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Part One by Alicia & Laikyn (UPPS) “Class dismissed,” said Miss Penny, “Don’t forget to do your homework.

” “Ok,” said the three girls at the same time. The girls all walked home together. They were having a slumber party at Chloe’s house. Once the girls got in the house they found a note that read like this: Dear girls, Your dad and I are going out for the night and won’t be back ‘til tomorrow morning. Have fun but be careful! Love from mum “Yes! We have the house to ourselves tonight!” exclaimed Tysan excitedly. “Tysan you get the popcorn. Sarah you get the drinks.” said Chloe. Suddenly there was a big bang on the roof. “What was that?” Tysan stared out the window to see a dead body lying on the ground. Tysan rushed to the door while yelling to call the other girls. They opened the door. Tysan said, “are you okay?” But they could only hear a monster scream loudly, “Rah!” The girls shouted with terror and ran through the bedroom door to the closet. They opened the door to see the monster “I want your lovely brains.” “Tysan pull the trap on him now!” The cage went down, let’s see who this is….

“Ahhhh,” screamed Billie and Madison as the monsters crawled up through the floor. Two big, fat and ugly monsters shaped as guinea pigs ran towards the two girls. The girls ran but they tripped and got saved by Brent and Brodie. The monsters overpowered Brent and Brodie. The boys got their guns and started shooting at the monsters. Their trusty dog Bobby bit every monster he could see. Everyone at the disco died except Brent, Brodie, Madison, Billie and Bobby. It was up to Brodie, Brent and Bobby to save the world. They started fighting with the monsters again and… Then they ran to the other side of the school and went into the schools gun range and got the most powerful weapon, an RPG. They ran back to the gym, but it was completely empty. They did not know where all the monsters had gone! They were terrified. They ran to a safe house but the monsters were already there. They shot the monsters but then they multiplied and ate them and the whole world got infested with monsters. There was no more people on Earth. Then, the world blew up. The earth was no more. It went dark. Ending by Jamie and Corey (KPS)

By Sam and Ethan (UPPS) In the year 4999, on December 31st everything was coasting along normally. Who would have known things were about to change? It’s 11:59pm. Everyone is excited for New Year. The world is ready to start the countdown. “Welcome back to Audio 299 FM. We are broadcasting here live in New York. The countdown is underway 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3…” Boom! Zzzzzzzzzzz “Mummy, what happened to the radio? It was just about to finish the countdown, how dare you turn off the radio!” Thomas said sadly. “No darling I didn’t turn off the radio. I don’t know what happened I think it has exploded.”

All the power is gone out of the whole house. Thomas thought he could hear a plane outside. ‘‘Let’s go outside’’ said Mum. ‘’Look, there are more planes!’’ said Thomas, “I think it could be World War 5! What are we going to do? There are planes shooting at other planes.” That is all they could hear, nothing but the planes. They didn’t know where to go. It’s dark and all they could hear are bullets. They could hear bombs going off in the city. They see planes heading our way. “We need to run for cover until it’s over!” Ending by Jack & Jackson (KPS)

Katie and Phoebe were best friends. They were walking one day when they heard a bang! “What was that Phoebe?” said Katie fearfully. “It came from over there!” said Phoebe. Both the girls ran to the brown faded paint covered house. They went through the door. They saw a shadow. It had a scary, screaming expression on its face. They screamed and ran to the front door, but it was locked! “What do we do?” wailed Katie. “I have no idea!” cried Phoebe. Just then, they heard another loud bang. It sounded like a door slamming, then a scream. “ Ahhhhhh!” It was coming closer, we could see something in its hands. It was a chainsaw! The chainsaw had red blood on it, blue vains and a head attached. The ghost flicked the head off and it landed right in front of Phoebe’s feet. The face was as pale as a white sheet and it was old and wrinkley. “AHHHH” screamed both of the girls. “Look out!” screamed Phoebe. “Ahhhhh!” Katie screamed. Katie’s head got chopped off, so Phoebe jumped out the window and sadly, Phoebe died as well. In Phoebe’s dying moments, she muttered “I never really liked her anyway.”

Panic at the Disco
By Mrs Placek and Miss Crowther Sam raced eagerly to the letter box as fast as a racehorse in the Melbourne Cup. She was expecting an important envelope with something very exciting inside. It was there! “Rachel! Rachel! Come quickly, it’s here!” squealed Sam loudly. Rachel was inside cooking. She stopped and looked outside. Sam was jumping up and down like a grasshopper. A week after receiving the invitation, the girls found themselves at the local disco. As they danced to So What, it suddenly went dark and quiet. Power cut! The light came on. Rachel was nowhere to be seen. “Where is she?” wondered Sam. Sam now starts looking for her, she checks in the snack room and then she checks outside. She still hasn’t found her. Sam yells out, “RACHEL!!!” There is no reply. So Sam went back inside. She now starts asking people, “Do you know where Rachel is?” in worry. Hours later she calls the cops saying, “hey police, there is something wrong! People are panicking and I lost a person named Rachel! Do you think you can find her?” The police replied, “We will be there soon and we will do what we can do.” Days later, Rachel still remains unseen. Ending by Conner (KPS)

Samantha heard a noise from outside. Chantelle just woke up and was about to make delicious pancakes. Chantelle heard the noise as well. Samantha went outside to see what it was. Samantha called, “Chantelle come fast, it’s our new puppy!” “What should we call it?” asked Chantelle as she was running to see. “Maybe we should call it Sammy?” wondered Samantha excitedly. “Ok, that’s a good name,” agreed Chantelle. They took Sammy inside so she could rest. After a while, the girls put her outside because they were going shopping. When they got back they found that Sammy was missing… They heard a strange noise coming from the darkness in the basement. It was a pink unicorn that could stretch. The name on its black collar said Jake. They rode it all across town to find Sammy, they climbed mountains, went across rivers and even went to Candy Mountain and met a unicorn, its name was Charlie and we could recognise Charlie because we watch YOUTUBE! Then Jake ran too fast and squished old, poor, little Sammy. Then Samantha and Chantelle decided to go home and have a nice, hot pot of noodles and tea. Then their Asian mothers came. Ending by Jade 

Super Fudge!!
By Tahlia and Lily (UPPS)
“Tori, come here I found an amazing ad,” Jade blurted out. “What is it?” Tori said. “It’s an ad for cooking lessons,” Jade exclaimed. “Finally something good, let’s go right now. Come on,” Tori said bolting out the door. The two girls went right away to the lessons. “OK I found the menu, let’s make fudge!” Tori said. They put all the ingredients in a bowl, but there was one ingredient left. “Ok last thing in the bowl.” After they tasted the fudge they realised they had powers. They put their powers to use. Until there was a bank robbery… They thought this was the perfect chance to put their powers to use and decided to shoot fire at the robber. The robber was dead on the ground and we took the money out of his hands and returned it back to the bank. They were so thankful that we brought the money back there. But the robber strikes again! Even though he was dead, his spirit was around us and his spirit escaped from under the ground and was attacking Tori & Jade. Suddenly, there they were, laying on the floor, both dead…

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