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COAST 2013 Candidate Questionnaire Congratulations on filing as a candidate for local office.

As the leading anti-tax organization in the region, the Coalition Opposed to Additional Spending and Taxes (COAST) has actively participated in the debate over growing taxes and spending in Ohio and has a keen interest in who will serve as elected officials in the area. We want to share with our members and the public your responses to critical issues affecting the future of the region. Therefore, we have prepared the questions below for your response. COAST intends to base its endorsements on the responses to this questionnaire. Please Note, COAST will release its endorsements as the questionnaires are returned. So the earlier you respond, the earlier you will be able to tout the COAST endorsement to your voters. Also note, you must complete this questionnaire in order to be considered for endorsement. Non-responsive answers will not be considered. Please respond to this questionnaire on or before September 30 at the address noted below. These questions are available via e-mail by contacting Tom Brinkman at (513) 237-4054 or Feel free to utilize as much space as you like in responding to these inquiries an explaining your response. C.O.A.S.T. intends to circulate these responses to its membership list, make endorsements in part based upon these responses and to circulate these responses to the local news media, as well as inform voters if candidates refuse to respond. The deadline for response is September 30. Please return completed questionnaires to: COAST 3630 Zumstein Avenue Cincinnati, Ohio 45208 Attn: Tom Brinkman, Chairman Sincerely, Tom Brinkman COAST Chairman

Name:__________________________ Address:_________________________ _________________________ _________________________ 1) 2) What office are you seeking?

Email:_________________________ Telephone:_____________________

Why do you want COAST’s endorsement?


Tell us about your limited government/lower taxes credentials.


COAST has a goal of reining in state and local government spending to a rate lower than the rate of inflation. COAST’s Board of Directors believes that this will only be accomplished with a consistently disciplined approach on tax and spending issues. a. Will you oppose all attempts to increase taxes in your community during the coming term?

b. Will you work to decrease the size and cost of government in your community?


In recent years, COAST has helped circulate and sponsor numerous referendum and initiative petitions. What role, if any, did you play in circulating: a. The Jail Tax Petition? b. The Water Works Petition? c. The Ohio Death Tax Petition? d. The Healthcare Mandate Petition (2011’s Issue 3)? e. The Streetcar Petitions? f. The Parking Plot Petition?


How will you work to make your community more attractive for businesses and families?


What other initiatives do you propose to rein in taxes and spending in Cincinnati

Candidate Name: __________________________ Candidate Signature: _______________________

Date: ______________