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 | The 8th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival

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The Infinite Power of Cinema | 

six degrees of separation...

If you believe in six degrees THEREAFTER II, revealing the complex life of a prostitute-turned
of separation, then you may military wife.
agree technology has made the
world a much smaller place. Other fascinating documentaries include THE GREAT
Countries, languages, and space HAPPINESS SPACE about male host bars in Japan; the
no longer separate us. The once emotionally riveting NA KAMALEI: MEN OF HULA showcasing
inaccessible is now accessible Hawaii’s oldest male hula troupe; rock the house with AIR
through the internet and media, GUITAR NATION and the rise of Asian American “C-Diddy” ;
and we learn we as humans are and SENTENCED HOME, which humanizes America’s flawed
ultimately connected through immigration policy.
common experiences of love,
hate, despair, and happiness. Our spotlight film from Sundance, DARK MATTER, will certainly
That connection is what makes spark discourse, based on the true story of the rise and fall of a
our film festival so precious gifted physics student, Gang Lu. Plus, international films including
and critical. As our world Park Chan-Wook’s I’M A CYBORG BUT THAT’S OKAY and the
becomes smaller, the need to understand each other, to co-exist, heartwarming HULA GIRLS from Japan are expected to draw
becomes more pressing. Through film, we emotionally connect large crowds. If you’re looking for action, try the Asian American
with stories and people who open our minds to worlds we never gangster film BABY or Truc Charlie Nguyen’s masterfully
knew existed, who remind us of life’s worst tragedies and simplest choreographed THE REBEL.
pleasures. Who make us laugh and think, giving us something to
talk about long after the credits end. Most of all, I believe film For those with a short attention span, never fear - we have eight
inspires and creates community. fantastic short film programs ranging from stories of love, family,
and purgatory to downright low-brow humor in our comedy
Even after eight years of doing this, our festival’s programmers shorts program, “CRAZYSEXYFUNNY.” Also returning this year
are always surprised at the new crop of films offering fresh is our showcase of San Diego films in “Localmotion”, our fantastic
perspectives and unique storytelling. With more than 100 films animated shorts program “Animation: The Illusion of Life,” and
in 57 unique programs, we hope you will take in as much of the our locally produced student documentaries, “Reel Voices.”
cinematic feast as you can. We are especially proud to have a
record number of Asian American features, from our opening And if that’s not enough, we get to meet and chat with the
night film FINISHING THE GAME directed by the amazing charming GEORGE TAKEI who is receiving our lifetime
Justin Lin, to our closing night film, the West Coast premiere of achievement award for his contributions to Hollywood for 50
Michael Kang’s WEST 32ND, starring John Cho, Grace Park, and years (oh my!).
newcomer Jane Kim. Both directors are SDAFF alumni. Also
returning to our festival with feature films - Gene Rhee and his Whatever you choose to see, we hope that you will leave feeling
hilarious romantic comedy THE TROUBLE WITH ROMANCE, more connected to the world... and to yourself.
Korean adoptee Joy Dietrich in her feature debut TIE A YELLOW
RIBBON, and documentary filmmaker Ho Sup Lee with AND Lee Ann Kim
Executive Director

 | The 8th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival

The San Diego Asian Film Foundation (SDAFF) is a nonprofit WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING
media arts organization dedicated to sharing the legacy of “A wonderful awe-inspiring experience that I still have yet to forget a year
Asian Pacific Islanders through film and videos. later.” – Festival Patron
Since 2000, we have premiered more than a thousand films,
hosted hundreds of filmmakers, and touched the lives of tens “SDAFF is the most well-run & the most fun festival I’ve been to.”
of thousands of people. We pride in presenting unique, enter- – James Kyson Lee, actor (NBC’s “Heroes”)
taining, and culturally meaningful film programs. “I saw more excellent films in 3 days than most people will see in a year...
one of the classiest film festivals I’ve ever been to.” – Eric Campos,
• Annual film festival
• Membership program with special discounts & offers HOW YOU CAN HELP
• Quarterly film screenings • Become a member
• Student scholarships, high school documentary training, & • Volunteer! We always need help in marketing, fundraising &
film review workshop special event planning
• Free Youth Day programming • Make a tax-deductible donation
• Community programs • Inquire about becoming a board of director
• Buy a ticket, support our films!
• Tell your friends and family about us!

The Infinite Power of Cinema | 


Tickets for all shows can be purchased at the Hazard Center UltraStar Cinema box office.
To guarantee seating, patrons must show up at least 15 minutes before showtime.

Opening & Closing Night Films $15 (Finishing the Game & West 32nd)
General Admission $9
Festival 4-pack (while available) $30
Music Showcase $7 with ticket stub, $10 without
offsite event, refer to info below

Opening & Closing Night Films $9
General Admission $5
Festival 4-Pack (while available) $18
Blowfish Music Showcase free w/ membership card
members must show membership card at time of purchase
members also receive discounts on festival t-shirts

No refunds for unused tickets, 4-packs, or all-festival passes. Exchanges are only available when a program is oversold.

We offer $2 discounts for the following groups with appropriate identification:
Harrah’s Total Rewards Card Holders
Viejas V-Card Holders
Eastlake Card Holders

Discounts or coupons cannot be applied toward 4-packs or $7 shows.

Group discounts are only available if arranged with the Foundation prior to the festival.


When a program is sold-out, there’s a very good chance seats will be available through a “rush line” at the theatre. Rush
lines take place outside the theatre 30 minutes before the show. We will offer all open seats 15 minutes before show-
time on a first-come basis to those waiting in the “rush line.”


UltraStar Mission Valley Cinemas Aubergine Nightclub
7510 Hazard Center Drive 500 4th Ave.
San Diego, CA 92108 San Diego, CA 92101

 | The 8th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival


Opening Night Party Blowfish: Intersection of The New Media: A Web2.0 Panel
Thu Oct 11, 9PM Sights and Sounds Sat. Oct 13, 11:30AM FREE
Airport Lounge, 2400 India St. Fri Oct 12, 8PM UltraStar Cinemas, Mission Valley
Join us with the cast and crew of FINISHING Aubergine , 500 Fourth Ave. UltraStar 6 - Time Warner
THE GAME as we celebrate the beginning Our popular Friday night party, featuring live Industry experts and filmmakers share advice
of our 8th season. Free for members, pass hip-hop performances, music videos, and in this free panel on how to best market
holders, and FTG attendees. Sponsored by local DJs. Plus, celebrity appearances and your film on the web, and examine the latest
AZN Television. 21& up. drink specials. $7 w/ ticket stub/$10 at door. in technology. Moderated by Dean Lim (XDL
21& up. See page 15 for more info. films, “On the Lot”) who brings his expertise
on digital filmmaking and marketing to the

Dishing With the Stars: A Break Another Leg: Acting The Trek of George Takei: An
Celebrity Panel Workshop Intimate Discussion
Sat Oct 13, 2PM Sun Oct 14, 10:30AM Sun Oct 14, 1PM
UltraStar Cinemas, Mission Valley Doubletree Hotel – Sonoma Room UltraStar Cinemas, Mission Valley
Candid discussion with Hollywood’s Asian A multi-dimensional workshop exploring A live discussion about the personal journey
American stars. See page 14 for more info. theatre training, acting, agents, auditions and of actor George Takei – from Star Trek to
headshots, by the Asian American Repertory the Howard Stern Show and NBC’s Heroes.
Theatre. For more info visist: See page 16 for more info.

Blowfish: unplugged Youth Day Bone Marrow Drive

Sat Oct 13, 12PM Tue Oct 16, 11AM Oct 12, 13 4-9PM
Mission Valley Ultrastar Cinema Lobby UltraStar Cinemas, Mission Valley Outside UltraStar Cinemas, Hazard Center
While enjoying some of the best movies and A free day of films for local high school Help save lives by registering yourself for the
short films of SDAFF, take some time out students, showcasing short documentaries national bone marrow registry! Just takes
to experience the eclectic acoustic styles of produced through SDAFF, and a collection a simple cotton swab of the mouth. Meet
some of SoCal’s most talented musicians. of short films from this year’s festival. Free Survivor winner, Yul Kwon, who shares
See page 15 for more info. admission. his personal story of losing his best friend to
The Infinite Power of Cinema | 






 | The 8th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival


sd chinese women’s association gilead sciences

hom family foundation


bank of america




hyphen magazine

chipotle infusions of tea l&l sansai japanese grill
sidney frank importing co. zion market

The Infinite Power of Cinema | 


4:45pm Know Justice Know Peace ROMANCE THAT’S OK
Theater 6 - Time Warner preceded by Girls Night Out Theater 7 - Harrah’s
Theater 1 - Eastlake
7:00pm FINISHING THE GAME 6:15pm Love is a Battlefield
Preceded by Building a 9:30pm BABY Theater 6 - Time Warner
Journey Theater 2 - Fujitsu
Theater 7 - Harrah’s 7:30pm TRE
9:45pm THE VICTIM Theater 2 - Fujitsu
7:15pm 5 CENTIMETERS PER Theater 7 - Harrah’s Preceded by Shoot My Life
Preceded by Voices of OCT. 13 SATURDAY 7:45 PM GREAT HAPPINESS SPACE
Distant Star Theater 1 - Eastlake
10:30am Break Another Leg
Theater 2 - Fujitsu
Doubletree Sonoma Room
8:30pm UNDOING
7:30pm A DIRTY CARNIVAL Theater 6 - Time Warner
11:30am The New Media: Using
Theater 6 - Time Warner
Web Video for Making Your
Voice Heard
7:45pm BOLINAO 52 Theater 7 - Harrah’s
Theater 6 - Time Warner
Theater 1 - Eastlake
9:30 PM Heaven is Too Far Away
9:15pm ISABELLA Theater 1 - Eastlake
Theater 2 - Fujitsu Theater 2 - Fujitsu
9:45pm ANG PAMANA 12:30pm Know Justice Know Peace 11:30am Reel Voices
Theater 7 - Harrah’s Theater 1 - Eastlake Theater 7 - Harrah’s


5:15pm AND THEREAFTER II Theater 7 - Harrah’s Theater 1 - Eastlake
Theater 1 - Eastlake
2:00pm Dishing with the Stars 12:30pm All Around the World
5:30pm NEW YEAR BABY Theater 6 - Time Warner Theater 2 - Fujitsu
Theater 7 - Harrah’s
2:30pm AMERICAN PASTIME 1:00pm The Trek of George Takei
6:15pm Bridging the Gap Theater 2 - Fujitsu Theater 6 - Time Warner
Theater 6 - Time Warner
3:00pm Animation: The Illusion of 1:45pm OWL AND THE SPARROW
6:45pm SHANGHAI KISS Life Theater 7 - Harrah’s
Theater 2 - Fujitsu Theater 1 - Eastlake
2:30pm Dim Sum and Then Some
7:00pm AIR GUITAR NATION 3:15pm THE REBEL Theater 1 - Eastlake
Theater 1 - Eastlake Theater 7 - Harrah’s
7:15pm Queer Delight: Sweet 4:00pm NA KAMALEI: MEN OF Theater 2 - Fujitsu
Buns & Sticky Rice HULA
Theater 7 - Harrah’s preceded by The King Boys 3:15pm CATS OF MIRIKITANI
Theater 6 - Time Warner Theater 6 - Time Warner
Theater 6 - Time Warner Theater 2 - Fujitsu Theater 7 - Harrah’s

5:30pm CrazySexyFunny!
Theater 1 - Eastlake

10 | The 8th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival


5:00pm VANAJA 6:00pm THE REBEL 8:35pm WHAT THE SNOW

Theater 1 - Eastlake Theater 1 - Eastlake BRINGS
Theater 2 - Fujitsu
Theater 2 - Fujitsu SECOND 9:15pm A DIRTY CARNIVAL
Theater 2 - Fujitsu Theater 6 - Time Warner
5:30pm Local Motion Preceded by Voices of
Theater 6 - Time Warner Distant Star 9:30pm BLACKOUT
Theater 7 - Harrah’s
Theater 7 - Harrah’s THAT’S OK OCT. 18 THURSDAY
Theater 7 - Harrah’s
Theater 2 - Fujitsu
Theater 1 - Eastlake 7:15pm CrazySexyFunny!
Theater 6 - Time Warner
5:45pm Bridging the Gap
Theater 6 - Time Warner
Theater 2 - Fujitsu 8:15pm AMERICAN PASTIME
Theater 2 - Fujitsu
Theater 1 - Eastlake
Theater 6 - Time Warner 8:30pm AIR GUITAR NATION
Theater 1 - Eastlake
7:00pm WEST 32ND
OCT. 15 MONDAY Theater 7 - Harrah’s
8:45pm Love is a Battlefield
Theater 6 - Time Warner
Theater 1 - Eastlake 7:15pm All Around the World
Theater 2 - Fujitsu
6:30pm Dim Sum and Then Some
Theater 7 - Harrah’s
Theater 6 - Time Warner 7:45pm RAINBOW SONG
Theater 6 - Time Warner
Theater 2 - Fujitsu 4:45pm TIE A YELLOW RIBBON
Theater 2 - Fujitsu
Theater 7 - Harrah’s Theater 7 - Harrah’s


Theater 1 - Eastlake Theater 6 - Time Warner

8:35pm AND THEREAFTER II 5:30pm Heaven is Too Far Away

Theater 6 - Time Warner Theater 1 - Eastlake


Theater 2 - Fujitsu Theater 2 - Fujitsu


Theater 6 - Time Warner
preceded by The King Boys
Theater 7 - Harrah’s
Theater 1 - Eastlake

7:30pm Animation: The Illusion
of Life
Theater 6 - Time Warner
Theater 1 - Eastlake

The Infinite Power of Cinema | 11

Join a community of supporters of Asian American cinema and culture. As a member, you receive discounts on film festival tickets and merchandise,
invitations to members-only events, and access to sneak preview screenings of films prior to their theatrical release.

Becoming a member of the San Diego Asian Film Foundation means you are joining a community of supporters of Asian American cinema and
culture. As a member, you receive discounts on film festival tickets and merchandise, invitations to members-only events, and access to sneak
preview screenings of films prior to their theatrical release. Memberships are year-long, from January through January.


PRODUCERS ($1000) FRIENDS ($55) Friends $55
Charlie Compuesto Melissa Bernardino - First round invitation to sneak preview screenings
Joon Han Serge Besanger - Exclusive invitation to annual membership soiree
Gene Kim Shirley Chow - Discounted tickets to the film festival, special screenings, & merchandise
Chong Lee K. Clavero - Discounted tickets to our new quarterly film screenings
Ed Lee Roman Cortez - Recognition in program booklet and website
Jerrilyn Malana Jim Gottlieb
Diana Mar Jip-Chuh Punvipa Grice Donor $100
Steve Peace Jackie Horner Friend of SDAFF benefits, plus:
Eddie Wang Rodriguez Rebecca Johnson - Complimentary SDAFF t-shirt
Gerardo Leon - Two complimentary tickets to one of our new quarterly film screenings
PATRONS ($500) Edwin Lim - Two complimentary opening night tickets to the annual film festival
Sheila Abrenica Kanoya Aaron Ling
Supporter $250
Michael Cheswick Matthew Long
Friend of SDAFF benefits, plus:
Dan Hom Quynh Nguyen
- Complimentary SDAFF t-shirt
Ray Hom Tai Nguyen
- Two complimentary tickets to two of our new quarterly film screenings
Greg Park Shirley Omori
- Two complimentary opening night and closing night tickets to the annual film
Lee Ann Kim & Louis Song Chris Rule
Duke Tran Didi Tanadjaja
- Complimentary festival 4-pack ticket package
Charles and Linda Tu Dennis Tashima
Sarah Yang Alan Tse Patron $500
David Tytler Friend of SDAFF benefits, plus:
SUPPORTERS ($250) John Vo - Complimentary SDAFF t-shirt
Mark Cumberland Jim Wade - Two complimentary tickets to three of our new quarterly film screenings
Amber Kibble-Walker Kurtis Wong - Two complimentary all-festival passes to our annual film festival
Albert Lee Matthew Wong - Two complimentary seats at our annual gala awards dinner
Benjamin Lee
Ildiko Lutar Producer $1,000
Joseph Ongsiapco Friend of SDAFF benefits, plus:
Miyo and Mitchell Reff - Two complimentary SDAFF t-shirt
William Saung - Two complimentary tickets to all four of our new quarterly film screenings
Kenneth Wade - Two complimentary all-festival passes to our annual film festival
- Four complimentary seats at our annual gala awards dinner
DONORS ($100) - Verbal recognition at our film festival
Elias Almazan
Miguel Avila Memberships are tax-deductible. SDAFF Federal Tax ID#33-1001523
Keith Calistro
Henry Cheng If you would rather send us a check, please make them payable to “SDAFF” and
Lisa Chin send them to:
Sandra Chong
Erika Hiramatsu San Diego Asian Film Foundation
Mija Kim c/o Memberships
Eric Lallana 7969 Engineer Road, Suite 206
Joe Mendoza San Diego, CA 92111
Chris Paffendorf
Luis Ramos Thank you for supporting the SDAFF!
Abraham Shragge
Mark Stabb
Yen Tu
Fusako Yokotobi

12 | The 8th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival

asian american news, pop culture, independent arts.

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The Infinite Power of Cinema | 13
DISHING WITH THE STARS: a celebrity panel
Our favorite Asian American celebs give us a dose of reality when it comes to surviving in Hollywood. It’s not all glitz and glamour, so why do they
do it? From type-casting and scoring the dream role to indie projects and their MySpace pages, a no-holds bar discussion. Panel Length: 90 minutes
Sat. Oct 13, 2007 2:00pm UltraStar2 - Fujitsu
Moderated by Lee Ann Kim. Scheduled to speak:


Days of Our Lives Annapolis, Better Luck Tomorrow NBC’s Heroes


The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, “The Drop” host CSI, Baby
The Perfect Score

Winner of Survivor: Cook Islands

14 | The 8th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival

BLOWFISH: an intersection of sights and sounds
Come kick off SDAFF 2007 with our second annual music and video showcase. A dynamic convergence of Asian American talent, Blowfish is an
exploration of the intersection of beats, rhymes and film, through live performance and projected videos. Don’t miss this party, a deadly delicious
mix of Los Angeles party-rocking with San Diego flavor.
Fri. Oct 12, 2007 10pm (Doors open at 8pm) AUBERGINE Night Club Co-Presented By:
21+ Only downtown San Diego Onami
$10 at the door 500 4th and Island
$7 w/ Festival ticket stub San Diego, CA 92101


Representing the Fresh Coast with Breathing a refreshing sound back American born rapper of Spinning fresh beats throughout
their party rocking new school into the minds and souls of Classic Chaldean/Iraqi descent, mixes the night.
sound. Hip-Hop. explosive, Middle Eastern beats.

Ain’t No Sunshine - Tatum Jones
Iraq - TIMZ
Back Home - Blue Scholars
Champion - Native Gun
???? - The Upstarts
Post 9/11 Blues - MC Riz
??? - Far East Movement
TRT: 300 minutes

Sat Oct 13, 12PM FREE
Ultrastar Cinema Lobby
experience the eclectic acoustic
styles of some of SoCal’s most
talented musicians.

