Vertical gardens for healthy indoor environments and outdoor elegance

cables and mesh to train climbing plants and shrubs to cover buildings and walls.Green Facades Unique micro-climates indoors or outdoors Fytogreen creates beautiful external green facades using trellis. Melbourne . Teak Room. Fytogreen’s green facades continue to grow and the changing floral and decorative effects delight and inspire people. Green Facade. Crown Casino. reduce reflective light and heat and offer acoustic insulation while producing oxygen and gorgeous greening effects. These popular lightweight green facades offer benefits for amenity and thermal control – they can reduce building temperatures and air-conditioning costs. Also highly appealing when used in an indoor setting.

fence or balcony. Fytogreen garden panels can be attached to any vertical surface such as a wall. . Vertical Gardens can transform residential courtyards into a gorgeous tapestry of colour. space saving. At the time of installation. turn a fence into a work of art. creating an instant established visual display. the plants are already pre-grown and trained for vertical growing. environmentally friendly and water-efficient gardens are created using the Fytogreen vertical garden system that features a series of modular panels containing a lightweight soil-less growing media in which a variety of plants can grow.Vertical Gardens creating an instant visual display Vertical. or create amazing entry statements. Supported by a hydroponic watering system. We offer on-going maintenance programs that use web-based water monitoring systems to ensure top performance for vertical gardens in commercial buildings.

Fytogreen Australia Pty Ltd t: (03) 5977 9645 e: Our Recent Projects 1 Bligh Street. Melbourne 206 sqm external vertical garden Teak Room.Contact us Call us for technical information. Crown Casino. Melbourne 40 sqm internal and external walls . 860 plants. plant design arrays. Sydney 40m x 9m external green wall Triptych Apartments. Melbourne Internal green facade. Sydney External vertical garden ANZ Docklands. 48 planter boxes Marriott Hotel. Melbourne External vertical garden Telstra Exhibition Street. installation quotes or general advice. Melbourne 4 metres high vertical garden in internal lobby Green Facades & Walls Melbourne Internal vertical garden Clara Apartments Display www. Melbourne 50 sqm outdoor vertical garden Elm Apartments. innovation and experience Spotlight Lifestyle Centre.

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