Appendix A: Idioms about Human Feelings
I/ Love: English idioms Absence makes the heart grow fonder A woman/ man after one’s own heart Be close / near / dear to sb's heart Come straight from the heart From the bottom of my heart Have eyes only for sb / Only have eyes for sb Have got it bad Head over heel (in love) In one's heart of hearts Meanings Used to say that when you are away from sb you love, you love them more A person you particularly like because he has the same interests as you Be a person or thing that sb is very fond of Truly love sb Only love sb Be very much in love Completely in love In your deepest feelings / thoughts Vietnamese idioms Giaän thì maéng, laëng thì thöông Ngöôøi ñaøn oâng / phuï nöõ cuûa loøng toâi Say nhö ñieáu ñoå / cheát meâ cheát meät / meâ tít thoø loø Töø taän ñaùy loøng Ñeå maét tôùi ai ñoù Yeâu caây neân daáu ñeán hoa Yeâu ñieân ñaûo Töø taän ñaùy loøng / saâu thaúm trong tim



Sweet on someone

Like sb very much in a romantic way A person, usually a child, who sb love very much The way to make sb like or love you Used for emphasizing how strongly you feel about sth

Yeâu nhau say ñaém / thaàm thöông troäm nhôù / yeâu thaàm daáu buïng Cuïc cöng cuûa toâi Ñöôøng vaøo con tim Vôùi taát caû taám loøng

The apple of one's eye The way to sb's heart With all your heart

II/ Happy: English idioms A barrel / a bundle of laughs Meanings Very amusing, a lot of fun Vietnamese idioms Vui noå trôøi



As cheerful as the birds As eager as a bridegroom As gay as a lark As glad as a fly As happy as a child As happy as a clam As happy as a king As happy as Larry As happy as the day is long As jolly as a shoe brush As merry as a cricket As please as Punch

Very happy

Vui nhö saùo

Extremely happy

Vui nhö hoäi Vui nhö teát

Be generous, cheerful and Be a good sport pleasant, especially in a difficult situation Be a person or thing that you are happy to see Be very happy and smiling, Laïc quan yeâu ñôøi

Be a sight for sore eyes Be all smiles

Ñeïp loùa maét Nôû gan nôû ruoät



especially after feeling sad or Be grateful / thankful for small mercies Be in / Go into raptures about / over sb / sth Be in high spirits In the heat of the moment To be bitten by the bug Beam / Grin / Smile from ear to ear Blow sb's mind Bright - eyed and bushy tailed Do sb's heart good Feel like a million dollars Float / walk on air In seventh heaven On cloud nine Get a kick from / out of sth worried about sth Be happy that a bad situation is not even worse Be extremely enthusiastic about sb/ sth you like Be happy and cheerful Be smiling a lot because you are very pleased about sth Make you / sb feel extreme pleasure Lively and cheerful, pleased and proud Make sb feel happy, more cheerful, hopeful Feel / look very good Very happy Be very happy about sth Get a feeling of excitement, Ñang cao höùng

Nhö cheát ñi soáng laïi

Ngoaùc mieäng tôùi mang tai Nôû töøng khuùc ruoät Maët maøy töôi roùi

Vui nhö traêng raèm Nhö ôû treân maây Nhö ôû treân maây Treân chín taàng maây Hoà hôûi phaán khôûi



enjoyment out of sth Happy when you no longer Glad to see the back of sb have to deal with sb / sth because they are annoying or unpleasant Smile widely in a foolish or selfsatisfied way Enjoy yourself, be very happy or excited Happy and excited about future Have stars in your eyes because you believe that you will be successful and famous Live happily and comfortably in prosperity and success Feeling very great joy Give sb interesting things to do or entertain them so that they do not become bored Be relaxed and enjoy yourself Laugh very loudly Be secretly amused by sth Maët töôi nhö hoa Nhö truùt ñöôïc gaùnh naëng

Grin like a Cheshire cat Have a time of your life Have a whale of time

Cöôøi nhaên nhôû Vui loøng haû daï

In the clover In transports of joy / delight Keep sb amused Kick up your heels Laugh like drain Laugh up your sleeve at sb /

