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Part A : 1.0

Task 2 : Classroom Observation Report

Introduction Managing a good classroom and discipline, there are some aspects that need to be

emphasized and focuses to promote good learning environment which are important throughout the learning process. The teachers roles, the students roles and the classroom management itself are some of the aspects that teacher should practice in order to make his or her lesson success. Teacher should practice a good classroom management to achieve a conducive learning environment for teaching and learning activities to take pla ce. The ultimate goal of classroom management should not be on simple obedience, but on having students behave appropriately because they know its right thing to do and because they can understand how their actions affect other people(Hardin, 2008, p. 142 ). Based on the quote above, it can be seen clearly that a good classroom management will not only maintain the classroom environment for teaching and learning to occur but also effects the students behaviours as an individual in the teaching and learning process.


Classroom Observation I conducted and observation on classroom teaching session with my Ketua Panitia

for one of our Year 3 Englishteacher. The teaching session was conducted by Madam Nur Ain Athirah who is teaching Year 3 Anggerik. I entered her Year 3 English lesson class for my observation on the specific aspect of classroom management. She was teaching songs and poems to her Year 3 pupils. For my observation, I used the Observation Form which contained some of the aspects that I have chosen as above. The observation was mainly about teachers roles, learners roles and the main thing, the classroom management. During the observation, I just stress on how the teacher can play her or his major role in creating the conducive teaching and learning process by implementing the aspects chosen and also another 2 aspect stated above.From the first step she entered the class, I just listened and looking around the class. For me, the beginning of the lesson sets the mood of the pupils. In Malaysian context, from the beginning of the day routine, teacher will enter the class and they greet the teacher. Teacher then asked the pupils to organize their table and doing some warming up activity to get the pupils ready for the lesson. Then, teacher continued her lesson with the topic listed on the board for the pupils to address in their learning activities. I also observed on how teacher can give their explanation and conduct her lesson according to the lesson that she had planned before. I also can see that 2

when the teacher wants to lower the noise volume, or simply get the attention of the class, teacher was using some signal to get the pupils know they are expected to be quiet and listen for the instruction given. And I saw that pupils were familiar with the signal and they obey the teachers signal. It was an amazing view when I can see that pupils really had a strong relationship between their English teacher. Mean that, the teacher can handle their own pupils and she had a good management on classroom control. For the clear explanation, I will discuss the 3 main aspects in the three main aspect below and I will relate the aspect to the Classroom Management Theories that I have read before.


Teachers Roles Aspect During the observation, the first thing I touched most is the teachers roles. The

teacher played good roles in her teacher and learningsession. The teacher know that she play a major role in creating a good classroom management. Teacher was well-prepared and well-versed on the topics taught. Teacher planned her lesson with appropriate examples, suitable activities for her pupils and also well-organized group work done by her pupils. This is because, one of the teachers roles is to help the learner to gain literacy. Teacher teach the learners by facilitating the learners learning. For me, it is important for teachers to be well-prepared so that they can deliver their lesson and achieve the lesson objectives. William Arthur Ward once said that The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires. This clearly shows that teachers play a huge role in teaching the learners. Besides, I can see that teacher always allow her pupils to try and offer their a chance to give ideas and their opinion during the discussion. Teacher give the pupils opportunities to learn. The pupils then learn how to enquire and discover new information during the teaching and learning process. Teacher also involved her pupils by practicing the oral drills among themselves. From the activity, pupils learn to communicate with their teacher and also their own friends. I have read one of the theories that related with this activity. One of the theories that can be practiced is the Congruent Communication Theory by HaimGinott. Teacher also implemented some of Democratic Teaching strategies where teacher encourage her pupils to take part actively in the discussion. This is to support the teaching and learning process. Teacher also instilling responsibility within the pupils. I have heard that teacher correcting her pupils misbehaviours. This shows that teacher was not only focusing on the teaching but also mould her pupils to become good individuals behaviour. And another 3