Terry Matsuoka Big Phony Joanie Mendenhall

Co-Presented By:
Future Rockstars of America

Dave’s Son Jason Turtle Lindsey Yung

The Infinite Power of Cinema | 15

THE TREK OF GEORGE TAKEI: an intimate discussion
Sun. Oct 14, 2007 1:00pm UltraStar 6 - Time Warner

Moderated by Lee Ann Kim

With millions of fans around the world, George Takei is

arguably Asian America’s most famous living icon. Best
known for his distinctive voice and portrayal of Mr. Sulu
(or Lt. Hikaru Sulu for you Trekkies) on the acclaimed
television and film series Star Trek, George has more
than 30 feature films and hundreds of television guest-
starring roles to his credit.
His acting career dates back to the 1950s when there
were virtually a handful of minorities in Hollywood.
His motion picture debut was in “Ice Palace” starring
Richard Burton in 1959. Seven years later, as a member
of the original Star Trek cast, George challenged
convention by becoming one of the first Asian American
actors to speak without a foreign accent and without
the burden of stereotypes in his role as Sulu. Originally
helmsman of the starship USS Enterprise, Sulu was
promoted to captain of the USS Excelsior.
In addition to his role in Star Trek which spanned more
than 40 years, George has appeared in a wide variety of
shows including Will & Grace, Malcolm in the Middle,
Murder She Wrote, Twilight Zone, Miami Vice, Hawaii
Five-O, My Three Sons, and many others.
Even today, George continues his remarkable career
as a recurring character on the popular NBC show,
Heroes, playing Kaito Nakamura, the father of time-
traveler Hiro Nakamura (Masi Oka).You can also catch
him from time-to-time as a semi-regular on Howard
Stern’s Sirius Satellite Radio show, where he has
garnered praise from loyal Stern fans for his sense of
humor, honesty, and his booming laugh.
George’s notoriety has also given him the platform to
share his experiences of spending most of his childhood
in American internment camps during World War II.
He is an outspoken community activist and a member
of the Human Rights Campaign, having traveled the
country to speak on civil rights for gay, lesbian, and
transgender Americans.
For his five decades in Hollywood and his invaluable
contributions to society, the San Diego Asian Film
Foundation is honoring George Takei with a lifetime
achievement award, and we will host an intimate
discussion with him on his career, his life, and legacy.

Takei as Mr. Sulu Speaking at Human Rights Campaign tour Takei with Masi Oka in Heroes Takei at Sirius Radio’s Howard Stern Show

16 | The 8th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival

The Infinite Power of Cinema | 17
the asian american women’s lifestyle magazine

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18 | The 8th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival
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Film & Program Guide

The Infinite Power of Cinema | 19

Opening Night Film

Thu. Oct 11, 2007 7:00pm

UltraStar 7 - Harrah’s Theatre
DIRECTOR: Justin Lin
WRITERS: Josh Diamond, Justin Lin
PRODUCERS: Julie Asato, Sal Gatdula, Justin Lin
CAST: Roger Fan, Sung Kang, Dustin Nguyen, McCaleb
Burnett, MC Hammer, Leonardo Nam, James Franco

*Mature content
*Director, cast & crew scheduled to attend

Preceded By
Director: Anson Ho | 14 min. | Video | 2007
An exciting look behind the scenes with Justin Lin and the
crew of FINISHING THE GAME, its journey to Sundance,
and reflections on Asian American cinema.

In 1973, Bruce Lee died suddenly at the age of 32,

leaving behind footage intended for his dream project
“The Game of Death.” Not one to miss an opportunity
for profit, Hollywood executives cast stand-ins
to double as Lee in a rewritten script which took
advantage of 12 minutes of Lee’s real footage, including
his now immortal fight with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in his
iconic yellow-and-black jumpsuit.

Following his groundbreaking indie hit “Better Luck

Tomorrow” (Opening Night, SDAFF ’02) as well as
studio ventures “Annapolis” and “The Fast and the
Furious: Tokyo Drift,” director Justin Lin returns to
his roots with FINISHING THE GAME, a rollicking
comedy spoof about the search for Bruce Lee’s stand-
in. Documentarians capture the absurd, hilarious and
sometimes disturbingly true-to-life (but decidedly
fictional) audition process as a motley assortment of OPENING NIGHT PARTY
candidates vie for the role.
Join the cast and crew of FINISHING THE
FINISHING THE GAME turns out to be less about GAME at: Airport Lounge (2400 India St.)
Bruce Lee than it is a lampoon of Hollywood in the
1970s, poking fun at the behind-the-scenes farces and Thu. Oct 11, 9pm - 1am
the racism—both blatant and subtle—ingrained in the 21 AND UP ONLY
industry. Lin reunites many of his cast from “Better
Luck Tomorrow” (Sung Kang, Roger Fan) and populates Sponsored by:
the film with cameos by friends gained along the way,
such as Leonardo Nam and Brian Tee (from “The Fast
and the Furious: Tokyo Drift”), Dustin Nguyen (21 Jump
Street), James Franco and even MC Hammer.

—Taro Goto, (SFIAAFF)

20 | The 8th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival

Whither the Dragon
By Jeff Yang

Bruce Lee passed out of the living world into legend 34 years ago,
but for Asian Americans living in the P.B.L. (Post-Bruce Lee), we
revere the man for his unique stature as one of the small pantheon of
folk heroes to our name.Yet there’s also a level of angst and resent-
ment at how his mythic status has defined how the world sees us,
especially those of us who are males. That ambivalence is a powerful
theme of Justin Lin’s FINISHING THE GAME, a dark mockumentary
purporting to tell what happened when Hollywood decided to try
to complete Lee’s final, unfinished work, “Game of Death,” using a
double to replace its deceased superstar. FINISHING THE GAME,
due out in October from IFC films, is an homage—and a loving one.
But it’s also a critique—not so much of Lee the man, but of the Rube
Goldberg apparatus that his life and death set in motion.

In one of “Game of Death’s” most mind-boggling scenes, Bruce Lee’s

stand-in looks at his reflection in the mirror, and—in a low-tech at-
tempt at preserving the illusion that he’s Lee—the filmmakers cut to
a cardboard cutout of his face pasted onto the mirror’s surface. From
a metaphorical standpoint, every time any Asian American guy looks
into a mirror, we see that cardboard cutout of Bruce Lee’s face, star-
ing back out at us. No one since Bruce has been Bruce, though many
people have tried. The gap he left in the pop continuum remains
empty; the hole he left in Asian American culture remains unfilled. But
perhaps the reason for that absence is because the wrong goal is be-
ing targeted. We don’t need Bruce Lee, or, as some wags have dubbed
him, “Kung Fu Jesus,” to come again and rapture us out of Hollywood
purgatory. We need to address the same problems he faced, and to
face them as he might have, in our wishful dreams. As Lee himself
famously said in “Enter the Dragon,” “It is like a finger pointing a way
to the moon: Don’t concentrate on the finger or you will miss all
that heavenly glory.”

Bruce is the superstar, the myth, the martial-arts messiah whose

image is seared into everything we do—he’s the finger. So what’s the
way to_the moon? Justin Lin and his crew, his ever-expanding “fam-
ily” of performers and creators, think they’ve found the way. They
speak of the journey they’re on, and the films they’ve done together.
FINISHING THE GAME unites cast and crewmembers from each
of Lin’s previous films, underscoring the idea that each work is just
a chapter in a larger story. They talk about carving out a new way of
making, distributing, marketing, and merchandising Asian American
films._ For example, by mobilizing grassroots, “Better Luck Tomor-
row,” scored an average box office per screen on its first weekend of
$30,000—the highest per screen average for Paramount Classics and
MTV Films ever. “It was the first time Hollywood had really hard data,
that Asian Americans exist and want to see Asian American prod-
uct—and that whites, blacks, and Latinos are willing to cross over to
see it,” says Lin. So for FINISHING THE GAME, the boys—and Julie
Asato, who produced both films—are back on the road, meeting
people, connecting with real filmgoers, extending the family.

That sense of hope, of empowerment, of never giving in to over-

whelming odds—that’s the fighting spirit that Lee hoped he’d inspire
in his people. That’s the heavenly glory. Bruce is gone, but always with
us. Other fighters have stepped into the fray. And the game—the
game goes on.

The Infinite Power of Cinema | 21

Closing Night Film

Grace Park of WEST 32ND

Thu. Oct 18, 2007 7:00pm

West Coast Premiere
UltraStar 7 - Harrah’s Theatre
Director Michael Kang returns to the SDAFF John feels connected to Lila and is determined
with his latest feature, WEST 32ND, a thriller set to help. Though he is Korean American, John
DIRECTOR: Michael Kang in New York’s Koreatown, starring an impressive barely knows how to speak Korean and finds
PRODUCERS: Teddy Zee, Ted Kim cast of Korean American and international stars. himself a foreigner in K-town’s exciting nightlife.
WRITERS: Michael Kang, This feature marks the first American production He befriends Mike Juhn, a well-dressed, ruthless
Edmund Lee of CJ Entertainment, Korea’s largest entertainment gangster newly in charge of the Korean club
CAST: John Cho, Chil Kong, Grace company. where the murder took place. Before he knows
Park, Jane Kim, Jun Kim it, John is neck-deep in the gang-related politics of
After hustling his way onto a pro-bono homicide Koreatown, and his dangerous search for answers
*Mature content case, an ambitious young lawyer, John Kim (John often gets lost in translation. Having premiered
*Director and cast scheduled to attend Cho), infiltrates the gritty Korean underworld at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival to sold-out
of New York, searching for clues. The murder audiences, Kang and his co-writer, Edmund Lee,
suspect is a teenager charged with gunning down expose the darker side of Koreatown with twists
the manager of a Korean “room salon” club. The and turns that leave the audience wondering who
boy’s sister, Lila Lee (Grace Park) is sure of his to trust.
innocence and will sacrifice anything to save him.
Former SDAFF winner, director Michael Kang, returns to San Diego for closing
night with his crossover thriller film, WEST 32nd, exposing the dark side of
New York’s Koreatown.
By Lee Ann Kim

ongrats on the incredible success of your second feature! It’s
such a departure from THE MOTEL (awarded Best Dramatic
Narrative Feature, SDAFF ‘05). What made you decide to focus
your next feature on New York’s Koreatown?

Having grown up in New England in a mostly non-Asian setting, moving

to New York was a huge change for me. At the heart of that, I was always
Director Michael Kang
fascinated by my relationship to the Korean enclave of Flushing and the
strip of Korean businesses on 32nd Street. The story of West 32nd was a
way for me to explore the connections between 1.5 and 2nd generation
Korean Americans.

Is K-Town’s underworld as thrilling and scandalous as you make it out to


There are lines blurred, but the heart of the film is based in facts. My co-
writer Edmund Lee was a reporter at The Village Voice when I first met
him, and he had been working for a year already on an expose on Korean
criminal culture. The case involved in the film is also very common and
actually had been inspired by a real murder of a room salon manager a
friend who worked in the non-profit sector had told me about. Obvi-
ously, there is artistic license taken in the delivery of these events, but it
is the essence of truth.

How cool was it to work with such a talented cast (which included both
John Cho in WEST 32ND
huge Korean and Korean American stars)? Any diva stories?

I have been blessed with the talent I have gotten to work with. I had
never worked with John Cho or Grace Park prior to this film and there
was a fear that with either or both of them that I would run into bad
Hollywood behavior. But I think that as with all Asian American actors
out there that have been fortunate enough to get consistent work, they
are very grounded in the fact that the types of roles I write are not the
typical roles they get to play – namely, characters that are very close to
their own experiences.

You had sold-out screenings at Tribecca Film Fest, where WEST 32ND
premiered. What was that like to premiere in your home town where
the film was shot?

It was gratifying to be able to show the film to the city to which it was a
love letter. The support we got there was amazing. We had to turn away
hundreds of people at every screening. That was unheard of.
Jane Kim in WEST 32ND

You can meet filmmaker Michael Kang, his cast, and crew at our closing
night screening of WEST 32ND, Thursday, October 18.

Screening Sponsors

The Infinite Power of Cinema | 23

Spotlight Film
Sat. Oct 13, 2007 5:10pm UltraStar2 - Fujitsu

USA | 90 min. | 35mm | 2006

DIRECTOR: Shi-Zheng Chen
WRITER: Billy Shebar
PRODUCERS: Janet Yang, Andrea Miller, Jeff T. Miller
EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Linda Sophie Chiu, Kirk D’Amico
CAST:Ye Liu, Meryl Streep, Aidan Quinn

*Mature content
*Producers scheduled to attend

New York-based Chinese opera director Chen who helps him in his transition into American who killed six people at the Iowa University
Shi-zheng makes his first feature film debut society. Liu becomes protégé to head of of Iowa in 1991. It is a remarkable surprise
with DARK MATTER, which follows a Chinese the cosmology department Jacob Reiser, that any filmmaker would even approach the
science student pursuing a PhD. He is studying played by Aidan Quinn, who threatens to subject of a tragic campus shooting from
the origins of the universe. The Mid-Western thwart Liu’s aspirations with campus politics the gunman’s point of view, but even more
Valley State University cosmology student, when it becomes clear that Liu’s developing surprising that it is executed so well, with
Liu Xing, dreams of winning the Nobel Prize theories oppose Reiser’s models. Eventually a certain elegance and sense of honesty.
by attempting to unravel the secrets of Liu gets pushed to the margins of academia Add to that an outstanding performance by
dark matter, that mysterious substance that and society after he goes behind Reiser’s newcomer Ye Liu, DARK MATTER proves to
governs the universe. Liu finds a remarkable back to publish his discoveries. Alone and be as mesmerizing a film as the universe itself.
amount of freedom in the United States and unsupported, Liu finally explodes with vengeful
initially finds it exciting, but as time passes he hostility in a final and chilling act of violence. Co-presented by:
finds himself struggling as an alien in a new Cal State San Marcos Asian Pacific Islander
environment. He develops a connection with DARK MATTER is based on the true story Faculty Staff Association
a generous socialite played by Meryl Streep of a disgruntled physics student from China
irector Chen Shi-Zheng’s DARK MATTER plunges he is a foreign student in a foreign land. As such, Xing finds
the expansive and progressive world of academia into himself embroiled in confusion that forces him from his coveted
darkened corners — the film is loosely based on the true standing within the academic arena. Soon, the violently obsessed
story of Gang Lu, a brilliant young physicist from China whose and unbalanced Xing dives back into the chance to reclaim his
talents met a tragic end at an American university in 1991. The reputation.
film, recipient of the Alfred P. Sloan Prize at the 2007 Sundance
Film Festival and Shi-Zheng’s first feature-length piece, centers on The similarities between the film, the subject it is based on (in
Liu Xing (Liu Ye), a budding scientist who arrives at Valley State which Lu shot and killed five colleagues then committed suicide)
University as a part of a cosmology research team. and this year’s shootings at Virginia Tech sparked protests to the
film’s U.S. release. However, the events at Virginia Tech, in which
“We researched [Gang Lu], but after some time, the characters students were indiscriminately murdered, differ vastly from
in our film took on lives of their own that departed from the DARK MATTER’s themes, an intensely dark tour of one star’s fall
original characters and became more consuming,” producer Janet into desperation and, eventually, murder.
Yang said. “There was also a great deal of research done about
Chinese students at universities across the country in general, “We had long wrapped production when VA Tech occurred,” Yang
and science students in particular.” said. “We had already screened the film at Sundance in January,
and won the Alfred P. Sloan Award. Ironically, the only criticism
The film courts an undercurrent of gloomy themes, many of of note that we received about the film was that the ending to
which recently drew public ire. Xing faces a bevy of obstacles some seemed kind of implausible. After VA Tech, nobody made
throughout the film, and finds himself lost in a web of cultural that accusation.”
and campus politics. Xing cannot escape his glaring weakness:
Because the film’s producers “could not comfortably distribute
and promote our film so close to [Virginia Tech’s] aftermath,”
Yang said, the film is now slated for a spring 2008 release.

- By Charles Nguyen

The Infinite Power of Cinema | 25



“Not a typical anime”

by Kent Ngo

CENTIMETERS PER SECOND is not she narrates her story with the innocence of
typical Anime. There are no talking youth. The withering pain of love that cannot
Japanese w/ English subtitles| 60 min. | Video |
animals. There are no inanimate objects be is a bittersweet theme that purports these
Color | 2007
with faces. There are no intense, overtly growing stories of young adults.
DIRECTOR: Makoto Shinkai Japan violent scenes. There is only an animated love
story as real as can be. Written and directed The animation throughout the film is stunning,
Thu. Oct 11, 2007 7:15pm by Makoto Shinkai, 5 CENTIMETERS PER with every scene taking place in an actual
UltraStar2 - Fujitsu SECOND spans three sequential, short-story location in Japan. Makoto brings the audience
Tue. Oct 16, 2007 6:15pm episodes, each a different time period in the into this familiar realm of life, with the spark of
UltraStar2 - Fujitsu life of Takaki Tono. young love and the glisten of beautiful imagery;
it is only a shame that these short stories are
The first episode is situated when Takaki just that--too short.
Achingly beautiful, 5 CENTIMETERS PER is about to enter junior high. After his very
SECOND, breaks new ground in anime in close friend Akari Shinohara moves away, Co-presented by:
both artistry and storytelling. Named for the they try to remain in contact with each other Japan Society of San Diego and Tijuana
speed at which cherry blossom petals fall, through letters and phone calls. But when
5 CENTIMETERS PER SECOND consists Takaki learns that his family is moving farther
of three segments and follows a boy named Preceded By
away, he hitches on a train to see Akari one
Takaki through his life, first as a middle school last time. The story is told through Takaki’s VOICES OF A DISTANT STAR
student, through high school, and as an adult narration, with poetic details of his emotions Director: Makoto Shinkai, Steven Foster | 30 min. |
working as a computer programmer. Delicate, and thoughts. Video | 2003
powerful, and heartrending, each segment
explores the complex nature of human Such is also true for Kanae Sumita, who is When the alien Tarsians attack, Mikako volunteers
to be a pilot to protect mankind. Separated from his
beings, giving viewers a familiar and real world introduced in the next segment as a friend in
girlfirend, the two remain in contact by sending text
perspective of the struggles we face against Takaki’s older teen years. She is a classmate of messages, but each battle takes Mikako further from
time, space, people, and love. Masterfully Takaki in his new school after moving from his Earth and messages take longer to arrive. Will their
crafted with every second counting, this is a home in the last episode. Claiming it was “love love stand the test of time and distance?
film that will certainly stay with you for days. at first sight” when she first meets Takaki,
26 | The 8th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival

AFTER THIS OUR EXILE Hong Kong | Cantonese w/ English

Subtitles | 139 min. | 35mm | 2006
DIRECTOR: Patrick Tam
WRITERS: Patrick Tam, Kai-Leong Tian
PRODUCER: Chiu Li-kuang
CAST: Aaron Kwok, Charlie Yeung,
Gouw Ian Iskander

Sun. Oct 14, 2007 8:00pm

UltraStar 6 - Time Warner

Thu. Oct 18, 2007 6:30pm
UltraStar1 - Eastlake

*Mature content

One of the leading filmmakers of the Hong Kong new wave during the early ’80s, Patrick Tam returns after a Co-presented by:
15-year absence with a film that is visually (and emotionally) arresting. Set in 1990s Malaysia,Tam’s family drama SingMa Club, Chinese Consolidated
dissects the troubled relationship between a loser father (Hong Kong superstar Aaron Kwok) with a gambling Benevolent Association
problem and his son who desperately looks up to him. Deserted by their wife and mother, the men drift across
the thin line that divides survival from collapse. Fleeing from loan sharks, the father encourages his son to rob
houses, a scheme with predictably disastrous results. In contrast, the mother is now remarried and living a
comfortable middle-class life. A few years later, the grown-up son returns to his home and, for better or worse,
comes to terms with his loss of innocence.

