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.LT/MSQ/P/AG/005 1. 2. assembly and erection of the above ground pipe work at site. pre-fabrication.NO. inspection.2007 REV. flushing piping system (3177Specification for inspection.0 PURPOSE: The purpose of this procedure is intended to cover the general requirements for the execution of piping. • • Piping materials specification Pipe supports standards Line list.0 PROCEDURE NO. 3.3 Process Piping AME B 31.1 Power Piping APPROVED BY L & T REVIEWED / APPROVED BY JACOBS . testing. flushing & testing of piping • • standard spec • • LSS-106) • systems(3177-LSS-106) • • ASME B 31. Job specification of non-destructive testing of piping as per Sec V & Welding specification for Fabrication of piping (3177-LSS-104) Standard specification for Inspection.2 OF 19 LARSEN & TOUBRO LIMITED MSQ (EPCC-1) UPGADATION PROJECT PROCEDURE FOR AG PIPING FABRICATION & ERECTION DATE:-01.11.PAGE NO.. and method of record keeping for fabrication & erection of all above ground piping systems as per standard specification and normal practice.1 CONTROLLING SPECIFICATIONS: ● Approved PMC’s standards and specifications • Process and instrument diagram.0 SCOPE: This procedure covers execution.

pipefitting. studs bolts etc. field welds shall be provided during piping fabrication and an extra length 100 mm & above the dimensions APPROVED BY L & T REVIEWED / APPROVED BY JACOBS .. 4.0 4.11.0 PROCEDURE NO. 3177-LSD-1017.. structures etc.LT/MSQ/P/AG/005 • • • ASME Sec VIII code for Unfired Pressure Vessel IBR Regulations IS : 823 code for Procedure for Manual Metal Are Welding of Mild Job specification for colour coding Steel ( For Structural Steel) • 3. 4. inspection and testing at fabrication shop with minimum field joints -Positive material identification. inserts. To take care of minor variations in the actual location (at site) of equipments. storage & preservation. shall include proposal for -Maximizing prefabrication.2 DEVIATIONS Where a deviation from the “Basis of work” and approved job procedure described above is required or where the basis of work does not cover a particular situation.NO. the matter shall be brought to the notice of owner / PMC and work carried out only after obtaining written approval from him in each cases. to be submitted by L&T .2 DIMENSIONAL TOLERANCES Dimensional tolerances for piping fabrication shall be as per standard no. used in a given piping system shall be strictly as per the “Piping Material Specification” for the “Pipe Class” specified for that system. handling.. gaskets. flanges. For the purpose of common understanding the construction job procedure.1 FABRICATION: PIPING MATERIAL Pipe.2007 REV. valves.PAGE NO.3 OF 19 LARSEN & TOUBRO LIMITED MSQ (EPCC-1) UPGADATION PROJECT PROCEDURE FOR AG PIPING FABRICATION & ERECTION DATE:-01.

b) Low Alloy Steel (Containing up to 5% Cr) Gas cutting.NO.3 IBR PIPING The complete piping work shall be carried out as per Approved for Construction drawings and sketches. Nickel Alloys Plasma cutting. Field welding of weld joint nearest the pumps shall be done only after pump and connected piping have been truly aligned. 4. After gas cutting. c) High Alloy Steel (>5% Cr) & Stainless Steels (S..0 PROCEDURE NO. Machining or grinding methods shall be used.PAGE NO. oxides shall be smoothened / removed by chipping and grinding. Machining or grinding methods shall be used.4 OF 19 LARSEN & TOUBRO LIMITED MSQ (EPCC-1) UPGADATION PROJECT PROCEDURE FOR AG PIPING FABRICATION & ERECTION DATE:-01.4 4. After gas cutting.4.1 EDGE PREPARATION The edges to be welded shall be prepared to meet the joint design requirements by any of the following method recommended: a) Carbon Steel (C.) Gas cutting.. IBR approval to be taken on as built IBR Drg.S. machining or grinding shall be carried out on the cut surface. For piping falling under IBR. machining or grinding methods shall be used.LT/MSQ/P/AG/005 indicated in the drawing may be left on one side of the pipe at each field welds. cut surface shall be machined or ground smooth.11.S). necessary approval of boiler inspector on the drawings shall be obtained prior to start of fabrication and all works shall be carried out as per the requirement of IBR. the ends to be welded shall secure APPROVED BY L & T REVIEWED / APPROVED BY JACOBS . 4. After plasma cutting.2 SPACING )a For pipe wall thickness 5 mm and above.4. 4.2007 REV.

