PEPERIKSAAN SEKOLAH KETIGA TAHUN 2013 BAHASA INGGERIS (KERTAS 1) Tingkatan Peralihan Satu Jam Name:__________________________ Section

A Answer all the question that follows 1. __________ earth moves around ___________ the sun. A. A, a C. An, a B. The, a D. The, the 2. He won the firt prize ______________ he was not happy. A. so C. but B. and D. because 3. The boys made the kites all by _______________. A. himself C. myself B. myself D. themselves 4. Mrs Tan: Where are the children? Mr Tan: __________ are in the swimming pool. A. They C. She B. We D. He 5. Do you know ____________ the movie will start? A. what C. which B. when D. where 6. ____________ much did you pay for the new jacket? A. Why C. How B. When D. Whose Question 7 Look at the table below and answer the question that follows: A table showing a group of 100 people randomly surveyed: Form:___________________ Marks:______________

7. How many people are over 40 years old? A. 22 C. 12 B. 10 D. 18 Question 8 Study the picture below and answer the question that follows.

8. What is the expression of the man beside? A. Angry C. Sad B. Happy D. Expressionless

Question 9

They are__14_____ food. before 30th September 2010 Question 10 Look at the chart below and answer the question that follows: 10. Liana and her friends_____11_____ at the canteen. sells 15. sold D. fishball noodles. under C. teachers C. on 30th September 2010 B. A. unpleasant . A. B. untidy C. hygienic D. The most popular food that most students like is: A. from 30th September 2010 D. sell B. was D. chicken rice. A. were C. There is a lot of food ____13______ the counter. students 13. behind 14. at B. across D. is B. are 12. Some _____12_____ are queuing up to buy food. chicken sandwich Section B Questions 11 – 15 Based on the picture. workers D. The canteen is clean and ____15______ 11. Each of them is wearing an apron and a cap. dirty B. fried rice. The tuna should be consumed A. choose the best answer to fill in the blanks in the passage that follows.Study the label below and answer the question that follows 9. A. selling C. D. There are also two helpers at the canteen. after 30th September 2010 C. C. men B. A.

Sanjay is a ___________ boy. most pretty B. A. mine D. doctor B. A. them C. it C. prettiest 19. He is fat __________ is able to run fast. 7. She is a ___________. Heat the pan on the stove. A. Add in the green colouring. Put a little oil into a frying pan. 10. Put two tablespoonfuls of coconut filling on the pancake and roll neatly. Sarah cut her hair yesterday. 6. Put the flour into a bowl.Section C Choose the best answer to complete the sentences below. Question 16 – 23 16. hole C. short 18. strong D. clerk D. small B. 4. prettier D. Make a hole in the centre of the flour in the bowl. A. or D. My brother is taller than _______ A. 5. I B. put in on a plate. The woman types letters in an office. A. but B. they B. He is only 120 cm tall. Pour in the milk slowly and mix well. 9. it D. she C. and C. Pour in two tablespoonfuls of the mixture into the frying pan 11. 2. The flour is put in a A. 8. Add in the salt. Ai Li is the ___________ girl in the class. me 22. Then. Break a large egg into the flour. answer the questions that follow. she D. 3. Method 1. My hands were dirty so I washed ____________ A. When the pancake is cooked. sick C. pan . old B. ____________ is short now. My grandmother is __________ but healthy. weak D. Mix the flour and the egg together with a spoon. add a little water. 24. pretty C. 12. their 23. A. If the mixture is too thick. low 17. her B. accountant 20. because 21. teacher C. short C. its Section D Question 24 – 29 Read the following instruction on how to prepare a pancake.

Milk D. 52400 Kuala Lumpur. water D. sugar C. A. Flora’s sister B. Colouring 29. water C. bowl A. If you are taking an aeroplane. 8 January 2009. class monitor 32. Two tablespoons of the mixture is poured into the A. Flora’s cousin D. Which is the last ingredient to be added into the mixture? A. green colouring D. flour 25. From your house in Penang. Your cousin. If your travel by bus or by train. Bye. you can take a taxi to the airport or bus station. Write to me soon. Jalan Mawar. How many tablespoons of coconut do you put on the pancake? A. How are you? I’m happy to know that you have become the head prefect of your school. you have to take a ferry to go to the railway station in Butterworth. . frying pan D. B. librarian D. Who is Susan? A. head prefect C. 110. spoon D. cup C. Two D. spoon 28. After mixing the flour and egg together. When the mixture is too thick. Flora 30. Congratulations! When are you coming to Kuala Lumpur to visit us? You can take many modes of transport to come here. Dear Susan. Coconut B. egg B. Bukit Kerajaan.B. One C. add a little Questions 30 – 34 Read the letter below and answer the questions that follow. If you are taking the train. you need to travel about six to seven hours. Three B. Four 27. If Susan is coming to Kuala Lumpur by train. Flora’s neighbour 31. milk 26. prefect B. Oil C. Susan has become the _________________ of her school. salt B. it takes only forty-five minutes to reach KLIA in Sepang. bowl B. we add in A. Flora’s friend C.

C. Johan’s bag is under the chair. Do you have any pets. Do you have any pets. How long will Susan have to travel if she is travelling by aeroplane? A. C. D. jane has piano lessons on Monday! B. wendy and winnie are Twins B. do you have any Pets. The farmer is ploughing the field. michele? C. wendy and Winnie are twins. B. Disemak oleh. C. 40. 37. Six to seven hours Section E Question 35 – 40 Choose the sentences with the correct punctuation. . Wendy and Winnie are twins. A. A. trishaw 33. D. B. 35. Michele! 39. Rina lives in Bandar utama. an airport B. a bus station D. a railway station C. A. Jane has piano lessons on Monday. A. Rina lives in Bandar Utama. a jetty 34. D. D. Do you have any Pets. C. Where is KLIA? A. Jane has piano lessons on monday. Jane has Piano Lessons on Monday. Johans’ bag is under the chair. B. Half an hour B. A. Rina lives in Bandar Utama! C. Three quarters of an hour C. taxi C. The Farmer is ploughing the Field. A. The Farmer is Ploughing the field.she will take a ________________ to the railway station. One hour forty-five minutes D. rina lives in Bandar utama B. Johans’ bag is under the chair? Disediakan oleh. 36. The farmer is ploughing the Field. ferry B. bus D. Wendy and Winnie are twins? D. Johans bag is under the Chair. Michele? D. A. 38. michele.

____________________ YONG CHUI SHAN (Guru Bahasa Inggeris) Inggeris) __________________ PN. SARASPATHI NANIAPEN (Penyelaras Petang Bahasa .

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