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Board of Supervisors

County of Rice, State of Minnesota May 12, 2009

The meeting was called to order by Vice-chair, Glen Castore at 7:05 PM. In attendance were supervisor Kathleen Doran-Norton, Treasurer Brad Pfahning, Zoning Administrator Jim Braun, consultant Carolyn Braun, and clerk, Pam Petersen. Leif Knecht, chair arrived about 7:30 as he had another meeting to attend prior to the board meeting. The Pledge of Allegiance was said by all present. The minutes from the April 14, 2009 meeting were approved with some minor changes. The motion to approve was made by K Doran-Norton, second by G Castore, motion carried. The claims were presented for payment. Some notes were additional payment to PERA as B Pfahning had read the chart incorrectly. The first gravel payment was made to Gleason Co. for gravel. Brad then brought up some financial concerns; phone bill is high, not because of wrong doing, just the high cost of a business line and the internet, should try to find a way to cut the cost; Murnane-Brandt, lawyers, very likely will go over budget. It was brought up that Brad will present each board member with a complete list of the claims to be paid the night of the meeting. G Castore made a motion to approve the payments, second by K Doran-Norton, motion approved. There is no treasurer’s report at this time. Bridgewater Planning Commission: G Castore. A} Nuisance Ordinance- This will be written and it will be implemented by the Board of Supervisors. B} Trails, This will be discussed at a future meeting. C} At this time the consensus of the Planning Commission is to not have a member from the City of Dundas at this time.


D} The HWY 19 Access Ordinance has been set aside at this time. Decker Road Boring Report: Blair Fowler reported on the engineering study that was done on Decker to check the makeup and the condition of the road bed so that if it is upgraded there is knowledge of what will need to be done. The funds for this study came from the tax revenue from the City of Dundas per the annexation agreement. Blair spoke of the good base the road has (see the full report). A summary will be forth coming and extra booklets will be available for the surrounding jurisdictions. Galen Malecha and Jeff Docken, Rice County Commissioners attended the meeting also. Topics of conversation were: 1} Economic Initiatives with the City of Faribault 2} Work has begun on the 2010 Budget 3} The crumbling road systems are a huge concern. What can Rice County do to have a better voice within District 6 for a larger or better share of the road dollars? Put pressure on our representatives, Bly and Dahle. 4} Jail Annex Building, needs changes, should the county build a new jail or partner with another county? Planning and Zoning, Jim Braun. The past month there were 3 lot splits and 4 permit applications. Update on the lot split for the Schmidt, Sumac, Camus property: Dundas applied city ordinance to that property, which is not in the City of Dundas. G Castore: Update on the meeting he had with Dundas mayor, Glenn Switzer. A} Ordinances would be stand alone B} Planning Commission would have the zoning authority C} Changes would be discussed and advised by all authorative bodies.

G Castore made a motion to authorize K Doran-Norton to draft a statement to the Dundas Planning Commission, then to send to all the supervisors and


copy the clerk. The other supervisors can respond to K Doran-Norton only. L Knecht seconded the motion, the motion carried. K Doran-Norton made a motion to continue and leave this meeting open until May 19, 2009. Second by G Castore, motion carried unanimously. G Castore reported on the Stream Inventory, it is going well but may not be finished this year. Road Funds: Increase dust control measures on the township roads. Crack filling: K Doran-Norton made a motion to approve Fahrner Company to proceed with crack filling. Second by G Castore, motion carried. The contract was signed. Dennis Brown will be asked to keep track of costs per individual road for dust control and gravel laid down. This is due to allocation of funds and from where it is paid. Tree trimming is going well but will be over budget. The company doing the trimming is Cannon River Tree Trimming and they are doing a very good job. Fawn Court Update: The road is almost finished and is more than satisfactory per Dennis Brown. After the road is graveled there will be a resolution to take over the road as a township road at the next board meeting. Update on SF913/HF1035, now SF2082-no new cities, at a standstill for now, but change could happen at any time. K Doran-Norton will work with Dennis Brown on a postcard to send to the residents when tree trimming will commence. A motion to adjourn for the evening was made by G Castore, second by K Doran-Norton, motion carried. The meeting adjourned at 10:10 PM. Respectfully submitted,

Pam Petersen, Clerk