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Executive Summary
The report will outline: Perception of fairness creams among Indian youth, Reasons for use or non-use of fairness creams and chief influencers for using skin care products The paper also examines the factors influencing consumers in preferring various brands and types of fairness creams. Hence, this aims to identify the preference of consumers towards fairness creams.

SCOPE OF THE PROJECT The study intends to cover the promotional activities done by the various fairness cream brands to motivate buying behavior of their consumers. It will help understand the reason for the variation in the buying behaviour in the consumers

It will help us understand about the leading brand in this area OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY 1. To examine the different strategies used by the cosmetic companies.
2. To understand the basic psychology principles used. 3. To understand their impact or effect of the product on the consumers.

Fairness creams have become a vital product for the Indian FMCG companies in increasing their overall sales due to the importance given by Indian consumers towards fairness. As India is a country known for its diversity, different consumers from different parts of the country prefer different brands, different products and other preferences. The market size for fairness cream in India was estimated to be Rs.800 crore. The market growth rate ranges between 15 20% on a year-to-year basis. The market of fairness cream is wide in India as India is a country known for its diversity different brands are used in different parts of the country. The brands which are very successful in northern part of the country may not find a place in South India Similarly some brands are successful in rural areas and tier II cities whereas not in cities and metros. The use of the product is guided by psychological drives, because meaning of beauty is completely personal in nature and it varies from person to person. 'Beauty lies in eyes of beholder'. At present we have so many domestic and multinational brands in this category. Whatever the roots, in modern times, the fairness fixation has been reinforced and perpetuated by the media. Now a day every face on the billboard and silver screen, except some of the rare "dusky" beauties and villains and vamps, appears to be light-skinned.

We are living in a culture where the Marriage Classified ad's in newspapers still say, "Looking for a slim fair-skinned girl..." And where mother always stop her daughter to play under sun. What connects Shah Rukh Khan, Shahid Kapur, John Abraham, Genelia D'Souza, Deepika Padukone and now Yaami Gautam? They have all endorsed fairness creams, which promise to be your ticket to the world of glamour.That Indians are obsessed with fairness is evident from the way these creams do brisk business in the country. But is everything fair in the advertising game. There are some competitors prevailing in the market. Player HLL Emami Lakme Godrej Ponds Cavin Care Brand Fair & Lovely Fair & Lovely Menz Active Naturally Fair & Handsome Lakme Sun-Screen Lotion & Lakme Sun-Screen Cream Fair Glow Pond's Fairness Cream & Ponds Cold Cream Fairever

Objectives and Hypothesis

Management Problem To test the effect of perception on purchase of fairness creams (specifically mens fairness creams) The objectives of this research is
Hypothesis 1: There are distinct segments of fairness cream buyers in India Hypothesis 2: Herbal Composition of the cream is a motivating factor for purchase Hypothesis 3: Peer group influences buying decisions Hypothesis 4: Advertisements influence your buying decisions

Through the Market Research and analysis, we will try to determine the factors which will influence the customer to buy a fairness product may it be through advertising, print media online or word of mouth. Whether peer group, family or magazine/online review play a critical process in the buying decision. The motivating factors to buy the product: composition and differentiating factors. There are different segments which buy the product so to determine these segments and the reasons. At the end of the report, we will try to determine whether the hypothesis is correct or wrong and how we will determine it.

Literature Review
To gather opinions, and have a clearer understanding of the FMCG Industry and the Market for Fairness Cream, we have read articles and added it to our report as part of Literature review. Literature review will help us not only understand the market. but will help us to determine our hypothesis and have a much better understanding of the topic as a whole.

Article: 'Study of Fairness Creams' No one knows beauty products better than women, who are always trying something or the other on their skin. From Banana to Rose water yes they have tried it all to look younger and for a fairer complexion. But apart from all these natural products is there a product in the Indian market which can make a women or man fairer in fewer days, we will find out by reviewing these fairness creams.

