Dave, Bobby and the Motorbikes!

By Brian and Mitchell (UPPS)
Away in the bush there lived Dave and Bobby. “Why do you always do that?” asked Bobby. “Do what?” Dave replied. “Step in mud!” “Why, are you scared of mud?” “No,” Bobby answered. “We should get our motorbikes and race through the mud!” suggested Dave. Bobby and Dave both raced to the shed to get their motorbikes. Dave got his motorbike out and put his gear on. He started riding while Bobby was still putting his gear on. They went riding in their backyard. It was really fun until… CRASH! Bobby and Dave smashed into each other. They started screaming. Bobby had broken his neck .His spine stuck out like a stick in mud. Blood was everywhere Dave was screaming. He had killed his best and only friend. A murderer. This was how he felt. Sadly and slowly, he started digging a grave for his best friend. Out in the bush Bobby would always hunt for food. Dave tried and tried to catch food but he always would throw his spear at the wrong time. Of course, they had stockpiled food but eventually it ran out. Dave slowly went crazy and started to starve. Dave finally kicked the bucket.

Ending by Luke and Brandon (KPS)

By Roma and Tayla-Jade (UPPS)

“Dimmity, here girl,” Rosie shouted as she got her horse’s feed ready. “Double for you!” giggled Poppy. Dimmity came prancing over hoping for a good meal. “You look happy today,” Rosie and Poppy said. “We’ll check in with you soon.” Then, they heard a grunting noise. “Quick… We need to hurry and get to Dimmity. She must be having the foal now!” screamed an excited Poppy. Dimmity’s foal had arrived into the world. “We’ll call her Sprinkles!” said Rosie very happily. Later that day, the girls went to check on Sprinkles. She wasn’t eating at all. She must be unhealthy….. The girls didn’t know what to do. They were so worried about Sprinkles. “How are we meant to help her?” shouted Poppy. “Should we ask for help?” said Rosie, “or should we wait awhile and see what she does.” “Well she had just arrived” replied Poppy. “Okay I’m just so worried.” “It’s okay” said Poppy, “I’m going to see Dimmity and can you keep an eye on Sparkles? Maybe you can try and feed Sparkles or see if she will have a drink of water.” “Poppy! She is drinking and she is having some water. I am so happy! Yay!” Ending by Tarleea (KPS)

The Disappearance of Four Children
By Zach and Hayden (UPPS)

It was a warm morning and all the children were on their way to camp. There were two adults with them. When they got to camp they started setting up the tents. Later on that day, four children were not looking where they were going and took a wrong turn.

When they looked up there was no one there. They all screamed out for the adults but no one replied.

After a few hours of searching, it started to get dark. They all walked until a hand grabbed a boy. The other four boys turned around and started to run.

Something was running towards the boys. A hand came out and grabbed another boy and dragged the boy into the woods.

The other three boys ran as fast as they could to try to get away. Once they stopped one boy fell into a hole with man eating tigers. The boy was eaten alive.

The oldest boy asked “Where are we? What’s that? It’s a Smurf! It’s going to eat us! RUN!” The boys ran and never came back. The boys were eaten by the Smurf and the adults wondered where the boys went. Eventually, they forgot about them forever.

“Look quickly,” said Conner from the car window. “There’s a new disco next Sunday.” Dominic felt excited but nervous because Jess would be there. Dominic said, “Great! Seven days of worry.” ‘Don’t worry Dom,” replied Conner sarcastically. “She’ll like you.” “Gee, this week has flown,” commented Dom. “Hurry up we’re late!” Dom searched the room for Jess. “There she is,” pointed Conner.
“Don’t point,” whispered Dom.

Dom walked towards Jess with butterflies in his tummy. He stammered, “Would you like to dance?” Before Jess could reply, the lights went out. She screamed. The lights came back but Jess was gone! Conner heard an explosion coming from the roof. He looked up to see a hole in the roof. Dom ran home because he heard a car speeding past . The next day, Conner turned on the news to see reports of a missing girl. It looked familiar. Oh my gosh, it was Jess! Conner reported the suspicious vehicle he saw last night because it looked like the one on the news. The police asked Conner where the car was heading. He replied, “it was heading to the docks.” The police raided the area. They found Jess in a suspicious boat.

By Alani and Olivia S (UPPS) Eva shouted out to Emma. “We’ve got mail!” yelled Eva. Emma shouted, “Open it! Open it!” Eva started to open it. “It’s an invitation to the local disco party!” Eva and Emma were really excited. Five hours later, they were dancing at the disco party. Soon their dinner came out. “Time to eat!” they shouted happily. Suddenly the huge disco ball fell from the roof. CRASH!! Next, a little girl came out and said “I didn’t mean to shake the disco ball that hard.” Suddenly all of the lights went off and they were in pitch black with no lights.

“Is anyone here?” screamed Emma, shocked as a slight breeze flew past her face. Emma shouted “EVA, EVA, WHERE ARE YOU?!” She was left with no response. “Eva you’re scaring me now, just come out” Emma heard a faint voice say, “I’m sorry for making the disco ball fall, I’m usually more careful.” Emma’s heart was beating uncontrollably; she was so scared she needed to get out. Emma saw the exit, running towards it. She ran outside and saw Eva standing there. “Emma, where have you been? I was waiting for you this whole time!”

The Haunted House
By Seth and Natasha (UPPS)
150 years ago there was a brand new house. A man bought the house and had a party to celebrate. A brick fell from the roof and killed him. The house was left abandoned for 150 years. 150 years later a family moved into the house. They were called the Adams family. They were not like any ordinary family. They had a son named Spike and a daughter named Wednesday. The mum was called Draculaura, the dad was called Bob. They also had a 3 legged dog. Something else was also living in the house. It was a Ghost from…. The basement. The basement was dark and as cold as a freezer. Even the Adams were too scared to enter. The Ghost was the grandmother of Bob. She was evil. Once, when Wednesday was younger and was home alone, she ventured into the basement, exploring. Luckily her family was nearly home, because when they entered they got a massive shock to see Wednesday being pulled back down it the basement. Wednesday’s screams swirled around the house. The dog jumped to his feet, trying to save Wednesday. Bob and Draculaura didn’t know what to do. And before they knew it, Wednesday was gone.

By Matthew and Trent (UPPS)

“My pencil is missing again. How come none of your stuff ever goes missing, Arbiter?” complained Harry Pane. “Well you will find it … eventually” replied Arbiter confidently. “I will never find it. It is lost forever!” Harry said very unhappily. “I see it. It’s floating like there is a ghost holding it,” said a frightened Arbiter. Sure enough, when Harry turned around he saw his pencil hovering midair. “How is that even possible?” asked Harry. The pencil slowly began to float around the classroom. It stopped at a sheet of paper and started writing something. Slowly a message appeared…

I WILL KILL YOU! Harry slowly walked into the locker room, a ghost jumped out at him. It picked him up and threw him at a wall and the ghost called all his mates and said, “kill him now or else! Harry jumped up and ran to the playground and there was more and more ghosts charging at him. He ran to the principal. The princpal was also a ghost! Harry ran back to the classroom. All of Harry’s classmates were gone! Then Harry ran and ran and ran until he got home. His mum said, “you’re home early!” “Yeah.” Ending by Caiden and Jake (KPS)

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