dropped the box on the ground because green gas started wafting out of the sides of it.

I took a step back, and then I felt nauseous and everything went black. I awoke in a strange hospital; around me are doctor cows. Another cow burst through the door and yelled “Welcome to the Royal Cows Hospital!” “What?” I asked “You were hurt, so my cow angels flew you to hospital,” he replied. One of the cows came up to me and licked my face, everything went black again. I awoke on my front lawn, “TED!” Mum yelled. “Sorry mum.” Ending by Mitch and Nate (KPS)

By George and Jarrad (UPPS) AND Sam and Zac (KPS)
One night at 8:00pm Holly was playing football with her brother Mike. Mike went inside to get a can of Coke. Holly looked up and thought she saw a shooting star. It was coming closer and closer. She started to hear funny noises coming from the sky. There was a big shot of light. It was a UFO. A tube came down over her. A bright light came on and she was sucked up into the UFO. Aliens were speaking a funny language she couldn’t understand. Mike came out and said, “Where’s my sister?” “AAAAAAHHHHHHH!” Holly screamed from high above. Suddenly, Mike saw the UFO slowly disappearing. He ran to the garage, flicked the light off and on for about 1 minute then Whoosh! It was Super Samuel and his assistant Zac Attack, the giraffe. Mike told them that his sister was abducted by aliens. Mike jumped on the giraffe and they flew after it. They couldn’t see the UFO anymore. They start shooting the sky then BOOM! They had hit the alien’s space craft. They rushed to it and saw Holly falling. They couldn’t reach her in time so they left her and went and bought cookies.

By Nicholas and Dylan (UPPS) One horrible night at the penthouse the lights suddenly turned off. It was pitch black and very quiet. Once the lights came back on, a zombie appeared out of nowhere! Everyone panicked and screamed, “Help!” A few minutes later most of the party members got bitten. Not many people survived but some people got out safely. They called the cops and eventually they somehow found a cure for the parasite and cured most of the zombies.

Then they screamed, “Make some more.”
“Ok,” said the scientist eagerly. He quickly rushed to his lab trying to make more antidote. He had to run down all those stairs, but when he got down he thought to himself “I should have taken the elevator.” The scientist rushed over to his chemical set. The only thing was he didn’t have any materials. So he frantically ran for his life across the street to Chemicals ‘R’ Us where he collected all the chemicals for the antidote. When he got back to the lab he mixed the green stuff with the red stuff until … “Presto!” the antidote. He ended up saving the world until he got thrown in jail for shoplifting at Chemicals ‘R’ Us.

Jake the Person Who Was Taken
By Bradley and Tyler (UPPS)

You are stranded. Bush is all around you. You see something rustle. You jump! You see the tail of a big snake. It makes a hissing sound. You stepped on its body. You freeze….Like you are solid. You see something in the distance. You don’t know who it is. You hope he or she is on your side. You take a step but remember the snake. You keep going because you cannot stop. The snake is gone. You hear something. You turn around. It is a person. The next thing you know you are on the ground screaming. You are too hurt to stand up, you can’t do anything. The next thing that happens is you feel ropes wrap around your legs and arms. You are being dragged “Where are you taking me?!” you cry. No response. You see a village up in the distance, they’re taking you there. Ten minutes later you are wrapped around a pole on top of a fire. You are being cooked alive! You scream for help but only the village people are around. An hour later, help arrives but it’s too late you are cooked to golden perfection. You can feel them eating you…

Created by Billie and Madison (UPPS)
“WAKE UP! WAKE UP!” yelled Brodie jumping on Brent. “Let’s go and get the girls! Hurry! Quick!” said Brent as they charged like a herd of animals towards the girls’ house. The girls awoke when they heard footsteps. They jumped out of bed, excited to be going to graduation. They ran to their wardrobes and got dressed before rushing to the pub where graduation was to be held. Billie and Madison soon realised that the graduation area was as blank as a whiteboard with no writing on. “Brodie, Brent!! Come here!” cried Billie and Madison. They stood there in silence. As they stared at the black shadow standing in the middle of the pub, they had to act fast. They ran into the next room as fast as a dozen bulls. When they got there, they noticed the graduation was in the next room. But where was the black shadow and why had they gone in the wrong room in the first place? After a long time it started and they called the first name up, “Ben Rafter.” The black shadow sauntered up, the lights went out and everyone screamed. Then everyone was gone and the shadow remained on stage.

By Eula and Tanyshah (UPPS) !!
I wake up to the sun rising. Everything looks like it’s going be a perfect day. I hear a knock on the door, I rush down stairs. Before you know it…. I trip over my sister’s jacket and face plant on the tiles. With a bleeding nose I rush to the door. I find it is only my sister playing. I shout at her. Later I hear the phone whilst eating breakfast. My brother Mitchell and I race there. Suddenly he pushes me against the bench. “My aaarrrrrrm!” I scream. “Sorry, Luke” says Mitchell. And my day only gets worse. I call 000. They rush to my rescue! I got in the ambulance 30 minutes later. They told me to get into a hospital gown and they helped me onto the rolling bed. We rushed to the hospital on the bumpiest road ever!! Suddenly the doors swang open and I rolled onto the highway. I stumbled off the trolley bed and a car drove by. It ripped my grown off. I'm practically naked. I'm just in my underwear! All of a sudden the girl I like from school drives past. She watched me in shock! How could today get worse? Ending by Ebony and Jo (KPS) 

“Breaking News. Tiger escaped from local zoo. Be advised to stay inside until further notice because it has not been fed for a number of days. Has been seen at Wallan, don’t panic just stay inside. Bobby Bird signing out. Back to the studio!” Ebony and Phoebe heard “ROARRR” “W-W- W-H-A-T was that?” asked the girls at the same time. They looked around and saw a TIGER. They ran off into Phoebe’s bedroom and hid under the sheets but t they heard a scratching at the door. “We are going to die. We are going to die. Or are we?” Suddenly the door opened. Ebony and Phoebe stopped panicking. Ebony peeked out of the sheets. She saw the tiger heading towards the kitchen. They got out from under the sheets; they tiptoed into the lounge room. They saw the tiger in the cupboard with all of the food. The tiger started eating like he hadn’t been feed in two years. Phoebe got the phone and dialled the RSPCA. Then they ran into the bathroom and locked the door. The tiger was roaring. Then Ebony started to scream into the phone, “There is a tiger in our house! Please come quick!”

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