)b On completion of each run.NO.. Separate grinding wheels and wire brushes should be used for Carbon steels & stainless Steel 4. post heating and heat treatment shall be as described in the welding APPROVED BY L & T REVIEWED / APPROVED BY JACOBS . )b Tacks should be equally spaced.6 BUTT WELDED AND SOCKET WELDED PIPING Edge preparation. joints no. shall be removed by the grinding and chiselling.0 PROCEDURE NO.5 OF 19 LARSEN & TOUBRO LIMITED MSQ (EPCC-1) UPGADATION PROJECT PROCEDURE FOR AG PIPING FABRICATION & ERECTION DATE:-01. Minimum number of tacks shall be: 3 tacks 4 tacks 6 tacks 4. In general.5 PIPE JOINTS The piping class of each line specifies the type of pipe joints to be adopted. welder no. to maintain perfect alignment. welding. grease. craters.11. equipments. Joining of lines 11/2” and below shall be by socket welding / butt welding / thread joints as specified in “Piping Material Specification”.PAGE NO. oil. welding irregularities. Flange joints shall be used at connections to vessels.. spool no. Yokes shall be detached after the completion of weld. earth and other foreign matter.2007 REV.4 for 21/2” and smaller diameter pipes for 3” to 12” diameter pipes for 14” and larger diameter pipes All piping spools shall be marked / stamped for proper identification like as line no. slag etc.4.3 4..LT/MSQ/P/AG/005 in position with the aid of couplers. yokes and ‘C’ clamps.. The ends shall be completely dry before the welding. joining of line 2’’ and above in process and utility piping shall be accomplished by butt weld. oxides..4. valves and where required ease of erection and maintenance as indicated in drawings. pre heating. sand. CLEANING )a The ends to be welded shall be properly cleaned to remove paint. without causing any surface irregularity. 4.. rust. alignment and fit up of piece to be welded.

3.. fit up and welding of branch connections refer welding specifications.The competed bend shall have a smooth surface. spacing. bulges.6 OF 19 LARSEN & TOUBRO LIMITED MSQ (EPCC-1) UPGADATION PROJECT PROCEDURE FOR AG PIPING FABRICATION & ERECTION DATE:-01. Templates shall be used wherever required to ensure accurate cutting and proper fit up.7 SCREWED PIPING In general.9 BRANCH CONNECTIONS Branch connections shall be as indicated in the Piping Material Specifications for end preparation.0 PROCEDURE NO. 4. 4.8 FLANGE CONNETIONS All range facings shall be true and perpendicular to the axis of pipe to which they are attached. alignment. valves etc. tapered unless specified otherwise. Reinforcement pads shall be provided wherever indicated in drawings / specifications / standard and codes etc. all other piping shall have threads as per ANSI B 2.2007 REV. Cold bend for lines 1 ½ and below. flat spot and other serious defect. Bending of pipes 2” and above may be required in some cases like that for headers. free from cracks. wrinkles. with a bend radius of 5 times the nominal diameter shall be used as required in place of elbows wherever allowed by piping specifications. Flanged bolthholes shall straddle the normal centre lines unless different orientation is shown in drawing.NO.PAGE NO.1.1 NPT as required matching threads on fittings. 4.LT/MSQ/P/AG/005 specification (3177-LSS-104) and NDT specification (18-3177-000-L-020703-A4).11 FORGING AND FORMING Forging and forming of small bore fittings like reducing for piping 1 ½” and APPROVED BY L & T REVIEWED / APPROVED BY JACOBS . reactors etc. 4. buckles.10 BENDING Bending of pipe shall be done as per ASME B31..11. 4. galvanized piping shall have threads as per IS: 554 or ANSI B 2.

