Spiritual Incension Techniques
Oreon & Arianni
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To Oneness

Spiritual ‘Incension’

by Arianni & Oreon

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Awaken To Oneness: Spiritual ‘Incension’ Techniques

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Written by Arianni & Oreon

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This book is dedicated to Remembering
the LOVE and ONENESS of

Nothing real can be threatened
Nothing unreal exists
Herein lies the peace of God.
A Course In Miracles



Table of Contents

Acknowledgments ................................................................................................. 7

SECTION ONE: The Bigger Picture ................................................................. 9

Chapter 1 - Oneness ........................................................................................... 11

Chapter 2 - The Creation Story ........................................................................ 21

Chapter 3 - The Dream World .......................................................................... 29

Chapter 4 - Waking Up ...................................................................................... 41

SECTION TWO: “Incension” Techniques ..................................................... 49

Chapter 5 - Love is All There Is ........................................................................ 53

Chapter 6 - Accept All Things ........................................................................... 63

Chapter 7 - Relationships .................................................................................. 75

Chapter 8 - Forgiveness ..................................................................................... 85

Chapter 9 - Live in the Divine Moment ........................................................... 91

Chapter 10 - Breathe in Your Divinity ............................................................ 99

Chapter 11 - Joy & Play ................................................................................... 107

Chapter 12 - Being of Service .......................................................................... 113

The Conclusion ................................................................................................. 123

Appendix - The Awakening Language ........................................................... 127

About the Authors ............................................................................................ 133

Universal Oneness United ................................................................................ 134

Recommended Reading & End Note .............................................................. 139




Our lives have been greatly blessed by all the wonderful people that have crossed our
paths throughout these many years. We are thankful to all of our ‘multiple personality’
patients that reminded us, that inside each of us are many parts, yet we often forget that
we are all parts of one body and must learn to work together.

We are very thankful to all of the wonderful metaphysical teachers that have written the
many books that have greatly influenced our lives. Thank you all for having the courage
to let your Light shine.

Oreon: I offer the deepest gratitude for all the many teachers who have danced this
dance of life with me; Dr. Jerry Jampolsky and Dianne Cirrincione; Gail Straub and
David Gershon; Dr. Jean Houston, Drs Tom and Caron Goode; Dr. Marjorie Barlow;
Tobias and oh so many others.

To my parents Pat and Ollie for all your support and love in my adventures and
misadventures of life thus far and to the memory of the best grandparents a Being could
ever ask for Mama and Dandy, I love you always.

Thanks to my Beloved Twin Flame Arianni for it is through your compassion and
patience that I grow and open my heart more each day.

Arianni: My special thanks and blessing to: Dr. Steven Vazquez; Annandi Ma and
Deleepji; Rabbi Phillip & Karen Berg; Drs. Tom and Caron Goode; Geoff & Linda
Hoppe; Dr. Paula Sunray; Mark Pantak and the multitude of other precious Beings that
have reminded me of my True Divinity.

To my mother, Florence, thank you for always being my personal cheerleader. When I
wasn’t sure I could make it through, you encouraged me with your words, your love and
your support. I am blessed to have been born to you. Thank you.

All my Love to Oreon. You are my True Love and continually remind me to live from
my heart. Thank you my dear Twin Flame.





The peace of God is everything I want.
The peace of God is my one goal; the aim
Of all my living here, the end I seek,
My purpose and my function and my life,
While I abide where I am not at home.*





Let me remember I am one with God.*



Chapter 1 - Oneness

The body is a unit, though it is made up of many parts; and though all its
parts are many, they form one body... Now the body is not made up of
one part but many. If the foot should say, “Because I am not a hand, I
do not belong to the body, it would not for that reason cease to be part of
the body. And if the ear should say, “Because I am not an eye, I do not
belong to the body,” it would not for that reason cease to be part of the
body. If the whole body were an eye, where would the sense of hearing
be? If the whole body were an ear, where would the sense of smell be?
But in fact God has arranged the parts on the body, every one of them,
just as he wanted them to be. If they were all one part, where would the
body be? As it is, there are many parts, but one body. The eye cannot
say to the hand, “I don’t need you!” And the head cannot say to the feet,
“I don’t need you!” On the contrary, those parts of the body that seem
to be weaker are indispensable, and the parts that we think are less
honorable we treat with special honor... but God has combined the
members of the body... so that there should be no division in the body,
but that its parts should have equal concern for each other. If one part
suffers, every part suffers with it; if one part is honored, every part
rejoices with it. I Corinthians 12:12-26 N.I.V.

I don’t understand what you mean by Oneness? I’m not a tree, I’m a human. I’m not
the guy who robbed the convenience store on the corner or committed some atrocity.
So, what do you mean we’re all one?

While we each appear to be separate we are part of an intricate, interconnected web. Just
as you would not disclaim that your hands were part of your body because they did
something you were less than proud of, neither should you ignore the parts of the human
body, other people, who do things that scare, embarrass or even disgust us. At a deeper
level, that of quantum physics, we are all made up of exactly the same “stuff”. There is
no difference whatsoever between a tree, a dog, a human, a car, a table etc. All of it is
made up of the same quantum soup so to speak. It is only when our ego gets involved
that we try to distance ourselves from others by means of identification. Ultimately we
are distancing ourselves from God/Goddess. It is this intentional act of separation from
The Source that leads to all fear, judgment and condemnation. As we begin to see
ourselves and others as one Being, we treat them as we would want to be treated and we
begin the release from the illusion of separation and scarcity.

There is no separation between us and God/Goddess - we are divine expressions
of the creative principle... there can be no real lack or scarcity;
there is nothing we have to try to achieve or attract;
we contain the potential for everything within us.
Shakti Gawain


Praise and blame, gain and loss, pleasure and sorrow come and go like the wind.
To be happy, rest like a great tree in the midst of them all.
The Buddha

Broaden Your Vision!
Inspired Writing from Archangel Raziel

We live in a world of duality where things look very black and white, good and evil, right
and wrong. The truth is that this is an illusion. It is only from our limited view that this
perspective appears correct. Broaden your vision!

All that happens here has a spiritual equivalent, a bigger picture. We are so caught up in
the experience of being human, that we forget our purpose. Remember and see the
bigger picture, remember and see the Oneness of All That Is. Broaden your vision!

When we enter a body we feel depressed, empty, alone and separate. This is because the
veil between the worlds has blinded us to our connection with the Ancient One. We are
blinded to Oneness. We are, each person we meet and see. We are, the animals and all of
nature. We are, One with All That Is, both animate and inanimate. Everything is a part
of the Creator. A sparkle in the eyes of vision. Broaden your vision!

The Tree of Life, paradise, is all around us. It never left, we just can’t see it with our five
senses. We must go beyond our senses, beyond the physical. The Tree of Life lies in the
metaphysical. The Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil is in the physical. It is duality. It
is in the center of the Tree of Life, a part but not the whole. Broaden your vision!

We have focused on the center and narrowed our vision. We no longer can easily see
beyond. The Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil is in the center of the Tree of Life, not
apart from it, not separate, but connected. Broaden your vision!

We must see the bigger picture, don’t miss the ‘forest for the trees.’ We and everything
around us, both the physical and the metaphysical came forth as a spark from the eye of
the Creator. Therefore we are all BEING and we are nothing without BEING. Perfect
balance. Broaden your vision!

Focus on the unity of all things, see the Creator, and you see Love. Focus on the
differences, the duality, and you see separation, sadness and sorrow. Don’t judge, good
or bad, any situation. Like or dislike is a judgment. Right or wrong is a judgment. Step
back and see the bigger picture. Broaden your vision!

Imagine that around every situation there stands a “low wall.” A short wall. Now in any
given situation, take a few steps back over the low wall. The farther away you get from a
situation the clearer the big picture becomes. So step back, look, see what is happening
from a different perspective. See it from a distance. Up close you are emotional, step


back and you are calmer and more of an observer. Broaden your vision!
One of the hardest lessons to learn is non-judgment. Duality asks us to judge. Oneness
asks us to join. Join with our enemies, as well as our friends. To see the Ancient One in
all people and every situation. Step back over the low wall, don’t judge, just observe.
Broaden your vision!

Truly see the Tree of Life. Paradise is all around us. We just lost our bigger focus.
Broaden your vision!

Since BEING is love and that is all there is, that means that every situation, person and
event, is either extending love or asking for love. There is nothing else. Focus on this.
See the bigger picture, open to the vision of the whole. Experience the connectedness of
the Ancient One, join with All That Is. Broaden your vision!

The currents of the Universal Being circulate through me;
I am part and parcel of God.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

I Remember Oneness. Arianni - 30 April 1996

I had asked a friend of mine to come over and sit with me because I was afraid of what
was going to happen. I knew that something very different was going to take place and I
wanted someone to be there for support. So, he sat with me on the floor in the middle of
my living room. I closed my eyes and went into a very deep spontaneous vision.

I saw the entrance of a dark and ominous cave. I was at first very frightened to enter.
The dark doorway appeared consuming. As I entered the black corridor I began to be at
peace. The farther in I went the more love I began to feel in my body. Once through the
entryway, I saw an old style playhouse, a theater. It had rows of seats and a very large
beautiful stage. I noticed that I was the only one in the theater. The lights were on the
stage and as I moved closer I saw that the heavy velvet curtain was a deep, rich saffron
orange color.

As I got closer to the beautiful stage, I noticed that the curtain appeared thinner and
thinner. The light from behind the curtain became brighter and brighter. I was drawn to
climb up the stairs to the main stage floor. The floor was a wonderfully polished wood
that was well maintained. Once on stage the curtain parted or maybe it just disappeared,
I’m not sure which. I saw standing there all the great Ascended Masters.

I stood in the middle of the stage and a smaller group of people came and stood closer to
me. I did recognize some of the faces. I saw Jesus Christ, Buddha, Krishna, Abraham,
Elijah, Shiva, Shakti, and others, about a dozen in all. They all welcomed me. Jesus
stood in front of me. His love and gentleness guided me and made me feel safe. I knelt
in the center of the stage and these wonderful masters made a circle around me and


laid hands on me. Jesus put one hand on my crown chakra (the top of my head) and one
hand on my 3rd eye (middle of my forehead). I knew intuitively that this was to open my
3rd eye. I knew that I would see clearer and understand more deeply after this initiation.
I bowed my head in reverence.

Jesus then spoke to me, “Thank you. Thank you for being willing to return to the earth
plane again. We appreciate you. You will do great things. You are one of us. Thank
you.” Wow! I was in awe and in tears. I didn’t really understand what was being said,
but inside myself I knew it was truth. I then felt a pain in my left side and realized that I
was picking up a very small part from Jesus’ last human lifetime. I was receiving his

We stayed in that position for what seemed like a short time. I felt tingling in my ears,
my 3rd eye and my crown chakra. Then my right arm started to feel a sensation. I
realized that all that time I was being touched on the shoulders by the group that was
around me.

I then heard, “We are all one. You are God and God is you. There is no separation. It is
all an illusion. We are all one with each other and with the Universe. One with all

Then Jesus took my right hand and led me with the others to a large, beautiful, elegant
living room. It looked like some of the palatial mansions that I had seen in Europe. The
room that we entered had chandeliers, large beautiful paintings and gorgeous furniture. It
was a palace or castle, it looked very elegant and wealthy. Jesus said to me, “You can
have all of this and more, because the material world is an illusion. So, you can have all
and anything you wish. It’s already yours.”

I was taking in the beauty and splendor of this place and the realization that I can have
anything. Amazing. Then Jesus took my hand and led me out of this room.

He led me to a place with rolling hills. It had a beautiful blue hue. I saw what appeared
to be souls all standing in rows, masses of them. These energies had only the outline of
their bodies, yet they were each separate and distinct from one another. I asked Jesus,
“How are we all one when even these spirits are separate? I thought you said we are all
one? I don’t understand.” Then immediately they all melted together into ONE very
large, brilliant, white, shimmering, shining Being. Very radiant! Very huge! I bowed
and felt humbled.

I heard, “We are all ONE! Separation is an illusion!” I was guided to step into the Light.
All I felt was tremendous Love, Peace, and total Unconditional Acceptance - BEING! At
that moment, nothing existed outside of this experience. No time, No space, No
separation. I understood that I was in the All That Is, the I AM That I AM. I was a part
of the most beautiful experience ever. The Hindus call this Samadhi. The Buddhists call
it Nirvana. I call it wonderful. I was totally connected with everything and in that
moment nothing mattered. I was ONE with all that is. It was the most incredible feeling


I have ever felt. Totally in bliss! I was in tears. The Love was so strong and so pure, so
all embracing. This space is very hard to describe and give it justice.

I didn’t want to leave. I just wanted to bask in the Light and Love. Why would anyone
want to leave this wonderful place? I was jarred from my bliss when I realized that Jesus
was asking me to leave it and come back to Earth, back to my body, back to my life away
from this euphoria. I didn’t want to leave. He then said to me, “You can come back here
any time you want to.” I responded, “No, that’s not enough. I don’t want to leave.”
Jesus said, “Your work is not finished. You must leave for now. Remember, you can
always come back here.” Jesus took my hand and I reluctantly left the Light.

As he lead me away, a miraculous thing happened... I realized as I was leaving the White
Light that I was carrying a part of it with me. I was glowing, shining from within. It had
awakened the Light in me. I would never again be the same.

I was then lead back to my body, to my own living room, back to the present moment.
My friend was still sitting across from me on the floor. I was sobbing as I tried to
describe to him what had just taken place. It was very hard to get “grounded” after this
experience. I was then sick in bed for the next 3 days. I had the sense that I would have
more experiences like this in the future. I would never be the same. My life was changed

We are members of a vast cosmic orchestra, in which each living instrument is
essential to the complementary and harmonious playing of the whole.
J. Allen Boone

Each of us has the ability to awaken to Oneness, the connection of All That Is. There is a
part deep inside of each person that remembers true freedom and eternal peace. This
story of Oneness is not unusual, may people have experienced this type of awakening.
There are numerous points of entry to this eternal wisdom of the heart. The Buddhists
call these the “Gates of Awakening.” Each gate or entry point moves you into the stream
of the consciousness of BEING, Universal Consciousness. Stream entry occurs when
you have your first taste of absolute freedom of enlightenment, a freedom of the heart
beyond all the changing conditions of the world. Here begins the deeper spiritual walk.

Out beyond ideas of right and wrong,
there is a field. I’ll meet you there.
When the souls lie down in that grass,
the world is too full to talk about.
Ideas, language, even the phrase
‘each other’ doesn’t make any sense.


Oneness Meditation

Instructions: This visualization is to assist you in experiencing Oneness. It will
allow you the opportunity to see, feel and touch life from another being’s
perspective. Do this as often as you can. Write down what you experience. Notice
the differences each time you experience this exercise. Know that you can do this in
steps, you don’t have to do it all at once. Take your time. Experience the exercise

Sit down and relax in a quiet place. Begin to allow yourself to go to your special place
inside. Feel safe. Know that only good things can happen to you here. Hear the sounds.
Smell the smells. Feel the gentle breeze. Know that this is a place that only you can go.
This special place is the most beautiful place you can imagine.

I Am You and You Are Me
We Are One.

I Am God and God Is You
We Are One.

Separation is Illusion
All Is One.

Now that you are feeling safe, begin to see what is in your special place. Trees, grass,
birds, animals, etc.. Now it is time to experience Oneness. See and feel yourself joining
with all that is here. You and the trees are One. You and the grass are One. You and the
rocks are One. You and the birds are One. You and the animals are One. See yourself
stepping into the body of each thing that is in your special place. What does it feel like?
What do you see? How do things look from their perspective? What are they saying to

I Am You and You Are Me
We Are One.

I Am God and God Is You
We Are One.

Separation is Illusion
All Is One.

Take your time and truly experience all that is in your special place. Know that you are
One with All That Is. Now, see your friends and your family one at a time in your
special place. Join with each one separately. What do they feel? What do you see?
How do things look from their perspective? What are they saying to you?


I Am You and You Are Me
We Are One.

I Am God and God Is You
We Are One.

Separation is Illusion
All Is One.

Now, see the hurting and sorrowful people in the world. Join with each one individually.
What do they feel? What do you see? How do things look from their perspective? What
are they saying to you?

I Am You and You Are Me
We Are One.

I Am God and God Is You
We Are One.

Separation is Illusion
All Is One.

Now, see the people you would call “evil” in the world. Join with each one individually.
What do they feel? What do you see? How do things look from their perspective? What
are they saying to you?

I Am You and You Are Me
We Are One.

I Am God and God Is You
We Are One.

Separation is Illusion
All Is One.

Now, see the Light of the Creator. This Light is large, peaceful, and unconditionally
loving. Join with it. Thank the Creator for all of it’s Creation. Know that the All That
Is, is all that really exists. We are One. Separation is an Illusion. All is One. I Am That
I Am! When you are ready, slowly come back into the room and feel the peace and love
that is in you and around you. Remember this as you go through each and every day.

“Love Is All That Is and We’re All One!”





Love, Which created me, is what I am.*



Chapter 2 - The Creation Story

It is important to understanding how we got here and why we are here, only then we
can make sense out of life and where we are going. Here is a story to assist you in
your understanding. This story is written in a form much like poetry, not literal but
as an analogy of our beginning. Allow your subconscious mind to embrace and
understand your beginning.

In the beginning there was BEING.

(This BEING is known by many different names; God, Allah, The Ancient One, Ein Sof, etc.
BEING is neither male nor female.)

BEING could not know itself, by itself. BEING was the VOID. BEING was Light, and

(If you take a flashlight outside at night and shine it upwards into the dark night sky, you will not
be able to see the light. It will appear as though there is no light shining, it will appear dark.
The light of your flashlight needs to shine on something (a tree, the ground, etc.) in order for you
to see it’s light.)

BEING was everything and nothing, the I AM That I AM, the All That Is. BEING
desired to know itself. To know itself, BEING would need to create something separate
from itself to reflect itself.

BEING created an exact replica of itself. And with bliss appears the IDEAL FORM of
the Attributes of BEING, called the VESSEL. Thus, by its word, is born from BEING,
THE-ONE-WHO-IS, He and She, Witnesses of BEING.

This created the VESSEL that BEING could share with. Male and Female were created.
The KING and QUEEN of the Kingdom - The Garden of Eden. Heaven was created, a
virtual Paradise. This place was referred to as the Tree of Life.

In this place there was LOVE and Joy and Great Abundance. It was perfect. Anything
any one wanted to have was immediate. There was no want for anything. It was ideal.
BEING gave all that it was to this place and these others. BEING could experience itself
reflecting off of the KING, the QUEEN and the Kingdom. All that were in this place
received abundantly.

The KING and QUEEN had a son and daughter. The son and daughter enjoyed
themselves in the Kingdom of LOVE, in the place that BEING had created from itself.
The son and daughter were explorers and wished to know this place fully. They were
filled with Bliss and the LOVE of the CREATOR, the LOVE of BEING.

One day the son and daughter went to the CREATOR of ALL That Is and thanked it for
creating all that they could see. They also inquired of the CREATOR, if they too could
create as BEING had. The son and daughter of the KING and QUEEN wanted to


experience being exactly like the CREATOR in every way.

They said to BEING, “How can you fully experience yourself, BEING, unless we are
able to create as you have. We wish to be like you in every way and be Creators.”

BEING agreed that it wanted to have the complete experience of itself and thanked the
son and daughter for their courage to do something very different than had been done
before. They would have to leave the first creation, the Tree of Life, and go into the
VOID once again in order to create. The son and daughter agreed. The KING and
QUEEN agreed. And it was done.

