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Here are a few inputs for you: 1. A cooker is essential.

Ensure that you have additional gaskets and safety valves. 2. Do carry a screwdriver box. You might need it. Keep this in your cargo luggage (not in hand baggage). 3.You can acquire non-stick pans upon your arrival in Europe (in any supermarket or old markets for second hand stuff). You could acquire say 2 pans - one larger and one smaller. Plate-1, small vessel (for milk/tea) - 1, a bit big vessel for curries -1, pan-1, empty water bottle1. (u can get more from the supermarkets) 4. Ensure that you have a proper kitchen knife and a nail cutter - both these are costly here. 5.IF POSSIBLE you could carry a small pillow - not to heavy and not too big. Just a small one would suffice your room may NOT have a pillow or blankets. You could also carry a lightweight blanket. Once you arrive in Europe you can acquire a heavier, thicker one that you could benefit from during the winter also. 6.Carry tablets from India whatever u need, just to mention - Dolo 650 / Cifran / Loparet / Domstal / Saridon / Multi-vitamin tablets / B-complex / Anti-fungal ointment like "Clotrimazole" / Wokadine solution (if required) / Amrutanjan orsome other pain balm. Although you might be healthy, a place change and the associated stress can make the body weak and behave weird, so it is wise to carry these tablets. Bring medicines with doctors consult and prescriptions. 7.Carry at least 1000-1500 euros. You may need money for your house contract + may be for the local health insurance. You must have at least another 600-800 euros extra. So in total you need to carry: 1500 euros (approx). Have at least 900 euros as CASH. NOT MORE THAN A EUQIVALENT AMOUNT TO 3000 USD. Assuming it takes 10-15 days to activate your Bank account (the management will take care of the account creation), you would not be able to encash TRAVELLER'S Cheques. It is for this reason that I want you to carry cash with you. Once your bank account has been created and activated, you can encash your traveller's cheques without any interest or fee. Western Union and other similar places levy a 6% charge. Which means if you encash a 100euro traveller's cheque - you only get 94 euros back. Hence dont go for it!! 8. I am not sure about your financial background. Assuming you can mobilize funds, I suggest you open an account in any bank who have some collaborations with an European (or bank in your visiting country) bank. I have been told that there are certain special offers for students/employees. [You can ignore this suggestion if you want]. I can tell you once u comes here. 9. Dont know much about weather in your visiting country (do enquire about this), but it could be a cool or windy place. So even if the temperature is 15 degrees celsius, the wind would make it appear very cold. So please have a proper "pull over". I am told that you could acquire one from a big town in india for about 1200 rupees. One with a "hood" to cover ur head and "pockets" should be a good choice. 10. Have a proper shoes -2pairs (sports shoe preferred). From my experience, you won't have the need to wear formals at office. So you would actually not require a formal shoe or formal dresses. You could utmost have , say , 3 pairs of formal wear. You can invest on good Jeans and t-shirts. [4 jeans pants should be sufficient, T-shirts / Shirts => as many as you want] around 6-7 pairs of socks, 20 under wears, 6-7 bunions, 2 towels. 11.Just to manage with the first few days till you get to know shops nearby: have at least 1 kg of rice / a packet of dhaal. Maggy noodles could serve you better when u arrive here (instant food right!!) 12. How good are you with ur new office work or studies? If you had no previous knowledge and just brush out all the basics!. 13.Also have a "your visiting country language to English / English to your visiting country language" dictionary with you. Ex: French to English/English to French.

14. Have a few "lip balms", cold creams, hand creams with you. In case you develop chapped lips, these might come in handy. 15. Shampoo - some packets (u can buy them here- all brands will be available), buy preferably a shower get for initial days not soaps!! 16. Obviously you need pickles, ginger-garlic paste (Make them packed in any sweet shops, ask them for abroad packing) , chilli powder, garam masala, turmeric powder, biryani spices, cardamon, cloves, Sesame, any other grains for curries (mix all of them together!), curry leaves. Coriander leaves and pudina (mint) leaves powder (let the leaves dry under shadow so that it wont lose its smell). I am not mentioning the amounts (in kgs) of these things, but remember these are not available most often in Europe). But u could find them sometimes in big cities!! 17. dont forget to bring Global Converter plugs. (we use these plugs to convert Indian plugs to European plugs). U can find a picture of that plugs with this document!!

18. Belt buckles 19. Passport size photos (according to VISA dimensions)- 60 or 70 (with two different shirts I am not sure if I have written all that I wanted to write. I shall write again if I come up with something more. You can write to me with any of your queries. Have a good preparation. All the best. Do well. Kiran