This nursing theory refers to a nurse who utilize the necessary milieu to facilitate the needs and safety of the patient is called? a. Environment Theory b. Nursing Process Theory c. Stress Belief Model d. Definition of Nursing 2. This entails the manner of the nurse to utilizes the direct inspection and physical check up to render information to the patient is called? a. Assessment b. Intervention c. Evaluation d. Diagnosis 3. The proper way of diagnosing the patient should include the following parameters: The physical assessment, Laboratory Data and __________. a. Medical History b. Relational Taking c. Subjective & Objective Data d. Doctors Order 4. The most important determinant to establish correct and specific diagnoses is to understand pathophysiology and treatment standards, which among the following should the clinician must bear in mind? a. Must understand the course of the disease and its target treatment consensus of the health care team. b. Must based on the physical symptoms and render direct treatment. c. Must based on the physical and emotional aspects only. d. Must based on the doctors point of view and follow its orders. 5. The nurse saw the patient unconscious lying on the floor, and she said “ hey! Are you okay?” is what part of the nursing process? a. Assessment b. Intervention c. Evaluation d. Diagnosis 6. The balance of the intenal-milieu that maintains the favourable healthy living is called? a. Homeostasis b. Homeobalance c. Homeostatic d. Neutrality

Renal Failure 3. A 16 year old female with a complaint of abdominal pains was given HCG. CBC 2. The stage that determines the grief process that describes arguments. This gives the nurse that the first body system forms in the body is? a. Abdominal Ultrasound d. HCG-Urine Test and Transvaginal Ultrasound b. The most important diagnostic procedure if the patient finds out she is having missed periods of menstruation and with history of sexual intercourse. The nurse must always bears in mind that abdominal pains of any reproductive age groups must be suspected with? a. Pregnancy c. The nurse must advice the patient to visit the physician right away and expect to do? a. HCG-Urine Test and CBC d. and violent reaction to others is called? a. HCG-Urine Test and Urinalysis c.Urine Test. Anger b. HCG-Urine Test and Chest X-ray 4. Acceptance d. The one of the earliest mitotic activity that happens in the embryogenesis is formation of the ectodermal constituents. The nurse expects that the physician will order the following diagnostic procedures except? a. complaining severe abdominal pains but with favourable vital signs. Nervous b. Cardiovascular . None of the Above NCM 101: 1. Denial c. UTI d. HCG – Urine Test b. We have a 17 year old female patient who visits the ER. Muscular d. Urinalysis c. Skin c. Sexual Contact b.7.

Morphine c. synaptic space b. ADH . 8. Phospholipid b. What is the importance of calcium molecule for inducing synaptic activity? a. In the pituitary gland secretes ACTH responsible for stimulating the target organs like the adrenals. The space that provides the separation of presynaptic membrane and postsynaptic membrane is called? a. Glycoproteins d. What are the two electrolytes responsible that affects the synaptic transmission or action potential? a. Calcium prevents bleeding for the near by nerves thus creating favourable action potential b. Enkephalin c. synaptic point d. Calcium enters in the voltage gated channels that facilitates the neurotransmitter release. Receptor 6. The area that has a direct contact to the water environment and considered hydrophilic in nature is called? a. Calcium will help the body to maintain homeostasis. The substance that is released responsible for analgesia in times of stress is called? a. Na and K b. POMC b. d. Dynorphins b. Calcium makes the osteoid substance to become sturdy and favourable enamel. synaptic integration c. In any form of the cells in body that contains cell membrane. c. Any of these 9.5. Dynorphins d. Beta Endorphins d. synaptic release 7. Ca and Mg c. Morphine 10. The endogenous opiod responsible for the analgesic effect during the peak of stress is called? a. Fe and Sulfur d. Free fatty Acids c.

Degeneration of Taste cells in the tongue that contains fibro-fatty tissues c. What specific target does this act to? a. The body muscles increase in size or hypertrophy d. One of the reason behind that the elderly sometimes anorexic and complains about the palatability of food stuffs because. Psychological changes like loneliness 4. A patient with recent kidney transplant for 6 days Give the reason why? 2. A patient with diabetes mellitus c. The body neurotransmission with Acetyl Choline is high 5. Inhibits mitochondrial synthesis c. Bacteriostatic antibiotics are beneficial to what specific patient? a.11. Oxygen is very important for cellular reactions such Energy production. Impairs DNA synthesis 30s d. Acid buffer to form more hydrogen ions N102 1. What is the role of CO2? 1. A patient diagnosed HIV for 12 years b. a. Stimulatory to the Medulla to induce respiration and ventilation or 2. A patient with Asthma d. The thymic hormone production declines d. The GABA neurotransmitter that mediates inhibition is so high levels c. Apoptotic induction to cell 3. Which among the following explains why elderly people is prone to diarrhea and infectious enteritis. Loss of Long term memory for retreval of odor names d. Its because the Ig A fails to migrate from the payers patches to the damaged/fibrosed mucosal surfaces of the intestine b. Penicillin is a antibiotic that kills susceptible bacterial agents specifically gram + strains. Hypokinesia or decreased motor changes in is one of the evident in elderly because? a. Inhibits cell wall synthesis b. Degeneration of (retronasal/orthonasal routes) or olfactory receptors b. All of the above . There is a decrease in Dopaminergic transmission. EXCEPT? a. Decline in B cell synthesis related to decline T cell responses specifically CD4 c. and dopamine release that decreases the excitatory transmission b.