AIR GUITAR NATION USA | 82 min. | 35mm | 2006

DIRECTOR: Alexandra Lipsitz
PRODUCERS: Dan Cutforth, Jane Lipsitz,
Anna Barber
Devitt, Kriston Rucker

Fri. Oct 12, 2007 7:00pm

UltraStar1 - Eastlake

Tue. Oct 16, 2007 8:30pm
UltraStar1 - Eastlake

*Mature Content
*C-Diddy scheduled to attend
Co-presented by:
A battle of naked ambition played out on the national and, ultimately, world stage, AIR GUITAR NATION San Diego Dragon Boat Team,
chronicles the birth of the U.S. Air Guitar Championships. Legions of aspiring rock stars live out their dreams SDSU Asian Pacific Student Alliance
on a quest to become the world champion in a strange world where musical ability plays second fiddle to
virtual virtuosity (think “American Idol” meets a Star Trek convention). Two aspiring rock legends strum and
strut their way towards glory and the coveted national title. C. Diddy (David Jung), a Korean American samurai
warrior clad in a Hello Kitty breast plate and red kimono, emerges as an early favorite. But his arch nemesis,
Björn Türoque (Dan Crane), is not far behind. While C. Diddy threatens to unleash his self-professed “Asian
Fury’’ on his competitors, Björn vows to take Diddy down.

Full of triumph and hilarity, patriotic spirit and competition, AIR GUITAR NATION won the coveted Best
Audience Award at the SXSW Film Festival and is quickly spawning a cult following in both the film and the

The Infinite Power of Cinema | 27


ALL AROUND THE WORLD Co-presented by:

Japan Society of San Diego and Tijuana

From North Korea to Australia, this short film program will take you around the world in 90 min-
utes. Fasten your seat belts! TRT: 91 min.
Sun. Oct 14, 2007 12:30pm UltraStar2 - Fujitsu
Thu. Oct 18, 2007 7:15pm UltraStar2 - Fujitsu
*Mature Content
*Cast and crew scheduled to attend

deface the golden voice chiyo

Director: John Arlotto | 20 min. Director: Greg Cahill | 25 min. | Director: Masanori Baba | 24
| Video | 2007 Video | 2006 min. | Video | 2000
After losing his family to Ros Sereysothea was Cambodia’s In the summer of 1945, little
starvation, a North Korean most beloved female rock singer Chiyo has been loooking
man risks his life to rebel until revolution turned the forward to this year’s O-Bon, a
against the government by country upside down. Buddhist festival during which
vandalizing their propaganda the dead are supposed to visit
billboards. the living. Chiyo longs to see her
father, who died in the war the
year before.

the last chip

Director: Heng Tang | 22 min. |
Video | 2006
Madam Fang, a former cabaret
singer, Mrs. Nguyen, a struggling
yum-cha waitress and Sister Ah
Lan, a religious factory worker,
form a sisterhood. They seek
financial freedom at a casino to
lift them from their banal lives.

28 | The 8th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival


ALL IN THIS TEA China & USA I 70 min. | Video | Color

| 2006
DIRECTOR: Gina Leibrecht
PRODUCERS: Les Blank, Gina Leibrecht
CAST: David Lee Hoffman, Gaetano
Kazuo Maida, James Norwood Pratt, Song
Diefeng, Winnie W.Yu

Tue. Oct 16, 2007 5:30pm

UltraStar 6 - Time Warner

*Complimentary tea reception

by Infusions of Tea following

Co-presented by:
Tea importer David Lee Hoffman travels throughout China in search of handcrafted premium teas. Directors Infusions of Tea, Chinese Consolidated
Les Blank and Gina Leibrecht follow this adventurer as he discovers exquisite teas and attempts to overcome Benevolent Association
bureaucratic obstacles to buying tea directly from farmers. Hoffman is most interested in teas that have been
handpicked and carefully dried and heated to create the fragrance, color, and taste unique to each tea-maker.
As he admires a cup of tea, he describes the care that went into picking each tea bud, then mourns the
tea-makers who may not be around much longer. China’s emphasis on factory-produced tea treated with
chemical fertilizers is endangering the small farmer who has produced organic tea for generations.

The documentary also reveals every step of the tea-making process, from the picking of the buds to their
slow heating over a wok. Tea experts discuss the history and tradition of tea drinking and its health benefits.
After seeing this film, you’ll never drink a cup of tea the same way again.

—Chuleenan Svetvilas (SFIFF)

USA | English & Japanese w/ English

Subtitles | 102 min. | Video | 2006
DIRECTOR: Desmond Nakano
WRITERS: Desmond Nakano,
Tony Kayden
PRODUCERS: Kerry Yo Nakagawa,
Barry Rosenbush, Tom Gorai
CAST: Aaron Yoo, Gary Cole,
Leonardo Nam, Sarah Drew,
Masatoshi Nakamura, Judy Ongg,
Kriston Rucker

AMERICAN PASTIME Sat. Oct 13, 2007 2:30pm

UltraStar2 - Fujitsu

Tue. Oct 16, 2007 8:15pm
Set during World War II, the Nomuras are a Japanese American family from Los Angeles forced to relocate to UltraStar2 - Fujitsu
a remote internment camp in Utah soon after the Pearl Harbor attack. Lyle Nomura (Aaron Yoo, “Disturbia”)
is a promising young pitcher who loses his baseball scholarship as a result of the internment. Lyle soon butts *Cast & crew scheduled to attend
heads with Billy Burrell (Gary Cole, “Office Space”), a career minor league catcher who also happens to be
one of the military guards in charge of policing the camp. Tensions mount when Lyle begins to date Burrell’s Co-presented by:
daughter (Sarah Drew). Lyle and Burrell eventually have their confrontation when one day, Lyle’s father Japan Society of San Diego and Tijuana,
proposes a game between the local town baseball team, captained by Burrell, and a team consisting of the Japanese American Historical Society of
Japanese American internees. San Diego, Japanese American Citizens

Beautifully shot and acted, AMERICAN PASTIME gives an accurate depiction of life in the Topaz Internment League of San Diego
Camp. Director Desmond Nakano (“White Man’s Burden”) deftly blends sports elements with historical
accuracy. AMERICAN PASTIME is a triumphant achievement, providing proper focus to a dark chapter in
American history by telling the inspirational tale of how sports can sometimes be more than just a game.
The Infinite Power of Cinema | 29

AND THEREAFTER II USA | Korean w/ English Subtitles | 56

min. | Video | Color | 2006
WRITER: Hosup Lee
PRODUCERS: Hosup Lee, Hyun-ock Im

Fri. Oct 12, 2007 5:15pm

UltraStar1 - Eastlake

Mon. Oct 15, 2007 8:35pm
UltraStar 6 - Time Warner

*Mature content

Award-winning filmmaker Hosup Lee made his mark during SDAFF ’05, winning the Best Documentary
Award with “And Thereafter.” This year, he returns with the second in his trilogy of documentaries on Korean
military brides, AND THEREAFTER II. The film follows Ajuma, one of thousands of Korean women who
married American servicemen and immigrated to the United States with hopes for a better life. Widowed, she
leads an isolated existence in southern New Jersey. A former prostitute, Ajuma is alienated from both Korean
and American society, and spends most of her free time on gambling trips to Atlantic City. At first, Ajuma is
unwilling to recollect her past and the conflicts between the director and subject begin to undermine the
project, but eventually she begins to open up to the filmmaker, almost to the other extreme. The fascinating
but foul-mouthed Ajuma unflinchingly recounts her past and speaks with scathing honesty on men and aging.
AND THEREAFTER II is riveting and thoughtful filmmaking, with a surprising twist at the end and even a
glimmer of hope you don’t see coming.

ANG PAMANA: THE INHERITANCE Canada & Phillippines | Tagalog w/ English

Subtitles | 87 min. | 35mm | 2006
DIRECTOR: Romeo Candido
WRITERS: Romeo Candido,
Carmen De Jesus
PRODUCER: Caroline Mangosing
CAST: Darrel Gamotin, Nadine Villasin,
Phoemela Baranda, Nicoo Lorenzo

Thu. Oct 11, 2007 9:45pm

UltraStar 7 - Harrah’s

Sun. Oct 14, 2007 7:45pm
UltraStar2 - Fujitsu

Director Romeo Candido’s supernatural thriller ANG PAMANA: THE INHERITANCE is a spectacle of *Mature Content
atmospheric chills that takes its inspiration from age-old Filipino folklore. In his second feature, Candido has
crafted a marvelously fun picture that is sure to please fans of the horror genre.
Co-presented by:
Siblings Johnny and Anna travel back to the Philippines for their grandmother’s funeral. Their inheritance? Her Filipino American Chamber of
opulent country estate. With their sexy socialite cousin Vanessa leading the way, the three take a trip to their Commerce of San Diego, Philippine
new property and meet Tommy, the estate’s mentally challenged resident, and one who may have psychic American Business Improvement and
abilities. When Vanessa invites some local boys to the estate for some excitement, their day of adventure Development, Mabuhay Alliance,
turns into a waking nightmare when one of the boys suffers a mysterious death. Soon the cousins discover SDSU Andres Bonifacio Samahan,
that their grandmother’s tales of spirits and monsters hiding in the forest are more than just urban legend; in CSUSM Kamalayan Alliance
order to save his family, Johnny must recall not only Grandmother’s stories, but their lessons as well.
—Christopher Au (SFIAAFF)

30 | The 8th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival


Hyun-min Lee is an animator from Seoul, South Korea. She came to the United States in 2000, and has earned a degree in painting
from Wesleyan University and a Masters degree in animation from the California Institute of the Arts. She enjoys working in all areas
of animation, but her work mainly focuses on traditional hand drawn techniques. She cites the early Disney films as an influence on
her work, and has spent time training with animators Eric Goldberg and Bert Klein. Hyun-min currently resides in the Greater Los
Angeles area and continues to work on various animation projects.

By Sam Chen

What inspired the story of UNDER THE HONEY CHESTNUT TREE?

The person who has been the biggest inspiration in my life is my mother, and since she passed away a few years ago I was
left with countless memories of the times I spent with her. I thought animation was the best medium to pay tribute to
those memories, for me and for my family, so as soon as I properly learned how to animate I had to make a film about all
the things that I missed about her.

Your style is so reminiscent of classic Disney animation. What is your favorite Disney animated film, and which one(s) have
you learned the most from?

One of my favorites is “Robin Hood” because I used to watch it as a kid. I also really like “Cinderella”, “The Three
Caballeros,” and “Aladdin” and a lot of the old Disney shorts that would run Sunday mornings. We’d record them and I’d
watch them over and over. I’ve learned a lot from those bits of classic animation that make you completely forget the fact
that they were hand-drawn by someone. I’d like to be able to create such memorable characters for people someday.

What would be your ultimate dream job in animation?

My dream would be to ultimately be a lead animator that a director could depend on to do a character right. The classic
Disney animators would be given a character and the director knew they could just do it—they had total confidence in
their work and ability. I would be very happy if I could reach a point where people would have that sort of confidence in
me, and I hope the work I produce can be a big part of making the film an enjoyable experience for the audience.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I like to watch a lot of films, but I also enjoy watching people around me like my family and
friends and seeing their daily emotions and reactions. No person, life, or day is exactly the
same as the other and the fact that animation can capture everything from the most subtle
responses to the most outrageous pieces of imagination is what inspires me to continue

Word has it that you are the first Asian woman to work in Disney’s
hand-drawn department as a 2D apprentice animator. Tell us more
about this position and what it means to you.

I am starting as an animation apprentice in October, which is an

animator-in-training. I am very excited and honored to
be chosen for this position. I have been told that
I might be the first female Asian hand drawn
traditional animator in the department
at Disney, but there have been Asian
female animators in the

The Infinite Power of Cinema | 31



Asian Professionals,
How do you coax life out of thin air? Find out in this program dedicated entirely to the Platt College
Magical Art of Animation. TRT: 89 min.
Sat. Oct 13, 2007 3:00pm UltraStar1 - Eastlake
Wed. Oct 17, 2007 7:30pm UltraStar1 - Eastlake

*Mature content / *Cast and crew scheduled to attend

Director: James Jaculina | 2 min. Director: David Chai | 8 min. | Director: Dave Quion | 3 min. | Director: Sookyoung Choi | 3
| Video | 2007 Video | 2006 Video | 2005 min. | Video | 2007
Bruce Lee is resurrected in this What happens if your wildest Mild mannered Johnny was A surreal and horrific world
“balls to the wall” tribute set in dreams of acquring every woman sitting in his boring cubicle when of attacking eyeballs and
a retro-psychedelic ‘70s-esque on Earth were to come true? his computer short-circuited, extraterrestrial fast-food
world. medium: Traditional & Digital gave him magical super powers workers.
medium: Traditional and transformed him into...the medium:
Bastard. Computer Animation
medium: Traditional


GUARDIAN Director: Kun-i Chang | 5 min. | Director: Mirai Mizue | 5 min. | Director: Joe Takayama | 3 min. |
Director: Gary Liew | 4 min. | Video | 2006 Video | 2007 Video | 2006
Video | 2007 A man who sees himself as a In a jazzy musical microcosm, a Algorithmic animation based
Video game hero fights a cyber graffiti on the wall in this eye- cell divides and becomes a part on the “peristaltic” movement
centurion in an action-packed popping visual feast. of a larger growing world. of earthworms in this dazzling
duel for their lives. medium: Motion Graphics, Live medium: Traditional & Motion display of shapes and forms.
medium: Computer Animation; Action, Computer Animation; Graphics; Director medium: Computer Animation
Maya Maya & After Effects

32 | The 8th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival

Director: Jian Lee | 4 min. | Director: Andrew Huang | 3 min. Director: Dongkeun Lee | Director: Zhang Gong | 5 min. |
Video | 2007 | Video | 2007 4 min. | Video | 2007 Video | 2005
A lonely man and woman living A tale of macabre absurdity, this Based on an old Korean folktale, A macabre metaphoric tale of
in glass bottles find each other stopmotion meets live-action a faceless female ghost stalks and the power struggles that have
with a little help from a helping piece plunges an unwitting office steals the face of an unlucky soul. defined and defiled world history.
hand. worker into a cycle of ghoulish medium: Claymation medium: Traditional
medium: StopMotion; After nightmares during his nightshift.
Effects medium: StopMotion, Live Action,
Computer Animation; Maya &
After Effects


Director: Ma Fengqing | 12 min. | MAN’S ADVENTURE
Video | 2004 Director: Qin Xiaosong | 6 min. |
A claymation tour de force Video | 2004
about the perils of setting the A drunken old man dreams
wrong examples, and a curious about a fantastical journey with
son who’s ready to live them. the Fairy Peach and cherry
medium: Claymation blossoms.
medium: Computer Animation


Director: Will Kim | 5 min. | Director: PARK Jung-kyu | 8 min.
Video | 2007 | Video | 2006
A watercolor journey into the A hapless woman overcomes
life, love, and death of a male her hardships and begins a new
and female peacock. and better life with the help of a
medium: Traditional; After Guardian Angel.
Effects medium: Traditional; Rotoscope


CHESTNUT TREE Director: Gaelle Denis | 6 min. |
Director: Hyun-min Lee | 3 min. | 35mm | 2004
35mm | 2007 When Tomoko arrives in London,
An exquisitely hand-animated she has no idea that soon she
story about a mother and will discover a mysterious secret
daughter creating memories hidden beneath the city.
under a chestnut tree. medium: Live Action, Computer
medium: Traditional Animation

The Infinite Power of Cinema | 33


BABY USA | 100 min. | Video | Color | 2006

DIRECTOR: Juwan Chung
WRITER: Felix Chan & Juwan Chung
PRODUCER: Jason Serrato
CAST: Tzi Ma, Ron Yuan, David Hyunh,
Feodor Chin, Kenny Choi, Linn Ko,
Kenzo Lee, Peter Cho, Christina Stacey

Fri. Oct 12, 2007 9:30pm

UltraStar2 - Fujitsu

Mon. Oct 15, 2007 8:50pm
UltraStar2 - Fujitsu

*Mature Content
*Director and crew scheduled to attend
Dubbed by some critics as the Asian American “Boyz n the Hood,” Juwan Chung’s second feature film BABY
is undeniably a slice of urban ganglife type of film. The title character, Baby, is a motherless 11-year-old boy Co-presented by:
who is taken under the wing of the gangsters next door in East Los Angeles during the 1990s. One dark UCR - Asian Pacific Student Programs
evening ends with Baby shooting a rival gang member, landing him seven years in juvenile hall. The adult Baby,
Office, UCSD Multi-Asian Student
played by newcomer David Huynh, re-enters society but has no real opportunities to change his life. The
only father figure he really has is the gang ringleader Benny (Fedor Chin). The hardened and disillusioned
Baby attempts to pick up the pieces of the adolescence he never had in the underbelly of Monterey Park and
Alhambra. Can Baby walk the straight and narrow path, or will he join his gang family once again? Huynh’s
portrayal of Baby is one of the most memorable performances in the film festival, one that conveys both
ferocity and yet loneliness and vulnerability. It is rare to see a film about Asian American gang culture, even
rarer to see it executed with stylized direction and a supreme cast.

BLACKOUT Philippines | Tagalog w/ English Subtitles |

85 min. | 35mm | Color | 2006
DIRECTOR: Renato Bautista
WRITER: Shugo Praico
PRODUCER: Tony Gloria
CAST: Robin Padilla, Iza Calzado,
John Michael Reyes, Ella Guevarra

Sat. Oct 13, 2007 8:45pm

UltraStar 7 - Harrah’s

Wed. Oct 17, 2007 9:30pm
UltraStar 7 - Harrah’s

Co-presented by:
Filipino American Chamber of
Ato Bautista’s savvy second feature film reinvigorates the Filipino thriller. Gil (Robin Padilla) suffers frequent Commerce of San Diego,
blackouts due to his heavy drinking. His inability to control his alcoholism drives his wife away, leaving Gil to
House of the Philippines, Filipino Press,
take care of his son, Nino (John Michael Reyes). In despair, Gil promises to quit drinking and reunify the family.
Mabuhay Alliance, USD Filipino Ugnayan
But one night, Gil experiences another blackout. This time, he is left with a mysterious bloody rear bumper on
his tattered Mercedes. In the calamitous aftermath his life spirals into hysteria as he struggles to uncover the Student Organization
real story hidden by his fragmented viewpoint, one where the lines between real and unreal are blurred.

