either he depends on them or they
depend on him. The sign can go either way. Whether he is a social reformer, or a hobo, people will
be around him; he will be holding them up, or they will be holding him up. He thinks himself a
great individualist, and he may be, but you'll rarely find him alone. Rich or poor, great or small,
deep or shallow, he is the life of the party. He may put his mind on the woes of humanity, solve
their problems, give his life for theirs in a figurative or literal sense. Or he may fritter away his time
in pool halls. But he will always be where there are people, in the flesh or in theory.
His best expression comes when he has hitched his wagon to a star of social work or one of the
social professions: invention, medicine, law, politics, architecture, literature, science, music or art
with some social application. His worst expression is going places and doing things to no purpose.
Some prime examples of wasted talents come in this sign - as well as some of the greatest martyrs
and benefactors of the human race. Aquarius is generally misunderstood even when he has
achieved greatness-and always thinks he is misunderstood when he is wasting himself. In love,
Aquarius is noble but not necessarily conventional; loyal, if not faithful; affectionate, if
independent, and resentful of intrusion on his private studies, which may irk the spouse because
they never seem to produce anything except big electric light bills. Aquarius the social or sociable
can be anything or nothing, but the one thing he will almost never be is lonesome. He may think his
spirit yearns for understanding, but he will never be far from someone to listen while he attempts to
explain himself.

Following are the aspects to your Sun. In a general way, the trines and sextiles to your Sun
make ease, contentment, happiness, luck; while squares and oppositions give you energy, drive,
success, ambition. Conjunctions bring both energy and luck, and are translatable in terms of
whether the Sun receives squares or trines, along with the conjunction. Similarly, squares and trines
to the Sun together bring success through work and perseverance, and luck develops in proportion
to the work done and the effort extended.

Sun Conjunct Venus Orb: 00°01'

You are popular, a favorite with the other sex, with a robust magnetism and fire to your
personality that comes from high good spirits, and a sort of all-pervading optimism and good
fellowship. In a woman's horoscope this will give you more than your share of admirers, and they
will have good financial and social backgrounds; girls with this position generally marry above
their station without sacrificing love. Women under this aspect frequently trip to the altar with the
boss or his son. In a man's horoscope you are a favorite with women, lucky in love and in other
things too; loyal, devoted, and ardent, the prototype of the Great Lover. Idealism lends a curious
glamour to your appearance, for you are easy to look at, and your idealism sticks out all over you,
throwing a kind of magnetic aura around you. It's sex appeal but also something more idealistic

Horoscope of Birth Page 6

Heaven Knows What Oprah Winfrey

than that - the appeal of a Janet Gaynor rather than of a Mae West. You love nice things and have
an exquisite, as well as a lavish, taste. In both emotional and material matters this is a highly
intensifying influence and will heighten and tend to improve any other aspects to the Sun or to

Sun Trine Jupiter Orb: 06°59'

The qualities of luck, energy, magnanimity, and good spirits here are pronounced. The creative
urge is also brought out. You have lots of vitality and optimism, together with a broad, tolerant,
philosophic viewpoint - a sort of hail-fellow-well-met person making friends readily and generally
keeping them. This is an excellent position for business. With your Sun square Saturn you find a
successful career of considerable scope and influence. In a professional or artistic career this
insures financial return. No poet with this aspect ever starved in a garret, or anywhere else, for that
matter. You spend freely and convivially, and your abundant vitality makes it possible for you to
keep going for a long time.

Sun Square Saturn Orb: 00°35'

