If the words are considered as symbols of approval and tokens of acknowledgment, then let the words play the heralding role of expressing my gratitude. My deep sense of gratitude to Mr. N.S. Srinivasan, Head of the department, for his esteemed guidance during my project. I would like to thank R.K.Devkanta Sr.Designer cum Operation Analyst and Proprietor, Levis Square, Brigade road for permitting me with the required information for my project. I would also like to thank Mr. N.S.Srinivasan (H.O.D) and other faculty members who helped me in editing and supporting me in spite of all inconveniences and problems arising from time to time to complete the project. They deserve all praise and I thank them for their help and endurance. I would also like to thank my family and friends for their support as this project could not be completed without their support and encouragement. I am very much thankful to them. My project could not be a success without the statistical analysis done in the form of surveys which help to understand the necessity for this project to be made at the first place. Above all, I thank our respective principal Dr H.L.Vijayakumar for his blessings and advices, without which the successful completion of this project would not have been possible.

Luwangcha Surjeet Thounaojam

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