11. However threading after galvanising should be minimum.15 JACKETED PIPING The jacking shall be done in accordance with approved PMC’s or licensors approved specification as suggested in Piping Material Specification. couplings. radiographic requirement of IBR shall complied with.12 MITRE BENDS AND FABRICATED REDUCERS Mitre bends and fabricated reducers shall be governed by the piping material specifications. 4.1.LT/MSQ/P/AG/005 below. fittings etc. Generally all 90º mitres shall be 4-piece 3-weld types and 45º mitres shall be 3-piece 2-weld types unless otherwise specified. 4. shall be as per ASME B 31.The radiographic requirements shall be as per Material Specifications for process and utility systems and NDT specification for steam piping under IBR. Reducers shall be fabricated as per directions of the PMC.3 / ASME B 31. 4. so as not to damage galvanised surface.. shall be marked according to pipe disposition and those shall be prefabricated to avoid damaging of inner pipe and obstruction of Jacket space.14 GALVANISED PIPING Galvanised carbon steel piping shall be completely cold worked.0 PROCEDURE NO. Position of jump over and nozzles on the Jacket pipes.7 OF 19 LARSEN & TOUBRO LIMITED MSQ (EPCC-1) UPGADATION PROJECT PROCEDURE FOR AG PIPING FABRICATION & ERECTION DATE:-01..13 CUTTING AND TRIMMING OF STANDARD FITTINGS & PIPES Component likes pipes. 4.2007 REV.NO. as per drawings and instructions of owner / PMC. This piping involves only threaded joints and additional external threading on pipes may be required to be done as per requirement.PAGE NO.16 SHOP FABRICATION / PREFABRICATION The purpose of Shop fabrication or prefabrication is to minimise work during APPROVED BY L & T REVIEWED / APPROVED BY JACOBS . half couplings etc shall be trimmed / edge prepared wherever required to meet fabrication and erection requirements. elbows. 4.

)f Tack welds with full penetration shall be used and shall become the part of the finished weld and shall be carried out by qualified welders only. so as to facilitate their withdrawal at any time erection.2007 REV. )b All field fabricated piping shall also be cleaned at the competition of the APPROVED BY L & T REVIEWED / APPROVED BY JACOBS . )g Defective welds or tack welds with lack of penetration are not acceptable and shall be chipped / ground out. sand.0 PROCEDURE NO.PAGE NO. 4.. etc.17 ALIGNMENT The pipes to be jointed by welding shall be aligned correctly with existing tolerances on diameters. cutting template shall be used to ensure accurate cutting and proper fit up. However. spatter particle. clean.19 CLEANNING OF PIPING )a On completion of fabrication. During the period all flange (gasket contact faces) and threads shall be adequately fabricated by coating with removable rust preventive. The same alignment shall be preserved during welding. Piping spool after fabrication shall be stacked with proper identification marks. wall thickness and out of roundness and weld gaps. CUTTING & FITTING UP )c For laying out headers.) before erection to ensure that assembly is free from all loosed foreign material such as scale. 4.NO. all pipes and fittings shall be cleaned inside and outside by suitable means (Mechanical.11. )d All cutting shall follow the outline of the templates. cutting chips etc. cleaning tool. Care shall also be taken to avoid any physical damage to flange faces and threads. slag free flame cut bevels is acceptable. )h No temporary weld attachment shall be with extended clamps / attachment. smooth. laterals and other irregular details. weld.8 OF 19 LARSEN & TOUBRO LIMITED MSQ (EPCC-1) UPGADATION PROJECT PROCEDURE FOR AG PIPING FABRICATION & ERECTION DATE:-01.. )e Machine cut bevels to form the welding groove are preferred in carbon steel pipe. tees.LT/MSQ/P/AG/005 erection to the extent possible. 4.18 LAYOUT. wire brush.

2007 REV.3 SLOPES Slopes specified for various lines in the drawings / P&ID shall be maintained during erection of piping spools. 5. shall be as specified in the piping material specifications. if any.4.S.4. Stress reliving shall be performed before removing the gadgets for old pulling. Each expansion joints / bellows shall be blown free of dust / foreign matter with compressed air or cleaned with a piece of cloth. great care shall be taken while aligning.2 5.. as indicated in the drawing. )d Cleaning requirements for special services. wire.1 5. welding circles and weld spatters shall be removed by any suitable means (Mechanical tools. )e S.4. An expansion joints shall never be slinged from bellows APPROVED BY L & T REVIEWED / APPROVED BY JACOBS .0 PROCEDURE NO. brush.0 5. jacketed piping requiring picking shall be pickled to remove oxidation and discolouring due to welding. 5.1 ERECTION PIPING ROUTING Pipe to pipe. 5.4 EXPANSION JOINTS / BELLOWS 5. a) For handling and installation of expansion joints. pipe to structure / equipments distances / clearance as shown the drawings shall be strictly followed as these clearance may be required for the expansion of piping / equipment.PAGE NO. 5.NO.3 Installation of Expansion joints / Bellows shall be installed in accordance with the specification and installation drawings. All burrs.9 OF 19 LARSEN & TOUBRO LIMITED MSQ (EPCC-1) UPGADATION PROJECT PROCEDURE FOR AG PIPING FABRICATION & ERECTION DATE:-01.2 COLD PULL Wherever cold pull is specified. maintain the necessary gap..11.) )c Both shop and field fabricated piping shall be blown out with compressed air at the terminated specification of cleannning and capped.LT/MSQ/P/AG/005 fabrication. etc.

