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How To Develop Your Psychic Abilities

By Tana Hoy

Welcome To My Psychic World

The psychic world is a fascinating world, full of mysteries and excitement. You are soon going to discover, that as you start to learn about the unseen energies that surround all of us, all the time, that the universe is a mystical place - beyond belief!. But before I start you on this journey, it is important for you to understand a few common and basic terms that you will frequently hear when people talk about psychics, and psychic energy! So I am going to teach you some of the more common terms used in the psychic world. Some of them you may have heard before, and it is important that you have a clear denition of what these words mean. So here are some common words you will often hear spoken in psychic circles:

Clairvoyance This is when a psychic sees visions inside their head that are prophetic in nature. Psychics often compare this visionary experience to a daydream, except the visions they see in this daydream are psychic in nature. Clairvoyant visions will reveal detailed and descriptive psychic information about a person or an event.

For example, during a reading, a client may ask me if she will ever get pregnant. I close my eyes, and in my mind I might see a vision of a woman who is pregnant with a baby boy. The way I would know it is going to be a baby boy is because I may see a boy in the vision, or the color blue. For me, when I see a pregnant woman, the color blue indicates a boy. I then share with my client what I saw in my vision. My clairvoyant vision will reveal the answer to your question. An Exercise For Developing Clairvoyance Here is an exercise I recommend that you use for developing your clairvoyant ability: Sit in a quiet place, where you will not be disturbed when trying this exercise. 1.Think of a question you would like to receive an answer to. 2.Then close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths. 3.Take 2 moments to tune into your soul, and quite your mind. 4.After about 2 minutes, imagine a blank TV screen in front of you. 5.Imagine looking at this blank TV screen and then silently asking your question. 6.Now see yourself reaching down and turning on the TV. 7.You will start seeing the answer to your question playing on the screen, like a mental movie. 8.Watch this mental movie on the TV screen, and keep watching this movie until the end. 9.Open your eyes, and write down everything you saw. 10. The answer to your question will be found in the mental movie.

Clairsentience This is when a psychic can feel the emotions of others. For example, during one reading a client asked me a question about a specic person they knew. Then suddenly, I started to feel this very intense pain in my left leg! So I immediately told my client about the pain I was feeling in my left leg, and I asked my client if this means anything to them? My client then told me that their friend had recently broken his left leg. So via my clairsentient ability, I was feeling the pain of the person I was tuning in to. This type of ability can physically hurt sometimes, because I can feel the actual pain the person is feeling!! Another example is when a client asked me a question about a someone, and all of the sudden, I started feeling this deep sadness come over me. I actually felt like I wanted to cry!! When I told my client what I was feeling when I was tuning into that person, they informed me that the person had been very sad lately due to losing their husband. In this example, I was feeling the emotions of the person I was tuning in to during the reading. These would be two good examples of clairsentience. An Exercise For Developing And Turning Off Your Clairsentient Ability Here is a basic, but excellent exercise for developing your clairsentient ability. The biggest problem most clairsentient people have, is not knowing how to turn it off! As you can already see, clairsentient ability can be emotionally and physically painful at times, so knowing how to turn it off when not using it, is very important!

I will teach you two different techniques here that work very well. One technique is for developing your clairsentience, and the other is for turning it off!

How To Develop Your Clairsentience Ability Sit in a quiet place, where you will not be disturbed when trying this exercise. 1.Before you start, think of 3 different people you would like to tune in to. 2.Close your eyes, and then picture the rst persons face in your mind. 3.As you imagine their face, try and tune in to any feelings or sensations you start to feel in your body. 4.Often times you will experience these as physical sensations in a particular part of your body, or you may feel emotional sensations in your gut, or you may have a strong feeling come over you. 5.Pay close attention to your physical body, mind, and emotions. 6.Try this for no longer than one minute. 7.Open your eyes, and write down what you felt or experienced. 8.Repeat this with the other two people. 9.Call the people right away, and share what you felt, then ask them if it makes any sense.

