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  The  Board  of  Supervisors  finds   and  declares  that  it  is  in  the   public  interest  to  officially   recognize  walking  as  an   important  component  of  our   transportation  system,  and  as     a  key  component  to  creating   livable  and  suitable   communities.       Therefore  the  Board  of   Supervisors  established  the   Pedestrian  Safety  Advisory   Committee.    This  Advisory   Committee,  composed  of   concerned  and  informed   residents,  will  provide  a     source  of  expertise  on  issues   concerning  pedestrian  safety,   convenience,  ambiance,     and  planning.     Committee  Members  


Zack  Marks  –  Chairman   John  Alex  Lowell     Howard  Strassner   Kevin  Clark   Anyan  Cheng   Thomas  Rogers   Robin  Brasso   R.  Gary  McCoy   Chris  Coghlan   Howard  Bloomberg   Kristina  Tang   Becky  Hogue   Devin  Silvernail   Sonja  Kos   Pi  Ra         San  Francisco  City  Hall   1  Dr.  Carlton  B.  Goodlett     (Polk  Street)  Room  400    

September  10,  2013     San  Francisco  Municipal  Transportation  Agency   1  South  Van  Ness  Ave.       7th  Floor   San  Francisco,  CA  94103     Dear  the  SFMTA  Traffic  Calming  Program,       The  San  Francisco  Pedestrian  Safety  Advisory  Committee  (PSAC)  has  voted   to   support   and   endorse   the   three   residential   traffic-­‐calming   applications   submitted   to   the   SFMTA   Traffic   Calming   Division   by   the   Greater   West   Portal  Neighborhood  Association  (GWPNA).         West   Portal   is   a   residential   neighborhood   that   consists   of   approximately   2,200   homes,   24   restaurants,   three   coffee   shops,   and   one   movie   theater.   In   addition,   there   are   four   elementary   schools,   one   middle   school,   one   high   school,  and  five  churches  in  the  neighborhood.  Recent  pedestrian  fatalities   in  and  around  the  West  Portal  Neighborhood  have  demonstrated  the  need   for   safety   improvements   in   the   area.   Building   upon   work   started   more   than   ten   years   ago   by   SFDPH,   the   GWPNA   is   continuing   its   effort   to   implement   safety   improvements   in   the   neighborhood   by   targeting   three   of   the  16  danger  zones  as  high-­‐priority.       PSAC  has  thoroughly  reviewed  the  detailed  materials  that  the  GWPNA  has   compiled   and   support   their   goal   of   making   incremental   changes   on   Ulloa   St.,  Vicente  St.  and  on  West  Portal  Avenue  in  efforts  to  improve  pedestrian   safety.  Their  first  steps,  including  application  to  the  SFMTA  Neighborhood   Traffic   Calming   program,   are   well   thought   out   and   logical.   PSAC   sees   the   merits  of  the  GWPNA  plan  and  endorses  it  as  a  great  example  of  a  citizen   lead   safety   effort.   Thank   you,   and   please   let   us   know   if   you   have   any   questions.       Sincerely,       Zack  Marks   Chair  of  PSAC  

cc:  San  Francisco  Supervisor  Norman  Yee              Olivia  Scanlon  and  Matthias  Mormino,  Legislative  Aides                Edward  Reiskin,  Director  of  Transportation,  SFMTA              Luis  Montoya,  Darcie  Lim,  and  Mari  Hunter,  SFMTA              Miriam  Sorrell  and  Neil  Patel,  SFMTA              Nicole  Schneider  and  Natalie  Burdick,  Walk  San  Francisco  


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