Centre for Automotive Research at Ohio


The Center for Automotive Research is an interdisciplinary research center in The Ohio State University College of Engineering. CAR research focuses on:

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Advanced electric propulsion and energy storage systems for reduced fuel consumption and emissions; advanced engines and alternative fuels Intelligent transportation systems and autonomous vehicles Noise, vibrations and dynamics Vehicle chassis systems Vehicle and occupant safety

Take a closer look at CAR projects related to electric and hybrid vehicles (movie)

Venturi Buckeye Bullet2 2009 (Hydrogen powered)(movie) Take the Virtual Tour of CAR!

Buckeye Bullet 2.5 Speedweek August 2010 (Battery Powered) (movie)

CAR is located in a 35,000 sq. ft. facility and offers advanced experimental facilities that include engine and vehicle dynamometers, vibration, noise and acoustics laboratories, intelligent and autonomous vehicle laboratories, engine fluid mechanics and combustion research facilities, and electric, hybrid-electric propulsion, fuel cell and electrochemical energy storage research facilities. In addition, CAR has access to the full-service proving grounds of the Transportation Research Center, Inc. (http://www.trcpg.com/), located 45 miles northwest of the OSU campus. CAR sees the participation of 22 faculty, 55 graduate students, 5 administrative staff, 22 research staff, 26 visiting scholars, and 33 student research assistants, and has annual research expenditures in excess of $6M. The Center provides graduate education programs culminating in a Graduate Specialization in Automotive Systems Engineering for OSU students, and in a Certificate program for distance-learning industry practitioners. CAR also provides facilities and support for five automotive undergraduate student project teams

The team and fastest electric vehicle in the world, the Buckeye Bullet. (Formula SAE, SAE Mini Baja , DOE/GM EcoCAR ChallengeX hybrid-electric vehicle, solar car and Buckeye Bullet 2 electric land speed record vehicle) consisting of 350 mostly undergraduate students. Among the features that set OSU’s Center for Automotive Research apart from other notable university -based automotive research centers are:

FirstEnergy. Vanner. Commercial Vehicle Group.    An interdisciplinary emphasis on Systems Engineering. that brings top researchers together to work on pre-competitive projects that often spawn proprietary programs. Chrysler. Bosch. TRC. Johnson Controls. Buckeye Power. Goodyear. Duke Energy. Oshkosh Truck Corporation. Navistar. Owens Corning. Inc. Denso. General Motors Corporation. Toyota. Current industry partners include: A123 Systems. Caterpillar. Inc. Tenneco Automotive. Ford Motor Company. Advanced (in some cases unique) experimental facilities. The ability to work on advanced product development projects in partnership with industry. Dayton Power and Light. . Eaton. Honda R&D Americas. TRW. Hyundai. Cummins.. Battelle. A balance of government and privately sponsored research. Lubrizol. Graftech. An extensive industry-based consortium with the participation of some 25 companies. AEP.

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