Since nearly every product in the market claims to making you fair from Shahid Kapoor to John Abraham and from Katrina Kaif to Kajole selling Olay products. The market for beauty products is vast but the market for fairness creams I think occupies 90% of the space. Long from the days of Britishers we have always loathed dark skin thinking the white is always right, because of the hot climate in India most of us are dark skinned. And no matter what we try the colour pigmentation in our skin doesnt seem to be responding to these products easily. Have you ever wished you could just wash off the colour of your skin just like those Tide washing powder ads, where dirt vanishes instantly? Fair and Handsome: - Shockingly the Indian fairness cream market never saw the males as their potential customers, until the Emami Fair and Handsome cream was launched. It can be said as the first cream to focus on Indian males. It is priced around 37 Rs for a medium pack. And yes I must say it works, atleast on my complexion it did show some positive results. But it has drawbacks the cream is sticky and does not spread over your skin. May be a gel base formulation would make it more effective. The ingredients have not been shared by the cream makers but they claim it to be Ayurvedic and natural. Garnier for Men Power Light:- Garnier is a well known brand among beauty products, it has recently launched its popular Garnier for Men Powerlight cream, with a gel based cream Garnier Powerlight seems to be effective for all skins. It also provides you with SPF15 sun screen. Though I must say it is not for people who can spend. It is priced above 100 Rs for a single pack. The efficacy of the cream may depend on usage and your skin type. Other Competitors: These are some of the main fairness creams from Indian market in my opinion the major products to go after are Olay and Fair and Handsome. Though Olay has been focused on woman I think men too can try it for best results, remember to use face wash and clean your skin on regular basis for healthy and glowing results. There are other new products as well Fair and Lovely menz active, Nivea for Men, Vasline Mens etc. Rest melanin is an eminent part of human skin and prevents us from Sun damage there is no shame in have a dark complexion some of our famous models and actress are dark skinned too. There are a lot of beauty products in the market available these days for the purpose of beautification and nurture of the body. Most of the people want to have a better personality but they are actually found perplexed about what they should do to get and sustain that cause. A perfect personality includes better physique, glowing skin and rather a fair and youthful complexion. In order to have a lighter skin tone, most of the people consider using skin fairness creams. Both of the men and women prefer to have a color that is appealing yet tempting for their overall look. Men want better-looking complexion because in todays world they are generally outgoing and athletic to represent themselves in front of others.

With the availability of the mens fairness creams out there, it is quite confusing to decide the best one for the face and for the skin type you have. You should avoid rushing through the whole collection and selecting something that is not ought to suit you. Our skin is a really sensitive organ that needs to be kept nurtured and smooth. You should also take care of any allergic reactions that you might suffer after applying certain beauty products. This article will reflect some points on the things to look for in a mens fairness cream. You should always take care of the ingredients that are being used to comprise the fairness cream. There are certain organic and mineral skin care productsthat you can consider for the cause. These would be free from the synthetic elements and you dont even have to worry about the side effects the artificial products might bring you. Prefer the quality of the brand you are selecting. Sometimes, the most famous brands might not work for the skin type you have and you might end up getting the condition worse.

ARTICLE 2 Article: 'Fairness creams' target both genders, well, fairly.(Global Idea Network)(Brief article) By:Eyline: Mythili Chandrasekar "Fairness creams'' are a large product category for women in India. Over the years, the promise of these creams has moved from "you can find a husband'' to "you can get a job.'' Progressive ads show women as having the upper hand in choosing partners, and the jobs the protagonists in the ads get have changed from air hostess (traditionally a "modern'' profession) to cricket commentator. ARTICLE 3 Best Fairness Cream A Skin's Pride By: Albert Cain | A fair complexion has always been associated with success and popularity. Men and women alike desire fairness; it is believed to be the key to a successful life. As most of the Indians are very much bothered about their colour complexion the fairness creams enjoy very good market growth rate when compared with other related product. There are number of fairness creams and other skin whitening products in the market such as peel-offs, serums, lotions etc. ARTICLE 4 Face Whitening Creams By: Kelan Grady |

Extrapone Nutgrass is a good natural whitening ingredient that should be searched for. When it comes to skin whitening ingredients, there are a hefty lot of them in the market. However, Extrapone Nutgrass has been proven more effective in preventing excessive melanin production in a few short weeks thereby reducing and eliminating dark pigmentations and surface age spots. One example of a common skin lightening ingredient is hydroquinone.

ARTICLE 5 Hi Handsome: The Dream Of Every Man By: pthomas | The Hi Handsome TV Commercial has given every man an opportunity to dream of a fair complexion. Everyone wants to be as lucky as the boy not by sneaking into a girl's hostel, but by applying the magical fairness cream. Men have started imagining themselves in place of the boy. Imagine walking on the road with ten girls around you and shouting out Hi Handsome! Aahh It's a dream come true.

Read more:

ARTICLE 6 Meladerm: The Very Fresh Marvel Of Skin Treatment By: Jennifer Lowdry | Are you the particular type of particular person who is actually really aware by their own look? Or perhaps are you one of those people that do not really really feel at ease with the existence of a solitary black blemish or pimple damaged spot on their facial area? Quite a few utilizes skin whiteners in order to get free of this particular issue. However, along with the plenty of skin whiteners within the marketplace, which one particular must you select?

ARTICLE 7 Skin Protection Day Cream By: Dr. bruswiliams |

Most of us wear a Skin Protection Day Cream for at least 8-10 hours a day 7 days a week. When you consider how many hours this adds up to, your day cream needs to contain beneficial ingredients that will deliver immediate visible results. I learned the truth about what my skin really needed and it was Hydration! Most anti-aging day creams and other anti-aging skin care products on the market today contain ingredients that are molecularly too large to be absorbed into the skins surface.

