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100 questions & answers about HIV and AIDS. RC 606.64 G35 2008
By Joel Gallant, MD.
Provides answers to the most common questions
asked by patients with HIV and AIDS, their partners
and their family members.

The advocate guide to gay men's health and RA 77.8 S6589 2008
wellness. By Frank Spinelli.
Focusing on prevention, lifestyle modification, and
healthcare - a comprehensive medical guide for gay
AIDS in America. By Susan Hunter, RA643.86 H86 2006
Looks at the many fronts on which the US
government has failed to control the spread of the
AIDS and we must do to change the future of AIDS.

AIDS update 2009: an annual overview of RC 606.64 S756 A26 2009

acquired immune deficiency syndrome. By Gerald
AIDS: science and society. 5th edition. By Hung RA 643.8 F36 2007
Fan, Ross F Conner; & Luis P Villarreal.
Provides a framework for understanding AIDS,
discussing the disease from both biomedical and
psychosocial perspectives.
AIDS Sourcebook. Third Edition. Edited by Dawn RC 606.64 A337 2003
Consumer health information for all aspects of
African American women and HIV/AIDS: critical RA 643.83 A35 2003
responses. Edited by Dorie Gilbert and Ednita
A collection of articles by African American women who
are directly involved with research or prevention.
Biology of AIDS. By Wilmore Webley RC 606.64 W43 B56 2007

The complete HIV/AIDS teaching kit: with CD- RA 643.8 C654 2007 REF
ROM. By Julie Solomon.
Multimedia teaching kit provides a multidisciplinary
approach to teaching the biomedical, social,
psychological, and behavioral aspects of HIV
transmission, prevention, and treatment.
Frequently Asked Questionss About AIDS and HIV. RC 606.65 R69 2009
By Richard Robinson.
Information for teens on AIDS and HIV, including its
origins, how it can be contracted, how it is diagnosed
in the body, and how to treat the disease.

Hay una respuesta cómo prevenir y entender el RA 643.8 C6718 2006

VIH/SIDA. By Luis Cortés.
Explains prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS.
In Spanish.
HIV / 3rd edition. By Howard Libman. RC 606.63 H55 2007
Practical guidance to primary-care providers in prevention
and management of HIV, including discussions of special
populations. Details antiretroviral therapy; opportunistic
infections; opportunistic cancers; common clinical
HIV and aging. By Sharon Lee RC 606.6 H5835 2008
Many HIV + people are living longer and will now face a
new set of complicated medical problems related to
aging, including the effects on the immune system,
neurologic , cardiovascular, pulmonary, renal
gastrointestinal, hormonal, bone, joint, and cancers.
HIV/AIDS treatment drugs. By Brigid Kane RC 606.7 K36 2007
Gives an easy to understand overview of the history of
the epidemic, how HIV operates, and the drug treatment
works to significantly delay the progression to AIDS and
enable those infected with HIV to live longer, healthier

Not in my family : AIDS in the African-American RA 643.83 N68 2006

community. Edited by Gil L. Robertson IV.
A collection of personal essays, stories, and brief memoirs
from a wide grouping of Black Americans.
The secret epidemic: the story of AIDS and Black RA 643.83 L48 S4 2004
America. By Jacob Levenson
Half the people in the U.S. who are diagnosed with HIV
are now African American. Journalist Jacob Levenson
tells the story of how AIDS has become one of the
leading killers of young black men and women.
Sobreviviendo VIH/SIDA : guía para Latinos. Goosby, RC 606.64 G66 2006
Written for the newly diagnosed, their families, and their
caregivers, addresses the issues associated with
HIV/AIDS, including understanding symptoms, diagnosis,
and treatment. In Spanish.
A Time To Speak: how Black pastors can BV4460.7 M36 2008
respond to the HIV/AIDS pandemic. By Marvin

Tócame sin guantes : consejos para vivir con RC 606 A66 2005
enfermos de sida y otras enfermedades incurables
Aponte-Jolly, Minerva.
A sensitive guide to handling incurable illnesses.
In Spanish.
Transgender health and HIV prevention. Edited by RA643.83 B63 2005
Walter Bockting and Eric Avery

The Way Forward: The State of AIDS in Black RA643.83 B54 2006
America. By Kai Wright
Report from the Black AIDS Institute
El VIH y la patogenesis del SIDA by Levy, Jay RC 606.64 L48 V54 2008
In Spanish.

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