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Hariharan Natarajan.

SAP- Workflow, CRM certified Techno Functional Consultant

Hariharan Natarajan Tata Consultancy Services Email: Experience Summary

Phone: +91-9884824660

8 years of IT experience, this includes Analysis, Design and Development of ERP Applications SAP. Having 2.5 year of SAP CRM, CRM workflow, CRM Middleware (BDOC), CRM WEBUI and DBM Development and project Management experience in Ashokleyland. Having 2 years of product development in SAP BOPF (Business Object Processing framework) with SAP AG Germany. Having 6 years of Work Flow Development experience in CRM and SAP ERP. Having 8 years of ABAP OOPS, RFC, Smart Forms, ALV reports and data migration in SAP. Have worked on SAP CRM, CRM Middleware, CRM WEBUI, Business Object, Object Oriented ABAP, Work Flow, RFC, Smart Forms, ALVrepots, BDC, SAP Scripts, Dialog Programming, HR ABAP, and Enhancement and also have knowledge on interfacing concepts like ALE, IDoc, and BAPI.

SAP Certifications Certification Name SAP Certified Application Associate - CRM Fundamentals. With SAP CRM 7.0. SAP Certified Development Associate - SAP Business Workflow with SAP Net Weaver 7.0 Qualifications Degree and Date B.E(CSE), April 2004 Project Thesis 1. World Bank Mobile Application development Client Duration ERP Project Description: Roles: Responsibilities: World Bank NOV 2012 Till date SAP ECC Institute Bharathidasan University, Trichy Major and Specialization Computer Science Year 2012 2012

Mobile Development for World Bank SAP Business Application. SAP Consultant. 1. Conversion of SAP Workflow Work item to Mobile system (Sensa Touch) for Android and IOS Devices. 2. Developed RFC enabled Function module to interact with the Mobile Application. 3. Involved in Mobile interfacing architecture using JCO connector. 1

Hariharan Natarajan. SAP- Workflow, CRM certified Techno Functional Consultant

2. SAP CRM & DBM for ALL - ASHOK LEYLAND LIMITED. Client Duration ERP Project Description: Roles: Responsibilities: Ashok Leyland Limited NOV 2010 - NOV-2012 SAP CRM & DBM & Workflow.

CRM and DBM implementation project for Ashokleyland joint venture with Nissan and John Deere brand. Project lead. Management 1. Managed a ten member team. 2. Project Scope determination. 3. Project budgeting. CRM Functional Objects 1. Text Management Configuration. 2. Smart from Action Profile configuration. Technical Objects CRM ABAP Development 1. BP Initial data upload as Prospect through ELM 2. Lead document initial upload Program. 3. Vehicle Exchange Text details to be captured as Text in Lead document-LCV Specific 4. Restrict opportunity document to only one line item. 5. Z class implementation for Smart form call in WEBUI. 6. Function Module to replicate the Identification tab detail to DBM. 7. Business partner Sale manager Rule FM. CRM Middleware. 8. CRM Middleware setup for ECC communication. 9. Middleware Exit for Company code and Recon account manipulation. 10. Filter settings for Material types in middle ware setup. CRM WEBUI Development 11. WEBUI enhancement for Follow up Button visibility in lead transaction. 12. Creation of Addition filed in WEBUI through AET. 13. Product Authorization Object in WEBUI product search window. Workflow Development 1. Workflow development for Lead, Opportunity and Sale

Hariharan Natarajan. SAP- Workflow, CRM certified Techno Functional Consultant

order Qualification for Approval. 2. SLA violation tracker of the Service Order through Sap Workflow. 3. Mail Escalation Workflow for lead, opportunity and service order document. DBM Development 4. Dealer specific Number Ranges for Billing documents 5. Quotation replication from CRM to DBM through enhancement.

3. IFF ABAP Webdynpro- INTERNATIONAL FLAVORS & FRAGRANCES INDIA PRIVATE LTD. Client Duration ERP Project Description: Roles: Responsibilities: International Flavors & Fragrances India Private Ltd Oct 2009 - NOV 2010 SAP ECC6

Webdynpro implementation for International Flavors & Fragrances India Private Ltd Project Leader. Management 4. Managed a team of ten people. 5. Review technical specification document. 6. Client interaction.

4. CCA- COCA-COLA AMATIL. Client Duration ERP Project Description: Roles: Responsibilities: Coca-Cola Amatil (Aust) Pty Ltd Jul 2009 - Oct 2009 SAP ECC6 & Workflow

SAP ECC Customer service module Implementation in CocaCola Amatil (Australia) Pty Ltd Team leader (Onsite). ABAP Development 1. Z partner determination Enhancement for Customer master. 2. Replication of Customer master data to its subordinate customer (Coke vending machine). 3. 3. Z Pricing procedure for new tax classification.


