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Spiritual Warfare 7.26.

Every human being will continue to remain at the battlefront for as long as one lives, and the world also will never experience any peace until all wars are ended by the father of wars the war of Armageddon! Satan is at large, desperate, ferocious, ruthless and un-sparing. The battle is getting more devastating extending the network of attack to every nook and corner and every aspect of the living world. This is a period of heightened red flag alerts: unless you are extra-vigilant and strong, you may become a victim. The Bible tells us that the angels in heaven are innumerable -uncountable (Hebrew 12:22). Lucifer, the most exalted angel of God, a model of perfection, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty, the guardian cherub, walking among and guarding the fiery stones on the mount of God, was thrown to the earth. He was stripped of his name Lucifer-the shining morning star, and re-christened Satan meaning the accuser, the ruler and/or king of demons, the great dragon, the enemy, the tempter, the devil, the old serpent, and the ruler of this world. He was thrown out of heaven because of his arrogance, pride and rebellion to overthrow the government of God. Woe upon the earth because out of the innumerable company of angels and elders in heaven, onethird (331/3%) followed Satan in his expulsion from heaven; simply meaning that these billions of Satanic, ruthless and angry angels have since taken over the world (Rev 12:4), challenging and battling every soul or movement of substance that is of God. These expelled angels and other evil Spirits are known as demons. The demonic Kingdom is ruthlessly strong, well organized and structured in similar fashion to that of Heavens: The dominion, order, power and principalities. They also have clearly defined roles, ranks, span of control and clear lines of authorities. Added to these large armies of Satan are human beings in all shades of life who have been initiated by Satan, into wizardry, witchery, Beings with familiar and seducing spirits, Oracle ministers, herbalists, occultists, and all who have received the marks of Satan as worshippers of the Serpent. Rev. 13:12-17. Schools, beginning from kindergarten to Colleges, workplaces, amusement centers, club houses, entertainment theatres, and every point of human contacts including houses of worship are already saturated and heavily bombarded by demons, familiar spirits, seducing spirits, witches, wizards and foul spirits. Through drink, food, and poisonous eye contacts, evil spirits are transmitted into innocent beings while a number are initiated through drink and blood concoctions. Unless you are strongly anchored on Christ you cannot win the battle.

Now that we have come imminently close to the end of the Church age, Satan and his billion of ministers and serving demons are everywhere to make disciples for the eternal lake of fire by dressing and decorating evil with attractive glamour and incentivizing dcor of celebrities. You must be vigilant. They are now everywhere, possibly among the friends closest to you, within the family, within the House of worship, etc. Through seducing spirit(1 Tim 4:1) Ministers and elders in houses of worship are seduced into adultery, fornication, homosexuality, idolatry, anger and abuse of the flock to promote their earthly kingdom and satisfy their Satan aroused lust. Billions of spiritual creatures walk the earth unseen both when we are awake and when we are sleeping. Fierce fiery warriors clad in red, black and white fight upon the clouds, in ranks and squadrons. It is a real devastating form of wars, which continue to drizzle blood, and grief. Strange birds of the night hurtle about disseminating sorrow, teethgnashing pains, and misery while ghosts are shrieking about the streets. The battle is fierce and dreadful. It is the battle for your Soul. You must hold firmly to Jesus, by worshipping God devotedly, keeping the commands of the Most High, and growing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. The time is over for cosmetic and lethargic worship. That student, teacher, and coach in the school, that spouse, and even that man on the street that are void of the holy spirit of God are suddenly grabbed by Satan and incensed momentarily by the demonic inspiration to abduct, rob, abuse, or rape after which, he/she is de-possessed to question and regret what he had done. Guns are pulled and outrageous massacres are committed in schools, in theaters, in homes, and on the streets, with or without any pre-meditation. You should understand that demons are certainly at work. Unless you are strongly anchored spiritually and physically on Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit you may be the next target. Demons can cause terminal disease such as tumors, cancer & invisible objects roaming your head. Demons can cause blindness, deafness, and muteness (see Math 12:22) . Demons can cause convulsion and seizure (Mark 9: 17-20) . Also some of the ghastly accidents are caused by demon incensed drivers. Demons can cause a person to hurt himself or Commit suicide. (Luke 8:27-29). Demons cause all kinds of illness including moving ants under the skin. (Matt 10:1).

Demons can cause penury, untimely death, and severe hardship (Rev 13: 14-17). Demons can go into prophets, prophetesses, and Visioners who are possessive of bitterness, hatred, malice and anger to give messages that are fake, deceptive and disruptive. 2Cor.11:13The spirit of Satan can go into preachers and incense them to preach heresies, apostasies, and messages of vindictiveness, and attack on members of the church who are detested by them to destroy the body of Christ. The devil and his followers can inflict insanity, sleeplessness, and nightmare, fear, physical, mental and spiritual discomfort. (Luke 13: 10-16). Spouselessness, bareness , delay in delivery, are sometimes also works of demons and their cohorts the witches, wizards... If you must be freed from demons, Paul, the apostle of our Lord, Jesus Christ, addresses in Ephesians 6:11. Put on the whole armor of God that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, and against spiritual wickedness in high places. It is, therefore, required that: 1. You live a righteous life, avoid evil, and detest sins. Psalm 66:18 assures that if anyone cherishes sins in his heart God will not hearken to that person's prayer. 2. Fill your heart with the power of the Holy Spirit, and continue to fortify and enrich that power with the word of God. 3. Reject spiritual weeds and thorns such as anger, bitterness, hatred, malice, pride and unforgiving spirit which normally drive the holy spirit away (Ephesians 4:30-32), but normally attract demons. 4. Remain an addicted prayer warrior and serve God with all your strength, while obeying His commands. 5. Keep your Children in schools that would allow you to monitor them, bring them to worship weekly, and engage them in various church ministries to occupy their minds with the Spirit of Christ. Pray together as a family and create time to discuss the world of God together.

6. Discourage their membership of gangs, fraternities and friends of suspicious behavior. 7. Remember that drug and alcohol are tools of Satan. 8. Be vigilant always (1 Peter 5:8-9) In Christ, Evang. J. Olorunnisola