BEING instructed the son and daughter that in the center of the Garden stood a tree. This
tree was different from all the others and would grant them the wish of being exactly like
the Creator. This tree was known as the Tree of Knowledge. This tree stood alone in a
great Ocean in the Center of the Tree of Life. Around the Tree of Knowledge was a Wall
of Fire. They would have to pass through the Wall of Fire to enter the VOID once again
and create as BEING had.

The son and daughter, the prince and princess, began their new journey, excited and filled
with anticipation. The prince and princess came to the water, an ocean like they had
never seen before. They were filled with wonderment as they entered the ocean and set
sail for the Tree of Knowledge.

In the distance they could see the Great Wall of Fire rising out of the ocean. This was
just like BEING had said. They paddled forward but were surprised at the force of the
Wall of Fire, it pulled them into its self. They reached the Tree of Knowledge of Good
and Evil, the beginning of Duality, in the middle of the Fire.

Here begins the Dream of the World.

They felt the turmoil of leaving the known for the unknown. They experienced the “Big
Bang,” the explosion into trillions of pieces. They were confused.

The son and daughter for the first time in their lives, felt alone, separate from the Whole.
They felt guilt and shame in the core of their being for having asked such a request of the
CREATOR. They forgot who they were and that the CREATOR had thanked them for
their willingness to take this journey. No one could have anticipated these feelings
because no one had ever had the strength and courage to attempt this before and go into
the VOID.

What happened from there the son and daughter did not remember. They only knew that
they awoke, feeling exhausted and empty, with no memory. They awoke on the shores of
a strange land. They could not remember their names or who they were or where they
had come from. Yet there was something within them that told them that they were
somebody, but they couldn’t remember.


When they opened their eyes they saw a new land, different from anything they had ever
seen before. They explored the new land, discovering things that were new to them and
new to their souls. All the time searching. Not even knowing what they were searching
for. All the time feeling uneasiness. They felt there was something that they should
know or remember but couldn’t, it was not there. They were trying to remember their
past. They were trying to remember Home.

One day they reached into a pocket and found a sapphire. Engraved on the sapphire were
symbols, but they couldn’t remember how they had gotten the stone or what it meant.
They only knew that the stone and symbols were special and they held the sapphire
closely to keep it safe.

(Before the son and daughter set out on their long journey, the CREATOR had the Archangel
Raziel write on the sapphire the secret keys to remembering HOME. The road map back to
LOVE and ONENESS. The Archangel Raziel had given it to the prince and princess to assist
them in remembering. At the same time, a small cocoon of True Divinity was placed within them,
to be awakened at a future time and to assist them in remembering Who They Really Are. See
Appendix for further information about the Awakening Language.)

As they explored they came upon many others, men and women, children and animals.
They talked, and they rejoiced in seeing each other. There seemed to be a familiar bond,
but they did not know from where. They saw villages and buildings. They joined with
this new group of friends and began creating a new civilization, yet no one in the village
could remember where they had come from. They could not remember who they were.
They just knew it was time for them to move forward. It was time for them to continue
on with their lives. Always searching and yearning to remember.

Thus ends the beginning of our story.

... a phantom, dew, a bubble, a dream, a flash of lightning, and a cloud;
Thus we should look upon all that was made.
The Buddha


Of a certainty the ones who can see all creatures in themselves,
themselves in all creatures, knows no sorrow.
Eesha Upanishad

Prior to coming to this place of Earth, we had always been in "ONENESS,” the singular
mode. All of life was in a framework of Oneness. When we crossed through the wall of
fire, we took on the attributes of duality. This was the son and daughter’s experience.
This is what they wanted to feel and experience. And indeed they did. And indeed we all


When you came to through the wall of fire, you took on the attributes of duality and
polarity. There was no longer the Oneness that you had felt, but rather "Two." There was
the light and the dark, the positive and the negative, duality, however you want to state

Remembering the Oneness again will bring you peace and joy. When you tap into the
knowledge that you hold within, you will be at Peace no matter what chaos is happening
around you. When you truly know and see Who You Really Are, you will have joy. You
will connect with your innate wisdom, your True Self, your cocoon of Divinity Within.

You are the daughters and sons of the King and Queen!! When you came through the
wall of fire, you felt guilt and shame. This was the first time that you had ever
experienced these emotions. You were afraid. In the first circle, HOME, the Kingdom,
all is Oneness, unconditional love, abundance, connection with the All That Is. You
could have or do anything you wanted. You could instantly manifest. You could move
from place to place with just your thoughts. “Time” did not exist. “Space” did not exist.
Your only job was to BE, to play, to love, to experience, and to be happy.

You wanted to experience more. You were bored adventurers. That was good, that was
right, that was wonderful. You wanted to be a Creator just like BEING, just like
God/Goddess. That was a necessary part of your growth. You can only learn about
yourselves through the reflection of yourselves in others. You must step away and be
separate to see. This was all that you did. You agreed to do this and BEING, The
Ancient One, is grateful. The King and Queen of All That Is, thank you for your
willingness to experience duality. Thank you for our willingness to experience

Depression, sadness, and loneliness are because you agreed to leave HOME. You are
really homesick. Please know that the Oneness is always with you. You see, you never
really left! Now, in this spiritual energy of Earth, you can come back to the Oneness and
still live on the Earth. You can be in this world but not of this world. You can be in the
duality and still see and live from the space of Oneness. This is what all great masters do
and have always done.

Now all you must do is remember this. Remember that you are truly divine. Remember
that you are resting in the bosom of the King and Queen. Remember that you are truly
LOVED!! You are only asleep, you have just forgotten. It is time to awaken and
remember. Just remember!

Men talk of “finding God,” but no wonder it is difficult; God is hidden in that
darkest hiding-place, your heart. You yourself are a part of him.
Christopher Morley

What is God? Everything.



Wisdom from the Tao Te Ching

by Lao-Tzu
Translated by Stephen Mitchell

In the beginning was the Tao.
All things issue from it;
all things return to it.

To find the origin,
trace back the manifestations.
When you recognize the children
and find the mother,
you will be free of sorrow.

If you close your mind in judgments
and traffic with desires,
your heart will be troubled.
If you keep your mind from judging
and aren’t led by the senses,
your heart will find peace.

Seeing into darkness is clarity.
Knowing how to yield is strength.
Use your own light
and return to the source of light.
This is called practicing eternity.




I am not my body. I am free.
For I am still as God created me.*



Chapter 3 - The Dream World

All we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.
Edgar Allen Poe

We have, in a very real way, fallen asleep. When we came through the wall of fire we
forgot, yet there has always been a part of ourselves that remembers. A part of us that
never forgot, yet has been asleep. The True Divine Self that has been in a cocoon.

When we came through the wall of fire and reached the Tree of Knowledge of Good and
Evil, our conscious minds were erased. When we entered the second void we were to be
the Creators of our lives. When we created in the new void, the divine part of ourselves
did the creating. Everything was created so that we would have a mirror image of
HOME. Each part of this creation was set up so that one day we would remember what
had happened and re-embrace the Oneness again.

Everything here is a reflection of HOME, therefore it is the opposite of TRUTH. Exactly
like looking into a mirror. When you see your image in a mirror it is the total opposite of
your physical self. So in this way, we are given “breadcrumbs” on the path to guide
ourselves into the right direction. The biggest challenge is that we don’t recognize the
markers. We don’t remember.

When you are in your bed sleeping and have a wonderfully beautiful dream, do you want
to wake up? The answer is, NO! When you are sleeping and you have a terrible
nightmare, do you want to wake up? The answer is definitely, YES! Therefore what we
have created for ourselves appears as a nightmare so that we will have the motivation to
awaken. Do you see the nightmare of your life? Are you ready to wake up?

Another way to look at it is that we are in a movie. The part that we don’t see yet is that
we are the actors, the director, and the audience. We are the “good guys” and the “bad
guys.” We are actually every part of the movie.

I (Arianni) remember as a child I was very sensitive. Every time that I would see a
movie and someone would die, I would be hysterical. My mother would try to comfort
me by saying, “It isn’t real. It is only a movie. No one really died.” What a gift. I know
that she didn’t consciously realize what she was telling me, but it stuck.

As an adult I saw a movie in which one of the characters died and I started to cry. I heard
in my head what my mother had told me as a child, and immediately remembered that
this particular actor had received an award for his part in this movie. I said to Oreon, “I
get it!” All of life is a movie. He didn’t die. This actor will go on to play many different
roles, some of them as the “good guy” and some of them as the “bad guy” this is exactly
what we are doing.


I am very grateful to the entertainment industry for giving us these reminders of what is
REAL. I am grateful to ourselves for setting this elaborate plan in place. Today in
movies we even see one person playing many role: the director, the good guy and the bad
guy. It’s amazing to see the breadcrumbs.

Throughout your life you will have many different things that will remind you of who
you really are and what your life is all about. One of those things is that the cocoon of
divinity within you periodically moves or shifts and you remember pieces of the whole.
Soon you will see it will spread it’s wings and break through the cocoon and be a
conscious part of you.

Today, when you enter this world as an infant you still have pieces of the Oneness in
your consciousness. Shortly after birth you begin to forget. Yet in some children the
glimpses of HOME are still there.

You believe that your thoughts create your reality. But the truth is,
your thoughts create the Illusion which you call reality.
Arianni Masters

The Children Remember - Four True Stories

First Story: The Little Lama
When we (Oreon and Arianni) were just starting to date we had an unusual experience.
We were in a Thai restaurant sharing our spiritual beliefs with each other. We were
discussing reincarnation. The owner’s child came over to our table. He was about 3
years old and had been playing on the other side of the restaurant. He couldn’t have
heard what we were talking about. He hopped up on the extra chair that was at the table,
looked at both of us, smiled and said, “First you’re little, then you’re big, then you are
little again.” Then he laughed and left our table. We both looked at each other and
realized that we had just received a lesson of great wisdom from a reincarnated Buddhist
Lama. Wow!

Second Story: I Need a Reminder
One of my (Oreon) favorite stories is told by my dear friend Dr. Gerald Jampolsky about
some friends of his and his wife Diane. This young couple had a three year little boy and
had just brought home their newest baby from the hospital. Shortly after getting the baby
home their son kept asking to be left alone with him. The parents were at first concerned
about this, worrying that he might harm the baby, sibling rivalry type stuff, but they soon
realized that they had a baby monitor in the room and acquiesced to his request. As they
sat by the monitor, ready to dash into the room if needed, they heard their three year old
son quietly close the door behind him, walk softly across the room to the baby’s crib and
whisper gently, “Baby, baby, remind me who God is. I’m already beginning to forget”.

How soon and completely we forget and how astute of a child to know that his little
brother had just come from Source and would remember more than he. In all my years of
relationship with Dr. Jampolsky he has repeatedly said that we need to be listening to the
children for they truly understand Love and Oneness.


Third Story: Tuned In
I (Arianni) was directed by Spirit to go into a particular coffee shop. This was a time in
my life that my internal guidance was very strong. I would get into my car and hear,
“Turn left here, turn right here, go in here, etc.” This was one of those days. I had heard
in my head that I would meet someone at this particular coffee shop at this particular
time. As I drove up to the coffee shop I saw a family on bicycles propping their bikes up
to go inside. I knew that I was to meet someone in this family.

As they were finishing chaining up their bikes I went inside and ordered a coffee. I sat
by myself at a table close to the counter. This family consisted of a mom, a dad, and a
little girl about 4 years old with beautiful blonde ringlets. She ran in first and went over
to the counter, she obviously had been here before. The clerk handed her a sticker of an
elephant. She immediately put her sticker on her shirt and ran directly over to me.

I admired her elephant sticker and asked, “Do you like elephants?” She replied, “Yes,
and I like pigs too.” I said, “Really! Did you see the movie with the talking pig?” She
nodded her head up and down, “Yes!” she said with excitement. I couldn’t for the life of
me remember the name of the movie. I asked, “Do you remember the name of that
movie?” She looked off into space and replied, “Babe!” Then she laughed. I was
amazed, “Your right! I couldn’t remember the name of the movie.” She looked
surprised and confused, “You just told me the name of the movie. Babe!” I shook my
head and replied, “No, I didn’t tell you the name of that movie. I didn’t remember it.”
She was insistent, “Yes you did!” At this point she was getting angry with me. She was
certain that I had told her. Then I heard in my head, “You must be as little children to
enter the Kingdom of Heaven.” I smiled at her and replied, “Your right.” She laughed
and her mother called her over and they left.

You see, she tuned into the All That Is so very easily that she didn’t even know what had
happened. She was, at that moment, in the flow of information and love. At that
moment, she could hear her guidance as clear as if I had said it. There was no separation.
Wow! What a wonderful glimpse of Source.

Fourth Story: You are Loved
We travel quite a lot, mostly by airplane. If you have ever been on an airplane when
there was a crying baby you know how disturbing it can be. Everyone on the plane gets
uptight, especially the parents of the infant. The energy on the plane becomes thick with
tension. I (Arianni) was on a plane with a screaming infant and the parents couldn’t seem
to comfort it. We had recently been playing with telepathy with children, especially
infants, and I thought I would try something. I centered myself and became very
peaceful. I put my attention in the direction of the screams and in my head began to talk
to the child. I slowly and peacefully said, “Remember God. Remember Love. You are
Loved. You are Safe. Remember God.” By the time that I was finished the baby was
quiet. Try this exercise the next time you are near a screaming baby. It’s fun.


A few months later, I was in an airport and had just put Oreon on a plane. As I stood to
watch the others passengers board, a mother with her child in her arms stepped next to
me. The child was probably 1 1/2 years old. The child was crying and screaming and
looking down the ramp toward the entrance of the airplane.

I had no idea what had happened, all I could see was the back of the child’s head and the
mother trying to comfort him to no avail. I centered myself and became very peaceful. I
put my attention on the boy and in my head began to talk to him. I slowly and peacefully
said, “Remember God. Remember Love. You are Loved. You are Safe. Remember
God.” As I was talking in my head to him, he immediately stopped crying and looked
directly at me. Within seconds of repeating this mantra he began laughing. He looked
back at me reaching towards me and laughing. His mother, in amazement, swung around
looked at me and said, “It’s a miracle! He has been crying non-stop. I don’t know what
you did but, Thank you.” She told me that the baby’s grandmother had gotten on the
plane and that he was very attached to her. She continued to mutter, “It’s a miracle.”
Then she put her child in his stroller and walked away in awe.


Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart.
Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.
Carl Jung

You have within you these stirrings and longing to remember. Who am I? Why am I
here? Where did I come from? Within, you feel the seed of Your True Divinity moving,
shifting, waking up. You want to remember, you want to know the answers. You are
searching to understand the Dream, to see the Illusion. You want to know what is Real.

Message from Tobias by Geoff Hoppe

You were on a journey, a grand journey that took you from Home and the Kingdom,
ultimately here to this place of Earth. Many adventures you had in between, out in what
you call your universe. Do you know that it was you who created the stars? It is you
who is still creating creation in your universe. There was nothing. It was you. You have
created much!

Finally you came to Earth. You came to Earth to learn something new. Along your
many journeys, dear friends, there was no real remembrance of Home. In the battles and
the wars out in your universe that you were engaged in, it was all about trying to find a
way Home. It was trying to take energy from others, other entities and other angels. You
fought with them, hopefully to take enough of their energy to get you back Home. But as


you know, that did not work. That did not work. That is why there have been the battles.
That is why there have been the conflicts. That is why you still have conflicts here on
Earth. People are still trying to take energy from one another, trying to take things,
information, love… still trying to find their way back Home, still in that deep sorrow, still
wanting to reconnect. That is why you have so much sadness at times, and the deep, deep
desire to be Home.

Now, dear friends, when you left Home, you brought nothing with you except for a tiny,
tiny seed that had a protective wrapping around it. That is all you brought within you. It
was the seed of divinity. You carried that within your consciousness and within your
being for all of the days and all of the times that you have journeyed. It has been
carefully protected within you, carefully concealed within you, so that you did not see it,
and so that others did not see it as well. It was buried deep within your consciousness.

Now along the way you have felt something within. You have felt that there was more
than what appeared on the surface. You have felt the presence of this divine seed within.
That is what has kept you going through many of your journeys and travels. This divine
seed is still within you, and as you know now, it is beginning to awaken. We use the
term seed as a metaphor, dear friends, but it is an integral part of who you are. It is at the
deepest levels of your being, not to be revealed until the appropriate time.

Many years ago the energy of Earth was appropriate to begin bringing this seed of divine
consciousness – from the outer realms and dimensions where it existed. For you know
your consciousness does not truly exist within your biology. It exists on levels and
planes surrounding you. It is much like your movie projector. The consciousness – the
film and the projector – are in one location, and the image is projected onto another. In a
sense, you are the image of your consciousness projected into 3D, projected into this
body that you carry, projected into this Earth that you walk on.

Here you sit, ready for the next step, ready for the next level.

And what is that, dear friends, that next level? That next level is to bring in your new
relationship with Spirit. Up until now it has not been quite so possible or quite so easy to
understand and to truly know BEING. Up to now it has not been quite so easy to
understand who you truly are, to see yourself as an angel in the mirror. You have had to
work at it and struggle. Even then it has seemed elusive and distant. Spirit has seemed
like some intellectual concept, far and removed from you. It has seemed to you that you
have been placed here on Earth, not knowing what you were here to do exactly, not
knowing your relationship with Spirit, but desiring it and longing for it.

That was the old energy, when the veil was thick and strong. You could not so much
relate to Spirit. In the new energy of this time there is a new relationship with Spirit. It is
one that is close, and it is personal. It is one that you are very aware of. There is deep
understanding within you. The Divine Self is waking up and coming in to your being. It
is time now to Awaken. It is time now to Remember.


When one realizes one is asleep, at that moment one is already half-awake.
G.I. Gurdjieff

Breaking of the Illusion. Arianni - Easter 1985
I had been told by my guidance that I would be moving to Dallas, Texas from Florida. I
knew no one in Dallas. I just knew that I was to move there. I had been praying and
fasting, as a cleansing and readying for the move.

It was the night before Easter and I went to sleep early so that I could get up for the
Easter sunrise service at our church. As I fell asleep my vision began.

I could see a house in front of me, it was an older house made out of wood. It was white
and didn’t look like any house I knew. It sat by itself on a piece of land that had a very
large lake behind and to the side of the house. I didn’t see any one, so I entered the

In the house I saw four bunk beds, and four young women. They were very frightened
and huddled together. I looked around the house and began to notice that everything was
a mess. It looked like the place had been ransacked. There was writing on the walls.
The furniture was upset. It looked like something out of a scary movie.

I went over to the four frightened young women and I recognized three of them. The
fourth I had never seen before. She was blonde and I saw here face very clearly. They
were all talking about leaving the house. They were terrified that the ‘thing’ would

One at a time they each decided that they should leave. They were so very scared. The
fear was thick and showed on their faces. It was a fear I had never felt before. The
blonde looked right at me and said, “If this happens again I won’t stay. I won’t stay.”
With that she too left.

As each one departed I tried to convince them that I would protect them. That they didn’t
need to leave. I would take care of this ‘thing.’ None would listen to me and each fled in

As soon as they left I found myself making the house ready for the return of whatever
this ‘thing’ was. I was going around the house quickly anointing the doors with oil and
praying. I knew that I didn’t have much time until ‘it’ returned.

