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Youth Leadership Program Proposal

By Sheheriana Love, Olivia Mateso Mbala-Nkanga, Ella Owens, Brad Peters, and Monica Shanks

FutureYOU Youth Leadership Program Proposal

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Program Summary

FutureYOU brings middle school students together with trained educational staff, community leaders, and young adult mentors for 10 week programs during the school year. These weekly, after school programs focus on five areas of personal development: Community Involvement, Peer Unity and Conflict Resolution, Diversity Promotion, Independence and Responsibility, Self-Confidence and Self-Empowerment. FutureYOU seeks to develop deep understanding and appreciation of self and community in each participating student through high degrees of personal attention and involvement from staff and community volunteers.

took place over of a two year period, focusing on a high quality program in 35 elementary and middle schools in the US; the results of the study are as follows: Academic Outcomes: Students had better attitudes toward school and higher education aspirations Students had higher school attendance rates and less tardiness Lower dropout rates Better performance in school, as measured by achievement test scores and grades Greater on-time promotion Improved homework completion Engagement in learning. Social/Emotional Outcomes: Decreased behavioral problems Improved social and communication skills and/or relationships others (peers, parents, teachers) increased self-confidence, self-esteem and selfefficacy Lower levels of depression and anxiety Development of initiative Improved feelings and attitudes toward self and school Impact on Crime, Drug and Sex Prevention: Avoidance of drug and alcohol use Decrease in delinquency and violent behavior Increased knowledge of safe sex Avoidance of sexual activity Reduction of juvenile crime With so much compelling evidence of the need and importance of afterschool programs, it is clear that FutureYOU would be an essential, welcome, and beneficial addition to the afterschool programming options for Ypsilanti Community Schools.

According to the Michigan Department of Educations website, both Ypsilanti and Willow Run School Districts have been listed as some of the persistently lowest achieving schools within the state of Michigan. One of the contributing factors to this underperformance is the apparent lack of quality, structured afterschool programs for students. Elementary and middle school aged children are at a developmental point in their lives. During this time, structure, consistency, and adult supervision is absolutely crucial to their academic and social development. According to a report by the National Association of Child Care Resource & Referral Agencies (2011), 30% of American middle school aged children are completely unsupervised in the afternoons between the time they get home from school and the time their parent(s) get home from work. This percentage increases with age. From the same report, we learn that on school days, the peak hours for juvenile crime are between 3PM and 6PM. Given this information, we see that it is crucial that students have a place where they can be more productive while strengthening their academic and social skills. According to a study done by D. L. Vandell, E. R. Reisner and K. M. Pierce (2007), there is a strong relationship between high-quality afterschool programs and desired academic and behavioral outcomes (6). Unfortunately, it has been found that lack of encouragement in the involvement of afterschool programs means that students will be much less interested in participating in said programs as they get older. According to a survey conducted by the Afterschool Allegiance in 2004, the participation rate decreased as follows: 13% of kindergarten to sixth graders, 6% of sixth to eighth graders and 3% of ninth to twelfth graders participate in an after-school program. By the same token, a study done by P. Little, C. Wimer and H. B. Weiss concerning the benefits of afterschool programs - especially in at-risk school districts - are very much advantageous to that community (2007). The study
FutureYOU Youth Leadership Program Proposal

Needs Assessment

Goals and Objectives

Overall Program Goal: FutureYOU aims to promote strong youth leadership amongst Ypsilanti youth enrolled in grades six through eight, with an emphasis on community involvement, peer unity, diversity promotion, independence, and selfempowerment.

