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User Manual If you like it, contact us. Thank you for your reading.

General Information Thank you for choosing our TFT LCD (liquid crystal display) monitor. This product employs integrate circuits, low power consumption, and no radiation emission. It has fashion designed appearance and good portability. The TFT LCD screen is suitable for director in inspection of photography effect. Moreover, this product is able to be used in office, at home, or other proper positions. Please enjoy the benefits of convenience, safety, and space-saving from this TFT LCD monitor in different ways.

To ensure the best use of this product, please read this manual carefully beforehand.

1. Please use the adapter attached in the accessories.

2. Please keep away from strong light while using this product in order to obtain the clearest and the most colorful pictures. 3. Please avoid heavy impact or drop onto the ground. 4. Please do NOT use chemical solutions to clean this product. Please wipe with a clean soft cloth to maintain the brightness of the surface. 5. Please follow the instructions and trouble-shootings to adjust the product. Other improper adjustment may result in damage. Any further adjustment must be performed or conducted by a qualified technician. 6. Please unplug the power and remove the battery if long-term no-use, or thunder weather.

Table of Contents
1. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION ----------------------------------------2. REMOTE CONTROL------------------------------------------------3. POWER SOURCE ---------------------------------------------------4. SETTING MENU ------------------------------------------------5. ACCESSORIES -------------------------------------------------------6. PARAMETER ---------------------------------------------------------7. TROUBLESHOOTING ---------------------------------------------8. REMARK---------------------------------------------------------------


1 Power:ON/OFF switch concurrence battery indicator light (red while standby; green while working) 2Infrared signal receiver (work with remote control). 3A/V: circularly switch among HDMI, YPbPr, Video 1, Video 2, and SDI (Note: SDI optional). 4 : Right selection key, to select items on OSD menu. Press to adjust brightness among 6 levels. 5: Left selection key, to select items on OSD menu. 6 MENU To activate OSD (on-screen display) menu. Long press to zoom in/out pictures automatically when receiving HDMI (HighDefinition Multimedia Interface) signals. 7. +: Volume up, or value up while using menu setting functions. 8. : Volume down, or value down while using menu setting functions.

9SDI signal output. 10Video 1 signal input. 11Video 2 signal input. 12Audio signal input. 13SDI (Serial Digital Interface) signal input. 14Y signal input. 15Pb signal input. 16Pr signal input. 17HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) signal input. 18. Speakers 194-pin XLR DC power input. 20DC power input. 21EAR: Earphone jack


1Power 2Mute button 3 Display switch among HDMI YPbPr Video 1, Video 2, and SDI (optional, must with necessary equipment) circularly. (Note: SDI optional) 4MENU: enter menu function setting 5: Up move; or change brightness among 6 levels 6: Down move 7 : Left move; or volume down; or increase the function values in menu settings 8: Right move; or volume up; or decrease the function values in menu settings

This product package comes with a 12V/1.5A DC adapter plug into the DC power input (See PRODUCT DESCRIPTION 20). Also, this product is capable to use the power from your camcorder via the 4-pin XLR interface (See PRODUCT DESCRIPTION 19).

Before setting the menu functions, please make sure the device is connected correctly. When power on, press MENU on the device (See PRODUCT DESCRIPTION 5) or on the remote controller (See REMOTE CONTROLLER 4). The menu of function setting will display on the screen. Press / buttons on the device or / buttons on the remote controller

to select items on the left of the display. Then press + / buttons on the device or / buttons on the remote controller to change the values.

The following pictures are the setting displays of different modes.

1.OSDYPbPr/HDMI/SDI setting menu 2 Miscellaneous setting menu under

(Note: SDI optional) via YPbPr/HDMI/SDI modes enter item to a new page.

Picture: YPbPr/HDMI/SDI setting screen

3 OSD AV setting menu (Video 1/Video 2)

The auto-detected AV format displays at the bottom of the screen.

Picture: AV setting screen

4 Icon description:
Icon Name Brightness Contrast Saturation Tint Function Adjust the level of brightness Adjust the level of contrast Adjust the level of saturation Adjust the tint of image

OSD H-Position OSD V-Position Reset Color temperature Red Green Blue Language Miscellaneous Exit OSD Picture over-turn horizontally Picture over-turn vertically Display mode Sharpness OSD Duration

Adjust the on-screen-display horizontally Adjust the on-screen-display vertically Select Yes to reset the adjustment as manufacture parameters. Choose the color temperature. Options: User, 6500K, 7500 K, or 9300 K. Note: Only can available under User mode to meet the color value you need.

Choose language between English and Chinese Enter to next page (See picture below) for miscellaneous selections Select Exit to quit the on-screen-display menu. Horizontally over-turn picture to left or right. Vertically over-turn picture up or down. Shift display mode between 4:3 and 16:9. Adjust the sharpness of picture Adjust the display duration of OSD from 5-100 seconds.

5. Accessories

1. Remote control 2. 12V/1.5A DC adapter 3. User manual 4. HDMI cable (Optional).

1 piece 1 piece 1 piece 1 piece

Panel Size Screen Resolution Brightness Contrast Viewing Angle Input Voltage Input Signal SDI/HDMI/YPbPr Mode Color System Current Standby Current Power Consumption Audio Output Mounts Process Size:(long wide high) Weight 10.1 TFT LCD (16:9) 1024600 250cd/ 500 : 1 140/ 110(H/V) DC 12V (XLR DC Connection) HDMI,YPbPr,AV1/2,SDI(Note:SDI optional) 480i/p 576i/p 720p 1080i(50/60) 1 080p(50/60) PAY/NTSC 500mA 50mA 6W 250mW Standard VESA (75mm) Sockets 259mm170mm36.5mm 1144g

1. Only black-and-white display: Check whether the color saturation and brightness are properly setup. 2. Power on but no pictures: Check whether the cables of Video, HDMI, DVI (Digital Visual Interface), and/or SDI (optional) are correctly connected. Please use the standard power adapter coming with the product package. Improper power input may cause the device. 3. Wrong or abnormal colors: Check whether the cables are correctly and properly connected. Broken or loose pins of the cables may cause a bad connection. 4. Remote controller doesn't work: Check whether the battery is well charged and properly installed into the device. The signal of the remote controller may interfered by some obstacles or obstructions.

5. When on the picture shows size error: Long pressMENU to zoom in/out pictures automatically when receiving HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) signals. 5. Other problems: Please press MENU button and choose default values. to reset to manufactory

It is normal to see some bright lines appear on the screen when turn off the device. If you like it, contact us. Thank you for your reading.