You have ambition strongly marked, a sense of your own dignity and worth, and a
determination to make the world recognize you. You have a tremendous inner drive, together with a
well-formed purpose. In a man's horoscope especially, this will meet with a high degree of success
in the material world. You do best when working independently, away from the place of your birth
and the home of your parents. So long as you stick closely to home and mother, or the hereditary
pattern, responsibilities will weigh you down, and obligations will be foisted on you which impede
your material progress though they strengthen your ultimate purpose. But as soon as you are on
your own, among strangers, your rise begins, and it usually goes on steadily till you stand at some
point of importance. You create your own opportunities. You take advantage of every twist and
turn of circumstance. A sort of shrewd hardness develops with the years, and the way of the world
is an open book to you. You are steady, calm, persistent, wary, suspicious, and skeptical. You know
which side your bread is buttered on, and how to get the butter. You are capable of living a very
austere life if it suits your purposes. No personal matter is likely to interfere with your ambition,
and you gain a reputation for being machine-like in your precision and purposes. This is a
somewhat Machiavellian position. The danger is always that pride and an inability to flex with later
circumstances will cause your downfall. You stick to the ship till it sinks, less from principle than
from pride, and go down with flying colors, arrogant and defiant to the end, and still conscious of
your own worth and right. In a woman's horoscope these same qualities appear to some extent with
less aggression and more tact, and they do not make for the same progress in a woman's chart, nor
for the same high achievement. Restrictions and responsibilities are likely to hem you in, for you
are strong for duty and obligations and stick with an admirable adhesiveness to any task which life
sets you. Also, in a woman's chart, this means early trouble through men, frequently starting with
the father, who may be poor and unsuccessful, and continuing with difficulty in one form or
another through sweethearts and husband. This aspect gives you fortitude, philosophy, and the
ability to see through the difficult experiences which life may offer.


Horoscope of Birth Page 7

Heaven Knows What Oprah Winfrey

While the Sun's position by sign determines what motives and urges dominate your life as it
meets the naked eye, the sign position of the Moon tells the desire of your heart which may or may
not be expressed or realized in your life. When you "know what you mean but you can't say it," it is
your Moon that knows it and your Sun that can't say it. "Thoughts that do often lie too deep for
tears" are the thoughts of your Moon's nature. The wordless ecstasy, the mute sorrow, the secret
dream, the esoteric picture of yourself that you can't get across to the world, or which the world
doesn't comprehend or value - these are the products of the Moon in your horoscope. When you are
misunderstood, it is your Moon nature, expressed imperfectly through the Sun sign, that you feel is
betrayed. When you know what you ought to do, but can't find the right way to do it, it is your
Moon that knows and your Sun that refuses to react in harmony. Also, when you "don't know why I
said that," it was your Moon expressing despite your Sun (if you are innerly satisfied with the
involuntary speech), or the Sun expressing against the will of the Moon (if you are displeased with
what has slipped out). Things you know without thought - intuitions, hunches, instincts - are the
products of the Moon. Modes of expression that you feel are truly your deepest self belong to the
Moon: art, letters, creative work of any kind; sometimes love; sometimes business. Whatever you
feel is most deeply yourself, whether or not you are able to do anything about it in the outer world,
is the product of your Moon and of the sign your Moon occupies at birth.

Moon in Sagittarius

Whatever mundane tasks your life may be occupied with, your spirit will range the earth and
the universe, adventuring in the high hills and among the stars themselves. And to whatever task
you bring your talents, you will touch it with a universality of approach; for the effort of your soul
is to identify itself with large and broad concepts, and you will do it from whatever base your feet
of clay must rest in. You are acutely aware of the limitations of the flesh, of the height of your
desires, and of the "wide gulf that exists between intention and performance." In its worst form you
will dedicate your life to making the paving bricks of hell: good intentions; and get no further. You
always "mean well," and when you don't succeed, it is because your goal has been too lofty. "Not
failure, but low aim is crime": no one understands this better than you. When you also understand
that setting an unattainable goal is one of the means of escaping responsibility, you will be on the
highroad to self-knowledge and therefore success. You must make your goal high, but possible of
achievement; and you must learn to gear your methods to the tools that you can lay your hands on.
Your soaring spirit is all too likely to ignore realities, to consider itself above good and evil, above
the dust of earthly competition, secure in the mansions of the blessed to which you don't have to
earn the key. Or you can go to the other extreme, envision high things, and so despair of
achievement. You must take your picture of yourself as a broad and deep person, ant paint it in
earthly oils on a practical canvas. When you have learned the technique of life-as-it-is, you will be
able to make your image of yourself stand forth in the light and color of success for all to see as
clearly as you see it yourself.