4.8 Butt-welding shall be carried out at each end of the expansion joint. 5. tie-rods.4. b) An expansion joints / bellows shall preferably be slinged from the end pipes / flanges or on the middle pipe. angles welded to the flanges or weld ends or by wooden or metallic stops.9 The expansion joint shall not have any lateral deflection.. 5.0 PROCEDURE NO.4 a) All expansion joint shall be procured at “Installation length”. The mating pipes shall again be checked for correct alignment.LT/MSQ/P/AG/005 corrugations / external shrouds. 5. 5. and angles. b) Expansion joints stop blocks shall be carefully removed after hydrostatic testing.NO.5 a) The pipe end sin which the expansions joints is to be installed shall be perfectly aligned or shall have specified lateral deflection as noted on the relevant drawings. earthing lead shall not be attached with the expansion joint.4. After the expansion joint is installed and shall ensure that the mating pipes and expansion joints are in correct alignment and that the pipes are well supported and guided. Angles welded to the flanges or weld ends shall be trimmed by saw as per manufacture’s instructions and the flanges or weld ends shall be ground smooth.2007 REV.4..4.PAGE NO.6 The expansion joints shall be placed between the mating pipe ends / flanges and shall be tack welded / bolted.4.4. For flanged expansion joints the mating flanges shall be bolted.11.10 OF 19 LARSEN & TOUBRO LIMITED MSQ (EPCC-1) UPGADATION PROJECT PROCEDURE FOR AG PIPING FABRICATION & ERECTION DATE:-01. maintained by means of shipping rods. 5.10 Precautions APPROVED BY L & T REVIEWED / APPROVED BY JACOBS . b) The pipes ends / flanges shall be spaced at a distance specified in the drawings. 5.7 5. 1) For carrying out welding.

Temporary protective covers shall be retained on all flange connections of pumps.LT/MSQ/P/AG/005 2) The expansion bellow shall be protected from arc welds spot and welding spatter. until the piping is finally connected.0 PROCEDURE NO. after the final alignment of the equipment is over. 3) Hydrostatic testing of the system having expansion joints shall be performed with shipping lugs in position. To achieve this bolt shall be tightened in a proper sequence. without inducing any stresses in the pipes and equipment nozzles. air coolers etc.6 VENTS AND DRAINS High point vents and low point shall be provided as shown in the drawings. turbines. care shall be exercised to properly align he pipes and to check the flanges for trueness.11. Extra care shall be taken for flange connections to pumps. compressors and other similar equipments.PAGE NO. 5.5 FLANGE CONNECTIONS While fitting up mating flanges. cold boxes. excessive gap etc. 5. The welding of flange shall be done only after proper alignment of terminal equipment. 5. so as to avoid any foreign material from entering these equipments.. The assembly of a flange joint shall be done in such a way that the gasket between these flanges is uniformly compressed.2007 REV. the flange connections to these equipments shall be checked for misalignment. so that faces of the flanges can be pulled together. turbines. These lugs shall be removed after testing and certification is over. compressors. The details of vents and drains shall be as per piping material specifications / jobs standards.11 OF 19 LARSEN & TOUBRO LIMITED MSQ (EPCC-1) UPGADATION PROJECT PROCEDURE FOR AG PIPING FABRICATION & ERECTION DATE:-01..NO.7 VALVES Valves shall be installed with spindle / actuator orientation as shown in the APPROVED BY L & T REVIEWED / APPROVED BY JACOBS .