I then went outside to the large black lake. In the distance I saw what appeared to be
sharks fins. Thousands of them all in rows. I stood on the bank of the lake to see what
this was. As I stood there, they moved closer and closer, and began to emerge from the
dark waters. I could see that it wasn’t sharks fins at all, it was the top point of hoods.
There were thousands of black robed beings in rows like an army emerging from the lake.


As they moved closer I became more and more frightened, yet I was determined to stand
up to them. They could not have this house! They could not harm these young women
any more! They were enormous, at least 20 feet tall!

As they emerged from the lake in rows, I ran to the front of the house and stood at the
front door. Immediately, shoulder to shoulder, with me were 20 foot tall white angels,
Protectors and Guardians. They had come to stand with me. They were my army. I was
not alone.

The hooded demons came and stood in front of me. I knew that the one in the middle
was in charge. It was Satan. Lucifer, himself, had come to do battle with me.

I looked down and in one hand I had my small Bible and in the other hand a scripture
promise book I had been reading. I knew that with God’s promises and the Bible, I could
defeat even Satan. At that moment, Satan, with his mind, made both books fly out of my
hands and I stood there with nothing but my knowledge.

I knew it was up to me and me alone to send him back to the lake, back to the dark abyss.
I was terrified! At that moment, a battle ensued. It was a battle of the minds. He nor his
army ever moved. We spoke telepathically, no words were uttered, yet I could hear him
and understand him very clearly.

His energy was pressing in on me, yet I stood tall. I wouldn’t move from in front of the
door to the house. I remembered a few verses of scripture and began mentally throwing
them at him. “I am covered in the blood of the lamb.” “He that is in me is greater than
he that is in the world.” I continued saying these to no avail.

Then the strangest part occurred. My mother woke me up to get ready for Easter sunrise
service, yet the battle continued in my head. My body was awake and getting ready for
church, but my mind was still engulfed in the raging battle. I was in the shower and I
heard Satan say to his army, “Go around the back and sneak in the back door.” I
immediately said very forcefully, “You can not enter! Even the back door is guarded.”
The 20 foot tall white angels stood strongly shoulder to shoulder all around the house.

My family got in the car and went to church. I sat quietly in the back seat unable to
speak to my parents. The battle was getting stronger. Nothing that I had been taught
worked. Nothing got rid of Satan and his army. I was feeling panic. I was at a loss for
what else to do.

The sunrise church service took place in folding chairs on the lawn of the church. I was
sitting knowing that the service was going on, but I could not hear anything. My body
was going through the motions and my soul was still battling Lucifer. I was frustrated. I
had tried everything I had been taught in church and none of it worked!

Then, out of the blue, I heard a little voice say, “Remember, Satan hates to be laughed at.
So, laugh at him.” I had tried everything else and nothing had worked so I was willing to


try anything. I began laughing inside and quickly realized that I must laugh out loud. So
I did. To this day I have no idea if the people around me could hear me, but I know that I
laughed out loud. I laughed at Satan. Continuous laughter.

Instantly, I notice Satan and his army retreating. They are headed back to the lake. As
Satan passes by me, he looks me directly in the eyes and powerfully says, “You have won
this battle, but the War is not over. I SHALL RETURN!” Cold chills went down my
spine as his words penetrated my cells.

With that he and all of his army retreat back into the dark abyss. I knew he would return.
I knew I had to understand the meaning of this vision before he returned. I felt an
urgency. The spell was broken. I was sitting in a folding chair as the service was
wrapping up. I took a deep breath and felt safe.


To see your drama clearly is to be liberated from it.
Ken Keyes, Jr.

From that moment on, I began my search for the meaning of this vision. I knew that it
was why I had returned to Earth. I also knew that I would always be safe and taken care
of. I knew that understanding this vision would change my life.

The most interesting outcome of the whole vision is that it made me ‘less’ Christian. I
understood from that moment that it has nothing to do with religion. I understood that
the ‘battle’ was not physical but spiritual. It has nothing to do with the human-made
paradigms that we have put BEING into.

Over the next many years I would receive bits and pieces of the meaning of the vision.
Each piece was a part of an elaborate plan to assist me in remembering. I watched the
movie The Little Buddha. In one part of the movie Siddhartha was under the bodhi tree
and the daughters of Maya, illusion, came to tempt him and he did not give in to the
illusion. Right after that, out of the dark waters came pointy helmets of the army of
Maya, the army of Illusion. I began to shake and cry. They fired their arrows at
Siddhartha and he turned them into flowers. He awakened and saw what was real. He
was now the Buddha. He did not give way to the illusion and he won the battle with
Maya. I realized at that moment that that was what had happened to me.

I had been faced with the illusion and I would not give in to it. I had been battling the
Illusion and I had to win, I had to wake up. That was my goal, my ‘mission,’ to Awaken.
I now remember. I am waking up!

They asked Buddha, “Who are you?”
He answered, “I Am Awake!”


I was still confused by the fact that I had to laugh in order to break through the illusion.
Recently, I was watching television and saw a show that had ‘demons’ trying to keep a
young man in the illusion that they wanted him in. The problem was that on some level
he remembered that this was not real. He began to find the whole illusion concept
humorous and started laughing. Each time he laughed the illusion that the ‘demons’
wanted him to see would have a crack in it and he would see small pieces of reality.
After this happened numerous times he understood that the illusion could not withstand
the laughter. The more he laughed the weaker the illusion became. Finally he broke
completely free from the illusion.

I get it! Laughter shatters the illusion on Earth. Illusion’s grip over us is broken when
we realize that this life here, on Earth, is a beautifully woven divine comedy. When we
remember that we are the writers, the directors, the actors (both good guys and bad guys)
as well as the audience, we see the play for what it really is, ‘PLAY.’ This experience
assisted me in understanding the different levels of the game of life. I was moving from
one level of the game to another. (We will discuss this in the next chapter)

Remember that Oneness is the Truth
Separation is the Illusion.

I Remember Oneness! I Am Awake!

Destiny is not under control of our heart.
Being is the means of reaching non-Being.
There is someone who looks after us
From behind the curtain.
In truth, we are not here.
This is our shadow.





I can give up but what was never real.*



Chapter 4 - Waking Up

The universe is the language of God.
Lorenz Oken

The goal of our life-stream is two fold, one is to experience and embrace our humanness
fully and the other one is to spiritually wake up and remember who you really are. Right
now is a special time in history, more people are seeking to understand their life from
spiritual eyes. More people are open to metaphysical principles.

Ascension is a common term in metaphysical circles. The problem is that people think of
ascension as leaving this world behind and moving on to a ‘better’ place. The truth is
that that is not what you are doing. We ARE learning to be fully human and fully divine.
This is known as the Divine Human or ‘Incension’. Incension means to bring our full
divinity right here, right now into our human experience.

The part of us that has been asleep for many lifetimes, our True Divinity, is now
awakening. You are wanting more out of your lives. You are no longer satisfied with the
way things have always been done. You are looking for fulfillment in every area of your
life. You want the type of peace that only comes from incension. “The peace that passes

Waking up is not an easy task. You must be willing to let go of your old habit patterns in
life. You must be willing to no longer be a victim. You cannot continue to hit the
spiritual “snooze alarm.” Are you ready? Are you willing to daily do the work required?

You are given clues all the time to assist you in awakening.

My religion consists of a humble admiration of the illimitable superior spirit
who reveals itself in the slight details we are able to perceive
with our frail and feeble mind.
Albert Einstein

Have you ever been walking down the street and all of a sudden, like a flash of
lightening, you get a great idea? Perhaps you’ve had a problem that you can’t solve and
one day, when you least expect it, the answer comes. This insight comes from tapping
into the 99% of reality that is beyond our five senses.

All great minds have found their answers and inspiration there, just out of reach of
normal, everyday limited thinking. Sir Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Mozart, great
artists and many more highly talented people have gained their insight in a flash. Mozart
said that he was able to conceive entire symphonies in his mind before he wrote a single
note. These people were able to tap into divine inspiration. Each of you has this ability
as well; you just don’t always recognize it.


When you receive the “flash” of divine inspiration it comes in pictures, like a mystical
“download” to your mental hard drive. Sometimes this information comes in the form of
a dream. The problem is that it can go as quickly as it comes. Unless... you make it

You must put it into words, write it down, tell a friend, something to make the flash more
solid. If you don’t you’ll forget it and continue to wander aimlessly through life. All
things are first seen through mystical vision, then made tangible on earth through your
Creation, through your ability to create with divineiInspiration.

The only way to create true happiness in your life... the only way to have the peace that
passes understanding... the only way to be fulfilled... is to see through the illusion, the
1%, and to connect with the Divine Light of the 99%.

Ask for wisdom, your mystical vision. Ask for answers to life’s big questions.

Remember the story of Alice in Wonderland. She fell down a hole and into the world of
illusion. A place where nothing was as it first appeared and everything could be changed.
You can reach back through the “hole” of knowledge to spiritual understanding and
wisdom. You can see that everything here is the opposite of what it first appears to be and
that anything can be changed.

You must forget all that you have learned and know that everything is backward, as
though you were looking in a mirror. You have been told that you must solve your
problems through your mental body, thinking of the answers. Your culture values left-
brained, logical people. Mystical vision is moving back through the looking glass and
discerning what is real from what is illusion. This is done through connecting your head
and heart with your Divine Self.

Connecting your head with your heart and staying in that place of balance is an ongoing
endeavor. You must expand your capacity to receive Light and to share Light. It is
through this process that you create a space to connect with your own True Divinity.

You must ground the energy of creation through receiving and sharing Light with
someone else, through assisting someone else on their path, through being of service. By
reaching outside of yourself and sharing, you open the spiritual doorway to let more
Light in and to become more Enlightened!

There is only one moment in time
when it is essential to awaken.
That moment is Now.
The Buddha


by Scott Kalechstein
(a very truthful and humorous look at our lives - sung to the tune of “Breaking Up is Hard to Do”)

You tell me to keep breathing, that you’re love will guide my way
Then why does my little ego want to say...

Don’t take my pain away from me
Don’t leave me here without my misery
Cause if I let go then what would I do?
This waking up is hard to do.

Remember when I loved to fight
Got so much pleasure just from being right
Now pointing fingers just makes me blue
This waking up is hard to do.

They say that waking up is hard to do
So many lifetimes of sleeping through
Don’t say maybe I could
Instead of waking up I think I’ll hang on to my victimhood.

My guru says only love can heal
My therapist tells me to feel, feel, feel
Seems every year there’s more issues
This waking up is hard to do

They say that waking up is hard to do
It’s hard enough to turn off the tube
Don’t say maybe I can
Instead of waking up I think I’ll stay in couch potato land.

My challenges, they make me wiser
They help me grow just like some fertilizer
Wish I could grow without doo-doo
This waking up is hard to do
Waking up is hard to do.


Zero Point Spirituality

People live life on a continuous pendulum. This is a good and necessary thing. Let me
explain. If someone is a very passive person, in the process of getting emotionally
healthy they must swing their emotional pendulum to the opposite extreme. This means
that they must become an aggressive person for a short while. They MUST experience
the extreme opposite in order for the pendulum to eventually find the middle ground.
The pendulum is swinging back and forth in your life.

You see this same thing in politics, religion and societies as a whole. We go from one
extreme to the other in hopes of one day finding the middle ground. We must learn from
the extremes or we will continue to swing never finding peace.

Spiritually, when we pass through the middle, as we swing the other way this is called
Zero Point. Eventually the ultimate goal is to get to the middle, Zero Point, and stay
there. Zero Point is when you are in the Now moment. Zero Point is that place where
time stands still.

Remember a time when you felt connected to everything, connected to the whole. This
may have been in nature or in a crowd. The brief second when you knew everything was
going to be O.K.. A feeling of peace even when you are in the midst of chaos.

You pass through this point briefly. Most people don’t stay there very long. The goal of
the Divine Human is to be there all the time. To be fully human and fully divine all at the
same time. To be fully present in the moment, is to be at Zero Point Spirituality.

The Video Game of Life

Imagine life as a spiritual video game. You begin on level one. On level one there are
good guys and bad guys. You shout and yell at the bad guys and they go away. You say
things like, “God is in control of my life and evil must leave.” On this level everything is
very black and white, good and evil, right and wrong. You see the duality and it is ‘real’
to you. You are a victim of your circumstances, the victim of chaos. Level one’s motto
is: “I am nothing and God is everything.” Here you fear BEING, as a matter of fact, you
fear many things on this level. Many religious people live on this level and it appears to
work for them. On this level, you believe and accept all that you have been taught.

One day, you are reminded of who you are and you move to level two. On level two the
pendulum must swing the other way. Many of you reject religion all together. Level
two’s motto is: “I am everything. I am God!” Things still look black and white, good
and evil, right and wrong, yet there is a little more gray. On this level, you question
things you were taught. Now you say, “I am in control of my life and evil must leave.”
You believe that you create it all, you are no longer a victim. You are in charge of your
life and make order out of the chaos. You begin to ‘Intend’ everything from money to
love to a front row parking place, and it works! You begin learning that your thoughts


are things. You realize your power. You study everything you can get your hands on.
This is an amazing time in your awakening process.

Then you move to level three of the video game. On level three everything you did on
levels one and two doesn’t work anymore. The rules are very different here. Your
affirmations and intentions don’t work anymore. This is a confusing place to be. You
feel lost. You no longer see things as black and white. The whole world begins to look
gray. Your judgments about yourself and others are disappearing more and more. You
are realizing that it is not just about you anymore. The motto on this level is: “I am the
Co-Creator of my universe.” You understand that there is a bigger picture than you ever
thought. You begin to see that the only way to move through this level is with your
Heart. You cannot think yourself through this level, you must Love your way through.
You are beginning to practice being in the Now moment. You see past the chaos. The
chaos is becoming smaller and less important.

On level three you are going back and forth more often through Zero Point Spirituality,
until one day when you remember. You are awake! Level four is Zero Point. On level
four you are in the Now moment and the doorway to full divinity opens up. You are no
longer searching or doing. You are just BEING. You are in the World but not of the
World. You see life for the illusion that it is. You see the divine comedy. You are a true
Master. You understand that all is a paradox. BEING is everything and you are BEING.
You are truly fully human and fully divine. The divine human walking on the Earth.
You know that, “I am God, and I am nothing without God.” It is like you are in a bubble
of love and peace no matter what is happening outside of you. You see the connection of
all things. You remember that you are still at HOME. You see that everything on earth
is the mirror reflection of truth. You recognize all of the hints that you left for
yourselves, by yourselves, to assist you in waking up. Remember the saying, “As above
so below,” it’s true in more ways than you ever realized. You now have Heaven on
Earth, within yourself. Chaos is still happening around you and you now are at peace.
True inner joy and inner peace.

You have remembered, you have ‘Incended’!!


One went to the door of the Beloved and knocked.
A voice asked, ‘Who is there?’
He answered, ‘It is I.’
The voice said, ‘There is no room for Me and Thee.’
The door was shut.
After a year of solitude and deprivation he returned and knocked.
A voice from within asked, ‘Who is there?’
The man said, ‘It is Thee.’
The door was opened for him.





No one can fail who seeks to reach the Truth.*



What is Incension?

The Spiritual Warrior is one who plays the games of life, as well as,
if not better than, those who think that’s all there is.
Carlos Castenada

Most people spend the majority of their life wanting to ascend, to leave this world for a
better one. The goal of most humans is to find a better place in the beyond. We see pain
and suffering in our lives and in others and it doesn’t make sense. There must be a
mistake here on earth. We stay stuck in the hurt, stuck in the past, stuck in the pain. We
become perpetual victims of our lives and our circumstances. We constantly ask, “Is
there more to life?”

The answer is “Yes!” Yes, there is more to life than pain and suffering. Yes, we can
experience ‘heaven on earth.’ Yes, we can be truly happy and fulfilled. The answer is

Incension is the process of turning your attention away from the mirror world of illusion
that exists outside of you and focusing on your own inner reality. When you make the
decision to turn inward you are actually choosing to seek the Beloved, the Divine Human
within yourself.

It begins with the recognition there are no answers outside yourself. You then begin the
inward journey of asking “Who Am I”. As you continue to ask this most important of
questions you begin to embrace all of who you are. Both the human and the divine. You
come to terms with both the light and shadow within. You no longer feel the need for
external definition or validation of self.

Incension then is the recognition of the Divine Human Being living and functioning fully
on the Earth plane. Fully alive within yourself. Living a happy, healthy and fulfilled

It is not an easy process and you must be committed to working on yourself. The
following chapters explain the steps to get you to your goal, incension. These are the
same tools to guide you on your spiritual path. As you work on each area of your life you
will find an amazing thing happening; more peace, more joy, and more love will begin to
flow through and to you. You will see with your eyes, more clearly than ever before, that
which is Truth and that which is illusion.

Welcome to the path of the Ancient Ones,
the Inner Alchemy,





Teach only Love for that is what you are.*



Chapter 5 - Love Is All There Is

A disciple having asked for a definition of charity,
the Master said: Love One Another.

The first step to bringing your divinity into form, the marriage of spirit and matter, is to
recognize that Love is the essence of all beings and all circumstances. This concept is so
hard to understand when you are still in the illusion of duality. When we look around it
appears that there is good and evil, right and wrong, black and white, etc. But when we
step back and take a larger perspective we will see that these are simply two ends of a
continuum. It is in finding the balance point, the “zero-point” of the continuum that
opens the door for the incension of our Divine Self.

In the faces of men and women I see God.
Walt Whitman

I (Oreon) was offered a great learning in this when I was serving as the executive director
of the Corpus Christi Center for Attitudinal Healing and a situation arose in that
community that was hard for me to comprehend. It came to light that a pedophile had
been operating locally and he had molested over 100 young boys, all between the ages of
8-13. Upon his arrest it was discovered that he had AIDS. So, bluntly put, he had
condemned all these children, if not to death, at least to a life-long catastrophic illness. I
was asked to head up a task force to assist in finding these young men and helping them
get the counseling and services they needed.

As I met with and worked with these young men I became angrier and angrier at the
person who had done this. I thought of all sorts of wonderful punishments he “should”
receive and was having great difficulty in practicing what I had been teaching for so
many years.

During this time I had the opportunity to go to California to a seminar. While there I met
with a dear friend and mentor, Dr. Jerry Jampolsky. I took this opportunity to vent my
anger and frustration about the situation and the person who had done it. Jerry listened
intently and then, from that deep space of heart centeredness that he is, he looked me in
the eye and asked, “How do you see that the essence of his being is Love?”

I sputtered, stuttered and then became quiet. You see I had become so caught up in the
emotions of the situation I had forgotten to remember that simple fact. The essence of his
being was Love. Now I must admit that at first it was a stretch and then as I looked
deeper I begin to see how Love was working through this event. 1. It brought
HIV/AIDS to the awareness of a community that had its head buried in the sand. 2. It
caused the city to form a Mayor’s commission on AIDS. This brought all segments of
the community together to address this issue. It was also the first of its kind in the state
of Texas. 3. It opened the doors of the schools to both AIDS awareness and education
on sexual predators. 4. It lead to the establishment of an AIDS Hospice locally.


As I begin to focus on these gifts I came to understand that while this person did not act
out a sense of Love, Love had found a way to manifest itself.

The other blessing that came from my seeing from this perspective is that I was able to let
go of my own self-righteousness and was no longer stuck in a negative emotional loop.

