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Duration 2 hours Total marks 100


Solve the followings (a) Rearrange the number in ascending order: -5, 3, -1, 5, 0.125, 2 (b) State which of the following number are irrational numbers, 23 and e. 7 [1] 2 8 , [1] [1] [1]


1 5 (a) Evaluate, 3 2 , as a single fraction in its simplest form 3 7 (b) Find the value of 0.0081

3. 4.

(a) Express, 386.71, correct to two significant figures [1] (b) Express the numbers 168 and 324 as the products of their prime factors [1] (a) Given that e= fg + g + 1 3 f 4 fg

, find the value of e when f=(-2) and g=

1 2


(b) Express 5.

x 1 1 2x as a single fraction in its simplest form 2 3( x + 2) 4 x


(a) Given that m=4.5x10-6 and n=1.2x10-3, evaluate 2m - n2, giving your answer in standard form [2] (b) Given that 2 p = 1 + mq , express q in terms of p and m. m [2]


Factorise completely (a) 12a2-75b2 (b) 20x2+xy-12y2

1 2 4

[1] [2] [1] [1]


(a) Evaluate 3 3 15 3 5 3 (b) Simplify

5 32a 45 b10


(a) Given that y is inversely proportional to px-3, find the value of p if y=6 , x=3 and y=16 , x=7 [2] (b) If p:q:r=6:1:5 find the value of simplest form 2 p + 3q , give your answer as a fraction in its 5q + 6 r [2]

9. (a) A dinner bill was $59.80. The price included a 10% service charge and 7% government tax Find the actual cost of the dinner [1] (b) At a close-down sale, a man bought a $1000 television set at a 10% discount. He later sold it at a second-hand shop for $1200.Calculate the percentage profit that he made. [2] 10. (a) A shopkeeper bought 3000 greeting cards at $750. He intends to sell at 95 cents per card (i) Calculate the cost price of each card [1] (ii) Calculate the percentage profit per card [1] (iii) If he sold all the cards at 95 cents each, how much money would he earn in total [1] (iv)Find the minimum number of cards he needs to sell in order not to make a loss [2] (v) He found that 1123 of the cards were damaged. If he intends to keep the same profit, how much would he price the rest of the cards for? Give your answer correct to the nearest cent. [1] 11. (a) Amanda bought a handbag in New York for US $200. If she were to buy the handbag locally, it would have cost her S$500. Calculate the percentage in saving she made. (Given that US$1=S$1.50) [3] (b) A factory manufactures aluminium cans. The current machine can produce 980 aluminium cans in 3 minutes. This machine needs to operate for 8 hours a day in order to meet its daily production target. The factory bought a new machine to speed up its production of aluminium cans. If the new machine starts to operate after the current one which has been operating for 3 hours, it will only take 2 hours 20 minutes to complete its daily production target. Find the rate of the new machine. [4] 3a 1 = [3] 12. (a) Solve the equation 2 a + 2 3 2a (b) Given that a+ 5 is one of the solutions of equation x2-8x-b2=0 where b>0 find the values of a and of b. (c) Solve the simultaneous equations
3a + 2b = 2 2a 3b = 23



13. (a) If x and y are integers such that 5 x 1 and 7 y 2 , calculate the maximum value of (x+2y)(x-2y) (b) Find the largest prime number p which satisfy the inequality 75-4p>1 14. Given that 5 x 3 and 8 y 2 , find (a) The smallest possible value of 2x-y (b) The largest possible value of (x-y) 2 [1] [1] [1] [2]

15. A hot-air balloon can be filled up by two helium taps A and B in 3 hours. Taps A can fill up the balloon in x hours while tap B takes up to 2x+3 hours. (a) What fraction of the balloon is filled up by Tap A in 1 hour? [1] (b) What fraction of the balloon is filled up by Tap B in 1 hour? [1] (c) Hence, form an equation with respect to x and show that it can be reduces to 2x2-6x-9=0 [2] 2 (d) Solve the equation 2x -6x-9=0, given both answers correct to 2 decimal places [3] 16. The diagram below shows a pentagon and a regular hexagon sharing a common side DE.

AE and CD are produced to meet at M so that triangle DEM is an isosceles triangle. FE and ID are produced to meet at N. Given that Angle BAE=CBA=DCB=110, Find (i) AED [2] [1] (ii) DME (iii) MDN [1]

The diagram above shows two triangles PQR and ABC. Vertices A, B and C are the midpoints of PR, PQ and QR respectively. (i) Show that triangle RAC and RPQ are similar [1] (ii) Hence, write down 3 pairs of parallel lines [1] (iii) Explain clearly the relationship between triangles PAB and BCQ. [2]

(iv) Given that the area of triangle PQR is 12cm2, find the area of PACB. [1] 17. In the diagram, P, Q, R and S are four points on level ground. S is due east of P, the bearing of P from Q is 151 and the bearing of Q from R is 246 . PQ=90m, PS=210m, QR=160m and PSR= 50

(a) Calculate: (i) PQR (ii) PR (iv) PRS (v) The area of quadrilateral PQRS

[1] [2] [2] [3]

(b) A coconut tree is located at R. The angle of elevation of the top of the tree from P is 8 . (i) Calculate the height of the coconut tree [1] 1 (ii) A monkey is spotted at up the height of the tree. Calculate the angle of 3 elevation of the monkey from Q. [2]

18. In the diagram, AB is a tangent to the circle at P. The circle passes through the points P, Q, R, S and T. Given that PS is the diameter of the circle, APT= 72 , RTS= 20 and BPQ= 40 , calculate

(a) SRT [2] [2] (b) QRT [2] (c) QSR 19. In the diagram, TA is the tangent to the circle with centre O, and which passes through the points A, B, C and D. Another smaller circle, which passes through the points C, D, E and F, is drawn such that BCF, ADE and TEF are straight lines. Given that ABF=ATE= 66 and CAD= 26 , calculate and show your reasons clearly

(a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f)


[1] [1] [2] [1] [4] [1]

20. The diagram below shows triangle ABC.

(a) Construct a circle that passes through the vertices of the triangle. Mark the centre of the circle as O. [1] (b) Draw the locus of the point X which is equidistant from AB and BC. [1] (c) Draw the locus of the point Y such that area of triangle AYC=area of triangle ABC, and Y is on the other side of AC as B. [2] (d) Z is the point such that ABZ=CBZ. Construct and write down the shortest length of OZ. [2]

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