and other unidirectional valves are installed with the Flow direction arrow on the valve body pointing in the correct direction. desuperheaters.. shall also form part of piping construction work. shown in drawing shall be maintained Flushing and testing of piping systems which include instruments mentioned above and the precautions to be taken are covered in flushing.10 BOLTS AND NUTS M/s L & T shall apply molycoat grease mixed with graphite powder (unless APPROVED BY L & T REVIEWED / APPROVED BY JACOBS .PAGE NO. steam traps.8 INSTRUMENTS Installation of in-line instruments such as restriction orifices. strainers. Care shall be exercised and adequate precautions taken to avoid damage and entry of foreign matter into instruments during transportation. pressure. air traps. flow.11. mixers.. ejector. control valves. testing. 5. orifice flange assembly. sample coolers. flow level connections etc. safety valves.LT/MSQ/P/AG/005 layout drawings. venturi meters. If the direction of the arrow is not marked on such valves this shall be done in presence of Engineer-In-Charge. rotameter. check valves. flow meters etc. Care shall be exercised to ensure that globe valves. including their supporting arrangement their supporting arrangements shall form part of piping erection work. and inspection of piping (3177-LSS-106). Fabrication and erection of piping up to first block valve / nozzle / flange for installation of offline instruments for measurement of level. 5. testing etc. relief valves.NO.9 LINE MOUNTED EQUIPMENTS / ITEMS Installation of line mounted items like filters.12 OF 19 LARSEN & TOUBRO LIMITED MSQ (EPCC-1) UPGADATION PROJECT PROCEDURE FOR AG PIPING FABRICATION & ERECTION DATE:-01. etc. Orientations / locations of take-offs for temperature. pressure. The limits of piping and instrumentation work will be shown in drawing / standard / specifications. 5. flame arrestors. sight glasses etc.2007 REV. temperature. shall form a part of piping erection work.0 PROCEDURE NO. installation.

Location and design of pipes supports will be shown in drawings for lines of all sizes. The following points shall be checked after installation by designer & consultant with the PMC and necessary confirmation in writing shall be given certifying that:  All restrains have been installed correctly.LT/MSQ/P/AG/005 otherwise specified in piping classes) all bolts and nuts during storage.2007 REV. after erection and wherever flange connections are broken and made-up for any purpose whatsoever. 5. If any change of route is to be done.PAGE NO. All supports provided should be as per the location and type considered during the approval of stress analysis reports. Preset lock pins of all spring supports shall be removed only after hydrostatic testing and insulation is over.13 OF 19 LARSEN & TOUBRO LIMITED MSQ (EPCC-1) UPGADATION PROJECT PROCEDURE FOR AG PIPING FABRICATION & ERECTION DATE:-01. This is applicable for the pipelines identified for stress analysis.  Clearances have been maintained as per support drawings APPROVED BY L & T REVIEWED / APPROVED BY JACOBS .11. supports should be as per drawing. Preset rods shall be installed inclined in a direction opposite to the direction in which the pipe moves during expansion.0 PROCEDURE NO. stress analysis to be done before carrying out site changes.. M/s L & T shall supply he grease and graphite powder without price implication to owner.11 PIPE SUPPORTS Pipe supports are designed and located to effectively sustain the weight and thermal effects of he piping system and to prevent its vibrations. Hanger rods shall be installed inclined in a direction opposite to the direction in which the pipe moves during expansion. No pipe shoe / cradle shall be offset unless specifically shown in the drawings.. for rest of the pipelines.NO. However wherever bolt tensioning is called for the lubricants used shall be as per the bolt tensioning specification duly reviewed by PMC.

All welding consumable such as electrodes. APPROVED BY L & T REVIEWED / APPROVED BY JACOBS . wherever required for joints between pipes.PAGE NO. Where practicable and except when otherwise shown on the drawings. filler wires.NO.0 PROCEDURE NO. 6. valve stems shall be installed in a vertical direction and shall not be installed with below the horizontal axis. handled and use in accordance with the manufacturers instructions. flux and gas shall be stored.. d) Preheating shall extend uniformly to at least three times the thickness of the joint. b) Preheat will be applied with minimum as specified in welding chart.2 POST WELD HEAT TREATMENT a) Post weld heat treatment. e) Preheating temperature shall be maintained over the whole length of joint during welding.LT/MSQ/P/AG/005  Insulation does not restrict thermal expansion  All temporary tack welds provided during have been fully removed.2007 REV. pipes and fittings..11. but not less than 50 mm. c) Preheating shall be performed using resistance or induction methods. 6. b) Post weld heat treatment shall be done in a furnace or by using electric resistance or induction heating equipment. on both sides of weld.14 OF 19 LARSEN & TOUBRO LIMITED MSQ (EPCC-1) UPGADATION PROJECT PROCEDURE FOR AG PIPING FABRICATION & ERECTION DATE:-01. Preheating by gas burners. utilising oxy-acetylene or oxy-propane gas mixture.1 PREHEATING a) No welding shall be performed by without preheating the joint 100C when the ambient temperature is below 100C. pipe body and supports shall be carried out as per welding specification chart.0 PERFORMANCE OF WELDS & HEAT TREATMENT 6.  All welded supports have been fully welded.

