28. The wise Suvrata again said to his mother: "I am satisfied with the great nectar viz.

the delight (derived) from the meditation upon Hari." 29-34a. When he got (i.e. sat) upon the seat (used while taking) meal he saw sweet food. (Ile reflected:) "This food is Visnu (himself); the soul has resorted to this food. May that Visnu who is (present here) in the form of the soul be gratified with this water in which he dwells due to his remaining in the milky ocean. May Kesava, satisfied with his own form be gratified,with tambula, sandal, fragrant substances and these charming flowers." When the religious-minded one went to bed, he would reflect upon Krsna: "I have sought the refuge of that Krsna who is endowed with the Yoganidra (i.e. his sleep at the end of a yuga)." The brahmana (Suvrata) would reflect upon that Vasudeva, while taking meal, while covering himself, on a seat or bed, and would prepare everything for him. 34b-37. When the religious-minded one attained youth, he gave up enjoyment of pleasures and was engaged in meditating upon Kesava on the excellent Vaidurya mountain, where there is the symbol of Visnu called Siddhe§vara and destroyer of sins. He, reflecting upon the great lord called Mahesvara glorified by Brahma (and situated) on the right bank of Narmada, and having resorted to Siddhesvara, thought of (practising) penance.

Brahma said

4-13. In the auspicious city (called) Vaidisa, full of all prosperity, (lived) a very lustrous, powerful king, the son of Rtadhavaja. His very intelligent son was well-known as Rukmabhusana. His loyal wife was the glorious Sandhyavati. The king's son (i.e. Rukmabhusana) having produced a son on her like himself, named him Dharmangada. This (Dharmangada), the most fortunate son of Rukmangada, was endowed with all auspicious marks and was intensely devoted to his father; and he, for the happiness of his father, even gave his own head to Mohini. Hrsikesa (i.e. Visnu) was pleased by his Visnuite way of life and devotion to his father; and took him physically to Visnu's position. He, who knew all codes of conduct, who was a devotee of Visnu, who was best of the Satvatas, he-Dharmangada, who was very wise, who was well-versed in judgement and knowledge, who was an ornament of piety, living there only gladly enjoyed all divine pleasures according to his desire. When a full thousand yugas were over, he who was piety (himself) and an ornament of piety, dropped from that position, and due to the favour of Visnu, was born as the eldest and most fortunate and intelligent son of Somasarman, increasing the delight of Sumana, and named Suvrata. The intelligent one practised penance and was intent upon meditation on Visnu. 14-18a. The best brahmana, having abandoned blemishes like desire and anger, having controlled the group of senses, continuously practised penance by concentrating his mind and uniting it with Visnu, near Siddhesvara on the best mountain Vaidurya. The lord of the world, holding a conch, a disc and a mace was well-pleased with the meditation of the noble one, who thus had remained in it for a hundred years. That Kesava, with Laksmi, granted him another boon: "0 you pious Suvrata, 0 you best among the wise sages, well-being to you; choose a boon, I am Krsna that have come to you." 18b-19. Having heard these excellent words of Visnu, the intelligent one was full of great joy, and seeing god Janardana (i.e. Visnu), he joining the palms of his hands, saluted him.
.Suvrata said

20. The ocean of mundane existence Vyasa said is full of the waves of

Dharmangada Burn as Suvrata

1-3. 0 noble one, I shall put one question to you. Now speak (i.e. answer) it; you yourself had formerly said that Suvrata meditated upon lord Narayana Anamaya, due to former practice. In which caste was Suvrata born in his former birth? Now tell that to me (and also) how Hari was propitiated by him. 0 lord of gods, who is he that is full of merit?

very great (i.e. poignant) griefs, and of the ripples of the heaps of follies. Through my vices and virtues I have reached it. 0 Janardana, from it quickly take up me who am helpless. 21-28. When the great cloud of my deeds is thundering, it is raining, lightning is flashing; due to the heaps of my sins and coverings of the darkness of delusion, I do not have (i.e. I have lost my) sight. (So) 0 Madhusudana, give your hand to me, who am helpless. This dense forest of the worldly existence is resorted to by (i.e. has) many trees of great grief, and by many lions of the form of follies. It is blazing with the lustre of the great fire of compassion. 0 Krsna, protect me who am constantly being burnt. The tree of the worldly existence is extremely old and also high. It has the bulbous root of illusion and many branches of pity and many afflictions; it has the leaves of union with one's wife etc. It has borne fruit. 0 lord Murari, protect me who climbed it and fell from it. 0 Krsna, I am constantly burnt by the fires of griefs, with profuse (columns of) smoke in the form of various delusions, and with distresses like separation resembling death. Give me salvation. Always sprinkle me with water of knowledge, me-who have fallen in the great ditch covered with fearful darkness and called Samsara (i.e. the worldly existence). O Krsna, you show a great favour to me who am distressed and suffering from fear. Being disgusted with it, I have sought your refuge. Those, who with controlled minds and full of devotion, meditate upon you with their minds (full of) knowledge, obtain the (highest) position; since saluting the very auspicious pair of your feet the groups of Kinnaras and gods think of you (only). I do not talk to anyone else, I do not worship anyone else, I do not think about anyone else. I (just) continuously salute the pair of your lotus-like feet. 0 Krsna, today satisfy my desire. Let the heap of my sins go far away. I am your slave, I am your servant in existence after existence. I constantly remember the pair of your lotus-like feet. 29-30a. If, 0 Krsna, you are pleased, then grant me a good boon: 0 great god, with me take (also) my parents physically to your abode. There should be no hesitation about it.
a rikrsna said

30b. There is no doubt that this great affair of you will take place.

31-35. Hrsikesa was pleased with him and was very much delighted by his devotion. Free from tormentation and destruction the two viz. Sumana and Somasarman, went, along with Suvrata to Visnu's heaven. 0 you very intelligent one, till a couple of yugas came (i.e. was over) the brahmana Suvrata enjoyed repeatedly divine worlds. And by the words (i.e. order) of that disc-holder (i.e. Visnu) the very intelligent one again came down to (i.e. was born in) the house of Ka§yapa for the mission of gods; and enjoys Indra's position due to Visnu's favour. Well-known as Vasudatta, and saluted by all gods, he enjoys the position of Indra at present. 36. Thus I have told you the entire cause of the propriety of creation. I shall (even), tell (i.e. explain to) you anything else that you ask.
Vyasa said

37. The powerful and very intelligent Dharmangada, the son of Rukmangada, was Indra at the time of creation in the first Krtayuga. 38-39a. Then, 0 lord of gods, how is it that there is another Dharmangada on the earth, and also another king (named) Rukmaingada, and how is it that this one is also the lord of gods (i.e. Indra)? This doubt has arisen (in my mind); please explain (i.e. remove) it.

Brahma said

39b-40a. Oh, I shall tell you that which will remove your doubt. 0 best brahmana, the sport of the god is for the creation. 40b-42. As days, fortnights, months, seasons, years and Manus pass (i.e. come and go) in the same way the yugas again and again pass. Then arrives the Kalpa; then, 0 very intelligent one, I myself go to Janardana (i.e. Visnu) and the mobile and the immobile go to (i.e. merge into) me. (Then) he, whose nature is contemplation, again creates the universe as before. 43-44a. Again, I, the Vedas, the deities and brahmanas, as well as all kings with their dispositions are born, 0 noble one. A wise man is not confused by this. 44b-47. As in the former Kalpa the magnanimous king Rukmaingada was born, in the same way this well-known

brahmana Dharmaiigada is born (now). The very intelligent ones like Rama, Yayati, Nahusa,l and also the magnanimous Manu and others are born and die. Kings devoted to piety enjoy the position of Indra, as the hero Dharmarigada is now enjoying (that) great position. In the same way Vedas, gods, Puranas, preceded by Smrtis (come and go) 48-49. 0 best brahman, I have thus narrated to you Suvrata's entire account which is meritorious and which leads to good position. 0 noble one, I shall explain to you the invisible (one).

The Slaying of the Demon Bala The sages said

1-2. 0 you best among speakers, you have told us this wonderful, meritorious, excellent tale, bringing about glory, and destroying all sins. Please tell us the propriety of the creation.
1. Yayati-Name of a celebrated king of the lunar race. He was the son o Nahusa. He married Sukra's daughter Devayani, who was cursed by Kaca that she would marry a Ksatriya. Sarmislha, daughter of the king of Asuras was told by her father to be Devayani's servant as a sort of recompense for her formerly having slapped and thus insulted Devayani. Yayati fell in love with Sarmistha and secretly married her. Devayani came to know about the marriage, and complained to her father of the conduct of Yayati. Sukra cursed him that he would be prematurely old. Yayati propitiated him and obtained from him permission to transfer his infirmity to anyone who would accept it. His youngest son Puru agreed to take it. Yayati enjoyed youth for a thousand years. With a strenuous effort he renounced his sensual life and restoring youth to Puru, and appointing him as his successor, he left for a forest to lead a pious and meditating life. Nahusa-He was Ayus' son, Purfiravas' grandson, and Yayati's father. He was a very wise and powerful king. For some time, he deputed Indra at latter's request. He made the Seven Sages to carry him in a palanquin to Indrani's house, whose love, he thought, he would win. On his way, he insulted the Sages by ordering them to move on (sarpa, sarpa). One of the Sages cursed him to be a sarpa (serpent). He fell down on the earth and remained as a serpent, till he was freed by Yudhisthira from that condition.

O son of Suta, telllus in detail,* as to: how the creation (took place) formerly.
Suta said

3-5. I shall tell in detail the cause of creation and destruction, merely by hearing which a man would become omniscient. Hiranyakasipu occupied the three worlds. Having propitiated Brahma by penance, he obtained a boon, difficult to obtain, and also immortality from that noble god. He, having pervaded gods and the worlds secured mastery (over all). 6-9. Then gods with Gandharvas, sages who had mastered the Vedas, and Nagas, Kinnaras,

Siddhas, Yaksas and others, led by Brahma, went to lord Narayana, who was enjoying his sleep at the end of a Yuga in the Milky Ocean. With the palms of their hands joined, the gods awakened him with (i.e. by singing) hymns of praise. When the lord of the gods awoke, 0 you very wise one (s), they told him the account of that wicked one (i.e. Hiranyakasipu). Having heard it, the lord of the world, resorting to the form of N;sirhha, killed Hiranyakasipu. 10-15. Then with the Boar-form he killed the very powerful Hiranyaksa. He lifted up the auspicious Earth, and killed that demon at that time. He also killed other fierce-looking demons. When thus the great demons had perished, when the others i.e. Diti's sons had (also) perished, when the gods had attained great positions, when sacrifices and other religious rites had proceeded (i.e. were being performed), when all the worlds had well-settled, that Did who was oppressed by grief, who was tormented by the bereavement of her sons, who cried `alas, alas,', and had become senseless, devoutly saluted her husband Kasyapa who resembled the sun, who was endowed with the lustre of penance, who was a donor and was magnanimous, and said to that very intelligent best brahmana 16-20. "0 revered sir, that god-the holder of the dischas made me sonless. Gods have struck down all the sons of Did (i.e. of me) and of Danu. 0 best sage, I am burnt by the fire of grief (due to the loss) of my sons. 0 lord, give me a son, who would delight (everyone), who would remove the lustre of all, who would be very powerful and charming in all limbs, who would be lustrous like the king of gods, who would be very

intelligent and omniscient, who would be learned and wise, who would be endowed with the lustre of penance, who would be strong and would have auspicious marks, who would be wellversed in the Vedas, who would be knowing (i.e. possessing knowledge), who would honour gods and brahmanas, who would be the conqueror of all worlds, and, who would, 0 brahmana, give me joy, and who would, 0 lord, be endowed with all (good) characteristics." 21-23a. Having heard these excellent words of her, the noble Kasyapa with his mind full of pity and pleased with her who was grieved, who was helpless and whose mind had become distressed, and having put his hand through great love for her, on her head, said to her: "0 glorious one, a son, as desired by you, will be (born to you)." 23b-28. Having said so, he went to Meru, the best mountain. He of a great vow, all alone practised great penance (there). In the meanwhile, she conceived an excellent embryo. That highminded Diti, knowing all rules of conduct, doing good deeds, remained with a pure heart for a period of hundred years. She gave birth to a son who was endowed with Brahmanic lustre. Then Kasyapa, full of great joy, came there; (and) the best and intelligent one named him. He called his son 'Bala', who, the great one, was like (i.e. true to) his name. Thus he named him, and performed his thread-ceremony. He said to him : "0 (my) glorious son, practise celibacy." 29. (Bala said) : "0 best brahmana, I shall just do as you tell me. 0 best one, with (i.e. practising) celibacy, I would study the Vedas." 30-31. Thus an entire century of years passed while he was practising penance. He, endowed with the lustre of penance, came to the presence of (i.e. came to) his mother. Did, full of great joy saw the divine celibacy, full of the power of penance, of her magnanimous son. 32-35. She said to that son (of her) viz. Bala, who was magnanimous, who was possessed of penance, who was intelligent, who was great-souled, who was well-versed in judgement and knowledge : "0 intelligent one, as long as you live, my sons like Hiranyakasipu killed by him who holds a disc in his hand (i.e. by Visnu), will live onward. 0 my boy, conclude the hostility

(i.e. take revenge), kill in battle (our) enemies-the gods." That Danu said to that very powerful Bala these words: "Son, first quickly kill Indra, the lord of gods. Then strike down gods, and after that (strike down) him, whose vehicle is Garuda (i.e. Visnu)." 36. Having heard (the words) of the two (i.e. Did and Danu), Aditi, who looked upon her husband as a god, and who was full of great grief, said to her son, Indra

37-38a. "Diti's son, of a huge body, is increasing with brahmanic lustre. For killing gods, he practised penance in (honour of) Siva. Understand like this, 0 lord of gods, if you desire happiness here." 38b-39. Having thus heard those words of his mother, Indra, the lord of gods, was extremely worried due to uneasiness. Being tormented by great grief, he then thought: 40-45. `How shall I kill this (Bala) who is polluting the piety of gods?' Thus the lord of gods decided to kill Bala. Once that Bala resorted (i.e. went) to the ocean to offer his daily prayers. He shone with a divine skin of an antelop and a piece of stick, and with spotless merit and that (i.e. undescribable) celibacy. Indra saw him seated upon the seat meant for daily prayers, near the ocean, muttering prayers and extremely tranquil. That Diti's son was hit (by Indra) with that divine thunderbolt. Seeing Bala fallen dead on the ground, the king of gods full of great joy was then delighted. The pious Indra, having thus struck down that demon, Diti's son, ruled happily.

Yrtra Duped Suta said

1-2. Having heard that her very powerful son Bala was killed, Did piteously wept saying: "Oh, I am facing a great misery." Having thus very piteously wept for a long time, the

miserable, glorious one went to Kasyapa, her husband, and said to him 3-4a. "Seeing your son who had gone to the ocean, the very sinful Indra, the lord of the host of gods, with his thunderbolt killed him having the characteristics of a brahmana and just practising sandhya (i.e. the daily prayer)." 4b-5. Having heard thus, (Kasyapa) Marici's son got angry at that time, and was full of great anger, as it were, burnt with fire. The best brahmana plucked a hair from his matted hair, (and putting it into) pure fire (said:) 6-10a. "I shall create a son just for killing Indra." From that fire-pool, from the mouth of fire was produced a fierce figure, full of black collyrium (i.e. very dark), and tawny-eyed, with the interior of his mouth fearful on account of the fangs, causing fear to the worlds, capable of giving a big blow with the flat of his hand, holding a sword and a shield, bright with lustre of the entire body, resembling a large cloud and strong. He said to the brahmana viz. Kasyapa: "Give me an order. 0 brahmana, tell me the purpose for which I was produced; I shall accomplish it through your favour, 0 you of a good vow."
Ka.Eyapa said

lOb-11. 0 you highly intelligent one, fulfil the desire of this Aditi (Diti?) and of me also. Kill the wicked Indra; and when that king of gods (i.e. Indra) is killed, enjoy Indra's position. 12-14. Thus ordered by that noble Kasyapa, Vrtra exerted to kill Indra. Endowed with valour, he practised archery. The thousand-eyed one (i.e. Indra), seeing the demon's strength, power and his lustre with courage befitting a ksatriya, was afflicted by fear. He thought of a means to kill that wicked Vrtra. 15-16. Having called the Seven Great Sages, the god of gods sent them to Vrtra, the lord of demons: "0 best sages, you may please go (to the place) where V;tra is staying, and bring about a treaty between them (i.e. the demons and me)." 17. Thus ordered and urged by that thousand-eyed (Indra) the Seven Sages then said to that

truthfully). Tell us the truth if you desire friendship here (with Vt-tra). full of the notes of peacocks and the sounds of antelopes at every place. knowing the fact. that sportive Rambha." 0 best brahmana. 0 best demon. having thus produced confidence through friendship of Vrtra. 43b-44a. Indra has said to you. it looked beautiful with gods. "Indra offers to make friendship (with you). He thought of a stratagem to kill him. ready for friendship. let all demons and gods live happily. Giving up their enmity. Reaching the Nandana like this. by resorting to) dishonesty. very divine. if. the wicked-minded one always saw his weak point. resorted to by pious trees. It was thronged with golden palaces. do that to delude the great demon. He did not find out the weak point of the noble Vrtra. 0 very wise one. on account of your respectable manner and this truthfulness of him. He sent Rambha (after telling her:) "With this or that trick. then what is the surety in this matter? 23b-24a. sweet and prolonged cooings of cuckoos everywhere. do not accept his offer)? 0 hero. pools and lakes full of water and lotuses in bloom. kingdom) of Indra. and taking the material of worship quickly. Siddhas and Kinnaras as well ." Indra said 24b-25a." (Rambha resorted to Nandanavana-Indra's garden. delude the great demon. the very wise Indra desires your friendship. full of auspicious. taking those words to be the) surety. and with pitchers and banners. form friendship (with Indra).e. also with divine sages and with an excellent garden. The chief brahmanas took Vrtra into the vicinity of Indra. Then how is it that you do not do it (i. enjoy happily half the position (i. If the best lord of the gods really desires friendship. It was crowded with hosts of celestial nymphs. 0 best brahmanas. then I shall be stained with the sins of killing brahmanas etc. It was full of the sounds (of the recitation) of the Vedas and with the sounds of songs. and with various curious and auspicious objects. and was everywhere adorned with staffs.e. offered (the same) to Vrtra: "0 very wise one. 0 you very intelligent one. If I behave with you falsely and dishonestly. smiling charmingly sported there . 0 auspicious one. let Indra have the (remaining) half. There is no doubt about it. everywhere adorned with divine sandal trees and also with charming wells.e. Seeing Vrtra.demon Vrtra: 18-21a.e. so that by killing him I shall get happiness. enjoy half of this great position of Indra. I shall likewise form friendship with him. make that friendship. 0 brahmanas. The very powerful (brahmanas) again spoke to Vrtra. full of many trees with fruits." The Seven Sages.) the garden which was auspicious. looking beautiful all around with divine heavenly cars. with this (i. having arrived.' Thus. 28b-33.e. by putting forward (i. full of beasts and birds. 34-43a. the pious Indra got up from his seat. Vrtra too was always cautious." Vrrtra said 27b-28a. there is no doubt about this. the lord of demons: " `I shall be stained with the sins of killing brahmanas etc. we two should stay happily. There is no doubt about it. always full of divine music of the Gandharvas and bees. Indra plays mischief. 0 best of demons. Indra also would think day and night (to find out his weak point). The sages said to Indra : "Give certainty about this. said to the very powerful Vrtra : "0 best one. I (too) shall do (the same) by resorting to truth (i. 25b-27a." Vrtra said 21 b-23a. umbrellas and chowries. Gandharvas.

having come there. disposed to sex. Suta said 44b-51. was not afraid of him. with charming. you should do whatever I tell you to do.with celestial nymphs. under whose control have come all the three worlds. The forest was very charming and (full of) curious objects and crowded with bevies of women. That glorious and noble Rambha.' 4. prompted (like this) for a long `time. endowed with good form. 0 you respectable lady. 0 you beautiful lady." . Thus addressed (by Vrtra). I am also the friend of Indra. the large-eyed one (said . Vrtra. I am Kasyapa's son. full of great anxiety. resort to me. with her body smeared with sandal. Moving (i. infatuating the entire universe. with her face resembling a lotus. who am. how do you not recognise me. I have sought your shelter. I am enjoying half the portion (i. 0 young lady. Rambhd said 12. with my friends. he moved) in the great auspicious forest. very much distressed. Vrtra said 8-10. There is no doubt that today I shall submit myself to you. singing in graceful modes? This attractive woman shines all round. Nandana. By your extremely lustrous beauty I am infatuated. and of an extremely good disposition. But who are you? Why have you come to me?". to him:) "0 noble one. let it be so. deluded by sexual desire. Thus the demon. I shall do all that (you will tell me to do). I have come to this excellent forest. "0 beautiful lady. looking for his weak point. born from fire. "0 you noble one. come under my influence. went there quickly. large eyes with his mind full of sexual desire. 0 you of a beautiful face. She (also) sang a melodious song. of large eyes. and with his mind afflicted said to her. to sport. (Vrtra thought:) `Who is this woman with charming eyes. of plump breasts. whose eyes were charming: 5. confiding (in Indra ) in all matters. the lord of gods. That very wise Vrtra. whom do you belong to? By whom are you sent (here)? Tell me what your most auspicious name is. She would delude people with full emotions. I am Rambha. the kingdom) of Indra. of large eyes like lotuses. was seated on a swing and was playing dice with her friends. Once that Vrtra. I am Vrtra. CHAPTER TWENTYFIVE The Killing of Demon Vrtra Suta said 1. (He said:) 13a. to that forest. went very joyfully with some demons.e. Protect me from the (disturbance caused by)sexual desire. The lord of gods and brahmanas. who is full of emotion. moved unnoticed by the side of that noble one. dragged by death. and knowing Indra to be a great friend.' 2-3. 0 you of an excellent complexion? 11. Listen." 6-7. I shall tell you who I am that have come here. 0 you of large eyes. 0 hero. who had resorted to the cool and very auspicious shade of a sandal-tree. 0 you young lady.e. (he thought) `Is she the abode of my sexual desire or is she charming and attractive Rati ? Sent here only by Cupid. saw that Rambha. 0 dear one. I shall certainly approach her. Seeing that Rambha. distressed by sexual desire. 0 you auspicious one.

then you may be angry if you think my injustice (i.e. The thousand-eyed righteous one saluted the mother. just then Indra struck him with his thunderbolt. Always remaining pure. To kill him only. to kill that very wicked Indra. who are you?" The thousand-eyed one (i. be pure for one hundred years. Then the brahmanas said: "0 Indra. killed my very strong sons. turning himself into a youth) twentyfive years old. 6-12. who has mastered the Vedas and the Vedangas. if you think I have done injustice). I am your son. Indra) said to her: "0 you beautiful. She did not know him to be Indra.e. Wicked god Indra. and resembling a deity went. you have committed a sin. with her only. saw her weakness. if I am very dear to you. Having thus established a relation with her. resorting to sinful ways. endowed with penance. the very powerful best demon enjoyed in that very meritorious forest. He said to that Rambha of large eyes and of a moonlike face: 17. 14b-15. "(Please) drink wine. auspicious lady. dancing.e. the lord of even the three worlds." 16b. 0 noble one. The brahmanas were thus addressed by Indra. give me. put his hand on her head and he. that thousand-eyed god.e. You have killed him through (falsifying that) reliance on you." Kafyapa said 4-5. that respectable lady. When he was extremely stupefied by the wine. 0 my beloved husband.13b-14a. the killer of gods and brahmanas. went to a penance-grove (on) Meru. Then knowing about the assiduous effort of Diti. in the form of a brahmana. Speaking like this. She again said to that noble. 0 you glorious one. That very powerful Vrtra relied on (you) due to our words (i. a son having Brahmanic lustre. 25-26. and was (thus) addressed by her: "0 best brahmana. charming smile and sexual intercourse (with her). best sage Kasyapa: "0 best brahmana. that best meditating sage. they went to their respective abodes. practised penance for a son." He served that respectable mother. was afflicted with pain and tormented with grief due to (the death of) her son. I shall help (you) in your penance. first think (properly). CHAPTER TWENTYSIX The Origin of Maruts Suta said 1-3. Due to civility for her he drank wine at that time. The best ones were also admonished by all gods like Brahma. knowing the Vedas. and lost his senses. near her. the enemy of righteousness was killed. I shall give (you) one son. 21. living in the penance grove. 0 lord. (please) drink madhu-madhavi (a kind of intoxicating drink). You are angry because the wicked demon. She said to that noble and best demon: 16a. endowed with penance. a brahmana. 0 best brahmanas. Bala and Vrtra. 0 best brahmana. Then that killer of Vrtra (i. 13. The great demon was very much stupefied by her singing. Indra) was tainted with such sins as killing a brahmana. I am a brahmana's son. When that demon. the enemy of sacrifices and righteousness is killed. because we told him). strong and unbearable to all deities. that Diti. She looked upon him . But that respectable lady Rambha lovingly gave wine to him against his will. I (also) know Dharma. An enemy should always be killed by this or that means. of wicked deeds. hearing that her son was killed." Indra said 22-24. that had come there. How shall I drink wine (an act) that is condemned?" 18-20. "0 good lady.e. The god of gods becoming (i. Is it a sign of justice? 0 best brahmanas. There is no doubt about it.