Now do I like the wrapping paper that his gift came in? NO!! Do I accept that this was
perhaps the only way that this community would have awakened to two very serious
situations within it? YES!! So thanks to Jerry for helping me move beyond my localized
ego self to see a bigger picture and look at things differently. I was able to see that this
person who had done this was not some evil creature, but a fellow human-being
struggling with his own issues, weaknesses and fears. From this space could I feel
compassion for his suffering, as well as, those he caused to suffer. Because of this
learning, to this day I am more able to truly be of service in helping others to move
beyond their fear, anger and frustration to find a sense of peace and inner balance.

If we could read the secret history of our enemies, we should find in
each one’s life sorrow and suffering enough to disarm all hostility.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

It is this recognition and acceptance of Love’s presence in all situations that speeds the
incension process dramatically. As long as we see separation, as long as we see duality
and play in the ego’s world of illusion and suffering, we cannot fully manifest our
divinity. It is only by being able to look at the “Other” as Self that we can be of service.
It is only by seeing the divinity in others that we see and recognize our own.

There is a story told of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, (hopefully Saint Teresa of Calcutta by
now), where she was asked how it was that she could do the work she did day in and day
out. How could she deal with the misery and wretchedness of the sick and dying every
day? Her answer was simple and shows the true Divine Human in action. She said, “I
see The Beloved in each face I look at. I see The Beloved in the face of the abandoned
child in the street. I see The Beloved in the face of the dying person in the gutter. How
could I do other than help and love The Beloved.” Dear friends, you are The Beloved.
Your neighbor is The Beloved, your friend, parent, child, sibling is The Beloved. And,
oh by the way, your enemy is The Beloved too.

Do you wish to fully incend? Then begin by seeing The Beloved, the Divine in everyone
you meet. Treat them as you would treat God or Goddess and you will find that your
heart begins to open and that your own divinity is shining brightly for all to see.

It is the enemy who can truly teach us to practice
the virtues of compassion and tolerance.
The Dalai Lama


Understanding Compassion
To love for the sake of being loved is human,
but to love for the sake of loving is angelic.
Alphonse De Lamartine

The Buddhists have wonderful teachings on the art of compassion. We regularly
recommend many books by Buddhist authors such as; The Dalai Lama, Thich Nhat
Hahn, Jack Cornfield, Pema Chodron, and many more. These great teachers assist us in
understanding and remembering Love and compassion. The XIV Dalai Lama once
defined compassion as, “The irrepressible desire to separate a being from it’s suffering.”
The desire to see the essence of a being as love, not to focus on the outward action.
Compassion is deep within each and every person’s core. The problem is that our
mind/ego has created suffering for our self as well as judgments about life, so it is
difficult to see past that. There is a Buddhist saying that, “The only difference between a
flower and a weed is a judgment.”

Compassion is the attempt at suspending the judgment about a person or a situation. We
were honored to hear The XIV Dalai Lama speak when he came to Minnesota in the
U.S.A. He shared a story about one of his friends. The man was a Buddhist monk and
had been held captive in a Chinese concentration camp for many years. The Dalai Lama
had heard through the grapevine that this monk had suffered greatly at the hand of the
Chinese. He understood that the monk had feared for his life. One day The Dalai Lama
got the good news that the monk had escaped the prison camp and was on his way to see
him. The Dalai Lama was so excited that as soon as the monk reached the temple he was
escorted to the private chambers of The Dalai Lama. After greeting him, The Dalai Lama
with great curiosity about the monk’s experience said, “I understand that you feared for
your life.” He nodded yes. “What terrible things did they do to you that you thought you
would be killed?” The monk with some confusion look at him and replied, “Oh no, I
didn’t think that they would kill me.” The Dalai Lama was also confused, “Then what?”
The monk said, “I was afraid I would lose my compassion for the Chinese.”

That is what it means to be spiritually dead, to lose our compassion for any sentient being
regardless of their actions. Remember to ask yourself, “What is the gift?” Don’t focus
on the wrapping paper that the gift is in, see what is deeper, what is beneath the external

To understand compassion it is also important that we reflect upon the kindness of others.
We must recognize how our fortune is really dependent upon the cooperation and
contributions of others. Every aspect of our present well-being is due to hard work on the
part of others. Look around at the buildings we live in and work in, the roads we travel,
the clothes we wear, or the food we eat, we must acknowledge that all are provided by
others. As we contemplate this our appreciation for others grows, as does our

Love alone can unite living beings so as to complete and fulfill them... for it alone
joins them by what is deepest in themselves. All we need is to imagine our ability
to love developing until it embraces the totality of men and of the earth.
Teilhard De Chardin


Love vs. Fear

Imagine that there are only two emotional states, Love and fear. Fear is any feeling or
thought that causes you anxiety, worry, or a sense of separation from others. Love is any
thought or feeling that brings you a sense of oneness, unity and peace. You always have
a choice in any given moment whether you wish to experience Love or fear.

When you are present in the divine moment you can, in fact, experience only Love. Fear
is connected with the past or the future. Fear always distorts your perception and
confuses you as to what is going on. Love is the total absence of fear. Love is a natural
state of expansion and extension. Fear is a state of judgment and comparisons. Love
offers peace and fear offers suffering. There is a good acrostic for the word FEAR.


Stanford University did a study years ago that found out that each person has about
60,000 thoughts a day. The problem with that is that the 60,000 thoughts that you have
today are the same ones that you had yesterday and that you will have tomorrow. 90% of
your thoughts never change. The fears of today are based on the fears of yesterday and
unless you do something about it, you will continue the same fears tomorrow.

Love and fear are mutually exclusive. You can not experience them at the same moment.

There is no fear in love. But perfect love casts out fear...
I John 4:18

Fear is not the opposite of Love because that which is all encompassing has no opposite.
So understand that Love is All There Is and fear is an illusion created by the mind/ego to
allow you to experience duality. The problem is that fear begins to run your life and keep
you in the past or the future. You are no longer in control of your life, you have allowed
fear to keep you stuck. This is very similar to any other addictive process where you
have given your will over to something or someone outside yourself.

To give you a tangible example of this, take a piece of paper and make two columns. On
one side write LOVE and on the other side write FEAR. Then, begin to list all of the
emotions/feelings that fall into these two categories. See the next page for an example.



connection separation

joy depression

contentment frustration

clarity confusion

light heavy

intimacy withholding

aliveness pretense

wholeness fragmentation

flow struggle

acceptance judgment

trust resistance

innocence guilt

empowerment powerlessness

peace ` conflict

harmony hate

hope despair

happiness sadness

playfulness over-serious

compassion indifference

empathic aggressive

blissful agitated

confident self conscious


What is healing but the removal of all that stands in the way of knowledge?
And how else can one dispel illusions except by looking at them directly,
without protecting them? Be not afraid, therefore, for what you
will be looking at is the source of fear, and you are
beginning to learn that fear is not real.
A Course in Miracles

Look at the list you’ve just made, which side would you rather live in? Obviously, most
people would rather live in Love than fear. Now, realize that every day you are given
this choice. Each morning when you wake up and all through your day you can choose to
be in a space of Love. When you notice that you are moving into fear remind yourself, “I
can choose peace instead of this!”

The key is that when you feel an emotion don’t suppress it or ignore it, feel it fully. You
must feel your feelings completely so that you then can choose to release your emotions.
It is when we ignore, suppress or cover up our emotions that they begin to rule our lives.
Feel them completely, embrace your emotions and they will dissipate very quickly, just
let them move through.

Neither a lofty degree of intelligence nor imagination nor both together go to the
making of genius. Love, love, love, that is the soul of genius.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


Ojibway Native American Prayer

look at our brokenness.

We know that in all creation
only the human family
has strayed from the Sacred Way.

We know that we are the ones
who are divided
and we are the ones
who must come back together
to walk in the Sacred Way.

Grandfather, Sacred One,
teach us love, compassion, and honor
that we may heal the earth
and heal each other.





I am never upset for the reason I think.*



Chapter 6 - Accept All Things

What do you mean by ‘accept all things’?

To accept all things simply means to view them without judgment. Whatever situation
arises you just look at it and see it for what it is, without deciding whether it is good or
bad, right or wrong. Most times when something occurs we are immediately reminded of
a similar event in our past. Our ego then brings this past experience into the Now
moment and begins to replay it instead of what is actually happening. This constant
movie of the past keeps you trapped in pain, suffering and fear and unable to respond to
the actual event. It makes you non-responsible, not able to respond adequately. By
simply observing what is happening rather than judging it, you are free to formulate a
new and innovative response. This in turns breaks the cycle of the past and allows you to
move fully into the Now moment.

I can be hurt by nothing but my thoughts.*

Internal Peace

As you journey through your lives, you are often beset by anger, frustration, hurt and
pain. When you feel these emotions, you often begin to withdraw into your own minds
and harden your heart rather than to truly experience your lives. In essence you begin to
create an even greater sense of separation. This chasm of separation becomes ever wider
as you begin to focus on the events that reinforce for you that life is a tragedy of
suffering, struggle and fear. You have literally stolen, from yourselves, the peace and
comfort you so desperately seek.

When the moment comes that you begin to awaken to the fact that you no longer have a
sense of joy, peace and play within your hearts, the temptation is to look outside
yourselves for someone or something to fill the void. This inevitably leads to more
disappointment and feelings of anger, frustration and separation.

You are the thief who has stolen the precious gifts of love, joy, peace and play from the
antechambers of your heart and you are the only one who can return them. It is at this
point that you need to recall that the Peace of BEING is all you seek. For within this
paradigm can you truly begin to heal the wounds of your heart.

It is through the recognition of what your thoughts have created that you can begin to
accept and forgive yourself and your life. Once you have begun this process you are able
to break free of the illusion of separation and once more open your hearts to love, joy,
peace and play. May you so choose each moment of each day!

Affirmation: The Peace of BEING is all I seek.

Nothing can bring you peace but yourself.
Ralph Waldo Emerson


It is the commonest of mistakes to consider that the limit of our power of perception
is also the limit of all there is to perceive.
C.W. Leadbeater


It is extremely important to realize that your perception of a situation is just that, YOUR
perception. Let’s take, for example, a person walking along the street. They may be
noticing only the trash, cigarette butts and debris on sidewalk and in the gutter and decide
that the area they are in is truly one of filth and ugliness. Walking right next to them may
be someone who is looking at the potted plants and flower boxes along the way. What
they are seeing is leading them to believe that they are in an area of beauty and brilliance.
They are both on the same sidewalk, in the same place. What is the difference? Only the
perception they are holding. It is also important to note that they are both accurate in
their perception, neither is right nor wrong. They are only seeing from a different

Isn’t that idea a bit ‘pollyanna’? I’m a realist. I believe in looking at life square in the
face and most of the time it stinks.

Your ego wants you to believe that you live in a dangerous and cruel world and that only
it can protect you from the inevitable harm that will befall you there. This is truly the
sickness of the ego. You see, when you live in fear you are constantly at the mercy of
outside circumstances. It is only by changing your point of view, your perspective, that
you can begin to claim your mastery over life. Taking responsibility for your perceptions
does not mean that you ignore the situation as it is, it means that you are reclaiming your
power to choose rather than being a victim of the world. By reclaiming your power, you
are able to act upon a situation rather than react to it. When you go into judgment about
life or life situations, you are reacting to instead of acting upon. It is always your choice.

As you begin the incension process it is important that you begin to pay attention to your
perceptions of life. Are you seeing with the eyes of the ego or with the eyes of your
Divine Humanity? Your ego, which lives in the past, will want you to notice all that is
not “right” in any given situation. It most often takes memories of past events and places
them as a filter over the present moment. This filtering of the ego makes it impossible to
see things as they are. Your Divine Humanity, on the other hand, wants you to be fully
present and fresh in every situation. It asks you to see things as they are, not as they were
in the past or as you wish they might be in the future. Your Divinity asks you to drop
your judgment of things and simply allow them to be as they are.

The mark of the depth of your ignorance is your belief in injustice.
Richard Bach


Making Judgments

A great deal of your emotional and physical energy is spent on the judgments you make
each and every moment. A Course in Miracles states, “Today I will judge nothing that
occurs”. This is a phenomenal challenge. We are in judgment of something almost all
the time.

Judgment is an inner perception projected outward and designed to keep you in
separation and fear. When you are judging something we are deciding that it is good or
bad, right or wrong, black or white, etc. All judgment is an exercise in duality. As you
move into your incension process you begin to make fewer and fewer judgments and
learn to use your discernment more and more. Discernment is the proactive approach of
deciding if something is appropriate or inappropriate for you, rather than assigning it an
inherent external value. This frees your energy to be fully present in the Divine Now

I loose the world from all I thought it was.*

Why would I want to let go of all my judgments? That’s how I know right from wrong
and how to live my life. If I were to let go of all my judgments I would be lost.

The amount of energy that is squandered in judgment is phenomenal. To be in judgment
is to be in a state of fear, a constant state of attack and counter-attack. Judgment is
directed outward toward others and keeps your attention away from yourself. There is an
old story about a man who was so busy looking at his neighbor’s garden and pointing out
the weeds in it that he never cultivated his own. This is what judgment causes us to do.
Deciding what is appropriate or inappropriate for yourself is discernment. Discernment
does not even say that a particular act or life style is right or wrong in of itself, only that it
is not the choice for you.

Yes, when you let go of all your judgments you will lose the false identity that your ego
has created. Once you no longer cling to this delusion of who you are, you are able to
open to and surrender to your Divine Self. As always, the choice is yours.

Is it possible to let go of all of our judgments? I’m still human.

Perfection is not what you are seeking here, only improvement. It is a trick of the ego to
cause you to judge even your own progress at being non-judgmental. Accept yourself as
a human being, with all your flaws and foibles and you are making a huge stride to
accepting life as it is.

To discover your perceptions and judgments of any given situation try the following


Walk around your neighborhood. Pay attention to the sounds you hear as you walk. If
you hear a bird singing nearby, what is your thought about that sound? If you hear a
siren, what is your thought about that sound? Once you have noticed your first thought
about each sound, take a deep breath and simply state, “This sound is only a sound, it has
no other meaning”. Now pay attention to what you are seeing as you walk. If you see
children playing, what is your thought or thoughts about them? If you see trash on the
sidewalk or in the street, what is your thought about it? Again, having noticed your first
reaction, breathe and state, “This is only something I see, it has no other meaning”.

What you will discover as you do this on a regular basis is that you begin to unwind all
the filters and meanings from the past that you have attached to everything in your world.
At first this may seem a bit disconcerting or even silly, but as you continue the practice,
you will begin to see things more clearly and peacefully than ever before.

Life is the movie you see through your own unique eyes. It makes little difference
what’s happening out there. It’s how you take it that counts.
Denis Waitley

Reactive vs. Proactive

There are two basic ways to approach life. One is to simply react to the events of your
life as they occur. This is a very basic and instinctual thing to do. Reaction is the process
that occurs when a dog hears a noise outside its fence or door. It barks. It doesn’t matter
what the noise is, it barks. When you react to an event based on some past experience or
belief, you are doing the same thing. Now this is not always bad, if you are crossing the
street and you hear a car horn and jump to the curb, it is an act of self-preservation.
However, when you react to situations such as correction from a supervisor or a question
from your spouse from this same unconscious level it creates many challenges in your
lives. Unfortunately, you spend most of your waking hours in this unconscious, reactive

When someone says something I don’t like, I get upset. Especially if what they said
was about me. Being reactive is just self preservation, isn’t it?

You‘re right, being reactive is “self” preservation, meaning that it serves only to preserve
the ego self. One of the benefits of the incension process is that you no longer take things
personally. By stepping back and observing the situation from the perspective of your
Divine Self you will see the pattern of energy exchange that is taking place between you
and the person who has said or done something that you choose to be upset by. It is
important that you take a look at what is beneath your feeling of being upset. Most likely
your ego has pulled a past event or memory into the Now moment and is asking you to
relive it, rather than to be present to the current situation. Once you become conscious of
your reactive process you can then make a decision as to where you want your energy to

Let all things be exactly as they are.*


Your other choice is to be proactive. Being proactive requires that you develop your
observer self in order to monitor what is happening. It also means that you must be
willing and honest enough to look at your true motives in any given situation. In other
words, being proactive means that you must think before you act upon a situation or

I can escape from this world by giving up attack thoughts.*

What do you mean by ‘Observer Self’?

Your observer self is that part of you that can step back and watch what is playing out in
your life. Your observer self is detached from the emotions of the situation and can
therefore see a larger and more accurate view of what is really happening. The observer
self is able to do this much more accurately than your ego self. The more you develop
and connect with your observer self, the more you connect with your Divine Self.

Seeing Through the Eyes of Oneness - Oreon - 1989

Foundational Ideas:
1. To see beyond the personality to the essence and connectedness of all is to see
through the eyes of Oneness.
2. To see only the personality is to be caught totally in duality.
3. To see through the eyes of Oneness is to see the value in every circumstance.
4. To see through the eyes of the personality (ego) is to see oneself and others as victims
of circumstances.
5. Seeing through either the eyes of Oneness or the eyes of the personality can become a
habit and therefore a way of life.
6. You can choose which habit you develop. Do you choose to see Oneness or
7. When we look through the eyes of the personality all the faults we see in others
mirror the faults we see in ourselves. This is the law of projection.
8. When we see through the eyes of Oneness we are mirrored back our divine essence
within. This is the law of extension.
9. Seeing through the eyes of Oneness strengthens and nurtures our emotional and
spiritual well-being.

Each day we have many opportunities to see either through the eyes of the personality or
through the eyes of Oneness. When we see the person on the street corner, we have a
choice. We can either see them as an unemployed, smelly, drunken bum or we can see
them as a fellow human being who has worth and value beyond the judgments of society.
The choice is ours.


One such example is a man named Egypt who came into my life when I was running a
healing center in Texas. Egypt was a street person that I often saw standing on the corner
near our building. He was a black man who dressed in all black leather and military style
boots and carried a rather large object in a scabbard by his side. From a distance, he was
quite an intimidating sight. Often the center’s clients would complain to me that they felt
fearful entering the building when he was standing on the corner outside. So one day I
chose to go and speak with him to find out more about him and to see if he was in any
way a threat to anyone.

As I walked up to Egypt I noticed that his leather clothes were hand made and that the
object he carried was a leather wrapped squeegee for cleaning windows. When I spoke
with him I encountered one of the gentlest souls I have ever known. His voice was calm
and balanced and there was a deep wisdom behind his eyes. His only worldly possessions
were his clothes and his squeegee, which was the object he kept at his side in a scabbard.
He earned money by traveling around town and cleaning windows for various businesses.
As the weather begin to get colder I learned that Egypt lived in a storage shed behind a
restaurant, at the grace of the owner. So one day I collected some extra pillows and a
blanket to give him to stay warm during the winter. A few weeks later Egypt came by the
center and very shyly asked if I had another blanket as he had given the first blanket to a
homeless family he had seen on the street a few nights before. I immediately remembered
the quote “in as much as you have done this to the least of these, so also have you done it
unto me”. Here was a man who had so little and yet he was willing to surrender it to help

I hadn’t seen Egypt around for a week or so and then one day he came into the center
looking very sad and distraught. He asked if I could let him borrow $10 so he could get a
new squeegee to clean windows with. He said that as soon as he got it he would come by
and clean our windows, which he normally did anyway, as repayment for the loan. When
I asked him what had happened and where he had been, he replied that he had been in jail
because two young police officers had seen him going into the shed where he lived and
assumed he was committing a crime. When he told them that he had permission to stay
there, they didn’t believe him and proceeded to search him. One of the officers pulled
Egypt’s squeegee away from him and when he protested broke it into pieces. This being
his only means of livelihood he became upset and argumentative so they took him to jail.
Needless to say I “loaned” him the money and true to his word a few days after that he
came back with his new squeegee and cleaned every window in the building and then
proceeded to wash the car of every staff member at the center.