How To Turn Off Your Clairsentience Ability When Not Using It Clairsentient people walk around all day long like an emotional sponge, picking up and feeling things from the people they meet. This usually drives them crazy inside, and they desperately want to know how to turn it off when they are not intentionally using it This exercise will teach you how to turn these unwanted feelings off. It will not eliminate your

clairvoyant ability, but will temporarily turn it off when you do not want to be using it. Sit in a quiet place, where you will not be disturbed when trying this exercise. 1.Close your eyes 2.Imagine an open steel vault door in the middle of your stomach. I imagine the type I often see in banks. 3.Imagine closing the door, and locking it tightly! This exercise will not stop the feelings altogether, it will only stop them until the next time when you intend to use your clairsentient ability again. Every time you use your clairsentience, dont forget to use this Steel Door Technique to shut it off when you are done. This simple exercise, when practiced consistently, will largely stop you from picking up those unwanted emotional or physical clairsentient feelings from everyone you meet! Clairaudience This is the psychic gift of being able to hear voices, either inside or outside of your head, that others cannot hear. These voices are the voices of Ascended Masters, Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, and even loved ones on the other side who are watching over you! The voice(s) may give you a warning, tell you psychic information about a person, tell you something that is going to happen in the future, or even tell you about something that has happened in the past. These messages can be directly related to you, or in the case of a psychic reading, these voices would tell the psychic information about the person they are reading for. Psychics often describe this as hearing a voice talk to them, and the voice seems to know things about events that can later be veried as true!

For example, when I am giving a reading to a client, I often hear names. One client asked me how their husbands health problem was going to turn out. Suddenly, I heard the name Bob as clearly as someone had just said the name to me. Then I heard the same voice say Bob is going to be ok! The cancer in his left lung is going to go into remission, and he is going to live to be well over 100 years old! So I asked my client, who is Bob? My client told me that is her husbands name. So I told her that his cancer is going to go into remission, and that he is going to live to be over 100 years old! She was shocked that I knew he had lung cancer, but she was delighted that he was going to live a long time! I was also reading for a client, when I heard a voice tell me Tell her not to go to Amandas house this weekend to house sit- its too dangerous! So I asked my client if she knew someone by the name of Amanda? She told me she did, and I then told her not to go to her house the following weekend! My client told me she was amazed that I knew her friends name, let alone that she was going to her house that weekend to watch her friends house. I informed her with a smile that I am psychic, so I am supposed to be able to know these things. So again, I warned her not to go! Well, she did not listen, and she went anyway. That weekend in the middle of the night, her friends house caught on re while my client was was sleeping. She suffered third degree burns and almost died! This is an example of a clairaudient warning I was being given to pass onto my client for her safety. This story brings me to a very important point. As a person with psychic ability, it is your duty to share the information you receive, but it is not your responsibility what the other person decides to do with that information!

An Exercise For Developing Your Clairaudient Ability This is an extremely powerful technique you can use, to start hearing voices that others cannot hear. Sit in a quiet place, where you will not be disturbed when trying this exercise. 1.Take 6 deep breaths! 2.Inhale and exhale each breath in a controlled, slow manner. 3.Next, sit quietly with your eyes closed, for exactly 7 minutes, to tune into your soul. 4.After 7 minutes, start paying attention to any sounds outside of you, and any voices you start hearing inside of your head. 5.Sit and listen for at least 10 minutes. 6.Open your eyes, and write down everything you heard. Something to be aware of. Many times the voices you will hear, will be your own voice talking to you. Spirit beings often use your own inner voice when talking to you. They do not usually talk to you in a different voice. Since people hear their spirit friends talk to them in their own inner voice, they often have trouble trusting what they hear. With practice, you will be able to distinguish what is your inner voice and what is the inner voice of your spirit friends.

Psychic Words Of Wisdom I have just shared with you some of my most powerful psychic techniques, and they work if you use them! Remember, psychic ability takes time to learn, and develop properly. So do not expect results

overnight. I recommend spending at least 30 minutes a day, practicing all of the above techniques. If you do this consistently for 30 days, you will be amazed how psychically open and attuned you become! Patience is the key, and strongly developed psychic ability will be your rewards! As you learn how to develop, your natural, god-given, psychic abilities, your whole world will change. New doors and new worlds will open up to you doors and worlds that most people dont even realize exist! I have heard many people say that they are afraid to learn how to develop their psychic abilities, and I have found that the reason some people feel this way, is because they dont fully understand what it means to develop ones natural, god-given, psychic gifts. Many people fear that if they develop their psychic abilities, they will instantly know when someone is going to die, when in reality, this is simply not how it works. Now imagine if you could use your psychic abilities to prevent someones death? Wouldnt that be a wonderful and rewarding ability to possess? I have been able to us my psychic abilities to save many peoples lives. When you learn to develop your psychic ability, you will not automatically know when someone is going to die. Nor will you always pick up bad things that are going to happen. I rarely pick up when someone is going to die, and I have had my psychic abilities since the day I was born. Personally, I do feel the need to know when someone is going to pass, because I personally believe that information is between you and your creator. The only time I want to know this information, is if I can use to to save a persons life! In that case, I want to know right away!! For instance, if you are getting in your car, and I receive a vision of you getting into a terrible accident if you take a certain highway home, I want to be able to know that psychic information, because in that case, I can tell you to take a different

