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Daugava River

Daugava River
Origin Mouth Basin countries Length Valdai Hills, Russia Gulf of Riga, Baltic Sea Belarus, Latvia, Russia, Lithuania, Estonia 1,005km (624mi)

Source elevation 221m (725ft) Mouth elevation 0m (0ft) Avg. discharge Basin area 678m3/s (23,900cuft/s) 87,900km2 (33,900sqmi)

The River Daugava (in Latvian) or Western Dvina (Russian: (Zapadnaya Dvina); Belarusian: , [zaxodnaja dzvina], traditionally i, Dzvina; German: Dna), not to be confused with Northern Dvina, is a river rising in the Valdai Hills, Russia, flowing through Russia, Belarus, and Latvia, draining into the Gulf of Riga in Latvia, an arm of the Baltic Sea. The total length of the river is 1,005km (624mi): 325km (202mi) in Russia, 328km (204mi) in Belarus, and 352km (219mi) in Latvia.[] In the 19th century, it was connected by a canal to the Berezina and Dnieper rivers (the canal is currently not functioning). The Daugava forms part of the international border between Latvia and Belarus. According to C.Michael Hogan, the Daugava River began experiencing environmental deterioration in the era of Soviet collective agriculture (producing considerable adverse water pollution runoff) and a wave of hydroelectric power projects.

The drainage basin of the Daugava

Daugava sunset in Riga. There are three hydroelectric dams on the Daugava River Rgas HES just upstream from Riga or 35km (22mi) from the mouth of the river, egums HPP another 35km (22mi) further up or 70km (43mi) from the

Daugava River

mouth, and Pavias HPP another 37km (23mi) upstream or 107km (66mi) from the mouth. A fourth one, Daugavpils HES, has been planned but has faced strong opposition. Belarus currently plans to build several hydroelectric dams on the Belarusian part of Western Dvina.


The Swedish army bombarding the fortress of Daugavgriva at the Daugava's estuary in Latvia.

The Latvian name for the river, "Daugava" originated from the ancient Baltic words for "the great water" (daudz dens).[citation needed] The names for the Daugava in other languages; Dyna Dwina -Dna Dvina have an unclear origin. This name is mentioned in the Viking sagas and the Chronicle of Nestor. According to the Max Vasmer's Etymological Dictionary, the toponym Dvina clearly cannot stem from a Uralic language, and it possibly comes from Indo-European word which used to mean river or stream.[1]

Cities, towns and settlements by the Daugava River

Andreapol, Zapadnaya Dvina and Velizh.

Ruba, Vitsebsk, Beshankovichy, Polatsk with Boris stones strewn in the vicinity, Navapolatsk, Dzisna, Verkhnedvinsk, and Druya.

Krslava, Daugavpils, Lvni, Jkabpils, Pavias, Aizkraukle, Jaunjelgava, Lielvrde, Kegums, Ogre, Ikile, Salaspils and Riga.

Crossings of the Daugava River

Kirov Bridge, Vitebsk.

Southern Bridge, Island Bridge, Railway Bridge, Stone Bridge and Shroud Bridge, Riga. Dams of Rgas HES, egums HPP and Pavias HPP Vienbas tilts, Daugavpils

Main tributaries
Aiviekste Paata Kasplya

Daugava River Mezha Dysna Prse

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