5-8a. successively gave in (various) habitations. demons. They were known as Maruts and attended on Indra only. and this immobile and mobile world. then wherefrom can he have fear in the next world? That man.(as the chief) among the waters and of places sacred to deities and of gems. the chief of the attendants of the lord of the beings.e. 21-25. as the king) of the dead ancestors.e. auspicious (account of) the creation that removes all sins. Pleased with his devotion. which he deserved. and taking into account (other) kingdoms one by one. of religiously conducted sacrifices. Indra entered her side. and Vaisravana as the king of all other Yaksas. is free from all sins. Since they were (thus) addressed by Indra (ma rodih) they got this name. of merits and of those of an auspicious lustre. the very lustrous Indra again and again said to that large embryo. (Indra said:) "0 you fortunate one. when a very meritorious son will be born (to me). belongs merit. CHAPTER TWENTYSEVEN Coronation of the Kings Suta said: I-3a. knowing all religious practices. Brahma. That king of gods cut each (portion of the embryo) that was weeping. to him who knows correctly. this creation of beings. "Do not weep". who has great lustre is all alone the lord of the beings. having then consecrated on the entire kingdom (i. of magnanimous vampires. (tried) to get sleep. it will be like that due to your favour. 0 you very intelligent one. He is blessed. They seem to have been inserted in wrong place. of planets and stars. The Maruts. serving her everyday.e. Again Indra cut that embryo born of (i.e. 14-15. into seven pieces. 8b-15. as the king) of the sons of Did and Danu. the son of Vivasvan. let it be so. He appointed the capable Daksa. on the kingdom (i. king Prthu. who pervades everything. having consecrated Varuna .* They illumine the great host of all beings. She. of sharp lustre and valour.e. cut the embryo lying in the womb. She put her head on the border of the bed. 0 best brahmana. He appointed Prahrada. conversant with all religious practices. the Moon) as the king of the trees. 0 best brahmana. For ninetynine years he kept on looking for her weak point. The highly intelligent one consecrated Soma (i. the master of all worlds. . slept on) her bed. the lord of gods. were fortynine (in number). That lord. being delighted. 3b-4." Indra desired to find her weak point only. (Once) without washing her feet. Hari. 26-28. Vena's son. He consecrated Yama. he is meritorious and is endowed with truth. and would then wash her feet. reptiles. who listens to (this account of) creation. roots. as the king) of *The relevance of these lines is not clear. in this world). for the good of the people. ghosts. having the trident in his hand. and resembling Indra. as the chief of all auspicious objects. bark-garments and the skin of an antelope.e. (as the king) of the Yaksas. Visnu). who devoutly listens to this meritorious. He has no fear of again being born here (i. (Ed. and with his thunderbolt of a sharp edge. who is triumphant with penance. In this way the Maruts of great prowess were born. of all female meditating sages. of great vigour and huge bodies. conceived by) Did into seven parts. He would (first) shampoo the body of that respectable lady." 17-20. 0 best brahmanas. kingdoms (to kings) preceded by Prthu.) Adityas. as the king of all the kingdom) that great lord. proceeded to give each one that kingdom. said to him: 16. the grandsire appointed Visnu on the kingdom (i. The virtuous one always gave Did leaves. with her hair loose and being very much perturbed. and when Indra will be killed. of all pious acts. who is the lord of the world. of large arms and a huge body. goblins. Did entered into (i. "0 you blessed one. 29-32. she. you rule over the divine kingdom along with my son. weeping due to being in Indra's hands. he goes to Visnu's world. on the kingdom (i.e. it wept. He. With his heart cleared of all sins. That supreme spirit Krsna (i. the lord of beings.as her lawful son. gets the highest position.e. brahmanas. and (appointed) giva.e.

Thus he consecrated the very powerful regents of the quarters. as the king) of all the beasts. 28-31.e.e. who. the best sacred place of all. and Uccaihsravas (as the king of) all the horses. gives long life.e. consecrated Citraratha on the auspicious kingdom (i.e. (it is so interesting that) we are not at all content with (i. CHAPTER TWENTYEIGHT The Story of P. 0 best among the brahmanas. tell us why formerly the very meritorious and angry sages churned the hand even of that noble king Vena. having founded all the kingdoms. sages knowing the truth. Brahma consecrated Nalakubara. This period comprises 4320000 human years or 1/14th day of Brahma. 16-18. demons. which is blessed. 19. on the kingdom (i. The lord of gods appointed the auspicious ocean. definitely told) in all the Puranas.e. which has gone by. Yaksas. as the king) of the snakes (nagas) of auspicious vigour and Taksaka (as the king) of the serpents (sarpas). as the king) of rivers. as the king) of all the Gandharvas. the fourteen Manvantaras making up one whole day. by whom even now the earth with the seven islands and (many) cities. as the regent -as the king.e. 0 noble one. causing longevity. which had great splendour and which led to the good of gods and the righteous. This is the basis (adhislhana?) (which is) said to be very meritorious. This is a strange account which destroys all sins. lakes. devoutly and with rapt attention. as the king) of the elephants. 0 you illustrious one. He then appointed the lion on the kingdom (i. There is no doubt about this. in the pious period of Manui called Caksusa. the earth). which bestows sons and prosperity. the lord of gods. Vairaja's son. the lord of beings.e. He consecrated the noble Sankhapada. even though we hear) it.e. as the king of the southern quarter. and wells and other divine (sacred places). Then Brahma. listens to this (account). appointed the regents of the quarters. of) the eastern quarter.e. 0 noble one. We desire to hear it. This (alone) is always determined (i. how gods.in (i. mentioned) in the Vedas and with all great sacrifices like the Rajasuya. trees and mountains. serpents. and an auspicious stay in heaven. which is meritorious. In the same way. 20-27. son of Kardama Prajapati.and also of all skeletons and spirits. (Tell us) how that noble king formerly milked this cow (i. if you desire to listen carefully. which leads to fame. consecrated the son of Varuna Prajapati. O Suta's son.e. pure. Then the four-faced god (i. and how other magnanimous ones (did so).e. The grandsire (appointed) the Indian fig-tree (as the king) of trees.e. is righteously protected according to (i. Brahma) consecrated Vasuki on the kingdom (i.e. 0 you highly intelligent one. We are desirous of hearing it. That man. he consecrated Airavana on the kingdom (i. named Puskara. the best one. 1. In (i. Then he gave the kingdom to Vaisasvata Manu. goblins and Gandharvas. in (i. of pools. and of all kings. In this way the grandsire Brahma. . The best one consecrated Sudhanvan. as the chief of) the western quarter. manes. and (Garuda) the son of Vinata (as the king) of all the birds. brahmanas doing auspicious acts. enjoys the fruit of (performing) the horse-sacrifice. The lord of beings consecrated an excellent bull (as the chief) of the bulls. (please) tell us in detail (about) the birth of that magnanimous PFthu.rthu The sages said 1-7. small wells. I shall also tell you the minute details about the magnanimous Prthu. as the regent of) the northern quarter. Similarly Brahma. (He appointed) the great mountain Himalaya (as the king) of all mountains. in) the regions (assigned to them). tell us especially how they held the pot of milk and the manner in which she was milked.e. That illustrious Prthu also was consecrated as the king in accordance with the rites as seen (i. Manvantara-the period or age of Manu.

0 excellent brahmanas.e. I am Rudra. He. he always proceeded (in all his acts). therefore he should protect it. 35. People at that time lived without Vedic studies. greed and infatuation he practised sin only. We are entering upon an initiation for a twelve-year sacrifice. On her he begot Vena. who got angry. I am the wind. I am Indra. 0 best brahmanas. There is no doubt about this. Deities did not drink Soma that proceeded and was offered at sacrifices. to one who is greatly deluded. In front of you (i. I am the sacrificer as well as the sacrifice. 18-26a. the destroyer of righteousness. When he was the lord of the subjects. Formerly there was a Prajapati. to a bad disciple. 26b-30. and being deluded by pride and jealousy." (He) also (told them:) "Sacrifices should be offered to me. 0 great king. this was the declaration of that king. to one who is untruthful. The wicked one always said to the brahmanas: "You should not study (the Vedas) . 34. l0b-11. who were speaking like that: . which is accepted by the Vedas and which is told by the sages. always narrates in detail this (account) of Prthu. which is excellent. gave up his own way of righteousness and became fondly attached to wickedness. offerings should be made to me. of a wicked mind. desire to hear it (i. The emperor is the image of righteousness. I am the enjoyer. also about the entire life of the intelligent (king). 12-13. to one who is void of faith. I shall tell you in detail about king Prthu's Vena's son's-birth. which causes longevity.e. to you) I shall fully narrate the whole account that removes sins. they were without the Vedic studies and Vasatkara (i. One thus gets the fruit by reciting or listening to it. Due to the blemishes of his maternal grandfather. after saluting the brahmanas. This account should not be narrated to one who is not a devotee. do not narrate it to one who destroys everything. Mrtyu had a highly virtuous daughter by name Sunitha. He preserved piety. I am Brahma. was very intelligent and well-versed in the meaning of the Vedas and (other) branches of knowledge. to a cheat. born in Atri's family and a lord resembling Atri. a lord of beings. 0 best brahmanas. they did not study the Vedas and did not offer oblations). Ainga by name. The sin earned by him during seven births. Vena the son of the daughter of Kala. Abandoning righteousness. the son of Vena. 0 noble and best brahma nas. you should not make offering into the fire. Due to (sexual) desire. He who recites it in a different way. a ksatriya would be victorious.Suta said 8-10a. You have made an agreement that you would protect the subjects. listen to it). (please) listen. a vai§ya would be prosperous with wealth. practise truthfulness and merit. The king is surely the lord of the earth (and) he always protects the subjects. would never lament over what he has done and not done. practise righteousness. Righteousness is the way of the good. goes to hell. to fame. and are intent upon behaving truthfully." Thus Vena always spoke. got together and said to the king of a wicked mind The sages said 32." When destruction was imminent. who. The noble Anga married that Sunitha. which leads (one) to heaven. Again and again (he told) : "Sacrifices are to be offered to me. to one who is faithless. you should not perform sacrifices and should not make offerings into fire. A brahmana would know (the meaning of) the Vedas. behaved sinfully. The biography of Prthu is pure and it removes sins. perishes by just hearing it. His son was Vena. 31. 33. (He also said:) "I am the eternal Visnu. I shall tell you the secret. Vena. I am the oblations offered to the deities and manes. laughed and said this nonsensical thing to the sages. to a great fool. You are full of devotion. Then all the very powerful sages. 14-17.e. and a fudra would get happiness. his wife. The lord of men gave up the virtuous practices as told in the Vedas. Do not play a mischief with the sacrifice. You should not give gifts. power.

The term Rajan (i. all people. To consecrate him (with their water). 0 best brahmana. pleasing day. 38. that was very much frightened and that was a gamester. sweat was produced. he. the entire water of the ocean stood still when the great hero approached the ocean. Suta was born of Suti. gods and spotless sages celebrated a festival to (i. the complexion of his body was like heated gold. that was very short and strange. that was bright due to an armour. the immobile and the mobile consecrated that king. 54-55. 68. The son of Vena was (i. There should be no discussion about this matter. the best king. religious practices)? Whom else should I listen to? Who. from) the auspicious sacrifice of the grandsire. the Nahalakas. to be without a blemish. 0 best brahmana. by all gods and brahmanas. When. 67. His race was settled in mountains and forests. 39-45a. and was decorated with all ornaments. 0 king. the great lord had held a sword and arrows. (but) pleased by him. on a grand. The sages again churned the right hand only. gods led by the grandsire (i. various beings. "sit down". on the earth. viz. 65. the magnanimous and noble hero Prthu. Brahma). From that excellent hand a man was produced. I am the source of all beings and especially of religious practices. penance or truth? 37. The magnanimous ones saw (there a being) that was possessed of (= like) a heap of black collyrium. The highly intelligent one was endowed with all (auspicious) marks. is like me in (point of) learning. the Bhramaras. they were very happy.e. sat down. brilliance) and with a pair of ear-rings. Siva's bow) which was excellent. the Bhillas. By the great sages the two were invited there for praising Prthu. . With his body he was evidently bright like fire. lived happily. and churned the left thigh of his. the mountains offered easy passage. He resembled twelve suns. 52b-53. the Pulindas and those that belong to the other Mleccha species. That son of Vena. power. was consecrated by them as the emperor of (all) kings.e. At this time only. They then said to him. he had besmeared divine sandal on his body. that had a protruded belly and broad ears. When that magnanimous one was born. 60-63. when they could not dissuade Vena from his infatuation and pride. If I desire. all the best brahmanas proceeded to all sacred places and various auspicious (places of) water. When that un-assailable.e. Then all the sages. forcibly seized him with rage. His father had never pleased his subjects. the Kiratas. You. 56-59.e. 64. 66.e. his arms were large. no disease and no untimely death of men.e. being distressed with fear. Prthu. a bow and had put on an armour. who was trembling with anger. noble and brave. (i. When his hand was (thus) churned. They churned the right hand of that magnanimous one only.e. there was no famine. king) came about (i. and with a lustrous form and had a good complexion. His body was huge. shone) on the earth as Indra in heaven. ksatriyas and others performed Vedic sacrifices and celebrated great festivals. was born. the great hero. he was covered with (i. All brahmanas. noble king of kings was ruling. and everywhere cows gave milk as desired (by those who milked them).e. who are confounded and ignorant do not know me. Rain (-fall) was as (much as) desired. left thigh) all those sinful ones were produced. All those mountains never insulted his flag. the angry great sages. (found) Vena. all the beings were happy. Due to the fear of that magnanimous one.e.e. in honour of) the son of Vena. he had put on) divine flowers. holding the first Ajagava bow (i. all trees bore fruits as desired. he was matchless in form. from) the same sacrifice the wise Magadha was also born. In (i. From that part (i. Who else (but me) is the creator of Dharma (i. Crops grew in unploughed land. 45b-52a. the protector of the subjects. was coined) because of the hero's pleasing (his subjects). intent on following religious practices. When that king was ruling. being approached by the mobile and the immobile. with their minds pleased. Hearing those words of theirs. his body was shining due to divine ornaments.e. that had a long face and deformed eyes. I would block up the heaven and the earth. and divine arrows and a very bright armour for protection.Vena said 36. I would burn the earth or would inundate it with water.e. Cutting off difficult passage. (They are) the Nisadas. He shone with a crown resembling the sun in colour (i.

e. (will) speak the truth. and also the Haihaya country. he. The Earth. and also the deeds worthy of him." O you very wise ones. and they (who sing praises) get excellent (i. 0 best brahmanas. and predominated as bards. Then the king ran after her in the form of an elephant. Struck with the arrows. the Earth) was . He (will) be wise. O highly intelligent one. and the best performer of sacrifices.e. it is said that formerly this earth became stable after the seed sown (in it) was eaten by the created beings for living.e." The two. He will protect the subjects and maintain them. Having heard (i. took his bow with an arrow. All the sages told (them) the deeds which that very glorious Prthu performed. whose merits are not known (to us). He (will) speak pleasing words. took up the form of an elephant. he is devoted to Vedic studies. taking up a lion's form.e. (and also) all the divine virtues of that magnanimous one. The king.69. The meritorious ones said to one another : "He will give livelihood to gods and especially to us. ran towards (i. he heard) the words of the sages. All the subjects. 99-101. with reference to) his future auspicious qualities. and whose strength lay in piousness.e. intelligent and of well-known valour. The noble Prthu. blessings are employed (i.e. viz. The best king will perform sacrifices like the Rajasuya. That very wise one. and (will) love truth. 74-78a. knower of the Vedas. and very intelligent. through his fear. 87-93. `Give us a good livelihood'." The Bandin (i. became wholly occupied in running. 70-73. she. He was always intent upon Brahmanic practices and always had friendship with brahmanas. and hereafter also the donors will be pleased with excellent praises. (will) be omnipresent. the prosperous and excellent country. (will) have a sweet voice. Tailafnga. I shall narrate the characteristics of Suta: He is endowed with a lock of hair on the crown of his head and a sacred thread. This best king. he (will) always (be) brave. omniscient. qualities he will possess). and (narrate) also how the king is. performing sacrifices. and (will) master the Vedas and the Vedangas.e. and is the only one on the earth who is endowed with all virtuous practices. (will) know and appreciate (others') merits. 102. were appointed by the sages to sing the praises of that magnanimous one with (reference to) the future qualities (i. Being struck by him with sharp arrows. having consumed all (kinds of) food. (will) know what is right. he (will) be victorious on the battle-field. he maintains the sacred fire. moved through forests and inaccessible places. He knows the meaning of all the sacred books. friendly to brahmanas. and also by the word of the great sages. He will support and protect (his) subjects. she (i. endowed with knowledge. included) in eulogies.e. Since then. viz. after) her. struck the Earth with whetted and sharp excellent arrows. truth-speaking. and the angry king speedily ran to the Earth. 94-98.e." 78b-86. would be praised with (i. All those bandins and caranas should be known to he (i. The best king. and whose charming eyes were red due to anger. we do not know that deed of this magnanimous (king) with which (i. Both the skilful Suta and Magadha were created for eulogising. he gives) gifts and study. and also the sages of pure penance saw the best man. 0 best brahmanas. He is always engaged in worshipping gods and brahmanas. (will be) meritorious. Magadha and Bandin.e. the Suta) and Magadha said to all the sages: "We two shall please all the gods and sages with our deeds. he is intent upon Brahmanic practices. Having established a city named after himself on the bank of the Reva. 0 best brahmanas. and also his characteristics and his glory. (will) appreciate merits. taking which into consideration) we would praise him. Magadha was born like this (but was) without studies. could) not see (her in) the form of an elephant. The Earth.e. The magnanimous one will possess these qualities. seeing the very great fear of the subjects. observing that (Earth in a) lion's form. were) magnanimous and were without Brahmanic practices. gave Suta. 0 best brahmana. formerly gave (gifts) to brahmanas. abundant) wealth. all the sages said to them: "Praise this king. but we do not know his deeds. he is endowed with (i. (will) have grains and wealth. Then the subjects ran to Prthu.e. became very stable. since then people are delighted with eulogies. and concealing herself. He is a sacrificer and would perform sacrifices to the accompaniment of Vedic hymns. who was omniscient. (The sages said:) "He (will be) truthful. who was extremely angry. Suta and Magadha. gave all gifts. The very wise one did (i. out of graciousness.