When I offered to pay for the cars he refused and said, “Oh no doctor you was good to
me I just bein’ good to you.” I asked him why he always called me doctor, since I wasn’t
one. He smiled and replied with a soft and knowing look in his eye, “You a doctor, you
just don’t know it. You not a doctor of bodies, you a doctor of souls. Now you remember
that. You a doctor of souls”.

There are many days that I think of Egypt and the gentleness of his soul and wisdom of
his heart. The willingness to help others and the freedom to ask for help when needed.


And on those days when I wonder if anything I am doing is making a difference, I hear a
kind and gentle voice say again, “You a doctor, you just don’t know it. You not a doctor
of bodies, you a doctor of souls. Now you remember that. You a doctor of souls”.

May we all learn to see beyond the vision of our personalities and with the eyes of
Oneness so we can remember that we are all children of Light, that we are all “Doctors of
the Soul.”

Personal Focus Questions:
Am I focusing on the connectedness or separation in my relationships and situations
Am I feeding the habit of separation today? Am I willing to be aware of my
projections/judgments onto people, places and things? What are some of these
Can I acknowledge 5 things that were mirrored back to me today that showed my
connectedness and Oneness? Can I acknowledge 5 instances where I extended the
knowing of Oneness to others today?
Am I spending some time each day reflecting on the awareness of my inner divine
essence, through meditation or contemplation?

Experience is determined by yourself - not the circumstances of your life.
Gita Bellin

The Buddha

All is transient.
When you perceive this, you are above suffering.
The path is clear.

All is suffering.
When you perceive this, you are above suffering.
The path is clear.

All is unreal.
When you perceive this, you are above suffering.
The path is clear.


Move from Your Head to Your Heart

The longest journey you will ever make in your life is only 12 inches,
from your Head to your Heart.
Oreon Masters

What does it mean to live from your heart?

Living from your heart means to come from a place of deep compassion for and Oneness
with all creation. It means that you recognize the other as yourself. This is the true
meaning of “Love your neighbor as yourself”. When you are living from your heart,
your neighbor is yourself. Heart centered living does not mean being a doormat,
however, because part of compassion is still being proactive and discerning about what is
loving to yourself and others. A good example is that of an alcoholic or drug addicted
child. You can still have deep compassion and concern for them and allow them the
consequences of their behavior, i.e. you may choose to not let them live in your home if
they steal from you and you may choose to let go to jail when caught for a crime. Dr.
Gerald Jampolsky puts it this way, “I can love the person and refuse to support the
insanity in which they choose to live.”

Why does my head seem to want to run my life? I’m told that I think too much.

Your head or more appropriately, your ego wants to run your life because it lives in fear.
Your ego/mind is a defensive mechanism that is designed to allow you to operate in
duality. As you move more and more into the incension process you are moving out of
duality and into Oneness. This is quite frightening to the ego, as it believes that it will
cease to exist once this occurs. On the contrary, your identity will be stronger and more
secure than ever because your are now your Divine Self and have all the resources that
the ego has separated you from at your disposal.

Thinking is a way of avoiding the Divine Now moment. You see, any thing you think
about is either a memory of a past experience or a projection towards a future one. You
can either have an experience or you can think about it, but you cannot do both at the
same time. This does not mean that you should not use your mind, it means that you
must learn to control your mind and keep your focus on the Divine Now moment. In the
Divine Now moment you will drop automatically into your heart and open to the Oneness
of All That Is.


I want to live more each day from my heart, but I don’t how to get there.

The best way to get into your heart is to practice compassion for all life. Look around
you. Notice the people you come in contact with each day. When you are interacting
with someone, actually be present in the Divine Now moment that you are sharing with
them. Make eye contact, listen to what they are saying. Drop your agenda. Do not be
afraid to truly see the person you are talking to or interacting with. Most of the time you
are on autopilot. Someone walks up to you and says, “Hi, how are you?”, you respond,
“Fine, how are you”, and you never make eye contact or even think about what is actually
happening, it is just a preprogrammed response. TURN OFF YOUR AUTOPILOT!!

You cannot live from your heart if you are not even present to life. Take the time to
connect with the people in your life. Accept that all beings want the same things that you
do. They want to be safe, secure and loved. Once you truly understand this and are
willing to connect, you will find that living from your heart is a natural and fulfilling way
to live.





Other people do not have to change for us
to experience peace of mind.
Gerald Jampolsky, MD



Chapter 7 - Relationships

Understand the Laws of Relationships and you will
understand the Laws of the Universe.
Native American

Relationships are one of the key elements in our incension process. Everything that we
interact with is a form relationship, not just everyone but everything, all of creation. A
Native American greeting is “Mitakuye Oyasin,” which means: “All My Relations,” or
simply put, “We are all related.” They extended their relationships to include all of the
Universe. We also have many different types of relationships with people, from friends
and family, to work and acquaintances.

While incension is primarily an individual endeavor, it is only through our relationships
with others that we get to see our progress. Relationships are mirrors that assist us in
learning more about ourselves. They are the most challenging and the most rewarding
aspects of life. The more intimate the relationship the greater the opportunity for growth.

A relationship can be a great teacher. We have relationships that we like and appreciate
as well as ones we don’t. We learn our greatest lessons from the difficult relationships
we have. The difficult relationships are the ones that can teach the most about who we
are and what areas we need to work on. This is what we refer to when we say that
relationships are the mirrors of the Soul. What is being reflected back to us, and what is
being out pictured in front of us, is really only the information of what we need to work
on and the areas in which we need to grow.

There are three types of relationship mirrors. The first one is the mirror of who you were.
This is the mirror of how you used to be, the behaviors that you once exhibited, the lack
of life skills that you once had, are being reflected back to you by another person. An
example of this would be, if you had a bad temper in the past but now you have it under
control. You don’t find yourself flaring up at little things anymore. You might then
attract someone that still has a bad temper, so that you can take a look at it and see how
far you have come. You can now see what you once looked like and you can experience
the temper from the other side. This person may be a love partner, a boss or an
acquaintance. It depends on how quickly you get this lesson as to how long that person
needs to stay in your life. This mirror gives you the opportunity to experience the karma
that you have already cleared.

Once you recognize this as the mirror of your past, what you have learned, and how far
you have come, this relationship doesn’t need to stay in your life. Also, if you have any
emotional “charge” on that behavior, and you attach to it, then that relationship will stay
longer. It will stay until you realize what role it is playing in your life.

Another thing that can happen is that you find your self in an intimate relationship with
the same type of person you were involved with in your past. You may get upset and
think, “Why is this type of person still coming into my life? I thought I dealt with those


issues already.” Realize that all this relationship may be doing is showing you how far
you have come and you don’t need to get involved with this same type of person again.
So don’t get caught up in this relationship, just thank it and let it go.

This first mirror is a reminder of where you used to be, how far you have come and
where you are now. It is a wonderful way to see what you have learned. So instead of
saying, “I can’t believe I have attracted someone like this into my life again.” Say,
“Terrific! I am so glad that this person came into my life again so that I could see
quickly where I am and how far I have come.”

The second type of mirror is the mirror of where you are right now on your path. In this
mirror we see both the things we don’t like as well as the things we like in ourselves.
Relationships are about understanding your self. ALL relationships are in your life to
assist you in understanding yourself. So rather than complaining, yelling and getting
upset at relationships that are in your life, it is important that we thank them. Ask the
question, “What is it about myself that I am trying to understand through this

This mirror is the hardest to look at because it reflects the issues you have not yet
finished in your life. These are the things that we are the most blind to. Are you willing
to look inside? Are you willing to embrace your Shadow Self?

I will not fear to look within today.*

What do we mean by the Shadow Self? The Shadow Self is that part of you that you
have judged to be bad. This may be the part of you that has bad days or the part of you
that has a temper. The Shadow Self is that part of you that you wish you could make go
away. This is the part of you that you are afraid of, the part that you think the world
would judge.

Dr. Carl Jung made the concept of the Shadow Self popular many years ago. In this
world we have a duality, there is the bright shining light that we all want to be all the
time, and then there is the Shadow Self, the part of us that has the anger and the lust. The
part of us that could harm another person. The key is that you must accept both parts of
yourself and integrate these two together. You must embrace the parts of you that you
are not fond of, the part of you that you are afraid of. Realize that everyone has a
Shadow side of themselves, so accept all of who you are. Don’t resist any part of
yourself. You know, “that which you resist, persists.” The more we try to ignore our
Shadow Self the stronger it becomes and it comes out when you lest expect it.

The third and last type of relationship is the one that mirrors your potential. This is both
a positive and negative potential. If you sometimes lose your temper and you see
someone that just went on a shooting spree because they lost their temper, please realize
that this is a mirror of your own potential, if you don’t learn to integrate and work with
your Shadow Self.


The positive potentials are the people we look up to. The people that we see and say,
“That’s how I want to be. Those are the skills that I want to develop.” This gives you
the opportunity to see the qualities you could have in your life, you can see that it is
possible to move forward. Maybe you see someone with a relationship that you would
like to have and you now realize that that type of relationship is possible.

Take a look at your various relationships and see which group they fall into. By knowing
this you will gain insight into yourself. Self understanding is the entire reason for these
mirrors, not to ‘fix’ the other person, but to look at yourself and learn.

We must see all relationships as internal not external. They are a reflection of us, that
which you see in others, is in you. It is important to understand this and be conscious of
this in all your relationships.

The primary reason for most relationships is so you can work on your spiritual self and
your karma! So with that said, the more you clear up issues for yourself, the more you
ARE the ‘right’ person; the more you will attract the relationships you are looking for.

Everyone and everything around you is your teacher.
Ken Keyes, Jr.

The Relationship with Yourself

If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.
Buddhist Saying

You must have a healthy relationship with yourself before you can have a health
relationship with any one else. This includes your self-esteem. How much do you really
love yourself? Do you love yourself unconditionally?

A healthy relationship with your self is learning to accept and unconditionally love ALL
of who you are, including your Shadow Self. True loving self-esteem is essential for
incension, it is impossible to incend without it. For most of us this is a challenge, so we
must nurture our selves. It is important to see all of your past experiences as ‘fertilizer’
for your growth, not who you really are.

You are a magnificent being. You are a God or Goddess in development. You are more
than what you have been taught. You are more than what you appear to be on the
surface. You ARE the Divine Being unfolding in human form. You must come to this
understanding at your core. Embrace the divine seed within you. You are a
God/Goddess seed planted on the Earth to grow and bloom.


If you plant an acorn you will get an oak tree. You won’t get a stalk of corn or a tomato
plant, you will get an oak tree every time. So understand that inside of you is a seed of
the divine. Nurture this seed, cultivate this seed, water this seed and you will get Human
Divinity, incension.

Now how do you do this? You must look at your own behaviors towards others. “How
am I treating other people?” How you treat another person has absolutely nothing to do
with the other person, it has to do with you and your level of development spiritually.
How you act toward others comes from within. Are you judging others? Are you only
being nice to the people you like? Are you seeing separation instead of Oneness?

In your everyday interactions remember that if you are a divine seed then so is the other
person that you are interacting with, regardless of your personal judgments about them
and their behavior.

Healing does not come from anyone else.
You must accept guidance from within.*

Relationships with Others

The diversity in the family should be the cause of love and harmony, as it is in music
where many different notes blend together in the making of a perfect chord.
The Baha’i Scriptures

Be grateful for all that is in your life and all the people you meet and interact with daily.
Gratitude is important to incension. So without judgments appreciate all that you have in
your life. This includes the weather, your food, and all of your relationships, even the
ones you don’t like. In order to truly be in gratitude you must be in the Divine Now
moment in order to see and appreciate even the little thins in life..

Be fully present in all your relationships. When you are able to do this you no longer
carry all your emotional baggage into the present. Most of us have been in relationship
where the other person continued to compare us to their ex-partners. Someone should
design a T-shirt that says, “I’m not the one who hurt you.” Most people carry with them
all of their past experiences, all of their past relationships. When we can forgive the past
and live fully in the Now moment our relationships will be healthier, and we make great
progress on our spiritual journey.

All relationships are terminal. They will either end by death, divorce or separation.
Oreon Masters

Realize that all things on this Earth are temporary, so it is important to be present in your
relationships. See, learn, appreciate all that you can in every moment. Don’t drag in the
past or worry about the future. Either of these directions will pull you away from your


True Divine Self. Appreciate every relationship you have. They are trying to simply
move you forward in your level of consciousness, to bring you back to wholeness. Even
relationships that are 30 seconds long are assisting you in moving forward, to being
whole and complete in yourself. When we are healing ourselves and working on our own
issues we realize that relationships are just mirrors to our own Souls, helpful tool on the
road to incension.

The Golden Rule
If you sit with someone
But your heart doesn’t feel good,
Your mind stays confused
And hasn’t been cleaned for the daily mud.
Don’t get in his conversation.

The Golden Rule is a very important part of all spiritual teachings. A modern version is;
"only do things to other people that you would like them to do to you, and if it doesn’t
feel good to you then don’t do it to someone else." Our belief is that this is the essence of
all laws. Take a look at your own country, your own religion. Most of the rules and
teachings are based on this principle. If we could truly understand the meaning and the
depth of the golden rule we would see that this is the only law that exists and all else is

Here is a short, wonderful old parable, that does a pretty good job of giving an example
of this:

There was a man who died and was being taken to heaven by angels. The angels said to
him, "We are going to take you to heaven, but first we will show you hell."

The angels then took him to a place where there was a great bowl, so great that it was as
big as a lake. The bowl was filled with a nutritious stew. All the way around the sides of
this bowl were people. Emaciated, starving, miserable people. These people had spoons
to eat the stew with, and the spoons were long enough to reach the stew (about 12 feet).
The trouble was, while they could scoop up the stew into the spoon, they could not get it
into their mouths because the spoons were too long. So here were all these pathetic
people, suffering and moaning in agony, constantly trying to eat the food that was
abundantly in front of them - all in vain.

Next, the angels took the man to heaven. To his surprise, he saw the same scene! There it
was, a giant lake-like bowl of the same stew, surrounded by people with 12 foot long
spoons. Yet something was different here - all these people were smiling, happy, and
healthy looking!

"Why? What is the difference here that these people are happy and well fed?" the man
said to the Angles.


They relied, "Have you not eyes to see?" The man looked more carefully, and observed
that one person would scoop the stew, and bring it to the mouth of another. Then
someone else would scoop up stew and feed it to the other.

The angels smiled and said, "Here the people feed each other. Here are the people that
learned the way of Love."

This story exemplifies living by the Golden Rule, or not living by it. But it is more than
just a story. It truly represents the real difference that living by the Golden Rule could
make in our world.

One of the beauties of the Golden Rule is its total universality. As you see in the story,
the issue of religion or faith was irrelevant, it was their True Love or selflessness that
ultimately made the difference in their circumstances. The division between the "happy"
place and the "miserable" place, wasn’t between Christians with 12 foot spoons, or
Buddhists with 12 foot spoons, or agnostics with 12 foot spoons - or even an issue of who
had spoons or not. The thing that separates those people in the story, was whether or not
they’d learned that living and sharing Love was the most important thing. And that is
what incension is all about. The concept of the Golden Rule applies to all people,
regardless of religion, faith, or lack of faith. It is a universal principle that anyone
anywhere can use to improve their life, the lives of those around them, and ultimately, the
whole world.

So, each and every day, before taking an action towards another person, ask yourself, "Is
this something that I would like someone else to do to me?" "Am I acting out of true,
pure love for another person or do I have selfish motives?"

Look below at many of the major religious paths and see how similar they are regarding
the issue of the Golden Rule.

Hinduism: Do not to others what would be disagreeable to yourself.

Buddhism: If one wishes to follow the Buddha’s teaching, he must not be egoistic or
self-willed, but should cherish feelings of good will toward all alike. He should respect
those who are worthy of respect, serve those who are worthy of service, and treat all
others with uniform kindness.

Taoism: He who will govern will respect the governed no more than he respects
himself. If he loves his own person enough to let it rest in its original truth, he will govern
others without hurting them.

Confucianism: Confucius said, "What you do not want done to yourself, do not do to

Zoroastrianism: That nature alone is good which shall not do unto another whatever
is not good for its own self.


Judaism: You shall not take vengeance or bear any grudge against the sons of your
own people, but you shall love your neighbor as yourself.

When a stranger sojourns with you in your land, you shall not do him wrong. The
stranger who sojourns with you shall be to you as the native among you, and you shall
love him as yourself.

Islam: Wrong not, and ye shall not be wronged.

Wiccan: Do no harm.

Christianity: So whatever you wish that men would do to you, do so to them; for this
is the law and the prophets.

Owe others nothing, except to love one another; for he who loves his neighbor has
fulfilled the law... "You shall love your neighbor as yourself." Love does no wrong to a
neighbor; therefore, love is the fulfilling of the law.

All relationships serve a purpose and should be honored and appreciated for what they
have to offer you in your personal spiritual growth. Thank the person and the experiences
for all that you have had the opportunity to learn and clear. Know that ALL relationships
are sacred, because they bring us closer to the Light of All That Is, closer to your

Giving means extending one’s love with no conditions, no expectations and no
boundaries. Peace of mind occurs, therefore when we put all our attention
into giving and have no desire to get anything from, or to change,
another person. The giving motivation leads to a sense of
inner peace and joy that is unrelated to time.
Gerald Jampolsky


A Zen Buddhist Prayer
by Thich Nhat Hanh

May I be peaceful, happy, and light in body and in mind.
May I be safe and free from accidents.
May I be free from anger, unwholesome states of mind, fear, and worries.
May I know how to look at myself with the eyes of understanding and love.
May I be able to recognize and touch the seeds of joy and happiness in myself.
May I learn how to nourish myself with joy each day.
May I be able to live fresh, solid, and free.
May I not fall into the state of indifference or be caught in the extremes of attachment
and aversion.

May you be peaceful, happy, and light in body and in mind.
May you be safe and free from accidents.
May you be free from anger, unwholesome states of mind, fear, and worries.
May you know how to look at yourself with the eyes of understanding and love.
May you be able to recognize and touch the seeds of joy and happiness in yourself.
May you learn how to nourish yourself with joy each day.
May you be able to live fresh, solid, and free.
May you not fall into the state of indifference or be caught in the extremes of
attachment and aversion.

May all beings be peaceful, happy, and light in body and in mind.
May all beings be safe and free from accidents.
May all beings be free from anger, unwholesome states of mind, fear, and worries.
May all beings know how to look at themselves with the eyes of understanding and love.
May all beings be able to recognize and touch the seeds of joy and happiness in
May all beings learn how to nourish themselves with joy each day.
May all beings be able to live fresh, solid, and free.
May all beings not fall into the state of indifference or be caught in the extremes of
attachment and aversion.




Love holds no grievances.*



Chapter 8 - Forgiveness

Forgiveness is the Key to happiness.*

One of the primary steps to truly allowing the incension of the Divine Human is
forgiveness. You see, each grievance that you hold on to keeps you locked in the prison
of victimhood. It is through releasing yourself and others from this prison that you firmly
anchor yourself in your own divinity. Quite frankly, it is the level to which you have
forgiven yourself and others that serves as the marker of your commitment to your
incension process.