Söôùng nhö tieân Môû côø trong buïng Mua vui cho thieân haï

Cöôøi nhö saám / cöôøi nhö phaù Cöôøi thaàm trong buïng



sth Laugh your head off Like the cat that got / stole the cream On the edge of your seat On the top of the world Over the moon Split your sides laughing / with laughter Laugh very loudly and for a long time Very pleased or satisfied with yourself Very excited and giving your full attention to Very happy or proud Very happy and excited Laugh a lot, laugh loudly The more people or things The more the merrier there are, the better the situation will be or the more fun people will have Be extremely happy Be very interested in or enthusiastic about sth / sb 1/ Enjoy yourself very much with a group of noisy people 2/ Make people excited or enthusiastic about sth Caøng ñoâng caøng vui Cöôøi laên cöôøi boø / cöôøi noân ruoät Nhö baét ñöôïc vaøng

Maùt ruoät maùt gan Maët töôi hôn hôùn Cöôøi nhö naéc neû

To be like a dog with two tails To be mad / keen on sth

Möøng nhö cha cheát soáng laïi Söôùng quaù hoaù roà

Whoop it up



With open arms Your heart leaps

Extremely happy to see sb Have a sudden feeling of happiness or excitement

Tay baét maët möøng Khaáp khôûi möøng thaàm

iii/ sadness: English idioms As cheerless as the grave As sad as night Be drown in tears Be in the blue Break one's heart Crocodile tears (insincere sadness) Cry your eyes out Be depressed Make sb feel extremely unhappy An insincere show of sadness Cry a lot and for a long time Very sad Meanings Vietnamese idioms Buoàn nhö ñöa ñaùm / buoàn nhö chaáu caén/ buoàn nhö cha cheát Gioït chaâu laõ chaõ / nöôùc maét tuoân traøo Buoàn xo buoàn ruïi Tan vôõ traùi tim Nöôùc maét caù saáu Khoùc heát nöôùc maét / khoùc nhö ri / khoùc nhö con gaùi veà



Cut to the quick Down in the dumps Down in the mouth Drown one's sorrows

Deeply hurt in one’s feelings Feeling unhappy or without hope People drink a lot to forget their pain, problems or unhappiness Be dispirited, deeply depressed, timorously anxious about sth

nhaø choàng Ruoät ñau nhö caét Maët maøy uû eâ / æu xìu nhö baùnh ña nhuùng nöôùc / æu xìu nhö baùnh bao chieàu Mieäng meùo xeäch Ñaém chìm trong ñau khoå

Have one's head in one's boots Long face Lose heart Sob your heart out

Maët maøy uû doät Maët chaûy daøi Tiu ngæu nhö meøo bò caét tai / tiu ngæu nhö choù cuïp ñuoâi Khoùc ñöùng khoùc ngoài

Become discouraged Cry noisily for a long time because you are very sad A feeling of being depressed because you have to start a new week back at work With a feeling of sadness or fear Used to say that you suddenly

That Monday morning feeling

Löø ñöø nhö oâng Töø giöõ ñeàn

With a heavy / sinking heart Your heart sink

Maët naëng nhö ñaù ñeo Maët naëng nhö chì



feel sad or depressed

Iv/ hatred: English idioms Avoid sb / sth like the plague Meanings Vietnamese idioms Traùnh nhö traùnh huûi Gheùt cay gheùt ñaéng Gheùt ngon gheùt ngoït Gheùt nhau nhö choù vôùi meøo Dislike sb very much Dislike and have no respect for sb /sth Strongly dislike sb /sth Two people dislike each other / nhö maët traêng vôùi maët trôøi / nhö nöôùc vôùi löûa Caêm thuø tôùi taän xöông tuûy Khoâng ñoäi trôøi chung Gheùt ñaøo ñaát ñoå ñi