Research Methodology
SAMPLING TECHNIQUES Random sampling Simple random sample: - a subset of individuals (a sample) chosen from a larger set (a population). Each individual is chosen randomly and entirely by chance An unbiased random selection of individuals is important so that in the long run, the sample represents the population. However, this does not guarantee that a particular sample is a perfect representation of the population. Simple random sampling merely allows one to draw externally valid conclusions about the entire population based on the sample. The sample size here is 127

Sampling is that part of statistical practice concerned with the selection of individual observations intended to yield some knowledge about a population of concern, especially for the purposes of statistical inference. Researchers rarely survey the entire population for two reasons: (1) The cost is too high and (2) The population is dynamic, i.e., the component of population could change over time. There are three main advantages of sampling: (1) The cost is lower, (2) Data collection is faster, and (3) It is possible to ensure homogeneity and to improve the accuracy and quality of the data because the data set is smaller. Each observation measures one or more properties (weight, location, etc.) of an observable entity enumerated to distinguish objects or individuals. Survey weights often need to be applied to the data to adjust for the sample design. Results from probability theory and statistical theory are employed to guide practice. In business, sampling is widely used for gathering information about a population. Process The sampling process comprises several stages:

Defining the population of concern Specifying a sampling frame, a set of items or events possible to measure Specifying a sampling method for selecting items or events from the frame Determining the sample size Implementing the sampling plan Sampling and data collecting Simple random sampling In a simple random sample of a given size, all such subsets of the frame are given an equal probability. Each element of the frame thus has an equal probability of selection: the frame is not subdivided or partitioned. Furthermore, any given pair of elements has the same chance of selection as any other such pair (and similarly for triples, and so on). This minimises bias and simplifies analysis of results. In particular, the variance between individual results within the sample is a good indicator of variance in the overall population, which makes it relatively easy to estimate the accuracy of results. However, SRS can be vulnerable to sampling error because the randomness of the selection may result in a sample that doesn't reflect the makeup of the population. For instance, a simple random sample of ten people from a given country will on average produce five men and five women, but any given trial is likely to over represent one sex and under represent the other. Systematic and stratified techniques, discussed below, attempt to overcome this problem by using information about the population to choose a more representative sample. SRS may also be cumbersome and tedious when sampling from an unusually large target population. SAMPLE SIZE People from the age of 16- 50 DATA COLLECTION a. Primary Data: Primary data has been collected using questionnaire and interviews. b. Secondary data: Secondary data has been obtained from the internet. In primary data collection, you collect the data yourself using methods such as interviews and questionnaires. The key point here is that the data you collect is unique to you and your research and, until you publish, no one else has access to it. There are many methods of collecting primary data and the main methods that have been used in this research include: questionnaires

interviews Type of Research

Exploratory research is a form of research conducted for a problem that has not been clearly defined. Exploratory research helps determine the best research design, data collection method and selection of subjects. It should draw definitive conclusions only with extreme caution. Given its fundamental nature, exploratory research often concludes that a perceived problem does not actually exist. Among the various techniques we have chosen Focus Group Discussion (FGD) as are exploratory research technique. Descriptive research, also known as statistical research, describes data and characteristics about the population or phenomenon being studied. However, it does not answer questions about e.g.: how/when/why the characteristics occurred, which is done under analytic research. We have selected: - Personal Interviews - Online Questionnaires - Telephonic Survey


Group Discussion:
We had a group discussion to gather information on perception of fairness cream and other skin care product. Our target group consisted of participants whose age group ranged from 22-26 years and were students of SIBM and SIMC Bangalore. Our research objectives were as follow: Perception of fairness creams among Indian youth Reasons for use or non-use of fairness creams Chief influencers for using skin care products Reasons for repeat purchases and brand loyalty. Discussion Analysis There were only two people who had previously used fairness creams. Apart from that, people in our FGD had used other skin care products like after shave, face wash, cold cream/moisturizer. Perception of fairness creams among Indian youth: People in India want to be fair However, as a counter view some of the group members believed that overly fair boys seemed effeminate. They felt fairness creams were aspirational for the people in rural areas. Reasons for non-usage of fairness creams include: Fear of side effects due to the chemicals present in these creams Advised by a family member for not using the product Lack of belief in the effectiveness of these creams Stereotypes attached with its usage The belief that it is not suitable for the different types of skin Reasons for usage of fairness creams include: Complimentary samples of cream with product Brand visibility and availability of the product Curiosity for the effectiveness of the skin Influencers for using skin care products:

Easy availability Herbal composition Price Opinion of peers and family members


From our Focus Group Discussion we conclude that1. Fairness Creams are aspirational especially for the people in tier 2 and tier 3 cities. 2. People would use fairness creams if they got them as free samples and were given by them someone they knew, wanted a fairness cream that was of a herbal composition, reasonably priced, non-oily, easily available and was known to be effective especially through word of mouth.

Online Questionnaire/Personal Interview/Telephone Interview

Finding and Recommendations:


Appendix: Questionairre