theory that have been applied by the teacher is the Assertive Discipline Theory by Lee and Marlene Canter. Canter theory focuses on correcting misbehaviours for learning process to take place smoothly. An assertive teacher will be clear,confident and express their class expactations clearly in the classroom. That is what I can see with Madam Nur Ain Athirahs lesson. Other theories that I can detect in her lesson is the Theory Of Instructional Management by Jacob Kounin. Teacher was giving her focus on the group work and teacher communicate through her action besides using words. The pupils are convinced that the teacher really knows what is going on. Thus, pupils were acted appropriately in the lesson by paying attention towards the lesson. Teacher also never forget to praise her pupils who perform and behave well in the activities. Teacher knows how to motivate her pupils to involve in the discussion. As quoted from HaimGinott, Praise should deal, not with the childs personality attributes, but with his or her efforts and achievements. The praise are given based on the pupils performances in the classroom by either give motivational words such as well done, good job or by giving small rewards such as stars.


Pupils Roles Aspect For the pupils roles, I have seen that pupils really co-operated with their teacher.

This good behaviour influenced the teachers lesson. For me , in managing a classroom for teaching and learning process, it is not merely the teachers roles but also the learners roles. Pupils in Year 3 Anggerik acted according to the teacher expectations. May be, they saw me at the back of the classroom and observing their English teacher, so they act like an angle. That is what I thought honestly. Only some of the pupils not focusing on the lesson by putting his head on his table and one of the girl who acts as a passive passenger during group work activity took place. These situation might disturb the teachers lesson and teacher should consider this for another lesson. So that, all the pupils will realize the importance of paying attention and being responsible towards their acts even though there are still 9 years old. The student-centered activity also influenced the success of the lesson. During the observation, majority of the pupils involved in the activity planned by the teachers. I have asked the teacher about the participating of the pupils in the group work activity or other student-centered activity. Teacher said that for her class, she had no problem on conducting the group work activity because majority of the pupils really involved in the activity and for the passive pupils, they are encourage to share their ideas with their friends. They might 4

ashamed with the teachers, so let them talk with their friends and get involved in the activity. For me, the student-centered activity helps to improve learners social skill, communication skill and also improves their language skill. This is because those pupils are actively involved in the teaching and learning process while the teachers act as facilitators. Thus, pupils should be involving themselves actively by giving opinions, solving the tasks given by teachers either individuals or in groups. Student-centered activity helps to improve learners social skill by exchanging ideas and opinions in solving the tasks given regardless of their races and views differences. This is really effective in Malaysian Education where weare living in difference races, ethnic and customs. So, they need to know how to communicate in the multi-racial environment.


Classroom Management Aspect Classroom management involves both physical and sociaemotional aspects. Both

aspects are important to promote a good classroom for a lesson to take palce. For the observation, I focused on one main criteria, the seating arrangements of the classroom. Based on the observation made, I can see that the tables and chairs of the pupils were being arranged in clustered arrangement. This shows that most of the lessons were focusing on group activities. The seating arrangements in the classroom should be arrange in good order in order to help the teachers and the learners to move freely in the classroom during the teaching and learning process. Besides, the lighting of the classroom also good. The ventilation and the basic facilities in the classroom also in good condition and well-manage. For me, it is important to have a good classroom physical setting to promote a sense of belonging towards the learners by fulfilling all the learners needs. Other basic physical aspects of the classroom are the classroom rules and routines as well as the emergency plan of pupils at the beginning of the year and I saw that it was pasted on the notice board in front of the classroom. Hence, it promotes a democratic teaching environment as well as highlights the expectations for the class. Another thing, I can see that pupils are sitting in a group and mixed with difference races. The classroom also decorated with full of motivational teaching aids which can instill good moral values for the pupils.


Closure In order to build a good classroom management, it is not rely on the teacher only but

this will involveall parties, teacher, pupils and school management. Work as a whole, hand in hand to achieve the objectives of the lesson. As for teachers, a good lesson not only focuses on the content of the teaching but also on how they manage the classroom throughout the lesson. According to William Glasser once said that, when you study great teachersyou will learn much more from their caring and hard work than from their style.

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