Avoid sb / sth completely Keep somebody at arm's length Can't stand the sight / sound of Dislike or hate to (see / hear) sb / sth Hate sb like poison Hate sb's guts Hate the sight of sb / sth Have no time for sb / sth Have no use for sb / sth There’s no love lost between A and B sb / sth Extremely hate sb



V/ anger: English idioms A black look Add fuel to the fire / flames As angry as a wasp As red as a beetroot As red as a turkey - cock At each other throats Angrily fighting or arguing with each other Anger between people, especially after an argument or disagreement Be / Get steamed up Be a person or thing that Be a thorn in your flesh / side repeatedly annoys you or stops you doing sth Caùi gai trong maét Noåi côn tam baønh Very angry Meanings An angry or disapproving expression on sb’s face Do or say sth which makes sb even more angry Vietnamese idioms AÙnh maét hình vieân ñaïn Ñoå theâm daàu vaøo löûa Noùng nhö Tröông Phi / maët ñoû nhö gaác/ maët ñoû nhö gaø choïi / maët ñoû nhö vang Muoán aên töôi nuoát soáng

Bad / ill feelings

Töùc anh aùch



Be hopping mad Be in a foul mood Be on sb' s back Give sb grief about / over sth Be on the warpath Be out of your mind Become red in the face Bite a person's head off Jump down one's throat Blow your top / Blow your stack Fly into a rage / temper Fly into a tantrum Fly off handle Have / throw a tantrum / See red Cross as two sticks Cut sb dead Do a slow burn

Extremely angry Annoy or criticize sb a lot Be angry and ready for an argument or a fight about sth Be / go crazy Speak to sb angrily without a good reason

Baàm gan soâi maùu Maéng vuoát maët khoâng kòp Noùng nhö löûa ñoát Giaän maát khoân Ñoû maët tía tai Noåi traän loâi ñình

Noåi maùu xung thieân / noåi Suddenly become angry côn tam baønh/ giaän ñoû maët / ñoû maët tía tai

Annoyed, irritated, petulant Pretend not to see sb or not to greet sb to show your anger Slowly get angry

Maët naëng maøy chì Maët laïnh nhö tieàn Giaän soâi maùu leân



Do sb 's head in Drive sb up the wall Feel out of sorts Flip your lid Foam at the mouth For crying out loud Hell's teeth Get a person' s back up Give somebody / Get the hump Get in sb' s hair

Make sb feel confused, upset, and / or annoyed Make sb very annoyed, drive sb crazy Feel ill or bad tempered Become very angry Used to express anger or frustration Make sb annoyed Annoy sb by preventing them from doing sth Be annoyed because you think that sb has not treated you with enough respect Annoy sb very much Be bad – tempered from the moment you get up Become very angry or excited

Choïc oå kieán löûa Töùc nöôùc vôõ bôø Nhaên nhö maët hoå phuø Töùc loän ruoät Giaän suøi boït meùp Maém mieäng day tay Moù daùi ngöïa / treâu ong choïc raén Kyø ñaø caûn muõi

Get on your high horse Get one's goat Get out of bed on the wrong side / Get up on the wrong side of the bed Get steamed up (about sth)

Baàm gan tím ruoät Töùc loän ruoät Töùc ñaày gan ñaày ruoät Soâi gan noåi maät



about sth Shout at / speak angrily to sb Give sb hell because they have done sth wrong Feel very angry and upset about sth, especially because you cannot get what you want Become extremely angry or excited Become very angry Get into a state of violent emotion of anger Become very excited or angry Suddenly become very excited or angry Be very angry with sb and punish Have sb' s guts for garters Here we go again them severely for sth they have done Used for showing you are angry

Maéng cho taét beáp / taùt nöôùc vaøo maët Nghieán raêng nghieán lôïi / nghieán raêng treøo treïo / nhe nanh giô vuoát Töùc nhö boø ñaù

Gnash your teeth Show one’s teeth Go ape Go ballistic Go bananas / Have a pink / blue fit Go off deep end Have / throw a fit Have a cow Have a short temper