Bautista plays with rapid imagery through deftly edited sequences to parallel Gil’s scattered mind. Delivering
a powerful, nuanced performance, Padilla captures one man’s desperate attempt to regain a normal, sober life
for his beloved family. Bautista’s keen ability to switch between reality and illusion establishes BLACKOUT as a
standout film in the thriller genre.
—Viet-Ly Nguyen

34 | The 8th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival


BOLINAO 52 Vietnam & USA | English, Tagalog &

Vietnamese w/ English Subtitles I 60 min.
| Video | 2007
DIRECTOR: Duc Nguyen
WRITER: Duc Nguyen
PRODUCER: Duc Nguyen
CAST: Tung Trinh, William E. Cloonan,
Lam Phan, Carlos Caagusan

Thu. Oct 11, 2007 7:45pm

UltraStar1 - Eastlake

Co-presented by:
Vietnamese American Youth Alliance,
SDSU Vietnamese Student Association,
In 1988, 110 people boarded a boat to flee persecution in their homeland of Vietnam. Unfortunately, the boat Filipino American Chamber of Commerce
immediately ran into a storm and the engine failed a day into the journey, stranding the boat at sea. Nineteen of San Diego, Philippine American Youth
days later, a U.S. Navy warship, the U.S.S. Dubuque discovered the boat. However, instead of rescuing the Organization, CSUSM Vietnamese
refugees, the U.S. warship continued on. Starving and lacking drinking water, the boat people eventually
American Student Association
resorted to cannibalism in order to survive. After drifting at sea for 37 days, the boat was saved by Filipino
fisherman from the village of Bolinao. Out of the 110 passengers, only 52 people survived and BOLINAO 52
is the gripping account of this ill-fated journey.
BOLINAO 52 documents the account of one survivor of this tragic incident, Tung Trinh, as she journeys back
to Philippines to confront her demons and gain a sense of closure. Along the way, she also meets face-to-
face with a man who was a sailor on the U.S.S. Dubuque and we learn more about how a U.S. Navy ship
could have possibly left starving refugees to die at sea.Vietnamese American director Duc Nguyen, himself
a surviving boat person, skillfully presents the tale of a woman coming to grips with an unspeakably horrific
time in her life, while simultaneously preserving the story of an avoidable tragedy.

Bring on
the popcorn
and enjoy
the show!

North American Headquarters

8611 Balboa Avenue
San Diego, CA 92123

Tel: (858) 576-2600 KYOCERA is pleased to serve as a corporate sponsor of the 8th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival.

The Infinite Power of Cinema | 35


BRIDGING THE GAP Co-presented by:

Cal State San Marcos Cross-Cultural
The gap between generations can sometimes become as wide as a canyon. This beautiful collection
UCSD Cross-Cultural Center
of short films explores what happens when family members try to break down the barriers that
separate them. TRT: 85 min. *Mature content
Fri. Oct 12, 2007 6:15pm UltraStar 6 - Time Warner
Thu. Oct 18, 2007 5:45pm UltraStar 6 - Time Warner

*Cast and crew scheduled to attend


Director: Louis R. Sweeney | Director: Jennifer Tippins | 6 min. Director: PJ Raval |15 min. |
13 min. | Video | 2007 | Video | 2007 Video | 2006
After eloping in Las Vegas, Sean A mother and her daughter When director Joseph Chu
and his Filipino girlfriend try to dream of spending the day puts out a casting call for a film
hide their marriage from her together when the reality of life based on his own family, he
parents. as a single, working parent keep never expects his own father to
them apart. audition for the lead role.
medium: Traditional Animation


Director: Debbie Formoso | 20 Director: Jae-ho Chang | 10 min. Director: Shyam Balse | 21 min.
min. | Video | 2006 | Video | 2006 | Video | 2006
Set against the turbulent On this final journey, a mother Govinda, a California doctor,
backdrop of a country on the and son contemplate their last is forced to return to his
edge of rebellion, this film is the remaining moments together. motherland in India when his
story of one woman’s struggle estranged father falls ill. When
to preserve her own sense of Govinda tries to administer
self as her husband’s political treatment, his father has other
power escalates. plans that send both of them
on a journey into their pasts.

36 | The 8th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival


CATS OF MIRIKITANI USA | 74 min. | 35mm | 2006

DIRECTOR: Linda Hattendorf
PRODUCERS: Masa Yoshikawa,
Linda Hattendorf

Sun. Oct 14, 2007 3:15pm

UltraStar 6 - Time Warner

Mon. Oct 15, 2007 6:15pm
UltraStar1 - Eastlake

*Director scheduled to attend

Co-presented by:
Japan Society of San Diego and
Tijuana, Japanese American
New York film editor Linda Hattendorf first noticed Jimmy Mirikitani freezing cold in the streets of
Historical Society of San Diego,
Manhattan’s Soho, sleeping in front of a grocery store. Later, she returned to buy one of his drawings in
exchange for taking a photograph of him. Thus began a friendship between the Ohio-born New Yorker and Buddhist Temple of San Diego,
the 80-year-old, homeless Japanese American man. Hattendorf documents their strange relationship and Japanese American Citizens League
eventually his life in a very personal, shoe-string budget documentary. Both subject and director’s lives take a of San Diego, City College World
turn following 9/11, when Hattendorf invites the homeless artist to sleep in her home since the Manhattan air Cultures Program
becomes unbreathable.
Stories of Mirikitani’s life begin to unravel as he essentially becomes Hattendorf’s roommate. Mirikitani was
held in the Tule Lake Japanese internment camp for three and a half years of his young life during WWII where
he was coerced to renounce his citizenship even though he was born in Sacramento, CA. Most of his family
had perished when the bomb fell on Hiroshima. These events leave Mirikitani with some bitterness and little
faith in his country.
2006 Audience Award Tribeca Film Festival

2539 Windward Way

Chula Vista, CA 91914
The Infinite Power of Cinema | 37

CRAZYSEXYFUNNY! Co-presented by:

Asian Accountants of San Diego

Warning: You must be willing to laugh out loud to watch this group of comical shorts.
TRT: 78 min.
Sat. Oct 13, 2007 5:30pm UltraStar1 - Eastlake
Tue. Oct 16, 2007 7:15pm UltraStar 6 - Time Warner

*Mature content / *Cast and crew scheduled to attend


Director: Chris Tsou | 6 min. | Director: Craig Rosenthal | 9 Director: Louis R. Sweeney |13 Director: Howard Duy Vu | 6
Video | 2006 min. | Video | 2006 min. | Video | 2007 min. | Video | 2006
E! True Zoo Story: The Rise and A newbie robber holding up his After eloping in Las Vegas, Sean Political correctness flies out the
Fall of Tai Shan the Panda first convenience store is met and his Filipino girlfriend try to window as a group of diverse co-
with strange surprise. hide their marriage from her workers have it out in the break
parents. room.

Director: Miqi Huang | 2 min. |
Video | 2006
The mundane life of a human
being is explored through the
eyes of a bear.


Director: Dylan O’neil | 5 min. | Director: David Chai | 8 min. | Director: Joshua Kameyer | 13
Video | 2007 Video | 2006 min. | Video | 2007
Darth Vader’s light saber falls What happens if your wildest Randy is a whiz at math, but
out of the sky, plunking a young dreams of acquring every when probability fails him, he has
man on the head, and wreaking woman on Earth were to come to risk the odds if he wants a
havoc in the modern world. true? shot at true love.
medium: Traditional & Digital

Director: Roman Cortez | 14
min. | Video | 2007
The life and times of those crazy
sign spinners on the street.

38 | The 8th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival

The Infinite Power of Cinema | 39

DIM SUM AND THEN SOME Co-presented by:

Chinese School of San Diego,
San Diego Chinese Women’s
Ai Ya! We’ve got all your Chinese flavor, a few portions of humor, intrigue, and family drama. TRT: 90
Sun. Oct 14, 2007 2:30pm UltraStar1 - Eastlake
Mon. Oct 15, 2007 6:30pm UltraStar 6 - Time Warner


Director: Michelle Hung | 8 Director: Allen Ho | 5 min. | Director: Kathy Huang | 25 min. | Director: Kevin Lau | 18 min. |
min. | 35mm | 2006 Video | 2007 Video | 2006 Video | 2007
Two young sisters will do An Asian American student Competing in one of America’s On New Year’s Eve, a mysterious
anything to skip violin practice. attempts to shatter the silence oldest ethnic beauty pageants, a stranger holds a restaurant
formed by language barriers with high school student from Seattle owner and his family hostage,
his parents. wrestles with issues of identity. exacting a long-sought


Director: Chris Tsou | 6 min. | Director: MiQi Huang | 10 min. CHINESE WIFE
Video | 2006 | Video | 2006 Director: Franklin Peterson |
E! True Zoo Story: The Rise and The pain of a teenage girl’s 18 min. | Video | 2007
Fall of Tai Shan the Panda. secret abortion is seen through A decade after her German
the eyes of an inadvertant mother passes away, Sandra’s
observer – her eight-year-old Chinese father decides to get a
sister. mail order bride.

40 | The 8th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival


A DIRTY CARNIVAL S. Korea | Korean w/ English Subtitles|

141 min. | 35mm | 2006
CAST: Jo In-seong, Cheon Ho-jin, Nam-
gung Min, Lee Bo-young,Yun Je-moon, Jin
Gu, Park Hyo-joon, Heo Yi-jae

Thu. Oct 11, 2007

UltraStar 6 - Time Warner

Wed. Oct 17, 2007

UltraStar 6 - Time Warner
*Mature content
Byung-doo (Jo In-seong) is a cocky, low-level gangster. While he’s respected among his peers, a series of
bad breaks has prevented him from rising in the criminal ranks. That changes when a wealthy industrialist Screening Sponsors:
approaches Byung-doo’s mob family about killing a public prosecutor. Byung-doo seizes the opportunity and
does the deed, laying the bloody groundwork for his advancement.
Between criminal assignments, Byung-doo reconnects with two people from his past: Min-ho (Nam-gung Min),
an old friend and aspiring filmmaker; and Hyeon–ju, an old flame. When things sour with the girl, Byung-doo
pours out his heart, as well as the details of his hoodlum life, to Min-ho. Byung-doo gets the shock of his
criminal life when he sees his dark secrets revealed during the premiere of Min-ho’s movie. His bosses aren’t
amused either, as Byung-doo quickly learns his brutal advancement has come with a price.
Combining primal, impressive fight sequences and a ruthlessly enjoyable plotline, A DIRTY CARNIVAL is
part gangster classic and part relationship drama. Above all, it proves that criminals may rise and fall, but they Co-presented by:
usually end up more than a little dirty.
Korean American Association

Japan | Japanese w/ English subtitles | 76

min. | Video | 2006

Sat. Oct 13, 2007 7:45pm

UltraStar2 - Fujitsu

Wed. Oct 17, 2007 6:45pm
UltraStar2 - Fujitsu

*Mature Content


OF AN OSAKA LOVE THIEF Co-presented by:
Japan Society of San Diego and Tijuana,
Cal State San Marcos Japanese Club

At Osaka’s Cafe Rakkyo, a nightclub where young male hosts provide alcohol and companionship to their
wealthy female clientele, charismatic Issei is by far the top earner. The handsome well-dressed hosts, in an
unusual twist on the Japanese Geisha tradition, use their charm, humor and knowledge of the female psyche
to induce women to spend exorbitant sums of money on expensive alcohol.
Director Jake Clennell takes us on an entertaining but thoroughly unjudgmental journey into this fascinating
underworld, from the apparently smitten young women who love being put on a pedestal by the dashing
hosts to the hosts themselves, who rationalize that they are providing needed services. However, things
are not like they first seem at Cafe Rakkyo, and the film provides shocking twists and turns along the way,
culiminating with a mind-blowing revelation that may cause you to question everything you have seen. More
than a documentary about Japanese host clubs, THE GREAT HAPPINESS SPACE provides insights into the
love/hate relationship between the genders that has existed since dawn of time.
The Infinite Power of Cinema | 41


A collection of short films that deal with what happens during the afterlife when you don’t end up in
heaven or hell. TRT: 86 min.
Sat. Oct 13, 2007 9:30pm UltraStar1 - Eastlake
Wed. Oct 17, 2007 5:30pm UltraStar1 - Eastlake
*Mature Content


Director: Dongkeun Lee | 4 Director: Paul Yacono | 23 min. | Director: Chihwen Lo | 3 min. | Director: Jennie Na | 22 min. |
min. | Video | 2007 Video | 2007 Video | 2006 Video | 2007
Based on an old Korean A surreal mystery fable based on A group of people tries to fly Sometimes the most meaningful
folktale, a faceless female ghost an ancient Japanese story about away to look for their satisfying moments in life are hidden
stalks and steals the face of an a traditional Japanese tattoo world where hopes and within times we’d rather forget...
unlucky soul. artist, who discovers that he is spectacular rainbows exist.
both dead and alive at the same


Director: Nathan Adolfson | 16 (“CHUN-KOK-EUI ESCA-
min. | Video | 2007 LATOR”)
Walter is a man lost in a sea Director: Jang Cheol-soo | 17
of confusion, headaches and min. | 35mm | 2006
strange visions of fish. A couple tries to share a nice
dinner together in the afterlife.
Unfortunately, their earthly
bickering continues.

42 | The 8th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival



As part of our first-ever Youth Day, we’re offering a free sampling of short films for local
students. Join us as we whip up some animation, stir in a couple of documentaries, add a dash of
experimental film and top this program with a pinch of music videos. TRT: 64 min.
Tue. Oct 16, 2007 12:45pm UltraStar 7 - Harrah’s


Director: Michelle Hung | 8 Director: Mina T. Son | 5 min. | Director: Jerry Chan | 5 min. | Director: Alex C. Munoz |
min. | 35mm | 2006 Video | 2007 Video | 2007 14 min. | Video | 2007
Two young sisters will do Vu has struggled with An experimental short film A short documentary about a
anything to skip violin practice. compulsive binge eating and that remixes the frenzied sights Cambodian youth who makes a
gastric bypass surgery. Now that and sounds of the Los Angeles life-changing decision to quit a
he has shed the excess weight, landscape to uncover the rhythm Cambodian gang and is initiated
he still yearns to gain acceptance and melody of the city. into the possibility of hope for a
from his ethnic community. better future.

Screening Sponsors:


Director: Kun-i Chang | 5 min. | Director: Tadashi Nakamura | BEGINNING OF AN
Video | 2006 22 min. | Video | 2006 AMERICAN LIFETIME
A man who sees himself as a The inspiring story of Director: Karen Lin | 5 min. |
graffiti on the wall in this eye- how an abandoned WWII Video | 2000
popping visual feast. concentration camp for Combining the style of in-camera
Japanese Americans has been performance and the spoken
transformed into a symbol of word poetry of acclaimed artist
retrospection and solidarity Kelly Tsai, this film captures the
for people of all ages, races and powerful words of her anti-war
nationalities in our post 9/11 poem against a backdrop of
world. charged NYC images.

The Infinite Power of Cinema | 43


HULA GIRLS Japan | Japanese w/ English Subtitles |

108 min. | 35mm | 2006
DIRECTOR: Lee Sang-il
WRITERS: Lee Sang-il, Daisuke Habara
PRODUCER: Hitomi Ishihara
CAST:Yasuko Matsuyuki,
Etsushi Toyokawa,Yu Aoi, Shizuyo

Sun. Oct 14, 2007 4:30pm

UltraStar 7 - Harrah’s

Mon. Oct 15, 2007 8:00pm
UltraStar1 - Eastlake

Co-presented by:
Iwaki is a remote mining town in northern Japan that would be right at home in America’s rust belt, and Japan Society of San Diego and Tijuana,
with its coal mine closing, its future looks grim. In a desperate attempt to save the local economy the town Japanese American Citizens League of San
elders decide to cash in on the Polynesian craze that’s sweeping the world (the movie is set in 1965), so they Diego
announce they’re building a Hawaiian theme park--complete with a hula dancing troupe. The only problem: no
one in Iwaki knows how to dance the hula. Also, no one in Iwaki has ever been to Hawaii. Actually, no one in
Iwaki has ever really left the city limits. Once they import an alcoholic hula teacher from Tokyo who’s on the
run from bad debts, things get worse as the respectable local women refuse to participate in “indecent” hula
dancing and the only people who sign up for the classes are a handful of misfits.

Korean-Japanese director Lee Sang-Il (“Scrap Heaven”) rewrites the conventions of the “team of underdog”
genre (see: “The Full Monty”). It’s not hard to see why this flick, based on a true story, rocked the Japanese
box office and swept the Japanese Academy Awards. HULA GIRLS reminds its audience that there’s nothing
to be ashamed of if you come out of a movie feeling good and wanting to put on a lei and a tapa and swing
your hips to a hula mele.

I’M A CYBORG BUT THAT’S OK S. Korea | Korean w/ English Subtitles |

105 min. | 35mm | 2006
DIRECTOR: Park Chan-wook
WRITERS: Park Chan-wook,
Jeong Seo-gyeong
CAST: Lim Su-jeong, Rain (Bi)

Sat. Oct 13, 2007 6:00pm

UltraStar 7 - Harrah’s

Tue. Oct 16, 2007 7:00pm
UltraStar 7 - Harrah’s

*Mature content

Screening Sponsors:
Young-goon (Lim Su-jeong, “Tale of Two Sisters” SDAFF ‘04) is girl who thinks that she is a cyborg who must
avenge her grandmother. She his admitted to psychiatric ward, where she meets Il-soon (Korean pop star
Rain), a handsome young man who thinks that he can steal people’s souls.Young-goon refuses to eat food
because she believes that as a cyborg, she needs only electrical charges from a transistor radio to survive.
Young-goon and Il-soon become drawn into a romantic relationship. As Young-goon’s physical condition
continues to deteriorate, Il-soon enlists the help his fellow patients to save her life.

Not since “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” has a film so engrossingly taken viewers deep into the minds
of the mentally ill, without an ounce of condescendence. Director Park Chan-wook (“Oldboy”) affirms his
place among the world’s greatest filmmakers by straying far from his typically violent films to create a world Co-presented by:
that is at the same time breathtaking in its visual brilliance and humorously quirky. Rain, Time Magazine’s most
influential person of 2007, is spectacular in his feature film debut and his co-star Lim Su-jeong demonstrates
why she is one of the top young actresses in Asia.
44 | The 8th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival

ISABELLA China | Cantonese w/ English Subtitles |

91 min. | 35mm | 2005
DIRECTOR: Ho-Cheung Pang
WRITER: Ho-Cheung Pang
PRODUCER: John Chong
CAST: Chapman To Isabella Leong

Thu. Oct 11, 2007 9:15pm

UltraStar1 - Eastlake

Sun. Oct 14, 2007 7:30pm
UltraStar 6 - Time Warner

*Mature content

On the eve of Macau’s handover to China, police officer Shing is having the worst time of his life. Suspended
for suspected corruption, he tries to find solace with an elfin creature by the name of Yan, whom he
just picks up. As he tries to smooth-talk her into bed, she suddenly snaps back with the biggest turn-off
imaginable: that she is the daughter he never knew existed! While Shing desperately tries to hold himself
together, his bachelor life inevitably falls apart as Yan insists on living under his roof. Together the two of them
start roaming through exotic Macau, tracking down Yan’s missing puppy and striving to acquaint with each
other. No sooner has Shing grown into his new role as a father than he finds his hands full. When Yan is not
fighting with his girlfriend Kate, she is being bothered by her dorky classmate Fai.