route home, therefore saving your life!! Isnt that a wonderful ability to possess? If I able to use my psychic ability to see a lump that could be cancer, and I am able to see it in its early stages, I want to know that information! I want to have the ability to tell you to go to the doctor right away and get a checkup! Because if I am able to use my psychic powers and give you that information early enough, you will be able to prevent the cancer from spreading, and you will live! So again, my psychic abilities have just saved your life! I have made an agreement with the universe, that the only time I want to know when someone is going to die, is if my knowing that information, can be used to help the other person. Otherwise, I do not desire to know that information. You can also make that same agreement with the universe! Simply say out loud or to yourself, I want it to be understood, that I only desire to psychically pick up information which will be for the highest good of the other person. I only desire to be a vessel for sharing love, hope, and light. Its that easy! If you repeat that sentence before you attempt to do any type of psychic development work, you will only receive the highest, purest, and most spiritual information about the people you read for. When you first start developing your psychic abilities, remember that you are not learning to develop a new psychic gift, you are simply learning to reconnect with the natural psychic abilities that already exist within you. Like all gifts and abilities, some people naturally seem to develop them more quickly than others. The key to being a good psychic is learning to develop the psychic gifts that are naturally yours. For example, some people are gifted with reading Tarot cards; others seem more gifted at Astrology. Some people may be more psychically inclined to reading the palms of your hand, while others may have a natural ability to see and read auras. So make sure to explore the numerous psychic subjects that are

now available to you, so that you can discover which ones you are most gifted in. Knowing the proper psychic tools and techniques is very important when learning to develop your psychic abilities. Its like trying to run a marathon in snow boots. You will be able to run, but with a lot of difficulty and unnecessary strain. But if you have the proper running shoes, you can run a lot smoother, faster, and with less strain. Assuming that you have never ran one before, how would you possibly know that you need running shoes instead of snow boots to run a marathon? You would learn like most people learn, through the school of hard knocks and frustration, along with the school of trial and error! Wouldnt it have been a whole lot easier if an experienced marathon runner had shared some of his experience and knowledge with you? It would have saved you a lot of frustration and wasted time! Luckily, when it comes to learning the proper ways to develop your psychic abilities, neither of those schools of frustration are necessary, because I am now going to show you some very fascinating psychic tools and techniques!

Meditation The Key To Joy And Inner Peace

Meditation is a very effective tool to help you develop your psychic abilities. Most people dont realize how simple meditation is to do. This powerful meditation technique that I am going to teach you is one of many meditation techniques you can use.

I teach more advanced meditation techniques in my online meditation course, but this is a good one to start with!
1. Find a quite, comfortable location.

2. Sit with both feet flat on the ground. Place your hands palms up, and

let them naturally rest on the tops of your legs. Make sure that your spine is as straight as possible, and sit with your head facing forward.
3. Now close your eyes and take three deep breaths. Breathe each

breath in through your nose slowly, and in a controlled manner. Make sure to exhale in a controlled manner too. After your third deep breath, allow yourself to breath naturally.
4. Continue breathing through your nose, with your mouth closed, and

your jaw slightly open.

5. Simply and naturally, concentrate on your breath as it flows in and out

of your nostrils.
6. After a few moments, you may find that your mind is somewhere else,

thinking of other thoughts, or things that you need to do. This is normal, because the mind is naturally active; it always uses thoughts as a form of distraction. Your mind is not accustomed to being still and focused.
7. Once you realize that you have lost focus of your breathing, simply

bring your awareness back to your breath again, as it naturally flows in and out of your nostrils.
8. You should meditate like this two times a day. Starting with 10

minutes in the morning and the evening, and then gradually increasing the time to 20 minutes, twice a day. When meditating, it is natural for your mind to want to think about other things. The mind is used to being in control, having a mind of its own. The reason we are often stressed out or feeling insecure and afraid, is due to an uncontrolled mind. An uncontrolled mind is responsible for all of our negative states of emotion. A devoted daily practice of meditation will eventually allow you to control your mind, instead of your mind continually controlling you.

