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Classic Chicago “Street Player” sample approved for Paul Leion’s first single “When you do”

In 2003, Paul Leion anxiously sat waiting for his final song to be heard in class by tutors on his music technology course at Thames Valley University. When tutor Pip Williams, music producer and guitarist whose collaborations include The Kinks, Sweet, Status Quo, Carl Douglas’ Kung Fu Fighting and Jim Diamond’s I Should Have Known Better, finally asked ‘Who wrote that?” Leion braced himself for harsh criticism. Williams exclaimed 'Best f***ing thing I've heard all year'. Although Leion, 32, a Cypriot raised in Enfield in North London, started songwriting aged 14, anxiety and stage fright from undiagnosed bipolar disorder prevented him from launching his own musical career until 2012, when he started recording his debut album “Bipolar”. His first single “When You Do” will be released on 23 September 2013 while Paul Leion finishes co-producing his album with studio engineer Martin Knight. The album “ Bipolar” will then be released on 4 November 2013. In celebration of a new appreciation for the emerging club sounds of the 1990s, Paul uses a sample of Chicago’s Street Player on “ When you Do” as did The Bucketheads for their massive 90’s hit The Bomb. A family friend had passed his rough demo onto Brian May, who echoed Pip Williams words by writing back to say how much he liked the song. Paul says his Bipolar Disorder type II has made him a better songwriter now he can embrace both the up and down sides of the condition. He says: “I've been suicidal many times in my life. I've had a nervous breakdown, I've been heavily sedated, addicted to prescription drugs, suffered the horror of withdrawing from heavy medication - hallucinating and battling with my senses. I've survived after suffering in silence for a long time.” Then in 2011, Leion had a near death experience when he was struck down by encephalitis (inflammation of the brain). He found that, ‘the prospect of death coming swiftly without my consent wasn’t something I wanted to accept at this time,’ and started chanting his way to recovery. Paul is quite open about his experiences with depression and anxiety, and writes a blog on the subject in the hope that others might find some comfort in what says and not 'suffer in silence' the way he used to. Paul is currently contributing to the blog and is making efforts to boost mental health awareness and reduce the stigma attached. Pop stars like Adam Ant have also recently spoken out publicly about the subject. Many songs on the new album were written long before 2012. After graduating almost a decade before, Paul Leion found work composing for adverts including a successful campaign for Greenpeace in Europe. In response to working with tight deadlines and stressed clients, Paul says - "I needed to do some music for the fun of it, so I went to see a friend and we had a dance to some old music from what seemed like a simpler time and it made us feel good. So while I was channelling this energy I came up with When You Do".

Paul had his first glimpse of glamour when his musical score for a short film Bird Brain, directed by Giles Greenwood, had a private screening at the BAFTA building and he heard his music through the big speakers at the big screen. When the time came to record his first song, Paul says, ‘I had crippling anxiety at the time so I focused on the songwriting and thought I'd prove myself in the studio where I didn't have the pressure of an audience. However when it came to actually record the song, there were many people present. I was so terrified that I remember asking the guys to turn the lights out so I couldn't be seen through the glass.’ “When you Do” comes with a few different remixes including Rachel James ( Skyroom, Jessie J, Bowie, OMD ) remixes and Benny D mix featuring Bagga Size. Paul hugely appreciates the input of producer Benny D, who has worked with the likes of Paloma Faith and Plan B at his Power Studio in London, because there don't seem to be many people who have the time to cultivate a nurturing environment for artists to experiment and grow. Paul says, ‘It was the first time I'd worked with a producer of his level and it was a very important stage of my development as an artist and producer. [Benny D] believes strongly in artist development and I always thought the process of nurturing artists was something that was severely lacking. In the music business, people want a finished product. ‘ Single: When You Do is released on 23 September 2013 Album: Bipolar is released on 4 November 2013 on the Matchbox Recordings label with distribution from Universal Music Operations. Featuring samples from the Chicago recording "Street Player". Produced under license from Rhino Entertainment Company, a Warner Music Group company.


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1. When You Do 2. When You Do (Skyroom Chicago Radio Remix) 3. When You Do Benny D Mix (Feat Bagga Size) 4. When You Do (Skyroom's Deepah Dub) 5. When You Do (Skyroom's Vocal Mix) 6. When You Do (Skyroom's Deeper Mix)

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