To forgive does not mean that you accept that the “wrong” you did or that someone did to
you is alright, but rather that you move beyond the concept of right and wrong altogether.
The need for forgiveness can only exist in a world of duality, a world of illusion. As you
continue on the journey of incension, the journey to claiming your Divine Humanity, you
move more fully into Oneness. In Oneness there exists only occurrences, happenings,
free of judgment. You honor all experiences. It is from this perspective that true
forgiveness takes place.

Understanding a person does not mean condoning; it only means that one does not
accuse him as if one were God or a judge placed above him.
Erich Fromm

The Marvin Story - Oreon - 1990

One example of the depth of healing that occurs when we allow our Divine Self to incend
is what happened between a father and son I, Oreon, worked with. When I first met the
father he and his wife came to see me at the Center for Attitudinal Healing where I
worked. They were an older couple, he in his 70’s and she in her 60’s. They walked into
my office and sat down. The mother seemed very sad, while the father was extremely
agitated and angry. As our conversation unfolded I found out that they had just learned
the previous day that their only son, Marvin, was both gay and had the A.I.D.S. virus.
This was quite a blow to them, as you can imagine, especially as they were
fundamentalist Christians. The father was hung up on one verse from the Bible that
stated homosexuality was an abomination to the Lord. How dare his son be such! How
could he as a father ever accept this? How could he even go back to his church with such
shame? You see, this is the power of unforgiveness. It traps you in shame, guilt and
doubt. By learning to forgive you truly open these prison doors to allow in the freedom
of your own divinity.

After listening to their story, I invited this couple to join us at the center for support. At
first the father would arrive and sullenly sit by himself, not saying much at all. Slowly,
as he realized that no one was judging him, his son or his story, he begin to open his


heart. As he shared his hurts and fears, he begin to heal. He begin to accept that his son
had not done this “to him”, only that it was an experience of life that he was having.
After about two months of attending groups, this formerly sullen, angry father became
our welcoming committee. Each group night he would arrive early, greet newcomers and
now old friends, at the door as they entered. He would talk to those who were new,
telling them what a great place the center was, how it was helping him to open his heart.

It was near the Thanksgiving holiday of that year and we sat in group. As I listened to
this father share from his heart with another member who was in pain, a deep knowing
came over me. When he finished sharing, I looked at him and begin to beseech, for no
other word fits, that if he had something to tell his son, he must do it now. I don’t
remember the words, only the feeling of deep abiding love and urgency. After group,
Bud, this was the father’s name, pulled me aside and thanked me saying, “I know who
was talking to me tonight through you. It was the Holy Spirit. Thank you.” Two days
later the mother called me at the center and said, “Our son called last night. His Dad
answered the phone and then he handed it to me as usual. But he didn’t walk away, he
stayed near me and paced back and forth. I finally said, ‘I think your Dad wants to say to
something to you’ and handed him the phone. He told our son, for the first time in 41
years, that he loved him and accepted him as he was and they wept together.”

When I next saw Bud there was a deep peace and calmness that pervaded his very being,
even though his son had died shortly after their conversation. This is one of the gifts of
forgiveness, the peace that passes understanding.

Spiritual energy brings compassion into the real world. With compassion, we see
benevolently our own human condition and the condition of our fellow beings.
We drop prejudice. We withhold judgment.
Christina Baldwin

When you allow your own Divinity to incend into your body there is no longer any sense
of separation, only connection, Love and Oneness. The door of forgiveness offers all that
you want. Walk through it and into the peace of your own indwelling Divinity.

Take some time now to think of all those in your life that you hold unforgiveness
towards. Use the list on the next page to name them and then allow yourself to connect
with each one and forgive your judgment of them. See them and yourself as the innocent,
eternal Divine Being you each are. Be willing to forgive each person each day so that
you may step fully into the incension of your True Divine Human Self.

Forgiveness ends all suffering and loss.*



When I am healed I am not healed alone.*

Parents, Grandparents, Relatives:


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Forgiveness ends the dreams of conflict here.*


I Corinthians 13
The Christian N.I.V. Study Bible

If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am only a resounding
gong or a clanging cymbal. If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries
and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but have not love, I am
nothing. If I give all I possess to the poor and surrender my body to the flames, but have
not love, I gain nothing.

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not
rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love
does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts,
always hopes, always perseveres.

Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are
tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away. For we know
in part and we prophesy in part, but when perfection comes, the imperfect disappears.

When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child.
When I became a man, I put childish ways behind me. Now we see but a poor reflection
as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully,
even as I am fully known.

An now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is Love.




Today the peace of God envelops me,
and I forget all things except God’s Love.*



Chapter 9 - Live in the Divine Moment

This is a day of stillness and of peace.*

Finding Your Peace

Say to someone, "Tell me about yourself," and what you are most likely to get is a
description of their body, their job, perhaps their hobbies, likes and dislikes. But is this
who you really are? All of these descriptions are about something outside, something
other than the True Self. You have become so distracted by the world and its many facets
that you forget, or rather choose not to look at who you really are.

The best way to begin this is by defining what you are not!! You are not a body. You are
not a job. You are not an illness. You are not a socio-economic status. You are not a
parent or child. You are not a skin color. You are not an ethnicity. You are not a
religion. You are not even your beliefs. All of these things describe something outside
the Self.

But if none of these things truly describe you, how do you find who you really are?

The answer is simple. You must look within. You must quiet your mind and your life of
the chaos around you and connect to the essence you are. Take a look at your life. Is
there disorder or chaos in any part of it? Perhaps every part of it? If so, know that you
are giving in to an external focus rather than being centered in your true essence. To
connect with this essence, you must be willing to enter the silence of your soul, in the
Divine Now moment.

There are many ways in which you can choose to enter the silence, yet first you must
overcome your fear of being alone with yourself. It is your fear of your thoughts about
who you are, what life is and your judgments of others that keeps from entering the
silence of your soul. When you give up these fears you discover that you were only
frightened of your own thoughts. It is only by entering the silence of the soul, in the
Divine Now moment, that you can truly connect to the Tree of Life and find incension.

Dedicate some time each day to enter the silence of your soul, in the Divine Now
moment, and to connect with your true essence of Light. As you do this watch how peace
and order begin to pervade your life.

Be still and know that I am God.
Psalm 46:10


Hindu Gods Hiding Wisdom

There is an ancient story of Hindu gods standing before nature and discussing the best
place to hide “Wisdom” so that the human would never find it. One god said let’s hide it
in the deepest ocean, they will never find it there. Another god piped up and said,
humans are very smart I’m sure that they will one day find a way to get to the bottom of
the deepest ocean and then they will find the wisdom. They all agreed and continued
thinking of the best place. Soon one of the gods says, how about if we were to hide it on
the highest mountain. They would never think to look on the highest mountain for
wisdom. They soon realized that if the humans could get to the deepest ocean they could
get to the highest mountain and then they would find wisdom. So they went back to their
contemplation. Where can we hide wisdom so that humans never find it? One of the
gods shouted, I’ve got it! I know the place that we can hide wisdom. Let us hide wisdom
inside of them, they will never think to looking there.

We don’t receive wisdom; we must discover it for ourselves after
a journey that no one can take for us or spare us.
Marcell Proust


This instant is the only time there is.*

The Creator of All That Is, BEING, wishes for you to understand that your life does not
have to be so hard. Earth is filled with chaos yet you don’t have to participate in the
struggle. Pay close attention to what is being given to you here, the key to enlightenment
is living in the Divine Now moment. That is it! It is a very simple principle but it is very
difficult to do everyday. Learn this lesson and you will never be the same.

Each and every day you are given a choice. You need to continually ask yourself,
“Where do I want to spend my energy, time and attention in this moment?” Most people
spend their energy in the past. They are thinking about the things that should have
happened, the one that got away, the one that left them, the mistakes that they made. You
spend most of your energy feeling guilty and full of shame about things that you or
someone else did, or didn’t do. You are living in the past! You spend the majority of
your energy thinking about something that you can’t change. The ‘what if,’ or ‘I should’
will cause you great distress. You must release your past. You must forget it as if it was
another lifetime. Learn your lessons and move on.

By living in the past you stay stuck, you stay a victim, you are powerless. You can not
control your life or your spiritual path from the past. You must release it in order to
move forward and feel real bliss. Bliss, joy and happiness are in the Now moment, no
place else.


The other tragedy of your life, is that whatever energy is not lost to your past, is lost in
your future. You spend many hours a day thinking about your future. Many times this is
in the form of worry. You worry about things that have not yet happened and may never
happen. Many people realize, on their death beds, that they have wasted their lives
worrying about their future. You become lost in the future somewhere.

Others of you look to the future as your Savior. “Tomorrow has to be better!” You
believe that soon you will have everything that you want in life. Someday you will have
the perfect job, the perfect house, the perfect relationship, and the list goes on. You live
for your goals, your plans, your dreams. You would rather spend time being in the future
than being right here now.

You may be asking, “What’s so good about the present?” “Why would I want to be here
now?” The Divine Now Moment is the place of magic. Everything you have ever
wanted or hoped for is there. It is a place outside of time and space. It is a doorway to
peace and ultimate happiness. It is Nirvana.

I am aware that this does not make any sense to your mind, that is because it is not a
place that your mind goes. The Divine Now moment is where Source is. It is a place
beyond your understanding. You live in a world that appear to be made up of time and
space, yet time and space are a part of the dualistic illusion. The Divine Now moment is
between these points. The secrets of alchemy lie between time and space.

The Divine Now moment is the present moment. Staying right here, right now in every
moment. Constantly ask yourself, “Am I fully present now?” If you are feeling strong
emotions or struggling with something then you can be guaranteed that you are NOT in
the present moment. If you are attached to an outcome, then you are NOT in the present

Being present in the Divine moment is perhaps the hardest thing for humans to do. You
see, your ego was designed to keep you in the past and the future. Now this is not a bad
thing, it is what was necessary for you to do in order to experience separation, something
that had never before been experienced by the All That Is. The time has come now,
though, for you to WAKE UP. It is time to leave the illusion of separation and reclaim
your own Inner Divinity. The time for you to become awakened Divine Humans, is now.
The catch of course is that you have to be in the present moment to do so. You can no
longer be attached to old patterns, old relationships, old beliefs, or old energy of any
kind. You can no longer live in the realm of someday. You must bring ourselves fully
present into the Divine moment in order to truly incend.

Most of you have had one or two experiences in your lives, where this happened
spontaneously. But you immediately left that space of Eternal Now and went back into
your ego’s life in the past and future. When you do connect with the Divine moment,
you settle into a space of deep Love, safety and peace. All time seems to melt away, and
in reality it ceases to exist. To be in the Divine moment is to be in Eternity, beyond time
and beyond space. It is here that you truly experience the “Peace that passes


You cannot think your way into the Divine moment. You can only lead yourselves into
the experience of it. As you connect more and more with the present, the now, you feel
more and more connected with BEING, the All That Is.

If you have stress in your life, if you have worries or grief in your life, if you are
depressed or lonely, all that you need do is to bask in the Divine Now moment. There are
many tools to assist you in reaching this place of total peace, such as meditation and the
practice of non-attachment. These are wonderful aids. Below, is an exercise to assist you
in staying in the NOW.

Let us not look back in anger or forward in fear, but around in awareness.
James Thurber

Dropping Your Tentacles

As you anchor firmly in the Divine Now moment you begin to allow your attachments to
past events to drop away. You also allow any attachments to expectations for the future
to drop away as well. One way to do this is to use the following imagery.

Find a quiet place where you can relax for the next few minutes. Take five to ten deep
connected full breaths and allow your mind to calm. Now imagine yourself covered with
cords or tentacles. These are attached to your past experiences and your expectations of
the future. You need not know what these are but rather just allow yourself to see them
extending out from you to many different events, people and experiences. Now allow
these tentacles to just slowly fall to your side until they are hanging loosely down beside
you, letting go of the attachments. You may notice that some of them don’t want to relax
and drop. Take note of these, because they represent your hot buttons. Notice how big or
thick these may be and to what they are attached to. Is it an event from your past? Is it a
desired future outcome? Whatever it is, just allow that tentacle to drop gently to your
side, as you continue to breathe in a deep connected pattern.

Continue this process of allowing your tentacles to drop and breathing into the Divine
Now moment for the next several minutes of time. Use this exercise repeatedly
throughout your day and notice the difference it begins to make in your ability to stay

All fear is past and only Love is here.*


The way to oneness seems to be through the path of inner harmony.
The way to inner harmony is through silence.
Wayne Dyer

By learning to move into the Divine Now moment, letting go of past and future, you
begin to experience a deep and abiding peace. This peace then becomes your natural
state of being and from this state can you truly create from your own divinity. As you
practice this you will find yourself being more and more centered, and at peace regardless
of the chaos around you. The doorway to Heaven on Earth is found in the Divine Now
moment. In the Now moment is where the doorway to Oneness exists, the doorway to
incension. The only way to enter is to be fully present.

You can either have an experience or you can think about it, but not both.
Oreon Masters

Wisdom from the Tao Te Ching
by Lao-Tzu
Translated by Brain Walker

Do you imagine the universe is agitated?
Go into the desert at night and look out at the stars.
This practice should answer the questions.

The superior person settles her mind as the universe settles the stars in the sky.
By connecting her mind with the subtle origin, she claims it.

Once calmed, it naturally expands, and ultimately her mind becomes as vast and
immeasurable as the night sky.


Mantras, Chanting, Breathing & Meditation

Go within to the peaceful solitude of your mind.
It is there that you will discover God.
Wayne Dyer

Most spiritual paths have techniques to assist you in moving more and more into the
Divine moment. These tool can vary depending on the school of thought you study.
Mantras, chanting, breathing and meditation are all used to assist a spiritual practitioner
in experiencing the Now. It is often very difficult to quiet the mind completely, so rather
than emptying the mind you might try filling the mind with a mantra or chant. The
repetition of a phrase or word will allow your thoughts of the past and of the future to
float away.

Focusing on an object or candle can also be extremely helpful in the practice of being
fully present. Remember the key is to be fully present. Remember the goal is incension,
to be fully human and fully divine. Too often people think that meditation is about
having a mystical experience or about leaving your body, that’s not it at all. True
meditation connects you more fully to yourself. Try something different next time,
meditate with your eyes open or at least partially open. You will find that you will be
present and peaceful all at the same time. We suggest that you try a variety of way to
move your attention to the Now moment until you find what works best for you.

The practice of meditation is truly a wonderful way to be still and know yourself. We
recommend that you find a meditation center or group in your area. There are many
different forms of quieting the mind through meditation as well. Please remember to
always be kind to yourself as you practice. Have fun and enjoy the experience.




The breath is the gateway between the visible
and invisible worlds.



Chapter 10 - Breathe in Your Divinity

The simplest and most effective tool for incension, is breathing. Breathing can bring joy,
peace and clarity in your life. Simply put, if you don’t breathe you don’t live. We all
understand that, yet there is more to the power and process of breathing. Every spiritual
tradition focuses on the power of breathing and making your breathing process

Many spiritual paths talk about breath as spirit. The Native American tradition talks
about wind as spirit. All meditation and yoga classes teach some form of breathing.
Sometimes it is a rapid in and out through the nose. Other times it is a slower breath.

Spiritual paths have always known, that in order to have joy and peace in your life, in
order to feel in control of your life, in order to stand in the Divine Now moment, you
must use Conscious Breathing. This type of breathing will assist you in your everyday

In the Hindu tradition focusing on the breath is called ‘Pranayama’. Prana means first
energy, it is the energy of the entire universe. That is what you are actually bringing in to
yourself. Oxygen is the carrier of Prana, or Life-Force, or God/Goddess. Even in
Genesis, the Bible, says that God breathed the breath of life into his nostrils, and man
became a living soul. Breath is that life-force that animates us all.

One type of Buddhist breathing, focusing on and counting your breaths, is to bring you to
a meditative state, in order to deepen your connection to all things. All spiritual paths
have understood the importance of breathing. Deep proper breathing is really all about
connecting you with your soul.

Your soul is always in joy, your ego is always suffering. Your ego is the part of you that
doesn’t want you to breath. Your ego is afraid that if you breath you won’t need to suffer
anymore and therefore it will be out of a job. Any time you begin to quiet your mind you
begin to access the still small voice within, that is your soul.

All of us need to be living from our soul in this modern time. You’ve tried all the
material things. You bought the right car, the right house, the right boat, etc. You’ve had
the right relationship, the right vacation, the right job and yet nothing brought you long
lasting fulfillment. The only thing that will bring you true fulfillment is connection with
your soul, that divine part of yourself. The quickest and easiest way to obtain that
connection with your soul is to breathe.

It doesn’t matter what your spiritual belief system is, when you pray to the God or
Goddess of your choice, breathe. When you meditate, breathe. Breathing brings us
calmness and peace. Breathing allows your individualized self to move aside and
reconnect with the Oneness of All That Is. Breathing opens all the inner doorways to
your higher self, to your soul. When you breathe you are bringing in your Divine Self
more fully and completely, you are incending.


We can go without food for 40 days or so without dying, we could go without water for
5-7 days without dying, but only 4 minutes without breathing. Your body is giving you a
reminder of the importance of the breath. Breath is life!

Most things in your body are automatic. You don’t normally control your heart rate, you
don’t control your digestive system, you don’t control your pupil dilation, and for most of
us these things are way beyond our ability to control. But all of us can take conscious
control of our breathing. When you begin to think about your breathing and play with the
breath, it allows you to enter some very deep spiritual places. It also gives you a sense of
control over what is happening in your life.

An example is the “fight or flight” response. Right now, put one hand on your stomach
and one hand on your chest, allow yourself to breath normally. Now, which hand is
moving? Is your stomach going in and out or is your chest going in and out? Most
people are only breathing with their upper chest. This activates the “fight or flight”
response. This creates stress.

If you are not breathing fully it can effect your blood pressure, your circulation, your
stress level and your life in negative ways. According to Dr. Alfred Coodley of the
University of Southern California Medical School, “Stress is a major contributing factor
in 100% of all disease.” In our modern culture, 90% of the population have a restricted
breathing pattern creating chronic tension in their body.

All that is necessary to change this pattern is to become conscious of your breathing. It is
important to breathe fully and fill your lungs completely. This will assist in clearing
toxins out of your body.

The more that you breath properly the more your lungs will get used to this kind of full
breathing. This will clean and clear your body out. 80% of the bodies toxins are released
on the breath and everyone has toxins that need to be released.

Breathing consciously is a practical tool that you can use every day, all day long. If you
are sitting at your computer working on a project and you realize that you aren’t
breathing deeply, than just pause a moment and take 2 or 3 deep connected breaths. You
will notice that you will immediately begin to calm down and feel more centered. You
will also be able to think clearer and therefore be more productive in your life.

What is connected breathing? Think about a small child or an animal’s breathing pattern,
it goes in and out, in and out, constantly without a pause, filling the lungs completely.
Your belly should extend with the inhale and fall with the exhale. This is the proper style
of breathing, this is a connected breath.