As you gain more control over your thoughts, you will find that the psychic information you receive will also become much clearer and more accurate. Through a daily practice of meditation, you will come to understand a new sense joy, calmness, and inner peace in your life.

How To Feel The Aura

Here is another psychic technique that you should practice until you can do it automatically. This technique should be very easy to master. Everyone has an aura. The human aura is an oval, egg shaped energy field, that surrounds the body. It has a persons thoughts, feelings, and emotions, projected onto it. The aura has many different layers, but most psychics only focus on the first three, which are the easiest to feel and see. These three different layers are called The Physical Layer, The Emotional Layer, and The Spiritual Layer. When you learn how to read and interpret these different layers, you will be able to learn many things about another person.

A persons aura will show you if a person is honest or dishonest by nature. The aura will tell you what a persons personality is like. An aura will tell you if an individual is someone you can trust, or someone you need to be careful of. An aura will even tell you when someone is lying! This is why I often call the aura The Human BS Detector! The aura will tell you anything that you want to know about a person. There is also a camera that can actually take a picture of your aura. Aura Photography is called Kilirian Photography. But first, you are going to need to know what an aura feels like. So make sure and practice the following exercise until you can do it naturally, without thinking.
1. Have a friend or someone you know sit on a chair in front of you. Ask

the person to close their eyes and relax.

2. Since the aura is an outward energy extension of a persons soul, it is

easiest for a beginner to feel the aura when a person is concentrating on a strong emotion.
3. Ask your friend to think of something that makes them feel very

happy. This could be a person they like, an upcoming vacation they are getting ready to take, or some other happy experience in their life. This helps to expand the persons aura, making it easier for you to feel.
4. Then stand approximately two feet in front of your friend, and rub

both of your hands briskly together. Rubbing your hands together activates your palm chakras, making it easier for you to feel the aura! (You can learn all about the chakras in my online Psychic Development course)
5. Next, place your hands about six inches away from your friends

body, making sure that your palms face their body.

6. Slowly move your hands back and forth, in and out, with your palms

facing their body. Each time you do this, experiment with moving your

hands closer and farther away from your friends body. Feel the aura energy all around the sides of the person as you do this. What you are trying to find is the edge of the persons aura. When you find the edge of the aura, you will usually, but not always, get a feeling of heat on your palms. You may also feel tingling in your palms, or a magnetic push-pull feeling in your palms. These are also common feelings when you find the edge of a persons aura.
7. When a person is thinking happy thoughts, their aura can expand for

several feet outwards. So once you find the edge of the aura, slowly keep moving backwards until you can no longer feel the aura. When you no longer feel it, you have found where the edge of their aura ends. Try this standing in front of the person, and then try it standing behind the person. Congratulations, you have just discovered something that most people dont even know exists!

How To Use white Light

Another technique that is very useful, is knowing how to eliminate the stress energy that has accumulated in your auric field. Knowing this technique will help you to sleep better at night Everyone you meet, every situation you enter, and even the environment around you, leaves what is called an energy imprint on your auric field. These energy imprints are imprinted in your auric field every day. When you are around positive people and situations, you will notice that you feel uplifted and energetic, but when you are around negative people and situations, it leaves you feeling drained and exhausted. Have you ever noticed that when you are around a negative person, that after they leave, you feel tired and worn out? This is because they drain the energy from your auric field. The reason for this is because negative people have depleted auras, and a depleted aura needs to be replenished. So when you come into contact

with these energy vampires, their aura actually attaches to your aura, like a vacuum hose. This attachment allows their aura to actually suck out the positive energy from your aura into theirs. Since your aura is composed of your soul energy, they are literally draining the life out of you! This draining effect is what causes you to feel so drained and tired. Your soul energy has been depleted. Only time and plenty of rest can replenish your auric energy. This all happens on an energetic level, and most people cannot see it happening, but you sure can feel it afterwards, cant you? These energy vampires you may encounter do not do this on purpose. It is a process that happens automatically whenever you are around them.