Through this overarching goal, FutureYOU strives to cultivate deep personal growth in participating students, instilling in them a sense of responsibility for both themselves and their communities. Youth will accomplish the following objectives at the conclusion of each indicated two-week session: Session 1 Community Involvement Gain a greater awareness of their community by
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researching the communitys history and present needs. Increase community involvement by partaking in a group community service project. Session 2 Peer Unity & Conflict Resolution Resolve mock conflicts in a healthy manner utilizing prescribed methods. Promote peer unity in their school(s) by designing an advocacy campaign. Session 3 Diversity Promotion Utilize cross-cultural communication techniques to foster positive relationships with others of diverse backgrounds in role-play scenarios. Gain a greater understanding of historic racial issues by visiting a local museum. Session 4 Independence & Responsibility Use time management, prioritization, and goalsetting strategies to plan for their goals (short and long term). Demonstrate responsible decision-making skills in a role-play activity. Gain practical skills such as budgeting, gardening, and life-management. Session 5 Self-Confidence & Self-Empowerment Describe themselves positively by listing their positive attributes. Empower peers by being supportive, positive, and complimentary during group discussion. Gain a sense of self-empowerment and encouragement by meeting with local mentors (young adult leaders in the community) during an organized reception event.

skills by building character, a positive self-image, a sense of empowerment, and solid social skills. We aim to plant seeds of greatness within the minds of our future leaders. FutureYOU strives to show students that staff members care for and appreciate who they are individually. The staff consists of supervisors, mentors, counselors, and both past and present professional educators. Staff duties are as follows: To facilitate educational programs and classes To create a positive environment for students To foster creativity and critical thinking To provide academic and emotional support for students To promote youth leadership skills amongst students To serve as positive role-models for youth

FutureYOU will be evaluated at three points: in each meeting, at the conclusion of each session, and at the conclusion of the program. This is broken down as follows: Assessments will occur both throughout and at the end of each meeting, according to the objectives defined for each session (note: not all session objectives apply to each meeting). These assessments will be written and developed with the help of professional educators on our staff, to ensure that they are inline with current best practice strategies. This may include group discussion questions, student projects, or exit surveys. At the conclusion of each two-week session, students will have participated in a hands-on activity or exploratory learning experience. Their success in these activities, in conjunction with their opinions and reactions to said activities, will be measured against the learning objectives defined for each session. Again, these activities and assessments will be developed with the help of professional educators, past and present. Finally, at the completion of the program, students will be evaluated on overall growth and development in terms of self-efficacy and leadership skills. Upon entering the FutureYOU program, students will have filled out a simple survey designed to gage a starting point, so to speak. Students will complete the same survey at the programs conclusion to compare with their initial survey responses. This comparison will serve as a gauge of growth. Furthermore, FutureYOU staff will follow up with the students teachers and parents in the weeks following the end of the program, to discuss any apparent growth
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Evaluation Plan

Program Description

Target Population: FutureYOU is an after school program for Ypsilanti/Willow Run students enrolled in the 6th 8th grades. Proposed Activities: This program consists of ten weeks covering five topics; each topic will be covered in a twoweek session. The first week of each session will explain a set of development principles and the following week will implement those principles through activities like field trips, service projects, etc. Session topics are as follows: Community Involvement Peer Unity & Conflict Resolution Diversity Promotion Independence & Responsibility Leadership & Self-Empowerment Staff Responsibilities: It is the duty and dedication of the staff to create a safe and comfortable environment in which students can be creative and think outside of the box. It is vital that every staff member knows the mission and goal of FutureYOU: To encourage strong student leadership
FutureYOU Youth Leadership Program Proposal

or changes within students. Data retrieved from FutureYOU assessments will be strongly evaluated, and subsequently utilized to continuously improve the program over time.

Budget Narrative

Future YOU 501(c)3 Yearly Operating Budget July 01, 2011 - June 30, 2012 REVENUE Foundation Grants Individual Donors Corporate Giving Total Revenue EXPENSES Salaries Benefits Professional Fees/Consultants Occupancy Computer Services Telephone Postage Supplies Publications Temps/Interns Equipment Total Expenses $275,000 220,000 45,000 $540,000 $250,000 68,000 42,000 18,000 2,300 1,800 1,300 6,700 1,800 15,000 8,900 $415,000

