IQ 1. Which word is closest in meaning to the word FLIPPANT? a. Obverse b. Irreverent c. Feeble d. Candid e. Facile 2.

If 4 apples and 6 bananas cost Rs. 1.56 and 9 apples and 7 bananas cost Rs, 2.60, what is the cost of one apple and one banana? a. b. c. 1 Apple cost Rs. 2.18 and 1 Banana Cost Rs. 2.14 1 Apple cost Rs. 0.18 and 1 Banana Cost Rs. 0.14 Both a & b are wrong

3. Which is missing in the figure below? (answer is D)

4. What number should replace the question mark? A. 18 B. 34 C 17 D 25

Height of descend Surface tension 2. Pressure Viscosity b. b and c 3. The Dietus-Boelter equation for convective heat transfer [( cannot be used for a. d. c. Low Reynold’s number Molten metals ) ( ) ( ) ] b.H2? . c. Complete the equation by correctly identifying the missing part of the calculation from the list of options below. G2 .5 (F) 12 X 1. if G =G1. Very low Grashoff number All a.G3 and H = H1 .5. d.5 CHEMICAL 1.25 (D) 421. (A) (B) 16. What is the overall transfer function (CR) of the following block diagram. The fluid property which matters for falling rain drops to acquire spherical shape is a.75 (C) 17.

K3PO4 NaCl 2. d. A 0. c. acting tangentially across the resisting section. d. When a body is subjected to two equal and opposite forces. Na+ CN - CIVIL 1. as a result of which the body tends to shear off across the section. the stress and strain included is . d. NH4Cl KNO3 b. c.1M aqueous solution of unknown white crystalline substance shows a precipitate when treated with AgNO3 solution and turn a phenolphthalein solution pink the unknown substance could be? a. What can behave as an electrophilic reagent? a. 1/1+GH H/1+GH b. The species Ar.a. G/1+GH G/1-GH CHEMISTRY 1. c. K+ and Ca2+ are isoelectronic (have the same number of electrons) In what order do their radii increase? Smallest A B C D Ar Ar Ca2+ K+ Ca2+ K+ K+ Ar Largest K+ Ca2+ Ar Ca2+ 3. Br2 NH3 b.

tensile stress. Using transformer oil of better quality . In a transformer. d. c.6 micro ohm-cm is 440 cm long. 200 kg / m 600 kg / m b. Its mass density is 3 3 a. the magnetic coupling beteen the primary and secondary circuit can be increased by Increasing the number of turns b. The resistance of wire will be a. d. c. 400 kg / m 800 kg / m 3 3 ELECTRICAL 1. 1/3 1 2 /8 3. d. The ratio of maximum deflection of beam ‘A’ to maximum deflection of beam ‘B’ is a. c.3 27. Using soft material for windings Using the magnetic core of low reluctance d.a. The mass of 2. tensile stress. 9. A wire of 0. shear strain 2. 1/2 1/4 b.14mm diameter and specific resistance 9. 11. comprehensive strain comprehensive stress.4 2. a. d.7 b.5 m3 of a certain liquid is 2 tonnes. Two fixed beams A and B are shown in the following figure. c. c.6 13. tensile strain shear stress. tensile strain b.

f. Instruction cycle time period is shorter than machine cycle time period Instruction cycle time period is exactly half of machine cycle time period b. d. 10 µF capacitor which a 10 V charge discharging through a 1kΩ resistor b. Instruction cycle time period is exactly equal to machine cycle time period . A 50 pF capacitor wih a 20 m V charge discharging through a 200 milli-ohm resistance d. Gallium d. In the generic micro processor a. d.f. Which of the following element does not have three valence electrons? a. Aluminum c. Machine cycle time period is shorter than instruction cycle time period c. c.0% 90 ELECTRONICS 1. 10 µF capacitor with a 50 V charge discharging through a 1kΩ resistor c. In which of the following cases will the capacitor complete its discharge most rapidly? a. The efficiency of a 430/200 V transformer at full load 0. Discharge rate will be same in all cases 3. Phosphorous 2.8 p.3. 95. leading will be a. Boron b. The efficienc at full load 0.8 p. 99% 95% b. lagging is 95%.

B = 7kN (down). VC1 and VC2 VL1. D. c. The length of the beam is 5m. In this network. What are the vertical reactions at supports A and B? a. d. B = 3kN (up). D. Which of the following acronyms pertains to an obsolete digital circuit technology wherein logic gates are built using only transistors and resistors? A.INSTRUMENT 1. iL2. A = 6kN (up). b. C. A rigid beam is supported by a pin at end A and by a roller at end B. Two characteristics which fully define the input and output respectively of a BJT in Common Emitter configuration are A. A = 3kN (up). . A = 7kN (down). B = 3kN (down). iL1. what are the state variables for state-variable representation? A. C. iC1 and iC2 B. RTD RTC 3. Base emitter and collector emitter Collector emitter and base collector B. iL2. VL2. C. VL2. D. iC1 and iC2 VL1. Base collector and base emitter Both a and b 2. RTL RTT B. A = 4kN (up). iL1. VC1 and VC2 MECHATRONICS 1. B = 0kN (up). A vertically downward force of 6kN acts exactly at the center of the beam.

c. The string breaks suddenly. A laminar fluid A Eulerian Fluid b. c. what is the downward acceleration of the upper block? a. a. ON condition No such switch b. d.2. Off Condition None of above 3. Saturation region b. In PLC programming. Two identical blocks are connected by a spring. Active region Not all MECHANICAL 1. Examine If Closed (XIC) outputs a 1 if the addressed bit is in a. d. c. as shown in the figure. from a string attached to the ceiling. The combination is suspended. immediately after the string breaks. at rest. d. g/2 2g . Cut – off region. 0 g b. Find emitter current for the BJT circuit shown below. d. c. A Turbulent Fluid An Ideal Fluid 2. A fluid that can be considered to be both incompressible and friction less is called: a.

o o a. for 2000 joules of heat input the amount of work the engine performs is most nearly. c. d.3. An engine absorbs heat at a temperature of 727 C and exhausts heat at a temperature of 527 C. 1450 J 2000 J . If the engine operates at maximum possible efficiency. 400 J 1600 J b.

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