The electrode removed from containers shall be kept in holding ovens at temperatures recommended by the electrode manufacture. Wherever.6 8. 7. and shall be accounted for. 8.1 8.0 WELDING a) Qualified welders as per approved WPS. shall be removed after competition of the welding.995% shall be used for purging.2 All electrodes shall purchased in sealed containers and stored properly to prevent deterioration.NO. Only Owner/ PMC approved brands of electrodes shall be used. earth and other foreign matter. filler wires and flux used shall be free from rust oil.0 PROCEDURE NO. grease.3 Initial purging shall be maintained for sufficient period of time so that at least 4-5 times the volume between the dams is displaced in order to completely remove the entrapped air. The electrode shall handled with care to avoid any damage to the flux covering. 7.1 WELDING CONSUMBALES The welding electrodes and filler wires used shall be as per approved WPS/ welding specification chart and B.LT/MSQ/P/AG/005 7. II C SFA 5.. used for conserving inert gas during purging.15 OF 19 LARSEN & TOUBRO LIMITED MSQ (EPCC-1) UPGADATION PROJECT PROCEDURE FOR AG PIPING FABRICATION & ERECTION DATE:-01. 7. SHIELDING & PURGING GAS: Argon gas with a purity level of 99.2007 REV.. 7.2 8.11.0 8.3 All low hydrogen type of electrodes shall be rebaked at 3500C for 1 hours minimum and stored in ovens kept at 80-1000C before use. use of water–soluble dams should be made.12 specification. welding specification chart and APPROVED BY L & T REVIEWED / APPROVED BY JACOBS .5 Tungsten electrodes used shall conform to ASME Sec. which affect the quality of welding. 7. 9. of electrode / filler wire shall be submitted to Jacobs for approval.4 The electrodes.0 7. The purging shall be maintained during the root pass and for the first filling pass to minimise oxidation on the inner side of the pipe.C. removal of dams is no possible after welding.4 Dams.T. unless otherwise specified in Welding Specification Chart.PAGE NO.

APPROVED BY L & T REVIEWED / APPROVED BY JACOBS . and MPT. unrepaired burn-through. When the whole joint us found unacceptable. Inadequate penetration.-L&T/MSQ/NDT. shall carry out all welding. 10.0 INSPECTION AND TESTING 12.1. 11. UT etc. and then complete PWHT cycle must be repeated with a second heat chart. 18-3177-000-l-02-0703A4 & approved L&T doc. whichever us smaller and the cumulative length shall not be more than 50 mm in any continuous 300 mm length or weld. 12.0 REPAIRS OR REMOVAL OF DEFECT Defects.8 mm in depth of 121/2% of the pipe wall thickness. Finished welds shall be visually inspected for parallel and axial misalignment of the work. the weld and the ends of the joints shall be restored according to relevant under fabrication.16 OF 19 LARSEN & TOUBRO LIMITED MSQ (EPCC-1) UPGADATION PROJECT PROCEDURE FOR AG PIPING FABRICATION & ERECTION DATE:-01.1.LT/MSQ/P/AG/005 approved drgs.2 The application of above NDT for welding shall be as per inspection class mentioned in NDT specification no.1.0 VISUAL INSPECTION Inspection of all welds shall carried out as per ANSI B 31. DPT.NO. 12.1 All NDT works like as RT. No.. crack. No repair shall be carried out without prior authorisation of the PMC..0 PROCEDURE NO.SPEC/001 12. Under cutting adjacent to the final bead on the outside of the pipe shall not exceed 0. b) Welding technique / process followed during welding shall be as per approved WPS.3 and specification.11. shall be removed from the joint completely by chipping or grinding.PAGE NO. and it shall present a neat workman like appearance.3 Welding repairs are unavoidable made on PWHT. and other surface defects.shall be carried out by experienced/qualified personnel as per approved job procedures. dimensions.2007 REV. which are not within the acceptable limits.

