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Not your same old rhetoric, just the facts.

We know you've had enough
campaigning. So have we. We
are a group of concerned
citizens that want our friends
and neighbors to know the
truth about Councilman Sam
Fruscione before they step
into the voting booth on
September 10.
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This photo, of 1809 Pierce A venue, shows one of Councilman
Fruscione's blighted "rental" properties- overgrown with grass
and trees, and with siding falling off the walls. If you look closely,
you can see that the front door is boarded up- just the type of
place that makes our city a laughing stock
On May 13, 2013, the Niagara Gazette quoted Sam as saying,
"There's a difference between working poor who are having
Did Sam Send a
Mafia Enforcer to
Your Door?
If you look through
Councilman Fruscione'::;
nomii ating petiti ons, you'll
find that dozen of' names
wer d bv a man
named- uis 'I urchtarelli.
Hoptfully, that name doesn't
ound familiar to \OU. _1r
Tur h 1arell i recently
compl ted h1<; pri . '-1n ent n e
for ex tortion. aft... r being
con \ Jcted of u ... ing ihn_'at nf
\ iolenl e lo exact an : I ,000
gambling debt hm a man in
Roche tel N'.
Cuunulman 1- , u::-.done.
known hie; I \ e nf all
thing: Mafiosf', kmnd 1t \'\ ic;e
to nd thi gentleman donr-
l l-door
col lectin
in 1 iagara
means the ul

I- all ,
u ur
trouble with their properties and absentee landlords." Sam, between your mafia t-shirt business,
healthcare buyout, your Council salary, your other rental properties, and your job with the school
district, you make plenty of money. Fruscione is part of the problem with blight in our city.
You may have noticed that
the Niagara Falls Reporter has
cuddled up to Councilman
D -;tl.,-., ... , ' :, i )f f,). p , .-' 'J
, , r ' _ t..... j f _) t
Sam Fruscione lately (both
Sam and the Reporter are
fully funded by do-nothing
"developer" Niagara Falls
Redevelopment), but it wasn' t
' t'
t:L.-. ':... ' ' ' .. l!..._...... _. -....... ..._ '"'"l- , .. .....
always this way. Just last
February, the Reporter
explained Sam's corrupt
"Landlord Licensing"
program, enacted in February
201 0: "the landlord licensing
program was Fruscione's
brainchild. Hardworking
people who own rental
property in the city, who
already pay some of the
highest real estate taxes in the
country, are forced to cough
up another $25 or $50 for a
piece of paper. FaHure to do
so can resu It in fines of up to
$2,500... Has the law
benefitted the citizens of
Niagara Falls in any way,
shape or form?
Well, kind of. It has been a
boon for Randy Ubriaco, who
formerly an unemployed
lackey of Fruscione' s but was
elevated to the exalted
position of landlord licensing
clerk shortly after the law was
passed ...
As a member of the Pine
Avenue Bu iness Association
Board of Directors in 2009,
Ubriaco was at the center of a
criminal investigation that
resulted when tens of
thousands of dollars m
insurance premiums paid by
members seemingly vanished
into thin air ... "
This was neither the first nor
last time that Sam used YOUR
tax dollars to make his friends
a little extra cash on the side.
Ron C unniro
en 1. F'oid
.... 01
... , i George
t\,1aziarz, ur 1d
Run Cunningllam .1 'deran uf'l"d '1i,1g<>r,J FaH- ptlttit-... j..., Sam'.
cPns tant LOmp ni nand manaaer n the polilic,ll circuit. Rnn \\'aS p<1id year b) Republican Senator G<. lrg l\1aLiarz tc tt>cruil in
l"it1gara <'I ll'-. fter hi ear of en ice to Si:lm and his Republinn palo...,
: i'trn re1' arded him "'ith a 5, 00 grant to .:m organizat'lrP Ron helpt:d t ,
nr aniz". \Ve might b, abJ to forgive c.11l th. l, x c pt th,l t th1s grant" as
c1 ' 1rded the very arne day that funding vva cut from the . !\CC. tlw
Blnt k Club'>, and lh iagaril Beautifi i'l tion ommi. sinn
1 mb,1rra-.. ing lt1m t' 1lh 1t!lt -l"i, t 1'11 \ !{ f- tl- .;::,rtl' t. \\hen :11
brllt ht r- in-Ln-_ I ),ul l I It"
I l-
1 11!c't ilc::\ .J, r 1u;il' \ hll 1
l"' 1!1 bLm:.:. !. ltd I f'
I dl h.\ r. :) l!l l
I I t. \ l!l II
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