Rochelle V.

109 South 8th Avenue Highland Park, New Jersey 08904 (732) 690-9798 (Day) (732) 393-1918 (Eve OBJECTIVE An Assistant Principal position offering achievement in developing productive student focused environments to maximize learning experiences SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS Dedicated, resourceful, professional with proven ability to: create and monitor policies and practices that promote a safe learning environment; ensure a school culture that encourages open communication with colleagues, students and the community; and mentor educators in the creation, and implementation of class instruction, lesson plans, and students assessment in conjunction with state learning regulations. Detailed educational knowledge and core skills include: o Student-centered instruction; o program development; o parent and community involvement; o individual education plans; o curriculum development and implementation; o extracurricular involvement; o training and development, o team building; o classroom management; o peer mediation and conflict resolution EDUCATION M.A. Educational Leadership, Farleigh Dickinson, Madison, New Jersey G.P.A. 3.7


Social Studies Teacher Plan and direct the learning activities for 105 students. Scope of position includes: program initiatives through the District Middle School Restructuring Committee, team building, shared decision making, student discipline, Avid team teacher: whose function is to provide additional support to selected students who are in the “middle”, having academic potential and are capable of completing a college preparatory path, the school management Team, Chair of the Discipline Committee, the I&RS Committee-whose focus is to support teachers with additional strategies and methodologies in aiding students that are struggling before the student is referred to the Child Study Team, The New Student Committee and as a Cooperating Teacher with Kean University: instructing a senior intern on the points of classroom management, lesson planning, curriculum and student assessment, extra-curricular involvement, and the creation of a safe, respectful and fair classroom environment. PROJECT GRAD-NJIT PRE COLLEGE PROGRAM NEWARK, NEW JERSEY HSPA/SAT Prep/Communications Teacher 2002-2006

Planned and directed learning activities of for 95 high school students, participating in a pre-college program through the New Jersey Institute of Technology and the Newark Public School System Scope of position included: student centered instruction with a concentration on the HSPA and SAT, student discipline, creation of lesson plans, assessment of student work, and evaluation of the program. HAMILTON MIDDLE SCHOOL ELIZABETH, NEW JERSEY Social Studies Teacher 2000-2003

Planned and directed learning activities for 138 students. Scope of position included: team teaching, team building, student discipline, curriculum developmentimplementation via whole school reform (Abott district), mentoring of intern teachers, peer mediation/conflict resolution advisor, extracurricular activities, and the creation of a safe, respectful and fair classroom environment. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Leadership Skills Assessment and Training Curriculum Writing Workshop Lesson Planning-Understanding By Design Peer Mediation/Conflict Resolution Closing the Achievement Gap Enhancing Student Achievement

Differentiation of Instruction In Practice Integrating Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences AVID-Advancement via Individual Determination Community Services for the Suspended and Expelled Students (CSSESP) Classroom Management That Works Teacher Evaluation What Works In Schools Why is Everybody Always Picking on Us (Bullying Series)? COMPUTER SKILLS MS Word, Windows, Excel, Internet, Email, PowerPoint PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS National Association of Elementary School Principals New Jersey Association of Elementary School Principals Association of Supervision, Curriculum and Development COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT Highland Park Board of Education 2003-present, Vice President-2008-present Orchard Heights Community Organization, 1998-2005, President 2000-2003 Highland Park Committee for Suspended and Expelled Students, 2005 Mayors Task Force for Race Relations, 2002-2003 Highland Park Middle School Restructuring Committee, 2005 Piscataway School District Middle School Restructuring Committee, 2004-present Brown vs. Board of Education Anniversary Committee 2004-present Highland Park Committee on Student Achievement, 2004-present Highland Park Armistead Committee, 2004-present Christ Church of Montclair, New Jersey Children’s Choir Director, 2000-present Family Martial Arts Academy Highland Park Kinder Karate Instructor, 2004-present