Open letter to the AFL-CIO delegates


Why we must oppose war on Syria
The following is an open letter from Workers World Party written to the AFL-CIO delegates on the eve of their organization's national convention Sept. 8, 2013 in Los Angeles. If you agree with this statement, write an email to Sept. 6 – The government lied about the Gulf of Tonkin to start the Vietnam war; it lied about WMD to start the war in Iraq, why should we believe anything they tell us to start a war against Syria? At this critical moment, when there are so many issues confronting working people, there is no more pressing issue than the threat of war in Syria. There never seems to be any money for food stamps, unemployment insurance, to raise the minimum wage, for health care, Social Security and so many other pressing needs, but there always seems to be plenty of money to wage war on other countries, on whatever pretext. As representatives of millions of organized workers, who hope to organize the millions more who are unorganized, we need to be front and center on this issue. The AFL-CIO must reflect the overwhelming opposition to war on Syria among its own members and the population as a whole, and make a strong statement opposing the Administration’s war plans. Nothing would raise the reputation of organized labor more than to take the lead on opposing war in Syria. Nothing would be more damaging to labor than for the AFL-CIO to meekly submit to the war plans of the Pentagon. We cannot leave opposition to the war to the racist, anti-union demagogues such as Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich or others. These characters oppose every social program, every civil right, every union drive, and spread only Tea Party type racism and lies to the people.

Syria Crisis is a Labor Issue
Labor needs to take its rightful place representing all workers -- to stand up and say NO! to war against Syria. The AFL-CIO is meeting at a time when labor unions and workers everywhere are under relentless attack. Layoffs and cutbacks in Medicare, housing and so many other needed services are devastating communities across the country. Working people need good jobs with good benefits, not war against Syria. . The fact that President Barack Obama cancelled his appearance at the Convention is no reason to ignore the challenge this new war poses. Labor has the power to stop the war in its tracks – which every war maker is aware of – and afraid of. The most important lesson from the recent past, however, is that when U.S. presidents order the Pentagon to unleash its awesome killing machine, it is not for humanitarian reasons. Syrian workers have the same needs as workers here in the U.S. Another war would take resources desperately needed here to destroy the lives of the people of Syria. The purpose of the demonization of President al-Assad is to herd the reluctant U.S. population into supporting a criminal war. The real objectives of the Pentagon’s wars are to secure its empire and terrorize all who would dare to challenge U.S. corporate dominance. Wars are fought for the strategic and economic gains of the 1% - more exactly, the .001%! As usual, it is always the working people and the poor who pay the most for the war and make the greatest sacrifices. This is the real goal of war plans against Syria. For the AFL-CIO to summon the resolve, the clarity and the independence to stand up against another war can only inspire the workers at Walmart stores, at fast food restaurants, and everywhere workers are resisting capitalist greed and super-exploitation. Labor donated

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