. HAZ and parent metal shall be measured both using Poldi type or portable hardness instrument wherever PWHT is applicable and hardness requirement shall be as per welding specification chart.4 After PWHT the hardness value on the weld.0 PROCEDURE NO.7 100% radiographed. Where he field test pressure is less than two-thirds the works test pressure.5 The field Hydro-test pressure shall not be less than the greatest of the following: 11/2 times the maximum sustained operating pressure 11/2 times the maximum pipeline static pressure Sum of the maximum sustained pressure or the maximum pipeline static pressure and the maximum calculated surge pressure.10 TEMPORARY BLINDS APPROVED BY L & T REVIEWED / APPROVED BY JACOBS .11.9 CLEANING / FLUSHING All system shall be cleaned and flushed free of all dirt.. 12.8 Construction water shall be generally be used as the testing medium for the hydrostatic testing of Piping system. 12. 12.LT/MSQ/P/AG/005 12.1. debris or loose foreign material after testing.1.6 All above ground pipes shall be tested for leakages to a The joints of the pipe connecting the testing sections shall be TEST MEDIUM minimum hydrostatic test pressure of 10 kg/cm2gauge or as per specification. 12.1. The test pressure shall be gradually raised at the rate of nearly 1.PAGE NO.1.1. the field test pressure shall wherever possible be not less than two thirds of the works test pressure and shall be applied and maintained for at least four hours.2007 REV.NO. 12. 12.1. the period of test shall be increased to at least 24 hours.0 kg/cm2/minute.1.17 OF 19 LARSEN & TOUBRO LIMITED MSQ (EPCC-1) UPGADATION PROJECT PROCEDURE FOR AG PIPING FABRICATION & ERECTION DATE:-01.

Prior to installation.0 13... The test pressure is to be maintained for sufficient time to permit compete inspection of the system under test but in no case shall the time be less than ten minutes. APPROVED BY L & T REVIEWED / APPROVED BY JACOBS . 13. A pressure gauge duly calibrated shall be provided at the pump discharge for guidance in bringing the system upto pressure.2007 REV. 12. High point vents shall be open prevent excessive vacuum and permit complete draining.11.1 SAFETY All safe measures shall be observed in welding and cutting and required PPE shall be enforced to the job performer.NO. which shall not be connected to the system until ready to test.1.LT/MSQ/P/AG/005 Open ends of piping systems such as at pumps or wherever equipment has been removed or disconnected prior to hydrostatic testing.13 TEST GAUGES Test gauge shall be installed as close as possible to the lowest point in the system being tested.1. 12.1.12 PRESSURISING Pressure shall be applied by means of suitable test pump. The pump shall be disconnected after the pressure test is completed. 12.1. 12.11 VENTING All piping systems and equipments shall be properly vented to remove air from system during filling or as shown in the drawings.14 DRAINING All lines and equipment’s shall be completely drained after the hydrostatic test of a system has been completed.PAGE NO. the test gauge shall be checked against standard gauge or calibrated with the aid of a dead weight tester.0 PROCEDURE NO. An authorised operator shall attend the pump constantly during the test.18 OF 19 LARSEN & TOUBRO LIMITED MSQ (EPCC-1) UPGADATION PROJECT PROCEDURE FOR AG PIPING FABRICATION & ERECTION DATE:-01. or at termination point of piping branch connections shall be blinded off by temporary blind flange made out of minimum 10 mm hick MS plate.

shielding..PAGE NO. 0 and applicable approved formats as per ITP. also Radiation warning signal either visual or sound or both shall be put to keep the unconnected people away to avoid any exposure.11. : LT/MSQ/ITP/PIPE/AG/002 Rev. people shall be warned by deploying danger signal and cordoning the area to avoid any accidental injury.0 PROCEDURE NO.LT/MSQ/P/AG/005 13.2 All Safety & regulatory practices during performance of Radiography work shall be observed particularly personal protection from radiation either by distance. During Hydrostatic or Pneumatic testing. APPROVED BY L & T REVIEWED / APPROVED BY JACOBS ..4 14.3 13.NO. or time or.2007 REV. 13.0 During Radiography. or a suitable combination of all three.19 OF 19 LARSEN & TOUBRO LIMITED MSQ (EPCC-1) UPGADATION PROJECT PROCEDURE FOR AG PIPING FABRICATION & ERECTION DATE:-01. DOCUMENTATION All documents shall be prepared and maintained as per approved ITP No.

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