Experience Hitachi

Proud Sponsor of the 2007 San Diego Asian Film Festival

The Infinite Power of Cinema | 45



American Civil Liberties Union,
Thomas Jefferson School of Law
No matter what our differences, we all seek the same thing - the right to life.
Asian Pacific American Law Student
TRT: 95 minutes *Mature content
Association, City of San Diego
Thu. Oct 11, 2007 4:45pm UltraStar1 - Eastlake
Public Library
Sat. Oct 13, 2007 12:30pm UltraStar1 - Eastlake
*Mature content / *Cast & crew scheduled to attend


Director: Andrew Oh | 22 min. Director: Ling Liu | 26 min. | Director: Ron Najor | 3 min. | Director: Rain Breaw | 16 min. |
| Video | 2006 Video | 2006 Video | 2006 Video | 2007
Daniel and Jessica are a happily “Officer Tsukamoto” examines A true rallying cry during these A family of Cambodian Khmer
married couple on the verge of the 1970 unsolved murder of difficult political times. Rouge survivors finds hope
realizing the American dream. one of the first Asian American when they reach out to a young
But when they hire Carlos, an police officers in the country--a illegal immigrant.
illegal immigrant from Mexico, crime that captured the racial
irreversible events are set in and political complexity of a
motion that jeopardize all that turbulent American era.
they have worked so hard to


Director: Tam Tran | 5 min. | Director: Tadashi Nakamura |
Video | 2007 22 min. | Video | 2006
Follow Stephanie, an The inspiring story of how an
undocumented student at abandoned WWII concentration
UCLA, as she attempts to camp for Japanese Americans has
regain what she’s lost. been transformed into a symbol
of retrospection and solidarity
for people of all ages, races and
nationalities in our post 9/11

46 | The 8th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival


LOCALMOTION Co-presented by:

San Diego Filmmakers

From the sandy shores of San Diego, a collection of short films made in or about America’s Finest City.
TRT: 82 minutes
Sun. Oct 14, 2007 5:30pm UltraStar2 - Fujitsu
*Mature content / *Cast & crew scheduled to attend


Director: Cheryl Kanekar | 21 Director: Rain Breaw | 16 min. | Directors: Karl Gindelberger,
min. | Video | 2007 Video | 2007 Joseph Dicara | 15 min. | Video
Three perspectives on the war A family of Cambodian Khmer | 2007
on terror: a suicidal Afghani, an Rouge survivors finds hope One night, one moment, three
American patriot, and a young when they reach out to a young friends make a choice that can
woman who notices something illegal immigrant. change their lives forever or
strange at a carnival. destroy them.


Director: Martin R. Johnson | 23 Director: Brian D. Kim | 7 min. |
min. | Video | 2007 Video | 2007
A young Vietnamese American A young Einstein dreams of a
girl struggles to balance her two visually surreal world in which
cultures while a life changing time flows in reverse.
decision will inevitably leave her

The Infinite Power of Cinema | 47


This entertaining short film program examines the difficulties single people today face when seeking
love. We are young! TRT: 79 minutes.
Sat. Oct 13, 2007 6:15pm UltraStar 6 - Time Warner
Tue. Oct 16, 2007 8:45pm UltraStar 6 - Time Warner
*Mature content / *Cast & crew scheduled to attend

ARRANGED MARRIAGE Director: Joe Doughrity | 15 min. Director: Thom Harp | 21 min. | Director: Karen Lin | 3 min. |
Director: Rehana Mirza | 5 min. | Video | 2007 Video | 2007 Video | 2007
| Video | 2006 An Asian man infatuated with hip When Arthur, a writer at Won’t you be the best of me
Two young Indian Americans hop meets a black woman with a fortune cookie factory, or will you be just another
meet to begin a beautiful a passion for cooking. Can they accidentally sends a love letter to memory?
relationship, but all is not what put aside racial differences to his ex-girlfriend into the printing
it seems. give love a chance? press, every cookie at every
restaurant reveals a piece of his
broken heart.


Director: Charles Yi | 22 min. | Director: Jung-a, Lee | 13 min. |
Video | 2007 35mm | 2006
A young man tells his best A love triangle between three
friend about an amazing girl Korean high school students
he met. In the course of his leads to a surprise ending--at
story, we learn about both his least for one of them.
current and past relationships.
Each individual discovers their
own meaning of how past
boyfriends/girlfriends affect
future relationships.

48 | The 8th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival

The Infinite Power of Cinema | 49


Remember the days when MTV played music videos nonstop? We’re bringing
that back--Asian style. *FREE program in the theater lobby.
TRT: 102 min.


Director:Ajay Naidu | 6 min. | Video | 2007
MIDIval PunditZ has created a unique and expansive artistic vision that marries the soulful elegance
of South Asia’s extraordinarily rich traditional and classical music heritage with the exuberance and
limitless potential of modern Western electronic music.

Director: Steve Mallorca | 4 min. | Video | 2007
A new breed of soundclash, KXL brings you to the meeting place of dance hall ragga, electro beat
and rock. Pulsing beats, punchy guitars, lo-fi sitars, dhol, tablas, and dub vibrations mash it up and
swirl in and out at you.


Director: Patricio Ginelsa | 5 min. | Video | 2007 KXL
Los Angele’s Native Guns give us a tour of the poor conditions of their neighborhood while
empowering the youth through media.

Director: Chris Deaner | 5 min. | Video | 2007
Take the time you will see, everybody knows what’s been going on.


Director: Sharon Dang | 2 min. | Video | 2007
Layered illustrative graphics combined with resurfaced super 8 film makes for interesting eye
candy... +/-

Director: Karen Lin | 3 min. | Video | 2007
Won’t you be the best of me or will you be just another memory?


Director: Huw Jenkins | 4 min. | Video | 2006
Welcome to a world of cinematic lushness where the music will stroke your senses and enamour
the soul, with its uniquely brilliant crossover of orchestral arrangements, modern, lush beats and
Director: James Oda | | 3 min. | Video | 2006
Cobra Con and Hinomaru struttin’ their stuff.


Director: Rocky Jo | 3 min. | Video | 2007
A brokenhearted B-Boy dances his sorrows away...


Directors: Keykool, Ong, Sambajon | 4 min. | Video | 2007
Here are the roots of L.A.’s quintessential multicultural hip hop group, the Visionaries.
Director: Brian Wee | 3 min. | Video | 2006
An organized, compulsive office clerk learns to see the big picture.


Director:The Lonely Island | 3 min. | Video | 2007
Two goofballs kidnap an Avon Lady who also happens to be a cloned dinosaur. Starring Kal Penn

50 | The 8th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival



Director: Shane Drake | 3 min. | Video | 2005
After a breakup, don’t get depressed, get angry!


Director: Between the Eyes UK | 3 min. | Video | 2007
MTV banned this video for being too “political” and “controversial.”
Director: Evan Leong | 5 min. | Video | 2007
Bay Area hip hop at its finest.


Director: Liu Runlai | 4 min. | Video | 2007
New wave, Beijing style!


Director:Avid Liongoren | 5 min. | Video | 2007
FREQUENCY 5 Do not scorn your lover or you will pay the price!


Director:Todd Angkasuwan | 5 min. | Video | 2007
Man’s most shining moment cannot be measured without knowing his darkest hour.

Director: Ron Najor | 3 min. | Video | 2006
A true rallying cry during these difficult political times.


Director: Quark Henares | 4 min. | Video | 2007
Happy nonsensical bubblegum.


Director: Sony Music Japan I 2 min. | Video | 2007
Don’t worry be happy!


Directors: So Yung Kim, Bradley Rust Gray | 4 min. | Video | 2007
Psychedlic trance pop straight out of Brooklyn.
MIMI’S AMI Director: Kaori Kasai | 2 min. | Video | 2004
Cutting edge indie pop from Vancouver, British Columbia.


Director: Karen Lin | 5 min. | Video | 2007
Combining the style of in-camera performance and the spoken word poetry of acclaimed artist
Kelly Tsai,“Bystanding” captures the powerful words of her anti-war poem against a backdrop of
charged NYC images.


Director: Reign Shaw, Geoff Reisner, Wesley C. | 4 min. | Video | 2007
Tribute to fallen soldiers in Iraq.


Director: Jonathan Ng | 1 min. | Video | 2007
What happens when a B-boy dance-off goes awry?


The Infinite Power of Cinema | 51


Q & A w/
Director Lisette
Kaualena Flanary
By Lee Ann Kim

significant part of the film’s success was the access given
to you by the dancers and their hula teacher, Robert
Cazimero. He is one demanding teacher! Where you
taken aback by his style?
No, I wasn’t taken aback by Robert’s style. On the contrary,
I liked that he was such a strong personality and also
extremely honest and real. Hula can be demanding, and
I think that really comes across in the film as we see the
men prepare for the competition. I do think that there
is a different style of teaching involved when it comes to
teaching men, and really, it made me thankful that I am a
girl! Kidding, but really, while Robert is a demanding teacher,
the students know that he loves them and cares for them
deeply and that he only wanted them to do better. All of
NA KAMALEI: THE MEN OF HULA them wanted very much to make him happy and proud.
And they certainly did.
As a female filmmaker, did it take long for you to gain the trust
USA | 57 min. | Video | 2006 Sat. Oct 13, 2007 4pm of these men? I’m sure it helped that you’re a professional hula
DIRECTOR: Lisette Kaualena Flanary UltraStar6 - Time Warner dancer, yourself, no?
WRITER: Lisette Kaualena Flanary
Tue. Oct 16, 2007 4:15pm Being a hula dancer myself definitely influences my work. At
PRODUCER: Lisette Kaualena Flanary first, I wondered if it made a difference that I was a woman
UltraStar1 - Eastlake
CAST: Robert Uluwehi Cazimero, making a film about men who danced hula, but I cannot
Halau Na Kamalei Co-presented by: Hui o express enough how wonderful all of these guys in this
Hawaii of San Diego, school are. There is such a strong feeling of being ‘ohana,
Preceded by THE KING BOYS Ahahui Kiwila Hawaii o San or family, that permeates so much of hula and the Hawaiian
Director: Christopher Clark Diego, Tula Productions, community in general so I felt very, very welcomed.
15 min. | 35mm | 2006 Jonathan Tarr Foundation Anything surprising about the audience’s reaction about NA
A boy turns to wrestling to give his life KAMALEI:THE MEN OF HULA? Do men respond differently
new purpose. than women?
I think that both men and women have both really
responded to seeing men express their emotions so freely
and openly. A lot of women have told me that they wished
their partners danced hula because it might help them be
more open with their feelings! I don’t think that men have
Mention hula, and most people think interviews with several of the male responded differently than women to this film, but I have
of beautiful, long-haired women in dancers, some who have been with had a lot of guys tell me that the hula was a lot tougher
grass skirts and plumerias, swaying the group since it began in 1975, than they thought it was.
their hips to the beat of drums and reveal the men faced deeply rooted
I was completely engrossed in the Halau’s journey to the
ukuleles. While hula has evolved into cultural and gender stereotypes.
competition. I’m such a sucker for men showing their emotions.
a form of entertainment, its roots Shame and questions of masculinity,
What was the most emotional part for you?
are much more sacred. Masters however, are not allowed in the
of hula often treat it as a religion, Halau Na Kamalei, whose powerful There were many emotional moments for me in making
a way of life. NA KAMALEI: THE chants and rigorous performances this film. Following the halau to the volcano when they
MEN OF HULA unveils part of the are nothing but manly. Extensive made their offerings of their lei to the goddess Pele I think
rich history of legendary master footage of the Halau Na Kamalei’s was the most exciting and emotional for me. Because it’s
hula teacher, Robert Cazimero, journey to the Merrie Monarch a sacred ritual, Robert had initially told me that he did
and Hawaii’s oldest all-male hula Festival captures many touching not want me to film that, and I understood why (as a hula
group as they prepare to compete moments of laughter, brotherhood, dancer) but was extremely disappointed (as a filmmaker).
in the world’s largest hula festival. and Hawaiian pride. It also provides After having spent such a long time following the men
Cazimero’s sincere passion and fascinating insight into the historical leading up to competition, Robert really understood what I
fiery personality push his team of significance of one of Hawaii’s most was trying to do with the film and that my intentions were
“hula brothers” to the point of well-known, yet misunderstood pono, or good. When he told me that he had decided to
exhaustion, yet their loyalty to traditions. let me film, I was super excited. And truly, it’s some of the
the Halau is unwavering. Candid most beautiful footage I’ve ever shot.

52 | The 8th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival


USA I 91 min. | Video | Color | 2006

Dan Sturman
SCREENPLAY: Bill Guttentag,
Dan Sturman, & Elisabeth Bentley
PRODUCERS: Ted Leonsis, Bill Guttentag,
Michael Jacobs
CAST: Woody Harrelson, Mariel
Hemingway, Jürgen Prochnow, Hugo
Armstrong, Rosalind Chao, Stephen Dorff

Sat. Oct 13, 2007 1:00pm

UltraStar 7 - Harrah’s

Co-presented by:
Association for Preserving Historical
A powerful, emotional and relevant reminder of the heartbreaking toll war takes on the innocent, NANKING Accuracy of Foreign Invasions in China,
tells the story of the Japanese invasion of Nanking, China, in the early days of World War II. As part of a Chinese Service Center of San Diego,
campaign to conquer all of China, the Japanese subjected Nanking – then China’s capital – to months of aerial San Diego Chinese Historical Museum,
bombardment. When the city fell, the Japanese army unleashed murder and rape on a horrifying scale. In the San Diego-Yantai Friendship Society, US-
midst of the rampage, a small group of Westerners banded together to establish a Safety Zone where over
China Peoples Friendship Association
200,000 Chinese found refuge. Unarmed, these missionaries, university professors, doctors and businessmen
bore witness to the events, while risking their own lives to protect civilians from slaughter.
The story is told through deeply moving interviews with Chinese survivors, chilling archival footage and
photos of the events, and testimonies of former Japanese soldiers. At the heart of NANKING is a filmed
stage reading of the Westerners’ letters and diaries, featuring Woody Harrelson, Mariel Hemingway and Jurgen
Prochnow. Through its interweave of archival images, testimonies of survivors, and readings of first hand
accounts, the film puts the viewer on the streets of Nanking and brings the forgotten past to startling life.

Cambodia & USA | English & Khmer w/

English Subtitles I 74 min. | Video | 2006
DIRECTOR: Socheata Poeuv
WRITER: Charles Vogl
PRODUCER: Charles Vogl & Jason Bolling

Fri. Oct 12, 2007 5:30pm

UltraStar 7 - Harrah’s

Thu. Oct 18, 2007 5:30pm
UltraStar 2 - Fujitsu

Co-presented by:
NEW YEAR BABY City of San Diego Public Library

Winner of numerous audience and jury awards, NEW YEAR BABY is a mesmerizing account of director
Socheata Poeuv’s journey to uncover her family’s long-hidden past in Cambodia. During the Christmas holiday,
a shocking secret is revealed during a familiy meeting: her older siblings are not her full siblings--her sisters
were taken in after her aunt’s death in the Killing Fields. Filled with questions, Socheata heads to Cambodia
with her parents. She must balance her journalistic background against a respect for her parents, as the family
struggles to open old, but still-raw wounds. This intimate documentary explores the painful separation and
death of family members under the Khmer Rouge.
Resistant to divulging too much, Socheata’s parents eventually share their story as they revisit places of their
past: from the labor camp where her parents met, to the unmarked grave of her aunt, and the trail her father
took four times to lead his family to safety in Thailand. Refusing to allow a nation’s tragedy to be erased, NEW
YEAR BABY gives a voice to one family’s pain and heroism, providing a challenge to the old Khmer Rouge
principle, “If you preserve secrecy, half the battle is won.”
The Infinite Power of Cinema | 53

S. Korea | Korean w/ English subtitles |

NO REGRETS 104 min. | 35mm | 2006
DIRECTOR: Leesong Hee-il
WRITER: Leesong Hee-il
CAST: Lee Young-hun, Lee Han, Jo Hyun-
cheol, Kim Dong-wook, Jeong Seung-gil,
Lee Seung-won, Hwang Chun-ha,
Kim Jeong-hwa

Sun. Oct 14, 2007 5:15pm

UltraStar2 - Fujitsu

*Mature content

Preceded By
Director: Christopher Clark
Upon turning 18, handsome Su-min (Lee Young Hoon) leaves his countryside orphanage and moves to Seoul 15 min. | 35mm | 2006
with big dreams. But his hopes of becoming an artist quickly give way to a scramble for survival. After losing Clinging to the memory of his
his job at a factory, he ends up in the world of prostitution, turning tricks at an all-male brothel. Already father who never returned from
close to hitting rock bottom, Su Min’s life gets more chaotic with the appearance of Jae Min (Lee Han), a war, a boy turns to wrestling to
man whose advances he’s already spurned once. Jae Min (Lee Han), a closeted wealthy executive, begins give his life new purpose.
a relentless pursuit of Su Min that’s met with an equally adamant refusal. The icy wall eventually melts, as
the two fall into a passionate relationship. But when the realities of family and society surface, will love be
Co-presented by:
Guys Like Us,
NO REGRETS is the debut feature from Leesong Hee Il, Korea’s first openly gay filmmaker. Leesong has
long been a familiar name in the festival circuit, having directed the acclaimed short films “Sugar Hill,” “Good
Romance,” and “La Traviata.” Bold and haunting, NO REGRETS represents a breakthrough for both Korean
queer cinema and independent filmmaking. Opening in only a handful of Korean theaters, the film managed
to attract critical reviews, along with 40,000 moviegoers, setting a new box office record for an indie film.

Vietnam & USA | Vietnamese w/ English

subtitles | 97 min. | 35mm | 2006
DIRECTOR: Stephane Gauger
PRODUCERS: Nguyen Van Quan, Doan
Nhat Nam, Stephane Gauger
CAST: Han Thi Pham Cat Ly The Lu Le

Sun. Oct 14, 2007 1:45pm

UltraStar 7 - Harrah’s

Wed. Oct 17, 2007 5:00pm

UltraStar 7 - Harrah’s

OWL AND THE SPARROW Co-presented by:

Giao Ly Viet Ngu at Good Shepherd
Parish,Vietnamese American Youth
Tired of her uncle’s constant verbal abuse, a young orphan girl named Thuy (Han Thi Pham) decides to
run away from her rural home to discover the streets of Saigon. On her own, the spunky and precocious
10-year-old girl joins other children laboring as street vendors selling postcards and flowers. One day Thuy
meets a complex woman she takes a liking to named Lan (Cat Ly), a flight attendant involved in an affair
with a married man. Soon after, Thuy also meets Hai (The Lu Le), a zoo employee who is mending a broken
heart after being jilted by his fiancée. Anyone can see where this is going from a mile away, as Thuy strives
to forge a romance between the two lonely adults and form a makeshift family. But this is no ordinary
matchmaking love story. This delicate debut feature from director Stephane Gauger is wrought with charm
and sweetness.
Gauger excellently captures contemporary Saigon with a cutting edge look using handheld camera
techniques and quick editing. The result is a feeling of full immersion into Vietnamese streetlife, where
modern day Saigon is as fascinating as the main trio of characters.

