February 6, 2011 Mr. John Hedges Coordinator Pro Bono Project of Silicon Valley PO Box 103 San Jose, CA 95103 Dear Mr. Hedges: I am interested in the Project’s fall internship. I was searching the internet for possible internships within the law field when I found yours. This is a remarkable opportunity to learn firsthand what it takes to be a successful lawyer. I believe in the Project’s quest to provide legal assistance to those in need. I have spent years volunteering and I enjoy the process of helping people without expecting a monetary compensation. I know that in exchange for my work your company will provide valuable experience that I can use in my future endeavors. I am fascinated by the study of law and enjoy learning more. I believe that I will excel in the duties required of an intern. My previous experience with people as well as work with research projects will make me an asset to The Project. My Microsoft Word skills are excellent due to my work at California State University, Monterey Bay. In my pursuit of a degree in Business Administration, I have gained knowledge from several writing courses. These classes required the use of Microsoft Word on a regular basis. I excelled in all of these classes and obtained an understanding of how Microsoft Word functions. My people skills are one of my greatest strengths. While working at Grossmont Hospital, I interacted with patients and their visitors. A hospital is a stressful environment for many, it is an environment where a wide range of emotions happen, and part of my job was to deal with these emotions. Emotions which ranged from belligerent to terrified. I learned how to speak to people in a manner which put them at ease. Furthermore, I have the ability to research effectively. I have had the opportunity to write many reports for courses which require a significant amount of research. One project in particular was a 14 page research essay about breast cancer. This paper required a great amount of research both qualitative and quantitative. I learned how to research topics easily and efficiently.


MARINA. STOCKTON I have enclosed my resume and hope to schedule an interview with you at your earliest convenience.COM . 93933 PHONE: 619. I can be reached at (619) 823-6185 or you can send an e-mail to ash.ASHLEY A. Ashley Stockton Enclosure: Resume 307 QUEBRADA DEL MAR RD.STOCKTON@YAHOO.823. CA.stockton@yahoo. Sincerely. Thank you for your time.6185 * EMAIL

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