Assignment 1- Materials Characterization (First year M.


1. Nine strips of pure, fully annealed copper wire deformed plastically by being passed between a pair of rotating rollers so that the strips were made thinner and longer. The increase in length produced were 1 , 10 ,20,30,40,50,60,70,and 100 percent respectively. The diamond pyramid hardness of each piece was measured after rolling. The results are given in the following table.
Nominal strain Hardness(MN m-2) 0.01 423 0.1 606 0.2 756 0.3 870 0.4 957 0.5 1029 0.6 1080 0.7 1116 1.0 1170

Assuming that a diamond –pyramid hardness test creates a further nominal strain, on average, of 0.08 and that the hardness value is 3 times the true strain, construct the curve of nominal stress against nominal strain. ( Hint: add 0.08 to each value of nominal strain in the table) Using the plot , find i) tensile strength of copper ii) the strain at which tensile failure commences iii) the percentage reduction in cross sectional area at this strain iv) the work required to initiate tensile failure in a cubic metre of annealed copper. Why can copper survive a much higher extension during rolling than during a tensile test? (Answers : 217MPa, 0.6 approximately, 38 % , 109MJ) 2. The following data were obtained in a tensile test on a specimen with 50mm gauge length and a cross sectional area of 160mm2.

Extension(mm) Load (kN)

0.050 12

0.1 25

0.15 32

0.2 36

0.25 40

0.3 42

1.25 63

2.5 80

3.75 93

5 100

6.25 101

7.50 90

Jagadeesha T, Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, NIT Calicut.

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of the material in terms of h. and measuring the depth. One end of the rope is attached to a bridge deck. Comment on the practical significance of this to bungee jumping. One type of hardness test involves pressing a hard sphere ( radius r) into the test material under a fixed load F.The total elongation of the specimen just before final fracture was 16 percent. Assistant Professor. ( Answers 160MPa .5 kN below the loading line. Page 2 . h.2 kg) Date of submission: 11 Jan 2011 Jagadeesha T. Mmax ii) The diagram shows that the unloading line is 0. Find the maximum allowable working stress if this is to equal i) 0. NIT Calicut. Assume ( h <<<r) ( Answer H = F/2πrh) 4. to which the sphere sinks into the material .25 x tensile strength ii) 0. F. Department of Mechanical Engineering. and the reduction in area at the fracture was 64 percent. H . The person then jumps off the deck. Derive an expression for the indentation hardness. i) Find the maximum mass of the person for a successful arrest . plastically deforming it. The diagram shows the force extension characteristics of a bungee rope.1 percent proof stress. and descends vertically until arrested by the rope. The length of the rope under zero load is 15m.6 x0. and r . and the other end is attached to a person standing on the deck. 131 MPa) 3. (Answer 88.

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