even of the lower species. i. There is no doubt that when I perish all the beings will perish. when many people become happy by a wicked one having been killed. Therefore one that is most sinful and of a wicked mind should be killed. Taking up the form of a buffalo she became intent on fleeing. She sought the shelter of Brahma and of the noble Visnu also. there is no doubt about it. how will you always support. I shall kill you with sharp arrows. 0 you good one. and will always protect you. a woman is always exempt from death (i. king Prthu. this is the truth." Thus the earth spoke many words to the king: "0 great king. ran fast (after her). certainly) I shall kill you. The archer (i. she regarded Vena's son only (as her refuge). nourish and hold in your possession these subjects? Control your anger. 0 you very wise great king. Not getting a great (i. protect me. you today obey this order of mine. 0 king. 0 noble one. He who for himself' or for someone else kills one who torments the world. The best brahmanas have also considered killing a cow to be a great sin. Afflicted with (the injury caused by) the stroke of the arrow. then (please) do not destroy me.e. and obeying my order always rejuvenate these beings. If. the world is supported by me. I am always to be worshipped by the three worlds.afflicted and alarmed. you do not act according to these meritorious and good words of (i. 103-120. if you are averse to my words. Now you have suppressed all seeds by devouring them. As a woman I am not to be killed. 0 king of kings. by means of my lustre and merit. They say that a female. (if you kill me) you will have to atone (for having killed me). 0 Earth. She said to the king: "0 king of kings. Properly consider that effort by which you will support (your) subjects. said (these words) to the noble Earth. give up this terrible wrath. O king. Undertakings become highly successful through efforts.e. She did (i. to him). does not incur sin. the beings will perish. 0 Earth. listen to my words. These mobile and immobile worlds will perish without me.e. should be carefully preserved.e. then I shall be pleased with you. could) not secure the refuge of gods like Rudra. The best brahmanas have considered killing a woman to be a great sin. there is no doubt about this. when I am killed. 0 auspicious Earth.e. with the palms of their hands joined in obeisance. 0 lord of beings. 0 king. If you desire bliss. protect me. Considering in this way. 0 magnanimous one. maintain. Thus addressed by her. That from which merit proceeds. and also other best kings (will protect you). uttered by) me. I am mother Earth. (all) the seven worlds are destroyed. without me. there is neither a (major) sin nor a minor sin. how will you support your subjects without me? The people are steady on me. then (only) the mobile and immobile worlds become stable. Prthu). Therefore sin should be destroyed.e. 0 great king how will you support the subjects without me? 0 king. You have committed a great sin causing the destruction of the beings. the good live happily. the virtuous beings living in the three worlds. when I am stable.e. she came to his side (i. 0 you best brahmanas. by destroying me. good people rich in merit live happily. If. if you are pleased then (only) I shall be happy." She also said to the king: "0 king. 0 best brahmanas Prthu said 1-13a. Where will you go by being stable after having destroyed the beings? When a sinful one of a bad conduct is killed. is never to be killed). is not to be killed. she spoke (these) words to Prthu. with an arrow in his hand.e. she became (i. good) protection. When I perish. 0 you of sinful conduct.e. for the good of this world (i. these beings). I shall be full of food and will support these subjects. the lord of subjects and the son of Vena. There is no doubt that I shall sustain. the support of all. you should not give up your proper conduct.e. Accepting my meritorious rule. . If a very sinful one is killed." 121. With her hands joined in humble entreaty. There is no doubt that (i. turned herself into) a cow and verily went to heaven.

e. They follow truth and merit. They very much prick me. for the well-being of the beings. 0 best ones. made Svayambhuva Manu the calf. and there was no path anywhere. hard) and sharp arrows have stuck to my body. That Earth. all gods and others (like) the manes. All these beings desired to have an abode. he made the Earth even. covered) with arrows. Vena's son. Now I shall narrate how formerly the Earth was milked by the manes and who was made the calf. you yourself extract them. roots and honey was their food. coun tries. Those beings lived happily by the favour of that son of Vena.e. with her body adorned (i. then milked the Earth. who was the support of righteousness The Earth said 14b-18. Sata said 19-24. Yama) himself became the milkman. 32b-43. those stones grew in size. 44-49.CHAPTER TWENTYNINE The Story of Prthu (Contd. made even the ditches and the caves with the strokes of his arrows. enterprises and meritorious undertakings become successful by means of exertion and resourcefulness. when the Vaivasvata period came. coming together. all the virtuous beings. or at all sacred places. and pleased Visnu only. milked this Earth. No one told lies. there is no doubt about it. Since then. ) 13b-14a. Vena's son. there was neither greed nor jealousy. or on a mountain. Fruits. resembling nectar. 0 you highly intelligent one. the king Prthu. O best brahmanas. and fields that were seized (kretrapannanam?) were not noticed. Some offered oblations in sacrifices. the Earth had become uneven. after offering food first to gods. or on the banks of' rivers. Support all the subjects in such a way that you make all of them prosperous. Energy was the milk. the best) among men. 0 best king. enjoyed food. The son of king Vena. the noble one made Svayambhuva Manu as the first calf. Make me (turned into) such (a shape) that the water would remain on me. 0 best brahmanas. of a cow. resembling water. or in bowers. There was no agriculture. 0 king. The deities also were satisfied (with the food). the lord of gods with the same food. (they got) their food with great difficulty.e. Rain sent by Visnu showered. Your stone-like (i. then to brahmanas and especially to guests. It is said that nobody ever entertained pride or committed sin. prospering with merit. I shall carry out your order. by which the gods live. and having thought repeatedly. Vena's son.e. Taking a vessel made of gourd (they collected) the milk i. said these (words) to the highly intelligent Prthu. 0 best brahmana. and when the surface of the Earth was uneven. Having made her even. having extracted his arrows from her body. then the snakes (Naga) and serpents (Sarpa) milked (the Earth) and (made) Taksaka the calf. the tiger (i. When the first period of Caksusa Manu arrived. 0 king of kings. the boundries of villages. he used his own hand as the vessel. The valorous Dhrtarastra was the milkman for the snakes. Antaka (i. was the king. All the beings. (and) the milk (was) all the crops and all food of a good quality. The sages also. By virtue of that great auspicious trees sprang up. the beings were born even before the birth of Vena's son. find out a means by which you would be upright. towns. (Thus) the Earth was milked by the sages. and making Yama the calf. Soma was the calf and the lord of gods himself was the milkman. through their merit. lived at some places on the ground. in the form. Making a silver pot and svadha.e. Thus. Those beings satisfied by means of that auspicious food. 0 best . with nectar. cities. with pleased mind. the milk. Extracting those big and stone(-like arrows)of various forms with the end of his bow. 0 great king. the poison (in it). Having seen the misery of the beings. during the Manu-periods that had passed. and when the first creation came up. That Prthu. 0 best brahmanas. Due to that food even now all beings live. All the beings live due to their truthfulness and merit. no trade and no cow-keeping. made even the entire Earth. 0 best brahmanas. he. 25-32a. full of truth and merit. It was again milked by the very blessed sages and the truthful gods. All kinds of crops (grew when) Prthu. 0 best brahmanas. or on the sea-beaches. even and uneven portions were naturally there.

e. They had brought the pot made of Pala§a tree with its sprouts cut off and burnt. 0 best brahmanas. Whatever the worlds desired with (i. she is a cow yielding milk. is learning. an iron-pot.e. she became his daughter. he had eight arms. (her) prowess like this is mentioned in the Puranas. and the milkman of her (i. 0 best brahmanas. two heads. the very strong. of limited intellect. 0 best brahmanas. move with it.e. and powerful goblins. the snakes and the fearful serpents also live by that very poignant poison of a fierce nature. of a flowery body milked (th.e. satisfies) all desires. the matchless serpents and snakes live by that. and the pot was made from a big rock. by employ ing) particular vessels and calves. and blood was the milk. that is their manliness. Meru was the milkman. she is the supporter and the origin of all the mobile and the immobile. the Earth) was the meritorious.e. The noble Himalaya (mountain) was made the calf. the demons live by that. The fierce. that is bulky and full of" all crops. he was the powerful son of the king of Yaksas.e.e. She is a cow yielding all desires and is adorned with the auspicious ones. thus we have heard. A human skull-a vessel that came up from a dead body-and one made of iron (were the pots used by them). Therefore she is called Medini by the expounders of the Vedas. at that time. live with that illusion. 0 best brahmanas.) the celestial nymphs also live by that. They (obtained as milk) various gems and herbs like nectar. The calf of the demons was that powerful Virocana. The entire Earth was submerged with (i. This Earth is the supporter. milked the Earth again. They of strong anger and valor wanted to enjoy (i. The noble Prthu. 0 best ones. This (Earth) is great fortune. She yields (i. Yaksas and fearful groups of ghosts live by that (milk). That is their strength. the wise son of Vena. he knew all the ways of good conduct. the supporter of all the human race. like . Rajatanabha. the support of all. The noble ones milked pure songs as the good milk at that time. Thus this goddess Earth is full of all people. Gandharvas and the celestial nymphs. Then. due to the arrival of Prthu. making. (and) like this (she also gave) them milk with a good mind. She was bounded by the ocean and was known as Medini. The auspicious mountains also milked this Earth. He was omniscient. The very intelligent Vaisravana was made the calf. They milked her (milk) full of the music of Gandharvas. the Yaksas always stood by him. The great auspicious trees like Kalpa (i. to have) good progeny. the desire-yielding) tree again milked (the Earth). she causes all seeds to grow. father of the Yaksa Manibhadra.e. that has crops and mines. huge-bodied and very powerful ones live by that only. now I shall narrate to you as to how all the demons and the goblins milked the Earth. She is purifying. she is virtuous. that king protected this Earth that is the support of villages and houses. 0 brahmanas.e Earth) and Plaksa was the calf. huge-bodied and very lustrous and valorous demons thrive. She is the light and the form of even the five elements.e. the very intelligent and most meritorious Gandharva. the calf was (one) by name Sumalin.brahmanas. making the learned Citraratha the calf. Formerly the noble ones (milked the Earth) in the former kalpa (when) the milk was of the nature of obscurity (antardhanamayam? ). 0 best brahmanas. The Gandharvas and others (i. the origin) of all righteous deeds. that is their power and valour. In the same way the Yaksas milked the good Earth. That is their power. Caranas. is the mother (i. the creator. very wise. This Earth was again milked by the very strong demons. 83-91. She is the eldest. even now they. useful for all purposes. and had great lustre and had very great (i. All the very powerful mountains grew (strong) by (drinking) that milk. At that time Sala. 50-59. This (Earth). Vena's son. she is the prop. and is always full of everything. all that she just gave to them. The demons. she causes all the crops to grow. 60-82. Suruci. resembling food and destroying all the enemies. she is the greatest. and making the milk of the nature of illusion. 0 best brahmanas. and that is crowned with cities and towns. Siddhas and groups of the Vidyadharas. was noted for all (good) deeds. evil spirits. in the same way she (was milked) by the eager goblins who had consumed water. She is the creation and the beings. They eat it. The very strong Rajatanabha was their milkman. The priest was Dvimurdhan. This (Earth) the supporter of all and the giver of everything was also milked by Guhyakas. wisest and best among the intelligent viz. 0 best brahmanas. in) the marrow (medas) of Madhu and Kaitabha. she gives merit. severe) penance (to his credit). and the very mighty Madhu was the milkman. Due to that illusion. and is called Prthivi. He was like Visnu. was their milkman.

Greedy of tasting flesh. was born. whom you mentioned as behaving sinfully. 0 best brahmanas. Casting off their slavish life-the heap of sins-they went to the highest position. what was the course of conduct of that sinful Vena. and who supports all the worlds.Brahma (or) like the ancient Rudra. deserves to be saluted by noble kings. tell us in detail the account of that Vena (as it) formerly (took place). the king (Vena) became spotless and again became religious. All the major sins earned (i. how do the sinners reach the highest attainment ? Tell that in detail. with all his sins purified. and with traps and snares. he everyday killed deer with (the help of) dogs. and by those desiring to be kings. In a great forest there was a deer-hunter named Sulobha. the special properties of calves and of the milkmen in particular. deserves to be saluted by brahmanas and sages. who listens to the account of Prthu. 16b-24a. and ultimately. and sin alone is produced in the company of sinners. Sin would spread around by talking with. being surrounded by dogs went to Vindhya-forest. and also by seeing and touching him. committed) by mean persons vanish with their close contact with the sacred places. and what fruit did he get ? 0 you wisest and very intelligent one. The three gods deserve to be saluted by the expounders of the Vedas led by gods. which leads to glory and good health. 0 brahmanas. CHAPTER THIRTY Sulobha and S°apharaha. Vena's son. The sages said 9b-16a. who remained in the water of Reva. Vena's son. goes to Visnu's world. the sin of even the sinners perishes. 0 best ones. He killed . By chance they knowingly or unknowingly bathed and sported in the water of the great river and obtained the highest position. (Prthu ) who has given livelihood to kings deserves to be saluted by warriors who desire (to master) archery and who always desire victory. There is no doubt that merit alone is produced in the company of the good. Due to their contact with the holy water they all crossed (the ocean of mundane existence). I shall properly tell you the story of that Vena and also the very meritorious account of his noble son.e. they obtain a holy status. I have also properly told you the speciality of the milk as desired by the king. (This was) due to (their) contact with the great river. in this matter an account. holding a bow and arrows in his hand. Sufankha and Sunithd The sages said 1-2. He. The sinners are purified by their contact with great sacred place (only) and in no other way. which is meritorious and which destroys sins. Silta said 3-9a. seeing. is heard. faith is produced (in us). slaves and fishermen. touching. in this way I have narrated to you the particular vessels. he. sitting and taking food with and by the company of sinners. The best king who is the founder of the castes and the stages of life. and not due to contact with other rivers. Yamuna and Ganga. valorous king Prthu. No doubt should be raised about this. as I have heard it before. 0 brahmana. Prthu. which is blessed. with all their sins completely washed. By the contact of a highly meritorious person. In the same way merit alone would spread in the company of the meritorious. 0 best brahmanas. 0 best brahmana. Also the first. When that magnanimous son. destroying sins. has (the credit of) a daily bath in the Bhagiratlii. Once that very wicked one. Suta said There were very sinful hunters. I shall today tell you that (account) giving great merit.

very meritorious persons). The dogs also hurrying (to attack her) fell into the sacred pool. the deerhunter. came out of the water. of Lobha). A daughter by name Sunitha was . By the company of the noble sages. Sin alone would spread by the company of very great sinners. and also enjoy due to their own deeds. why did you strike her with arrows ?" Then the fishkiller too said to the deer-hunter: "She is my (game) . his function remains in (i. Mrtyu alone. 0 Suta. All mobile and immobile worlds. Vena was stained with the sin of his maternal grandfather. everyday would employ or punish (beings). Sulobha. with an arrow in his hand and ready (to strike). why are you talking (like this). Suta said 36-38. 0 best brahmana. (Trying) to run away in a hurry. with (i. due to the power of the sacred place and the company of the good.!.e. unites all of them (with proper reward). resorted (i. 0 noble one. hunter) of gaphara (a kind of small glittering fish). and that is due to one's greed of merit. He is wellsettled in his position. fighting with each other through anger and greed. as a result of) that deed. All of them. Then a female deer. the female deer who was (thus) struck with the two arrows of (i. discharged an arrow directed towards her. On account of the bath of the holy place. according to their deeds. it is this very meritorious Yama. this female deer is my (game). the newmoon day) arrived.e. influenced by their own deeds. distressed. giving a great religious merit and leading to an (excellent) position. fell into the sacred water (of Reva). afflicted with fear of that deer-hunter Lobha.e. resorting to the bank of Revd. the female deer. being freed from all sins. the sinners meet the fierce one.e. 0 best one. Due to what fault of Mrtyu (i. frightened and with her mind unsettled. and enjoy ments. bent his bow quickly and checked the female deer. The piousminded and righteous one employs (beings) in all very meritorious deeds. she has come in the range of my hunt. pursued her with the speed of wind. Overpowered with anger.e. bereft of muttering prayers and meditation and of truthfulness fell (into the water) during the period of the parvan.e. 0 proud one (i. Lobha) said to the fisherman: "0 wicked one. was attacked by dogs.e.many beasts. He unites the blessed souls with great happiness. the sin of the sinners would be destroyed as fire would burn fuel. He is death. Struck by the deerhunter with an arrow. The sages said: 39-44a. and killing many gaphara. go to) heaven. 24b-30. he is Kala (i. Amavasya (i. A righteous soul. auspicious songs and gifts. and intent upon saving her life. "Do not kill her. deer and pigs that were frightened. At that time the great parvan. god of death) as the ruler of the wickedminded. through his good messengers. went to heaven). He does not harm anyone. with reference to) the deeds. He reflects opon their deeds. who has (done) a wicked deed. being attacked by the dogs.e. " 31-35. through his merit would obtain (i. Knowing his sin this Yama takes him. discharged by) the two wicked ones. A man. He would destroy a person. Then the two lucky ones. by the company of the good.e.e. she is my (game). a dog and the hunter. by seeing and touching them. the killer (i. and the female deer ran before him. being angry would frighten them only with various kinds of afflictions and distresses and beat them with terrible (clubs) of wood. fleeing hurriedly. That Mrtyu remains in the form of Kala (i. On the ripening of their deeds. She that was hurt by the stroke of an arrow. who. in all the hells. greedy of flesh.e.e. the wicked and very powerful fish-killer.e. came) to the bank of Rev." Hearing (these) words of him (i. The sin of sinners perishes by the contact of very great merit (i. died there. proudly). attained the highest position (i. Just then the hunter called Lobha came there with his dogs.e. the deer-hunter (i. viz. Tell us in detail what the fault of the maternal grandfather was. fell from the peak into the Reva-pool that destroyed sins. she. Yama) was that sinful Vena born ? Siita said 44b-56. god of death) and is Yama and Dharma. The gapharakiller. by talking with them. live and die due to their own deeds.e. there is no doubt. That Mrtyu. No fault of his is observed (in this). formerly the sin of king Vena perished.

he would behave very meritoriously. 0 wicked one. Through wickedness she struck him. with the blows of her hands. will be (conceived) in your womb. by name Susafikha. Sunitha went home. He saw Indra. (great) is the power of his penance. glorious with beauty. With her that Indra enjoyed in the Nandana forest. who am faultless and who remained in this forest. When that glorious one had left. through sinful delusion and immaturity. He. the best among those who practised penance. saying "Go. This is the restraint (brought about) by righteousness. sporting and surrounded by (her) friends came to a forest. when.' Thus. the thousand-eyed one. in reply to (her) question. charming and auspicious. Then she. That glorious daughter of him. since you beat nee. reflecting upon what she had told him. engrossed in all sinful acts. 57-62. for obtaining great competence in the science of music. who was practising penance and who was innocent? 0 (my) daughter. asked to go away) she would still cause harm to him. there he saw Indra. who possessed an unlimited prowess. and said: "Why did you harm him. Then that Susankha angry and overcome with wrath said to her: "0 wicked. became extremely pained. practising) penance.e. whose praise was) being sung by singers with seven very melodious notes. the daughter of Mrtyu beat Susankha. Oh. who remained in (i. that righteous Mrtyu. you will lead the life of a housewife a son. too. he spoke to me. practising penance. (Thus) told by him. and meditating on Sarasvati. Then the highly lustrous one got angry and cursed her of a slender waist "0 wicked one. censurer of gods and brahmanas. in spite of (i. struck him. thus addressed. who makes one weep. With her mind burning (with anger) she told her noble father as (to how) she was then cursed by the son of a Gandharva. she.born to that magnanimous one. that pious one. Saying so. once the brahmana. nor should one make him weep. therefore I shall give (you) a curse. Though thus sent away (i. shining with good fortune and chastity. Though abused they do not get angry. kept himself away from anger. ceased (to speak) and knowing her to be a female. Tell me the reason (for this). why did you obstruct (my penance)? Great people do not beat (back) a wicked person when beaten (by him). Seeing his sport. the best brahmana Arnga (thought) : `Lucky is the king of gods who is surrounded by such (beings).e. and with chowries. with all his body charming. who was (i. getting angry. with your husband. full of evil conduct. Suta said 76-85. the righteous Mrtyu. who was adorned with all ornaments. even though there was) a loud and confused sound of music. Listen. Sunitha by name. endowed with anger and love said to me: `One should not beat him who beats one. Everyday Susatikha. 72-75. did not say anything to Sunitha." Speaking this to that sinful Sunitha. sinful one.e. Pakasasana. spoke to that noble Susankha. in the forest I struck a Gandharva's son. pardoned her. the very lustrous and vigorous son of Atri went to the Nandana (garden) . go (away)"." Cursing like this. he too left. due to which he has obtained . who was being fanned by beautiful women walking like swans with fragrant fans. 0 brahmanas. shone with an umbrella (white) in colour like swans and (round) like the disc of the moon. Always sporting and observing the deeds of her father. Everyday she created an obstruction in his (penance and meditation). O father. you have not done a proper thing in beating a truthful person. the righteous one. 0 wicked one." Saying so. he would always destroy the bad ones and would protect the truthful ones. There she saw an excellent distinguished son of a Gandharva. who was always practising penance in a secluded place and was free from desire and anger. 67-71.e. who remained in (i. lustre and penance." 0 best brahmanas. she went to her father and said to him: "0 father. 0 brahmanas. who. She again came to the forest where that Susankha remained. who was engaged in sexual sports. Mrtyu listened to all that.e. who was accompanied by hosts of celestial nymphs and Gandharvas and Kinnaras. There would be no fault on his part. she advised him who observed the good and bad deeds of the subjects." 63-66. was practising) penance: "My father himself is the destroyer of the residents of the three worlds. By his side he saw the blessed virtuous Paulomi. you struck me who am faultless and endowed with penance. and resorted to penance only.

Hrsikesa. having taken his leave of his father. gives everything. and having understood the import of these words. he became the king of gods. who is the cause of everything. thinking like this. 18-19. which was full of gold and gems. how shall I have a son like Indra? Tell me a means for that. go (and) propitiate him. CHAPTER THIRTYONE The Account of Suvrata Sfita said 1-5. endowed with piety.' Thus engaged in thinking he quickly came home.e." Atri said : - 6-8. 0 (my) son. having propitiated Govinda. who knows everything. Bravo ! 0 noble one. who will tell you the account of Indra. who is the best man among all.such a great (i. Anga said 9. you will obtain from him whatever you desire. When I shall have such a son. and resembling Brahma. Formerly there was an intelligent. 0 best among the wise. Hari. seeing noble Indra's wealth. sustaining the three worlds. pleased with devotion. Atri said 10-17. Visnu) is pleased with devotion and sincere meditation. left (the place). who is omniscient. Govinda (i. having saluted that eternal one. He pleased Krsna. 0 best one. came to his own house. He is the giver of happiness. listen to me. He again reached the meritorious womb of Aditi through Kasyapa. and through Visnu's grace. Brahma's son. head) bent down (in respect) he asked Atri. you are asking me like this (a good question). so also Indra's acts. through Visnu's favour only. enjoys the three worlds with the mobile and the immobile. All this I have told you. Visnu) having observed his sincerity. with penance.e. the very lustrous one. . who gives everything.e. Therefore. Then Anga. 0 child. Bowing down and with his neck (i. listen to the entire account of that illustrious Suvrata. The lord of the world (i. gave him a great position. he. in brief-as to how that intelligent Suvrata formerly propitiated Hari. of salvation. 0 you affectionate towards your sons. the great support of all the worlds. the best among the righteous. having heard the words uttered by that illustrious sage. reached the peak of the Meru mountain. high) position. enjoyment of amorous pleasures and sports (thought:) `How shall I have a son. being delighted. devotion and meditation. 0 son. and is the lord of the worlds. That noble Anga. like Indra?' Anga. you will obtain a son like Indra. Therefore. I shall obtain great happiness. practise)? Whom did he propitiate formerly? 0 best among the truthful ones. which contained the highest truth.e. his father: "Who enjoys this high position of Indra by doing pious deeds? Of' what merit is this the result ? What deed did he do? And of what kind was it? What kind of penance did he have (i. That Indra. tell me in detail (about) this. of the highest truth.e. He. 0 you highly intelligent one. There is no doubt about it. excellent brahmana by name Suvrata. and the (high) position.