Hariharan Natarajan. SAP- Workflow, CRM certified Techno Functional Consultant

Client Duration ERP Project Description:

SAP AG OCT 2007 Jul 2009 SAP ABAP/4 & Business Object Development

Roles & Responsibilities:

Business By Design is a software as a service offering from SAP. The services are provided through internet where as the actual data and IT infrastructure resides with the host (SAP). The solution can be run on a PC with an Internet connection and a web browser, while the software and data are stored on the host servers. Business applications delivered as an on-demand service via a secure Internet connection and a standard Web browser is referred to as software-as-a-service (SaaS). Business Object Business objects are real world entities modeled as objects in an information system. Business objects are developed through BOPF (Business Object Processing Frame Work) frame work. It has Action and Query to manipulate required operation over the BO node. Business objects packed under the Work Center for End user Access. We have two basic phases of development for Business Object one is backend (BOPF) and the other UI development (SILVERLIGHT). Object implemented I developed three business objects in OOPS ABAP under Service provide Cockpit work center of BYD project. 1. IADMINISTRATION BO This business object act like a tool to enhance and manage the day to day activity of various internal processes happening in BYD Project. 2. PROCESS DEFINATION BO This BO is user to define various processes happening in the SAP BYD project. 3. TASK DEFINATION BO- This BI is used to define steps involved in the process we defined through Process definition BO.

6. HCM Work Flow Implementation & Support Client Duration ERP Project Description: Free scale Semiconductor (Motorola) Feb 2007 OCT 2007 SAP ABAP/4 & Work Flow Free scale Semiconductor is a global leader in the design and manufacture of embedded semiconductors for the automotive and wireless markets etc. The company is based in Austin, Texas, and has

Hariharan Natarajan. SAP- Workflow, CRM certified Techno Functional Consultant

Roles & Responsibilities:

design, research and development, manufacturing or sales operations in more than 30 countries. FSL has implemented SAP-HCM for their HR needs across the globe. Leading the Entire Team of HCM in All the Process and Technical Oriented Stream. I have created workflow to define the process for electronic review and approvals during the MSS Personnel Change Request (PCR) in NON-Employee. Workflow is configured for following Non Employee PCR (Personal Change Request) scenarios like ZPNA - Non Employee Activation ZPND - Non Employee Deactivation ZPNR - Non Employee Reactivation ZPNT - Non Employee Change.

7. Numeric Power System SAP R/3 Implementation Client Duration ERP Project Description: Roles & Responsibilities: Numeric Power System Jan 2006 Feb 2007 SAP ABAP/4 & Workflow. Numeric Power systems, Chennai, are implementing SAP 5.0 for their business. This Project Is being implemented for their business, by a team of 12 members. Designed and Coded BDC for CS, QM and PP Function Area. Created smartfroms for purchase order (domestic, imports), Request for Quotation, excise invoice, Performa invoice, etc. Created an ALV Report for PP, CS, And QM Functional Area. Created Several Enhancements in CS, QM, and PP Areas. Created user exit And Screen Exit for Equipment master regarding batter warranty.

8. Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) - SAP R/3 Implementation Client Duration ERP Project Description: Bangalore Development Authority July 2005 Jan 2006 SAP ABAP. To transform Bangalore to an ideal global destination with high quality infrastructure, better quality of life by ensuring sustainable and planned development based on effective monitoring, regulation, through participatory and innovative approach. Plan, regulate, control, monitor and facilitate urban development in Bangalore Metropolitan Area, to ensure sustainable and orderly growth. Responsibility: As a Developer was responsible for establishing connectivity between SAP server and Java Portal using JCo Component, Migrating Data from Legacy system, developing Remote-enabled function modules for interface, BDCs and Smart forms for FINANCE module.

Hariharan Natarajan. SAP- Workflow, CRM certified Techno Functional Consultant

Roles & Responsibilities:

Developed RFCs for standard transaction of FI module and established communication between SAP and JAVA server using SAP JCo (Java Connector). RFC for Online creation of Vendor Master (creation, change and deletion) FK01, FK02, FK06. RFC for Online creation of Customer Master (creation, change and deletion) FD01, FD02, FD06. RFC for Creation of Vendor Invoice using FB60. This RFC will be triggered whenever BDA purchases any lands; vehicle invoice is to be issued towards the vendor. Creation of Advance Down Payment for customers (F-29) from Bank statement. RFC for Creation of Customer Credit Memo using FB75. This RFC is triggered whenever BDA allots a land to customer and customer cancels the allotted land. RFC for acquisition for purchase of assets- F-90.

9. Mattoson SAP R/3 Development Client Duration ERP Project Description: Roles & Responsibilities: Mattoson Mar 2005 July 2005 SAP ABAP/4. Mattson is a global innovator of dry strip and rapid thermal processing (RTP) solutions essential to front-end fabrication of currentgeneration integrated circuits (ICs). Provided ABAP/4 support in the Rollout and Support of SAP R/3 .The work includes development of Reports, FTP and BAPI.I had done Uploading and Downloading Reports. All Upload and download programs have scheduled in background mode.

Career Profile Dates 22.10.2007-Till date 23.02.2007-19.10.2007 03.03.2005-22.02.2007 Organization TATA Consultancy Services L&T InfoTech HCL Technologies Role IT Analyst. Team Lead Team Member

Training / Continuing Education Summary Program or Course Work Flow Training SAP CRM Coverage Basic Concepts of Work Flow implementation in HCM Module SAP CRM ABAP, Middleware, WEBUI training. Dates 20 Apr 2007 to 10 May 2007 01 Mar 2011 to 07 Mar 2011

Hariharan Natarajan. SAP- Workflow, CRM certified Techno Functional Consultant


SAP DBM ABAP for Model, vehicle and order enhancement.

10 Mar 2011 to 17 Mar 2011

Personal Details Date of Birth Nationality Passport Details Name as on passport Hariharan Natarajan Relationshi p Self Passport Number E9012417 Date of Issue 08-Apr-2004 Expiry Date 07-Apr-2014 Place of Issue Nagapattinum, NA 24-05-1983 Indian