Position  Announcement     The Fairness Campaign is seeking a part-time regional organizer to advance our public education programs

, volunteer recruitment, and community event coordination in western Kentucky.


Regional  Organizer  –  Western  KY  

Since 1991, our two sister organizations – the Fairness Education Fund and the Fairness Campaign (collectively known as the Fairness Campaign) – have been working in Louisville and across Kentucky to build a community with a broad, inclusive vision of the work for social justice. The Fairness Campaign was founded, and remains directed, by these key principles for our work: • • • • We believe gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people have the right to respect, dignity and full equality. We believe that dismantling racism is central to our work. We believe that all issues of oppression are linked and can only be addressed by working in coalition. We believe in non-violent, grassroots organizing that empowers individuals and builds a social justice movement that creates lasting change.

The momentum of Fairness efforts across the state has grown over the past several years and would benefit from the presence of a Regional Organizer who will engage our members and other concerned individuals, organizations, and communities around the need for local and statewide non-discrimination protections based on sexual orientation and gender identity. The Regional Organizer will report to the Fairness Campaign Director and work closely with the steering committee of the Fairness Coalition, which includes the ACLU-KY, Fairness Campaign, Kentucky Commission on Human Rights, and Lexington Fairness. To learn more about the work of the Fairness Campaign and Fairness Coalition, please visit www.Fairness.org and www.FairnessCoalition.org.

Primary  Responsibilities:  
  • • • Help  prioritize  relevant  Fairness  issues,  and  appropriately  allocate  their  own  time  and  the  time   of  volunteers  and  interns.     With  our  partner  organizations,  coordinate  a  regional  Fairness  movement  that  will  strengthen   the  statewide  campaign.   Identify  and  develop  relationships  with  individuals  and  organizations  across  lines  of  race,  age,   gender,  sexual  orientation,  gender  identity,  disability,  religious  affiliation  and  socio-­‐‑economic   circumstances  to  establish  potential  coalitions  within  these  communities.  

Fairness Campaign | 2263 Frankfort Avenue | Louisville, KY 40206 | www.Fairness.org

• • • • •

Assist  in  the  development  and  distribution  of  public  education  materials,  press  releases,  opinion   pieces,  fact  sheets,  and  other  publications  including  utilization  of  web-­‐‑based  technologies.   Work  with  staff  and  members  to  develop/implement  community  public  education  programs  and   outreach  efforts  throughout  the  region.   Design  and  implement  a  volunteer  engagement  strategy  to  aid  in  educational  and  community   support  events.   Attend  Fairness  Campaign  and  Fairness  Coalition  functions  and  strategy  meetings.   Facilitate  regular  communication  between  the  Fairness  Campaign,  Fairness  Coalition,  and   regional  leaders.  

  • • • • • • Bachelor’s  degree  and/or  equivalent  combination  of  education  and  experience.       Valuable  areas  of  experience  include  public  policy,  politics,  legal,  non-­‐‑profit,  advocacy  or  public   education.   Demonstrated  interest  in,  enthusiasm  for,  and  commitment  to  the  mission  and  principles  of  the   Fairness  Campaign.   Knowledge  of  Kentucky  politics,  issues,  regions  and  organizations  is  desirable.   Excellent  oral  and  written  communication  skills  and  the  ability  to  coordinate  multi-­‐‑media   communications.   Evidence  of  a  commitment  and  understanding  of  how  to  work  effectively  in  and  with  diverse   communities;  a  personal  approach  that  values  the  individual  and  respects  differences  of  race,   ethnicity,  age,  gender  identity  and  expression,  sexual  orientation,  religion,  ability  and  socio-­‐‑ economic  circumstance.     Excellent  organizational  skills;  independent  worker  with  ability  to  motivate,  work  well  with,  and   lead  others.   Demonstrated  leadership  skills  and  ability  to  motivate  others.   Strong  public  speaking  ability.   Ability  to  travel  throughout  the  region  and  to  manage  and  accommodate  a  work  schedule  that   will  include  evening  and  weekend  commitments.   Reliable  personal  transportation.   Ability  to  work  on  several  projects  at  various  stages  of  completion.   Basic  office  computer  skills.  

• • • • • • •  

Personal  Attributes:  
• • • • • • • • •   Initiative   Strong  communicator  and  facilitator   Strategic   Constructive   Ability  to  cope  with  changing  and  uncertain  circumstances   Organized,  confident,  and  capable   Committed  and  dedicated   Respectful  of  others;  ability  to  build  trusting,  challenging  relationships   Collaborative  

The  Regional  Organizer  contract  will  be  for  one  year  of  work,  with  an  evaluation  and  potential  for   contract  renewal  to  follow.  A  change  in  funding  for  future  years  could  cause  the  Fairness  Campaign  to   eliminate  the  Regional  Organizer  position  after  the  first  year.  

  The  Regional  Organizer  is  considered  a  non-­‐‑exempt  temporary  employee  paid  at  an  hourly  rate  of   $15/hour  with  an  average  weekly  schedule  of  15-­‐‑20  hours  per  week  not  to  exceed  40  hours/week  or  120   hours/month.  Temporary  employees  are  not  eligible  for  benefits.      

To  Apply:  

  Please  send  letters  of  interest,  resume,  and  3  professional  references  to:   Fairness  Campaign  Regional  Organizer  Search  Committee   2263  Frankfort  Ave.   Louisville,  KY    40206     Or  by  email  to  Jobs@Fairness.org     Applications  will  be  accepted  until  the  position  is  filled,  which  will  not  be  before  September  17,  2013.     Please  indicate  where  you  learned  of  this  posting.     The  Fairness  Campaign  is  an  equal  opportunity/affirmative  action  employer  and  encourages   applications  from  women,  people  of  color,  persons  with  disabilities,  and  lesbian,  gay,  bisexual,   transgender,  and  queer  individuals.  

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