Following are the aspects to your Moon. Look to the trines and sextiles to give you charm and
clear-thinking; and to the squares and oppositions to provide you with concentration and driving

Moon Sextile Sun Orb: 02°53'

Horoscope of Birth Page 8

Heaven Knows What Oprah Winfrey

This adds an element of luck to the life and will tend to strengthen any good, or minimize any
evil, that may be indicated by the rest of the chart. It inclines to a strong, sound body and an ability
to take the ups and downs of the world in your stride. While it will not negate in any large degree
the difficulties of the powerful aspects, it will cushion the blow, give you internal resilience and
external poise, as well as an elastic power to bounce back to normal from any personal or economic

Moon Sextile Mercury Orb: 07°45'

This is a good aspect for sound common sense, strengthening the sanity of the mind and giving
you the power to absorb knowledge readily and quickly. You are inquisitive, eager, intelligent, an
apt student, and a good conversationalist, witty and apt in expression, logical and reasonable. You
have some adaptability for business, especially salesmanship. You can succeed in one of the
"vocal" occupations, such as speaking or radio announcing. You have manual aptitude and can do
things with your hands, although you'd rather use your mind. Through cleverness you can generally
succeed in life without too much hard work for you're a good talker and can sell yourself as well as
your product, which eases the road for you.

Moon Sextile Venus Orb: 02°52'

You are gracious and no doubt easy to look at. If you are a woman you are probably a social
leader; if a man, a favorite with the social leaders. You probably were born to a good social status -
or if not, you are a lucky child who rises far above your original social level. It is one of the
positions for material luck and always keeps you from the worst degrees of want. You can make a
little go a long way if you have to, but if you don't have to, your patrician taste can prove expensive
in matters of dress, house furnishings, and personal adornments. You wouldn't live in a shabby
place, and even when times are hard, would have a home of grace, charm, and (somehow) of
luxury. It is one of the indexes of a happy marriage, and even if other indications are unfavorable,
this will in some degree give happiness in the married state. In a male horoscope, gives a beautiful
and talented wife; in a female horoscope, gives thes qualities to the native herself.

Moon Opposite Jupiter Orb: 04°06'

You are optimistic with respect to financial matters. You have a feeling that the purse will
always be full, and the extravagance resulting therefrom may become dangerous to your security. If
other aspects show material success and well-being, you have a cavalier attitude toward expenses
and love to spend. This is a Falstaffian position - there's a hankering for rich and fancy food, a
tendency to eat too much of it, and an accompanying danger of fleshiness, diabetes, gout, blood
disorders. This is one of the aspects of indulgence. You are sunny and open-hearted, tolerant of
other people and of yourself as well; a kind of happy-go-lucky individual, taking people as you find
them, and consequently popular. This expansiveness may be curbed somewhat, but you are genial
at heart. You usually have some share of the world's goods, though this doesn't in itself make for
security - money comes in and goes out without causing you much worry or trouble, but, it does not
get saved very consistently. You are able to manage your finances more successfully.

Horoscope of Birth Page 9

Heaven Knows What Oprah Winfrey


Mercury is the sense-impression antennae of your horoscope. His position by sign indicates
your reactions to sights, sounds, odors, tastes and touch impressions, affording a key to the attitude
you have toward the physical world around you. Mercury is the messenger through which your
physical body and brain (the Sun) and your inner nature (the Moon) are kept in contact with the
outer world, which will appear to you according to the index of Mercury's position by sign in the

Mercury in Aquarius

All your senses are keen, alert, strong and sensitive. There is a robustness about your
contemplation of the real world that is not injured by a very keen sense of beauty. Your great
ability is to see beauty in things without finding it necessary to deny their reality. Conversely, you
make all useful things as beautiful as possible and thus believe in the utility of art and the art of
utility. Nothing real is likely to be offensive to you if it has a use; you will smell the odors of a
pigsty less than others because you are thinking of bacon rather than of filth. But on the other hand,
the beauty of an army will leave you cold because you will shudder at the slaughter. Your sense
reactions are conditioned by a rugged and realistic approach to experience that causes you to regard
everything you see, hear and touch in the light of your appraisal of its utilitarian and artistic merits,
and little reaches you through the senses without passing through this nicely balanced court of

