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Longo, et al. Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine continues to set the standard as the pinnacle of current medical knowledge and practice, offering the definitive review of disease mechanisms and management. Extensively revised and expanded by the world’s leading physicians, this new edition furthers the unsurpassed value of Harrison’s as a landmark in clinical studies, educational reference, lifelong learning, and professional development. 2 Volumes 978-0-07-174889-6 • 0-07-174889-X • Jul 2011

FETOLOGY Diagnosis and Management of the Fetal Patient, 2E Bianchi This book offers a cross-disciplinary approach that goes beyond the traditional boundaries of obstetrics, pediatrics, and surgery to help clinicians effectively diagnose and treat fetal patients. The second edition is highlighted by a new full-color presentation and over 450 images that clearly illustrate the diagnosis of anomalies with the latest, most precise imaging technology 978-0-07-144201-5 • 0-07-144201-4 • 2010

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WILLIAMS OBSTETRICS, 23E Cunningham Williams Obstetrics is the most detailed, comprehensive, and rigorously referenced text on the subject. Written by an author team from the world-renowned Parkland Hospital, the hallmarks of this classic are its thoroughness, scientific basis, and applicability at the bedside. The Twenty-third edition is highlighted by 1100 fullcolor illustrations. 978-0-07-149701-5 • 0-07-149701-3 • 2009 SONOGRAPHY IN OBSTETRICS & GYNECOLOGY Principles and Practice, 7E Fleischer Sonography in Obstetrics & Gynecology offers definitive coverage of the latest techniques and diagnostic guidelines for the use of sonography in ob/gyn, including 3D and 4D image processing, transvaginal sonography, and color Dopler sonography. The Seventh Edition is enhanced by a new full-color format, an image packed companion website, and a host of new learning aids. 978-0-07-154772-7 • 0-07-154772-X • Jan 2011 CASE FILES: HIGH-RISK OBSTETRICS Toy Case Files: High-Risk Obstetrics uses fifty clinical cases to illustrate evidence-based practice in high-risk obstetrics patients. Each case includes open-ended questions, extended discussion, Practice Pearls, a “Controversy” discussion, comprehension questions, and references to the most current literature with a brief critique of each article. 978-0-07-160543-4 • 0-07-160543-6 • 2010

WILLIAMS 23RD EDITION STUDY GUIDE Hoffman Williams Obstetrics, 23rd Edition Study Guide is the only study guide keyed to the field’s premier text, Williams Obstetrics, 23rd Edition. Essential for preparation for any obstetrics exam, this unmatched study guide delivers everything needed for the most thorough review possible. Features a new full-color design, more than 350 images incorporated as question material, and the addition of clinical case questions to test decision-making skills. 978-0-07-174860-5 • 0-07-174860-1 • May 2011

OBSTETRIC INTENSIVE CARE MANUAL, 3E Foley Obstetric Intensive Care Manual is a unique quick reference that provides hands-on practical guidance for the handling of critical problems in labor and delivery and management of high-risk obstetric patients. The book’s clinical value and speed of access is enhanced by the consistent use of instructional tables, algorithms, figures, boxed elements, and illustrations. 978-0-07-163772-5 • 0-07-163772-9 • 2010

CASE FILES: GYNECOLOGIC SURGERY Toy Case Files: Gynecologic Surgery uses 46 clinical cases to illustrate evidence-based practice in the gynecologic surgery patient. Each case includes open-ended questions, extended discussion, Practice Pearls, a “Controversy” discussion, comprehension questions, and references to the most current literature with a brief critique of each article. 978-0-07-159280-2 • 0-07-159280-6 • 2010

