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September Newsletter

JFK 4th Grade
1500 Woodland Ave.; Kingsport, TN 37665 T: (423) 857-2700 Dear 4th Grade Parents & Guardians, As we enter our second month of the 2013-2014 school year, we want to say thanks for supporting your student at home with homework, organization, getting to school on time, and everything else you do to help your student be successful! We appreciate how hard they work every day to master our rigorous 4th grade curriculum, and we appreciate how hard you work to help them be successful 4th graders. Please remember that we are always here to answer questions and help you in any way! Warm regards, Bethany Paupeck Andy Walters

Upcoming Events
September 11 Conservation Camp Field Trip September 13 Parent Conference Day NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS September 19 3-5 Parent Academy 4:30 – 6:00 September 20

Parent Conferences Parent conferences are being held the week of September 9th. Please contact us to set up a conference if you have not done so already. If you have forgotten the day or time of your conference, please call or e-mail us. Planet K8 KCS has begun using Planet K8 as our website provider and communication hub. Please go to and register to receive calendar and assignment updates via e-mail and text. We will also be posting pictures and videos in the near future to help keep you informed of what is going on in our classrooms

Grandparents’ Lunch September 21 Kennedy Fall Festival 10:00 – 2:00 September 27 Health Screenings Kennedy Movie Night – 6:00

John F. Kennedy Elementary – 4th Grade

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What are we learning this month?
Literacy    Sequence of Events Determining Importance Making Inferences

Math   Factors, Multiples, & Arrays Describing the Shape of Data

Please remember…
 Per our daily schedule, our day in 4th grade begins at 8:15. Students are expected to be unpacked, organized, and ready to start the day by this time. Please make sure that your student is here on time each day! Be sure to let your student know each day how he or she will be getting home, i.e. car rider, walker, van rider, YMCA, etc. We have to report this information to the office each morning to minimize student phone calls and confusion in the afternoons.

Science   Cells Ecosystems

Social Studies   Native American Groups Early American Explorers

Lifelong Guidelines & LifeSkills   No Put-Downs Personal Best 

Fall Festival Baskets Our Kennedy Fall Festival is coming up on Saturday, September 21st. Each classroom is asked to collect items for a basket to be auctioned off at the festival. Our theme in 4th grade is sports. We are asking for any type of sports memorabilia, small sports equipment, or anything sports related that would fit in the basket. Please begin sending in these items as soon as possible, and thanks for your support of this project! SuperStars Attendance Classrooms at Kennedy are participating in the SuperStars Attendance Incentive! Our class receives a letter for each day that all students are present and at school on time (no tardies). When a classroom spells out “SuperStars,” the class will receive a reward such as extra recess, special snack, etc. Please help our class earn this reward and promote excellent attendance at

John F. Kennedy Elementary – 4th Grade

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John F. Kennedy Elementary – 4th Grade

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