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December 26, 2011 NENITA E.

LUMAAD Schools Division Superintendent Tagum City Re: Maam: Season greetings and Mabuhay! As the Federation President of Tagum City Public School Teachers Association, I am submitting my personal comment as well as the consolidated opinion of the teachers of Tagum City on House Bill No. 5410 (as attached herewith), which seeks to mandate business establishments to grant discount privileges to public school teachers whose earning capabilities are adversely affected by the present economic situation of the country. The passage of this legislation would, in effect, be highly beneficial to teachers in providing them a decent and dignified standard of living, which in turn would greatly enliven their morale motivating them to pursue further their commitment and work dedication. It is a fact that our countrys present and uncertain economic condition has unfavourably affected the capacity of each teacher to provide for his/her personal and family needs. Hence, upon knowing the proposed bill, the teachers of Tagum City Division have expressly conveyed their sincere support and anticipation of the swift passage of said bill because it is timely, proper, and responsive to the their needs. Therefore, we, teachers of Tagum City Division, strongly support and urge the adoption of the said proposed bill. We find no single reason to object its immediate enactment considering that its ultimate objective is to help improve the quality of life of all public school teachers, regardless of their employment status. We consider this congressional act as miraculous and heroic because we feel that we, public school teachers, are given special attention and importance and that our role and contribution to the society is acknowledged and very well appreciated. However, like any other laws in this country, it is our desire that this act be fully and smoothly implemented. We then suggest that an oversight committee will be created to set the guidelines and overall framework to monitor and ensure the proper implementation upon the effectivity of this law. May we be clarified as well with some of our queries as to whether or not a teacher who is also availing the benefits of other laws, like Senior Citizens Act or the like, could simultaneously and cumulatively avail the provisions of this Act, and would this Act, as a consequence, result to the establishment of a unified and centralized ID system under the Department of Education. Thank you very much for the opportunity to be heard. Respectfully yours, NORMA D. AGUSTIN Faculty Club President, Tagum City Division Comments on the passage of House Bill No. 5410