54 | The 8th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival

Oct. 12-13 4-9pm

The Infinite Power of Cinema | 55



From girl drama and a mad boy crush to a transgender awakening, this menu of films boasts
something for the entire Queer family. TRT: 89 min.
Fri. Oct 12, 2007 7:15pm UltraStar 7 - Harrah’s
*Mature content / *Cast & crew scheduled to attend


Director: Hong Khaou | 9 min. | Director: Jung-a, Lee | 13 min. | Directors: Carolyn Goossen, BODIES
35mm | 2006 35mm | 2006 Daffodil Altan | 14 min. | Video Director: Kevin Choi | 13 min. |
Sixteen-year-old Leung longs A love triangle between three | 2006 Video | 2007
for a secret wish he’ll have to Korean high school students A revealing look at the life of a A one-night stand burns with
fight for. leads to a surprise ending--at 24-year-old, transgender college intellectual and physical passion.
least for one of them. student going through hormone

Director: Cathy Begien | 15 SECRET Director: PJ Raval | 15 min. | ARRANGED MARRIAGE
min. | Video| 2005 Director: Jay Esguerra | 5 min. | Video | 2006 Director: Rehana Mirza | 5 min.
If you asked everyone in your Video | 2007 When director Joseph Chu | Video | 2006
family to speak openly about A queer Asian youth comes puts out a casting call for a film Two young Indian Americans
you for two minutes, what to terms with his sexual and based on his own family, he meet to begin a beautiful
would they say? Cathy found religious identity with the help never expects his own father relationship, but all is not what
out. of a delicious dessert. to audition for the lead role. it seems.

Co-presented by:
Asian American Journalists Association SD Chapter National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association SD Chapter
Asian Pacific Islander Community AIDS Project P.F.L.A.G. SD Chapter
FilmOut San Diego Project STAR (Supporting Transgender Access to Resources)
First UU Church Rainbow Outreach SD LGBT Community Center - Women’s Resource Center
Greater San Diego Business Association The LGBT Resource Center of SDSU
Guys Like Us UCSD LGBT Resource Center
Long Yang Club of SD

56 | The 8th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival




By Michael Chen

PJ, your film seemed very intimate and personal. How much of it was based on the
relationship with your father?

I’d say it’s based more on the emotions surrounding our relationship rather
than actual events. Initially I knew I wanted to make a film based on my
relationship with my father though I didn’t know what it was going to be
about—so I decided to make a film about that in certain ways. Halfway
through writing my script I got a phone call form my father asking me to visit.
That visit heavily influenced the making of the film

Has your father and the rest of your family seen the film? How did they react?

Yes, my family has seen it. They reacted well, though I honestly didn’t know
what to expect. In the past I’d always been more private with them when it
came to my work, so I think they were more moved by the fact that I was
trying to share something personal with them.

How’s your relationship with your father today?

Great. We definitely see more eye to eye these days. I think part of it is we’ve
grown together and are more willing to break from our past parent-child
relationship and enter a father-son relationship on more of an equal footing.
It’s more about present and future and not about the hang-ups in the past.
Plus, he can’t ground me anymore.

The end of the film was a stunner. Did it at all resemble your own coming out?

No! I don’t think I could ever find a way to actually push my father; it’s the
whole familial piety thing you know? It makes me uneasy just to think about it!
But these are the reasons why I chose that exact ending. I wanted something
really extreme and revealing just to play with those notions.

You’ve got major roots in San Diego. Do tell! And why the heck would you end up in

I originally moved to San Diego to attend UCSD for my undergraduate

studies. Crazy as it sounds I was a double major in visual arts and biology.
At the time my work was much more focused on photography and media
installation. After graduating I hung around San Diego working odd jobs here
and there (read: climbing an 80-foot tower to videotape horse racing or
dressing up as an alien for an “X-files” promo spot, etc.) while continuing to
explore photography. Eventually I decided to apply to graduate school and
thought film would be an interesting medium to explore since I had made a
couple black and white experimental narratives and really liked the process.
Several friends suggested I apply to University of Texas Austin. There was
something about a strong liberal independent arts community thriving in the
center of the lone star state that really intrigued and inspired me. Still does.

Unraveling P.J. Raval

The Infinite Power of Cinema | 57


RAINBOW SONG Japan | Japanese w/ English subtitles | 117

min. | 35mm | 2006
DIRECTOR: Naoto Kumazawa
PRODUCER: Shunji Iwai, Toshihiro Kitta
WRITER: Ami Sakurai, Miyuki Saito, San
CAST: Hayato Ichihara, Juri Ueno,Yu Aoi,
Kuranosuke Sasaki

Sun. Oct 14, 2007 7:00pm

UltraStar 7 - Harrah’s

Thu. Oct 18, 2007 7:45pm

UltraStar 6 - Time Warner

Co-presented by:
Tomoya (Hayato Ichihara) learns that Aoi Sato (Juri Ueno), a close friend from his college days, has died in a Japan Society of San Diego and Tijuana,
airplane accident just moments after he sends her a picture of an unusual rainbow from his cell phone. In the SDSU Japanese Student Association
aftermath of this tragedy, Tomoya recounts his friendship with Aoi from their first meeting as members of a
collegiate film club, up until the time they finally parted ways.

RAINBOW SONG, which was produced by the acclaimed Shunji Iwai (“All About Lily Chou Chou”),
showcases some of Japan’s hottest young actors - Hayato Ichihara (“All About Lily Chou Chou”), Juri Ueno
(“Swing Girls”), and Yu Aoi (“HULA GIRLS,” Hana and Alice), who stands out as Aoi Sato’s sight-impaired
sister Kana. The subtle direction and writing provide the gifted actors with the opportunity to deliver sincere
and touching performances that both young and old will find heartwarming. Not your typical love story,
RAINBOW SONG will touch anyone who has ever held regrets over lost opportunities.

THE REBEL Vietnam & USA | Vietnamese w/ English

subtitles | 103 min. | 35mm | 2007
DIRECTOR: Truc ‘Charlie’ Nguyen
WRITERS: Truc ‘Charlie’ Nguyen,
Johnny Nguyen
PRODUCER: Jimmy Pham
CAST: Dustin Nguyen, Johnny Nguyen,
Ngo Thanh Van, Nguyen Chanh Tin
*Cast & crew scheduled to attend

Sat. Oct 13, 2007 3:15pm

UltraStar 7 - Harrah’s

Tue. Oct 16, 2007 6:00pm

UltraStar1 - Eastlake

*Mature content
Outlandishly fun, THE REBEL hits you in the gut with masterfully choreographed martial arts sequences that
are raw and powerful. Throw in a little bit of adventure, romance, and some black magic and you have an Co-presented by:
exciting and entertaining story.Vietnam is under colonial French rule during the 1920s. Anti-French rebellions Vietnamese Student Association - SDSU,
emerge all over the country to disrupt the foreign occupiers. In response, the colonialists have inflitrated the Vietnamese American Youth Alliance
countrysde with Vietnamese sleeper agents to track and destroy these rebels.

The film follows the journey of Levan Cuong, a French cultured undercover elite. Although branded with
a perfect track record, Cuong’s inner conscience is troubled by the sea of Vietnamese blood he had spilled
to uphold a washed out French ideal. Following an assassination of a high ranking Frenchman, Cuong is
assigned to seek and kill the notorious leader of the resistance. Cuong encounters Vo Thanh Thuy, a relentless
revolutionary fighter and the daughter of the rebel leader. Cuong’s superior intends for him to use Thuy as
a means to get to her father, but Cuong soon develops feelings for her. Thuy’s patriotism ignites conflicts
between Cuong’s consciousness and his cultured faith. Will Cuong discover his inner self and find love or will
he continue his mission?

58 | The 8th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival

The Infinite Power of Cinema | 59

REEL VOICES *Sunday reception sponsored

by L&L Barbeque
Come experience the Reel Voices of eight, talented San Diego high school students with the world
premiere of their short documentaries produced through the San Diego Asian Film Foundation.
You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll be proud to say you saw these films here first. TRT: 56 min.
*This is a FREE program, free tickets are available from the box office for Sunday’s show.
Sun. Oct 14, 2007 11:30am UltraStar 7 - Harrah’s
Tues. Oct 16, 2007 11:00am UltraStar 7 - Harrah’s


Director: Leon Cu | 5 min. | Director: Jessica Jones | 5 min. | Director: Juliane Sobejana | 6 KABE
Video | 2007 Video | 2007 min. | Video | 2007 Director: Ali Tanaka | 6 min. |
Georgio lives and breathes Many children of mixed race Most parents have great Video | 2007
video games, but he isn’t very couples struggle with which expectations for their children, Speaking more than one language
good at them. Is he simply side to identify with. This but what happens when their might be great when you’re
ignoring reality, or offering us all filmmaker explores the issue by hopes clash with their children’s traveling, but what happens when
a lesson in perseverance? interviewing her own multiracial own aspirations? it creates a communication
family and finds out that if you barrier in your everyday life?
know who you are, you may not
have to choose.


Director: Matt Wong | 7 min. | Director: Alice Wang | 6 min. | min. | Video | 2007 Director: Adam Lee | 10 min. |
Video | 2007 Video | 2000 A young man witnesses the Video | 2007
A piano player himself, this A daughter traces her mother’s power of love and family when A church volunteer made
filmmaker explores why Asian unexpected journey from rural old age finally catches up with national headlines when he was
parents tend to pressure their China into the American dream. his 91-year-old grandmother. accused of child molestation and
children to learn classical ritual satanic abuse. In today’s
instruments such as the piano court system, could he have been
and violin. accused solely because of his

60 | The 8th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival



By Mike Watson
My 12th grade English teacher, John Adsit, made me write essay after essay. Sixteen
weeks in the fall, and another sixteen in the spring, I wrote an essay a week.
I hate to write.
“You wanna learn to write?” he’d bark. “Then write!”
I loathed the evenings wasted, toiling on another essay—but looking back, I value not
only the writer I became, but also the life lesson it taught me. Want to learn to do
something? Do it. A lot.
Four months ago, I began work as an instructor for the Reel Voices Project. The
eight students whose work you’ll see in this program came together in a cramped
office building. It was a little awkward, as first meetings are known to be. But as the
weeks wore on, insecurities were shed, opinions were formed, and the foundation of
eight young filmmakers was slowly laid. Our preferences didn’t always mesh on the
documentaries we watched, as they learned the basics—storytelling, pacing, cinema-
tography. But discussions grew from disagreements, and piece by piece, these young
filmmakers set out to tell their own stories.
It was a rollercoaster of emotions once we handed out cameras and waited for
tapes to return. We know firsthand the feeling of watching something you shot turn
out exactly as you envisioned it, just as well as we know the devastation of return-
ing with dark video, blue video, and sometimes no video at all! And we shared those
emotions with the students in a way only a teacher can. In a way, it’s more intense—
because the emotions aren’t your own.
I became a teacher the day these students entered that room. I’ve not spoken in
front of a high school class since I finished 12th grade. Without knowing it, these
students taught me as much as I taught them. It’s an honor to have someone ask you
a question about your own area of expertise. And it’s humbling—in a good way—to
learn something from a student who is just learning about your passion.
Like any film you see this week, here you will also see the passion of the filmmakers
in the reflection of the screen. But for this screening, I hope you’ll feel the excite-
ment, the fear, the tears, and the elation that brought these beginning storytellers to
this point.
And I hope that if they ask you for your opinion, you’ll give it. Their next movie may
be right around the corner. As it turns out, expertise is gained by experience.
This class wants to learn to make movies.
You want to make movies? Get out there. Make movies.

The Infinite Power of Cinema | 61


SAMOAN WEDDING New Zealand | 97 min. | 35mm | 2006

DIRECTOR: Chris Graham
WRITERS: James Griffin, Oscar Kightley
CAST: Oscar Kightley, Shimpal Lelisi,
Robbie Magasiva, Iaheto Ah Hi

Wed. Oct 17, 2007 7:00pm

UltraStar 6 - Time Warner

*Mature content

Co-presented by:
Samoan Community Council of
San Diego, USD Aikane O Hawai’i

Sione is getting married, but there’s just one problem. Actually, there are four problems: his brother and
his three best friends. They’re all nearly 30-something men who still act like they’re 16. The four live to
get drunk and chase all the wrong women. Additionally, they have a remarkable record of causing chaos at
every wedding they attend, so when Sione bans them from attending his wedding, they realize something’s
got to give. The town priest offers them an ultimatum: find a respectable girlfriend to take to their best
mate’s wedding, or be left out. Sounds easy enough. How hard can it be finding a girl in the world’s biggest
Polynesian city when you’re young, gifted and brown?

Praised by Variety as a “shrewdly written, impeccably timed, and audaciously played romantic comedy,”
SAMOAN WEDDING is a rare opportunity to see an all-Polynesian cast on the big screen.



Nothing sounds sweeter than

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62 | The 8th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival



USA | English & Khmer w/ English subtitles | 76 min. | Video | Color | 2005
DIRECTORS: David Grabias, Nicole Newnham
WRITERS: David Grabias, Nicole Newnham
PRODUCERS: David Grabias, Nicole Newnham

Sun. Oct 14, 2007 12:15pm

UltraStar1 - Eastlake
Wed. Oct 17, 2007 5:15pm
UltraStar 6 - Time Warner
*Director scheduled to attend Sunday screening
Three Cambodian Americans raised in inner city Seattle pay
an unbearable price for the mistakes they made as teenagers.
Caught between their tragic pasts and an uncertain future,
each young man confronts a legal system that offers no
second chances. SENTENCED HOME puts a human face on
controversial post 9/11 immigration policy that forces these
men to be deported out of the United States to a country
they barely know. Along with family man Loeun Lun, who fights
to stay together with his wife and children from behind bars
and across oceans, former gang member Kim Ho Ma, struggles
to come to terms with his identity in a country he doesn’t
Also introduced is an introspective Many Uch, who looks to
redeem himself by taking advantage of what time he has left
in the United States to give today’s Cambodian American
youth something he never had—the ability to play little-league
baseball. Following the deportees from the United States to
Cambodia, directors David Grabias and Nicole Newnham
reveal heartbreaking stories of families torn apart at the cost
of an inhumane immigration policy.

Q & A with David Grabias, prior to this documentary? the film was getting access and permission
co-director of the eye- When we heard about the story, we realized to film with our subjects while they were
opening documentary, how uninformed we—and most Americans— in the custody of the U.S. and Cambodian
SENTENCED HOME were about the 1996 immigration law, and the government immigration departments.
By Lee Ann Kim devastating impact it was having on individuals What is the general reaction to the film? Has any
and families. We had no idea what the law of the reaction surprised you?
What made you select this particular topic? really meant when it was passed. It seems very
We have been surprised that there has been
unfair to us that there is no appeal process,
We first heard that Cambodian very little negative reaction to the film. It
and we hope that our film encourages people
Americans were going to be deported is a controversial subject, but the power
to reconsider the laws and lobby for change.
back to Cambodia in the summer of of our film’s human story and its portrayal
2002. At that time, the Cambodian Was getting access to the subjects’ lives difficult? of the emotional lives of three families has
American community had just become outweighed any political critiques for the most
Our subjects were remarkably open with us.
aware of the United States’ newly signed part.
We became close to them and their families,
repatriation agreement with Cambodia,
especially in the case of Loeun Lun. The way You can meet director David Grabias at the
which meant that almost 1,500
his deportation affected his family became screening of his film, SENTENCED HOME, on
Cambodian Americans would be forcibly
the focus of his story. One of the biggest Sunday, Oct 14 at 12:15pm. Or check out his
returned. The deportees’ situation
challenges was trying to get them to express website at:
raised questions about immigration law,
real emotion—one of the only scenes where
human rights and the cultural identity of
you can see how angry they are is when Co-presented by:
immigrants and refugees.
Loeun kicks a flowerpot after saying goodbye ACLU of SD and Imperial Counties
Were you familiar with the Patriot Act laws to his mother. The other big challenge of
The Infinite Power of Cinema | 63

SHANGHAI KISS China & USA | 102 min. | Video | 2006

DIRECTOR: Kern Konwiser & David Ren
WRITER: David Ren
PRODUCER: Kip Konwiser
CAST: Ken Leung, Hayden Panettiere,
Kelly Hu, Joel David Moore, James Hong,
Byron Mann

Fri. Oct 12, 2007 6:45pm

UltraStar 2 - Fujitsu

Wed. Oct 18, 2007 7:15pm

UltraStar 7 - Harrah’s

*Mature content
*Director scheduled to attend

Liam Liu is a struggling actor who passes time by picking up beautiful, vapid girls in hip Hollywood bars. The Co-presented by:
closest thing to an emotional connection in Liam’s life is a flirtatious friendship with 16-year old Adelaide
Chinese Consolidated Benevolent
(Hayden Panettiere, NBC’s Heroes), a precocious high school girl who is actually more mature than Liam.
Association, Asian Pacific Historic
When Liam learns he has inherited his grandmother’s home in Shanghai, China, he travels to the exotic city
and discovers a profound connection to his family legacy. Liam meets a sophisticated Chinese woman there Collaborative
named Micki (Kelly Hu, “The Scorpion King,” “X2”) and finds himself falling into instant infatuation with her.
Liam decides to move to China, leaving behind Adelaide, who is quite possibly the only girl who has ever loved
him. He suddenly finds himself at a crossroads - does he choose this new exotic world full of wonders or
does he go back to America and make an honest attempt to put his life in order?
Written and co-directed by David Ren, this Asian American romantic comedy features a winning performance
by Ken Leung (“X-Men,” Sopranos). Hayden Panettiere and Kelly Hu both shine as Liam’s romantic interests.
SHANGHAI KISS world premiered at the 2007 San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival to
rave reviews.

