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Material Safety Data Sheet

Heavy Duty (Zinc Chloride)

The information and recommendations below are believed to be accurate at the date of preparation. Ascent Battery makes no warranty of merchantability or any other warranty, express or implied, with respect to such information and we assume no liability resulting from its use. This MSDS sheet provides guidelines for safe use and handling of the product. It does not and cannot advise all possible situations. Your specific use of this product should be evaluated to determine if additional precautions must be taken. Emergency Distributed By: Ascent Battery Supply, LLC Contact INFOTRAC (800) 535-5053

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Overseas Emergency Contact

INFOTRAC (352)-353-3500 (Collect)

Product Name Common Synonyms DOT Description Chemical Name Zinc Chloride Battery Heavy Duty Dry Battery Zinc Chloride; Primary Battery

Chemical Name Manganese Dioxide Zinc Metal Carbon Black Zinc Ammonium and Chloride Solution Others CAS No. 1313-13-9 7440-66-6 1333-86-4 2842-90-0 N/A Percentage % 28 22 6.1 15.4 .15

Boiling Point Vapor Pressure Specific Gravity Solubility in Water Appearance and Odor Flash Point Extinguisher Media NA NA NA NA Geo-metric, solid object NA Use Water, foam or dry powder Melting Point Vapor Density Percent Volatile By Volume Reactivity in Water Evaporation Rate Flammable Limits in Air % by Volume Auto-Ignition Temperature NA NA NA NA NA NA NA

Special Fire Fighting Procedures Unusual Fire and Explosion Hazards

Wear self-contained breathing apparatus to avoid inhalation of hazardous decomposition products. Cells may rupture when exposed to excessive heat. This could result in the release of flammable or corrosive materials.


Will Not Occur SECTION 5 – HEALTH HAZARDS Threshold Limit Value Signs and Symptoms of Exposure Medical Conditions Generally Caused by Exposure Routes of Entry Emergency and First Aid Procedures for 1. Other Protective NA Equipment SECTION 7 – SPECIAL PRECAUTIONS – SPILL AND LEAKAGE PROCEDURES Precautions to be Taken when Handling and Storing Other Precautions Steps to be Taken if chemicals are spilled Waste Disposal Transportation Store in dry place. for procedures treating ingestion of chemicals. If packaging materials are not available place masking taped on positive and negatives ends of the cells. Eyes.SECTION 4 – PHYSICAL HAZARDS Stable or Unstable Incompatibility (Materials to Avoid) Hazardous Decomposition Products Hazardous Polymerization Stable NA NA Conditions to Avoid Electrical shorting the cell. If symptoms persist seek medical attention If a cell ruptures. Zinc Chloride (Heavy Duty) batteries have no hazardous waste characteristics and can be landfilled. gastrointestinal tract and mucous membranes. If cells are leaking or rupture. DOT (Department of Transportation) regulations or "dangerous goods" per IATA (International Air Transport Associtation) regulations. Ingestion of battery chemicals can be harmful. SECTION 6 – SPECIAL PROTECTION INFORMATION Respiratory Protection Ventilation Gloves NA NA Local NA Exhaust Safety Glasses Mechanical NA (General) Always wear safety glasses when working with batteries and cells. is corroded or leaking chemicals. Do not induce vomiting. Call The National Battery Ingestion Hotline (202-625-3333) 24 hours a day. Swallowing Zinc Chloride Chemicals Get fresh air. Wash skin with soap and water. Skin.) Chemicals may cause burns to skin. Storing unpacked cells together could result in cells shorting and heating to the point of rupturing. Eyes and Skin 4. prevent skin and eye contact and collect all released material in a plastic lined metal container. These are considered to be "Dry Batteries" and are not considered a "Hazardous Material" per U. eyes. -2- .S. Ingestion NA None (In fire or rupture situation see section 2 and section 4. Inhalation 2. flush with copious quatities of flowing lukewarm water for a minimum of 15 minutes. Wear gloves if cell ruptures. Get immediate medical attention for eyes.

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