Radio Waves And Electrical Currents The electrical currents and radio waves in the environment also have an effect on your aura. These currents and waves come from radio stations, cell phone towers, television stations, microwave ovens, cell phones, MP3 players, and all other electrical gadgets and appliances. Every day of your life, these currents and waves bombard your aura. Science is just now discovering the physical affects that these waves and currents have on our physical bodies, yet psychics and healers have known about this for a very long time. The technique below is going to help you to feel energetically refreshed everyday, and it will help your aura to replenish its energy quickly. I recommend that you make this a part of your daily routine. Try it for two weeks straight, and you will definitely start to notice a difference in how you feel! This technique uses the water from your shower or bath. Since water is a cleansing and purifying element, it makes this technique very powerful! I have included a technique for taking a shower and for taking a bath.

If you take a shower:


When you have finished showering, stand under the water for a few minutes with your eyes closed. Feel the water as it runs down your body, both front and back. Imagine this water as a white light energy that is removing any and all negative energy from your aura. Make sure to adjust your body under the water so that all parts of your body can benefit from the purifying power of the water as it flows down. Imagine that all of the negative energy from your body is flowing down the drain, into the earth, where it is neutralized and purified by the earths energy. Do this until you feel that the process is complete. Now you can dry off and go on with your regular day.



4. 5.

If you take a bath:


Follow the same technique as above, except when you are finished bathing, use your washcloth, without soap, on your whole body. As you rub your washcloth all over your body, image the wash cloth removing the negative energy from your body. Dip the wash cloth in the water often, as you do this technique. When you feel the process is complete, you can dry off and go on with your regular day.


3. 4.

Just by using the above techniques, you will find that you start looking at the world in a different way, and that the world becomes a happier, sweeter, and more joyous place to live in.

Now that I have taught you some of the more common terms used in psychic circles, and I have also taught you some very powerful psychic exercises, it is now time for you to learn a few powerful psychic techniques. If you have not read and studied Parts 1 and 2 of this Psychic Development Series, then you will rst need to do that BEFORE attempting any of the following techniques. Jumping ahead, without establishing the proper foundation rst, can cause you to open yourself up to some very unwanted experiences, let alone negative entities! So you have been warned! Like anything, psychic ability is not dangerous or harmful, unless you do not treat it with respect. A bicycle is quite harmless, but if you have never rode one before, and the rst time you ride it, you ride it along the side of a major highway, you are only inviting disaster. The same with psychic ability, you need to learn the basics, before jumping onto the psychic highway! So as long as you have read Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, and practiced those techniques, you will be ne.

The Importance Of Learning To Protect Yourself One of the rst things you are going to need to know how to do, is how to protect yourself from any unwanted entities or negative energy, when developing your psychic abilities! You only want to work with white-light spiritual beings who are from the highest realms. When a person opens themselves up to these higher realms without protection, they are openly inviting any spirit who wants to come in positive, negative, and lowly evolved ones! This is why beginners should never play with a Ouija Board. Ouija Boards attract very lowly evolved spirits! As long as you follow these few simple rules, you will be ne. Ultimately, learning to develop your psychic ability involves using your common sense!

The Power Of Mystical Misters So, I want to teach you how to create a white light of protection. This technique is outdated now, because with the guidance and assistance of my Guardian Angels, I have designed and created a spiritual tool called a Mystical Mister. Mystical Misters are vibrational misters that come in a beautiful blue bottle. The color of the bottle vibrates to the frequency of the blue, gold, and violet light rays. The bottle is lled with pure mineral water that has been infused with special fragrances, along with being infused with white light crystal energy. Depending on the Mystical Mister you mist around your aura, each one will create a different effect. The one I am referring to that makes the following exercise out of date, is called White Light In A bottle. When you mist it around yourself, it automatically creates a white light of protection around you, or around anyone or anything you mist it on. But since you may not have my Mystical Mister called White Light In A Bottle, I am going to teach you the old-school technique for doing this, since this time-consuming technique is what people used to use, before my Mystical Misters were created. The Mystical Mister called White Light In A Bottle will place a white light of protection around you in less than 15 seconds, while this old school technique takes about 10 minutes to place the same white light around you! Regardless of whether you use the Mystical Mister or this old-school technique, YOU MUST ALWAYS do this before doing any kind of psychic work! Under no circumstances should you ever skip this! Never, never, never! Skipping this step is like swimming in shark infested waters without being in a shark cage - you will get attacked!

