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figuring out which platforms your target market is on as well as which platforms complement your resources and skills will help you market your business more successfully. but not all are the right fit for your business. & PINTEREST WHAT WILL WORK FOR YOUR BUSINESS? Intro With the proliferation of users across social media platforms. The four giants of social media. and Pinterest. To tap into the full potential that social media has to offer. This guide will provide you with the key facts you need to make an informed and strategic decision about which of the four social media platforms you should be on. all offer a myriad of benefits unique to each platform. . Twitter. as well as giving you tips for getting started on each platform. Facebook. Using your time to engage across multiple platforms won’t necessarily drive results for your business. TWITTER. Linkedin.FACEBOOK. However. business owners are struggling to cover their ground across a variety of networks with only a few results to show for their time and effort. it’s important to understand the strengths and limitations of each platform as well as their user demographics. LINKEDIN.

We’re always happy to help! Click the button below to schedule your consult and to get help from a HivePro on building your social media marketing plan! . and Pinterest platforms include: Demographics of users on each platform Characteristics of users The strengths of each platform The limitations of each platform The skills necessary to optimize usage of each platform The types of businesses that are compatible with each of the platforms Key tips to get your business page started for each platform Once you have read through the profiles. If you need help. use the information you have gleaned as a guideline for figuring out which social media platform is the best starting point for your business. Twitter. Linkedin.The profiles of the Facebook. give us a call or sign up for a free consult to help you find the right social media network for your business.

giveaways) • Sharing online content from other sites or social networks • Easy to update with fresh content What to watch out for? • Low business page visibility (only 16% of your fans actually see your status updates) • Constantly changing algorithm and features make it difficult to keep up with the platform • Time consuming to create quality content to post • Makes it easy to overlook updating your website • Difficult to measure how engagment on Facebook converts to offline sales .e.S. receiving feedback. events.Facebook Use it for: Sharing Getting Feedback Engaging Urbanity Gender 17% 50% 33% 55% 45% Rural Suburban Urban 67% of 1.06 Billion Total Users Women Men in the U.64 65+ • • • What is it good for? • Most popular social network equals huge potential audience for your business • Wide range of ways to engage with fans (i.20 21 .49 50 . are on Facebook internet users Characteristics of Users • Facebook users cover a wider range of demographics than any other social media network • 30-49 year olds make up 36% of Facebook users • 56% of Facebook users say they’re more likely to recommend a business to their friend after becoming a fan Age 60% 45% 30% 15% • 18 .

... .like to share content ..like to be social .sells to consumers *Facebook is a platform that complements many business’s social marketing needs because of all the variety of ways you can engage with your audience (i.e...Facebook Who should use it? Who should use it? If you ..have time to create quality content to post .has a broad or niche target audience . start discussions. or inform/educate your Fans).. get feedback....have an established personal network on Facebook to grow from y What type of business is it best for? If your business ..

Post content even before you invite users so that when fans land on your page. Be sure to include your website address in the “About” section as well. . off by experimenting with a couple of posts that vary in the type of content. It’s important to use your Facebook page to drive traffic to your website. consider promoting your page with a contest to gain more followers. Also. Start Invite your personal network to like your business page and ask them to share your page with their network.Facebook Tips to Get Started your page ranks for search results. They will have content to look at and engage with. Create content first before you start inviting fans. The easiest way to grow your fanbase is to start with your personal connections. your contact information. Facebook automatically tracks the success of your page with Facebook Insights. your business address. After your page gains traction. with a business page. not a personal one so that Fill out the “About” section complete with a description of your business. and your business hours. a free tool that tracks metrics of your account. Create a business page.

64 • 65+ What is it good for? • Instant.49 • • • 50 . industry experts) • Learning what users are saying about your business and your competitors What to watch out for? • Brief message size can be limiting (140 character limit) • Fleeting nature of conversation • Gauging out the right frequency of tweets to reach your audience • Involves daily.S.e. brief conversations in real-time • Keeping your audience up to date with time sensitive news about your business • Monitoring conversations and trends • Joining conversations with influencers (i.Twitter Use it for: Informing Real-Time Communication Research Urbanity Gender 14% 45% 40% 50% 50% Rural Suburban Urban 16% of 500 Million Total Users Women Men in the U. often constant and immediate usage to be effective .20 21 . celebrities. are on Twitter internet users Characteristics of Users • Urban residents are more likely to use Twitter routinely than their rural couterparts • One in five smartphone users are on Twitter • 18-24 year olds are the fastest growing group of users on Twitter Age 60% 45% 30% 15% 18 .

has a product or service that is trending .....are always connected to your phone .........can create buzz around a new product .can communicate succinctly .like to know about the latest news and stay on top of trends .is selling to a young audience .are spontaneous and like to generate buzz What type of business is it best for? If your business .Twitter Who should use it? Who should use it? If you ...