(sang songs). Seeing the best brahmana (practising penance like this). It was full of many wonders and of various auspicious things. divine and which resembled the sun and fire. and meditated upon the pious VisnuKrsna. With that lustre of the glorious god Nrsirhha. with furious tigers and cunning beasts. which is very holy. The sound (of the recitation) of the Vedas. b`arabha-a fabulous animal said to have eight legs and to be stronger than a lion. The best brahmana Anga was getting emaciated by observances and restraints. yet by means of his own lustre he appeared shining like the sun and fire. after having resorted to the shades of sandal-trees. and with crystal forms and elephants. golden. with Sala and Tala trees. Siddhas and Gandharvas. has risen from it. The intelligent one. with the disc in his hand. ascetics. It looked beautiful with elephants resembling mountains and with the roars of lions. resembling clouds.CHAPTER THIRTYTWO Anga Gets a Boon from Vasudeva Suta said 1-20. It 1. and said to him. was heard on the best mountain. and with golden staffs resembling swans and the moon.e. being attentive. . and palaces (resembling) excellent mountains.. which was divine. He entered a beautiful cave on the very sacred and secluded bank of the Ganges. Gandharvas. The best mountain (i. It was adorned with the mansions of deities. and which was very sweet. AMoka. who was highly delighted. Sala. The divine women danced there on the excellent mountain. controlled) always saw Madhusudana (i. shone like the Sun with his rays. fire burns the fuel. That brahmana (saw Visnu) in all wet. white and red lotuses. Delightful songs were presented by them. The mountain was full of many minerals and full of heaps of gems. comfortable shades. which destroyed sins. Punnaga. chowries and palaces. which is rich with holy places. and which is resorted to by ascetics and hosts of sages.e. He saw Visnu in the beings-mobile and immobile. which is crowded with swans and lotuses. and bowing down. He. gave religious merit. the great meritorious sage. It was resorted to by groups of Vedas and was full of the groups of celestial nymphs. "0 you who show respect. while he was practising penance. being delighted. In this way a hundred years passed. at some places Kinnaras sang (songs). which contains sacred water. always presented before him many very fearful dangers. All the meditating saints. It was also adorned with hosts of gods delighted by various excellences (of the mountain) That holy. and with melody and closed fists. who were engrossed in beating (and) measuring time in music. 21-31. Santanaka-One of the five trees of Indra's paradise. pools and tanks containing spotless water and crowded with swans and ducks. free from desire and anger. The god appeared before him who was thus deeply engrossed in penances and was meditating upon Janardana. sat there after having controlled all his senses. Gandharvas. and being intent on singing. and with slabs of stone which were extensive. It was adorned with Sarabhasl. which bestowed great bliss. with his mind pleased. with its regions very bright with various gems and gold on all sides. Gandharvas and bards. the lord of the world. At some places the sages practised penance. choose a boon. knowing the essential nature of songs. dry and other things. best mountain Meru shone all round with many hosts of gods. Tala. (went to) that best mountain having such excellences and auspicious on account of holy wonders." Seeing that Hrsikesa. cool. beating time with their hands. the pious and fearless (brahmana) burnt (himself) as l. Anga. meditated. seated on firm seats after resorting to very pleasing. the lord who removes all afflictions and who remained in his mind. Anga. desireyielding trees crowded with Ambha (?) trees and well-blossomed divine trees. The lord of mountains shone at every place with Santanakal trees. the son of Atri. Visnu) on a seat or bed or in a vehicle or in meditation. shone with sages. praised him. and with the seven musical notes.e. Everywhere it looked charming with wells. full of deep meditation and with his senses conquered (i. and bunyan. It was also decorated with pitchers. Meru). The excellent mountain shone with (trees like) sandal. That great river. It looked beautiful with golden. The lord of mountains looked charming with groups of rivers and streams having clear water. On that greatest mountain. sang them.

e. and to the sinless one. Salutation to the god Nrsimha and to you who maintain righteousness. to you who are the worldly life. 0 god. who are the cause of merit. who are endowed with merit and are of the nature of merit. to you who are all lustre and possess lustre. 0 Kesava. Indra and of the nature of the Vasus. recited by) the noble Anga. repeated salutations to you. and with the holy Kaustubha. to you who are a mystery. My salutation to you. I salute your lotus-like feet. rising from) your navel . My repeated saluta tions to (you who are) gold. Visnu or dark). Vamana (i. to you who are the great god. to you who are not cruel. 0 you origin of beings.e. My salutation to you who are (charming) like a lotus-petal and are the highest bliss. salutation to you who are (of the form of) the twentyfive principles and the support of the elements.e. My salutation to you who are Dharma (i. who are a mystery and are beyond all qualities. Having heard this hymn of praise of (i. to you who are Vasudeva. Piety). Hrsikesa. you are the soul of beings. and you who are ever enlightened.Anga said 32-54. My salutation to you who are the supporter of all and the destroyer of sins. to you who are pure. 0 lord Padmanabha. 0 Vasudeva. who enjoys the oblations and who are of the form of oblations. to you who are the utterance svadha (used at the time of offering oblation to the manes) and svaha (the utterance used at the time of offering oblation to the gods). be a refuge to me. who am burnt by the heat of the fierce fire of the worldly existence and by many (kinds of) anguish and agony due to the deaths of sons etc. who are connected with the sacrificial act and the holder of the conch. the unlimited one. 0 lord of all. who are fierce and arc beyond great wisdom. you are the refuge of all beings. who are the oblation offered to the gods and to the manes. the cause of Dharma and the cause of everything. Be gracious to me in existence after existence.e. shining with great lustre. My salutation to you who are of the nature of merit. free) your devotees from the worldly existence. 0 Ke§ava. My salutation to you who are of the nature of the three principles or of the nature of the five elements. My salutation to you whose body is Dharma. 55-58. My salutation to you who are a great mineral. My salutation to you who possess glory. to you having a lotus in (i. I salute your feet.e. who are embodied and formless. Salutation to you who are Buddha (i. who are every thing and to you who are of the form of fire. to you who destroy illusion and delusion and who bring about entire illusion. 0 you who give tranquility and who have a conch in your hand. Visnu). who are Brahman. to you who are merit (itself). My salutation to you who are full of merit. who alone are Hari. My salutation to you who are a meritorious and noble son and not a son. 0 you dear to Laksmi. and of kinsmen. enlightened). My salutation to you who take up all forms and are Satikara (i. Salutation to you who are the light of the sky and are of the form of a bird. O Madhusudana. who are unmanifest and glorious. Salutation to you who are the one to whom oblations are offered. and the destroyer of the worldly life. My salutation to you who are the very great merit and you who practise truth. 0 you lord of all beings. to you from whom the worldly life has sprung up. the cause of the worldly life and who remove (i. who are pure and the lord of sacred things. who hold a disc. who are of the nature of Krsna and are the lord of Laksmi. of the nature of Brahman and identical with the highest Brahman. Sprinkle me with water of knowledge. 0 eternal one. to you who are truth. Salutation to you. make me your slave. 0 you root of joy. the complete one.e. you who bring about blisses). who are the sacrifice.e. my repeated salutations to you who are immutable and a misty heap. M salutations to you. My salutation to you who are omni-syllabled and of the nature of the Supreme Soul. My salutation to the cowherd Govinda and to the one-syllabled one. to you who live in the ocean and are immortal. marked with the . and are of true thoughts and are full of all truth. 0 you purifier. who live in glory and sustain glory.e. who are a god. Salutation to you. who are a great hero and who are the prop of righteousness. who are of the form of sacrifices and the lord of sacrifice. My repeated salutations to you who sustain illusion. Salutation to you who are Vyasa. Salutation to you who are Krsna (i.

and who is like you in point of virtues. and said to him : "0 you god of gods. bracelets. who has auspicious marks. and ear-rings." He. that is Visnu's highest position. he will be religious-minded. who was shining. of a slender waist. was pleased. who has curbed his senses. (If) you desire to grant me a boon. (that is) as desired by you. said to that best noble sage. who is a donor. who performs meritorious deeds. who is endowed with penance. who is dear to all gods. Hari. the noble son of a Gandharva. why did you beat him. He spoke to Sunitha. who.e. who protects the truthful conduct. who knows the Vedas. you) and his grandfather.e. went to her father's place. divine and spotless. who was cursed by him. the disc and the mace in his hands. whose lustre is like that of Visnu. who is the conqueror of all. Generate on her a son. 0 you holder of the conch. who knows the Vedas.e. When you desire to grant me a boon. Give me a son. who is best among the meditating sages. She (i.e. Anga : "0 blessed brahmana. looking bright. full of great joy. bringing merit and dear (to you). spoke like this to that Ainga. 73-75. and looking great. the best among the truthful and the righteous ones. his daughter. who was the lord of people. Sunitha) was cursed by that Susainkha. 0 you very intelligent one. what kind of son did she obtain due to his curse? (Please) narrate to us in detail the account of Sunitha also. He will support the family of Atri. Mrtyu. Si7ta said 3-14a. Due to his curse how did she become (i. who is the protector of the three worlds. omniscient. who was cursed by that magnanimous one : "You committed a sin that destroys merit and lustre. presented before Anga his own and very superior form having the conch. 59-70a. and with the lustre of piety. who is Krsna. what happened to her)? What deeds did she do? 2. 0 brahmana. who was of a universal form. of the nature of all gods. (and also) a lotus in his hand. and mounted upon Garuda. by my favour. again and again saluted the feet of Janardana. of my blood). who is the best among the sacrificers.Srivatsa. knowing all." Thus giving (Ainga) a boon Hari then vanished. and one full of all lustre shining like Indra in heaven. Give me such a son. CHAPTER THIRTYTHREE Sunitha's Story The sages said l. the protector of all the people. The lord of gods. you will have a son endowed with all these qualities. who has mastered all branches of knowledge. (then) (give me) a son. who is a unique hero. and with all limbs of his body beautified with a necklace. 0 you noble one. and also this universe. He will also emancipate his father by means of his lustre. who is a devotee of Visnu. and charming due to the sylvan garland. That Sunitha. 0 you very intelligent one. who is well-versed in the code of conduct. who is tranquil. Choose an auspicious boon. I am your slave. who is endowed with knowledge. the disc and the mace. who is hospitable to brahmanas." With a sound deep like (the thundering of) clouds. the lord of Laksmi. then give me a son born in my family (i. . and who is the ornament of the three worlds. 0 best brahmana. whose promises are true. Having thus manifested his own form. listen to (these) auspicious words. She disclosed her deeds to her father. (He said to him) : "Marry the auspicious daughter of someone of virtuous power. you will reach my place. with his truthfulness he will emancipate his father (i. who is born due to merit. being tormented by grief. who is unconquerable. glory and merit. he spoke to the best brahmana : "I am pleased with this penance (practised by you)." Vasudeva said 70b-72. who knows the Vedas. who will be auspicious.

Therefore. suffers for his sin (i. resorted to a secluded place. of the company of the good. a very wicked deed. Anxiety would show (i. and is settled in the highest Brahman. behave by giving up anxiety. Anxiety. giving up desire and anger and her childishness. and behave (properly). who is fully engrossed in the path of penance. endowed with grace. A man whose lustre blazes with truth.e. and also abandoning tricks. 0 you (my) daughter. There is no doubt that he who beats a person who beats him and makes him cry who is crying. even an innocent man (? ). He. cannot be touched by men born of sin. Listen. Therefore. causes anxiety to an innocent man or would later beat an innocent man through delusion or some sin. The fire of truth would burn brightly only with the lustre of merit. without any reason. would (thus) later beat. viz. Only one anxiety. who. it would destroy all happiness. what sin is committed by him who would kill him who is free from desire and wrath. obtain perfection. Highly intelligent sages. he (alone) is one who has conquered (i. full of anxiety why are you brooding? You. you should. behave taking to profound abstract meditation and knowledge. cleansed from within and without by touching. of a meritorious power.) (Any) other anxiety is worthless. 14b-19a. he who has beaten an innocent person. clear. one should not beat even a sinner. desire). Therefore. they. the other kind of anxiety that is important is one which gives delight to the meditating sages in matters of piety. you should know that the saints are like that. The devout one. thirst (i. have contact with truth. Anxiety withers the body. was advised by her father. when entertained. 0 (my) daughter. it destroys strength and lustre.e. 22-24. He (alone) is tranquil. In this way that Sunitha. drinking and bathing in the water. said to her: 28b-30. giving delight to the meditating sages in matters of piety is important. resort to merit in this way. entertained for piety (alone). similarly a man casts off his sin by the contact of the good. If the innocent person would beat the wicked-hearted person that beats him rashly after suddenly getting up. delusion and greed (to a person). removing dirt." .e. are causing anxiety and worry to us. 34-35a. malice and deceit. Anxiety would bring these. tasty." Suta said 25-26. she went to a lonely forest. Seeing her reflecting. tell us the cause (of your anxiety). A man enjoys (or suffers) only what he has earned by means of his former deeds. very cold. you have done. therefore practise meritorious deeds. note that merit. unhappiness etc. viz. the sinner. is significant. and causes great bliss. who does not beat him (i. Secure the company of the good. who is very spotless due to knowledge and very hot due to meditation. by all means. and should wait upon them carefully.e. The large-eyed ones saw Sunitha afflicted and meditating.e. Water is calm. who is very tranquil. and would show (i.e. Giving up your burden of sin. bring about) loss of beauty. would produce sin day by day. through delusion and in sin.who was very tranquil? You did that which is contrary to (the ways of) all the world. and would lead (one) to hell. 31-33. Her friends. well-observed. Having saluted her father's feet. Therefore give up your anxiety. bring about) bodily diseases. and gets (i. 0 you (my) daughter. controlled) his mind. the sin of the sinner goes to the innocent person. A wise person should not mind them. "0 good one. obtains the sin produced in the body of the innocent one. By the contact of the fire of truth. His son is born wicked. who loves piety. soft for the body. 19b-20. and talk about happiness. As gold gives up its impurity by its contact with fire. 0 beautiful one. full of anxiety. 21. causing pleasure. The other kind of anxiety.e. of the other person). All these worlds-mobile andimmobilebecome pure (due to the company of the good). all (one's) sin perishes. 0 (my) daughter. One should not at all entertain it. accumulates) much sin. the person) who beats him. who was distressed. As you are today cursed by him. The company of the good is greatly meritorious. (Le. 27-28a. came there to sport.

it would later destroy (i. In the same way a sinful son would destroy the family. There is a blemish in the family of an atheist.e. Candra (i. viz. afflicted with grief. I desire to give her (in marriage) to a virtuous and very magnanimous (god or sage). If a drop of the sour gruel made from the fermentation of boiled rice would go to (i. She. and led by the gods. ceased speaking. Holding me by the hand.e.e. becomes a pitcher (full) of liquor when polluted with a drop of liquor. given by) the sage. Hearing those words of them. He. the curse of (i. became most adorable. Yudhisthira. Siva) committed a fierce deed like killing a brahmana. 0 (you). 15-16. Sunithd said 2b-5. The Sun. Hara (i. I shall practise penance only. valorous.e.e. along with the gods (the kingdom of) the three worlds. There will be (born) a very lustrous. has become the lord (of gods). and is a great treasure of good character. following my anxiety. Tormented by agony and grief I have just resorted to the forest. Due to the sinful contact of a sinner. full of good qualities and having charming eyes. You have well asked me the effect and the cause. who went to (i. the Moon). Gods and sages who have mastered the Vedas salute that god. but she is defiled by one fault. who was an adulterer.35b. the family becomes sinful. afflicted with the grief was abandoned even by the noble gods. including the mobile and the immobile. Sunitha spoke these words. Mrtyu's glorious daughter. told her friends how she was formerly cursed by the magnanimous Su§ailkha. e. Indra) who was engaged in killing a brahmana. That Brahma (though) abandoned by gods. and shall wither my body. there is no doubt about it. led by Indra. suffering from) leprosy would illuminate (i. Krsna enjoys (i. This your sinful (daughter) is (soiled) with this blemish. (Even) gods have resorted to (i. destroying your body. and all that she did. The deed. Gods." 6-8. The friends said 18-27. 9-14." Thus was my father told by gods. copulated with) Guru's (i. spoke to him. On her will be born a son. cohabited with) Ahalya. The noble one enjoys. 0 friends.e. Formerly he went to (i. suffers from) the curse given formerly by Bhargava. viz.e. Even now he lives with the skull of Brahma. my father became worried about me. The very glorious one desired to give me (in marriage) to (one of the) gods or sages. he said these words to them all : "This is my young daughter. would get mixed with) milk. illuminates) the three worlds. the noble one. salute him.e. (Please) go. who was very much afflicted with grief. and then did not say anything. spoil) the milk and would present its own nature. I shall tell you something else. Speaking thus. full of (i. committed) sin. 17. listen now. CHAPTER THIRTYFOUR Sunithd's Problem Suta said 1-2a. from whose semen a man will be (born) who will be a great sinner and the destroyer of the virtuous family. Seeing my wealth of beauty and excellence in age (i. the . 0 you noble one.e. Give her to someone else. has become emaciated due to that. Well-being to you.e.e. Gandharvas and sages. look at the king of gods (i.e. that Sunitha. very intelligent son of Pandu. has also been disclosed to you. youth) and good qualities. who was (thus) speaking: "This your daughter is endowed with virtues. Thus formerly I have committed a sinful act. My father. Gautama's wife. and the good men also did not accept me. A pitcher that is seen to be full of the water of the Gafnga. give up the grief. At that time gods and sages heard the words of Mrtyu. All the worlds.e. Jupiter's) wife. Formerly (even) that Brahma told a lie in the presence of Visnu.

and observed men. the fifth one is piety itself. you are adorned with those (ornaments) . you would lead (your husband) to prosperity. as it were." 41 b-46.king of kings. 0 you beautiful one. will be very blessed. 28-29. he too longed for a position similar to that of Indra: `If I would have such a son endowed with righteousness. 0 you young girl. endowed with fame and glory. 0 good one. who was. 0 you of an excellent complexion. who was magnanimous.e. Then. The fourth one is honesty.e." 37-41a. the very form of penance. who was handsome. said to her: "You are endowed with beauty and sweetness. 0 you of an excellent complexion. (then) my existence. and the third one is truthfulness. who bestowed bliss (on others). Seeing him. of a divine prowess. his son. possessing divine qualities)?" CHAPTER THIRTYFIVE Rambha Helps by a Suggestion Rambhd said 1-6a. 35b. came to Nandanavana. whose lustre and valour are like that of Visnu." They spoke to that Mrtyu's daughter having large and charming eyes: "We shall give you. the virtue of beauty is the first ornament of women.e.' Then he propitiated Hrsikesa with austerities and restraints. Brahma was born from the Unmanifest one. viz. the religious-minded Atri. we are (living) for you only. who had god-like form. viz. give me a son who resembles Indra. For the murder of his teacher. she asked Rambha. who was the ornament of the Atri-family. 0 you auspicious one. do not get frightened. and who was tormenting himself (by austerities). (Therefore) we have come here. who was a devotee of Visnu. who had no match. 0 good lady. remaining in heaven (i. You were frightened by a brahmana's curse. Tolerance is said to be the tenth one. who was noble and fortunate. Devotion to the father is the eighth (one). 47. loyalty to husband is said to be the twelfth (one). who was handsome. That Sunitha. internal and external purity of women is the seventh (ornament). The excellent friends said to her: "Do not indulge in a rash act. and love is the eleventh (one). . Service (to others) is the ninth one. whomsoever god (or other) you desire to allure. who was endowed with all (auspicious) marks. 0 you of charming eyes. 0 you beautiful one. Seeing Indra's glory excellent with graceful lustre." Suta said 36. There is no defect in anyone of them nor any stigma. whose valour was like that of Visnu. 0 you beautiful one. led by Rambha. 30-35a. thus wandered with her friends. who resembled Visnu in lustre. is committed by) these great ones. again said to those friends : "Tell me the remedy by which (he) will be my husband. The excellent ladies of charming eyes. 0 good lady." Then these (ladies) gave her the powerful incantation giving happiness. being very happy when well-equipped with the incantation. we shall oblige you. (They said :) "Instantly allure him. When Hrsikesa was very much pleased. magnanimous one. sweetness is said to be the sixth one. Sunitha. her good friend: "Who is this excellent. who destroyed all sins. 0 you young girl. in any other woman). she then saw the brahmana. he will tell a lie. who was matchless in form in the world. an incantation (having the power of) giving all good and alluring men knowing all tricks. we do not find the qualities which you possess anywhere else (i. Great sin resides in (i. you are smeared with a small sin. this Afnga of a noble mind. 0 you auspicious one. and who was free from desire and anger. The second one is good character. We shall find out that remedy by which that highly meritorious one will be your husband. and from him was born the lord of created beings. While wandering she went to Indra's paradise. he asked for a boon "0 Madhusfidana. (There) on the bank of the Ganga. for. who resembled the sun in lustre. another god of love. who was thus addressed.