2 c. The sensitivity for glucose decreased leading to insulin resistance 7. Cancer d. What is being used by the cells if oxygen intake is inadequate? a. Nutrition 2. Which of the following could be another reason? a. Apoptosis 3. Regeneration c. A elderly patient complains of difficulty of swallowing (dysphagia). Decrease in rate of insulin release d. Lysosome c. Stress d. 3 d. One of the reason why elderly has also an impaired glucose tolerance or abnormal absorption of glucose that could lead to disorder simply because EXCEPT? a. DNA damage to a target cells necessitates repair by the topoisomerases to establish correct reading for base paring and amino acid composition. Mutation b. Neovasculariztion or Angioenesis b. 4 4. Sucrose . The cell membrane insulin receptors for glucose is diminished c. Altered Response c. What is the term dictates if the reading is incorrect or if there is base pairing malposition? a. Which of the following parameter is a requisite to induce metastasis? a. Metastasis is the process that allows the tumor emboli to transfer its contents to a target pontential site. Secondary to decrease esophageal motility/peristalsis Anxiety MODERATE: 1. 1 b. Lactic Acid b. one of the reason behind this is usually neoplastic or by cancer.6. Secondary to psychological loneliness c. Secondary to anorexia related to low self esteem b. How many high energy phosphate does an ATP has? a. Glucose d. The pancreas is destroyed unable to produce insulin anymore b.

What is the action of the Histamin in the Bronchial Smooth Muscle? Broncho-constriction 6. Histamine is chemoattractant mediator that induces the stimulation of the H1 or H2 receptors. The occulomotor pathway is already damaged indicating neuronal infarction. this indicates that? a. Oresol is very important for correction of electrolyte losses secondary to dehydration states like diahrrhea and heat exhaustion. 10. that facilitates analgesia but it can also induce Skin allergy because: It can facilitate release in mast cell the histamine. The neurotransmitter for pain is called Glutamate 8. The pupils should contract upon light perceived by optic nerve meaning there is a damage in the lens. c. 9. The light fails to penetrate the lens because its opaque . What is the importance of the salt and glucose contents of this regimen? On the mucosal membranes of the intestinal wall contains Naglucose channel that facilitates the opening of this channel that allows in the latter the entry of water. The reason why patients with chronic stress suffers immunosupression or decreased lymphocytic activity due to the release of 2 neurohormones called? Epinephrine Cortisol 7.5. The nurse noticed a dilated pupil. The nurse handles a penlight to the physician in-charge while examining a patient waiting to expire. Morphine is an agonist. b. The patient is malingering d.

Based on the occurrence of complaint. Discuss why does the patient exhibits abdominal pains and not chest pains. 5. b. 6. 4. The nurse expects by these symptoms caused by chemical mediator called histamine release in the mast cells. Discuss the mechanism why a patient who has PCO2 = 55. Discuss why calcium channel blocker is not recommended as an antihypertensive agent and unloaders for the heart for patients with a history of myocardial infarction. The nurse knows the molecular basis why morphine can initiate anesthetic effect by? a. the patient experienced with difficulty of breathing and hyperacidity reactions.0 shows signs of tachypneic symptoms (RR= >28). The morphine can cause analgesia by blocking the brain cells. 7. The blood pressure was plunging. What is the relevance diagnostically of an elevated serum Troponin I to a patient with Myocardial Infarction? 3. Discuss the mechanism why individuals with DM will show poor healing states. Difficult Question: 1. The morphine will cause antagonistic effect in the release of K that leads to calcium entry. Diagnostically it was found out that the two patients have hyperglycaemic episodes and later diagnosed to have Diabetes Mellitus. None of the above. 2. Later she was diagnosed to have anaphylaxis.O for the first time from an advice by an arthritic patient. The patient went to nearest hospital and was diagnosed to have intramural myocardial infarction. A patient who was eating suddenly experienced shortness of breath and hyperacidity reaction. after 30 minutes. Binds agonistically to the mu receptors causes the inhibition of K ions to be secreted in the neuronal membrane that prevents the calcium entry. noncompliant to medications suddenly experienced severe abdominal pains accompanied with dizziness. A 25 year old patient had a history of right knee pain after he performed 2 hr aerobic exercise. The patient took aspirin 80 mg/tablet P. Discuss how Aspirin Triggers the Asthma attack. . He was diagnosed having Bronchial Asthma attack. c. d.11. Discuss the treatment choice and its action. A 75 year old patient diagnosed to be Diabetic for 10 years. pH = <7. There are two individuals visit the ER and complains with dizziness. and blurring of vision.

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