Noåi maùu xung thieân

Giaõy naûy nhö ñæa phaûi voâi Ñieân tieát leân Giaän ñieân ngöôøi Noùng tai noùng maët Töùc traøo maùu hoïng Bieát roài khoå laém noùi maõi



or annoyed that sth is starting to His bark is worse than his bite His blood is up Hit the roof / ceiling / Raise the roof Make sb's blood boil Hot under the collar In high dudgeon happen again Sb is not really as angry or unkind as they seem

Suddenly become very angry

Soâi maùu leân / noùng maùu

Angry or annoy In an angry or offended mood Used for telling sb who is angry or

Noùng gaùy Cau maët cau maøy

Keep your hair on

very excited about sth to keep calm Show that you are angry about a situation, often by protesting in public Very bad – tempered Causing a person to be excitedly and violently angry Shock or disturb sb

Haï hoûa

Kick up / Make / Create / Raise a stink about sth Like a bear with a sore head Like a red rag to a bull Make sb' s hair curl

Hung haêng con boï xít Ñaèng ñaèng saùt khí Toùc tai döïng ngöôïc



Purple with rage Run high Send sb away / off with a flea in their ear Shake the dust from one's feet Sick to your stomach Smooth somebody's ruffled feathers Spit blood venom Be strong and angry or excited (Refuse sb’s request) angrily Leave a place without request or with relief or generally in anger or disgust Disgusted or angry Make sb feel less angry or offended Show that you are very angry, speak in an angry way Feel offended about sth, perhaps because you understand in a

Giaän tím maët / baàm gan tím ruoät Töùc caønh hoâng

Töùc nhö ñaám bò boâng Nuoát giaän laøm laønh Gaét nhö maém toâm

Take sth amiss Take sth to heart Tear one's hair The feathers / fur / sparks will fly To hell with sb / sth

wrong way Be very offended by sb’s criticism Töùc oùi maùu Be very worried or angry Voø ñaàu böùt tai There will be anger, annoyance Used to express anger or dislike and to say that you no longer Bieán ñi cho khuaát maét!



Turn in his / her grave Up in arms about / over sth

care about sb/ sth Likely to be shock or angry Very angry and protesting very strongly

Vi/ embarrassment: English idioms A burning shame A crying shame As shy as a fawn As shy as a school girl Become red in face Die of embarrassment Hang your head in / for shame Look or feel embarrassed or Meanings Vietnamese idioms Theïn ñoû maët E leä theïn thuøng / e theïn nhö con gaùi môùi veà nhaø choàng Maët ñoû nhö gaác / maët ñoû nhö gaø choïi Xaáu hoå muoán cheát Ngöôïng chín caû maët



Put to shame Not know where to hide oneself

ashamed Khoâng bieát chui loã neû naøo / chui ñaàu xuoáng ñaát / chæ muoán ñoän thoå

Vii/ worry / afraid: English idioms A fuss about nothing Make a song and dance about sth A shrinking violet As afraid as a grasshopper As nervous as a cat As nervous as a mouse As pale as a ghost Meanings A lot of anger or worry about sth that is not important Sb is very shy and is easily frightened Vietnamese idioms Roái tinh roái muø / lo boø traéng raêng Yeáu boùng vía Run nhö caày saáy / taùi ngaét nhö gaø caét tieát / maët xanh nhö chaøm ñoå / maët traéng nhö thaèng cheát troâi / run nhö deõ



(of legs or knees) feel weak Be / Feel like jelly because you are nervous or frightened Admire sb / sth and be slightly afraid of them / it Be very easily frightened, be very nervous Be / become very nervous about sth Tense, excited, nervous or restless Be extremely frightened or bored Nhuõn nhö con chi chi

Be / Stand in awe of sb / sth Be dead scared of sth Be frightened / nervous / scared of your own shadow Be in a stew Be on hot bricks Like a cat on hot bricks On pins and needles Be scared / bored witless Blue in the face Drive sb out of their mind / wits Fear has big eyes Fear has quick ear

Kính nhi vieãn chi Sôï cheát khieáp Sôï huøm sôï caû cöùt huøm Maát aên maát nguû