This is an easy step that many business owners overlook. and in emails. and browsing hashtages that are relevant to your business. a small thumbnail image of your profile picture shows up right next to your message. use a shorter form of your name that’s memorable. Pick an image for your profile that represents your Join conversations by finding Twitter accounts you like. If the username you wanted has already been taken. and newsletters so that your Twitter account gains followers. on your blog. Participating in discussions. . the image should look recognizable and unique to your business. following industry thought leaders. Promote your Twitter account by asking your customers to follow you on your website. business but also looks clear even when skrunken in size. Each time you tweet. rather than just tweeting will help you grow your network. Your username should be easy for your audience to remember to make it easier for them to tweet at you.Twitter Tips to Get Started Create a username that is recognizable to your business. Despite its size.

S. and recuriters • Majority of users have joined 10 or more professional groups on LinkedIn • People on LinkedIn use the platform mainly to join groups (to increase visibility) and to search for other people Age 60% 45% 30% 15% • <24 25 .64 • • • 65+ What is it good for? • Professional networking • Demonstrating industry expertise and thought leadership through posts and Q&A forums • Buildling your credibility through endorsements • Engaging in conversations with people looking for solutions or answers • High conversion rate: traffic from LinkedIn has a high likiehood of converting into leads What to watch out for? • Free version is limiting to the types of interactions you can have with users outside your network • Not as effective for promoting events or for hard sells as it is for informational discourse • More effective for engaging with other business or professional than it is for selling to consumers • Users can take a long time to respond to link requests .LinkedIn Use it for: Educating Networking Industry Insight Income 60% 45% 30% 15% 0 -1 0K 10 50 K Gender 34% 66% 50 1 0- 20% of 200 Million Total Users Women Men <5 15 0K 0K + in the U. are on LinkedIn internet users Characteristics of Users • Users include professionals.44 45 . job seekers.

....targets a professional audience ...sells services or products to other businesses ...like to educate and inform .can demonstrate your expertise .are a prolific writer and like to write about your industry .LinkedIn Who should use it? Who should use it? If you .like to network and grow your business contacts What type of business is it best for? If your business ......has a content rich website with a blog or ebooks so you can convert LinkedIn engagement to leads ..

Be sure to put aside enough time. Add connections from your email directory but also Add your business’s website and link your business’s Facebook or Twitter account to your LinkedIn profile. If you already have content to post. as well as groups your target market might be in. This will give your business an SEO boost and allows for better clickthrough rates. industry. Many users on LinkedIn are guilty of starting their profile but leaving it incomplete. connect to former classmates by adding your education information to your resume. This step should come AFTER your profile has been completely (especially the “Skills” section) so that your connections can endorse you. start a discussion in those groups. A profile with missing information is like leaving parts of your resume blank. browse through trending discussions and comment in them. Search for and join groups that are relevant to your .LinkedIn Tips to Get Started Create and complete your profile. You can create both a personal profile as well as a business page. If you don’t have content.

64 • • • • 65+ What is it good for? • eCommerce: Users’ buying power is second to Linkedin. and home decorating • Pinterest users spend more money. but they spend more and buy more • Building a fun and creative image for your business • Generating referral traffic to your business’s website by creating healthy backlinks What to watch out for? • Challenging for non-visual businesses to create inspiring content • Time consuming to create quality and visually appealing content • Content copyright concerns • Difficult to gain an initial audience . gardening. entertainment. are on Pinterest internet users Characteristics of Users • The ratio of women to men on Pinterest is 5:1 • The top interests of Pinners are cooking.7 Million Users Women Men in the U. and buy more items than users on any of the other social media platforms Age 60% 45% 30% 15% 18 .49 50 .20 21 . crafting.Pinterest Use it for: Inspiring Website Referral Traffic eCommerce Urbanity Gender 22% 52% 26% 85% 15% Rural Suburban Urban 15% of 48. fashion.S.

.love photography and can create visually appealing.has a content rich website to link to . not other businesses ....sells to women . holidays...sells to consumers.are good at telling a story through visuals .is an eCommerce business .e...Pinterest Who should use it? Who should use it? If you ...... trends) What type of business is it best for? If your business ....are good at creating content around themes (i. quality images . colors.is visually oriented .

Creating a couple of boards even before you start sharing your content will give your fans something to look at and pin instead of sending them to an empty board. De- . scribe each board with keywords that your customers will use. Keep in mind that although you can use up to 100 chracters. Pinterest is a platform that gives you good clickthrough rates. Link to and verify your website when you set up your web broswer’s toolbar so that you can easily pin images from across the web to gather content and add to your inspiration board.Pinterest Tips to Get Started your account so that visitors can easily see your domain name and click through to your website. Optimize your board names with keywords. Download the “Pin it” boomarklet and add it to Create boards and start pinning before you start sharing your Pinterest account with your network. there’s a visual cap at 26 characters.

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We can help you with your marketing. Get started now: click the button below to schedule a free consultation with one of our HivePros. We will help you build the perfect marketing plan for your business and get started with ThriveHive! . The best part is that everything is in one place and it all gets tracked and measured automatically! ThriveHive provides everything you need to run your marketing and start getting more buzz and customers.Let us help you: ThriveHive is an all-in-one marketing platform that gives every small business a custom marketing plan and provides the tools and expertise to do it all in one place. Our HivePros will get you started with your custom marketing plan and our powerful platform will empower you to execute all of the items in your plan in just a few clicks.

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