CMDT covers almost every aspect of general medicine—with an emphasis on prevention and cost-effective treatments. 10E WILLIAMS GYNECOLOGY Schorge Written by clinicians from the same department of obstetrics and gynecology responsible for the landmark Williams Obstetrics. 978-0-07-147257-9 • 0-07-147257-6 • 2008 CARE AT THE CLOSE OF LIFE Evidence and Experience McPhee Part of the acclaimed JAMAEvidence series. 3E Part of the Pearls of Wisdom Series Somkuti Pearls of Wisdom: Obstetrics and Gynecology Board Review is a quick. Obstetrics and Gynecology Cases. covering all areas of Obstetrics and Gynecology. 978-0-07-145820-7 • 0-07-145820-4 • 2006 WILLIAMS MANUAL OF OBSTETRICS Pregnancy Complications. 978-0-07-163795-4 • 0-07-163795-8 • 2010 OVARIAN CANCER Comprehensive and Contemporary Management Chitrathara 978-0-07-166719-7 • 0-07-166719-9 • 2010 DeCherney 978-0-07-143900-8 • 0-07-143900-5 • 2006 DONALD SCHOOL ULTRASOUND IN OBSTETRICS & GYNECOLOGY Ahmed 978-0-07-163239-3 • 0-07-163239-5 • 2009 STEP-BY-STEP COLPOSCOPY. You will find 5200+ rapid-fire questions covering all topics on the exam along with performance-improving pearls and other potent learning aids. 22E Leveno 978-0-07-147936-3 • 0-07-147936-8 • 2007 UROGYNECOLOGY AND FEMALE PELVIC RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY Just the Facts Siddighi 978-0-07-144799-7 • 0-07-144799-7 • 2006 MANAGEMENT OF THE PERIMENOPAUSE Liu 978-0-07-142281-9 • 0-07-142281-1 • 2006 OFFICE UROGYNECOLOGY Weber 978-0-07-138775-0 • 0-07-138775-7 • 2004 INFERTILITY Cedars 978-0-07-139931-9 • 0-07-139931-3 • 2005 MEDICAL COMPLICATIONS IN PREGNANCY Craigo 978-0-07-141715-0 • 0-07-141715-X • 2005 CURRENT DIAGNOSIS & TREATMENT OBSTETRICS & GYNECOLOGY.000 Q&A. 2E Guyatt 978-0-07-159038-9 0-07-159038-2 • 2008 OBSTETRICS & GYNECOLOGY BOARD REVIEW. In full color and utilizing a find-it-now presentation. Focusing on practical. 978-0-07-149703-9 • 0-07-149703-X • 2008 . made even more accessible by a detailed index and hundreds of tables. patients.24 Obstetrics and Gynecology NEW EDITION CURRENT MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS & TREATMENT (CMDT). evidence-based coverage of more than 1. the book examines training and special issues surrounding each trimester of pregnancy. Every chapter includes case examples and real-world dialog between clinicians. and Answers Azziz Simulating the case conference. Complete with a photo-packed CD ROM. Covering the full spectrum of gynecologic disorders. real-world issues faced by primary care physicians. this fullcolor paperback offers expert guidance and carefully reviewed evidence on caring for patients at the end of life. the book avoids the esoteric issues of interest solely to subspecialists. 978-0-07-176372-1 • 0-07-176372-4 Sept 2011 The 2011 50th Anniversary Edition is still available: 978-0-07-170055-9 • 0-07-170055-2 USERS’ GUIDES TO THE MEDICAL LITERATURE: A Manual for Evidence-Based Clinical Practice. it includes a full-color atlas section consisting of 350 illustrations.000 diseases and disorders. this resource represents the first truly clinical text in gynecology that bridges the gap between the medical and surgical aspects of the discipline. 2E JAMA® Series Guyatt 978-0-07-159034-1 0-07-159034-X • 2008 THE RATIONAL CLINICAL EXAMINATION JAMA® Series Simel 978-0-07-159030-3 0-07-159030-7 • 2008 MCGRAW-HILL SPECIALTY REVIEW: OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY Cases. 2E Singh This point-of-care reference has more than 245 full-color illustrations that provide a clearer understanding of the role of ultrasound in obstetrics. along with a concise synopsis of diagnosis and treatment. and families. Questions. 978-0-07-166733-3 • 0-07-166733-4 • 2010 USERS’ GUIDES TO THE MEDICAL LITERATURE: Essentials of Evidence-Based Clinical Practice. & LEEP Baliga 978-0-07-163428-1 0-07-163428-2 • 2009 GYNECOLOGIC ENDOSCOPY SIMPLIFIED Tandulwadkar 978-0-07-163319-2 • 0-07-163319-7 • 2009 ATLAS OF GYNECOLOGIC PATHOLOGY Tawfik/Fan/Damjanov 978-0-07-148572-2 • 0-07-148572-4 • 2006 STEP-BY-STEP FETAL ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY Gupta 978-0-07-160184-9 • 0-07-160184-8 • 2008 STEP-BY-STEP ULTRASOUND IN GYNECOLOGY Singh 978-0-07-144655-6 • 0-07-144655-9 • 2004 STEP BY STEP ULTRASOUND IN OBSTETRICS. Questions and Answers delivers a practical review of 150 common topics with 1. 2012 McPhee/Rabow CMDT offers authoritative. active-recall review of the most important information to know when preparing for residency inservice examinations and the Obstetrics & Gynecology boards. CRYOSURGERY. All articles have been extensively updated and the book also includes neverbefore published material.

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