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Introduction about study

Satisfaction is an important element in the evaluation stage. Satisfaction refers to the buyers state of being adequately rewarded in a buying situation for the sacrifice he has made. Once the customers purchase and use the product they may then either be satisfy or dissatisfied. Todays market is a highly competitive market with respect to all of its prospects like company could not sell their products at an attractive price and sales promotion strategies. Todays market is buyer oriented where the customer is considered the king. He has full power to choose the desired product according to his needs and wants. His preference is most important. Because of the huge competition, every manufacturer wants to survive in the market and earn profit. This is possible only when the products manufactured are according to the tastes and preferences of the customers and meet their expectations. Different customers have different perceptions because no two customers have similar wants and needs. Product with good features may attract a good number of customers because good feature suits the requirement of the customers. They make decisions based on their past experience and future contingencies. Hence the company needs to analyze the customer perception, which helps them in determining the various factors influencing consumers choice in buying.

Objectives of study
1.To find out customer satisfaction towards Aachi masala 2.To find out the factors influencing the customers satisfaction towards Aachi masala 3.To study the customer satisfaction level towards Aachi masala

Scope of the study

The study has a clear insight about the customer satisfaction level towards Aachi product in kattalaipatti village. This study is totally relevant to the present day problems and needs of the public. More people will get aware about Aachi masala that will increase profit level. This study helps to identify the behavior of consumer

Needs for the study

The organization wants to find out customers satisfaction level towards the company has to improve sales volume and maximizing profit level. The organization wants to find out customers needs and wants about the company. It helps to improve the
service quality. To know the customer expectation level .

RESEARCH METHODOLOGY This study is based on primary data and secondary data collected from respondent RESEARCH DESIGN Research design is purely based on simply the frame work or plan for a study that the collection and analysis of data . research design describes something such as demographic ,characters of respondents who are using washing powder . NATURE OF DATA Nature of data used in formulating the study is primary data and secondary data.

METHODS OF DATA COLLECTION The data is collected by the help of the questionnaire administrated by the researchers the questionnaire is a structured one. The above collection is follows two methods they are,

A) Primary data B) Secondary data


The primary data are collected from the respondents through the questionnaire method .This type of data collected original information from the users of washing powder . SECONDARY DATA

TOOLS OF ANALISIS There are different types of statistical tools for analyzing. For important tools used are; tables, Diagrams and percentage. There are two types of sampling i.e. Probability Sampling and Non probability Sampling. Probability sampling It means each unit of the universe has equal chance of getting selected. The most frequently used probability sampling methods are as below: these collected data, the

a) Simple Random Sampling. b) Stratified Random Sampling c) Multi-stage Random Sampling d) Cluster Sampling.

e) Multi phase Samplings.

Non Probability sampling It contains following methods:-

a) Judgment Sampling. b) Convenience Sampling. c) Panel Sampling. d) Quota Sampling

Sample size It means limited numbers of respondents covered under the research study from a population and the researcher has taken a survey of 40 respondents to know the satisfaction level of customer.


Sampling unit: Researcher to cover the ALANGULAM (PILLIYAR KOVIL STREET) area people

SAMPLING METHOD: The sample is design through convenient sampling.

Introduction about the products:

AACHI GROUP was found in the year 1998 by Mr. A.D.Padmasingh Isaac, a first generation Entrepreneur with BBA and hailing from Nazareth in Tirunelveli District of Tamil Nadu. Mr. Isaac had earlier served for Godrej Soaps as Area Manager for over a decade.The tamil word Aachi is used for addressing women with respect. It has also been derived from the word Aatchi which means to rule. In Silappathikaram, a Tamil epic, the AACHIYAR FAMILY provided food and shelter to Kovalan and Kannaki, the legendary couple! Undoubtedly, AACHI has come to rule the kitchen today! The companies which are under the shadow of AACHI roof are:AACHI MASALA FOODS (P) LTD AACHI SPICES & FOODS (P) LTD AACHI SPECIAL FOODS (P) LTD AACHI has become a household name because of its excellent quality products and at the same time catering to the common man at prices affordable by him. The product range is so wide and backed up by quality products that no household can afford to miss Aachi products from kitchen. The success of the brand Aachi may be attributed to meet the demand of consumer from all walks of life at affordable price. AACHI Group, which started as a small proprietorship concern in 1998, has enlarged its branches.The Sales turnover for the year 2010-11 has touched Rs.448 Crores from Aachi Masala Foods (P) Ltd alone. The total turnover of the Group has reached Rs 700 Crores during 2010-11. Todays pace and pressures on the time of home makers have made AACHI to sharpen focus and cater better to customers increasing needs.

Vision To manufacture and market food products on a sustainable basis catering to all segments of the society at affordable prices and increase the intrinsic value for all stakeholders with the highest Corporate Governance Standards.

Mission We are dedicated to provide our customers with the finest, high-quality products, hygienically prepared and competitively priced, living up to the expectations of our customers and suppliers for achieving symbiotic relationship. We will achieve this with best business ethics & practices.

A study on customer satisfaction towards Aachi masala