#eytalking 10/09/2013 thread : Safeguarding

EYTalking @EYTalking19h Children first: the child protection system in England publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm201213/cm … #EYTalking
http:/ /www. select/cmeduc/137/13704. h tm

Sandra Brouet @earlyyearscpd19h RT @pamrudge: #EYTalking some settings have exemplary Safeguarding procedures we need to share expertise with others

Sandra Brouet @earlyyearscpd19h Must look at why poor communication between agencies still persists #eytalking #safeguarding

Pam Rudge @PamRudge19h #EYTalking Agencies appear to use the stock phrase 'monitor the situation' how much monitoring is needed? More clarity

Deborah Fielden @DeborahFielden19h @PamRudge Agreed, have often heard this phrase, can be used as excuse for not acting/reporting if practitioners lack confidence #EYTalking

EYTalking @EYTalking19h @DeborahFielden @PamRudge All about the good old 'gut instinct' 'six sense' #EYTalking

June O'Sullivan @JuneOSullivan19h

hello all those #eytalking. Big thing to remember about Birmingham was that it was not a gender issue so keep support for#meninchildcareldn

David Renfree @UCBChildEd19h A collection of child protection / safeguarding bookmarks bit.ly/12T93Cv #eytalking

Laura G @Gold_Lol8h @jacquiburkefp @TheLittleEmmaB @EYTalking So so important - not only to protect children in our care but ourselves as lone workers also

Jacqui Burke @jacquiburkefp8h .@TheLittleEmmaB @EYTalking @Gold_Lol Good practice to do so.
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Laura G @Gold_Lol8h @TheLittleEmmaB @jacquiburkefp @EYTalking Yes that's just how it is here. Trainer on last safeguarding course said there was a small no' 1/2

Jacqui Burke @jacquiburkefp9h @TheLittleEmmaB @EYTalking @Gold_Lol Surprised it's not an Ofsted requirement for CMs.

Sue Chambers @SueChambers1417h @earlyyearscpd #eytalking. Peer mentoring can happen through local network clusters. So many skilled and experienced practitioners out there

EYTalking @EYTalking16h @SueChambers14 @earlyyearscpd crucial peer to peer support. Sharing, mentoring, connecting

Sandra Brouet @earlyyearscpd16h @EYTalking @SueChambers14 Still talking! Yes agree, I like that idea.#eytalking

Sue Chambers @SueChambers1416h @earlyyearscpd @EYTalking We have shown solidarity as a sector united in our concerns about Ofsted. We should continue to support each other

Laura Henry @LauraChildcare16h @SueChambers14 @earlyyearscpd @EYTalking yep, I do a lot of freebies, especially with CMs bringing them together, to connect & share.

Sandra Brouet @earlyyearscpd16h @LauraChildcare @SueChambers14 @EYTalking So do I provide free advice for learners via our facebook study group. Accessed by CMs and others

Sue Chambers @SueChambers1419h @jacquiburkefp #eytalking. Professional management training is vital but more use could be made of skilled, experienced mentor

Sandra Brouet @earlyyearscpd18h @suechambers14 How do we get access to these skilled mentors? #eytalking

DTChildcareplus Ltd @dtchildcareplus19h In my LA, safeguarding level 1 training is mandatory for all who work with children directly and indirectly. #EYTalking

Penny Webb @PSW2625916h

@dtchildcareplus @EYTalking In my area level 3 is mandatory for all those who work with children - and renewed every three years

Sandra Brouet @earlyyearscpd19h RT @mr_paintpots: @kathybrodie @LauraChildcare #eytalking we need a collective agreement on what is and what is not acceptable behaviour...

Courteney Donaldson @courteneyccs19h @earlyyearscpd @Mr_PaintPots @kathybrodie @LauraChildcare Is this not where individual professional accreditation would come onto its own?

EYTalking @EYTalking18h @courteneyccs @earlyyearscpd @Mr_PaintPots @kathybrodie @LauraChildcare Something for #NEYTCO to pick up. #EYTalking

Kathy Brodie @kathybrodie18h @EYTalking @courteneyccs @earlyyearscpd @Mr_PaintPots @LauraChildcare Great idea!! Unis do mentor training, but its getting on the course @eytalking Yes I agree, mentors as well @courteneyccs @earlyyearscpd @Mr_PaintPots @kathybrodie @LauraChildcare #eytalking

Emma @Emmad7719h @EYTalking our LA is asking childcare providers for their responses to the Serious Case Review. Encourages reflection and review of policy

Katheryn Davies @KatherynDavies19h @Emmad77 @EYTalking Birmingham SCR was dissected at staff meeting last week and areas highlighted of poss gaps in own practice. #EYtalking

Kathy Brodie @kathybrodie19h

@KatherynDavies @Emmad77 @EYTalking Really good practice! #EYTalking

Sue Chambers @SueChambers1419h @EYTalking @JuneOSullivan Essential there isn't an OTT kneejerk reaction from Ofsted

EYTalking @EYTalking19h @SueChambers14 @JuneOSullivan Yes, experience tells me with previous cases in the media, that this does happen. #EYTalking

Sue Chambers @SueChambers1419h @EYTalking @JuneOSullivan Sadly yes and with all the other concerns around Ofsted that's the last thing we need

June O'Sullivan @JuneOSullivan19h #eytalking careful we balance safeguarding with reality of a sector which is generally very safe. over-reaction never good.Safe process key

EYTalking @EYTalking19h @JuneOSullivan Good point.. Need a sensible discussion. #Plymouth & #Birmingham very rare. #EYTalking

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