Mercury Square Mars Orb: 03°40'

You have a keen, scientifically sharp mind and a tongue of rapier-like speed - and edge. You
can, and do, say cutting things. You don't mince words. Despite your excellent mental equipment,
you may not develop intellectual gifts, for you are prone to jump to conclusions. You are able to get
farther below the surface of anything that requires hard work. Where intuitive grasp and
shrewdness are called for you get to the heart of things in a second. Your judgment is not sound. In
business you are someone to be watched and need a strong and cautious person around you to keep
you from flying up meaningless alleys. You are always jumping into holes feet first and finding out
later how deep they are.

Mercury Trine Jupiter Orb: 03°38'

You have had a fine education, and a trained mind makes life easy. You are just, honorable, and
somewhat proud of your mental achievements. You are anxious to impress people with your
knowledge and very sure of yourself. This doesn't necessarily make you accurate and a tendency to
elaborate tinges your giving out of information, though not in a way to make you untruthful, You
philosophize a good deal, thinking in general rather than specific terms, and may be hard to pin
down to details. You are judicial - this may accompany downright Puritanism and in any case
contributes to the puritanical side of your nature. You incline to the professions, your mental bent
being somewhat more philosophic and academic than the bent that normally leads to business. If by
any chance you get into business, your ability to see things in the large will contribute to your
advancement, and your integrity will be appreciated and rewarded. Keep your feet on the ground,
for an inclination to go into generalities can destroy your business sense.
Horoscope of Birth Page 10
Heaven Knows What Oprah Winfrey

Mercury Trine Neptune Orb: 05°47'

This aids intuition and reasoning powers; and with other indications of creative and
concentrative gifts lends an inspirational quality to the work. If no creative power is shown this
aspect is unimportant, giving balance to the mind, glibness and facility to the speech, and lending
charm to the voice. You have a kind of detached and abstract viewpoint on knowledge, loving it for
its own sake. You are thus anxious to satisfy your intellectual curiosity even with odds and ends of
information that you may never use. It helps the memory and makes you a good story teller, for you
don't forget much, and something is always reminding you.

Mercury Opposite Pluto Orb: 03°52'

You tend to be dogmatic, stubbornly resisting change and other people's ideas. In your early
years, you may have rebelled against the discipline of learning; now, you may consider yourself
slow or stupid, when your only problems are a lack of openness to new ideas and a lack of
concentration. Once you apply your mind to the subjects that are important to you, you can become
a self-made person. You should think before you speak, since you can put people off with an
unintentional brusqueness. Intentional sharpness or sarcasm when angry can lose you the support
you've worked hard to gain. Be as sensitive to other people's feelings as you are to your own. One
of the major lessons you must learn is how to accept constructive criticism.


Venus is the emotional antenna of your horoscope. Through Venus, impressions come to you
from the outer world because of which you feel and react emotionally. The position of Venus by
sign at the time of your birth gives the key to your attitude toward these emotional experiences. As
Mercury is the messenger linking sense impressions (sight, smell, etc.) to the basic nature of your
Sun and Moon, so Venus is the messenger linking emotional impressions. Venus is in the same sign
with your Sun; emotions gain importance in your life, having a direct bearing on your actions and
generally causing you to put your best foot forward. Venus is in the same sign with Mercury,
emotion impressions and sense impressions work together; you tend to idealize the world of the
senses and to sensualize the world of the emotions, to interpret emotionally what you see and hear,
and perhaps through this to become proficient in one of the arts.

Venus in Aquarius

Your emotional responses are frank and heartfelt, even when they are directed toward
generalizations and groups, as they often are, or toward art in some form. Your emotions serve your
aesthetic sense; you are capable of a detached and spiritual form of personal love which you relate
to beauty rather than to passion. You worship beauty concretely and in the abstract; and can want
nothing more than to look upon the beautiful face of your beloved (who must have a beautiful face)
or upon a beautiful body, which you want to do without fear of being betrayed or thought
immodest. You are sensuous, but not sensual; your emotions feed on the stimuli of eye, ear and the
olfactory senses; less on touch. You belong to the perpetually pure of heart, and because of this
your emotional responses to individuals are high-minded and beautiful in the extreme, and can be
transmuted into the pure gold of universalized love by the alchemy of your spiritual strength.
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Venus Trine Jupiter Orb: 06°58'