The best part is that there are no deleterious side effects from breathing, unless you
consider more joy, happiness and peace a bad side effect. The primary thing that
breathing does is bring your soul more fully into your body, moving you toward


How you breathe reflects your self-esteem. How you breathe directly correlates to
your enjoyment and satisfaction in life... If you breathe deeply, you imbibe
of life and what it has to offer. If you are a shallow breather,
perhaps you are not confident and not feeling safe.
Dr. Caron Goode

Benefits of Proper Breathing

improves you circulation
accesses more energy
deepens your relaxation
strengthens your immune system

resolves stress & anxiety
clears emotional & energetic blocks
resolves body memories
assists in gaining clarity of purpose
alleviates worry

deepen your meditations
staying in the Divine Now moment
awakens your inner potential
experience greater joy
reconnects you to your Divine Self

integrates the mind, body and spirit within you

Controlling the breath, and thus calming the nerves,
is a prerequisite to controlling
the mind and the body.
Swami Rama


The two types of breathing that are very powerful are: 1) The Miracle Breath and
2) Daleth Full-WaveTM Breathing.

The Miracle Breath was developed by Dr. Paula Sunray. She teaches The Miracle Breath
to assist people in staying connected with the present moment, the Now. This is a
wonderful, gentle technique that you can use any where, at any time.

The first step of the Miracle Breath is very simple. Relax, breath slowly and deeply in
and out through your nose. On the inhale say the mantra, “I breathe in the Now
Moment.” On the exhale say, “I relax into Peace.” Repeat this simple technique as much
and as often as you can.

I breathe in the Divine Moment (on the inhale).
I relax into Peace (on the exhale).

You will find this a wonderful way to relax and to let go of the problems in your life. It
assists you in staying centered as you move through your incension process.

The second type of breathing is called the Daleth Full-WaveTM Breathing technique. This
technique is more active and dynamic in assisting you in clearing away blocks in your
life. The Full-Wave TM Breathing technique was developed by Dr. Tom Goode & Dr.
Caron Goode. They are the founders of the International Breath Institute.

The technical title for this type of breath work is Full-Wave TM Breathing and it explains
the process. We add the word Daleth because we feel that this name assists in
understanding the experience, not just the process. The word Daleth is the 4th letter in
the Hebrew alphabet and it means the ‘Doorway.’ The Daleth Full-Wave Breathing
technique opens all the inner doorways in your life and clears your path to incension.
This technique is called full-wave because it moves through your body like a wave of air
freely flowing in and out, both in your belly and in your chest.

The Daleth Full-Wave Breathing technique balances the body and brings it into
homeostasis. This way of breathing is in a circular breath format. This means that you
inhale and exhale continuously and don’t pause in between the breaths. This is called
connected breathing, much like the child in the crib, no pause, just continuous breathing.

The Daleth Full-Wave Breathing is a simple and easy to practice tool that brings
profound transformation into your life. To practice this technique, find a quiet and
comfortable place that you can lie down. On the floor, on the sofa or on a bed. Place
your hand on your abdomen and practice making it extend with each in breath. In other
words, you get to have a Buddha belly when you breathe in. This breath is done in and
out through your mouth. Just relax your jaw and allow you mouth to open. As you
exhale, you just allow gravity to do the work and gently release your breath. All of the
emphasis is on the inhale, drawing in.


The exhale, a gentle letting-go, requires no effort. A simple sigh at the end signals
completed cycles of inhale and exhale. You do not need to completely empty the lungs
before beginning the next inhale. Remember, the Daleth Full-Wave Breath is a
connected breath. This means that there is no pause between inhale, exhale and the next
inhale. This pattern is how we were born breathing. Once you have the abdomen open,
the breath moves like a wave, hence the name Full-Wave Breath, into the upper chest. At
first this may seem a bit disjointed, as you practice and open to the process the wave will
become a smooth flow. The best way to do this is to play music while you breath and try
out different tempos. It is recommend that you practice this for 5 to 10 minutes each day,
while setting the intention to connect fully with your Divine Self and be present to the
Divine moment. During this practice, all you are doing is breathing.

Full-WaveTM Breathing
Excerpt from: Nurture Your Child’s Gift, by Drs. Caron & Tom Goode

Place the palm of your hand on your abdomen so that you can feel your belly expand
with air as you inhale and roll your breath up into your chest. At the top of the inhale,
relax and release your breath completely with a gentle sigh. Repeat this several times,
breathing in an easy, continuous cycle. It is so easy!

Notice how your body automatically relaxes and your mind feels clearer. This simple
exercise in circular breathing energizes the body by bringing oxygen to the bloodstream
and releasing tension and stress. When you breathe rhythmically and deeply, fully and
easily, you issue an inner command for the brain to slow down. Patterns of stress held in
the body automatically dissipate, and the body relaxes. The brain slows to the rate at
which intuition operates. The mind/body system becomes peaceful. Continuing this
breathing for several minutes brings you to deeper states of physical relaxation,
emotional calm, mental focus and spiritual connection.

Breathe in long, slow, and release gently. Don’t prolong the exhale. Then take the next
breath immediately. Don’t pause or hold the breath for extended time periods. The goal
is to connect one breath to another. The continuous stream of inhale and exhale expands
and relaxes the body and mind and brings a continuous supply of oxygen to both. This
automatically means a healthier body and a clear mind.

With time, we may notice that our way of breathing
perfectly reflects our way of life.
Michael Sky


Breathe in the Breath of God - Breathe in Your Divinity

As the Divine Seed that you have carried with you since the beginning of all time
awakens, all you have to do to activate it is breathe.

It is time to embrace your incension. This is your birthright. This is the true essence of
Who You Really Are that is being birthed. Your job, your task is to bring it directly into
your Divine Now Moment and your human reality. And how do you do that? Simply
breathe! Breathe in Your Divinity! Breathe in your incension!

As you do, it takes your Divine Self and anchors it into the Now Moment. Breathe in,
and fill up your cells, the molecules, the DNA, all of the parts that make you fully human.
It is so simple. It is as simple as breathing your Divinity into the Now Moment.

It will take time for your Divinity to come fully within your physical body. Your Full
Divinity is not used to finding residence within you, so continue to work on breathing.
Do it simply. Do it without agenda. Simply breathe in your Divinity. Just Breathe.

You have a new unity between your ego and your True Self. The unity begins within. It
begins right now. You become a Divine Human, one who has melded your Human Self
with your Divine Self. This is true incension. And when you do, you can go into the
most difficult situations and bring the energy of unity with you. And you will anchor it
there in those places and situations when you breathe. It is that simple. Simply Breathe!

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Daleth Full-Wave Breath technique and you will experience a group breath session.

Breath is the bridge which connects life to consciousness,
which unites your body to your thoughts.
Thich Nhat Hahn




Light and joy and peace abide in me.*



Chapter 11 - Joy & Play

Take heart, truth and happiness will get you in the end.
You can’t lose in this game. Have Fun.
It goes on too long to be taken seriously all the time.
John & Lyn St. Clair Thomas
Eyes of the Beholder

Open up to the joy, love and fun in life. Too often we hear that you must be ‘serious’
about your spiritual path. We are afraid that we will make a mistake, we’ll say or do the
wrong thing. If you really see life from the eyes of incension you realize that you are
playing in a game, it is the divine comedy. When you can see through the illusion you
can see, as Neo did in the movie the Matrix, what is real and what is not. You understand
that it’s not the end of the world if everything is not perfect, if you did something you
now regret or if there is something that you didn’t do that you wish you had done, it’s

It is all just an experience. You had an experience, that’s it. When you see from the eyes
of incension you know that all experiences are intended to be, just that, an experience of
joy. In our intense search to be more spiritual we have forgotten that the primary goal is
happiness. We must let go of our attachments to outcomes, be in the Divine Now
moment and play. That’s it, PLAY!

Many adults have lost the ability to play, laugh and have fun. Research has shown that
the average child laughs 150 times per day. The average adult laughs less than 10 times
per day.

As metaphysicians we are taught that this life is serious and that we are here in “Earth
School.” We are told that you must get all your lessons or you will have to come back to
this place again. For most New Agers that is equivalent to Hell, because they hate their
lives so much.

You have missed the point. Being here on this planet is not about suffering, it is about
celebrating, it is about joy. What does it mean to play? How can you play when life is so
difficult? Many of you are thinking, “I have a mortgage, a spouse, children, bills and a
job I don’t like. How can I just play?” “When am I going to find time to play?”

Play is not something that you have to do. Play is an attitude. Joy is a state of mind. It’s
the way you view the world around you. It’s looking around you and knowing that
nothing is as serious as most people think it is. We were talking with a friend of ours
around the Christmas holidays. She told us that they had an ongoing debate about
whether to play Christmas music in the lobby of her condominium building. The
Christians wanted the Christmas music and the atheists didn’t want any music. So the
divine comedy began. The Christians would put their music on and when they left the
lobby, the atheists would unplug it and hide the tape player. This went on for a month
until the holidays were over. Our friend understood the humor and said the comedy was
so funny it was hard to not laugh in front of them.


Rather than taking sides and saying who is right and who is wrong, allow yourself to step
back over the “low wall” and see the situation from your observer self. Part of staying in
an attitude of play and joy is to have the observer self developed strongly within you.
The observer self is the part of you that, even though you are in the middle of a conflict,
can step back, see the bigger picture of the situation, and chuckle. Just chuckle. You are
not laughing about, but laughing with the situation.

The key to truly living in an attitude of play and joy, is to live in the Now moment. Only
by being fully present in the Now moment can you stay in joy. Otherwise you are in the
past, worried about what happened or in the future worried about what might be. You
must stay present to truly be able to see the whole picture, the humor in your

Now, don’t misunderstand us. There is a difference in being dedicated to your spiritual
journey and taking it seriously. Serious usually equates somber. Dedicated means
focused and moving forward. Remember that the Divine Human Self within you is
always in the Now moment, always in a state of play and joy. It’s only your ego that gets
serious, because only your ego believes that you could possibly do something wrong.

Do not take life’s experiences too seriously. Above all, do not let them hurt you,
for in reality they are nothing but dream experiences...
Paramahansa Yogananda

There is a wonderful picture of the XIV Dalai Lama at the gathering of all the Nobel
Peace Prize winners that are still alive. It was a very distinguished meeting. The Dalai
Lama is standing behind Bishop Desmond Tutu. Bishop Tutu is seated and he is wearing
a very nice cap/hat. The Dalai Lama is laughing and trying to flip Bishop Tutu’s hat off
his head. Bishop Tutu is laughing with his arms in the air, he is trying to keep his hat on.
Just thinking about this picture can make you laugh. These two very ‘serious’
distinguished people, get what life is about. They understand joy and play.

The next time you see a picture of the XIV Dalai Lama, look into his eyes. He has a
child-like essence to his countenance, yet he has been through so very much tragedy. He
understands the illusion, he see what is important and what is fun. He lives in the Divine
Now moment and embraces all of life, filled with amazement and wonder.

Another part of being in the Now moment and being playful, is that some people may
consider you to be irreverent. It’s not about being mean to anyone. It is about seeing the
humor in a situation. It’s about lightening up.

The many things that we worried about a few years ago, from today’s perceptive really
aren’t such a big deal. The attitude of joy is about seeing that at the time of the
experience. Understanding that most things are not as serious as we may think.

Joy is an attitude. If you have an attitude of joy then you will see your world with
different eye, the eyes of play. Remember the song, “Don’t worry be happy” by Bobby


McFerrin from a few years ago? This song exemplifies this whole concept. Life is too
short to worry, so you might as well, be happy.

True joy comes from inside and is not dependant on external things that are happening.
True joy is that sense of awe, wonder and connection to all that is around us. It is that
child-likeness. No matter where you are you may find yourself smiling for no apparent
reason, that is true joy. It wells up inside of you, just because you are. As you become
more and more inscended, you will find that joy is who you are and what you are. True
joy is the pay-off for all your hard work.

Joy is the result of living in the Present, Feeling a connection to All That Is and
knowing that we can use Every Experience for our Growth!
Tom Goode

I Accept Joy & Peace in My Life - Oreon
I accept joy & peace in my life. This sounds like such a simple statement and after all,
who wouldn’t want peace in their life. Yet most us of spend so much time focused on the
turmoil of life that we do not take the time to see, much less, experience the peace that is
available to us each moment. Of course, there’s the catch ... we must be present in the
moment to experience peace of mind. So from this point forward, let us each declare, I
accept peace in my life.

Recently, I was in meditation and asked for guidance from my Divine Self on an issue
that was bothering me. Normally when I do this, I will either receive an answer during
the meditation or soon after in a dream. In this case my answer came that night in a
dream. In my dream a favorite comedian from my childhood, Red Skelton, came to me.
The dream begin with what appeared to be a slapstick type skit for which he was well
known. I was laughing at his antics and then I realized that the scenery involved in the
skit was that of my childhood home. Upon realizing this, Red and I begin to talk. He
shared much wisdom with me that night. One of the things he said to me was “Every
moment is precious, as are all things in each moment. Cherish them for they are only
present for a moment and then they are gone. Yet the experience of them lasts for

As I contemplated this dream the next morning I realized that we each have a moment in
time, a memory, in which everything was right and perfect with our world. This is a gift
we are all given on this planet. Now this moment may truly only be one brief moment for
some and for others it may be a more extended time period, but we each have it. It is
extremely important that we reclaim that moment consciously for in that moment is the
key to our Divine Senses. The total connectedness to our Divine Human Self and the joy
it brings.

For me that moment in time is somewhere between the ages 4 to 6. I am standing in the
side yard of my Grandparent’s farm. Its summertime and the air is warm, the grass is
green, the Lavender tree in the yard is in bloom and all is right with my world. I am
standing in the yard just spinning and spinning and taking in all that is around me. The


feeling that pervades my being is one of complete connection and fulfillment. What I
realize now is that it is not the picture that is important, but rather the feeling, the
experience of that moment. When I recall that feeling in my body and bring it forward to
Now I can return immediately to the connection with All That Is.

It is important that we each begin to bring that moment in our lives into conscious
awareness. If it is left unconscious we will strive to put similar ingredients into our life to
remind and awaken us to our connection to Oneness. You see, we are all moving toward
our true Divine Human Self, the Self that is awake to our connection and the Peace and
Joy it brings. We are striving to bring ourselves back to the peace of mind we
experienced in that moment. We can do so by simply recalling that moment in time and
then anchoring the feeling of it in our bodies Now. Each time we get into a less than
peaceful state, simply recall the feeling and allow it to fill our being. The more we
practice staying in the feeling of divine presence the more we remain in that Presence.
This is what is meant by the incension of the Divine Human into form, bringing that
knowing of connection and wholeness into each and every moment.

Look around you and see who has joy in their life. The more awake a person is the more
joy that they have in their lives. This doesn’t mean that only good things happen, it
means that the person expects changes and blesses them. Allows life, rather than fighting

True joy can only be found in surrendering your attachments and your expectations.
Being open to the experiences that come your way. Not judging them, rather embracing
them. Allowing them.

Being in a state of play and joy is not about getting everything that you expect, chaos still
exists. It is about how you view chaos and what is your ‘response’ not your reaction.
Too often people believe that, “someday when my life is working perfectly then I can
have joy, but right now I have too many problems.” Know that all though you may not
understand it, everything in your life is exactly as it should be at this time. Surrendering
to this you will learn to, “Dance with what comes to your door.” Don’t fight, just dance,
just play, just experience. True internal joy can only come when you surrender.

All great masters teach us that each life should be filled with joy. Not joy based on the
circumstances, but the joy from God that passes all understanding. When we truly learn
detachment we have joy in our lives. What if you really couldn’t lose the game of life?
What would you do then? What would you change? How would you feel? The truth is,
there are no winners or losers in this game of life. No mistakes only experiences. Do
something fun today. Play outside, be in nature, go to a movie, tell a joke, do something
nice for someone else, or anything else that brings you joy. So Lighten Up! Enjoy!

If they spread my exuberance to the Universe,
You wouldn’t see anyone sane.
Everybody will lose his mind.




All I give is given to myself.*



Chapter 12 - Being of Service

However many holy words you read, however many you speak,
What good will they do you if you do not act upon them?
The Dhammapada

The Paradox of Earth

We cannot count the number of times that people will come to us and ask, "What can I do
to make a difference in the world? Its troubles are so great and I am just one person."

Our answer is always the same. Began today to view each person, each situation, with
simple human compassion and kindness.

You see, far too often you wait to do something BIG for people or events. You feel if it
isn't HUGE or major then it can't be of any real value. The paradox of Earth, however is
that it is a mirror. As Above so Below, As Below so Above. Remember that anytime you
look into a mirror what you see is exactly the opposite of what you are. On planet Earth
that which appears big is really very small in the spiritual sense and that what appears
small is actually very big. One of Earth’s Master Teachers has said, "That which you do
unto the least of these do you also unto me". What he was saying is take the time to look
for the little ways to make a difference.

Not so long ago I (Oreon) was driving along the street near the neighborhood where we
live and saw an elderly gentleman, about 80ish, on an electric cart stuck in a pothole.
Standing not twenty feet from him was a young woman in a driveway, watching him. As
I drove past I noticed that he seemed very frustrated and the young lady walked away into
her house. I pulled over and walked back to him and asked if he needed a push. He
replied, "I sure would appreciate it". With very little effort I pushed him and his cart out
of the pothole and on his way. As I turned to leave he said, with tears in his eyes, "Thank
you so much, I have been sitting here for 20 minutes and no one else would help me.
Thank you". Well it is needless to say that the gift he gave me the rest of that day and
today is far greater than the time and effort it took me to assist him.

You see, it is in the little things you do that the greatest benefits are derived. The smile
and kind word to a check-out person in the grocery. The helping of someone in need.
Smiling to someone on the street. All of these have a ripple effect that reaches far
beyond us.

Today as you go about your Busy-ness, take time to look around for those little
opportunities to be of service and know that with each one the Earth becomes a more
compassionate and pleasant place and with each one an Angel smiles for us all.


The fundamental teaching of the Buddha is his teaching on the Four Noble Truths:
1) There is suffering: 2) that suffering has cause: 3) there is cessation of suffering: 4)
there is a path to such freedom. What becomes important in the understanding of
this basic teaching is a genuine awareness of one's own potentials and the need to
utilize them to their fullest. Seen in this light, every human action becomes
His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama

Being of Service

A person's true wealth is the good they do in this world.

Mother Teresa spoke of “seeing Christ in the poor and sick.” The poet Rumi longs for
the Divine: “In the face of everything separate, I want to see only You.” And when he
remembers there is nothing but God, he laughs and says, “Why struggle to open a door
between us when the whole wall is an illusion?” Jack Kornfield, a Buddhist teacher,
says, “With every in-and-out breath, with every mouthful of food, with every word we
voice, we express our interbeing with all that lives. We exist in a mandala of wholeness
amidst a sea of Buddhas, visible whenever we open the eyes of love and wisdom.”

Years ago Ram Dass went to his guru, Neen Karoli Baba, to ask, “How can I best be
enlightened?” His guru answered, “Love people.” When he asked about the most direct
path to awakening, his guru answered, “Feed people. Love people and feed people.
Serve the Divine in every form.” Kabir, the Indian mystic, says, “There is only one thing
that will satisfy my heart ... to serve You with every breath.”

Service is the expression of the awakened heart. But whom are we serving? It is
ourselves. When someone asked Gandhi how he could so continually sacrifice himself
for India, he replies, “I do this for myself alone.” When we serve others we serve
ourselves. The Upanishads call this “God feeding God.”

As you enter the new millennium, the need of your fellow beings on this planet is as great
as ever. Science may allow you to peer into the deepest reaches of space and into the very
genetics of life, but it is in your treatment of each other that your true greatness shows.
Look around you. What can you do this very moment to make a difference to someone?
Is there a kind word to be said to a co-worker? A smile for a stranger? Comfort for a
child? Is there a cause that touches your heart that you could give your time, talent or
treasure to? If so, break free of the box you have built for yourself and give,
unconditionally, of yourself. Remember, when you give of yourself you are not helping
someone else you are serving the Oneness that you all are. You are truly helping yourself
and your spiritual development, your incension.