S. Korea | Korean w/ English Subtitles |

TAZZA: THE HIGH ROLLERS 139 min. | 35mm | 2006
DIRECTOR: Choi Dong-hoon
WRITER: Huh Young-man
CAST: Cho Seung-woo, Kim Hye-soo,
Baek Yoon-shik,Yoo Hae-jin, Kim Yoon-
seok, Lee Su-gyeong, Kim Jeong-ran,
Kim Gyeong-ik

Fri. Oct 12, 2007 8:30pm

UltraStar 6 - Time Warner

Mon. Oct 15, 2007 7:15pm

UltraStar 7 - Harrah’s
*Mature content

Screening Sponsors:
Go-ni (Cho Seung Woo, “Marathon” SDAFF ‘05) is a compulsive gambler who loses his sister’s alimony money
and life savings when he gets swindled in a crooked card game. Devasted, Go-ni wanders around the country
searching for the “tazza” (Korean slang for high-rolling gambler) who destroyed his life. During his journey,
Go-ni runs into sage old veteran Pyoung (Baek Yoon-shik, “Save the Green Planet”), who eventually agrees to
become his mentor, and Madam Jeong (Kim Hye-soo) a sultry gambling pro who has a knack for separating
men from their money.
Director Choi Dong-hoon has succeeded in crafting a flashy, fast-paced thriller that evokes western films,
but with a distinctively Korean flavor. The charismatic young lead Cho Seung-woo shines, as does the
incomparable Baek Yoon-shik. However, Kim Hye-soo really steals the show as the classic femme fatale who
is sexy and seductive, while at the same time convincingly menacing. The top-grossing Korean drama of 2006, Co-presented by:
TAZZA is truly a must-see cinematic experience.
Korean American Senior Association
64 | The 8th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival


USA| 87 min. | Video | Color | 2007

DIRECTOR: Joy Dietrich
WRITER: Joy Dietrich
PRODUCERS: Joy Dietrich, Thomas Yong
CAST: Kim Jiang, Jane Kim, Patrick Heusinger, Ian Wen

Sun. Oct 14, 2007 2:45pm

UltraStar 2 - Fujitsu
Wed. Oct 17, 2007 4:45pm
UltraStar 2 - Fujitsu

*Cast & crew scheduled to attend

*Mature content
Korean American adoptee, Jenny Mason, steams up lattes at
a hip Manhattan espresso bar while dreaming of becoming a
photographer. She is alone in the big city, cutting off contact
with her Midwestern family at the age of 14. Having been
through so much chaos in her young life, Jenny resigns herself
to a state of indifference to survive. She keeps a safe emotional
distance from everyone around her and finds temporary
comfort in one-night stands.
When her roommate asks her to move out, Jenny’s fears of
abandonment resurface. This turn of events leads her to meet
her first real Asian American friend, Beatrice Shimizu (Jane Kim,
WEST 32nd). As she develops a tender friendship with Bea,
Jenny meets fellow artist, Simon, who helps her to explore
her love for photography and her ethnic identity for the first
time. Things are looking good until her adoptive brother, Joe,
suddenly appears, stirring up long-suppressed feelings from her
past. Returning to SDAFF with her first feature, writer-director
Joy Dietrich, also a Korean adoptee, reveals the complex
emotional world for young Asian American women through
Jenny’s inner turmoil and strong will.

Q & A with because I was raised in a very traditional While there are a growing number of Asian
actress Korean household and was heavily disciplined American women in television and film, the
Jane Kim, to be fluent. Although, I don’t have the same numbers are still relatively small. Are you
starring opportunity to practice as I did growing up, it conscience of this, and do you feel a responsibility
in two came pretty naturally. to represent the Asian American community?
In some ways, your roles in WEST 32ND and
features Yes, however, more than that, I just always
TIE A YELLOW RIBBON are similar, in that your
at SDAFF characters suffer a lot of pain. Can you talk about
feel responsible for representing myself in a
this year – TIE A YELLOW respectable way, first and foremost. The rest
RIBBON and our closing is too much to think about. Just making sure I
night film, WEST 32nd. When choosing a project to work on, make the right choices, treat others the right
I gravitate towards certain characters I way and behave professionally and humbly
We’re excited to showcase you in two sympathize for or conversely towards keeps me quite busy.
different features this year. It’s interesting characters I just don’t understand, but want to
Is there anything surprising you can share about
how you speak Korean in one film and play for its challenge.
English in the other. Is there a different WEST 32ND premiered at Tribeca.What was that
I am a black belt Taekwondo Instructor. I love
method to acting in another language? festival’s experience like?
working with children, especially special needs
Acting in English and Korean definitely Tribeca was a lot of fun. Especially since the kids. It’s been the most gratifying, challenging
has its differences in that there are film was shot in NYC, for it to premiere in and beautiful thing I’ve done in my life. I hope
certain phrases and slangs that cannot NYC was very special. However, because of to continue my work with kids and start
be duplicated into another language the tremendous support (all five screenings something to incorporate Taekwondo into
and have the same impact. Acting in were beyond sold out), a lot of family and the physical training (but more so, mental
Korean came easier than I thought friends stood in line for over an hour and still and emotional development) of special needs
got turned down.
The Infinite Power of Cinema | 65

TRE USA | 90 min. | Video | Color | 2007

DIRECTOR: Eric Byler
PRODUCER: Philippe Diaz
SOUND: stereo
CAST: Daniel Cariaga, Rose Wolter, Erik
McDowell, Alix Koromzay

Sat. Oct 13, 2007 7:30pm

UltraStar2 - Fujitsu

*Mature content
*Cast & crew scheduled to attend

Preceded By
Director: Kimberly-Rose Wolter |
With “Charlotte Sometimes” SDAFF ‘02 and “Americanese,” award-winning filmmaker Eric Byler 12 min. | Video | 2007
demonstrated a penchant for decidedly adult anti-romances full of sex, loneliness and smoldering jealousies. When reality isn’t good enough
He continues his exploration of modern relationships with his third feature, fittingly titled TRE, focusing on action must be taken.
friendship and infidelity. The result is arguably his darkest, most provocative film yet.
Co-presented by:
The boorish yet witty slacker Tre, recently dumped, crashes at the home of his close friends Gabe and Kakela,
SD Alliance for Asian Pacific Islander
who get engaged shortly after Tre arrives. It soon becomes evident that Tre and Kakela have an attraction that
can barely be concealed—or contained. A fourth character proves the catalyst who disrupts the stasis of the Americans
love triangle, and sets off a chain of events that forces them all to confront some hard truths.
The antithesis of usual Hollywood romances, the film pursues its hard-earned emotional truths by presenting
atypical romantic leads and refusing to concoct easy resolutions. Tre is a frequently enigmatic anti-hero, and
those looking for a bland love story will be rudely met with an unconventional portrait of relationships.
—Taro Goto (SFIAAFF)

USA | 88 min. | Video | Color | 2007

WRITERS: Gene Rhee, Sharri Hefner,
Mike Su
PRODUCERS: Emily Liu, Gene Rhee,
Jennifer Siebel
CAST: Kip Pardue, David Eigenberg,
Roger Fan, Sheetal Sheth, Emily Liu, Josie
Davis, Jordan Belfi, Jennifer Siebel

Fri. Oct 12, 2007 9:15pm

UltraStar I - Eastlake


*Cast & crew scheduled to attend

One night, one hotel, four rooms, and there’s bound to be trouble. Director Gene Rhee (SDAFF ’02) taps into Preceeded By:
the voyeur in all of us with his provocative, romantic comedy. THE TROUBLE WITH ROMANCE presents GIRLS NIGHT OUT
a quartet of vignettes on a disparate group struggling with the challenges of love. Each story follows the Director: Mark Arbitrario| 6 min.|
inhabitants of different rooms in one hotel on the same evening. In the bathroom, a young woman (Jennifer Video | 2006
Siebel) looking for closure has an emotional conversation with her hallucination of an ex-lover. Down the hall, An obsessive compulsive former
a husband (David Eigenberg, Sex in the City) plans for a steamy weekend with his wife until she brings on too badass on a quest for revenge
much spice. On another floor, a young man has his first encounter with a high-end call girl (Sheethal Sheth).
The heart of the film finds SDAFF fave Roger Fan (FINISHING THE GAME) as a hilarious, bumbling boyfriend Co-presented by:
who commits the ultimate faux-pas by inviting his stoner buddies to celebrate with him and his girlfriend SD Alliance for Asian Pacific Islander
Stephanie (Emily Liu). With crisp pacing and solid performances by familiar faces, Rhee’s feature debut is Americans
heartbreaking in its sincerity of emotion. Rhee and his co-writers smartly complicate their initial set-ups with
fresh twists and turns, each of which reveal more and more about the nature of love, and the ever-changing
desires of the heart. —Adapted by Christopher Au, SFIAAFF
66 | The 8th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival

USA | 90 min. | Video | 2006
DIRECTOR: Chris Chan Lee
WRITER: Chris Chan Lee
PRODUCERS: Karin Chien, Sung Kang
CAST: Sung Kang, Kelly Hu, Russell Wong, Leonardo Nam, Tom
Bower, Jose Zuniga, Ron Yuan

Sat. Oct 13, 2007 8:30pm

UltraStar 6 - Time Warner

*Cast & crew scheduled to attend

*Mature content
Considered by some as a pioneer, Chris Chan Lee returns to
the big screen with a talented Asian American cast, in his first
feature since 1997. UNDOING takes us to the underworld of
Los Angeles Koreatown, where Sam Kim (Sung Kang) returns
to avenge the death of his friend Joon (Leonardo Nam), who
was murdered during a botched drug deal. Sam reaches
out to Don, a retired gangster who is trying to clean up his
own act. Seeped in the dark, ominous overtones of neo-noir,
UNDOING marks a strikingly different direction for the actor
Kang, best known for playing brooding bad boys in films such
as “Better Luck Tomorrow” (SDAFF ’03) and “The Fast and the
Furious: Tokyo Drift.” As Sam, Kang’s a harried man on the run,
exuding an air of desperation and uncertainty as he tries to
pull off a complicated blackmail scam designed to both resolve
his friend’s old murder and make amends with his estranged
lover (Kelly Hu). However, his return creates more chaos than
his departure as he attracts unwanted attention from crooked
cops, K-Town gangsters and a deranged hitman (played by
Russell Wong). Stylish and ambitious, UNDOING marks a
welcome return of Lee to the director’s chair.
—Oliver Wang, SF International Asian American Film Festival

Q &A with off the ground. These experiences really Hu, Sung Kang, Bobby Lee, Leonardo Nam... what
exposed me to different was it like working with them?
sensibilities as far as theme and storytelling.
Chris And living abroad made me obsess more
It was great to work with a core cast that
Chan already had a lot of experience, and brought
about perspective, environment, and identity.
Lee, who unique perspectives to their roles. With that
I really like the quiet FEEL, the mood of this film. experience comes confidence and the ability
returns to
Why did you decide to go with the film noir to create choices, so that greatly benefited the
the film genre? film, not the mention the shooting schedule.
circuit with UNDOING,
a film noir set in LA with I love noir films. Actually noir has permeated Your thoughts on today’s Asian American
just about every kind of film out there these filmmakers and the state of Asian American
an all-star cast.
days. But I am compelled by it from the sense cinema?
By Lee Ann Kim
that fundamentally noir is so much about
There is an ever growing number of voices
externalizing the internal human condition.
and that diversity is beingreflected in the films.
You have inspired many Asian Americans to It’s a rich vocabulary accompanied by a set of
It’s an exciting time.
pursue filmmaking, and are considered a rules that either need to be adopted, broken,
pioneer. What has your journey been like or challenged. The unspoken exchange is Chris Chan Lee is scheduled to attend the
since “Yellow,” and how did that journey a key ingredient in my mind to our Asian screening of UNDOING,
evolve to the creation of UNDOING? upbringing, and as a director I believe a
modern Asian American noir drama was Co-presented by:
I traveled and directed English-language
the perfect platform to explore this idea of San Diego Asian Professionals
television in Singapore, and worked on
documentaries and television back in internal or non-verbal communication.
the states while assembling a team of You gathered quite a cast - Russell Wong, Kelly
collaborators and getting UNDOING
The Infinite Power of Cinema | 67

VANAJA India | Telugu w/ English Subtitles | 101

min. | 35mm | 2006
DIRECTOR: Rajnesh Domalpalli
WRITER: Rajnesh Domalpalli
PRODUCER: Latha Rajendra Kumar
CAST: Mamatha Bhukya Urmila
Dammannagari Ramachandriah Marikanti
Krishnamma Gundimalla

Sun. Oct 14, 2007 5:00pm

UltraStar1 - Eastlake

*Mature content

Co-presented by:
South Asian Bar Association
Set in rural South India,VANAJA explores the chasm that divides classes as a young girl struggles with her
coming of age.Vanaja (Marmatha Bhukya) is the 14-year-old daughter of a poor, low caste fisherman, struggling
with dwindling catches and mounting debt. When a sooth-sayer predicts that she will be a great dancer one
day, she goes to work in the house of the local landlady, Rama Devi, (Urmila Dammannagari), in hopes of
learning Kuchipudi dance while earning a keep.

Vanaja seems to be on an ascending path until Shekhar (Karan Singh), Rama Devi’s 23-year-old son, returns
from the United States to run for local political elections. Sexual chemistry is ignited between the handsome
Shekhar and the young Vanaja (still a minor at fifteen). The situation turns ugly when Vanaja’s superior intellect
pits her against Shekhar in a public incident which ultimately humiliates him in front of his mother. Matters
escalate, spiraling downwards and she is pitched into a tale of class and family from which there is only one

THE VICTIM Thailand | Thai w/ English Subtitles |

108 min. | 35mm | 2006
DIRECTOR: Monthon Arayangkoon
WRITER: Monthon Arayangkoon
PRODUCER: Jantima Lieawsirikum
CAST: Pitchanart Sakakorn Apasiri
Nitibhon Penpak Sirikul Chokchai
Charoensuk Kiradej Ketakinta

Fri. Oct 12, 2007 9:45pm

UltraStar 7 - Harrah’s

Tue. Oct 16, 2007 9:15pm

UltraStar 7 - Harrah’s

*Mature content
Pretty, vivacious young Ting harbours hopes of becoming a popular actress, and she’s certain she just needs
that lucky break. It comes along, alright, but her first serious acting job is a downright eerie one. She’s been Co-presented by:
hired by the police to stand in for murder victims in carefully staged reenactments of notorious crimes. Ting Asia Media Inc.
knows that what she’s doing is intended to aid the investigative process, but nonetheless, she takes great pains
to offer prayers of apology to the victims she is impersonating. She’s certain they’re watching, fully aware that
their deaths have become theatre for the living. She’s right. The dead are there.

The highest-profile case of her budding career falls into Ting’s lap. She is to play Min, a former Miss Thailand
brutally butchered in a bathtub. It is a role she will gain a lot of attention for, and one she begins preparing for
with extensive research and rehearsal. Her efforts spark her curiosity about the notorious unsolved crime,
about who it was who took the life of the beauty queen. Ting is drawn deeply into Min’s life, who she was,
how she moved, how she thought –- as Min’s tortured spirit begins slowly, ominously seeping into Ting’s life.
But is she there to guide the girl, or are her motives malevolent?

68 | The 8th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival


Japan | Japanese w/ English Subtitles | 112

min. | 35mm | 2005
DIRECTOR: Kichitaro Negishi
SCREENPLAY: Masahito Kato
WRITER: Sho Narumi
PRODUCER: Masako Tanabe
CAST:Yusuke Iseya, Koichi Sato, Kyoko
Koizumi, Kazue Fukiishi

Sat. Oct 13, 2007 12:00pm

UltraStar 2 - Fujitsu

Wed. Oct 17, 2007 8:35pm

WHAT THE SNOW BRINGS UltraStar 2 - Fujitsu

Co-presented by:
After his big city dreams are crushed, Manabu (Yusuke Iseya) returns to Hokkaido, the countryside of his Japan Society of San Diego and Tijuana,
childhood, with confusion, guilt, and secrets. After betting and losing the last of his money at a Banei horse Japanese American Historical Society of
race, his older brother Takeo (Koichi Sato), reluctantly allows him to re-enter his life. Through the struggles of San Diego
the draft horses, the two brothers begin to understand and respect each other again.

Masterfully directed, Director Kichitaro Negishi captures the idyllic and relaxed setting of Hokkaido while
subtly building emotional momentum centering around hope, acceptance, forgiveness, and redemption.

WHAT THE SNOW BRINGS was the big winner at the 2005 Tokyo Festival, taking home the Grand Prix, as
well as the Director, Actor and Audience Awards.


USA | 96 min. | Video | 2007
DIRECTOR: David Kaplan
WRITER: David Kaplan
PRODUCER: Rocco Caruso
CAST: An Nguyen, Ken Leung, Randall
Duk, Kim Tsai Chan

Mon. Oct 15, 2007 6:45pm

UltraStar 2 - Fujitsu

*Mature content

Co-presented by:
Asian Pacific Historic Collaborative,
San Diego Arthouse Independent Movie
Meetup Group

Enchantingly twisted, David Kaplan’s first feature is a magical marvel: a rotoscope animated fairy tale set in
New York’s Chinatown. A Sundance Film Festival selection,YEAR OF THE FISH gathers an all-star cast for a
modern-day Cinderella story imbued with a vibrant, rotoscope sheen.

Ye Xian (An Nguyen) is a young Chinese woman who travels to New York to make money for her sick father.
Indebted to a massage parlor madam (Tsai Chin) for smuggling her into the country,Ye Xian winds up doing
all the cooking and cleaning at the seedy parlor. This Cinderella story has no wicked step-sisters, but Mrs.
Su, the cold-hearted madam, supplies plenty of venom – all of it directed at Ye Xian. Alone, and humiliated,Ye
Xian finds solace in a tiny Koi carp, which is given to her by a mysterious hunchback (Randall Duk Kim). The
curious, ever-expanding fish eventually leads her to a struggling musician (Ken Leung), who may be her Prince
Charming but remains out of reach. Hope remains, however, as magic begins to happen on the day of the new
year, at the Chinatown banquet that everybody is trying to get into.

