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6.4 Document for Analysis: Weak E-Mail Message TO: LaTasha Mack, Senior Marketing Manager <> FROM: DATE: SUBJECT: Ted Gonzalez, Vice President <> August 16, 2009 IMPROVING SAFETY AND SECURITY FOR TELECOMMUTERS Because telecommuting is increasingly popular, we need your help to develop safety and security information for telecommuters. In order to aid you in educating and training telecommuters, a complete guide for managers is now available. It specifies space, equipment, and schedule for employees. Please discuss the following recommendations with staff members who are considering telecommuting. Home Workspace Recommendations Create a workspace that is clear of traffic and distractions. Thus, it should also be kept from family and friends. Employees should make the workspace comfortable but also provide sufficient space for computer, printer, and fax machine. Be sure to provide proper lighting and telephone service. Smoke detector should also be installed. 1

Information and Personal Security Recommendations Remind your telecommuters that a home office is an extension of the company office. Postal boxes should be given out instead of home addresses. Moreover, employees must be careful to avoid computer viruses and protect computer information. Information should be backed up and stored in a safe place off site. At-home meetings are not recommended, either. These are some of our recommendations. You can find a complete guide for telecommuters at our Web site. Please read it carefully, and call Human Resources if you have questions.

6.14 Writing Improvement Exercise: Lists, Bullets, and Headings a) Revise using a bulleted list Yellin Resources specializes in pre-employment background reports including: Professional reference interviews Criminal reports Driving records Employment verification Credit reports b) Revise using a numbered list When writing to approve a loan, you should follow four steps. 1. Announce that loan approval has been granted 2. Specify the terms and limits 3. Remind customers of the importance of making payments timely 4. Ask for customers phone number c) Revise using a bulleted list The American Automobile Association provides the following tips for safe driving. 2

Start comfortably Wear sunglasses in bright sunshine Plan to stop every two hours Dont drink alcohol or take cold and allergy medications before driving d) Revise using bulleted items with category headings Our lawyer recommends things to avoid lawsuits regarding sexual harassment. Establish an unambiguous written policy Provide training sessions for supervisors regarding proper working environment Build an official procedure for submitting and investigating complaints