You give little when you give of your possessions.
It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.
Khalil Gibran

The following story illustrates this truth.

* The Tattooed Stranger *

He was kind of scary. He sat there on the grass with his cardboard sign, his dog (actually
his dog was adorable) and tattoos running up and down both arms and even on his neck.
His sign proclaimed him to be "stuck and hungry" and to please help. I'm a sucker for
anyone needing help. My husband both hates and loves this quality in me.

I pulled the van over and in my rearview mirror, contemplated this man, tattoos and all.
He was youngish, maybe forty. He wore one of those bandannas tied over his head,
biker/pirate style. Anyone could see he was dirty and had a scraggly beard. But if you
looked closer, you could see that he had neatly tucked in the black T-shirt, and his things
were in a small, tidy bundle.

Nobody was stopping for him. I could see the other drivers take one look and
immediately focus on something else - anything else.

It was so hot out. I could see in the man's very blue eyes how dejected and tired and
worn-out he felt. The sweat was trickling down his face. As I sat with the air-
conditioning blowing, the scripture suddenly popped into my head: "In as much as ye
have done it unto the least of these, my brethren, so ye have done it unto me."

I reached down into my purse and extracted a ten-dollar bill.

My twelve-year old son, Nick knew right away what I was doing.
"Can I take it to him, Mom?"

"Be careful, honey." I warned and handed him the money. I watched in the mirror as he
rushed over to the man, and with a shy smile, handed it to him. I saw the man, startled,
stand and take the money, putting it into his back pocket.

"Good," I thought to myself, "now he will at least have a hot meal tonight."

I felt satisfied, proud of myself. I had made a sacrifice and now I could go on with my
errands. When Nick got back into the car, he looked at me with sad, pleading eyes.
"Mom, his dog looks so hot and the man is really nice."

I knew I had to do more. "Go back and tell him to stay there, that we will be back in
fifteen minutes," I told Nick.


He bounded out of the car and ran to tell the tattooed stranger.

We then ran to the nearest store and bought our gifts carefully.

"It can't be too heavy," I explained to the children. "He has to be able to carry it around
with him."

We finally settled on our purchases. A bag of "Ol' Roy" (I hoped it was good - it looked
good enough for me to eat! How do they make dog food look that way?); a flavored
chew-toy shaped like a bone; a water dish, bacon flavor snacks (for the dog); two bottles
of water (one for the dog, one for Mr. Tattoos); and some people snacks for the man.

We rushed back to the spot where we had left him, and there he was, still waiting. And
still nobody else was stopping for him. With hands shaking, I grabbed our bags and
climbed out of the car, all four of my children following me, each carrying gifts.

As we walked up to him, I had a fleeting moment of fear, hoping he wasn't a serial killer.
I looked into his eyes and saw something that startled me and made me ashamed of my
judgment. I saw tears.

He was fighting like a little boy to hold back his tears. How long had it been since
someone showed this man kindness? I told him I hoped it wasn't too heavy for him to
carry and showed him what we had brought. He stood there, like a child at Christmas,
and I felt like my small contributions were so inadequate.

When I took out the water dish, he snatched it out of my hands as if it were solid gold and
told me he had had no way to give his dog water. He gingerly set it down, filled it with
bottled water we brought, and stood up to look directly into my eyes.

His were so blue, so intense and my own filled with tears as he said: "Ma'am, I don't
know what to say."

He then put both hands on his bandanna-clad head and just started to cry. This man, this
"scary" man, was so gentle, so sweet, so humble.

I smiled through my tears and said: "Don't say anything."

Then I noticed the tattoo on his neck. It said "Mama tried." As we all piled into the van
and drove away, he was on his knees, arms around his dog, kissing his nose and smiling.
I waved cheerfully and then fully broke down in tears.

I have so much. My worries seem so trivial and petty now. I have a home, a loving
husband, and four beautiful children. I have a bed. I wondered where he would sleep


My stepdaughter, Brandie turned to me and said in the sweetest little - girl voice, "I feel
so good." Although it seemed as if we had helped him, the man with the tattoos gave us a
gift that I will never forget.

He taught that no matter what the outside looks like, inside each of us is a human being
deserving of kindness, of compassion, of acceptance. He opened my heart. Tonight and
every night I will pray for the gentle man with the tattoos and his dog. And I will hope
that God/Goddess will send more people like him into my life to remind me what's really

Written by Susan Fahncke whose website is where one can subscribe to
beautiful daily stories written by her and other compassionate, caring authors.

They who give have all things; they who withhold have nothing.
Hindu Proverb

Mohammed’s Insight

Every good act is charity.
Your smiling in your brother’s face, is charity;
An exhortation of your fellowman to virtuous deeds, is equal to alms-giving;
Your assisting the blind, is charity;
Your removing stones, and thorns, and other obstructions from the road, is charity;
Your giving water to the thirsty, is charity.
A man’s true wealth here-after,
Is the good he does in this world to his fellow-man.
When he dies, people will say, “What property has he left behind him?”
But the angels will ask, “What good deeds has he sent before him?”


You Never ‘Help’ Anyone!

To give and to receive are one in Truth.*

The biggest mistake that people make is to believe that the reason to be of service is to
help someone else. This is the far from the truth. The truth is that you can NEVER help
anyone. Here is a story told to us by a kabbalistic rabbi that explains this principle.

There was a very wealthy man that was about to sit down to a large 5 course meal and out
of the window of his beautiful house he saw a poor man standing on the street corner.
The rich man decided that he would help the poor man and invite him to come and eat
with him.

He went to the poor man and said, “I can see that you don’t have much. I have this large
5 course meal that I am about to sit down to, I would like to invite you to my house for
dinner.” The poor man very graciously replies, “Thank you sir so very much but no
thank you.”

The rich man was confused and look at the poor man, “I can see that you probably
haven’t eaten in days. Please, come join me for dinner.” The poor man declined the
offer again.

The rich man insisted, “You must come and eat with me.” The poor man replied, “No
thank you sir, I am just fine.”

This went on for a long, long time. The rich man inviting the poor man to dinner and the
poor man saying no.

The rich man was extremely frustrated and implored the poor man, “Please! Come join
me for dinner! You must come and eat with me!!!” The poor man smiled, “Sure, I will
come and eat with you if it means soooo much to you.”

The moral of this story: Who really helped whom?

You see, when we do something to ‘help’ another person it is usually done from the
space of our ego. We believe that the other person is not whole and complete in
themselves. That we have something that they need. We unconsciously come from a
space of superiority. Sometimes we do these good thing to fulfill a lacking in ourselves,
to feel better about ourselves.

True service comes from compassion for all beings including our self. We are grateful to
the person we are serving for their willingness to allow us to serve them. We learn more
about ourselves through each experience of service. Gratitude for the ability to be of
service is the true joy in giving. Let us thank the person that allows us to serve them.


If things are not going well with you, begin your effort at correcting the situation
by carefully examining the service you are rendering, and
especially the spirit in which you are rendering it.
Roger Babson

Acting on Behalf of All Beings
Excerpt from: After the Ecstasy, the Laundry, by Jack Kornfield

In the Buddhist tradition, a bodhisattva is a being dedicated to universal awakening, to
bring compassion and wisdom to all that lives, however long it takes. One expression of
this is the vow not to enter the realm of Nirvana until the last blade of grass may also
enter. Before every meditation, many practitioners worldwide recite the bodhisattva
vows daily as a reminder of this intention. The vows begin in this way: “Living beings
are numberless; I vow to serve until all are liberated. Ignorance and grasping is
boundless; I vow to transform and uproot it all.”

The vow to bring awakening and compassion to innumerable beings through eons of time
is an overwhelming task. Every student who takes such a vow must wrestle with what it
means, how it can be lived. Does it mean that I, this “small self,” must travel the
universe and save all beings? How can I measure my success; how can I begin?

Quite simply, the bodhisattva vows do not speak about an accomplishment, but a
direction, a setting of intention. No matter what circumstances arise, whether birth or
death, joy or sorrow, I commit my body, speech, and mind to the direction of compassion
and awakening. In each new moment, I will plant seeds of kindness and liberation for
myself and all living beings.

The bodhisattva vows are not a gauge but a compass, a guide for the heart to follow.
They become the source for wise action, the direction from which all else follows. They
become our legacy. As Martin Luther King, Jr. put it, “I want you to say that I tried to
love and serve humanity... I just want to leave a committed life behind.”




My work is about realizing both
the Relative and the Absolute.
Joan Halifax



Row, Row, Row your boat
gently down the stream,

Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Merrily ...

Life Is But A Dream!

Dear Fellow Travelers,

All of these incension tools and techniques are to assist you in clearing away your own
personal issues so that you can see through the eyes of your True Divine Self. Oneness is
about being fully present, fully human and fully divine. One within yourself and One
with all of humanity. The more you know and understand yourself; the more you see life
from your Observer Self; the more you embrace your Shadow Self; the more clearly you
will understand all that is meant by ‘incension.’

When you fully embrace your Human Self and fully embrace your Divine Self, you will
see the truth of what is real and what is illusion. You will awaken the Divine Seed
within. You will remember who you really are, the son and daughter of BEING, God and
Goddess. All, so that you will remember why you are here.

Only then will you realize that you are to stay on the Earth to fully experience being
human, to integrate your divinity and to assist others in remembering this too.

All Our Love,

Arianni & Oreon







Appendix - The Awakening Language

The Writings of the Angel

The Awakening Language was channeled through Arianni by the Archangel Raziel.
Raziel is the angel in charge of the "Secrets of the Universe." There is a sampling of the
writings, the symbols, throughout this book. Arianni received, from Raziel, 72 symbols
in all. These symbols and how to use them came in many mystical, magical and
sometimes miraculous ways.

The Awakening Language is meant to be used, first and foremost, as tools for personal
awareness and growth. These symbols make up the living language of the angelic realm,
the Language of Light. Each symbol is a composite and is an idea, a picture, a sentence
all by itself. Together they awaken the hidden knowledge in your cellular structure, your

The Symbols contained in The Awakening Language are "icons" much as the icons on a
computer screen. Each one accesses a particular program within the Soul genetics of an
individual. Just like the icon on your computer, you need not understand "how" they
work, only that they do.

The written language of the Angels existed long before the humans of Earth had
developed writing. As the son and daughter moved from the Tree of Life to the Tree of
Knowledge (or as many know it, The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil). Raziel was
sent to help them.

The first humans went from Oneness to duality. The Earth plane is one of separation and
polarities. BEING wanted humankind to know the way back to the Oneness. BEING
loved them/us so much that BEING gave them the "coded secrets" of how to return. A
map so to speak, a map to the road Home. This map was encoded in the Writings of
Melechim, translated means, the Writings of the Angels. It is only Now that we are ready
to understand and use these codes.

The prince and princess were given the Keys to the Universe. Fiery, living symbols from
BEING. In these letters are contained the codes to the matrix of all life. The Keys to
understanding and changing the illusion we call reality. The codes to tapping into your

The Writings of Raziel, The Awakening Language, are living energies to guide you on
your path. To assist you in understanding your life and clearing any issues that stand in
the way of you being One with BEING again.

The goal is to move from the duality into the Loving Oneness. From the separation and
loneliness to the fullness and connection with the Creator.


Together the Symbols help you awaken the answers to life’s questions, life’s mysteries.
They are together a book of wisdom, a language of ultimate Light and Love, tools for
your incension.

We wish you great joy as you awaken to your Divine Self.


Archangel Raziel
A Dictionary of Angels
by Gustav Davidson

Raziel = (secret of God/Goddess, angel of mysteries) The Archangel Raziel is the angel
of the secret regions and chief of the Supreme Mysteries. In the Kabbalah, Raziel is the
personification of Chokmah (divine wisdom), 2nd in the holy sefiroh. Raziel is the
legendary author of The Book of the Angel Raziel (Sefer Raziel), “wherein all celestial
and earthly knowledge is set down.” Legend has it that the angel Raziel handed his book
(knowledge) to the son and daughter after the “Fall” so that they would know the
mysteries of the Universe and be able to find their way HOME. In this book was the
explanation of all of creation, and of how to manifest and create on the Earth. It is
considered a book of “Magic.”

It is said that many of the great Ancient Prophets learned from the archangel Raziel,
including Abraham & Sarah, Rachel, Noah, Solomon, Elijah, and many more.

In further connection with The Book of the Angel Raziel, The Zohar reports that in the
middle of the book there occurs a secret writing “explaining the 1,500 keys (to the
mysteries of the World) which were not revealed even to the holy angels.”



About the Authors

Oreon & Arianni

Arianni = means “The Heart of Divine Love”

Oreon = means “The Light of Ages”

Twin Flames, Oreon & Arianni are the founders and directors of Universal Oneness
United world-wide spiritual organization and the Universal University. They are both
Ph.D.s in Spiritual Counseling, Ordained Interfaith Ministers, Licensed Psychotherapists,
Reiki Masters, Certified Hypnotherapists, Certified Transformational Facilitators, Natural
Health Consultants, Daleth Anu-Kri Facilitators, authors and professional public
speakers. They travel the world sharing Light and Love to all that they met.

Oreon first began his spiritual journey at age 3 when he began to have an orb of light
appear to him each night in his bedroom in the South Texas countryside. He was often
taken to a "blue crystal classroom" where he joined with other light beings to be
reminded of his mission on Earth. He was blessed with a grandfather who taught him
how to connect with and listen to nature. He has studied many paths in his lifetime and
believes that they all lead to the same place, Love Is All There Is and We're All One.

Arianni became aware of her spiritual calling very early in life as well. She was
blessed with a mother who taught her to always ask for and listen to her guides and
angels. In her early 20’s she had a life-altering vision that sent her on a quest for
knowledge and wisdom. In 1996 she was contacted by the Archangel Raziel and given
the Awakening Language. She too has studied many paths and knows that they all
contain truth and that Love Is All There Is and We're All One.


Universal Oneness United

Universal Oneness United is a world-wide spiritual organization
dedicated to uniting the metaphysical community and teaching...

Love Is All There Is
We Are All ONE!

UOU is dedicated to sharing the Love and
Light of the Universe through,

1) building a global metaphysical spiritual community...

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As we enter this special time in history, people from all over the world are seeking a
home where they can bring their beliefs, that is free of dogma and judgment.

They are seeking a safe place of Divine Love, to open their hearts and minds to this
spiritual energy, the energy of the Divine Human. A place where they can explore life
without fear of ostracism or condemnation. An unconditionally loving place where they
can receive guidance without expectation or domination.

This is what Universal Oneness United provides. We are a safe harbor for people to come
together. It is through U.O.U. that the teachers and students of this spiritual energy

We believe that all paths contain Truth,
no one path is more or less valid than another.

We accept each person's True Self is an
expression of God and Goddess.

We look upon their life choices as an expression of that
Divinity Within exploring itself in the plane of matter.

We accept Divine LOVE as the ultimate source of creation.

LOVE has no boundary as to its expression.

Universal Oneness United
Uniting the Universe
in Oneness!

Join Us Today! Spread the principles of Love and Oneness around the World!

Contact us for more information or for membership:

Universal Oneness United
P.O. Drawer 550
Sinton, TX 78387 USA
Phone: 1-361-364-4034
Voice Mail: 1-888-811-9881
Fax: 1-888-818-5116


Spiritual Home Study Programs

Universal University
We are a private independent educational organization, associated with Universal
Oneness United Spiritual Organization. The mission of Universal University is to provide
quality higher education with a holistic emphasis for adult individuals whose goals are to
obtain certifications and degrees in Divinity, Spiritual Counseling, Natural Health,
Metaphysics, as well as an Interfaith Ordination.

The Mission:
To provide a space for adult learners and instructors to come together.
To explore news ways of thinking and being.
To promote Life Long Learning.
To foster Unity and Oneness in our ever changing and diverse Global Community.

Distance learning at Universal University offers a convenient alternative to campus-based
education. Please, contact us if you would like further information and we will send you
a FREE catalog of our programs.

To learn more about us visit our world wide web site at:

Study Group Lessons
A study group is a gathering of UOU members and their friends who choose to come
together once or twice a month to further their spiritual understanding through the study
of UOU spiritual lessons. By studying these lessons in a group, an energy of Love
revolves around the rhythm of the community.

This rhythm is important because it is the life-force of UOU. The words of the outer
teachings are instruments of Universal Consciousness, BEING, to assist in unlocking
your heart so you can enter into the inner reality.

You may contact the Universal Oneness United world headquarters to find out if there is
a study group in your area. If there is not a study group near you, you can start one, just
contact us.

Mystery School Lessons
Long, long ago, the human life wave of Earth was brought into being. You were a part of
it then, just as you are today. At that far off time, each of you was endowed with a
special Soul identity which you shall never lose, you are here as a part of the universal
plan of evolvement.

There are no voids of consciousness or great leaps in wisdom between you and Ultimate
Truth, only a series of progressive steps through which you advance from what you are to
what you must ultimately become. For this end, we have created the Universal Oneness


United Mystery School. We have designed a series of lessons for those seeking an
intimate connection with Oneness, with the Whole.

If your desire is to gain a greater insight of yourself and your fellow beings; if you
ardently wish to learn how to understand and solve your personal problems - as well as
assist others with theirs; if you feel an impelling urge to acquire insight into the so-called
“mysteries of life”; if you honestly want to advance, these things can be yours!

These lessons give you a much clearer picture of "Who you are," and "Why you are
Here". They assist in awakening your spiritual genetic encoding. Each month you will
receive inspired writings and Mystical Symbols upon which to meditate.

You will find phenomenal changes happening in your life as you study this information.
You will gain insight and understanding into the wisdom of ancient knowledge. We
encourage you to keep a journal, for yourself, during this evolution in your life. You will
be amazed at the transformations that will occur.

The aim of this Mystery School is to encourage all who are reaching out for greater
knowledge, wisdom, and understanding to begin now to use their own Divine Self to
advance and thus ultimately fulfill their purpose as human beings.

The lessons are issued to the student one at a time. Each lesson contains inspired writing,
questions for your own personal growth, quotes by others on the topic, Awakening
Language Symbols from the Angels to meditate on and other things that will assist you
in your continued awakening.

The Ancient One, BEING, did not intend that humans should live in ignorance of the
fundamental concepts of life. The universal laws are available to all who wish to know
them. Discover them! Love them! Apply them in your personal life and affairs. You
will progress!

Within each of you is that divine part which urges you onward and upward into the clear
light of understanding, knowledge and wisdom. It is the plan that you should progress!
It is The Ancient One’s hope that you will strive to move on! But the choice is yours to
make, and yours only!

If you want to experience and BE the Peace That Passes Understanding; if you want to
experience True happiness; if you are wondering "Why am I here," and "What is my
purpose;" then these Mystery School Lessons can give you the insight that you have been
searching for. Come and join us in unlocking the mysteries of the Universe! The time
for decisive action is Now! Do this today, and your future can hold for you a life of
peace, happiness, and well-being beyond your fondest hopes and dreams!

Come Grow with Us! Learn with Us!
It is time to Open Up to Who You Really Are!
Awaken Now to the Oneness of All That Is!



To learn more about us visit our world wide web site at:


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End Note

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Course in Miracles, reprinted with permission.

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