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Ms-Word 97 or 98 or 2K or XP or 2003 or 2007 INSTRUCTIONS to type the image (DICTIONARY, MEDICAL, NOVELS & HISTORY TEXT) into MS WORD

1. Text/ spelling should appear as it appears in the IMAGE file. 2. The General text font size is “10”. 3. Between Two Columns spacing “0.1 widths 3.58”. Between Three Columns spacing “0.1” and width “2.02”. 4. Maintain page size as A4 and margin left and right margin as 0.5” with top and bottom margin 0.6”. Header & Footer 0”. 5. Alignment – Heading & Sub-heading, as per image and Body Text should be according to scan matter. 6. Header / Footer to be kept in Font size 12. 7. Heading Font Times New Roman –Bold-Size15, Sub Heading Font Times New Roman –Size 14. General Text Style – “Arial”. 8. Table has to be created as it appears in the IMAGE file. Use the table feature to draw. 9. Endnote and Footnote are to be given as per image file with font size 8 and Font style Times New Roman. 10.Left column data should be in left side of Word’s file and right side data always is in right side. If data is not coming in a page, then take data to next page same column. 11.No space between the paragraphs i.e. after each paragraph doesn’t use enter twice Paragraph must be done by Indent format. Paragraph indent space should be 0.25” and given only where required. 12.Please use two spaces after comma. 13.Header and footer text will type in continuation with single space. 14.If any symbol is not found type <SYMB>, word is not readable type<WD>, line is not readable type <LN>, page is not readable type <PG>, and picture will be not copy; end of the picture paragraph type <PICT>. 15.If two scan pages appear on a single image page, the scanned pages in the image must be treated as separate word document e.g. DBTA(1), and for second page DBTA(2) in word file. 16.The word file must be saved in the same folder name in which the image files are stored. 17.Font size for the chapter name should be (16) and chapter no. (20). each new chapter start should be from a new page but same in word file. 18.Word file (.doc) name has to be same as Image file name. Each scanned page in the image file must be saved as separate word file e.g. If there are 70 different pages in the image file, their will 70 different word files while maintaining case. 19.Hanging should be 0.19” and given only where required. Put Bold, Italics, Underline as per image file. Please use single spaces after full stop. 20.Use super and sub script should be maintained as in same image file. 21.Data format shall be typed as per guide line issued by the company and spelling wise according to scan matter. 22.No space after, before and between hyphen, else and star but give one space after and before the Brackets. You are not allowed to give any extra spaces or extra enter in your whole word files. 23.If there any line then it will be draw by pencil not by hyphen. (Except endnotes line). These lines and boxes are usually present to maintain the IMAGE file.

DEFINITION:HEADING: - The heading is the top of the page, which gives you a brief idea about the content of the whole

SUB-HEADING:- The sub-heading is the middle of the body text, which gives you a brief idea about the
content of the following text document, or the page of the main document. The main topic on which that chapter is based is considered as sub-heading. TABLE:- Table better way to tell a list with row and column. Any text, which is categorized from table, must be done for this type of text. Table heading must be treated as sub-heading. If the content of table is not fitting in the page, then reduce the font size so that the entire content comes in single page. Font size can be reduced minimum up to SIZE 8.