The Infinite Power of Cinema | 69

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Dir: Ajay Naidu Dir: Gina Leibrecht Nature Academy of Arts & Design,
Eric Friedenburg Les Blank Dir: The Lonely Island Tsinghua University
Six Degrees Records 10341 San Pablo Avenue Beijing, Beijing 100084 El Cerrito CA 94530 86.10.8427.9434
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After This Our Exile An Unbearable Day Dir: James Jaculina
Dir: Patrick Tam Dir: Miqi Huang James Jaculina Bolinao 52
Vision Film Workshop, LTD Miqi Huang 3610 W. Chandler Blvd. Apt C Dir: Duc Nguyen
Surson Commercial Bldg., 2nd 1640 Barry Ave. #7 Burbank, CA 91505 Duc Nguyen
Floor Los Angeles, CA 90025 3230 Beard Rd.
Kowloon, Hong Kong Napa, CA 94558
852-23147252 Bai Ri Meng 510.593.5395 And Thereafter II Dir: Jennifer Tippins
Dir: Hosup Lee Jennifer Tippins
Ain’t No Sunshine - Tatum Hosup Lee 433 16th Street #3R Bottled
Jones 456 9th Street #2 Brooklyn, New York 11215 Dir: Jian Lee
Dir: Rocky Jo Palisades Park, NJ 07650 845.642.1066 Jian Lee
Rocky Jo Cal Arts
954 S. Barrington Ave #4 24700 Mcbean Pkwy HH-09
Los Angeles, CA 90049 Ang Pamana: The Inheritance The Bastard Valencia, CA 91355 Dir: Romeo Candido Dir: Dave Quion 661.310.5841
Hub Media Group Dave Quion
Air Guitar Nation 9th Floor, Ayala-Life FGU Bldg 25399 The Old Road, Unit 9303
Dir: Alexandra Lipsitz Madrigal Park Muntinlupa Stevenson Ranch, CA 91381-1623 Building A Journey
Ken Eisen Philippines 760.403.8667 Dir: Anson Ho
Shadow Distribution 623.8079682 Anson Ho
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Dir: Nathan Adolfson 310.351.6097
Akira’s Hip Hop Shop Annelida Nathan Adolfson
Dir: Joe Doughrity Dir: Joe Takayama 3435 Wilshire Blvd., Suite #2210
Joseph H Shim Joe Takayama Los Angeles, CA 90010 Bystanding: The Beginning of An
Daydreamer Pictures 293-6 Fukumaru 310.200.2506 American Lifetime
3093 Eagle Pointe Drive Miyawaka-shi, Fukuoka 822-0101 Dir: Karen Lin
Fullerton, CA 92833 81.949.52.0196 Karen Chien
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Algorithms Music Construction LLC
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Cheryl Kanekar San Diego Asian Film Foundation Burbank, CA 91504 Dir: Jay Esguerra
3493 Reynard Way, Unit C 7969 Engineer Road, Suite 206 Jay Esguerra
San Diego, CA 92103 San Diego CA 92111 1959 S. Shenandoah St. Apt. 1 858-565-1264 Black Pig White Pig Los Angeles, CA 90034 Dir: Zhang Gong
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Cats of Mirikitani Gary Liew Equal Opportunity
Dir: Linda Hattendorf 20 Suffolk Road Dir: Howard Duy Vu
Linda Hattendorf or Haruko Melbourne, Dandenong North VIC Dragon Tiger Panacea - New Camille Mana
Lucid Dreaming 3175 Pants
PO Box 1392 Dir: Liu Runlai Escalator to Heaven
New York, NY 10013 B417 Sky & Sea Business Plaza Dir: Jang Cheol-soo 107 Dongsi Bei DaJie, Dongcheng Indiestory, Inc.
Dark Matter Beijing, China 100007 4 Fl. Baek-Ak Bldg. 135-4 Tong-in-
Champion - Native Guns Dir: Shi-Zheng Chen dong, Jongroh-gu
Dir: Patricio Ginelsa American Sterling Productions A Drunken Old Man’s Seoul 110-043
AJ Calomay 2525 Main Street #210 Adventure
Xylophone Films Santa Monica, CA 90405 Dir: Qin Xiaosong
11841 Tennessee Ave Zhang Hao Fadeout - +/-
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Vancouver Film School No. 10, Chao Yang Men Bei Da Brooklyn, NY 11217
Chances Are 200-198 West Hastings St. JieAO YANG MEN BEI DA JIE
Dir: Joshua Kameyer Vancouver, BC Beijing Father and Son
Joshua Kameyer 604.685.5822 China 100020 Dir: Ma Fengqing
1111 17th Street #F 0086.10.59881872,0086.10.5988 Zhang Hao
Santa Monica, CA 90403 1416 China International Animation and Deface, Digital Arts Festival (CICDAF)
Dir: John Arlotto Office 1110
Chinese Dumplings John Arlotto No. 10, Chao Yang Men Bei Da Jie
Dir: Michelle Hung Painting Pictures Duet - Mimi’s Ami Beijing
Michelle Hung 1229 North Flores Street #3 Dir: Sleepless Kaori China 100020
16000 W. Sunset Blvd. #102 West Hollywood, CA 90069 720 West 19th Avenue 0086.10.59881872,
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272 Vancouver BC V5Z 1X2 0086.10.59881416 Canada,
A Dirty Carnival 604.876.8760
Chiyo Dir:Yu Ha
Dir: Masanori Baba Hai-young Yun Finishing the Game
Masanori Baba CJ Entertainment America Egg Ghost Dir: Justin Lin
Lotus God Productions 1801 Century Park East, Suite 520 Dir: Dongkeun Lee Julie Asato
10401 Wyton Drive Los Angeles, CA 90067 Dongkeun Lee Trailing Johnson Productions
Los Angeles, CA 90024 310.557.3050 41-43 39 Pl #1m 2658 Griffith Park Blvd. #214
310.500.6345 Sunnyside, NY 11104 Los Angeles, CA 90039 917.502.9567
Dissolution of Bodies
City Paradise Dir: Kevin Choi Fission
Dir: Gaelle Denis Maura King Einstein’s Dream Dir: Kun-i Chang
Kim Strobl Frameline Dir: Brian D. Kim Kun-i Chang
33-34 Rathbone Place 145 9th St Brian D. Kim 111-38 76 Dr. #2B
London, London W1T 1JN reet, Suite 300 620 State St. #321 Forest Hills, NY 11375 San Francisco, CA 94103 San Diego, CA 92101
Cole Needs Women Fixing the Radio – Ciudad
Dir: David Chai Episode VII Dir: Quark Henares
David Chai DJ:LA Dir: Dylan O’Neil
1260 Salvatore Drive Dir: Jerry Chan John Fukuda
San Jose, CA 95120 Leslie Ito Munky Bidness Visual Communications 920 Silver Lake Blvd. #1
120 Judge John Aiso Street Los Angeles, CA 90026
Cyclone Armor Guardian Los Angeles, CA 90012 213.620.8787
Dir: Gary Liew 213-687-4848

The Infinite Power of Cinema | 79


Floor Kids - Kid Koala Gua Zi 7969 Engineer Rd., Suite 206
Dir: Jonathan Ng Dir: Miqi Huang San Diego, CA 92111
Envision Management & Miqi Huang Inspiration - Lola Fair & Baby J 858.565.1264
Production 1640 Barry Ave. #7 Dir: Reign Shaw, Geoff Reisner,
PO Box 834 Los Angeles, CA 90025 Wesley C
Montreal, Quebec H2X 4A6 310.777.8855 Young-hu Kim The King Boys XPERIMENTAL Entertainment Dir: Christopher Clark Tory Whanau
Fly Like a Fox – Ee Hana No Suka Dance - Oreska The New Zealand Film
Dir: Sharon Dang Band Iraq – TIMZ Commission
Sharon Dang Sony Music Japan Dir: Ron Najor Level 3
4948 Quincy Street Alvin Shamon 119 Ghuznee Street
San Diego, CA 92109 V.I.G. Productions & Artist Wellington, Wellington 6011 Hands Up - Estairy featuring Management/The Buzz 64.4.384.9719
Equipto 619.454.1394
Fortune Hunters Dir: Evolution Jackson
Dir: Thom Harp Evan Leong The Last Chip
Mike Standish 6036 Springvale Dr Irony – Seriously Dir: Heng Tang
6738 35th Pl S Los Angeles, CA 90042 Dir: Karen Lin Heng Tang
Seattle, WA 98118 310.925.0990 Gloria Lee Plus Films Chaos Theory Music 330 Clarke St
2912 Colorado Avenue Northcote
Girls Night Out Her Journey: My Mother’s Story Suite 204 Melbourne,Victoria, Australia 3070
Dir: Mark Arbitrario Dir: Alice Wang Santa Monica, CA 90403 61.4.1980.8133
Mark Arbitrario San Diego Asian Film Foundation 310-496-2494
5403 W. 8th Street #201 7969 Engineer Road, Suite 206
Los Angeles, CA 90036 San Diego CA 92111 The Last Vacation 858.565.1264 Isabella Dir: Jae-ho Chang Dir: Ho-Cheung Pang Jae-ho Chang
The Gloaming Tai Seng Entertainment 1628 2nd Ave #3b
Dir: Andrew Huang Hula Girls 170 South Spruce Avenue, Suite New York, NY 10028
Andrew Huang Dir: Lee Sang-il 200 646 .425.7544
29135 Indian Valley Rd Viz Pictures South San Francisco, CA 94080
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275 650.871.8118 Lead Role: Father
I’m a Cyborg But That’s OK Dir: PJ Raval
The Golden Voice Dir: Park Chanwook It’s Over PJ Raval
Dir: Greg Cahill CJ Entertainment America Hyun-jin Park PO Box 684643
Greg Cahill 1801 Century Park East, Suite 520 The Korean National Univ. of Arts Austin, TX 78768
Rising Falcon Cinema Los Angeles, CA 90067 School of Film, TV & Multimedia 512.507.8158
3721 Midvale Ave #18 310.557.3050 L382-ho, San #1-5, Seokgwan-2-
Los Angeles, CA 90034 dong, Seongbuk-gu
323.580.2035 Seoul, Seoul 136-716 Lil Skrappy Boy Illegal 82.2.7469.549 Dir: Alex C. Munoz
Dir: Andrew Oh Alex C. Munoz
The Great Happiness Space: Andrew Oh Neo Ethno Films
Tale of An Osaka Love Thief 13312 Red Plum St. Jaded Love 8320 Lincoln Blvd. #202
Dir: Jake Clennell Cerritos, CA 90703 Dir: Martin R. Johnson Los Angeles, CA 90045
Jake Clennell Martin R. Johnson 310.980.0134
The Film Sales Company PO Box 87369
151 Lafayette Street, Fifth Floor In The Good – Visionaries San Diego, CA 92138
New York, NY 10013 Dir: Keykool, Ong, Sambajon Look To Both Sides
646.825.5212 Julius Sambajon Jr. Dir: Jessica Jones 2036 Ridgeview Ave. Just A Game San Diego Asian Film Foundation
Los Angeles, CA 90041 Dir: Leon Cu 7969 Engineer Rd., Suite 206
San Diego Asian Film Foundation San Diego, CA 92111

80 | The 8th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival

858.565.1264 Ling Liu Monsoon 666 Kingswood Way
Dir: Shyam Balse Nagpapanggap Los Altos, CA 94022
Lost and Found Shyam Balse Dir: Debbie Formoso 852.6089.3565
Dir: Tam Tran Tempered Entertainment Debbie Formoso
Leslie Ito 835 N. Fuller Ave., Apt 13 8066 St. Clair Ave.
Visual Communications Los Angeles, CA 90046 North Hollywood, CA 91605 Oh Mommy (Me Oi!)
120 Judge John Aiso Street 323.655.5820 Dir: Jenni Trang Le
Los Angeles, CA 90012 Leslie Ito
213.687.4848 Naked Branches Visual Communications Mookey’s Story Dir: Will Kim 120 Judge John Aiso Street
Dir: Carolyn Goossen Will Kim Los Angeles, CA 90012
Lost Utopia Carolyn Goossen 1827 Ramona Ave. 213.687.4848
Dir: Mirai Mizue 275 Ninth Street, #3 South Pasadena, CA 91030
Mirai Mizue San Francisco, California 94103 213 509.9249
9-4-402, somechi-2 415-370-5621 Owl and the Sparrow
Chofu-shi, Tokyo 182-0023 Dir: Stephane Gauger
0424.40.0430 Nanay Stephane Gauger Mu Dir: Roland Lazarte Annam Pictures
Dir: Paul Yacono San Diego Asian Film Foundation 143 S. Occidental Blvd. #D
Martyr Nyebera – Kamikaze Leslie Brockett 7969 Engineer Rd., Suite 206 Los Angeles, Ca 90057
Dir: Avid Liongoren 1330 N. Crescent Hts #10 San Diego, CA 92111 323.868.4041 Los Angeles, CA 90046 858.565.1264
63.917.831.4319 Pandamania
Mash it Up – KXL Nanking Dir: Chris Tsou
Dir: Steve Mallorca Mumtaz - Bombay Dub Dir: Bill Guttentag Chris Tsou
Steve Mallorca Orchestra THINKFilm 2005 Columbia Pike Dir: Huw Jenkins Apt. 2235
Eric Friedenburg Arlington,VA 22204
Miss Chinatown, U.S.A. Six Degrees Records New Year Baby
Dir: Kathy Huang Dir: Socheata Poeuv
Kathy Huang Sara Newens Past the Food
1571 Waldran Avenue My Father’s Chinese Wife 47-42 Vernon Blvd. #3l Dir: Mina T. Son
Los Angeles, CA 90041 Dir: Franklin Peterson Long Island City, NY 11101 Leslie Ito
650.814.1017 Franklin Peterson 908.672.1366 Visual Communications 1229 Princeton St., Apt. 5 120 Judge John Aiso Street
Los Angeles, CA 90404 Los Angeles, CA 90012
Modern Day Arranged Marriage The Night Boys 213-687-4848
Dir: Rehana Mirza Dir: Karl Gindelberger And Joseph
Rohi Mirza Pandya My Wall: Watashi No Kabe Dicara
Desipina & Company Dir: Ali Tanaka Karl Gindelberger Pilgrimage
520 8th Ave San Diego Asian Film Foundation 6652 Plaza Ridge Rd Dir: Tadashi Nakamura
Suite 318 7969 Engineer Rd., Suite 206 San Diego, CA 92114 Tadashi Nakamura
New York, NY 10018 San Diego, CA 92111 805.709.2770 Center for EthnoCommunications
212.564.8666 858.565.1264 11051 Westwood Blvd. Culver City, CA 90230
No Regrets
A Modern Witch Hunt: The Na Kamalei: The Men of Hula Dir: Leesong Hee-il
Dale Akiki Story Dir: Lisette Kaualena Flanary Lindsay Marsak Post 9/11 Blues - MC Riz
Dir: Adam Lee Lisette Flanary Here! Networks Dir: Between the Eyes UK
San Diego Asian Film Foundation Lehua Films 310.806.6386
7969 Engineer Rd., Suite 206 490 13th Street
San Diego, CA 92111 Top Floor
858.565.1264 Brooklyn, NY 11215 Officer Tsukamoto 212.475.7696 Dir: Ling Liu

The Infinite Power of Cinema | 81


Potluck Reunion 306 Barber Ct Joy Dietrich

Dir: Louis R. Sweeney Dir: PARK Jung-kyu Milpitas, CA 95035 Jed Films
Louis Sweeney Gina Kang 59 Newel Street
13044 Pacific Promenade #419 Indiestory Inc. Brooklyn, NY 11122
Playa Vista, CA 90094 4 Fl., Baek-ak Bldg. Smile - Far*East Movement feat. 718.383.0484
510.331.2972 135-4 Tong-in dong, Jong-roh gu Ken Oak Seoul, Korea 110-043 Dir: Todd Angkasuwan
82.2.722.6055 TNT Digital Media Traffic in the Sky
A Pressured Future 14551 West Marcus Drive Dir: Charles Yi
Dir: Juliane Sobejana Surprise AZ 85374 Charles Yi
San Diego Asian Film Foundation Samoan Wedding (Sionne’s 623.451.5416 Across The Street Films
7969 Engineer Rd., Suite 206 Wedding) 3111 S. Canfield Ave #3
San Diego, CA 92111 Dir: Chris Graham Los Angeles, California 90034
858.565.1264 Magnolia Pictures The Space Burger 310.970.2400 Dir: Sookyoung Choi
Sookyoung Choi
The Process - My American Sentenced Home 66-22, Fleet St, The Trainee
Heart Dir: David Grabias, Nicole Apt 5J Dir: Craig Rosenthal
Dir: Shane Drake Newnham Forest Hills, NY 11375 Craig Rosenthal
Jesse Barrera David Grabias 917.428.0345 88 Waving Cats Sentenced Home Productions Blk 44 Monks Hill Road
4302 1/2 Melrose Avenue, Suite B #06-48
Rainbow Song Los Angeles, CA 90029 Summer Singapore 228575
Dir: Naoto Kumazawa 323.661.4700 Dir: Hong Khaou 65.6532.6773
Fortissimo Films Hong Khaou
Veemarkt 77-79 Unit 11 Panther House
1019 Da Amsterdam Shanghai Kiss 38 Mount Pleasant Tre
The Netherlands Dir: Kern Konwiser & David Ren London, LONDON WC1X 0AN Dir: Eric Byler
31.20.627.3215 Kern Konwiser Kimberly-Rose Wolter Arclight Films Cinema Libre Studio
9229 W. Sunset Blvd. Tazza: The High Rollers 8328 De Soto Ave.
Reaching High - Cobra Con & Los Angeles, CA 90069 Dir: Choi Dong-hoon Canoga Park, CA 91304
Hinomaru 818.992.7602 Hai-young Yun 310.210.0469
Dir: James Oda CJ Entertainment America
James Oda 1801 Century Park East, Suite 520
16706 Ermanita Ave Shoot My Life Los Angeles, CA 90067 The Trouble With Romance
Torrance, CA 90504 Dir: Kimberly-Rose Wolter 310.557.3050 Dir: Gene Rhee Kimberly-Rose Wolter Gene Rhee
Hapa/Hindu Productions 5801 Kiyot Way, #2
The Rebel 10767 Valley Spring Lane This Solace Eternal Playa Vista, CA 90094
Dir: Truc ‘Charlie’ Nguyen N. Hollywood, CA 91602 Dir: Jennie Na 310 9894363
Jimmy Pham Jennie Na
Chanh Phuong Films & Cinema 1820 12th Street #5
Pictures Signerz Santa Monica, CA 90404 Truth or Rainbows
15402 Notre Dame St Dir: Roman Cortez Dir: Chihwen Lo
Westminster, CA 92683 Roman Cortez Chihwen Lo
714.903.6303 Romanfilms & Daydreamer Thursday - Asobi Seksu 24700 McBean Pkwy Id-03 Pictures Dir: So Yung Kim, Bradley Rust Valencia, CA 91355
1530 Manhattan Beach Blvd. #B Gray
Relative Distance Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 231 Mt. Rest Road
Dir: Cathy Begien New Paltz NY 12561 Under the Honey Chestnut
Cathy Begien 845.255.2445 Tree
50 Laguna Street #605 Silence Dir: Hyun-min Lee
San Francisco, CA 94102 Dir: Allen Ho Jennifer C. Klein Allen Ho Tie A Yellow Ribbon Picnic Pictures
Dir: Joy Dietrich 1635 Irving Ave.

82 | The 8th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival

Glendale, CA 91201 What the Snow Brings
818.929.1944 Dir: Kichitaro Negishi Eleven Arts
2932 Wilshire Blvd
Underpass Santa Monica, CA 90403
Dir: Rain Breaw
Rain Breaw
University of Southern California Year of the Dog
School of Cinematic Arts Student Dir: Kevin Lau
Film Kevin Lau
318 S. Kingsley Dr. #310 Phalum Films
Los Angeles, CA 90020 2722 Ceilhunt Ave.
323.244.8831 Los Angeles, CA 90064 (310) 309-0853
Dir: Chris Chan Lee Year of the Fish
Karin Chien Dir: David Kaplan
2 East Broadway, 4th Floor Jason Orans
New York, NY 10038 59 Franklin St #210
(212) 979-8930 New York, NY 10013

Dir: Rajnesh Domalpalli
Emerging Pictures
245 W 55th St, 4th floor
New York, NY 10019

The Victim
Dir: Monthon Arayangkoon
Golden Network Asia Ltd.
Unit 2003
Futura Plaza
111-113 How Ming St.,
Kwun Tong, Hong Kong

Voices of a Distant Star

Dir: Makoto Shinkai, Steven Foster
ADV Films
5750 Bintliff Dr. Suite 210
Houston, TX 77036

West 32nd
Dir: Michael Kang
Hai-young Yun
CJ Entertainment America
1801 Century Park East, Suite 520
Los Angeles, CA 90067

The Infinite Power of Cinema | 83




84 | The 8th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival

The Infinite Power of Cinema | 85
86 | The 8th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival
The Infinite Power of Cinema | 87

88 |\ 4HE
Film Festival
07fhd131_ProdAd_San Diego Film F1 1 8/9/07 4:57:50 PM

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Project Title/Key: Family Product
The Rabuck Agency Job No. 07fhd131
90 | The 8th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival
The Infinite Power of Cinema | 91
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92 | The 8th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival

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94 | The 8th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival

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96 | The 8th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival

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98 | The 8th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival

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