which was attractive. There is no doubt that this one will be a suitable groom for you. from him you will have a son. Anga). meditated upon Janardana. the beautiful lady. Hearing these words of Rambha. had her hands engaged in (playing upon) the lute. now go to him as my messenger. and full of the shadows of the sandal and the aioka trees. which was covered (i. with all her limbs beautiful. I shall allure the brahmana with this incantation. having the colour of a bandhuka-flower. and with a bodice. Ramhba. 13-14. you have spoken the truth. 0 good lady. reaps) the fruit as he sows the seed. The charmingly smiling Rambha. He. All this has been told to you. That celestial nymph Rambha promised (her) like this only: "I shall help you. who will be knowing pious ways of behaviour and whose lustre and valour will be like that of Visnu. which was covered with many minerals. a son born from his semen will be endowed with his wealth of virtues. uttered affectionately and bestowing well-being. go to (i. which had lovely caves. give me instructions. 0 good noble lady. (properly) beating the time. and attractive to all beings. The very beautiful young woman was surrounded by her friends. free from desire and anger.e. who will be righteous. I am telling you the truth. 0 best brahmana. Then he gave (him) a son possessing all such (qualities). hearing that very melodious. The young lady. the entire truth. She was matchless in beauty in the world. and who destroys all sins. A farmer. very melodious song." Thus she spoke to that Rambha of charming eyes. crowded) with hosts of gods.e. 0 respectable lady." (Sunitha said:) "0 good lady. of large eyes and possessing beauty and youth. about) that. very charming. and Ainga had resorted to meditation in an auspicious secluded cave. 7-12. given by) Susankha also will be ineffective. and will be conversant with the principles of deep and abstract meditation. and not in any other way. I shall do like this. as he was fascinated by that enchanting song. It shall never be otherwise. which was adorned with various gems. with great sincerity. With his mind swerving due to that fascination. 15. you will be happy. who was thus addressed by her. CHAPTER THIRTYSIX Sunitha Gets Married and Vena is Born Sunitha said 1-2a. and allured the three worlds. when from him a son propagating righteous conduct will be born." 6b. 14-15a.e. will be best among all human beings.e. was seated upon a swing on a very auspicious peak of Meru. 15b-I7. which was resorted to by Gandharvas and celestial nymphs. will be very lustrous. The bright one (i. Sunitha) 3-5a. tell me what kind of help I can give (you).e.e. alluring the universe. He saw you as you are beautiful in all limbs. which looked lovely due to abundant flowers. Sunitha entertained the notion This is the truth. Give me help so that I shall go to the meritorious one. The beautiful lady looked lovely with the dark-blue silken garment. became of (i." 5b-13. took up) a divine form through a device. That curse of (i.e. 0 you beautiful lady. This noble one is devout and possesses merit and strength. It would all be just like that. "0 you beautiful young lady. since you had asked me like (i. of a devout disposition. and was singing an excellent. sweet and very charming song. he enjoys (i. lovely in an all-elegant dress. looking repeatedly (at her) quickly got . 2b. said to the high-minded one (i. will be very fortunate. accompanied by beating time and (proper) measure. Since then the best brahmana looked (for) an auspicious maiden.e. Due to (her) good temperament. (and) the truth (only). accept) him. swerved from his meditation.who is a devotee of Visnu. sows the seed. which was covered with divine trees.

whose conduct is righteous. and went to her own abode. Then Arnga. Anga sported with his dear wife. shines in heaven. As Indra. The friends. if she desires a husband. The intelligent one. You have never to assume either a blemish or a merit of her." (Rambha said:) "0 best brahmana. (and) for this." Suta said 38-45. She is your lawful wife. He has given me a boon (granting) a son. who is a treasure of penance. The great sage. and giving all prosperity. and who is beautiful take me (as her groom) here. 18-19. he married Sunitha by means of the Gandharva (type of) marriage. your beautiful body is shining everywhere. of the form of all gods. be gracious to me. and with her hand full of the neck of the lute. 26. Having given that Sunitha (in marriage) Rambha. glorious and smiling charmingly. without a king). mastered all the lores.e. Seeing that Sunitha. Tell me (all about it) today only. Mrtyu's daughter. the great sage said to that Rambha.up from his seat. he named the son 'Vena'. 20. who is tranquil and restrained. 0 best brahmana. and recoiled repeatedly. laughing. what one thing you should just give. the very intelligent one shone with his own might and valour.e. with a sign. the best among the brahmanas. Rambha. and adorned with the wealth of all (good) marks. talked through infatuation. having studied the branches of the Veda. with her mind delighted. 28. went to their own abodes." Rambha said 35-37. abided by good manners. For that." 29-34. significant) words of that very intelligent one.e. the beings were sinking in the world without a protector of the beings (i. Vena). 25. she (just) looked at the face of her friend. That moment only he perspired. "0 you beautiful lady. Having generated on her a son possessing all (auspicious) marks. of a great lustre. did not grasp her actions. the noble one said to her: 22. 0 good lady. the son of a sage. trembling and being afflicted. Vena. Then that son of Sunitha (viz. I am everyday thinking of the daughter of someone of an auspicious power. was allured by the song and (her) beauty. The young girl is looking for a groom. seeing her seated on a swing. And for ever I am really not finding a good bride. For having union with her I say that I (shall) give (even) what cannot be given. When all the friends had (thus) left. The sages. listen to the pledge which I (shall) tell now. took leave of her. who are you? To whom do you belong? Surrounded by (your) friends. Hearing these great (i. as it were being allured by great fascination. give her your hand giving a convincing proof. endowed with all lustre. Having heard these very significant words. the son of Anga." 24. and with his mind perturbed and disturbed. "This noble one is the daughter of the glorious Mrtyu. of large eyes. the best among the celestial nymphs: "I have propitiated Visnu. The best brahmana. Hari. 0 best brahmana. listen. Thus establishing a relation showing a convincing proof. 21. was struck with Cupid's arrows (i. grew. Then Rambha respectfully said to the brahmana: 27. and did not say anything to that brahmana. There should be no doubt about it. and for having a son. and infatuated by her fascinating device. with their minds very much delighted. and . Sunitha. known as Sunitha. show (us) actually (some) convincing proof. She is never to be abandoned by you. set on her friend. 46-50a. along with archery. for what mission have you come (here)? Who has sent you to the forest? 23. pierced with the arrows of Cupid. came (there). and with his mind unsteady. When following the period of Caksusal Manu that of Vaivasvata arrived. That Vena. 0 best brahmana. took to the behaviour of ksatriyas. the very glorious one. I have given my hand to her. singing well and with her face resembling the moon. who is very intelligent and well-versed in Vedic lore. having penance as their wealth. speedily went there. In (this) large forest. of Mrtyu. Let this daughter. (He said) : "Let it be so. There is no doubt that I shall give whatever this young girl asks for. languid. was overpowered by passion) due to her beauty. shivered and was distressed.

obeyed) the words. (If) thus was the creation of the noble Vena. This period comprises 4. of a great lustre. came (there). given by that noble Susainkha.e. She said to her son like this: "0 son. CHAPTER THIRTYSEVEN A Heretic Meets Vena The sages said 1.e. of a huge body. They just saw Vena.e.e. taking up such a form. Thus on the globe Vena had become a king. She would throw (i. proper for (i. vilifying the Vedic religion. Vena ruled over the kingdom. that would never become otherwise in the world. naked. religious practices). What is your Veda (i." 12a. Seeing him having arrived (there) Vena asked him a question 9-11. I am truth. I am the eternal supporter. she threw) light on such virtues as truthfulness etc. I am the daughter of Dharma. The people lived happily. prosperous and endowed with (auspicious) marks. which Veda do you follow)? What are your practices? What (kind of) penance (do you practise)? What abstract meditation (do you possess)? What (kind of) prowess (do you have)? What are the real characteristics of your faith? Tell me all that and the truth before me. who was practising penance. she presented) before her son the very meritorious essential requisites of Dharma. The sinner entered the court of that Vena. all the lords of created beings went to a penance-grove. Suta said 50b-57.knowing the essence of righteousness. thought of a king knowing righteousness and wellversed in truth. the ways of Dharma prevailed. When he-a noble king knowing righteousness-was ruling. In vain you are ruling. holding under his armpit a broom of peacock's feathers. how is it that giving up righteous conduct he would be (i.e. the fourteen Manvantaras making up one whole day. practise piety. You are a great fool. and a drinking-pot made of cocoa-nut in his hand reciting (texts containing) wrong doctrines.' Thinking like this. That Sunitha. having put on a guise. thought: `Due to the prowess and the curse of that noble one. When that noble king (Vena). she was everyday afraid of her former sins. 0 brahmanas. The sinful man said l 2b-1 5. leading to the well-being of) his subjects. When they had left. I am all-in-all of Dharma (i. I am Dharma (i. When the king was ruling. He quickly came to (the place) where Vena was (seated).e. I shall tell (you) all the sinful conduct of Vena. Cak~usa is the sixth Manu and Vaivasvata is the seventh. I have . there is no doubt about it. Manvanatara is a period or age of a Mann. I am most adored by gods. seeing her son looking well after the entire kingdom. 3. I am salvation. 320. the son of Anga. She would present (i. that have come into my court? Why have you come before me who am (seated) in the court? What (kind of) dress (do you have)? What is your name? What is your faith? Tell me (all this). He would obey (i. (and) your father knows the essence of piety.e. Hearing those words of Vena the sinful man said these words. my glorious son will be the protector of righteousness. Thus was the greatness of the kingdom of noble Vena. and knowing the truth. The subjects were pleased. therefore. I am full of all gods. how can the curse. was consecrated. I am knowledge. Vena. tell what is good and what is bad. religious practices). became) (a man) of wicked mind? Suta said 2." 1. not turn true? 4-8. a man. with his head clean-shaved. The best brahmanas consecrated him in the position of the lord of created beings. Thus that good lady would always advise her son.e. Sages endowed with spiritual and worldly knowledge. 000 human years or 1 f 14th day of Brahma. "Who are you.

When a guest goes (i. no sraddha. 32b-42. and not otherwise. 0 best king. the characteristics of my faith. nor are rites like sacrifices seen.e. or 0 king of kings. This body of (human) beings is nourished by the five elements. There is no doubt about this. there is no recital of the Vedas. in the same way there is a contact among the beings. and at an elephant-sacrifice (they kill) an elephant. the soul departs. a man in a human sacrifice and goats in a Vajapeya sacrifice. Even as in the water there is a contact of the form of bubbles. no sacrifice offered to all gods. there is no charity. there is no penance. Vena said 22-23. Vena said 16.e. Thus. and the five (elements in the body) go to (i.e. (In this faith) there is no performance of sacrifices. Know me to be the chief Jaina saint. and the best meditation is that of an Arhat. where is the dead person (at that time)? Of what nature does he eat? (i. I am faithful to my promise. The meditating -sages. I have told you all this i. according to) this faith. merge into) the five (gross elements). a great slaughter of many animals is done at a Rajasuya sacrifice. At the Sautramaiii sacrifice a beast is seen to be fit for being sacrificed. (where) sumptuous food is had. Through folly they perform sraddha and offer oblations to the manes in the evening. being fed with sweet food go satisfied. one kills) an elephant. a brahmana (kills and) cooks (the flesh of) a great bull. where a very bright. (Only) the brahmanas. In the same way contact among beings is seen. water also remains there only. Moreover the mortals being confounded by ignorance behave with one another (foolishly).) svadha and svaha.e. The best worship is that of a Jaina mendicant.sprung from the body of Brahma. no oblations to manes. At the time of death. This soul is of the nature of air. This way of life is seen in the Jaina faith. fire also is seen there. It is seen just for a moment. What is knowledge? What kind is the body (after death)? By whom is it seen? Tell us (all about it). there is no offering to all the deities. there is no (worship offered to a) guest. what is his state when he eats?). What righteousness is seen there or what fruit is seen there where those who are learned in the Vedas have prescribed the killing of beasts? Due to that (i. arrives) to the house. 0 prince. there is no offering to gods or manes. there is no offering of the three daily prayers. I shall (now) narrate the practices. and (when) in a great sacrifice they kill those (beasts) that are extremely impure. At a Pundarika sacrifice one would kill (i. 0 great king. there are no rites like sacrifices. That way of life which is without compassion is fruitless. and just after a moment it is not seen.e. and also no charity and penance are seen. The sinful man said 17-21. and Nirgrantha is looked upon as the preceptor.e. (They kill) a horse in a horse-sacrifice. there is no gratification of the manes. Where (then) are the characteristics of the pious way of life to be (seen)? Tell me what kind of the way of life based on compassion (you advocate). (In your faith) the way of life as told in the Vedas is not seen. The sinful one said 24-32a. excellent circle is produced. I shall tell you another fierce act (mentioned) in the Vedas. so they have no association. it is without (the exclamations viz. listen how at rites of various forms killing of beasts of various species is laid down.e. To whom would the sraddha be offered? The faith (due to which a sraddha is offered) has no meaning. What are the characteristics of gifts that are given? That food should be known as left-over. and a bull in a bull-sacrifice. (That is my faith) where Arhats are the gods. lead to) salvation. run to me only. having the body of true religion. The earthly state is (present) in the matter. he would feed the guest (with the flesh of)a goat.e. intent on (obtaining) knowledge. The state of bubbles covering the space is then produced in water. the killing of beasts) merit perishes and the (so-called) religious merit does not give (i. powerful wind is also seen in (these) three. Compassion is said to be the best way of life and in it is seen (to lie) salvation in (i. there is no officiating at sacrifices. What kind of acts (do you do)? What is your doctrine? What are your practices? Tell (all this to me). There is no doubt that .

is said to be a Veda (only) by the rogues. neither truth nor rite is seen in the merciless Vedas and Brahmanas and also in the brahmanas who follow the Vedas. But that cruel brahmana who is intent upon killing beasts. Thus there was the cessation of religious conduct. One should devoutly propitiate god Jina who (has pervaded) the mobile and immobile. The sinful man said 54-60. one should worship Jina alone. how is it told in the scriptures) that the holy places are (situated) in (i. one with his mind being tranquil. would protect a life. is settled there. causing) merit. (He did) not (salute) the feet of any brahmana also. Rivers are but the streams of blemish. (They say) that these brahmanas. Jina alone is full of everything. same are those of charity. and produce compassion everywhere. One should never salute the feet of one's mother and father. and great sin proceeded uninterruptedly. ponds. and also of the Vedas. sinful. There is no other (Dharma) than that. seas. The wicked-minded one saluted neither the feet of his father nor of his mother. void of truth are not Vedas and the brahmanas who are not truthful (are not brahmanas).e. and charity of the form of sacrifices. It cannot be otherwise (i. as told in the holy scriptures) did not proceed at that time. and mountains-the heaps of stones-support the earth. the Vedas. along with (i.e. 0 best king.the right way of life lies there where lives of beings are protected. then why is it not (found) in the fish? If by bath purity is produced. 3-5a. No sacred place can be situated in (or on) them. 0 lord of kings. Abandoning the Vedic faith and rites of a truthful conduct. This is the greatest gain. no excellent purport of the holy texts. O brahmanas. manes. thus advised by that very sinful Jina. Though warded off by Anga. Is that the truth? Tell me if you desire piety (to flourish) here. the sinful one advised Anga's son in various ways.e. attained to a sinful attitude.e.e. It is not the right way of life (or righteousness) where there are offerings to gods. 0 best king. and not otherwise (i. truth. that is the holiest place.e. no (recitations of) the Vedas. he very much acted otherwise. Salutation should be offered to that god. Penance and all merit due to bath etc. A cloud is the best (holy place) due to its (containing) water. If a bath (i. When that king ruled. The Vedas are not Vedas where compassion is not (prescribed). 0 you very intelligent one. should show kindness. With one's mind having pure thoughts. preceptors and others. Whatever is the faith of Jiva is the giver of enjoyment and salvation-that I shall tell you. Vena. Sacred place and eternal Dharma (i. There was cessation of good sacrifices. Having floated in the water which has fallen everywhere on the ground and on the mountains. 0 best king? Vena said 52b-53. lakes. is very ruthless. so gifts also are not given. not to anyone else). and also the rivers like Gafnga.e. Even a canclala or a §udra. he would stand. who. are holy places giving great religious merit. and deluded by him. Censuring by (indicating) the sinful nature of the entire (Vedic) religion. That Veda which is without knowledge. Then what should be told about others. (He . As are the characteristics of sraddha. and rashness without compassion. being intent upon the gift of kindness. 5b-9. How have you heard (i. 0 great king. a dip in water) causes great religious merit. on the banks of) them? O great king.e. then the fish are purified. is said to be a brahmana. way of life) are to be found where Jina remains. 61. First. the Vedas. you will be very happy. he saluted the feet of that very wicked one. Veda stands firmly there where there would be knowl edge. CHAPTER THIRTYEIGHT The End of Vena's Reign Suta said 1-2. As a result of his (bad) rule. penance. it is quite certain). the world became full of all sins. So always meditate on him. 43-52a. no charity and no study. there were no sacrifices. Religious practices full of holy scriptures (i. from the sky the clouds shower water. hard-hearted and of a cruel mind. There is no fruit of charity.

Vena laughed and said Vena said 18b-20a. I am religious. Give up evil deeds. 18a. the god will be (appearing) as Kalkil for the destruction of the Mlecchas. When the glorious one went to a forest along with his wife. meritorious (acts) like giving gifts at a holy place. by means of your actions. and perform auspicious deeds. having heard this. you honoured and practised . You are born in the family of Brahman. deluded by sins. all men. When Kali (-yuga) sets in. ksatriyas and vaisyas are twice-born. there is no doubt about it. Therefore practise righteous deeds. He who behaves in a different way will certainly be punished. and will commit sins. The three castes viz. will act after having resorted to the Jaina faith. 25-30.e. The angry one cursed me: "Your progeny would be wicked. There is no doubt that the 1.righteous deeds. he. Visnu ). You yourself have put all this world and the three worlds along with the mobile and the immobile on the righteous path. but (did) not (do) the deeds of (i. They all thought: `For what reason has he become a sinner? The son of Anga Prajapati is a bane to his family. will be (appearing) for their destruction and for nothing else. is brought about by this great delusion. Jaina faith is the root of sin. brahmanas. the Veda) is an ancient sacred text meant for all the castes. When sins will have thus accumulated. I alone am the import of the Veda. Behave truthfully. who are heaps of sins. I am the best among the wise. 0 best king. the Seven Sages then approached Vena.' 10. When they had spoken like this. you are the guardian of the subjects. Men will abandon Vedic practices. I have known everything here. who had performed valorous deeds. I think. I am the protector. become the guardian of your subjects. I am eternal. [the daughter (of Yama) formerly only told Anga her own account and her merit and faults: (She said:) ] in my childhood I committed a sin towards the magnanimous Susankha. The beings behave according to the Vedic practices. went to a forest with her. The Sages said 20b-24. Vena said 31. I have not done anything else. Calling him they thus spoke to (him) the son of Anga The Sages said 16-17. proper for) Kali (-yuga) and resort to merit. The very glorious one (lived) for a long time according to his own ideas. . I alone am the highest (form of) religion. 14-15. 0 glorious one. therefore they (continue to) live.e. this (Vena) has become wicked due to that (curse of Susankha). 0 glorious one. Jaina religion. 0 brahmanas. 0 best king. resort to me. Govinda (i. 0 king. Dvijatayaki-Men of any of the first three castes of the Hindus. The religious-minded (Anga) again asked the daughter of magnanimous Mrtyu : "0 dear one. tell me the truth: Due to whose fault is he born (like this)?" Sunithd said 11-13. very holy. The very lustrous one.' This (i. They perish due to his sin. I alone deserve to be worshipped. (So) you are a brahmana only. who am of the form of religion.e. I am the ancient. 0 you highly intelligent one. the fall of those men. do not act rashly.' Though warded off by his father and by his mother. the destroyer of all sins. Taking the form of his liking he will restrain (them) from sins. Give up the behaviour of (i. brahmanas live happily due to the religious merit of the king. the wickedminded one did not perform auspicious.e. 0 Vena. proper for) Treta and Dvapara-yuga. were made the king of the earth. Then you.thought:) `I alone am valorous." Thus. I am the supporter.

which destroyed sins. wasp] eased with the sinless king due to his severe penance. 0 best brahmana. having enjoyed the position of a sovereign emperor. viz. Vena. and along with my father and mother. especially of the Mlecchas. He became the king.e. they churned the left hand of the king. All the magnanimous sons of Brahman got angry with that wicked-hearted king who was talking too much. the sin went out of his body as a result of the churning of his body. who had arrows in his hand. Getting angry. with this body. Sri Vdsudeva said 8. how Vena casting off his sin went to heaven. The lord said lOb-15. free from desire and anger. Being pleased with him. formerly Brahma had asked me as (i." Vena said 6b-7. he said to him: "I am pleased. to your abode. by your power. god (Vi snu). 37b-41. So I shall tell you (what) merit (is). Brahma staying in the lotus sprung from (my) navel was engrossed in . king Vena.32-37a. I was deluded by the sin which I had formerly committed. From it sprang up very intelligent and very powerful and noble king of kings. Tell me through your grace what (i. 0 highly intelligent one. if you are pleased with me. the sages also churned the right hand of that noble Vena. who milked the earth. Kalki-The tenth and last incarnation of Visnu in his capacity of the destroyer of the wicked and liberator of the world from its enemies. to the highest abode of Visnu. Seeing the sinner the sages were well-composed. your sin has perished. 0 glorious ones. By the power of his merit. 0 god. 0 lord.e. Prthu. forcibly brought (out) the cruel and wicked (king). When the high-souled brahmanas were angry. tell us in detail. and held a bow (in his hands). From it sprang up a very short. Visnu). That is the highest position of Visnu. through the fear of a curse from the brahmanas. Knowing that the king who had fled. and by the favour of that disc holder (i. by their concurrence. 0 blessed king. went to Visnu's heaven. By means of your penance you have become pure. Then the angry sages looked for Vena everywhere. Then that Vena of a righteous mind obtained eternal knowledge. the brahmanas. Well. gone? You were caused to fall on the path of darkness by greed united with infatuation. the holder of the conch. whose eyes were red. Choose an excellent boon. what) you have asked. by the contact of the merit of the sages. 0 you best among the truthful ones. where has that great infatuation. Suta said 2-6a. whose complexion was dark-blue. give mean excellent boon: I desire to go. he practised penance for a full hundred years in the hermitage of the sage Trnabindu. terrible barbarian. 0 god of gods.e. When once. Vena said 9-1 Oa. 0 dear. 1. disc and mace. I (shall) tell you all that I had told him. which hymn) I should mutter or recite. seeing that sinful one. CHAPTER THIRTYNINE On Gifts and Worthy Recipients of Gifts The sages said 1. 0 brahmanas. entered an ant-hill. was well-settled in an ant-hill. 0 king. Therefore (please) emancipate me from this very fierce sin. supporter and the protector of all sinful Nisadas. by which you were deluded. and (which was situated) on the right bank of Reva.

he (i. and giving all happiness to men who always recited and muttered it. otherwise the words of Susankha would have become untrue. I am possessed of selfconsciousness. you will get the highest position as a result of my boon. he (i. protect the world. (please) protect me from the sin. being pleased. 0 you prince. and who desired to emancipate you. I remain on the earthh as Indra shines in heaven. 0 you blessed one. 40-46a. Give gifts of land etc. and there enjoys the fruit (of his gifts). he asked him about a hymn.e. in the fourth state) I am without any modification and void of properties.e. possessing spiritual and material knowledge. goes to) heaven by means of (giving) gifts.e. 0 you of a good vow. (Giving) a gift is the highest. 0 you illustrious one. I should be known as Pradyumna by those who desire (to have) sons. who is beyond comprehension and who insists on virtues. is obtained) due to good gifts and happiness is secured through good gifts. Visnu said 29b-39. at the end (of the world) the lord leads the beings to the unmanifest one. Visnu said 16-19. So. As Turiya (i. by means of the prowess of deep and abstract meditation. When I am the presiding deity I move (everywhere) occupying all.e. Merit proceeds from (giving) gifts. choose a boon. Due to (giving) good gifts enjoyment is obtained. gave a boon to Anga: `You will have a good son. This entire world is pervaded by me of an unmanifest form. am known as Visva. I take up any form I intend (to take up). spoke to you. The sacred text: `Oneself is born as (one's) son'. Then I. Therefore you give gifts. I) should be known. one who pervades). Sunitha.e. show) me the cause (i. 0 best king. called Vasudeva very much pleasing to Visnu. salvation). formerly only the noble Anga had propitiated me. therefore. just ask for a boon for yourself. With my form reflected everywhere I am unattached and (am just) like a witness. The lord said 26.e." Vena said 28b-29a. and who lives in the beings. and called Vasudeva.e. Therefore. is true. Still. Therefore sages devoted to Visnu call me Visnu (i. 0 dear. beatitude). 0 best one.e. I am eternal. destroying sin. I am in the state of sleep when I am without understanding and action. my) refuge. I) taught him the hymn. having thus spoken to your father I will. Sin perishes due to (the giving of) gifts. propitiate the lord with this hymn. I am the one who gives the fruit (to one) according to one's deeds. by the name Sankarsana. 0 you of a good vow. in her childhood. the man (i. 0 hero.e. Visnu vanished. I myself am injunction and prohibition both. Speaking so to Brahma about his own form formerly. viz. A man obtains (i. salvation). know me to be Brahman only. getting angry. in a moment became self'-possessed. said to him: "0 you. 0 Visnu.e. Visnu (i. I) appeared before him for granting him a boon. in whom the beings live. I am consciousness and joy. 28a. and have the form ofconsciousness. you will go to the best heaven of Visnu by means of your own deeds. listen to the account that took place formerly. immutable. I am the individual soul still sticking to the worldly defilements. by those who seek his (i. to brahmanas. To the world. For getting the (best) position (i. In this world I am not restrained by anyone except the lords of all. therefore. give a gift. 0 illustrious Vena.e. having sprung up from your body. you too are pure due to the birth of Prthu only. bright) . I t is the cause of everything. I am full of consciousness. 0 you best brahmana. 0 king. With the desire `Let me be many'. Desiring a good state (i. I (am the one). I am of the form of Brahman. fame takes place (i. best among all hymns. I should be respectfully known to be that Vasudeva.e. the giver of gifts) would go to a . 27. who in the form of the sinful naked one. 0 king. Being awake and full of reflection. way to) the best state (i. I have sought your refuge. 20-25. He too knowing his universality. do give gifts.' 0 you who love virtues. Since.e. I. the best. I am supposed to be unconcerned with the world when I am in the state of deep sleep. (and) I had granted him a boon. give me the best refuge. to cause you deviate from righteousness. of a great religious merit. Hara and Ke§ava. Full of the movements of the world and possessed of sense-organs and form I am (called) Taijasa (i.meditation. who had known (Anga's ) mind.e. 0 king. Tell (i. perform sacrifices like the horsesacrifice. When the time of the-maturity of a good gift that is given through faith arrives. 0 glorious one. 0 noble one. who give respect to others. Visnu. gave a curse to your mother.e. glory is obtained. Formerly the glorious Su§ankha. therefore I have (the epithet) Aniruddha.

