Thursday Afternoon “But you’re not supposed to know,” he said.

“Yeah,” I sighed, “but I just want to know a little, like when you get a new book and you read the last page. You know what the last page is going to be like, but you don’t know the whole story; you only have a little idea.” He followed me to the bathroom, where I started flossing my teeth, and he kissed me. I let the white floss fall in my hand. It was a good kiss, not those quick kisses of good-bye when he leaves for work, or the sloppy kisses when you are both too busy to care how your mouth feels. It was the kind of kiss that makes you remember why you started kissing him in the first place. And all at once you are not so afraid to grow old. Love Of My Life Here i am looking into the future planning on how to get the picture of love so pure that makes me so sure, oh sweet love,like dew from above coming down to sooth my wounds and like the lark heralds daylight that i may carry you beyond all bounds to my hearts utmost delight. This love,so blind and still so right takes me through the darkest of nights that i may awaken to find myself as glorious as an elf in this true picture of love that is a gift from above. by Olusegun Olaitan Agunbiade A Burning Fire In a silent breeze A silent cry screaming wind A wondering voice From a old women A silent Delightful voice from Someone who cares A blind women Senses her way through a narrow path

. Your costume isn’t important anymore. but we are afraid. Come Lie with Me Come my darling and lie with me under the spreading hawthorn tree . by Kelly Emil Bergey True Love If I could show what a friend is all about… I’d bring the necklace of trust and the bracelet of respect.A winding willow near the bright blue Water by Katherine Eillen Weisbrod You’re here. and I know your dreams. Though I wouldn’t speak at such High level in your presence. And it’s oblivious in your world. Only if you knew How your words move through me. I feel something that I haven’t felt in centuries. purest silk that has been purified ten thousand times in the essence of love. but My hands would Bleed. But I’m afraid to speak Such intelligence is intimidating. Yes I know your color. Then Again. If I could tell you what a mother ought to be She’d wear dedication and strength as her perfume.. Slow and cold. But if I had to show you what true love is… I’d show you that loving someone more than yourself can make the heart the whitest. If I had to show you what a lover is… I’d show you that honey can come from lips and paradise can be felt with your body. Your costume used to matter.. I’m looking into you now. Insane we might say. How your windows pierce through screens and fake masks. Such is divine to all. You deserve such sacrifice. I would clap louder.

Caress the coolness of the grass wherever gentle breezes pass See ample love within my soul flowing so freely on this knoll Feel the beating of my heart where sunny rays dare to dart Come my love and sit with me beside a calm and peaceful sea Smell the scent of sultry flowers heightened so by passing showers See the remnants of our passion displayed amid the spread of fashion Feel the warmth of my wet lips as they make those wanton trips Come my dear and walk with me away from the storm and into the lee Taste forbidden fruits of the shore those from which our spirits soar See that our stolen love can blossom into something sweet and awesome Feel the thrill of my gentle touch on your quivering flesh and such Come my heart and dream with me of passions that are yet to be .

my load to share A confidant who I can trust My secrets in slience bear And not think me unjust A cheerful word at times When things are out of sorts Someone to read my rhymes With cheer despite the warts Perhaps I seek a soul so true A special lady with talent rare Which few could measure to Or be this creature extrodinare You Are Everything You are the sun of my day .Hear the music of our love soaring aloft on the wings of a dove See the sameness of our goals blend with the melding of our souls Feel the lustful joining of our essence reaching out for our quintessence A Lasting Love Searching for my lasting love Someone who really cares Perhaps a sign from up above An answer to my prayers I don’t seek Helen’s face Or Aphrodite’s charms Just a soul to take her place Beside me in my arms An ear to hear my many tales Of daring do and don’t A smile to sooth my travails Whenever others won’t A friend.

if you are the second best girl for me. God is wise when he did not put a price tag on you darling. Last night I matched each star with a reason for loving you. I won’t be able to afford to have a boyfriend (girlfriend) as precious as you. The smile on my lips. I was doing great until I ran out of stars. . then who is the best? The answer is nobody. My heart for you will never break. The joy of my face.You are the moon of my night You are the ray of my light You are the history of my past You are the gift of my present You are the mistery of my future You are the smile in my tears You are the chill in my anger You are the core of my center You are the wind beneath my wings You are the air within my lungs You are the song the angel sings You are the earth I stand on You are the air I breathe in You are my world you are the twinkle of my eyes. because you will always be the best girl for me. If he did. Darling. Without you I am incomplete.

I was questioned on the current President of USA and I wasn't sure if it is Clinton or Bush. My love for you will never end. you give me hope. I would climb a thousand mountains just to be with you every single night. which helps me cope. But when I was asked on who I love. I hope that this 1 minute of messaging will help convey my 1 lifetime of love. I have sent you this sms to tell you that I am thinking about you. You give me energy. more than you love the Pope! I was asked about Newton's law and I said I don't know. I love you darling. I would cross a thousand oceans just to hold you tight.My smile for you will never fade. is you. I love you. . I love you! When you need someone to be there for you. In fact I grow to like you a little more every day. I’d be just sitting right beside you. I would never be tired of you even if I am with you all day long. the only answer I can think of. You give me joy. Darling I miss you so much.

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