AutoCAD® Electrical 2007 Standalone Installation Guide Addendum Installation Structure of AutoCAD Electrical

The installation directory structure scheme for AutoCAD Electrical 2007 is split into two distinct pieces. The Main executables and static support files are located under C:\Program Files\Autodesk\..., while modifiable support files and database content are found under C:\Documents and Settings\{username}\....

Main Executables and static support files at C:\Program Files\Autodesk…
The main program of AutoCAD Electrical 2007 is installed under the base folder c:\Program Files\Autodesk\Acade 2007\... The \ACADE\ subfolder carries several Bitmap files and other static support files. The \Libs\ subfolder carries various AutoCAD Electrical schematic and Panel Layout symbol libraries. The \Libs\ folder structure can be easily copied and moved to a shared network drive. After you move the \Libs\ folder you must modify the path in Support File Search Path in the Options dialog box. The electrical schematic libraries are selected during the installation of the software. JIC1 / JIC125 – USA Standard (Inch units) IEC2 – European Standard (MM units) JIS2 – Japanese Standard (MM units) GB2 – Chinese Standard (MM units) AS2 – Australian Standard (MM units) Other libraries are automatically installed through the installation process. Panel – Physical Footprint Block Files (Inch units) HYD_ISO125 – Hydraulic Schematic (Inch units) PNEU_ISO125 – Pneumatic Schematic (Inch units) PID – Process and Instrumentation Library (Inch units)

• wd_lang1.wdt file is also included for customer modification. stores temporary files. not shared with other users. The installation program creates a new Autodesk\AutoCAD Electrical 2007 subfolder entry under the user login name\Application Data folder.slb files referenced by the icon menus. the Vendor Parts .mdb file.mdb file.. the customizable language swapping database file. www..xls file. footprint_lookup.mdb file.dat files. the sample pick list.AutoCAD® Electrical 2007 Support files at C:\Documents and Settings\{username}\.autodesk. This Application Data folder is normally marked as hidden within Windows Explorer and users may need to access and customize these files. the DIN RAIL parametric build spreadsheet.atc files.mdb file used for the footprint mapping file.env environment settings file plus three subfolders. The base \Support\ folder carries the AutoCAD Electrical . The \AeToolPalette\Palettes\ subfolder structure carries four AutoCAD Electrical specific .mdb file and PLC terminal bitmap files. \Plc\ sub folder contains the PLC parametric build ace_plc. • wddinrl. Data files at C:\Documents and Settings\{username}\My Documents The AEDATA folder structure carries various database and project drawing files that will be altered by the user. The \AeData\ folder carries the wd. This needs to be on a per-logged-in user basis. and maintains the user scratch database files for the projects.mnu files. • • \Proj\ subfolder carries the subfolders for all projects installed. and the slide library . • wd_picklist. including demonstration and getting started drawing files. icon menu . • schematic_ lookup. The Support files folder structure carries the support files that have the potential of being altered by the user. The \User\ folder is where AutoCAD Electrical 2007 writes customized user settings files. The installation program creates a new ACADE 2007\ subfolder entry under the user login name\My Documents\ folder. The three individual subfolders to \AeData\ are as follows: \Catalogs\ subfolder contains these files: default_cat. The default.mdb file used for the schematic mapping file.

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