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SaIes & Marketing Internship Description

Position: Wednesday Journal Publications Sales & Marketing ntern

Description: Wednesday Journal Publications is seeking a bright and enthusiastic over-achiever
who is interested in helping to promote the newspaper to local residents, while learning skills
related to marketing, advertising and promotion. This is an opportunity to gain on-the-job
experience while honing communications and technical skills. nterns will have the chance to
meet local VPS while networking to boost advertising sales.
Commitment: The internship is a semester-long internship meant for students or alumni. Hours
and time commitment are negotiable, but will be in the area of 4-40 hours a week. Some
evening and weekends may be required for special events.
Compensation: This is a voluntary, unpaid internship. Wednesday Journal Publications will work
with schools to allow interns to earn academic credit through their high school or college if the
school offers such opportunities.
Supervisor: Display Advertising Coordinator
Candidates should be interested in the Sales/Marketing field
Entering junior or senior year of high school, enrolled in college, OR a college alumni
Cumulative GPA of 3.2 or above
Ability to work independently and juggle multiple tasks at once
Excellent oral and written communication skills, including ability to take initiative and
perform follow up
Possess a friendly, outgoing personality
Applicants must submit a cover letter explaining why this internship is desired, an updated
resume, and list of availability to alicia . n order to be considered for the
internship program, the internship guidelines from their school must also be submitted by either
faxing, emailing, or mailing the documents to the address listed above.
Responsibilities and projects may include:
Media relations
nteract with clients
Perform sponsor recruitment
Prepare brochures and materials
Assist in building a projects database
Assist with on-site and off-site events
Assist with daily activities as needed (direct mail, advertising, promotions etc.)
Assist with creation and distribution of newsletters and promotional items
Assist with building and refining contact lists
Assist with and perform any other duties as needed or assigned by the Display
Advertising Coordinator
Computer Knowledge Requirements: PowerPoint, Word/Excel, nternet savvy a must.
Questions? Contact Alicia Plomin at alicia or 708-613-3344.
Wednesday JournaI PubIications
141 S. Oak Park Avenue
Oak Park, IL 60302
(708) 613-3344 Fax: (708) 524-0447
- 1-
Name (Last, First, MI): Birthdate:
/ /
Home phone: Cell phone:
School Name:
School Address: ClassiIication:
List skills: Interest (rank 1 5 w/ 5 being least liked):
Clerical duties
Field work
Newsletter production
Volunteer coordination
How did you hear about this position?
Days available:
Hours: ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________
Date available to start:
/ / 20
Are you available on weekends?
Yes No
Person to Notify in Case of Emergency

Internship Application cont.
Have you previously interned
anywhere, and iI so
Yes No
What extra-curricular
activities/clubs are
you involved with?
What are your Iuture career
What do you hope to gain from an internship with us?
(Answer on space provided below)
By submlttlng thls appllcatlon, l afflrm that the facts set forth ln lt are true and complete. l
understand that lf l am accepted as an lntern, any false statements, omlsslons, or other
mlsrepresentatlons made by me on thls appllcatlon may result ln my lmmedlate dlsmlssal.
Signature Date
- 2-
- 3-
Wednesday Journal Publications
nternship Application - Checklist
The foowng MUST be encosed n your appcaton packet to
be consdered for the poston:
Completed Internship Application Iorm, along with an updated resume
One Letter oI Recommendation Irom either a current or very recent Instructor, High School / College
Guidance Counselor, Vice Principal, or Principal oI your school.
The recommender must include contact inIormation Ior Iollow-up purposes.
Internship Agreement Iorm
Return the COMPLETED application packet by the September 16th deadline to Alicia Plomin at:
Wednesday Journal
141 S. Oak Park Avenue
Oak Park, IL 60302
Phone: 708 613 3344 Fax: 708 524 0447
Please note: If application is received after the above stated deadline, the applicant will be
considered for a future internship opportunity, depending on his/her availability.
Wednesday Journal Publications Application
- Review 8heet
For Personnel Department Use Only
1. Application reviewed on by
2. Denial letter sent
3. lnterview letter sent
4. lnterview scheduled for
- 4-
- 5-