The new constitution provides Zimbabwe with a blue print to look into the future of our country.

The issue of presidential powers, terms of president, role of women, bill of rights were well articulated so I think that’s the best way forward. However they is no constitution which is super and hence it is bound to amendments to suite the status quo. 39. It looks very feasible, but political will must be demonstrates by all parties. At least the new constitution brings hope and creates a starting point. Manipulation of the constitution must be criminalised to allow full respect of the constitution by everyone. Everyone should abide by the supreme law of the land.

Who may register as a voter? 1. 2. You may register as a voter if you are a citizen of Zimbabwe and 18 years of age or over. If you wish to register on a constituency roll you must be resident in that constituency.

Registration on constituency roll You must be resident in the constituency where you wish to be registered. It does not matter that you have been absent from the constituency for a temporary purpose. But you will not be able to register in that constituency if you have not been residing there for a continuous period of 12 months. In order to be registered as a voter on the voters’ roll for a constituency you must go to the appropriate registration office. At that office the constituency registrar, the deputy constituency officer or the assistant constituency officer will fill in the appropriate form on your behalf. Who is disqualified from being registered as a voter? Some people are disqualified from being registered as voters. These are—

   

A person who under the mental health legislation is found or declared to be mentally disordered or defective; A person who is declared by order of the High Court to be incapable of managing his or her own affairs; A person convicted of a criminal offence in Zimbabwe or convicted of a criminal offence outside Zimbabwe which would also have been a criminal offence in Zimbabwe and sentenced to imprisonment for six months or more; A person who has been convicted of an electoral offence and whom the High Court under the electoral law has declared him to be disqualified for registration as a voter or from voting in any election for the period of the disqualification. can I register as a voter?

You can register any time preceding an election, but the last date for registration is not later than 24 hours before the nomination day fixed in terms of a proclamation for that election. Where can I register as a voter? You can do this —

 

at a voter registration office during normal working hours on any working day; or at a mobile voter registration facility operating in the area.

If you wish to register as a voter on a constituency voters’ roll you must go to the appropriate constituency voter registration office.

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