Sins. One who has not given an excellent gift has eaten his own excrement. wise and far-seeing. and has himself eaten sweets. At the time of sunrise. three times. gifts of food. and in no other way. has unending merit. Like this he regularly gives food. and also by fasts withering up the body. Very fierce darkness destroys men. and also by means of astringent and bitter medicines. who would also offer water dedicated to me at midday and afternoon. (thus I do) in the form of a physician. sandal.sacred place-this is also the fruit of (his) religious merit. gold. I shall explain to you the occasional time (i.e.e. I give everything and whatever he desires with (i. after having bathed and worshipped his parents and gods gives. which is accompanied by weak digestion. What are the characteristics of the (proper) time (for giving a gift)? Being gracious to me. he has unending merit.e. as long as he has not given food. He. through selfishness. water. This is said to be the usual time (i. tambula. There is no doubt that one should give gifts at all the three times. tell me in detail the nature of a sacred place. and which causes fever and suffering.. 0 king. Other people enjoy his excellent.e. 0 king. a month. who. garments. flowers. then with terrible means I consume them. in) his mind. auspicious for those who desire to give gifts or offer worship. and gems etc. (which) gives enjoyments and happiness. he should thus purify his body by a severe expiation. ornaments. Tell me about the (proper) time of (i. burnt by the lustre of him only. b°rikrsna said 48b-57. 0 king of kings. if a person. This sun.e. learned. full of great power. if the sinners. which gives them great trouble. Now I shall tell you about the excellent occasional (charity). is thought to be the treasure of lustre by day. salvation). rich. my portion. if you have compassion for me. i. sweets. the rising sun)? When an auspicious time comes. flowers. or a day-that is. which keeps off all enjoyments. keeping faith in me. proper) characteristics of a worthy recipient. are reduced to ashes. He who has not made a gift (of food) to Brahmins and deities. 0 king due to the power of the time at which something is given. 0 king. there is no doubt about it. along with garments and ornaments. for giving) a gift.e. has committed a great sin. and for making daily and occasional gifts which would lead to the fourth (goal of life. Vena said 46b-48a. auspicious enjoyments as desired(?) What can (even)a powerful man do if lie has not given an excellent gift? I torment him through the form of a great sin. Vasudeva said 71 b-75. 0 great lord. To him. and the procedure of (giving) a gift. and also the good (i. he. time for regular charity). times for making occasional . sin perishes everywhere. 58-71a. a man (becomes) very intelligent. ointment. camphor etc. I shall tell you the time for regular and occasional charity and also for the optional one.e. virtuous. 0 lord of the world. what can be said about that which increases the religious merit of him who even gives water to my rising portion (i. drink. in the same way I certainly purify a sinner. with hot water and heating. by proper use of herbs. 0 best of men. I keep the excellent man away from food for a fortnight. accor ding to his capacity and with his mind purified by faith. fruits. As a cobbler cleanses the hide in the bowl with exudations from trees and expands it. Being displeased (with such persons) I generate in their bodies a disease. 0 great king. who desires his own well-being should not pass a day void (of gifts). gives a great gift to a worthy brahmana. have not given the regular gifts with a mind purified with faith.

or when the new moon day falls on Monday. Other excellent rivers are Devika. or it is a day called pitrksaya-all these are explained (by me) to you. I shall (now) explain to you the optional time (i. whether (they flow) through a village or a forest. (There are) 0 great king. To the man. Reva. 0 best king. when the mothers are worshipped. 0 great king. Streams and ponds are also said to be of the nature of sacred places. 0 king. I have just told you the time leading to prosperity. or on the anniversary days of the Manu-age etc. and also for giving gifts. The seven oceans only are of the nature of sacred places and are very meritorious. Rivers. are purifying everywhere. Kapila and the big (river) Visvatariiu. so also in all ditches excepting (temporary) wells. the lakes like Manasa etc. should be performed. the utterance of the (my) name should be done by saying: `This is Visnu's holy place'. and they are (to be found) everywhere on the globe. 0 best king. charity etc. who devoutly gives (a gift) intended for me to a brahmana. 0 king. are declared to be like them only. a sacrifice well-put (i. Due to the grace of the excellent holy places. and river Carmanvati. He gets the fruit of his merit due to (the utterance of) my name. Gharghara. Krsnagaiiga etc.e. (For offering gifts) on auspicious occasions there are many holy places of (i. is called (the time) leading to prosperity. performed) in a fire-chamber. when it is the new moon day or the full moon day or the Samkranti day. a sacrificial chamber. a chamber where Vedas are studied (is pure). so also that (of the fixing ceremony) of the site of wells. I have told (you about) these times which give fruits of one's deeds. Kaveri. (now) I shall tell you the characteristics of a sacred place. 0 best king. is (said to be) the best.. or Vyatipata or when it is Vaidhrti Ekadasi. so also the time of the installation of the palace-flag or of deities. heaven and salvation and many (other things). (the place) where a . and Vend destroying all sins. (Now) I shall tell you something else which removes affliction due to sin. A sacred place exists there. listen attentively and with a good mind. a man should not take bath etc. There is no doubt about this. a devotec should utter (the name of) me at the sacred places and (while presenting gifts) to gods. happiness. Among excellent holy places this Gaiiga shines. on the banks of) these (rivers). is pure like that. 0 great king.e. time for optional charity) for giving a gift which is fruitful. a man. I have told you the times called regular and occasional ones. 0 king. and also at a place where other sylvan marks (are present). one gets an inexhaustible fruit. 105-107a. or when it is the full moon day in Magha or Asadha. listen. one should just utter my name. A sacrificial place. (The river) Bhimarathya is declared always to cause fear to the sinners. mountains like Meru are also of the nature of holy places. I give. or Vai§akha or Kartika. 76-83. 0 king. Similarly a temple. Yamuna. 0 best ones. On the surface of the earth. 0 king. The best sages have told about the auspicious time for all vows in honour of gods etc.e. At these places acts like bath. lakes.gifts) and the merit (obtained by giving such gifts) . These are said to be sacred places. the Creator has made these rivers the mothers of the all-meritorious sacred places. (certain) very small rivers. houses. Tap!.e. I have (also) told you the time of death. In the houses a cow-pen. at the time of bathing at unknown excellent holy places. where the performer of a Somasacrifice would be (present) and also a grove where the meritorious Asvattha stands (is a sacred place). anywhere). without hesitation. Of all the sacrificial rites the nuptial one is the best. 0 best king. possessing merit. knowing (that this) death is (imminent). on their banks). 0 king. his tonsure-ceremony or thread-ceremony is performed. At this time (a man) should give gifts which bring about all (kinds of) success. and also the place where a sraddha is offered. I shall tell you the fruit of the gifts that are given on these (occasions). There is no doubt about it. when it is the day on which the elephant's shadow (falls towards the east). when the name of a holy place (on the banks) of those (rivers) is not known. (and also the rivers) Sarayu.. (and also) Godavari and Tuiigabhadra. 0 best king.e. and also those that lead to prosperity. 0 king. 0 prince. and (offering presents) to unknown deities. A sacred place exists there where there would be a pala§a or an udumbara tree or a bunyan tree. When the time of death has come. here and there (i. 0 king. I shall also tell you about the time leading to prosperity. causing comfort on (his) way to Yama. so also the time when the rite of the birth of a son. 0 best man. pools. and also father and mother. should give a gift. A sacred place is said to exist in them (i. (Others that are) mentioned are the holy (rivers) Sarasvati. 84-104. a house.

tranquil. is said to be a worthy recipient. who has very black teeth. truthful. . would not be proper at (the offering of) a §raddha. and also to him who is a traitor to his own school of the Vedas (Sakha). He obtains an unlimited fruit of such a gift (given) according to the proper procedure. or bad skin.e. of a great religious merit. a preceptor who is initiated. one having practised penance. under the thumb of) his wife. if his wife is engaged in imporper (acts). One should also avoid a brahmana (doing rites) relating to a dead body. engrossed in the worship of deities. These are said to be sacred places. to whom a gift should be given by the glorious ones purified by faith. endowed with qualities like these. Vdsudeva said 108b-127. one should avoid a brahmana who has slaughtered a cow. and avoided by heretics. also. 0 king. There is no religious merit like faith. knowing religion. who is a barbarian or is licentious or is short of a limb or has an extra one. listen to the good (i. meat eater). 0 very intelligent king. even if he is like Brahma. 0 king. being gracious through compassion tell me the characteristics of a worthy person to whom a gift should be given. he would be happy by my grace. One should not give a gift to a brahmana. 0 you highly intelligent one. Now I shall tell you about the gift which is fruitful and meritorious. A gift should not be given to a brahmana who is not content. One should avoid a brahmana who possessed conduct as laid down in the Vedas (yet) is not content. intelligent. Faith is produced by association with a holy place and worthy recipients and (practising charity at an auspicious) time. important) marks of a worthy recipient.e. 0 best man. and learned. I have heard from you the fruit of regular charity.e.e. or has dark-blue or yellow teeth. There is no doubt that that place where a good wife lives is a sacred place. there is no happiness like faith for beings in the worldly existence. (a brahmana) who has black teeth. also a lepor or one having bad nails. 0 best man. A gift should not be given to (a brahmana who is) a thief even though he is like Atri. Also one should avoid a oneeyed or very dark-blue (brahmana). 0 king. CHAPTER FORTY The Fruit of Occasional Charity Vena said 1-2. but void of good conduct. born in) a good family.e. and especially to a brahmana who is dishonest. my faith prompts me to hear it. 0 great king. and also a king's abode (is a sacred place). A brahmana endowed with (i. a king should give even a small gift into the hand of a worthy recipient. a gift should not be given to a brahmana who is conquered by (i. son-in-law having similar dispositions. other worthy recipients are these: sister's son-the best man. especially pure. devoted to the study of the Vedas. A man should remember me with faith. free from greediness. Vena said 107b-108a. restrained. a gift should not be given to a diseased brahmana.Purana is being recited. or (giving) a gift. 0 lord of kings. fit for presenting gifts. 0 best god. a brahmana. Visnu's devotee. or who eats the dead (i. 0 Madhava. wise. These are worthy recipients. also a bald-headed brahmana. I am not getting great satisfaction. By your grace (i. be gracious and) carefully tell me that fruit which is the fruit of occasional charity. daughter's son. 0 great king. A gift should not be given to (a brahmana who is) very obstinate. 0 best king. The Place where a good son stays is a holy place-there is no doubt about it. or the one where (one's) preceptor resides (is also sacred). 0 god. following Vedic practices.

who. long-lived. He should adorn it with garments and garlands and cover it with (a) silver (lid). and endowed with glory and merit are born. along with garments. Now I shall explain good fortune. He would reside in Visnu's world as long as the earth would remain. consecrated with Vedic hymns. I shall tell you the characteristics of great gifts which a man gives at a sacred place on a parvan (day) : he becomes a king. One should give a gift to a very meritorious brahmana with great care.e. Listen to the fruit of the gifts given to worthy recipients by a person with faith. Many (such sons) are born. a deserving recipient. A gift should be arranged (i. Then welladorning it. the best man. would become the lord of all enjoyments. He should also give twelve cows adorned with garments. O you very intelligent one. 0 prince. (a man should give) a great gift with a garment and gold to a brahmana at sacred places. A man inspired by the feeling of love for that gift gets a fruit like that. there is no doubt about this.e. gives to the best brahmana. He. and even by having faith in (giving it). he. The religious-minded one. after going to a sacred place. obtained by giving) that gift. in a holy country. given) dedicating it to Visnu. He becomes religious. 0 best king. worshipping it. the giver of a tawny cow enjoys all pleasures. on a great parvan day. resembling fire. would give an ornament to a brahmana. I shall explain to you (gifts given called) the occasional. he. He who gives a secret gift (to a brahmana) at a holy place on a parvan (day). having gone to a holy place with great effort. due to) the gift of a cow given after adorning her. There is no doubt about this. obtains imperishable treasures). By giving the gift which proceeds (i. who gives an elephant. Having properly found a sacred place and (the proper) time. 11 b-29a. 0 great king. He takes his family to heaven for a thousand kalpas. Giving (i. When the great parvan (day) arrives. should present a golden cow to a glorious brahmana. enjoys pleasures of Indra. I shall tell you (about) the auspicious fruit of that gift : (to him) many very virtuous sons. he should present it to a glorious brahmana.e. he who gives). He lives there as long as Brahma would live. quickly has an imperishable attainment of treasures (i. he who gives gifts) becoming a master of knowledge. would become a devotee of Visnu. sports with Indra after having enjoyed many pleasures. He gets happiness and religious merit. 0 king. 0 great king.e. gold along with garments to a brahmana for peace. is given) in sacrifices etc. he should give (gifts) with faith. a man has increase in his intellect and does not get unhappiness. There is no doubt about this. who gives a gift of land or a cow when the great parvan (day) arrives. He should then give sixteen cows with bell-metal udders.e. He should fill a big golden pitcher with ghee. 0 best king. accompanied by servants. ornaments and decorations. 8b-11 a. That donor. powerful and very intelligent one becomes a very lustrous king and is unconquered by all beings. It is said that such a man (i. he. having obtained a divine position. proficient in the Vedas.e.Visnu said 3-8a. a chariot or a horse (to a brahmana) becomes the best king. That would lead to great religious merit. Now among the (gifts) I shall tell about (the gift to be given at the time of death). 0 king of kings. food along with land when a great parvan (day) arrives. having progeny. (he should) also (give) four (cows) and a gift (to a brahmana) along with gold. I have thus explained (gifts) leading to good fortune. ornaments and decorations to a separated (living in a lonely place?) brahmana. such and other gifts (should be given). while alive. he should (then) worship it with sixteen pure articles of worship. would live happily in heaven. Knowing that the end of the body . according to his desire. The religious-minded. 0 great king. He. having valour equal to that of Visnu rejoices in Vaikuntha. endowed with faith. There is no doubt about it.e.. When a great parvan (day) comes. and a brahmana's residence. who. 0 highly intelligent one. ample wealth (also comes to him). furnishing her with gold and with garments. Ample glory full of gifts and enjoyments is produced. 0 you very intelligent one. a (man). I shall tell you about the religious merit of (i. I (shall) tell you about the fruit and enjoyment of (i. enjoys pleasures properly. O best brahmana. Visnu said 29b-46. He should furnish it with a garland of flowers and make it adorned with a sacred thread.

devoted to her husband. All of them.(i. With faith he set out. and was dear to her husband. She spoke the truth. afflicted by grief and by false attachment. 0 great king. He. In it lived a vaisya by name Krkala. 0 dear one. Tell me also in detail how one's preceptor is a holy place. 0 great king. The chaste wife (i. varied vehicles and carriages. by (giving) these gifts a man goes happily along Yama's path.e. is obtained by a wife through serving her husband. Krkala) was an excellent man. was wise and virtuous. Therefore. friends and relatives weep (for him). Her limbs were auspicious. All that fruit-the religious merit. and reflect upon salvation. no other holy place befits young women. She had a good son and she was charming and auspicious. He was always intent upon listening to the Puranas and religious practices as told by the scriptures. The husband is full of all religious merit.e. She. which an initiated man gets after the performance of sacrifices. many water-vessels with water. does not give anything. and performed good deeds. 0 great king. Therefore gifts are given. He should not entertain (any) hope about any one. There is no doubt about it. is overcome with thirst and hunger. various kinds of perfumes and camphor. The woman. was very chaste. It is like taking a bath at Prayaga or Puskara. I propitiate the god i. other relatives and friends in my absence after my death?' A man deluded by infatuation for them.e. gold. Sukald said 9-19a. a pair (of) garments. he knew various religious practices. water.e. and loyal to her husband. and being afflicted by old age. I am your religiously wedded wife. forget the gifts and never give them. Waiting (i. Sri Visnu said 2-8. tambula. The husband is full of all holy places. always engaged in religious practices. and afflicted by gifts. looking) for the path of (i. resolve (to give) gifts. with his mind confused. drink. a wise man should himself give food. she was always pure. of greedy minds. endowed with these qualities. and no other holy place gives them heaven or salvation. with the caravan of brahmanas on a pilgrimage. for women) there is no other duty than serving the husband. For them (i. 0 you highly intelligent one. meritorious and auspicious. and the left one as Puskara. and practise merit with you. Except the husband. helping you and giving you pleasure. death) has come near. by . an umbrella. I shall never give up your proximity. a woman should look upon the right foot of her husband as Prayaga. Merit is produced by taking bath with the water (falling) from his feet. 0 best brahmana. and when the false attachment is over. Resorting to your shadow. he should give a gift. being stupefied by her love for her husband. 0 best king.e. If he would desire (if' he desires) much happiness he should give (to a brahmana) shoes that give comfort on the path to (the abode of) Yama. which destroys the sins of women and gives them a good position. to whom do sons and grandsons belong? To whom does the wife belong? In this worldly existence none belongs to none (else). on the bank of) Gainga. The vaisya (i. There was a great city (named) Varanasi along with (i. is extremely unhappy on the path to (the abode of) Yama. through serving her husband that fruit which would accrue to one by having had pilgrimage to excellent holy places like Gaya.e. my husband.e. CHAPTER FORTYONE The Story of Sukald Vena said 1. who would be solely devoted to her husband. When he is dead. 0 best king.e. followed by) my husband. 0 best one. she had a lovable form. His wife. named Sukala. (He should not entertain thoughts like:) `What will happen to my sons. I. who is dead. I shall practise the excellent mode of behaviour called loyalty to my husband. was fortunate. Sukala). they. He proceeded on the religious path (of the pilgrimage). The one. I am telling it in brief. shall. is called meritorious. dies. said (these) words to her husband. Tell me how the son (or) the wife (or) the father (or) the mother is a holy place. She obtains. Listen to me who am telling it. 0 dear.