How To Create A White Light Of Protection A white light of protection protects your energy body from psychic attack (aura), your soul energy from entity possession, and makes sure that the people you are working with do not drain your psychic energy (energy vampires). Possession is a very uncommon thing to happen, and it usually only happens to people who are energetically weak, or to people who suffer from severe emotional problems or mental illnesses. Nonetheless, it is a good idea to protect yourself, than to take any chances. Possession is not the main reason to use a white light of protection. It is mainly to protect your energy body and your psychic energy, but I felt possession was worth mentioning, just in case! To begin, make sure the environment is calm, free from distractions, and quiet. 1.Light a white candle and place it in the center of the table you are sitting at (a pillar or taper candle will work). 2.Light any type of incense that makes you feel calm. Rose, lavender, Nag Champa, sandalwood, pachouli, or frankincense are common ones to use, but you can use any fragrance you enjoy! Place the incense in an incense holder near the candle. 3.Place a small bowl of water near the candle. This will collect and absorb any negative energy. 4.I also place a small bowl of sea salt in the corner of the room, but this is not necessary. Sea salt absorbs negative energy! 5.Close you eyes, and take 12 deep, controlled breaths. 6.Next, imagine a golden ray of light beaming down from the heavens above.

7.Imagine this golden light entering the top of your head, and going all the way down your spine. 8.See it extending into the ground below you. 9.Now imagine a ray of white light extending down from the sky above. 10. See this white light starting to surround your whole body, and closing in around you at the bottom of your feet. 11. See yourself sitting in the center of the egg of light. 12. Now say to yourself This golden ray of light grounds me to the energy of the earth. This white light of protection surrounds me, and protects me from any harm! 13. Now say out loud, I only allow the beings from the white light, and who are of the highest good, to come and work with me in this sacred space I have created. No other beings are welcome here! 14. Then when you feel it is time, you can open your eyes and start your psychic work. As you can see, this process is involved, and requires a lot of time, especially since you need to do it every time, before starting any kind of psychic work. This technique is the old-school way psychics used to do it in the old days, and it is important that you know how to do it too! With the time involved, you can see why people prefer to use White Light In A Bottle to create the same result. You can easily carry the mister with you, and it only requires a few sprays. You do not need the candles, incense, or sea salt. You can still use these things when doing psychic work, because they do create calmness in the atmosphere, but they are not necessary when using White Light In A Bottle. If you want to get more information about White Light In A Bottle, or any of the other powerful Mystical Misters available, until the Mystical Mister website is up, you can get more information by calling my ofce at 614-444-6334.

Two Powerful Psychic Development Techniques

These are a few psychic techniques you should know. These techniques are commonly used by psychics today, and they are highly effective for doing psychic readings! With some practice, you will be amazed how easy they are to learn. Here are a two very powerful psychic techniques used by psychics:

Psychometry This is when a psychic holds a personal object, such as a ring, watch, necklace, or photo, and tunes into the vibrations contained in the personal object, to get information about the person they are reading for. Whenever I hold a personal object, I am able to feel vibrational energy radiating from the object, and I am able to interpret those vibrations to get psychic information about the person I am reading for. Why this works is because any object, especially metal, will absorb the energy of anyone who touches it. The longer an object is in a persons possession, the more of that persons energy the object absorbs. When I hold the object, I am able to able to interpret the persons energy that is radiating from the object. The personal energy contained in the object, tells many things about the person. The same with a photo. When looking at a photo, I can see and feel vibrations of the place, thing, or person in the photo. I can even read a persons aura by looking at a photograph.

So I hope by now, that you are now able to imagine all the things you can do when you master the art of psychometry! When you rst start practicing psychometry, it is best to try this in a quiet place, and to use an object that the person you are reading for has owned or worn for a long time. Wallets, wedding rings, watches, and sometimes pens, are good item to hold. I like psychometry, because it works with all three of the major psychic abilities - clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience.