You have a gentle nature, sensitive and anxious not to hurt people or to be hurt by them. There
is danger of your being imposed on, either personally or financially, through your emotions and
sympathies. You have a somewhat matter-of-fact attitude toward love and will no doubt make a
"good" marriage; you wouldn't be likely to marry beneath your station. This is not an
"all-for-love-and-the-world-well-lost" configuration, but one that achieves satisfaction in love
without going far afield from the hereditary and socially set pattern. You love the nice things of life
and one way or another will manage to have them around you. This aspect doesn't create much for
good or evil in itself, but supports other tendencies. If there are not other aspects to Venus the
indications here will be significant, but almost any other aspect will fundamentally absorb this one
and submerge its influence.

Venus Square Saturn Orb: 00°36'

With respect to financial and economic conditions this does not indicate inheritance, in fact
takes it away. Even if you were born into a family of wealth, it is likely to disappear before it gets
to you or to be less than you had thought it would be. You receive little help from your parents and
should not live around them any longer than you can help. You do best when you are on your own.
Work for and live among strangers. You are careful of money but never seem to have enough. You
should make a budget and stick to it. You have good business sense of a temperamental sort. You
don't plan things out too well, but your instincts are pretty good because conservative. On the other
hand, you are capable of scrimping for a long time and then spending your savings foolishly.
You're the fellow Benjamin Franklin was aiming at when he wrote, "Never buy what you do not
need because it is cheap." You have a fear and dread of poverty which may not be at all justified,
but which you should guard against by always keeping something laid up for a rainy day. Property
rights are sacred to you, and you love to own things, especially land and your own house. You will
make no end of sacrifices to have a place of your own.


Mars is the energy principle in the horoscope. His position by sign indicates the channels into
which energy will naturally flow, and the uses to which energy will most easily be directed. It is the
planet through which the activities of the Sun and the desires of the Moon express in action -
through which your body and your mind react to the sense impressions of Mercury and the
emotional impressions of Venus.

Mars in Scorpio

This is the most impressive position of Mars in the horoscope. It can be the best or the worst of
all possible things to find in the chart. In its best form the energies flow into channels that make for
deep personal security, through business and love. Magnetism is powerful; the vital forces serve the
ego forcefully to draw others and hold them, and to extract from the world the maximum of
material and spiritual benefits. In its worst form, the same security urges turn to fear that the ends
of the ego will not be achieved, and the native seeks escape in a variety of undesirable forms. He
becomes timid, vacillating, quarrelsome, self-indulgent and apparently weak. Some of the good and
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some of the bad are likely to show forth in your life as a result of this position. Your constant aim
must be self-control - to direct your energies and your habits away from yourself into objective
action, to draw other people to you, and to hold them, with love rather than fear; to avoid the
negative, destructive instincts of jealousy, fear, suspicion; and to achieve faith in yourself, your
world and the people who inhabit it with you. Your energies are an almost tangible force emanating
from you in a sort of aura; you make yourself felt wherever you are and can genuinely build up or
tear down another person by what you think about him. This is because your instincts are so
powerful that you show in movement, action and tone what you innerly are believing, and you are
nearly as effective in silence as in speech. You should cultivate mind power, reserve, self-discipline
in order to lead your magnetism into channels where it will help and not hinder you.

Mars Trine Uranus Orb: 03°39'

You are inventive and mechanically inclined. You are likely to be a mechanical genius.
Electricity, railroads, steel, iron, metals, and mechanics of all sorts are the natural media in which
you work, and your highly original turn of mind will find new uses and combinations in connection
with all these things. On the purely intellectual side, you are critical and analytical - cold, detached,
and impersonal rather than emotional. You love speed and will drive a car, run an airplane or a
speed boat at breakneck pace. You are a gambler with safety as well as with finances and ideas and
will stake your all on a scheme or a plan the success of which you are convinced.