Then (her) friends came there. 0 king. come (with you). I shall not eat ghee. therefore she is unable to go (i. (This) woman of a beautiful face is the abode of my pleasure. (They said:) "0 Sukala. Having heard all those many words uttered by his beloved (wife). have you seen that Krkala. my husband). he went with the caravan without her knowledge." That Sukala of a charming speech. oppressed by grief and sorrow for her husband. visited a sacred place. Visnu said 29b-32a. has even given up the Dharma of ten constituents. 0 you glorious ones. I . she put on one bodice (only). She will meet with severe pain. I shall never abandon you". Dasanga Dharma-The ten constituents of Dharma as mentioned in the Vamana Purapa (14. she (even) did not feel hungry. well-being to you. at the auspicious time of the worship of deities and at (other) auspicious time. having considered her beauty.e. curd and milk. and was unclean. thus addressed by the intimate persons.e. forbearance." Thus she was full of grief. I cannot take her). now take me (with you) ". (then) tell me. She is the ruler of my life. She is always the abode of religious merit. tell (us) the cause of your grief:" Sukald said 50b-56a. 1. who has abandoned his well-behaved and religious wife. why . 0 dear one. purity and penance.e. The glorious one again said to her husband who had started: "0 best one. is full of) stones. they said to the very intelligent one: "0 you auspicious one of a good vow. oil. Visnu said 32b-50a. restraint. That my righteous husband has gone for (obtaining) religious merit. beautiful in all limbs. That my lord has gone after leaving me who am faultless and sinless. Krkala. Thus being unhappy. as she says) I shall take her (with me) along the difficult path causing great grief. character. That devout Sukala wept piteously in agony.e. I shall (just) go all alone. and also (chewing) tambula.' The glorious Krkala thought (like this) for a moment. She was parched up by the fire of separation. She gave out sounds like `ha ha'. of an excellent complexion. and having repeatedly advised his wife. The path is rough and has (i.' Therefore. Having thus spoken to her. This will not be otherwise. your husband Krkala has. and was extremely afflicted. Krkala laughed and again said to her : "0 dear one. omniscient. 0 you of a beautiful face. is like the interior of a lotus. listen. her body (had become) black. 0 you beautiful one. 0 you highly intelligent one. Weeping. he. by following you). and very much afflicted. she did not get sleep at night. read) the thought in his mind. non-stealing. sighed. (She said:) "Till my husband comes. truthful and wise Krkala of me (i. if you have seen that magnanimous.1-2) are: harmlessness. charity." Hearing those words of (i. her beauty will wither due to being shaken by cold and heat. O best king. she quickly got up and asked her friends. There is no doubt about this. and she became unclean. and weeping day and night. the lord of my life? He has gone somewhere. virtue and devotion and having again and again given a thought to her delicacy (thought): `If like this (i. What will be her plight.e. righteousness) of a man. I shall (also certainly) perish in this world. again went home. This one is always my livelihood. she knew (i. not demeaning oneself. Why do you weep? Having visited a great sacred place.e. the lady of an auspicious face did not at all see her husband Krkala. men should not leave (back) their innocent wives. 0 illustrious one. She is always dear to my life. meritorious. She also remained with only one garment (on her person). of meritorious deeds. Visnu said 19b-29a.are you weeping now? 0 you of a beautiful face. I shall not take her to the forest (and) to the holy place. Her body. she also gave up (eating) sweet (things) like jaggery etc. Her feet are very delicate. and asked Sukala.e. (She said to them:) "0 you illustrious ones." She gave up (eating) salt. It will be dark due to the cold stormy gale. very much emaciated. He is roaming over the earth for pilgrimage. (She said:) "Till my husband returns I shall eat once a day or will not eat anything at all. he will come (back). when her body would be encompassed by hunger and thirst? This woman of a beautiful body is my support. very intelligent. the wife who is religiously obtained is not to be aban doned. on the occasion of a pilgrimage. When thus that glorious Krkala had left. I shall sleep on a bed on the ground. 0 king. quiescence. When this young woman will perish.resorting to your shadow (i. she wore a single braid of hair. truthfulness. Realising this. O king. uttered by) her. You are my relatives. broken (down) by grief. this is the root of Dharma (duty. and perturbed.

always lives all alone.e.is always a great holy place. and (is) sacred for the wives (i. would be a sinful one. glory. (and) not that woman who always performs sacrifices.e. charming and auspicious wife practises good vow for her husband (only). gods and men are pleased (with her). body and deeds. you are grieving in vain. the husband is a holy place. The husband is the lord. A relation is produced due to the power of religious merit. One has connection with none else.e. When her husband is pleased with her. it is better to destroy (my) body. relatives and kinsmen belong? In this mundane existence nobody belongs to anybody else. If on the globe there would be a wife without (i. how can she have happiness. it is better to enter fire.e. glory. In the scriptures the husband is always described as the sacred place for women. all her beauty. garments.e. you are uselessly giving up pleasures. form. 0 prince. If a woman puts on an elegant dress (etc. she gets the fruit of the gifts which he gives and the merit (he collects) when he performs a sacrifice. gifts. Therefore. 0 friends. that woman who desires great . decorations. good fortune (in the form of her husband being alive). bath. complexion and fragrance. but forsaking the husband is not better. When a woman. The friends said 56b-60. I am always afflicted by that separation. who.) except on the auspicious parvan days. having resorted to him. form. visiting) a sacred place. She should always invoke him by means of speech. beauty. it is better (for the wife like me) to destroy my life (i. There is no doubt that when the husband is pleased in the existence.e. separated from her husband. Drink drinks. fame and merit. It is better to end my life.) when her husband is dead. the husband is the preceptor. she shines with elegant dresses and ornaments when her husband is (with her). will come (back). listen. 0 young lady. enjoy is the fruit (that is got) from the worldly existence. the wife is pleasing to the sight. She would always be sinful and would behave unpleasantly. ornament. or at Dvaraka or at Avanti. or Kedara at (the temple of) Siva. the husband is the deity along with other deities. The glorious. She puts on an elegant dress. fame and sons on the earth? She experiences great misfortune and unhappiness in the worldly existence. enjoy (the fruit of) what you yourself have given before. but that woman. Good people do not honour her. and the fruit that he gets (by bathing) at Varanasi in Ganga. to whom does the husband belong?) To whom do the sons. People call her a prostitute on the earth. ornaments. 0 friends. she should always mentally worship him. When a very cruel husband (like mine) leaves his dear wife and goes (away). 0 friends. and she is called an unchaste woman. who has gone on a pilgrimage. what (people) drink. When a being is dead. enjoy. your husband. segregated from) her husband. always meritorious and loyal to my husband.am a chaste woman of good behaviour. good fortune in the form of a son. has left me and gone. Sukald said 61-83. When a woman. the wife). You are unnecessarily drying up your body. I am unable to put up with the everterrible separation from him. the earth) the youth. (all that) becomes fruitless. Intent upon truthful thoughts. such a fruit she never obtains. Whatever you have said is not approved by the Vedas. practises another mode of life (than the one that is prescribed). it is better to eat poison. complexion (etc. all the deities are pleased. when her husband is alive. The side of the husband(especially) his right side. Therefore. that is (just) the fruit of the worldly existence. you are tormenting yourself to no purpose. When her husband is pleased. 0 friends. being extremely afflicted by separation (from him) I am grieving. (People) eat. or at Puskara. sages. That (my) husband intent on getting (i. Whose is the husband? (i. On the globe (i. 0 young lady. lives in the house. lustre.) is reduced to the form of a dead body. A wife is said to be one who has good sons and good reputation. In the Vedas she is always said to be with her husband. beauty and form of women is certainly said to be for the husband alone. Your lord. Without the husband she is like milk in the mouth of a serpent. (By resorting to her husband) the woman of an excellent complexion always obtains a beautiful face. to commit suicide). ornaments (etc. There is no doubt that she gets all (this) through the grace of her husband. who would enjoy or see its fruit? 0 young lady. He is also her sentiment of love.

e. has come. (but) the king. in this great forest. gave the (following) answer to her : "0 dear one. he knew everything. 7b-l7. will kill me. 0 dear one. Therefore. 0 great king. holding a bow. the very lustrous one. Hearing the (sound of) hogs. commit evils in the inaccessible caves of the mountain. Sukald said 2-7a.the best king. Having reached a forest (on the bank) of Ganga. This king. elephants and buffaloes. his wife was ever meritorious and devoted to her husband. who are sinful and cunning. grandsons.happiness on the earth. How would (my) husband forsake (me)? In this connection. the meritorious leader of people. Manu's son. The husband is described in the scriptures to be the highest Dharma of the wife. accompanied by) a large herd of boars and (his) sons and grandsons. the great hunters. I shall go away to a mountain or a mountain-cave. greater than the world. grandsons and wife : "0 darling. With (other) boars and hogs she surrounded him only. there is no doubt that he. after seeing me." The female hog said 18-19. power and valour. . Hearing her words. is enjoying hunting. the brave and illustrious king of Ka§i. listening to which) destroys sins. He knew the rules of conduct. a wife should not abandon that eternal Dharma. and he honoured gods and brahmanas. 0 friends. full of great joy. seeing my form. (Now) seeing this lord of kings and the best of men. I shall again go to a sinful (existence). The hog. to be the Dharma. he was exclusively devoted to religious ends. enjoyed. tell me the reason. always conceive many sins. and is destroying many beasts. Manu's son. the king of hogs. should never remain without her husband. lived in Ayodhya.e. a boar. I have certainly no danger to my life from other hunters. remained very courageously with his wife and by his sons. who was (thus) sporting. and was devoted to the vow of truth. an ancient account is heard. There is no doubt that the great king. what will you do? 0 dear one. accompanied by dogs and surrounded by hunters. Sudeva was beautiful in all limbs. you see many hunters equipped with many weapons. With her he performed many sacrifices and (visited) various holy places. 0 dear one. a king of the nature of Visnu. They all are always wicked. King Iksvaku married her. (by) killing lions. In front of him. You have told (about her). devoted to truthful conduct. CHAPTER FORTYTWO Iksvdku Goes Ahunting The friends said I . along with these my sons and grandsons. elders and young ones after having taken the shelter of a mountain. will not forgive me. seeing the king of kings who was difficult to conquer and who was engaged in hunting. Who is that Sudeva about whom you talked? Tell us as to how she behaved. This. boars. with arrows in his hand. glorious king. he always enjoyed hunting. knowing the great slaughter of those beasts (in the forest). and with your heart dejected through great fear. and are born in the families of sinners. run away. It is the meritorious account of Sudeva. the hog said to his sons. his beloved. listen why I am afraid of a great hunter and go away. The great. scared of an untimely death. I know. was the daughter of Vedaraja. Once that great king went with her to a forest. His only beloved female hog remained by his side. the boar. Tell us the truth. that (i. arrived. you give up your great courage. will come here. the very powerful and brave lord of Kosala. 0 darling. I am scared of dying at their hands. whenever. Iksvaku by name. 20-32. adorned with (i. (for) though I die (after being shot by them). Sudeva. With her.

roam on the mountain. as the night without the moon. (or) a family without a son (does not shine). by means of my own lustre I shall conquer the king. what will be the condition of this herd without you? 0 dear one. as they are protected by your lustre. similarly this (herd) does not (shine without you). Knowing that death is easy (i. his beloved. The herd. I shall not be able to sustain my life without you. go to the mountain. This Visnu has come. Give up your folly (i. committed in another (i. killed by him) I shall go to that highest position of Visnu. (or) as a caravan does not (shine) without its leader. Fortune also has laid open the gates of heaven for me. 0 you very valorous one. former) existence. 0 you female hog. brothers and sisters. giving up your love for me. we two-you and I-taking the sons and grandsons and the excellent herd (with us) shall go to an inaccessible place with a big cave. Abandoned by you. As an army does not shine without a general. I shall go to the best heaven. One goes to fight (only) after abandoning (i. (so) I went to the mountain-peaks. confounded and senseless. on the battlefield I shall fight with valour and bravery with the glorious one. I shall (now) wash the former. dying at the hands of the king)? The boar said 52-60a. garments. golden ornaments. food. 0 dear one. It will be helpless like a brahmana without (the study of) the Veda. Fearless on account of your lustre. mother-in-law.e. forest-bowers. they are not very much scared of lions and men in inaccessible places. have) a happy course after going (from here).O dear one. I am telling you the truth and the truth only. daughters and children in the family. This one. they eat well the bulbs and roots.e. with the thunderbolt in his hand. similarly this army of hogs (does not shine) without you. (If I am) killed in the battle by that best hero. father. being prepared to abandon) one's life. with her heart sinking. 0 you glorious one. clothes. of which you are the lord. with you alone I shall enjoy heaven. Now listen to it. adorned by you only. (or) as a house without a lamp never shines. remove) the pride (of your enemies).e. grandsons. would come easily) how are you having such a pledge? O dear lord. By his hand (i. brothers and other kinsmen and relatives. when I meet with death at his hands.e. in the same way this (herd) does not shine (without you). father-in-law and others. (or) as a king does not shine without (good) counsel. villages and cities and on this mountain. Similarly. I shall enjoy incomparable fame on the earth. (and) on seeing (this king practising) piety. Having entrusted the responsibility of the family to me you are going (to fight). and taking with you our sons. terrible accumulation of sins with the water of hundreds of very sharp and whetted arrows. by the accumulation of which. the herd does not at all shine without you. If a warrior . As a boat full (of goods) does not (go on well) in an ocean without a fisherman. earth or even hell. 0 friends. all these young sons of me will be afflicted.e. The female hog said 34-51. I went agitated. my young sons." Sukala said 33. friends. 0 beautiful one. Tell me now what gain will there be in death (i.e.e. I was not scared like this. was born in) the species of hogs. Due to your lustre. 0 you highly intelligent one. If. 0 you. (and) I (shall) go to Visnu's world. The lord of the earth will be highly satisfied with the flesh and marrow of my body. A beautiful woman does not at all look charming without her husband. I went there as I was afraid of a sinful (hunter). Due to him I shall have glory on the earth and in the three worlds. having heard those words of the magnanimous hog. she does not shine without her husband. has come. Due to him the deities of the good worlds will be gratified. All these young ones will never see (i. who cut off (i. it will be a gain and excellent fame for me. then spoke. I have remained (here). shines. (shines) being adorned by sons.e. You do not know the excellent way of life of the brave. I shall go to Visnu's heaven. (Even though she is) decorated with divine. foolish love) for me. grandsons. O lord of the herd. I went to (i. mother.e. O you highly intelligent one. I do not know my former sin. due to your power only these roaring boars. As a man does not shine without (good) behaviour. (or) an ascetic does not shine without knowledge. The herd.

Life is happy. fearful (words). god of death) has arrived. All of them full of power and lustre remained after having grouped themselves into an array. avoiding skilful hunters. extremely fearless due to his valour. I have to go where this (my lord) will go. is not ready to have) a fight with (that) other man through desire. I must go there only where he (i. he would dwell in the world of the brave for twenty thousand years. saw (there) the king's son. stinking with the bad smell of insects. 74-75. has come. CHAPTER FORTYTHREE The Boar Gives a Tough Fight to Iksvaku Sukala said . The welcome guest asking for a fight. after drinking the holy milk of his mother. go away. Therefore.e. If he. This very terrible king. The welcome guest in the form of the eternal Visnu asking for a fight. listen. goes to) the world of the brave and enjoys divine pleasures. he obtains (i. In this way depression of spirits for the sake of Dharma and Artha (moral duty and worldly interest) overcame them. greed or delusion. your protector. There is no fear for anyone. listen to my words. This your eldest brother will protect the herd. 0 auspicious one.e. and during that period he is honoured with the practices of gods. of the form of Kala (i. this (god of) death will kill (you). but shall take our mother (with us).desiring to fight with another warrior. how shall I (be able to) see your valour when you would fight with the magnanimous king ? 61 b-66. all of a sudden. My good sons. Full of daring courage and energy. and of the form of the eternal Visnu has arrived. You have both. we shall leave (our) father here only. I must certainly give it. I must offer him a reception in the form of a fight. Here comes the brave son of Manu. then. my lord) will go. The sons said 71-73. This best mountain is full of many roots. Saying so.e. He goes to a very terrible and fearful hell. listen. and goes (away) leaving his mother and father. uttered these. is killed while fighting. she said (to them) : "0 sons. go away. 0 dear one. 0 my good sons.e. If the fight fought by him after going to the battlefield is won by him. becomes shameless and spiritless. goes to him (and says) : `Fight with me. roaring and sporting. 0 mother. leaving me (here). The female hog said 69-70. and with valour. Longing for hunting. goes to a pussy hell. tell us the reason for all this. I have come (here) to fight (with you)'." The sons said 67-68. As long as (this my) lord. they. asking for a fight. and hurriedly calling her dear sons. He. The female hog said 60b-61 a. 0 dear one. He is the very powerful and unassailable son of Manu. There is no doubt. all of you. he enjoys great glory and fame. who goes (away) after abandoning his mother and father is wicked-hearted. He who. All these (your) uncles will protect you. 0 (my) children. you go away to the inaccessible opening of a mountain-cave. There is no doubt that it is the highest duty of ksatriyas to fight (when challenged to fight). (and if the man) does not give (i. he would dwell in the Kumbhipaka hell for a thousand yugas. remains here. live there happily. named Iksvaku. 0 dear one. 0 my good sons. fruits and much water. he sports in the forest by killing many beasts.

buffaloes and the ruru deer. 0 dear one. All of them went to the hog with the speed of wind. irresistible hog having large fangs and mouth. It was adorned with beautiful flowers of many colours and with various trees. and decorated with pieces of plantain trees.e. The tawny. today only I shall kill him with good. resembling pearls. sarala. It shone with aerial cars. The hunters stood by the king standing before them. Sukala said 23-27. of a truthful behaviour "0 darling. 0 best king. 0 king. rudraksa." 28-31. women). Caranas. Manu's son." The brave ones. tamala. Thus those boars stood up for fighting. The best mountain with its white slabs of stone washed everywhere. said to the hunters : "0 very brave ones. with golden staffs and wives (i. speaking thus to his wife. In front (of him) the brave hunters and the fast dogs were going to the place where the brave. full of gems and minerals and adorned with various kinds of trees. the archer with arrows in his hands. bakula. best meditating saints who had attained divine powers and who lived in its caves. which shone with pure drops of water. kill him who is proud of his strength. The delighted hog said to her very dear wife : "0 dear one. The mountain shone with the confluences bristling with the streams of rivers. brave (king). sages. The foresters pierced the hog of a brave form with volleys of sharp arrows and various weapons and missiles. see. ran fast. He came to the bank of Ganga on the best mountain Meru. It shone with the meditating saints. It shone by the groves of coconut trees and divine betal-nut trees. spoke to them. was very lofty and high. the great hog resorted to the mountain-peak. after having resorted to the bank of Ganga on the Meru-land. covered) by gods. having the heap of the rays of the sun. was endowed with excellent beauty. had reached the sky itself. fat. and also with many divine substances. variegated with various gems. having pure water and with peaks standing together. strong boar (remained) with his wife. sala. the brave lord of Ayodhya. He remained. and proceeded with the dogs. The great and very mighty king was full of great joy. roaring hog. The mountain was decorated with reddish ketakaflowers." Then the very lustrous king. I shall just have the battle delighting gods and demons. The king is having the sport of hunting with me as the target. and desireyielding trees giving divine powers. the arrows (discharged by them) ." Thus the hero. 20-22. candana. Mounted upon a horse. The pleasing. see the very powerful. Siddhas. was beautified by many elephants that moved (on it). small pools. (was there) with his wife and the army having four constituents. rising from the pure stream of the Ganga due to the crowds of people. (also) with campakaflowers. The very brave one will come to me only to fight (with me). That lord of mountains always shone with highly intoxicated elephants. and also the extensions of many creepers and with lotuses. best elephants. and roaring.e. It was variegated with minerals of various kinds. (named) Iksvaku. It was full of divine trees and crystal-slabs. accompanied by his attendants and irresistible for the hunters. plump-bodied. It was adorned with flowers of divine white lotuses. Arrows and javelins were discharged by the hunters. The lord of mountains looked beautiful with deep lakes. Vidyadharas. He stood after arranging his great herd in an array. bevies of celestial nymphs. Kinnaras and Gandharvas. and also with charming streams and many fountains. The great king saw them resorting to the groves of sala and tala. Vidyadharas the mountain shone with (trees) like srikhanda. he was ready with his army having four constituents. (He came to the mountain) which best mountain. tigers and herds of deer. who was delighted. having power. urge on the hog. sharp arrows. Then all the hunters. Surrounded (i. the mighty lord of the Koala country has come.1-8. lustre and valour. Hearing those words of them the brave son of Manu (said) : "Seize the bravehog. roared very fearfully. (and caused by) waves and ripples on the banks. protected by many old and young hogs. the brave son of Manu. Sukala said 9-19. fascinated by the rapture of hunting became ready and furnished with armours. said to (his wife) Sudeva. Sukala said 32-35. It was adorned with sarabhas.

though warded off. killed many boars. being frightened. some. The brave lord of Kosala. The hog. who are brave. wet with the streams of blood. Then the angry hog having bravely cut off the nooses. he suddenly collected (his army) for the destruction of the boar. Struck by (hunters) giving strong strokes.e. traps and tubular organs of the body had fallen here and there. He went to the place where the king was. hit. the hog's) mouth shone and flashed like lightning. He sent elephants. struck with his mouth and cut off the horses and elephants of the brave (soldiers). On the battlefield. the king) did not want to fight. Many thousands of warriors. the warriors that were struck (down)." 45-59. of a huge body and giving out a sound (i.e. 36-43. and many hunters were killed by the boars.e.showered on the mountain as clouds would shower on the earth. the protector of the herd.e. The divine king. 44. nooses.e. lay on the ground. and with his eyes red due to anger. died and went to heaven. bowers and interiors of caves. remained only with his wife and five or seven . Angrily he struck the brave footsoldiers with the sharp fore-part of his fang. The hog skilled in fighting again desired to fight (with Iksvaku). The king. Some boars fled away. The horses and elephants that had gone to him. giving up (i. Thinking that he was the enemy of gods in the form of a hog. cut off into pieces.e. killed the hunters. the hunters that were dead (i. unconquerable in war. The angry hog. The hog saw the roar of (i. why should you. The fangs in his (i. pierced by hogs with the tips of their fangs. Some hunters. fought with one another. He went forth along with great boars. and each one of the rest was pierced by his relatives (i. my soldiers). remained in the battlefield.e. not seize him through your prowess? (Just) fight there with him with (your) whetted and sharp arrows. fellow-warriors). they dropped on the ground. The king said : "0 (my) armies (i. Due to his speedy whirlings the hands and feet of a steady (person) dropped down. Being angry he struck the trunk of an elephant and being delighted. The lordly hog very much resisted and frightened the lord of the Iksvakus and was angry. he was pierced with volleys of arrows by certain huge excellent warriors. At times he would show (i. roared. He (i. seeing that boar.e. resorted to inaccessible places. Being struck and red with blood. 0 king. finding him to have the valour like that of Visnu. with the strokes of his sword. and some. The son of Manu saw the hog in that condition. 0 best king. remained (there only). The hog. Then the brave hog. at places he was not seen. he destroyed) his enemies. and the brave one illumined the heroes with his own lustre. Hearing the words of that noble one who was angry. sharp teeth and claws. The boars. cause) fear. proud of his strength. who had gone to fight. With his sons and grandsons he would destroy (i. and proudly making the hurihkara sound. The hunters struck by his fang in the war fell down. Here and there. On all sides snares. speedy chariots and hunters holding arrows and swords along with (missiles called) bhusundi and mallets and having nooses in their hands. Then all the hogs and hunters.e. shaking the earth with the front part of his mouth. At places he was seen. The mighty ones hit the hog difficult to conquer in battle with the strokes of discs and throws of bolts. struck the sinless king. fighting. There the boars died and dogs gave up their life (i. invincible in the battle. seeing the valour of the boar regarded him like Yama. died). struck in all directions. and pierced him with sharp arrows. and they fell on the battlefield. Delighted with fighting. and pierced the hog in battle. They were delighted and aimed at him. The boars were killed by the hunters. with their eyes red with anger. and seeing the very powerful and huge opposing army. the son of Manu was thrilled with joy. the roaring) hunter coming to him. all the soldiers stood together to fight. at the cost of) their life. some were killed. thundering) like the clouds. resorting to fighting. moved on the battlefield. with the nails of his toes. was completely vanquished by hundred (of hunters). at times he would crush the horses. the hog. crushed the brave soldiers and made an inviolable sound. that were killed) . who had remained on the battlefield.e.e. and the lustre on his face was destroyed when struck with his fang. he desired to fight with Iksvaku (king) in the forest.