A Psychometry Technique First, make sure to surround yourself with a white light of protection, before trying this powerful psychic technique. 1.Before you begin, tell your friend you are newly learning this, and ask for his or her cooperation in helping you to understand what you start receiving. 2.After surrounding yourself with white light of protection, ask the person you are reading for to hand you a personal object of theirs. If they want you to tell them things about another person, you will need a personal object of the other person to hold. 3.Close your eyes, and take 6 deep, controlled breaths, as you are holding the object. 4.Move you ngers all around the object, because your ngers are what you will use to feel the vibrations from the object. 5.Concentrate and tune in to any feelings you feel, visions you see in your mind, emotions that come over you, or any physical sensations you may experience in your body, or even any colors you might see. 6.Also listen for any names, words, or sentences you hear with your inner voice. 7.As each impression comes to you, tell the person what you are seeing, feeling, or sensing. 8.Do not try and interpret it at this point, only tell the person what you are experiencing, and ask the person to help you interpret these things.

9.The more you practice doing this, the more you will understand what these different sensations mean. 10.After trying this at least 10 different times, with 10 different people, when you get an impression, you should silently ask your inner self what it means, and then listen for the answer. The answer may come in a voice, feeling, emotion, vision, or impression. With time and practice, by asking your inner self for clarication, you will be able to interpret the different meanings of the different impressions you receive. Psychometry is a powerful psychic skill that can be used anywhere, wherever you are. I like to use psychometry in antique stores, because it allows me to know the history of something. It also lets me know if something really is old - or just looks old!

Automatic Writing Automatic writing is not commonly used much anymore. The reason for this is because most psychics do not really understand how it works. And the psychics who do understand how it works, usually dont teach it to others. Automatic writing is sometimes called inspirational writing, because the person often gets a feeling of inspiration come over them, when they use this technique. Automatic writing is when you sit down with a pen and paper, ask a question, and just start writing until no more information comes to you. When doing automatic writing, you are receiving the information from many different sources. Guardian Angels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, extraterrestrials, Loved Ones on the other side, and many other spiritual beings and entities.

The important thing to know about automatic writing is that once you start it, you do not want to stop and think, make any corrections, worry about how clearly you are writing, or even worry if it makes any sense. Any of these things will interrupt the ow of information coming to you. Once you have nished writing, you can go back and make all the changes. You can also use a computer, and type instead of write. Again, the key to success in automatic writing is not to analyze, think, or worry if what you are writing makes any sense. Just keep writing what you are hearing until no more information comes through. You will easily know when you are nished, because the ow will just stop! Over time, and with practice, the pen will move on its own, or your ngers will start typing on their own, without any effort on your part. This is why it is referred to as automatic writing.

How To Do Automatic Writing To begin, make sure to sit in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Make sure you think of a question you would like to ask before starting. Do the white light of protection technique before you begin. 1.Get a pen and paper. 2.Place the pen and paper in front of you, and slightly off to the left or right of you, depending on what hand you write with. 3.Hold the pen on the paper. 4.Close your eyes, and take 12 deep, controlled breaths. 5.Open your eyes, and ask your question, either out loud or silently to yourself 6.Once you ask your question, words will start coming into your head, so start writing. 7.If you do not have words coming into your head, you are blocking it, and trying too hard. Relax, and go with the ow. 8.Once no more words come to you, stop writing, and put down the pen.

9.Take a minute or so to relax, and then go back and make any spelling corrections, make words clearer to read, etc. 10.Congratulations! You have just tapped into the Cosmic Mind Of Universal Information! With practice, you will start receiving even deeper and more profound information. You can ask questions about anything. It does not only have to be such questions as Will Bob ever come back to me? Automatic writing is best used to gain deep spiritual insights into the universe, spiritual laws, and how the world works. Some good questions might be, What happens to the soul when a person dies? or Where did Guardian Angels come from? Even, Who is giving me this information? When you ask deep, profound questions, you will be amazed at the information that will start coming through. When you ask deep, profound questions, you will be amazed at the information that will start coming through. I hope you have enjoyed my book on How To Develop Your Psychic Ability! If you have enjoyed this, make sure to check out website at

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Tana Hoy is a Psychic Medium who has a rare psychic gift the ability to communicate with the other side! Not only can he hear your Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels when they speak to him, but he can physically see them too! Because he can see and hear your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides, they talk to him, giving him detailed information about you, your life, and your future. Tana then tells you everything he hears. With an accuracy rate of 93%, Tanas psychic gift has been described as amazing, mind blowing, and unbelievable!

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