Mars Square Pluto Orb: 00°12'

Your energy has a way of getting away from you. You haven't yet learned to instinctively spot
your stopping point and thus could wear yourself out through a relentless pursuit of your goals. A
certain ruthlessness marks your actions when someone tries to thwart you. When you meet an
obstacle, you are likely to force it out of your way without thinking of other people or the
consequences of your behavior. At work and home, don't expect others to keep up with your
hard-driving pace. To preserve your energy for the future, learn to pace yourself. Consistency and
persistence bring you more success than sudden bursts of frenetic energy.


Jupiter is the feeler you have out in the world for opportunity. Through it the chances of a
lifetime are passed along for consideration according to the basic nature of Sun and Moon. Jupiter's
sign position indicates the places in which you will look for opportunity, the uses to which you
wish to put it, and the capacity you have to react to and profit by it. Jupiter is ordinarily, and
erroneously, called the Planet of Luck. It is "luck" in so far as it is the index of opportunity; but
your luck depends less on what comes to you (Jupiter) than on what you do with it (the total
personality). Opportunity appeals to you along lines laid down by your Jupiter.

Jupiter in Gemini

You have an adventurous attitude toward opportunity. The far off, dangerous, exciting venture
is where your chance lies, and you will be found following the light that never was on land or sea.
Tends to make you impractical and charming; you're willing to try anything once, for opportunity
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to you means, not a chance to make money or acquire fame, but to see life, do things, go places.
You can be a wanderer of the wastelands, a hobo, a traveler, an adventurer of the spirit or of the
flesh. You may also acquire some, even much, of the world's goods-but this will be more the result
of good luck than of good management, for the almighty dollar is not your beacon, and if there is a
pot of gold at the end of your rainbow you will stumble over it by accident rather than come upon it
by design.

Jupiter Trine Neptune Orb: 09°26'

This adds to the spiritual insight, increasing any latent intuitive faculties and enabling you to
give practical application to your hunches. Aids creative artists by adding charm and facility to
their expression and by making it salable. Helps business men by enabling them to follow their
hunches to good advantage. Aids all those who deal with people (professional men, politicians) by
adding a peculiar magnetism to the personality and making them appear jovial, humanitarian, and

Jupiter Sextile Pluto Orb: 07°30'

Your faith in yourself is powerful, and it is your ticket to a rich and fulfilling life. Others may
not understand your goals, but they provide you with the staying-power needed to achieve whatever
reward you want for your hard work. All your potential and every ounce of your energy is directed
toward success - but on your own terms. You aren't likely to automatically accept the rewards or
ambitions the world thinks are important. You are more concerned with helping others develop
their potential to the fullest. Your judgment is sharp but tempered with sympathy. Understanding
your own inner depths can help enrich your life.


Saturn indicates the direction that will be taken in life by the self-preservative principle which,
in its highest manifestation, ceases to be purely defensive and becomes ambitious and aspirational.
Your defense, or attack, against the world is shown by the sign position of Saturn in the horoscope
of birth. Saturn is in the same sign with your Mars, confusion between defensive and aggressive
urges can make an indecisive person - or, if Sun and Moon are strong, and total personality well
developed, a balanced, peaceful and calm individual of sober judgment and moderate actions.

Saturn in Scorpio

This position is an index of a complex personality. Your defense mechanism works deep below
the level of consciousness on the primal instincts and urges; your battle with life goes on within
yourself continuously, even when you are unaware of it. Your thoughts, words, acts are almost
automatically determined for you. You have to train yourself to know your own motives and to
bring into the light of reason the urges behind what you do. The reproductive urge is directly linked
with the self-preservation instinct, and you will seek for security in sex fulfillment and therefore
marriage. But your defenses are up against yielding yourself to anyone else, and this stands in the
way of sex and married harmony, and perhaps causes you to replace the love instinct with
something more sensational that gratifies superficially without demanding as much of the whole
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personality. Because self-justification joins with these deep primal instincts, you are very
suspicious and wary about almost everything and can be, among other things, a demon of jealousy.
Your constant struggle is wearing, because you want the maximum of self-justification with the
minimum of self-yielding. If true success demands too much, you are capable of giving up the
struggle entirely, of denying the urge for self-preservation and self-justification utterly, rather than
yield your inner self to get it. You must strive not to take yourself so seriously, to compete with life
on its own terms, and to realize that before you can vindicate the self that is so important to you,
you must both know yourself and permit yourself to be known by others. They can't applaud you if
you hide your light under a bushel, nor can they feel your strength when it is all working inside.