Siddhas and Caranas witness (things creating) delight. He would manifest his mother's blemish. obtains the fruit of performing a horse-sacrifice and goes to Indra's heaven. gods of great prowess.e. 0 dear one. and having well conversed with each other. There is no doubt that when the brave one conquers his enemies in a battle. When a man. moved forward facing him (i. and giving delight to great heroes. speedily moved in front of him.e. is delighted and goes forth (to fight). He. (but) a lion does (i. sages. sacred) bath in Bhagirathi is had at every step. When I run away. He. she said : "I am bound by your bonds." 77b-82. He (who) is delighted at seeing the array of sharp arms. When the lord of the herd of boars saw the king. 0 dear one. Hearing the words of him. by the hog) who was difficult to be stopped. As the cloud thunders in the sky in the rainy season. goes home. 0 you beautiful one. the herd of boars will perish. fleeing from the battle through greed. 0 you. facing (his enemy). where the heroes present themselves. all alone) he. and go. and enjoys a divine maiden.e. he enjoys glory and many pleasures. When now that (fight) has come by.e. 3-7. emancipate the men (of his family). endowed with valour. unbearable hog. Seeing his own irresistible army completely vanquished by him (i. with the tips of his hoofs. in a battle). the killer of his enemies." 60-77a. Therefore I shall kill (the enemies) . leaving the holy battlefield through greed or fear. Yama) would put him to pain (i. how should I. who. CHAPTER FORTYFOUR The Boar Dies Fighting Sukala said 1-2." Thus the two desiring the good of each other. whose head would bleed while fighting). 0 dear one. unsupported (i. here (i. flees. the excellent king. challenged). 0 you glorious one.e. The female hog again spoke to that hog. when broken I shall go (away). which he gets). with me and these children move (to a safe place). The inhabitants of the three worlds watch him who has fled from the battle(-field). being broken. who is fighting. The courageous king. how should I flee (from battle) and go (away)? There is no doubt that on the battlefield I shall fight with this courageous Iksvaku-king. and taking a bow and an arrow resembling the destructive fire at the end of the world. take these young ones with you. 0 you beautiful one. the lord of Kosala. gives up his life.grandsons (ready) to fight. go (away from it)? Listen to the fruit of him (i. There is no doubt about it. (now) listen (to the description of him).e. and observed the enemies. who faces (the enemy) and would drink blood from his own head (i. dear to her :"O dear one. decided to fight. When. on seeing the battle. There is no doubt about it. mounted upon a horse. Thus excellent power is observed in the species of boars. and would. the son of Manu. he would go to the highest place. (and) the very intelligent. Live happily. All the three worlds are present there. The pleased hog said to his very dear wife. with my sons I shall cast my life in front of you. dives into the divine river and goes to the other end of the holy place. the hog). he would be a sinner.e.e. crowded with weapons. and is called a woman.e. called the sentiment of love. who was afflicted : "Broken (like this) where shall I go? (Now) there is no place (for me) on the earth. who remove the pride (of others). he roared along with his beloved and would challenge (i. inflict pain upon him). He goes to Visnu's world. and curse and again and again laugh at the shameless sinner. with a horse's speed. can) not drink water by (remaining) between two hogs. A hog drinks water by (remaining) between two lions. King Dharma (i. who. Here (i. For him a great (i.e.e. brave Iksvaku. and which are the playthings of joy.e. The noble one saw the roaring hog. mounted upon the back of a horse and . Thus I know piety. I know piety causing many auspicious results. the king got angry with the cruel. in a battle) are present sacrifices and holy places.

he went forth to him on the battle field. fall on) the ground. The hog.e. On him a great heap of flowers was accumulated and the fragrance was as it were of the Santanaka flowers. fell on. I shall overpower (my) enemies in the battle. the ground after being struck (by the king). he became one having four hands.e. By what means shall I protect my sons?' Thus being engrossed in thinking. befitting) the species of a hog. as long as I am (alive). 8-11. very much afflicted. who takes the three younger brothers to a mountain-cave by abandon ing the father and the mother. Out of them the eldest son (said) : "How shall I with a strong desire to save my life go away abandoning my mother? How pitiable is my mother's good life? I shall retaliate my father's enmity.' Having well determined (like this) she thought about her sons : `When my four sons. he just went to the excellent abode of Visnu. Also the brave.e.e.e. young ones) and remained (there). He goes only to hell crowded with crores of worms. 2-8. and seeing the narrow passage on the mountain. He roared with sounds of (i. (She thought:) `My husband got what he had thought (i. Being pondered over by the king." 9-11. When. he. who was in the midst of the battlefield. fearful. very brave hog also will have (the best position in heaven).e. she said to those sons who were very much confused: "0 sons. the great sinner. went to the soles of the feet of the horse. when struck with a sharp arrow of (i. Then the king just went to (i. was speedily struck with a mace by the Koala-king seated in his chariot. O king. With a quick mind (i. The noble one has gone to heaven by means of (having performed) this act. CHAPTER FORTYFIVE The Female Hog Fights Back Sukala said 1. The horse. Seeing her dear (husband) killed along with the family in the great war. how shall I. being fully pleased. terrible (dogs) came (to her)." 12-15.e.) Let my three . and then giving up his body.e. go (away) quickly. decision) he overstepped him with a very sharp speed. The best hog. said to him: "O son. I shall be a great sinner if I abandon you here. she tried to find out an extensive (i. His form was divine. by) the king. The lord (i. he being greatly honoured by the king of gods and (other) gods. The horse was afflicted by the hog. He had (on his person) divine garments. I too shall go along the same path to heaven. is of a sinful mind. go by abandoning you (here)? (i. the noble. showered on him sandal with saffron. my husband) waits (there for me). casting his former body here only. Then all the hunters with nooses in their hands went to the female hog. Gods. wide) path to go out. 0 great king.e. the female hog took her four children (i. Having made up her mind about her sons. fell down on the ground. She. went to heaven in a divine car.e. He is honoured by sages and gods. He. When the lord of hogs after fighting with the king in the battle. and struck on the face. desired). sustaining (i. with his movement checked. continuing) our race live here.endowed with excellent valour. The hog did not go to (i. best gods showered excellent flowers on him. got into) a small chariot. and with his lustre he shone as the sun (shines). again became the lord of Gandharvas.e.

had sprung up. Tell me the reason why you are ignoring her. the heap of my sins left (me) by your contact and by my seeing you. She (i. who loved her sons. and covered with blood. This one is born in the species of an animal. remained there by blocking the path. Then the hunters.e. with the arrow stuck into her (body). The brave ones fell in the battle. 0 king. She. and some fled (away) and some died. he fell on the ground (i. the deities have indeed seen a great sin in killing a female. endowed with the majesty of valour and looking charming. roaring due to their lustre and great strength. she was rent asunder. Nor shall I send anyone (to kill her). significant) words (uttered) with a wonderful expression on her face (the queen said:) "I see a wonder. Speaking thus. the female hog) spoke to her who was sprinkling. she fainted. who was afflicted. who was full of pity. arrows and bows came there and struck (them) with javelins. having the speed of wind. came (there). Seeing the female hog. Hearing these great (i. 0 king. the son fought with them." 27b-31. appeared as (if) a female destructive deity. He also struck with the tips of his hoofs. 16-18. was hurrying. she was overpowered with great grief. Then the queen said to him who resembled the son of the lord of gods: "0 king. 0 dear one. She again struck that Jharjhara even with her mouth. CHAPTER FORTYSIX The Story of Rangavidyadhara Sukala said 1-3a. the two (i." (Then) the three younger sons only went into the interior of the forest.e. that you uttered words (like a human being). Knowing that he was brave like his father. and clearly and elegantly speaks excellent Sanskrit with vowels and consonants (distinctly spoken) to me. the mother and the eldest son) again and again. the three (younger sons) were sent (by her) along the difficult path. the lord of the earth. the hog fell dead on the ground). Keeping his mother at the back. she then sprinkled holy water over the entire body (who was) afflicted and resplendent with fighting. the king. She spoke to the beloved (wife) of the king in a melodious human voice: "0 respectable lady. I am afraid of committing a sin by killing her. causing great fear. A hunter by name Jharjhara saw that female hog. ceased (to speak). Struck with a sharp sword by that Jharjhara who was falling. this extraordinary one who. and the two-the mother and the (eldest) son. Then the female hog causing to flee (that) great army with her fang. and irresistible even to excellent warriors. though belon . went to her. Panting (heavily) due to (exertion of) the fight. creating a havoc amidst them. 19-23. she has killed your large army. When you sprinkled (holy water) over me. panting and fallen (on the ground). The noble king saw him. 0 beautiful one. He pierced her with a very speedy and sharp arrow." Then the magnanimous (queen) who was there. sharp discs and pestles. The hog fought in the battle. Sudeva. holding swords. and with his chest pierced. and (though) alive on the ground. 3b-4. He struck some with his fang. "0 king. she herself went towards him. When they were just witnessing. To her the great king said : "I shall not kill this female (hog). may you be happy. and having (first) sprinkled cold water over her face. Therefore one should not kill a woman." 5-7. said (these) words to her husband 8. went to the battlefield. he hit some with his mouth. some brave hunters. She became very insensible due to (the death of) her son. the very lustrous. see. hit by her with the strokes of her mouth. 24-27a. She has done an excellent bold act with joy and (causing) amazement. with arrows in his hand went in front of him. Then the hunters. brave son of Manu. fell on the ground. Struck by the noble (Iksvaku) king with a sharp crescentshaped arrow.(younger) sons (only) go away (from here).e. 0 dear one.e.

Vidyah caturdasa-The fourteen lores are: Four Vedas.e. the king. The Vidyadhara went there by his own will. 0 you very intelligent one. my mind has gone away (from) meditation. is brought (over here). They bring success to beings through steady mind (i. no (beautiful) form or no young woman. who are you? It is a great wonder that though born in a species of beasts you speak human language which is elegant and full of knowledge. sages go to that place for the accomplishment of penance where there is no sound. Hearing his song. by your very sweet. This is not otherwise (i. 1. Mimamsa. Resorting to that great mountain. Singing is said to be full of all emotions. Gitavidyadhara said 35b-40. who was very dear to him : "0 dear one. listen to my words. who was singing (there): "0 learned one. divine. I shall tell all that to you. even Siva." Saying so.e. You (please) go to another place. delighted with the sound of a song. which I have neither seen nor heard before. It is not otherwise (i. Hearing that. All the deities are delighted because of singing. The noble one by whom is conquered the powerful group of the organs of sense is called a victor." 9. .e. speaks great (i. the queen) asked the female hog: "0 good one. having (observed) the time in music. the very lustrous best sage. injustice done by you) is noticed. The meaning of a song gives much religious merit. in this (in doing so) your injustice (i. your husband. six Angas. The female hog said 15-23a.e. This your singing is holy and gives great pleasure. O great lord.e. Pulastya.e.ging to a species of beasts. Dharma. if you are asking about the life and former deeds of me and this noble one. Tell me your former acts. All deities are pleased by means of this singing. even gods are allured. I am not condemning it). in my opinion. By thinking about one (object only) penance and sacred hymns are highly successful. a brave one. due to which he has gone to heaven? Tell us all about you and your husband's former life.e." 11-14. which was accompanied by tunes and beating time. The great group of the organs of sense is. leaving this place. He said to that Gitavidyadhaa (or Rangavidyadhara). or we(i. the magnanimous beloved (wife) of the king ceased speaking. due to your song. Tarka or Nyava and the Puranas. as a human being would speak. 0 noble one. skilled in singing. Singing gives joy. There is no doubt that leading the mind away from meditation. (Tell me) also about the noble warrior. I am not condemning singing. I) would not look helplessly on it (since we are unable to prevent it). and not by anything else. We (i. (then) why should I go to another place? I have never caused any unhappiness to anyone. What is the very valorous act that he did. I)shall go. having resorted to the best mountain Meru having beautiful caves and streams. This highly intelligent one is a Gandharva. so. Hearing (these) words of the king. Today you have spoken the truth only. he practised singing. it is quite true). 0 you of a good vow. appear charming. holy song sung to beating time and measure. His name is Rangavidyadhara. 0 hero. even after the mind is taken away from meditation). she (i. possessing brilliance. it (again) very much takes the self' to objects of sense. I) cannot remain in (this) forest. Therefore. 0 you of a charming smile." 10. The lores are fourteen'. I have always given happiness to people. I am honouring singing. if their minds are steady). practised penance with a truthful mind. (please) go to another spot. You are censuring just that singing only. we (i. Music is like spiritual knowledge.e. a sentiment and modulation. Then the king spoke to that Sudeva. (i. and he is well-versed in all branches of knowledge. a yogi. Pulastya said 28b-35a. 0 good lady. fickle. All sentiments like that of love set up by singing. give up your pride.e.e. For this reason only. best of all the learned ones (said): "This (her speech) is wonderful and the expression on her face is (also) wonderful." Gitavidyadhara said 23b-28a. ask the auspicious one as to who she might be. excellent) Sanskrit. the mind of the sage was distracted from meditation. together they bring about feelings. 0 brahmana. The four excellent Vedas are elegant because of singing. and are sending me away like this.

I have been cursed by that brahmana. who was practising a severe penance. 0 you great sinner. on your word I should pardon (him). best sage Pulastya left. and a protector of all religions. he laughed a loud laughter. 0 best sage. pardoned him for his wicked act. "Since. he (i. went to his excellent hermitage.e.e. ordained by destiny. danced and sported before him. There is no doubt about this. The female hog said 65b. be horn in) the sinful species of a hog. 0 lord of gods. 0 gakra.' 55. Where has he gone? Where does he live? What does he do and how does he do (it)?' Knowing that that son of Brahma (i. When that noble. 0 beautiful lady. living in) a secluded (spot) in the forest. listen to my words. I have told you all this account of the hog. the righteous-minded (sage) practised penance. fell and again rose in front of him. with his mind pleased said Pulastya said 63-65a. That best sage. When. Pulastya) knowing him to be a beast. (Thus) cursed by that brahmana lie went to god Indra. best sage. he attacked) the brahmana with the tip of his mouth. I have carried out your mission. How (should) I go abandoning this excellent forest? You may go (or) you may stay. 53-54. recalled) his account: '(He) had disturbed me. 0 king. There is no doubt about it. After having heard these words of Gitavidyadhara. All void of valour leave the forest. having (once) seen Gitavidyadhara like that. he. grant favour . and obscured by lustrous flames. is a courageous (person) who accomplishes penance.e. When this (hog) will meet his death at his (i. O you very intelligent one. realising that glorious one to be the meanest Gandharva." Thus requested by Indra. O brahmana. this region of the forest is common to gods and all beings. controlling all organs of sense along with his mind. having seen the eminent brahmana seated upon a seat.e. has been disturbed and agitated by me (rendering non-efficacious his penance). a very powerful son of Manu will be (born). fear caused by me) he is not to be seen for a long time. after giving up desire and anger. Since you are void of lustre and conquered (i. Whatever is to happen will not be otherwise. He urinated before him. thought : `Due to my fear (i. and also infatuation and greed. again went (there) in the same form. With a wicked act he would certainly attack (i. trembling. pardon this (hog) and free him from your curse. the brahmana.e. spiritual practice). 41-44. (His name will be) Iksvaku. he will be righteous-minded. it is as much mine as it is yours. With .e. Sukald said 45-52. Thus Pulastya. in the form of a hog. he. you will not have the power to affront my singing even in heaven.e. you who know divine faculties. and having seen his acts.e. the intelligent sage thought : `Doing what would merit accrue (to me). Gitavidyadhara). the best meditating sage then remained like this. he (i. 0 king.a sadhaka (one engaged in penance. knowing him to be a beast. protect me who am thus reduced to the existence of a beast." 57-62. the sage let him go. Iksvaku's) hands. the best brahmana went to another place. He is wicked and very cruel. got angry and cursed him: 56. 0 great king. the meditating saint (thought) `This might not be a hog. 0 great king.e. overpowered) by organs of sense. said to the glorious (god) : "0 thousand-eyed one. Pulastya) was adorning (i.' He knew (i. 0 lord. My divine form is destroyed. He also wept there and sang melodiously. once. dropped his excrement before him. There is no doubt about it. Now I shall also tell my (own account). in the form of a hog you are disturbing me like this. and 0 you beautiful lady. who is not distracted from his meditation on hearing a sound or seeing a form. he. Always taking a posture suited to profound and abstract meditation." Knowing the account of that Gitavidyadhara. he disturbed him. but I had let him go taking him to be a beast. that Gitavidyadhara also. The highly intelligent.e. therefore. Indra went with him and said to the sage : "0 you the best one of those born of a divine power.' Having forgiven him. he will get (back) his own body. go to (i.

I was a maiden very beautiful and adorned with all ornaments. who was always engaged in the duties of a brahmana. I (i. When my body was sprinkled over with the holy water by your hand. I was always dear to my father. and always devoted to truthful acts. he was erudite. Youth with (all its accompanying) feelings set upon me. I fell on the battlefield. give this daughter (in marriage) to a good. 8.your husband. listen to my words.e. whose entire body was beautiful. my hand) was solicited by all brahmanas. There lived a certain brahmana. Seeing my beauty like that. 0 you of an excellent face. had (formerly) committed. and like that (i. 0 you of a beautiful face.e. light). Vasudatta.e. He was full of (i. knowledge of previous existence). I am deluded by great fascination for (our) daughter. the highly intelligent one (i. and was unconscious. who was endowed with the study of the Vedas. 0 auspicious one. known as Vasudatta. pure. and who was reciting (them) . 0 you of a charming body. and was well-versed in all lores. 0 you highly intelligent one. I was matchless in beauty. and was inhabited by (the people of) the four castes. Due to my being a beast I was enveloped by delusion. in my former existence). and struck with swords and arrows. my father) was deluded through his affection (for me). born in the family of Kausika. (but) my father did not give me (in marriage to any brahmana). As the darkness disappears due to lustre (i. who was) virtuous. CHAPTER FORTYSEVEN The Story of Vasudatta and His Daughter Sudeva Sukala said l. similarly. ornaments and decorations. being greatly afflicted. I was overpowered by swoon. 24-27a. Sudeva.e. there was a city by name ~ripura. virtuous and rich. all the people-all relatives of my class (i. was puffed up with the pride of my beauty and youth. He knew the Vedas. There is no doubt about it.e. said to (my) mother : "0 you noble one. listen to it. (I shall) also (tell you about) the terrible sin I had committed formerly (i. who would be a householder. 9-12.e. I realised that I shall reach a holy position. I am his daughter adorned (blessed) with brothers and sisters.e. That my magnanimous father did not give me (to anyone in marriage). kinsmen. O0 you auspicious lady. magnanimous brahmana (for) she has (now) attained youth. Seeing him. 0 you of an excellent complexion. I shall narrate my former account. of a charming smile. speak Sanskrit? 2. like me) there was none in the (whole) world. who are born in a species of beasts. swoon left me and disappeared. caste) solicited me in marriage. said to the female hog: "How is it that you. with your pious hand you sprinkled (water on me). he had ample) wealth and grains. My very intelligent father named me Sudeva. my sin disappeared due to your having sprinkled (over my body). 0 you auspicious one. which was full of all accomplishments. my mother. (There was a brahmana. relatives. how do you know the account of your husband and of yourself?" The female hog said 3-7. 0 you of a beautiful face. he was pure. 0 auspicious one. a sinner. 22-23. This Sudeva is dear to me like my own life. 13-17. Seeing me. and was adorned (blessed) with sons and grandsons. I. 0 beautiful lady. 0 you young lady. I. 0 you of an excellent complexion. by your favour I obtained old knowledge (i. In the great country called Kalinga. 18-21. I shall give my daughter to that son-in-law." Thus my father Sudatta spoke (to my mother). 0 you auspicious one.e. 0 you glorious one. and was endowed with the qualities of brahmanas. listen." The best and excellent brahmana. who did not have father and mother. 0 you auspicious one (I shall tell you) what great sin. Tell me wherefrom you had such great knowledge. said to my father: "Why do you not give (our) daughter (in marriage to a brahmana)? 0 glorious one. Listen.

I reached their condition. 0 auspicious one. my husband. I have thus told you (about) my family. I always looked at (i. 0 you auspicious one. has abandoned (our) daughter and gone." 27b-29. when an auspicious time. and was afflicted with grief as one would be afflicted with a disease. a sinner. lineage.melodiously. I do not have father and mother (i. I have. Thus everything was told to my father by Sivasarman. My mother said to her husband (i. I. I went here and there. mastered the Vedas and the Vedangas." 30-35. 36-38. Hearing (my) father's words he said to Vasudatta (my father) : "I am born in the family of Kausika. A sinner that I was. All those (members of the family like) my father and mother. warded off by (the members of) my family. who had come to (our) door for alms. The highly intelligent brahmana.e. The very intelligent Sivasarman has been forsaken by this one (only). and seeing the form of him. 0 dear one. was however. and about the practices of my family. O you blessed one. treated) him cruelly.e. I did no good to my mother. I was given (in marriage) to that brahmana by my father. (our) son-in-law. my father was full of anxiety. your practices. merciless and performs sinful acts. did not serve my husband. This one is of a sinful conduct. were afflicted by my sin (-fail acts). who have mastered the Vedas. my father) who was afflicted with grief: "What for is your worry. I have four other brothers. due to his courtesy towards our entire family and me. a great sinner. does not say anything at all to Sudeva. 0 my dear (husband)? Tell me your worry. my husband went out of the house. my very intelligent father said : "Who are you? Tell me now your name. knowing the character and goodness of Sivasarman. When my husband had gone. father. (tell me about your) family. Being very much deluded by the great wealth of my father and mother and pride. I am an orphan). He lives peacefully and the intelli- . due to my contact with unchaste women. Seeing such wicked behaviour of me. Seeing my wicked acts. I. through his love for his father-in-law (and mother-in-law) my very intelligent husband did not say anything to me. the brahmana. husband and brothers. He left the country and the village and went (away) from it. I never shampooed his body through love or affection or (pleased him) with (sweet) words. With that glorious one I stayed alone in my father's house.e. date and the star of the deity presiding over marriage arrived. 39-46. My name is Sivasarman." "0 pleasing one.

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