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Research Paper

Rugby Research Paper-Joseph Ekpo

of Rugby School. and took the ball with the hands. . in1872 annual events began to make the sport of Rugby familiar. since the practice of this sport had already spread. except during the First World war. If released. and seven backs who mainly carry and move the ball.Location of play ← In 1871 Rugby Football Union was founded and in the same year the first regulation was realized. The game arose when William Ellis broke rules in the fundamental “football” that they were playing. You may also pass or kick the ball to a team mate. ← ← Step 3: ← Release or pass the ball if tackled. two opposing players grabbing the ball (known as a ruck or maul) or the ball going out of bounds. ← ← Step 2: ← Start play with the defensive team kicking the ball to the offensive team. as for example the camp that was played in the 15th century. Play only stops on a rules violation. the most common idea is that Rugby was invented in 1823 by a student of England. among the cities and states such as Cambridge and Oxford. who mainly get possession of the ball. a game in which two teams were disputed the possession of a ball in which the losers had to come up with the prize for the victors. Run with the ball until tackled. There were other known accomplishments of games in which the hands were the cause in the playful activity.← ← History of Rugby: ← ← It is commonly believed that Rugby was born as many other games. ← Nevertheless. especially in the universities and schools. William Webb Ellis. but you cannot pass the ball forward. There are eight forwards. from the imagination of the former Greeks. but there is also another rumor that it may have started in France. the ball is open for anyone to take. From an unknown period of time there was a practice in this country. ← ← Rugby Union: ← To form a proper Rugby Union team and most importantly to be eligible to play a game you need to: ← ← Step 1: ← Assemble two teams of fifteen players each. (Jethart Ba ' of Scotland).

← Equipment & Materials: Balls Jersey Shorts Cleats Mouthguard . The ball is thrown into the scrum by someone on the team that did not commit the violation. (This is when the forwards on the team lock up in a huddle and contest for the ball by kicking in backwards. or a ruck or maul. A conversion kick is then attempted though the goalposts for two extra points. ) ← ← Step 5: ← Score four points for a try by downing the ball in the goal zone. ← ← Step 7: ← Score one point for a field goal kick through the goal posts. Attempt this with a drop kick while the ball is in play. This occurs only after a foul that definitely prevented a try from scoring.← ← Step 4: ← Restart play with a scrum after a rules violation. ← ← Step 6: ← Score two points for a penalty kick through the goal posts. such as a ball dropped forward or a forward pass.

Investec Super Rugby in New Zealand and Vodacom Super Rugby in South Africa. as Super 12 and Super 14. Modern Day Rugby: The 2012 Super Rugby season is the second season of the new 15team format for the Super Rugby competition. followed by the finals series. This song is called the Haka. culminating in the grand final on 4 August. to add a little spice which will most certainly attract viewers and sponsers’. They sing this to keep the tradition of their culture or New Zealand pride.← Rugby Traditional “All Black Song”: Before every game the is a song that member of the New Zealand Rugby team (All Blacks) sing and “dance” to. They believe that the Haka is not something to joke around with. For sponsorship reasons. this competition is known as Fx Pro Super Rugby in Australia. this is the 17th season for the Southern Hemisphere's premier transnational club competition. New Zealand and South Africa. it’s a sacred aspect of Maori customs in New Zealand. The conference games will take place every weekend from February 24th until July 14th (with a three week break between rounds 15 and 16 for internationals games). Including its past appereances. which involves teams from Australia. While it's three main broadcasting partners are Fox Sports (Australia). Sky Sports (New Zealand) and SuperSport .

(South Africa). Super Rugby can be viewed in many countries throughout the world. .

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