Uranus in a general way relates to the neuro-mentality, creative originality or individuality, and
his position by sign in the horoscope tells the direction along which you will seek to express your
most characteristic self in creative and original effort.

Uranus in Cancer

Your genius is exerted along lines of material expansion. Inventions increase your comfort, and
the wonder of new things suddenly becoming familiar influences you greatly. Your originality finds
its most characteristic expression in seeking security in change and improvement; you are restless, a
pioneer eager to move your home (literally or figuratively) onward to new frontiers, never so happy
as when you are applying your individualism to an upheaval of some sort, as a result of which you
see living conditions bettered. Plenty of unsettlement has accompanied your life as a result of this
urge to go upward and onward. However, the adventurous spirit has been yours, and even if your
impatient genius has upset your world, you wouldn't live your life any other way.

Uranus Square Neptune Orb: 05°46'

This position, because of the slow motion of the two planets involved, lasts for many years at a
time and consequently influences many people. It is the aspect of the so called "Younger
Generation" that ran rampant right after the World War overturning law, order, and especially
personal morality, and creating a new social order on the ashes of an old one. It is the aspect of
Rebellion, and its relationship to your planets has been dealt with in the "with" passages of your
horoscope. It makes pioneers in thought and action, individualists who think things through for
themselves with a peculiarly ritualistic sense of their own special importance in the scheme of
things and a broad social outlook at the same time. It is an aspect of idealism which has a strong
touch of earth in it and a practical note underlies even your most visionary opinion. In itself, unless
activated by other aspects, this will not be felt in your life but in an executive and aggressive
horoscope this lends flavor to the personality, courage and independence, and warns you against the
faults of these virtues, which are rashness, indiscretion, and tactlessness.


Neptune relates to the deepest wells of the subconscious, inherited mentality and spirituality,
indicating what you take deeply for granted in life.
Horoscope of Birth Page 15
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Neptune in Libra

This position of Neptune brought reaction from the depression and dictator years, launched the
world on its new era. The children born under this position will have a broad and idealistic outlook
on the world. They will take for granted a kind of cooperative enterprise that may be novel to their
elders; and will express themselves naturally, in word and deed, in ways that may seem
cloud-treading and too idealistic to the more earth-bound. A conviction that individuality is best
served by self-respecting alignment with others pervades their thinking and governs their lives; and
this conviction is more than something reasoned out logically, for it is drawn from the deep wells of
instinct and intuition, below the level of consciousness. In the social world Neptune in Libra gives
grace, charm and noblesse oblige: the sense of obligation and responsibility attaching to nobility of
spirit. It makes its natives gentle, affectionate, idealistic, artistic; it enhances any creative gifts; and
makes one a lover of peace, harmony, and personal progress through cooperative as well as
individual endeavor.

Neptune Sextile Pluto Orb: 01°56'

The ideas that were instilled in you by your parents, church and society will undergo changes
throughout your life until your religious and philosophical views are distinctly your own. This type
of creative adaptability makes you able to forgo selfish concerns and direct your efforts toward the
betterment of all. Artistic and/or psychic talents are possible.


Pluto relates to the ability to let go of things, to get rid of irrelevant prejudices and outdated
habit patterns. It relates to subconscious feelings, inner urges and repressed emotions. A strong
Pluto gives the ability to see the hidden side of life, and thus bestows power on the native - power
which can be used for good or ill.

Pluto in Leo

Your search for ultimate meaning in life is linked with your own ego. At first you will seek to
learn exactly who you are and what you mean to yourself. Although this approach may seem
selfish, you have the ability to then help others find their own meaning. You are looking for your
place in the greater whole - your immediate community or the entire universe, depending on how
you have allowed yourself to grow. Although you understand the necessity of dissolving the ego's
boundaries, you may hold back from actually doing this.

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