Nhö ngoài treân ñoáng löûa

Kinh hoàn baït vía Sôï xanh maët / maët vaøng

nhö ngheä Make sb crazy or very nervous or Giaäm giaät nhö choù thaùng worried baûy Thaàn hoàn naùt thaàn tính Chim phaûi sôï caønh caây cong / phaûi moät caùi, raùi



ñeán giaø Frighten / Scare the life out of sb Frighten sb very much Feel anxious and nervous, Get / Have the jitters especially before an important event or before having to do sth difficult Get / have nervous feeling in your stomach before doing sth Suddenly feel very worried, upset or frightened when you remember sth very unpleasant Be unable to stay still because Have ants in your pants you are anxious or excited about sth No longer want to continue what Have cold feet you intended or have started because you are nervous or afraid Be nervous and anxious, especially when you are waiting Nhö ngoài phaûi coïc Sôï khieáp ñaûm

Get / Have butterflies in your stomach Go hot and cold all over

Kieán boø trong buïng / ruoät roái nhö tô voø Laïnh caû ngöôøi

Ñöùng ngoài khoâng yeân / noùng ruoät soát loøng

ÔÙn xöông söôøn

Have kittens

AÊn khoâng ngon, nguû khoâng yeân / soát ruoät soát gan /



for news of sth He is so timid that he can never He cannot say / cry Bo to a goose utter a word to assert himself on any point however small and against anybody however unformidable Nervous, especially in a social situation Very confused, worried or excited Be depressed In a nervous, angry or excited

ruoät noùng nhö löûa

Nhaùt nhö thoû ñeá

Ill at ease In a (flat) spin In a blue funk In a lather

Sôï phaùt oám Roái nhö canh heï Maët xanh nhö ñít nhaùi Cuoáng leân nhö chuoät phaûi

Jump out of your skin

Lead sb a merry dance Make one's flesh creep Make sb' s skin crawl

state khoùi Make a quick, sudden movement Nhaûy döïng leân / giaät baén because sth has suddenly ngöôøi / nhö giaãm phaûi löûa frightened you Cause sb a lot of trouble or Lo cuoáng caø keâ worry Make you feel afraid or full of disgust Hoaûng kinh hoàn vía / hoàn sieâu phaùch laïc



On edge Pale as death itself Scare, annoy the hell out of sth Scared / Frighten sb out of his wits Shake in one's boots Stand in terror of sth Stop sb in their tracks

Nervous, worried or anxious Scare, annoy sb very much Frighten sb very much Afraid of sth Suddenly make sb stop by frightening or surprising them; suddenly stop because sth has frightened you So near that you become afraid or anxious Hardly able to breath because

Nhö phoûng nöôùc soâi Maët xanh nhö taøu laù Kinh taâm taùng ñôûm Doïa cho hoàn vía leân maây Sôï noåi gai oác / noåi da gaø Ñöùng cheát traân / ñöùng söõng nhö trôøi troàng / ñöùng nhö bò choân chaân / ñöùng trô nhö phoãng

Too close for comfort With bated breath Your hair stand on end Your heart misses a beat Your heart is in your mouth

Lo soát voù you are very anxious about sth You feel very frightened, nervous Döïng toùc gaùy You have a sudden feeling of Sôï ñöùng tim fear, excitement You feel very anxious or afraid Sôï maát maät



vIii/ envy: English idioms Green eyed - monster Jealousy Very jealous (wanting sth that sb else has) Try to have all the possession and social achievements that Keep up with the Joneses your neighbors or other people around you have, especially by buying what they buy Traâu buoäc gheùt traâu aên / voâ Pale with envy Sick with jealousy duyeân gheùt keû coù duyeân / khoâng tieàn gheùt keû coù tieàn caàm tay Khoâng chòu thua chò keùm em Meanings Vietnamese idioms Ghen maët xanh maøy xaùm / ghen loàng ghen loän Con gaø töùc nhau tieáng gaùy / ghen aên töùc ôû / ghen aên gheùt uoáng

Green with envy