Session Specific Budget Items Session 1 Community Involvement Week 1 - At School Snack Week 2 - Group community service project Snack Service Project Budget Session 2 Peer Unity & Conflict Resolution Week 3 - At School Snack Week 4 - At School Snack Session 3 Diversity Promotion Week 5 - At School Snack Week 6 - Visit a local museum Snack Museum Tickets Session 4 Independence & Responsibility Week 7 - At School Snack Week 8 - At School Snack Gardening Supplies

$120 $120 $500

$120 $120

$120 $120 $250

$120 $120 $400

Program Budget Summary: The proposed budget allows for 10 students at each of the two middle school locations within the Ypsilanti / Willow Run School District. The staffing allowances provide for one facilitator from the organization staff and variable stipends for school teachers assisting with individual program sessions. The budget allows for three field trips and the regular use of school facilities after hours. The program budget features a breakout section for each program session, highlighting week specific costs. Program Budget Advertising / promotional Facilities School Rental Fee (8x300) Transportation School bus rental ($300 per trip) Miscellaneous Transportation $300 $2,400 $1,200 $300

Session 5 Self-Confidence & Self-Empowerment Week 9 - At School Snack $120 Week 10 - At School Mentor Reception (60 people at $20 each) $1,200 Total $14,480

This program is entirely funded through the grant request and volunteer efforts. Future programs, targeting the same age ranges in subsequent years would seek funding from the same or similar sources.

Personnel 2 Future You Administrators (1 per location) $4,000 Teacher Stipends $2,400 Materials Art Supplies (In kind donations from Fly Childrens Art Center) $0 Office Supplies $200 Books $250
FutureYOU Youth Leadership Program Proposal

FutureYOU was founded in 2013 by five Eastern Michigan University students in a strategic communications class. Ella Owens, Monica Shanks, Olivia Mateso MbalaNkanga, Brad Peters and Sheheriana Love developed an inclusive option to the depletion of after school programing for grades 6-8, in the Ypsilanti / Willow Run School District. The mission of FutureYOU is to encourage strong student leadership skills by building character, a positive self-image, a sense of empowerment, and solid social skills. We aim to plant seeds of greatness within the minds of our future leaders. FutureYOU is a 503(c) nonprofit organization that offers 10 week after school programs for Ypsilanti youth. These programs focus on youth leadership and development. Students meet once a week at their home school directly
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Organization Competency

following the end of the school day. Participants have the opportunity to learn through activities, such as outings, gardening, and peer mediation, in addition to more traditional classroom methods. Programming was developed through partnerships with various collegiate counselors of Eastern Michigan University (EMU), and with the accredited School of Education staff. With the help of these partnerships, we have created a curriculum that will challenge and foster confidence in the youth that participate. Supervisory staff has been enlisted through a rigorous screening process. Both EMU and University of Michigan students have been encouraged to become mentors for this program, and many have expressed a strong interest. We also have an experienced consulting team that couples with experienced volunteers to focus on youth development at various levels. Overall, our blossoming organization is prepared to face the challenges local youth face today. We are wellequipped to immerse participants in quality extracurricular developmental experiences, and are extremely passionate about our mission.
References: Little, P., Wimer, C., & Weiss, H. B. (2007). After School Programs in the 21st Century Their Potential and What it Takes to Achieve It. Harvard Family Research Project, 1-17. Michigan Department of Education. (2013). 92 Lowest Achieving Schools Identified; and Latest Top-to-Bottom School Rankings Released. Retrieved from:,1607,7-140--242163-,00.html National Association of Child Care Resource & Referral Agencies. (2011). After-School Programs. Retrieved from: sites/default/files/default_site_pages/2011/after-school_programs_ march2011.pdf Vandell, D. L., Reisner, E. R., Pierce, K. M. (2007). Outcomes Linked to High-Quality Afterschool Programs: Longitudinal Findings from the Study of Promising Afterschool Programs. Report to the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation. Retrieved from: resources/1/A_New_Day_for_Learning_Resources/Making_the_Case/ Outcomes_Linked_to_High-Quality_Afterschool_Programs.pdf

FutureYOU Youth Leadership Program Proposal

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